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//I have decided that the Holo Squad plays the Portal videogames regularly and here is my take on how the two-player teams would go for that, ranked by who each holo likes to play the game with from most to least and how their dynamics work, what helps and/or hinders this team -

It’s long so under the cut:

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Lol look at this! It’s my first rigged arm animation! I’ll be posting more of these “tests” so I’ll be good at animation. I’m actually proud how this came out( I spent hours on this😩)
#blenderartist #3dartist #3d #digitalartist #artistsofinstagram #portal #3danimation #blenderanimation #blender28 #blendercycles #blendereevee #eeveerender #hdri #blenderhdri #procedural #proceduraltexture #blenderanimation

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Originally posted by bluewheatfields

To the lovely Anon who sent me an ask weeks ago (let’s face it, at this point, it was months ago) about my favorite scene to write in my Portal 2 fic – I finally have your answer. 

Yours was literally the first ask I have had in years, and I was so excited and sat down right away to reply – then got interrupted 2/3 of the way through, went to save my reply as a draft to finish later … and then discovered asks are a one-time deal. I didn’t know that they only stay in the ask inbox if they’ve been replied to, and I couldn’t figure out how to get your question back. 

Anyway, if you’re still out there, please know I am terribly sorry that I never responded to your question, and please also know that your kind words meant (mean!) SO much. (And also please PM or send another ask to let me know you’ve read this? Because I honestly feel like shit about it.)

My favorite CDaSH scene to write and why:

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It’s 10 Points Time: we do it ‘cause we must and can!

Yes, today I completed the first Portal game, and I want to try and make a “10 Points” post for a game, for once. :)

So, let’s see how we fare!

1) I managed to complete the tests without a guide, and only watched a walk-through to understand how the heck you reach GLaDOS. All in all, I’m proud of myself!

2) Man, as long as you don’t lose too much blood, you are able to survive the turrets! That’s cool on Chell’s part! …and kinda disturbing… o_o

3) Now I fear robot childlike voices. Thanks a bunch, turrets!

4) Ah, there’s the Companion Cube! Nice to see you! But I know what I’m supposed to do with you, and I won’t grow attached!

*when it gets incinerated*

You were my friend… 😢

5) Ambient sounds! Almost no background music! Unnerving! Please speak GLaDOS! Even if you’re gonna insult me! D:

6) Ok, I died several times thanks to ugly water and turrets! These chambers behind the scenes are awful! You’re gonna give me that cake, and I’m gonna like it, whether I’ll get it or not!

7) Man, thank you Doug! Can’t blame you for going mad around here…

8) So they’re supposed to watch over test subjects! Dark! o_o

9) Ooh, Curiosity Core is so cute! Welp, time to kill you! *a scream is heard* Jeepers! o_o

10) I had a feeling that there was something weird a out GLaDOS’ voice in this game! I was much more used to her Portal 2’s one, you see! And apparently her current one is described as… more seductive. Ok then. o_o

Ok, so after the game I was pretty satisfied with the experience: this first game gives already its unique setting and the challenges are pretty, well, challenging the more you continue the game. But let’s just say that, as someone who’s way more familiar with the sequel, having only GLaDOS doing the talking is very noticeable: especially during the moments I was stuck and tried to understand what the heck was I suppose ld to do, I really wanted to hear some AI talking to me, so to wear off tension. Just saying: Portal 2 made a good call in including more speaking characters, especially Wheatley.

So, this game was pretty good! And the sequel will surely be better: I can’t wait to play it!

Oh, Wheatley, I shall be so happy to see you properly in due time! We’ll laugh, we’ll share good moments, we’ll get through your sudden but inevitable betrayal… -w-


Originally posted by jedtheguy

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“12 Angry Tests” By CaretCaret Parts 5 to 7. 


Originally published way, way, back in ye’ olden days of 2012, 12 Angry Tests still remains one of the highest rated collections of Portal 2 custom made maps available on the Steam Workshop.

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