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been having this really weird dream where i’m in this room that is very similar to my room but is Not my room. and my bed is way bigger and me and some friends are sitting talking about Something but none of what’s said is in words. and at one point i glance to my right and i see this weird looking white thing on the wall like a centipede but without the segments and it’s more jagged like it’s made up of distorted pixels like when video game animation glitches and their limbs contort into unnatural angles. and it’s crawling on the walls and i go to say “there’s something here” but no one responds. so i’m watching it and it keeps getting bigger and more distorted looking and then it starts like. pulsing with these weird spiky protrusions that flare out then recede and i’m like very freaked out at this point but fascinated watching this. and when it’s big enough to cover one wall and is like waving these sickly olive covered appendages coming out of it’s body that are too geometric to be organic, everyone else notices and ppl are shrieking and pointing as lights start flashing. and one of my friends is like “what do we do” and i think i’m about to answer when i feel something kinda dry and papery curling around the back of my head to cover my face then i wake up.

anyway i wanna draw it bc i’m so unsettled and fascinated but also it was so weird i couldn’t do the Worm justice

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