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#portgas d ace

“So this is is the place you used to hide your stuff” Emilia asked looking at the huge tree in front of her.

While going back home after saving Luffy and taking the crocodile as dinner, Sabo had suggested that he wanted to go check something.

They were current hiding behind a bush using leaves and flowers for disguise.Looking at the men who were searching for their pirate savings.

“Did you find it?” One of the men asked.The other shook his head saying no.

“Its good that we moved those savings.” Sabo who was beside Emilia said softly.

“Want to go check the Grey Terminal?” Ace suggested.

“Grey Terminal?"Emilia asked confused.

"You’ve never been there, have you? For now just follow us.” Sabo said looking at Emilia.

When they reached the place,Emilia was kind of shocked at how ‘un kept’ the place was.There were garbage everywhere also the people who lived there didn’t look very friendly.

“Damn.” Sabo cursed. “Bluejam’s people are everywhere.They must be serious on killing us”

“They must be very frustrated at us.” Ace commented.

Emilia just sweat dropped looking at the boys who were sitting on top of each other, with Luffy,who was the youngest and shortest supporting the other two.

“Oh! Aren’t you the kids everyone is looking for?” A man suddenly asked.

This made the other men notice them and start chasing them.

“Should we fight them,Sabo?” Emilia asked as she ran.She was quite confident that they would win.

“No. We might anger Bluejam more.For now lets just run!!” Sabo said.

After a while of running,they had finally been able to out run them and were currently resting.

“Can’t believe they bought the guys at the terminal at their side.” Sabo said disappointed.

“It doesn’t matter. We’ll just fight them."Ace glare.

"No…For now lets not do anything.” Sabo objected.

“I agree with Sabo.” Luffy who was currently hanging on a branch commented.

“Huh? You shut up” Ace fought.

“I also agree with Sabo.” Emilia said looking at Ace. “ The reason why I asked if we could fight those guys before was because they didn’t have any weapon. And also it seemed that Bluejam wasn’t around.”

“Yeah…If he were around we would have been dead.” Sabo said agreeing with Emilia.

“No matter how strong you guys are right now,you are small.I don’t think that you guys will be able to beat those experienced pirates in strength or in number.” Emilia said. “ Especially Ace and Luffy. If you guys come across them, for now run.”

Ace looked at the girl who was staring right in his eyes, as if daring him to oppose her decision.



They were currently home and were eating the crocodile they had brought home that time.

While eating Sabo looked at Emilia and notice how she looked elegant.

“Emilia.” Sabo called out. “Were you a noble or something?”

“Huh?” Emilia looked confused of a second and then started giggling. “No,I’m not. Why are you asking that?”

“You always have that soft, formal tone you use while talking and also while you eat you always seem to maintain table manners.” Sabo replied. “And also your face is very….pleasant to look at.”

Not that all the nobles he met were pretty but they were always clean and dolled up.And this Emilia quite similar to them.

After that Ace and Luffy looked really confused. What were these two even talking about? More importantly what were table manners.

“It must be under the influence of my mother.She was always quite strict on those.” Emilia said smiling. “But Sabo,it seems that you’ve met some nobles.”

After that comment, Sabo got nervous. “Staying in Grey Terminal made me see the nobles when I entered the town…hahah….”

“Let’s forget about that.” Sabo said trying to change the topic. “Do you want to become a doctor or somthing,Emilia?”

“Uh..Not really.” Emilia said .“ I don’t really know what I want to be in the future,honestly.”

“Then join my crew,Emilia!” Luffy suddenly jumped in the conversation. “You can be vice captain and I’ll be the captain!Sabo can be my navigator and Ace can be errand boy.Hehehe.”

“Huh?! Why would we be errand boys?!” Ace shouted. “Instead you come under my crew.”

“No way!” Sabo along with Luffy objected.

This led to the three boys to start fighting while Emilia just watched them.

“Why don’t you all be captains?” Emilia suggested. “You can be captains of your own crew but you’ll have to be separated from each other.”

Emilia didn’t want that,of course.What she was doing was trying to make them realise that having each other by their sides was much better and fun. And that they shouldn’t fight.

“But…” Luffy said saddened by the fact they might have to be separated.

“Then let’s get along for now.When the time comes we’ll decide.” Sabo said as Ace also nodded his head,agreeing.

After some time Emilia stood up and started walking toward the door.They boys were currently having a bath and she decided that she would take her bath later and that she should train for now.

“Where are you going?” A voice behind her said.Emilia noticed who he was without looking.She had been training herself to always have her observational haki activated.

“I was thinking of going out to train.” Emilia said opening the door. “What about you,Ace? Weren’t you guys taking a bath?”

“Uh..I forgot to get my towel.” Ace said.

“Okay…Then I’ll get going.” Emilia said opening the door.And just as she was about to walk out Ace started talking again.

“I can help you with your training if you want.We could spar or something.” Ace suggested looking away.

Emilia was shocked.This was the first time Ace initiated a conversation with her and along with that he was trying to help her.

“But-” Emilia tried objecting.

“Come on.” Ace walked past her not even letting Emilia complete her sentence.


“Damn it!” Ace shouted who was currently on the ground groaning.

“Should we stop?” Emilia said approaching Ace.

“Why are you so strong?!” Ace asked.Looking at how small and skinny the girl was, along with her pure and innocent looking face; It didn’t look like she could even hurt a fly.

No matter how hard he tried the girl always seemed to read his movement and throw him away with monstrous strength.

“Wow! Emilia is so strong!” A small voice suddenly shouted.

“Shut up,Luffy!” Another voice was heard along with the rustling of leaves.

“What are guys doing here?” Ace asked standing up ,dusting his clothes.

“Uh…Just like that.” Sabo replied.

“When did you guys even get here?!” Ace questioned again.He was already embarrassed that a girl beat him several times and on top of that he now knows that Sabo and Luffy saw that.

“They were here during the second round of our spar,Ace.” Emilia said. “How about we go home now? It’s getting quite late.”

Sabo and Ace were walking behind where as Luffy and Emilia were walking in front of them.

“Sorry,Ace.” Sabo suddenly said.

“For what?” Ace replied staring at the duo in front of him.

“I couldn’t stop Luffy from disturbing your alone time with Emilia.”

“Huh?! ” Ace shouted,face red.

“Is there something wrong Ace?” Emilia asked with a questioning face.

“No there was a bug.” Sabo said. After that Luffy and Emilia again started walking, Luffy talking about how strong Emilia was.

“There is no need to feel shy Ace.” Sabo said with a teasing expression on his face. “She is quite a pretty girl, you know.”

“Shut up!” Ace said walking faster trying to run away from the conversation with a noticeable red face.

Sabo just laughed at Ace. And also started running trying to catch up to the trio. “Wait up!”



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Bless you Anon. I love Ace so much, and him having a crush is the cutest fluff I could ever hope to write. Also I hope this isn’t too OOC for him OTL 

Requests are Open!


Originally posted by tsugumi


  • Ace is literally the sweetest boy, and for his crush he’s going to be even sweeter. He’s also going to be VERY obvious.  
  • He’ll be extra attentive and polite to them. He’ll always offer them a hand when they need it; like helping them out with chores, their work, running errands—anything really. (though he may pass out at random points while he helps…it can’t be stopped)  
  • He’s also going to make sure his lessons from Makino don’t go to waste. Ace is going to be extra well mannered and respectful towards them.
  • Will listen to them talk. He loves the sound of their voice, and whenever they’re excited about something, or just want to have a friendly chat he’s going to make sure he fights any urges to pass out and just listen to them. (8/10 times he may fail…but he always apologizes)  
  • Will find himself staring at them or talking about them for hours on end because everything they do is amazing to him (cue The Whitebeard Pirate crew members like Thatch and Marco teasing Ace like crazy about it).  
  • He doesn’t care if anyone sees him staring or even teases him, but if his crush catches him—he’s going to be a little flustered (he will do his best to play it off smoothly—and only kind of fail at it)
  • Shameless flirt. His flirting is a little awkward, but he’s super confident in his abilities, and he’s relentless. He will flirt with his crush as often as he can.
  • Most of Ace’s flirting consists of teasing them. He’s going to act almost as comfortably with them as he would his friends, so teasing them playfully comes with the territory.  
  • Shows off, especially in battle. Will do huge, flashy displays with his Devil Fruit powers and take down as many enemies as possible in one fell swoop just to impress his crush
  • Ace is going to be extra protective of them. If they’re in battle he’s going to make sure to keep an eye on them and make sure they’re doing alright (if they know how to fight—he wants to make sure he doesn’t butt in unless they need it and trusts they know how to handle themselves) or make sure that they’re in a safe place where they won’t get hurt.
  • Will often ask Pops, Thatch, Marco, and Izo for advice. Will try everything they suggest (but let’s be real here…Pops’ advice would probably be the better out of them all)  
  • Would do literally almost anything for them
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Ace told luffy that the tattoo on his back was his pride and joy yet when it came to saving his little brother he threw all of that aside and got punched through the back, right through that tattoo like it meant nothing.

I cant stop thinking about that tiny detail and its driving me insane.

Why cant anyone love me like those damn brothers love each other?

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Nickname(s): Missus, Missus Spade, Akagami no Ashina

Birthplace: an island in the West Blue

Birthday/Age: May 10th, 21 before timeskip, 23 after 2 year timeskip

Height: 5′8″ / 172.72cm

Weight: 115 lbs

Parents: Shanks, Tsuna* (*deceased, is also an OC) 

Affiliations: Revolutionary Army, Spade Pirates, Whitebeard Pirates 

Family: Portgas D Ace (s/o), Portgas D Sabo (1st born), Portgas D Rose* (2nd born), Portgas D Edward* (3rd born)  *born after the two year timeskip

Haki: Observation & Armament *awakes Conquerors at Marineford, but cannot control it

Weapon of choice: kunai and katana. 

Fighting Style: Combination of martial arts/hand to hand combat with the use of her kunai, and sword fighting

Bounty: 40,000,000 - first bounty as a Spade, 100,000,000 - after joining the Whitebeard’s, ~300,000,000 - after Marineford

Identifying Marks: Mostly her emerald green eyes are her giveaway, but she also sports a spade tattoo that has orange/red flames on her left shoulder blade 

Most Likely to be Wearing: Shorts and a tank top, or a tiny black bikini 

Personality: Serious and goal-oriented, but she can be playful and silly around those she is comfortable with 

Dream/Goal: Change the world, see the end of the Celestial Dragons and corrupt World Government 

~~~ Feel free to ask questions about my oc~~~

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Luffy, Zoro, Mihawk, Law, and Ace with a deceptively strong S/O


  • As much as he loves you, when you’re fighting, he’s completely hands off
  • It’s much more entertaining to him to watch your opponent go through the stages of grief
  • “I have to fight them? Move, child, I don’t have time to play”
  • And when they disregard you, something snaps in you
  • You pull them back with a hidden strength and pivot under them to launch them into a wall
  • “Don’t you dare underestimate me, tough guy! I’m your opponent.”
  • When you finally subdue them, you place a dainty foot on their throat and smile sweetly while Luffy cheers from his perch on the sidelines
  • “Way to go, Y/N!”
  • It’s not the least bit intimidating for him that you can hold your own in a fight
  • He is proud of how far you’ve come, and although he’ll spar with you, he knows he’s stronger, so he’ll pull punches with you
  • As long as you’re always improving, always training hard, he’ll always be your cheerleader


  • Zoro was one of the first people to learn of your prowess in battle, since he was one of the first people to doubt you
  • When you first joined the crew, he just saw you as one more person he’d have to protect
  • With your short stature and seemingly frail build, he didn’t think much of you
  • That all changed with the first battle you took part in
  • While everyone else ran off to join the fray, you were left behind with Zoro to keep you safe
  • No one thought to ask you if you were a non-combatant
  • And then over a dozen enemies boarded the ship, and as impressive a swordsman as Zoro is, he could only distract a handful while the rest turned their attention to you
  • “Grab this one, they’ll make a nice trophy for the boss”
  • The first one grabbed for your shoulder but only grasped air
  • You ducked and flipped him easily over your shoulder, dispatching him with a quick strike to his neck
  • Within minutes, you’d incapacitated your attackers, most of them with minor injuries
  • You look over to where Zoro was standing over the rest of the attackers and nearly laughed at his face
  • It was a mixture between shock and admiration
  • “What’s with that look, Zoro?” You teased, “Don’t go falling in love now, just because you saw how amazing I am”
  • And that’s exactly what he did


  • Unlike the others, who admire you simply for the skills you’ve learned or taught yourself, Mihawk sees himself not only as your lover, but your mentor as well
  • He won’t stop a fight or intervene just because you’re on the back foot
  • When you two met, you were on completely different levels - you weren’t even in the same league, competitively speaking
  • Through the years of being together, though, he’s taught you well
  • Not only are you capable in taekwondo and kendo, two things you learned as a child, but he taught you mastery in weaponry and adaptive fighting
  • That is, you use the terrain to your advantage
  • If there’s water on the ground, you push your opponent into unsure footing; if it’s close to dawn or dusk, you spin them until the sun is in their eyes, effectively blinding them


  • Law hates that you fight, period.
  • He sees it as nothing but trouble that you can even find yourself in trouble like that
  • He doesn’t care how strong you are, because he knows what kind of opponents are waiting out there
  • Compared to them, you may as well be a child - your attacks would be completely ineffective
  • Seeing you in battle, all he does is give you disapproving looks and switch targets to end your fights faster
  • “Law! What are you doing?”
  • You would always get annoyed that he was constantly underestimating you
  • Did he think you were too weak to involve yourself in a battle?
  • Granted, he was much stronger than you, but you trained hard every day, and you were far from helpless
  • You decided to confront him about it one evening; even if he was your captain, there was no point in having you on his crew if he was constantly cutting into your battles and underestimating your strength
  • If he refused to answer you truly, you would leave the crew and never look back
  • “Excuse me?” You knocked on the door to his private quarters, “Captain? I have to speak to you, if you have a moment.”
  • You tried hard to remember your manners, even as he invited you in
  • Standing by the door, with your hands folded in front of you, head bowed, you voiced your concerns
  • Law was seated at his desk, poring over a huge medical book, but he looked up as you entered
  • As you spoke, his frown deepened, and although it seemed to make him angry, you continued speaking your thoughts, and by the time you finished with your ultimatum, he’d stood and walked to stand before you
  • “I see,” he said, pondering, “I guess there’s no way around it, is there?”
  • He placed a hand on your head, startling you. The look in his eyes shifted to one of kindness
  • “I only do what I do out of care for your well-being. I couldn’t forgive myself if any harm were to befall you.”
  • You blink, trying to make sense of what he was saying
  • “I recognize your power, and while you’re far from weak, I’d prefer not to put you in harm’s way if at all possible. Please try to understand that, Y/N, it’s because I care very deeply for you.”
  • After a kiss on your forehead, you completely forgot about your ultimatum and it was only after the shock wore off that you realized Law had confessed his feelings to you.


  • Ace has nothing but pride in you, his super strong S/O
  • While he would never put you in danger on purpose, he won’t step on your toes in a fight either
  • He admires your pride as a duelist and loves how you can handle yourself
  • Just like Luffy, he will sit back and enjoy your opponents disbelief when they realized that you weren’t just a warm up act
  • Their faces quickly turned from “This’ll be easy” to “ohcrapohcrapohcrapoh-”
  • It brings him endless joy and pride to watch you go toe to toe with a strong opponent and hold your own
  • Of course, he’ll always intervene when the bad guys play dirty and try to gang up on you
  • When he sees someone going in for a backstab, he tosses a fireball at their feet and gives them a finger wag
  • “Wait your turn, buddy, Y/N will get to you soon enough”
  • There’s nothing more attractive to him than the sight of you walking up to him at the end of a fight, grinning even though you got bruised up and sweaty
  • “That’s my baby! Way to go, Y/N!”
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The Origin of the Mera Mera No Mi

Source: Ace’s Story (Novel)

Deuce: Could it have been a Devil Fruit..?

Ace: That was a Devil Fruit?


Ace: Wait- does that mean I can’t swim anymore!?!?

*Ace leaps into the water*

Ace: Check it out Deuce, I’m just fine. It’s not a Devil Fruit.

-Within a matter of seconds-

*Ace walks father into the sea*

Ace: Totally not a Devil Fruit, see? I’m fiiiiii- x_x

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I haven’t written any of this down yet so I’m just throwing it out into the open for the people who follow me who’ve read the Silmarillion. Dismantle and drag it as you please.

  • Half elf Ace (stay with me here)
  • I dunno which of his parents would be the better elf. On one hand Roger is Tall and Strong, on the other hand Rouge is Incredibly Beautiful and has freckles, something I’ve been told could potentially fit if she was a descendant of Fëanor??
  • If he does end up being Feanorian, he Does Not Like His Family History.
  • Ofc they both die when Ace is very young. He’s gotta have a chance at meeting hobbit Luffy and Sabo, so maybe he just hangs out in Rivendell and the surrounding area a lot??
  • Anyway all I know is that I wanna make him Tall As Fuck.
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