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for requests, I have a Concept: Portia tries to teach an enthusiastic MC Nivenese/Nevivonian/her native language (I just think this would be adorable). potential bonus round: they have a baby, and want to raise it bilingual (I can just imagine MC quietly swooning over the sound of Portia speaking/singing to the baby in Nivenese, it'd be so so soft)

i have a hard rule that i dont do anything abt having kids, BUT! i can get u some headcanons of: 

Portia Teaching MC Nevivonian/Her Native Language

  • Portia patiently sitting down with MC and teaching them different words and pronunciations. 
  • Finding it equal parts endearing and hilarious when they give their best attempt to tell her something sweet in it and absolutely butcher it. 
  • “Ermmmmmm, you know that means anus right? “ 
  • Trying to teach MC how to roll their R’s and ending up giving them That Face when they accidentally spit on her in their attempt. 
  • She puts little pieces of paper all over Every item in their home with the Nevivion language word for it, which helps MC recognize objects until Pepi rolls around on them and moves them. 
  • Teaching MC her favorite shanties and songs in Nevivonian and they sing them together while gardening. 
  • She starts with the curse words, she knows they’re the most important words of any language to know. 
  • MC trying to flirt with Portia in  Nevivionian just leads to her breaking down in uncontrollable laughter. 
  • She’s always patient though, and she gives MC as many lessons as it takes and is always looking for teachable moments to tell MC new words or to speak to them in it. 
  • “Mercedes DROP THE POMEGRANATE- MC, in Nevivonic, Pomegranate is___” 
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What if Portia's s/o has a lil bunny with which Pepi makes friends?! What if lil bunny takes a liking to Portia and well.. pees on her sometimes bc sometimes when bunnies feel safe around you they do that... I jus want Portia bonding with animals okay-

oh this is SO pure

  • first of all, we saw in her last update that portia takes all kinds of animal magic in stride.
  • i think she’s the kind of person who lowkey always talked to animals (probably inanimate objects as well) and the fact that she now knows they can understand her makes her SO immeasurably happy
  • everyone knows bunnies are like some of the cutest animals, portia has always wanted to pet one and probably has tried to tempt one into her house before
  • when she finds out you have one for your familiar, she is so excited
  • although at first she’s kind of unsure how to act. “can i pet it? is that allowed? will it be offended?”
  • when you assure her that no, your rabbit still likes to be pet, she absolutely beams and sweeps it up into her arms
  • just like its magician counterpart, your familiar loves being held by portia. she’s so warm and soft, and she smells good, and she’s so careful, always
  • portia was worried that pepi would chase it, but pepi seems to understand that it’s not just any bunny (maybe they have little conversations like chandra and malak did in the last chapter hehe)
  • she’s more than happy to make the little adjustments like building a little hutch for the backyard, and having towels near the couch in case your bunny does get a little too comfortable (and she does so much laundry anyway, it’s easy to toss anything else in)
  • starts growing lettuce and other bunny-friendly foods in her garden so there’s always fresh treats on hand
  • basically i think portia’s the person who would fall the most naturally into good relationships with familiars because she already treats animals with such respect and loves them so much :,)
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𝐍𝐒𝐅𝐖 𝐀𝐋𝐏𝐇𝐀𝐁𝐄𝐓 𝐀𝐒𝐊 — 𝑴𝒊𝒏𝒐𝒓𝒔 𝒅𝒐 𝒏𝒐𝒕 𝒊𝒏𝒕𝒆𝒓𝒂𝒄𝒕.


  • Portia definitely sees the value of having a good laugh and that applies during sex, too. The ease with which she laughs helps take the pressure off when it comes to performing, especially at the beginning of your relationship. Nothing is a mood-killer when you’re with Portia and there is no such thing as an “unsexy” sound or noise… just funny ones that she’ll repeat exaggeratedly (if she did it) or imitate (if it was your sound). Farts are her favourite thing to laugh at and you’ll be the first to admit that it makes you feel a little better to hear Portia’s bright, beautiful laugh in response followed by her own artistic rendition.
  • Portia is also pretty ticklish and a surefire way to initiate sex with her is by way of a tickle-fight. She’s strong enough that she could take control at any moment and stop you from tickling her, but she actually enjoys the warm ache in her abdomen from laughing so hard and the feeling of your hands all over her. She’ll definitely return the favour, and she’s not above sneaking a quick tickle attack in during sex, too, so you should always be prepared for it or let her know from the start that you’re not into it.


  • Impact play/spanking (giving and receiving)
  • Role play (not only is it fun to pretend, but I think she would get a kick out of student and professor scenarios because it’s all the more reason to fuck on top/over a desk)
  • Facial hair (enjoys the feeling of some scruff rubbing against her while being eaten out)
  • Hair-pulling (giving and receiving)
  • Anal (giving and receiving)
  • Lingerie (she likes dressing up and she would be excited/pleasantly surprised if you did the same)
  • Face-sitting (prefers being the one doing the face-sitting, mainly because her long hair gets in the way and it can be uncomfortable when it’s pinned beneath someone’s knees)


  • Portia’s favourite place to have sex other than her/your bed would probably have to be a desk. Hello, the desk scene in her Route? It’s so versatile, just think of all the ways you could use it! She could bend you over it and spank you a bit before fucking you or you could do that to her… she could lie down on it and hold onto the edges while you eat her out or you could be the one lying down while she blows you/eats you out… and that’s not all. The desk is also most conducive to student/professor role play, which is one of her favourite scenarios.
    • In a modern AU, if you have a desk at your place of work, Portia will definitely want to christen it with a good session of fucking.
    • Also, although it’s technically not a desk, it’s pretty much inevitable that you and Portia will have sex on the counter at the shop (and this fact will be painfully obvious to Asra).
  • Portia also hates having to clean up after sex, so the shower/bath is also another one of her favourite places to do the do. It’s also an opportunity for you two to pamper each other a bit! Picture this: the bathroom is filling with steam from a warm shower… you’re both under the water and soaping each other up… touches start to drift and linger…. Phew. Or maybe you’re taking a bath together with a bath bomb that the two of you picked out together, you’re drinking beer with notes of fruit in it (Portia likes sweet things) from champagne glasses for the Aesthetic™ and the next thing you know, the water in the bathtub isn’t so calm anymore. Don’t worry about the water getting on the floor, though, Portia will just toss some towels down to soak it up.
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