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Matthew Boudinot

Assignment 4

April 5, 2020


The Photographer’s Eye

“The first thing that the photographer learned was that photography dealt with the actual.” Oh how this phrase by Szarkowski applies to right now. The actual at this point in time is the solitariness and self-reflection that is allowed to occur during this time in the world. That is what I tried to capture with this photo set. The Thing Itself, the title of the paragraph in which this quote was found, is myself, my interests, and my personality, especially during this bizarre moment in history in which we currently live.

“He could not, outside the studio, pose the truth, he could only record it as he found it, and it was found in nature in a fragmented and unexplained form—not as a story, but as scattered and suggestive clues.” I was able to somewhat pose the truth with a couple of my photos. However, the only way this truth could be posed was because of the opportunities afforded to me and taken away by COVID-19. Many more outdoor activities that I enjoy have become common place since there is more free time such as fishing, but others have been taken mostly away like golf.

“An artist is a man who seeks new structures in which to order and simplify his sense of the reality of life.” My new structure at this point in time is my family. I am spending much more time with them, and I appreciate every second of it. Unfortunately, I have a family member who may possibly be dying of COVID-19 and this time has given me even greater love and appreciation for my family, who I realize could be taken from me at any time. It is so important not to take them for granted.

I understand this may be a little outside of the scope of the prompt, but this reading really struck me and resonated with the idea of portraiture within these trying times.

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Painted over an old sketch in acrylic painting tonight while also playing DnD remotely! (my character got killed last week and her soul is in jail for bear related crimes, standard happenings, so I was just listening in). I’m not as fond of this one but I still really enjoyed it. May try and get a better photo in light tomorrow.

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