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Portugal. Quatro grandes disputam Taça da Liga em Leiria

Portugal. Quatro grandes disputam Taça da Liga em Leiria

A Taça da Liga portuguesa vai-se disputar a partir desta terça-feira numa final a quatro na cidade de Leiria com  Sporting, Porto, Benfica e Braga.

A primeira meia-final será jogada entre Sporting e Porto, duas equipas que apresentam algumas baixas por Covid-19. Os “dragões” não poderão contar com o colombiano Luis Díaz, os brasileiros Otávio e Evanilson e o português Sérgio Oliveira.

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So the far-right party throws a dinner with 170 people while on national lockdown and nobody does anything to stop them? And in said dinner the journalists are booed and attacked as enemies with declarations from the campaign manager. Okay okay okay cool cool cool cool. 🤢🤢🤢😤😤😤 At least the police is investigating the events because they didn’t have permission to do it. We’ll see what happens. Probably nothing but hopefully something.

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Azores, Portugal

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There’s nowhere to go and there’s nowhere that he’d rather be view original at

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