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#positive affirmations
girlofswords2 days ago
I am better than every single Harry Potter fan
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lovdiariea day ago
stop being realistic and live in your imagination, accept that you will get your desires no matter what. IT WILL SHOW UP NO MATTER WHAT. 馃専
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positivelypositive2 days ago
just a reminder...
...that standing up for yourself is one of the greatest forms of self care.
even though you may be surrounded with people who support you in all you do, there are times when the only one who can defend you is yourself.
when you stand up for yourself, you're not only telling others but also yourself that you believe in yourself. you know what you stand for. you're confident and brave.
when you show confidence in yourself, you're reiterating your belief in yourself. trust yourself. you deserve it 鉁
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yslovely10 hours ago
饾悁饾悷饾悷饾悽饾惈饾惁饾悮饾惌饾悽饾惃饾惂饾惉 饾惌饾惃 饾惁饾悮饾悿饾悶 饾惒饾惃饾惍 饾悷饾悶饾悶饾惀 饾惉饾悮饾悷饾悶:
relax and repeat after me
Only good things happen to me
Nothing and no one can hurt me
Bad things never happen to me
No matter where I go or what I do I'm always safe
Everything is going to be alright
I always get what I want
My life is perfect
Me and everyone I love are happy, healthy and safe
I have full control over my life
Every day is a good day
I'm immune to illnesses
All of my problems disappear fast and without me having to try hard to get rid of them
It's my reality and only I decide what happens in it
I am in control
My mental health is getting better and better every single day
My manifestations always come to me, no matter what
I'm always safe, no matter what my intrusive thoughts say
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atinycupofpositiviteaa day ago
You are fabulous.
You are magical.
You are wonderful.
You are capable.
And you are a million more positive things.
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I don鈥檛 like when people believe in one thing....but not the other. It鈥檚 weird. Like people will say anything is possible but healing yourself isn鈥檛 etc...It鈥檚 either everything or nothing. There are zero limits hence why there are people who are already living the life and getting the outcome you don鈥檛 think you can achieve. Like pick a belief system already?!?? Do you believe you can or that you can鈥檛....?!?!stop mixing the two. Test things out for yourself instead of assuming you can鈥檛 achieve something. We were born to defy logic. The way we were born onto this planet already defies logic馃し馃徎鈥嶁檧锔
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loveaffirmations2 days ago
I give thanks to the universe for love, happiness, and abundance in my life.
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lovdiarie2 days ago
5 days self concept challenge
( will be editing this post for results and affirmations. you can join me in this challenge to! i've always wanted so focus on self concept so i'll try to keep focused on it for 5 days! )
i am highly favored
life is rigged on my way
i don't chase, i attract
i am so fucking pretty
i am treated like a god
i get what i desire instantly
why do i always get what i want so easily? like i am highly favored! the universe loves spoiling me. my reality always bends the way i wanted it to be. my reality spoils me! my reality loves blessing me with abundance and good things. i am highly favored, i am such a god! people are always amazed on how fast i get my desires.
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Tumblr media
Make sure to repeat this to yourself through out the day 鈾
Just a little reminder that I think we all need right now. It鈥檚 okay to be vulnerable and 鈥榖reak鈥 or cry instead of always putting on a strong front. You鈥檙e a human after all 鈾
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whollesome21 days ago
Tumblr media
this is the recovery bee popping in, gently booping your nose and landing on your shoulder to remind you that things will be okay, even if it doesn鈥檛 feel like it right now. you鈥檙e loved, you鈥檙e worthy and you鈥檙e important.
Tumblr media
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arichblessingtoyourlife3 hours ago
New week鉁 You got this馃檶馃徏 Great things are happening for you. You were already in the reality you wished to be in the moment you thought about it馃敟
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