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#positive affirmations
positivelypositive · 43 minutes ago
it'll get easier...
...with time. trust the process.
yes, it's difficult right now. you're having trouble holding on even when you're trying your best and hardest. it can be like that sometimes.
keep hanging on. you can do it. you got so far and you can get further on your willpower.
you CAN do it. do not give up now. be strong ✨
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sea-ofsorrow · 5 hours ago
I will be happy not because everything I do always works out but because I always go for what I want. I won't led fear or discomfort stop me from being my authentic self and live up to my full potential.
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positivelypositive · a day ago
life can be lesson...
...every step of the way.
it's on us to decide which lessons we want to absorb and which to let go of. we can't understand every signal in the world as a lesson of life.
but we can learn from a few and remember those for our entire lifetime. those can be the foundations for our beautiful and kind lives.
keep your eyes open. keep learning ✨
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i am manifesting the career that i desire and the prosperity that i deserve. the universe unconditionally supports my ambitions. i am capable and limitless and my success is inevitable.
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Hi, I’m new to this.
I’d like to manifest something but I don’t know how to begin and do that? Do you have any tips?
Happy to help 💜 Manifesting is easy, I know there are hundreds of techniques and tricks but it all comes down to focus and trust. All the methods people use are just ways of focusing on what you want. When you have your eyes on the goal, you can take steps towards it with ease.
Try to have a clear picture of what you want, whether that's being more confident, a job offer, love, etc.
Feel what it would be like to experience it now. We want things in life because of the way they will make us feel, we think we'll be happier with it in our life. By picturing it and feeling these emotions as if what you want is already here, you can move through life with confidence to bring the change you want to see.
The biggest tip is to trust; trust yourself, trust that every step you take is right, trust that you already have what you want. In a world of infinite possiblity, everything is possible.
You can make it a habit of this by simply making an affirmation that you relate to. The repetition of a phrase really helped me focus on the outcome!
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i release energetic disturbances and welcome the flow of joy into my world. i give myself permission to peacefully exist in this moment. i am relaxed, i am centered, and i am caring for myself in the way that i need.
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treasuredgirl · a day ago
There are a lot of women who are fucking up the game.
Men will automatically assume that you will accept the bare minimum until you show them otherwise. You know why? Because there are loads of women who are accepting the bullshit. This is why men easily move on because if you won't, somebody else will.
This is problematic for me because if we all set a higher standard, men would have no choice but to play the game on OUR terms.
I'm not saying that as a woman you should require a man to essentially become your sugar daddy (though it is highly recommended). I am saying if a man wants something from you, make sure he deserves it in the sense you deem right. Stop assuming if you do certain things for a man he will make you his girlfriend, treat you like a queen, and everything you dreamed of. He will not respect if you open yourself up to him with no requirements because he will assume you have or will do this for another man.
A man will only respect you as much as you respect yourself! -Glow
Tumblr media
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mysteriousmonarch · a day ago
Day 4. I still almost totally blank on all the things I had planned to say but I think the affirmations went a little smoother.
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icreatewhatibelieve · a day ago
Tumblr media
Nothing is happening to me. Everything is responding to me and what I’m focusing on in this moment
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icreatewhatibelieve · a day ago
Tumblr media
Now that I truly love myself I am amazed with all the love that pours into my life from others.
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amandab653 · a day ago
Just because they dont accept your love doesnt mean your way of loving is wrong. It just means that your puzzle piece doesnt fit in that particular space. Stop trying to force things that are not meant for you. There is a space in someones life that you will fit perfectly into, and they will be endlessly appreciative of your kind of love ❤❤
Hella in my feelings today. Prep for some sappy posts 🤷
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