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lovelybluepanda · a day ago
What's the point? Why bother?
Because it sets your soul on fire
Because you love the topic/subject
Because you enjoy it
Because it makes you feel something
Because it gives you a goal
Because it gives you a purpose
Because you dream of it
Because you hope for it
Because you think of it a lot
Because you want to
Because maybe, maybe you can make a difference
Because why not?
Because it matters to you
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mylittlepositivecorner · 5 months ago
it’s okay to be tired if even you didn’t do anything to “earn” it. when you’re tired, you’re tired. you don’t need to justify to other people what you “did” to feel run down
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mentalcentral · 7 months ago
click on an emoji and get a message just for you!
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thyming · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
give yourself time.🌱 if it takes longer for you to do everyday things, it's okay. if you need longer to make a decision, it's okay as well. if it takes longer for you to get out of bed or to gather motivation to do things, it is okay. please do not rush yourself, please do not feel bad because others need less time than you do, it is okay. you decide how much time you need and you set the pace. and guess what? that is totally okay. give yourself time.
Tumblr media
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writethatdown · 5 months ago
just a reminder that: spring is inevitable. good times are inevitable. they are bound to come your way. even though spring is followed by winter eventually, I hope your springs stay and last longer and for winters you have fluffy sweaters and hot chocolate to endure it better.
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positivelypositive · 10 months ago
at this moment... are exactly where you need to be.
just breathe, relax and stay calm. things are slowly falling in place if not there already. your worrying will not speed up the process.
so let a gentle smile iron out the creases from your forehead and let your relax. you are here ✨
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lovelybluepanda · a day ago
How to romanticize your home
Have a favorite bowl, mug, plate, cutlery and glass.
Make or get at least 1 decoration you love. Totoro lamp? Kitty coin bank? See throw vase you can decorate yourself? Have something that squeezes your heart with joy.
Scents~ it can be a room spray, scented candles, some sticks. There are many scents, white lilly, vanilla, lemon, lavender etc you'll find something you love
Have a few books you enjoy nearby. Mark the quotes you like. Maybe anotate the book? Or keep a journal of why you love that book.
Have a journal for your thoughts. Use a pretty pen and maybe decorate it if you like that.
Learn a few tricks for how to organize so things seem cleaner.
Declutter once a month so you have things you love and enjoy using.
Make a decoration from scratch. It can be a drawing, paint a mirror, sew something, make some origami, dream catcher~
Fold clothes so they're accessible and you love looking at them. Wear what makes you happy.
Have a nice holder for your toothpaste and toothbrush. Or get a plain holder and decorate it. (a glass, plastic cup, plastic box, whatever you prefer)
Whenever something is cooking clean around the kitchen. It will save you time in the future.
Have snacks around, healthy and things that satisfy you emotionally.
Have a lovely bottle for water.
Fuzzy socks and fluffy blankets!
House slippers or get a pair of plain sneakers and decorate them. Use them only indoors.
Change from pajamas/outdoors clothes into other clothes that you wear inside.
Change the bed sheets weekly at least. If you think they are not comfy enough, maybe try to use a fluffy blanket instead?
If you don't need/want something anymore, give it away to someone else or donate it.
If you can't finish certain foods on time, give them to someone else.
Have a bottle of your favorite soda around.
Make foods you enjoy at least twice a week. Sunday muffins, Saturday waffles, Tuesday pasta Bolognese
In a box or muffin box, have various teas or hot chocolate supplies.
What sort of home do you want to have? Sunday tea party? Always welcome and with snacks? Enthusiastic to have people over? Your safe sanctuary? Think of that definition when you take decisions about your home.
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mylittlepositivecorner · 5 months ago
may you find people who happily listen while you gush about your obscure interests. may you find people you feel comfortable and safe enough around to be your authentic self
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mentalcentral · 11 months ago
if you’re at a point right now where you don’t see any hope in the future, remember that the future will always seem overwhelming when you’re thinking about it all at once. you only have to live through one moment at a time. focus on now and focus on getting through this, because you will.
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beamingsuggestion · 7 months ago
be kind to yourself, especially when you don’t think you deserve it
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thyming · a month ago
Tumblr media
"I am allowed to say 'no' to anything that would make me feel uncomfortable, even if it might disappoint people. My feelings, wishes and needs have the same value as everyone elses. Therefore I have the right to say 'no' without feeling bad or guilty towards others."
— excerpted from my recovery-journal ♡
Tumblr media
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writethatdown · 7 months ago
daily reminder that you have absolute right to take up space. if someone or something had ever made you believe that you shouldn't, and had apparently felt it as a right thing, it's not. it's okay to voice your needs, to tell people what you want, to buy that ice cream or what ever shit your mind craves. ik it isn't easy to switch to this mindset for someone who's subconscious had always been trying to deprive you. but please please please let me tell you, you are a living being and you are supposed to take up space and put your needs out there.
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