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#positive mental attitude


The Pomodoro message has literally been the only thing helping me get anything remotely done lately.

Note to self: please please always use this method for when you’re stuck in a motivation rut xx

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I think we should stop saying “recovery” is the goal to all mental health issues. I’m bipolar I can’t recover from it I’m always going to eventually go into a manic or depressed episode that’s how my illness works

Maybe we can say “become stable” or the goal of all mentally ill people to become stable. I can’t recover from bipolar disorder I can be stable though. I can still get unstable if a severe manic or depressive episode comes but getting stable seems more reasonable thay recovering. I don’t think I can “recover” from a chemisty imbalance but I can learn to be stable with it

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Day 42/100 of productivity

Awesome things I’ve done today:

- Spent some time with my bf and gave him emotional support over the phone

- Talked with a friend

- Made a full italian test for my bf!

- Had a research about minimalist make up

- Watched some Twitch and had fun

- Had a beautiful and relaxing shower with scrub

- Was overall positive during the day

- Went through a headache

- Got into bed early

- Had tea in the morning

- Had a very nice lunch

- Had a beautiful exchange of texts with my splendid bf

- Took a couple of pics of myself and thought I was beautiful!

- Felt good about myself

- Had good skincare

- Wrote my sister’s birthday card!

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Hello, Tumblr Lovers!

I’ve recently come out as trans (FTM) and I’ve decided to begin my transition.

My Tumblr Blog will follow my journey through my transition, as I want to document as much as I possibly can.


Originally posted by kittenwitchandthebadvibes

This being said, my content will serve to educate people on what it means being trans and other related questions/doubts you might have. Whether you’re trans or not, or are merely questioning.

I will also post anxiety-related stuff, as I suffer from this disorder on a daily and it’s a massive part of my life.

Don’t be afraid to ask. This is a safe and friendly place, and the anonymous questions will be turned on in case you prefer to remain anonymous.

Also, following the previous paragraph, I just want to let everyone know, when I say this is a safe place I mean, every ethnicity, religion, etc.

This is my first post, but feel free to follow and ask, and I will get to you shortly. Also, if you have recommendations on pages to follow, please let me know!


Originally posted by completeaddition

A reminder that I’m not in any way a medical professional. But I am trans and I will do my best to share my knowledge to help you.

Educate yourself!

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Maybe I’m just not myself maybe I’m not on the right path,their nothing neccesarily going wrong at this moment in time but I know something dark is lurking in the shadows, some people don’t sleep to avoid their demons, some have the luxury of experiencing them 24/7 with angels as well this battle will always be one to (die) for, only you can defeat your mind I know it’s hard to decide when everybody is fair and only wants to eat off your (plate).. crazy these ppl won’t give you their leftovers but you love then though (family ties) cut anything loose that doesn’t serve you positivity sometimes family ties and soul ties are too powerful have you praying for a release… walking demons. The same people you’ll give your life for won’t even speak on your behalf. Niggas rather sleep then see you eat (think literally) (nocap). Betrayal from someone whether family or friend, we must pray for them. Sword you’ll die by, their is no way to get out of death and the lord will show you, your wrongs whether you (study) or not. Whether you are ready (pop quiz) divine timing, won’t always be in your favor but the (end) result will always be (greater) no mistakes in his eyes. No appla(use) only scars, no remorse or regret. It is what it is pain brings beauty out, beauty without brings vanity is it wrong to like great things, I don’t think I’m better, but happy for my accomplishments. The next niggga plotting on my last show, because they couldn’t get any tickets, they rather cut you and cut the line to your success (no band aid) they didn’t use their time wisely. Greed and pride will always be the root to all (evil) instead of looking out for one another they rather take And capitalize on pain.

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