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#positive quotes

Plantei o amor em mim, para que eu pudesse florescer. ❤🌺

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Zülfü Livaneli* bu aralar içine sürüklendiğim durumu güzel özetlemiş:

“Bir şeyler yapıyorum, yürüyorum, konuşuyorum, yemek yiyorum yani her zaman yaptığım işleri sürdürüyorum ama nasıl anlatsam, bir boşluk duygusu içinde. Sanki içimde derin bir hiçlik var.”

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Some people will never support you because they are afraid of what you might become.

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somedays it can be difficult…

…to find the will to go on even with the most essential tasks in life. everything seems like a burden and you just don’t want to do anything anymore.

it happens to the best of us so know that you are not alone. you may have to try a little harder those days to complete the important daily tasks but know that it’s okay to take such days off for your mental peace. it’s like a mini vacation where you can relax and unburden yourself from the monotonous circle that life can easily become. take the day off for yourself. relax and be you

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