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#positive thinking
lovelybluepanda · 2 days ago
I recently learned that self-destructive behaviors are a solution many people choose so they feel more in control in their life.
Here's a list of things you can do that can give you the same feeling but they aren't self-destructive.
Have a particular time when you have tea or hot cocoa.
Plan something in your life. It can be your meals, your schedule, the progress of a goal, anything will do.
Learn a new skill that empowers you. Coding, Chinese medicine, workouts, NLP; whatever you choose, make sure it makes you feel powerful in a way or another.
Write a book/story. You control everything there.
Dress in a way that delights you.
DIY projects
Decorate your room/house/environment
Change your hairstyle
Have a particular routine for something, anything
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michaelbogild · a day ago
I am here to tell you (and I really want you to listen and take this in) that all of your negative and self-limiting beliefs, every single damn one of them, has absolutely NOTHING to do — at all — with reality as it actually is, with the truth, with the facts, yes know this, zero, zip, zilch, goose-egg, nuclear squadoosh, so for God sakes, begin to really believe in yourself, begin to dream with wonder again, tell yourself that you love yourself, that you have what it takes, that the future is not the past, and that everything is possible for you, especially with the right mindset, and THAT you will create, day by day, step-by-step, affirmation by affirmation, positively certain that everything will get better, that you will grow stronger, that more order will begin to arise, that more meaning will be felt, that more love will be received and given, and that more blessings will come into your life… for this…is all…possible. FUCK YEAH!
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Tumblr media
Make sure to repeat this to yourself through out the day ♡
Just wanted to share that I made a subliminal booster to help with manifesting beliefs you can find it here ♡. Also since today is full moon it’s a great time to manifest!
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recoversuggestions · 10 months ago
friendly reminder that you didn’t waste your year. any moments of happiness or comfort, any small accomplishments, they all matter. this has been a really hard year, and simply surviving is something to be proud of. 
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slfcare · a month ago
be proud of yourself for
the progress nobody sees
feeling all of your emotions (and learning how to make peace with them + give them space)
standing up for yourself even though you lost people because of it
making time for yourself
doing better
saying no to people
letting go of people for your own sake
no longer allowing others to decide when you can and when you can’t be proud of yourself
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thepoetryofascension · 8 months ago
miracles in february. wealth in february. love in february. comfort in february. laughter in february. bliss in february. success in february. friendship in february. beauty in february. joy in february. harmony in february. blessings in february. balance in february. soul in february.
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rawhoneybliss · a year ago
May you attract those who know you on a soul level. May you attract those who lift your spirit up. May you attract those with pure and loving intentions. May you attract those who genuinely want to see you flourish. May you attract those who are happy for your abundance. May you attract those who inspire you to keep going.
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lovelybluepanda · 29 days ago
How to romanticize your home
Have a favorite bowl, mug, plate, cutlery and glass.
Make or get at least 1 decoration you love. Totoro lamp? Kitty coin bank? See throw vase you can decorate yourself? Have something that squeezes your heart with joy.
Scents~ it can be a room spray, scented candles, some sticks. There are many scents, white lilly, vanilla, lemon, lavender etc you'll find something you love
Have a few books you enjoy nearby. Mark the quotes you like. Maybe anotate the book? Or keep a journal of why you love that book.
Have a journal for your thoughts. Use a pretty pen and maybe decorate it if you like that.
Learn a few tricks for how to organize so things seem cleaner.
Declutter once a month so you have things you love and enjoy using.
Make a decoration from scratch. It can be a drawing, paint a mirror, sew something, make some origami, dream catcher~
Fold clothes so they're accessible and you love looking at them. Wear what makes you happy.
Have a nice holder for your toothpaste and toothbrush. Or get a plain holder and decorate it. (a glass, plastic cup, plastic box, whatever you prefer)
Whenever something is cooking clean around the kitchen. It will save you time in the future.
Have snacks around, healthy and things that satisfy you emotionally.
Have a lovely bottle for water.
Fuzzy socks and fluffy blankets!
House slippers or get a pair of plain sneakers and decorate them. Use them only indoors.
Change from pajamas/outdoors clothes into other clothes that you wear inside.
Change the bed sheets weekly at least. If you think they are not comfy enough, maybe try to use a fluffy blanket instead?
If you don't need/want something anymore, give it away to someone else or donate it.
If you can't finish certain foods on time, give them to someone else.
Have a bottle of your favorite soda around.
Make foods you enjoy at least twice a week. Sunday muffins, Saturday waffles, Tuesday pasta Bolognese
In a box or muffin box, have various teas or hot chocolate supplies.
What sort of home do you want to have? Sunday tea party? Always welcome and with snacks? Enthusiastic to have people over? Your safe sanctuary? Think of that definition when you take decisions about your home.
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michaelbogild · 2 days ago
By customarily asking yourself the altruistic question "What can I do to help other people?" you are in effect delivering the extremely potent psychological message to your own mind that you indeed have enough in the moment and don't need anything more...for why else would you pose to yourself a question as charitable in its spirit as that one?
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Tumblr media
Make sure to repeat this to yourself through out the day ♡
Also try to do this: Quiet your mind, close your eyes and take deep breathes each time you say this, and visualize yourself breathing in light and the negative energies leaving your body as you exhale. Repeat until you feel better/calmer ♡
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slfcare · a month ago
When you start to respect yourself, you also start to recognize who doesn’t. Friendships watering down, clashing with people you used to get along with, discovering some relationships/dynamics aren’t for you— it’s all part of growing as a person and realizing what is and isn’t what you want or need. It doesn’t mean that there’s something wrong with you or that you’re doing the wrong thing: new habits, new boundaries and a newfound self-respect often require reevaluation.
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honeyymistt · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
Try your best to avoid jumping to conclusions about everything. One weird interaction with someone doesn’t mean they hate you. One bad mark doesn’t mean you’ll fail the course. One bad day doesn’t mean the rest of your week is ruined. Learn to let things flow naturally. Don’t assume that everything is pre-determined!!
Tumblr media
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