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Important !! @ students but ap students in particular: it’s okay to struggle right now. It’s ok if you don’t pass, and it’s ok if you don’t meet the goal and expectation you set for yourself in your classes. This is true 10% of the time, but you need to hear it now because we are living through a real, honest-to-god pandemic on top of all the other reasons we could be understandably upset right now. Just let yourself be human, please.

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TYVM for trusting in my judgment poetry anon! I trust in your judgment so I guess I’m doing something right. Lately it’s been so toxic here I’ve been thinking about leaving. People have been talking about me behind my back even though I’ve never gotten into any discourse with anyone ever. They’re saying I’m racist and homophobic (I’m in a mlm relationship right now so what?) just because I believe people shouldn’t discriminate based on things people can’t control like race, sexual orientation, and gender identity, which happen to also include majority groups. Didn’t realize that not being bigoted made me a bigot. People said I was faking my bisexuality for clout, can you believe that? Also they’re saying I’m a bad person because I don’t think we should bully people based on their fictional ships. Things are so backwards here. I just want to post Avatar content and talk about Avatar. Sorry for the rant. Thanks for listening. Have a wonderful day yourself! *Hugs*

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 u know what?? i have something 2 say

boys!!! listen up!!!! 

you are:

-valid no matter your body type

-valid no matter your sexuality

-valid no matter your personality type

-valid no matter your interests

theres a lot of pressure on men that doesnt get recognized to be one certain way but its bullshit!!!!!!!

youre allowed to be soft!!!! youre allowed to cry and be emotionally vulnerable!!!!!!!!! youre allowed to not want sex and have boundaries!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! youre allowed to like flowers and pink and skirts and shit!!!!!!!!!!! manliness is a societal construct!!!!!!!!!!!

but!!!!!!!!! ur allowed to be manly if u want!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you can do whatever you want as long as youre happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and most importantly:

you!!!! are!!!! valid!!!!!!!!!

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We’re spending too much time on here right now and need to rest (also we don’t want to blow up people’s dashboards between our various blogs) but we want to make a final post for the moment:

We just want to give a big shoutout to all our fellow people in poverty who struggle with conditioned feelings of guilt for buying “nice things” for themselves because they don’t feel like they deserve them.

An outrageous amount of guilt is placed on poor people by more privileged people for buying “luxury items” and it’s hideously misplaced and unfair.

The reason this is on my mind is because my husband and I are both neurodivergent and in poverty and we each recently decided to buy something related to respective interests of ours that others would deem “unnecessary.” Mine is music-related and his is gaming-related.

The amount of good these things will do for our mental health will be extreme and super worth the expense. We both know it, but we’re both feeling shame around it due to internalized ableism and classism that stigmatizes the intensity with which we get interested in things and says we don’t even deserve to get our most basic needs for food and shelter met, let alone “higher” needs that aren’t really even higher, given how much we depend on energizing our interests for our survival.

So I just want to share the self-love we are engaging in, despite our conditioning that resists it. If there is something you need or want that others have gaslit you about and you or anyone who depends on you won’t starve if you buy it, then maybe this will be the push you need. I don’t care how “unnecessary” other people think it is. If you know it’ll make your life better, then that’s what matters, and even if you don’t, who says it’s not worth the expense to try?

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Good afternoon! I hope your day is wonderful!

#GoodAfternoon #Wonderful #Thursday #StayHome #BeSmart #LoveAll #Peace #BeThankful #LiveInHarmony #DoNotHate #NOH8 #Positivity #TeachLoveandKindness #UniteHumanity #Sustainability #CoExist #Care #Prayer #StopIndifference #OneLove

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I know I run a /kinda/ positivity blog but I feel like it’s all the more important to say this on here.

Things are shit, especially in the US right now. Let yourself feel overwhelmed, let yourself feel angry. On the same token, listen to yourself and how you feel. If you need a break from social media to process please take it. If you want/are able to get involved, stay safe.

Final note, headspace is being given for free to those who are unemployed right now. If you’ve been looking to get into meditation now’s not a bad time! Sending love to all of you! 💕 Have a pic of my parents’ dog I drew as a thank you for reading through this!

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If you have a tiktok please take like 2 seconds to leave nice comments, people would appreciate it so much cuz there are TONS of cyber bullying in the comments of EVERY video and the nice vomments can rlly help someone out!you’ll find they’ll usually reply and be excited, especially snal creators but bug accounts too!

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from here || @universeofmuses


You are one of the first Sara’s to my Ava and from the first post you made me feel like our plot is the most important of all you have and I have to admit it’s an amazing skill. I know you treasure all of your plots as I read some of them, and each of them is filled with love.

We don’t talk much OOC but when we do, it’s easy and funny talk.

I’m grateful for every interaction we have.

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from here || @auxcourant


Dakota is one of the first friends I made since revamping by to blog. She is an awesome person.

Easy-going, easy to talk to, with a great sense of humor and even greater imagination. There is chemistry between our characters no matter who we throw at each other. It makes her a universal partner, a great writer, and an amazing person to be around.

We have so many amazing pairings and even more ideas for more threads.

You should totally follow her.

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