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honeymooncupid · 15 hours ago
Its okay if you're not good at something right away, if you can't do something right away or if something doesn't work right away. Some things are a little more difficult for others, some things in life take a little more time. Don't give up!
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featheredadora · 9 hours ago
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Bird positivity! Choose to be kind, always
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nazli-m · 14 hours ago
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Aptal Bir Erkek İçin Güzel Göğüslü Kadın'lar
Çekici Gelebilir...
Akıllı Bir Erkek İçin Her Zaman Zorluklara
Göğüs Geren Kadın Daha Çekicidir...!!!
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888-e · 8 hours ago
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Tumblr media
I'm all aglow, mmm. And now I know (and now I know) The key to all heaven is mine
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biaesthetc · 9 hours ago
sometimes being wlw is wonderful for your insecurities. because i think of all the things i don’t like about myself, and then i think: if the person i loved had those things, would i care?and the answer is always no. stretch marks, small boobs, curves, no curves. all so so beautiful. women’s bodies are beautiful, do not be ashamed of yourself.
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