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Even though I’ve not been in HP fandom for a while, I still love coming here to read people’s confessions and see how passionate people still are about it. It’s odd though ‘cause normally fandom disagreements stress me out (especially coming right out of another big fandom which *cough* might rhyme with “Car Doors”). But here I guess I’m detached enough that I can read one side of an argument, go “huh good point”, then read then the exact opposite argument and still go “huh another good point.”

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You know what?

Be weird. Be blushy, giggly, easily startled. Be shaky, good or bad with words, funny, deadpan or awkward. Say jokes that don’t land and those which do. Use innuendos or not. Rant about your passions.

Be yourself. Fuck some “persona” you may be putting on, it’s not worth the stress.

Don’t overthink. You will never know what people think of you but if they keep coming back it means they like you for you, and not for some “improved” version of you.

You don’t have friends now? I can 99% promise you that you will find the right people, no matter your age.

And age, God! Remember that 15 is barely anything, 20 is barely anything, hell, 30 is a bit more but still not even halfway though one’s life! People change their careers when they’re 70, marry when they’re 40, 50, 60, 80 - some find their true love at that age! There’s no set deadline for things anymore! A woman doesn’t have to be married with kids by 22 because it’s not today’s reality!

Live your life your way, “plan accordingly and execute”. You can’t escape a toxic situation right now? It’s okay, it won’t be like that forever. You’ll get older, find a stable job, leave your toxic environment, find good people instead. Just keep fighting.

NOTHING in this life is forever. Even the good things can end so abruptly but so can bad things.

And if all you achieve in this life is living it your way, being you, well - a lot of people can’t even say that.


A hopeless pessimist, extremely awkward introvert with some anxiety and a bit of trauma, a 20yo with no romantic relationship experience and just barely any work experience; a girl with only one truly best friend and a bit of usual acquaintances.

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Today’s thoughts….

I have my own personal trauma and mental health issues. I’ve lost 3 family members to suicide. People very close to me have battled for years with extremely debilitating mental illness. I spent four years intensely studying genocide and the effects it has on people and the community. And I follow the news and I see what is happening around the world. It’s scary.

Sometimes I think it’s important to stop and think about what we have learned from not only our personal experiences but those of others as well. I’ve learned that one of the only things that really matters in life is that we love and we care. For everyone. If we could all just have a little bit more empathy, I really think we could make a difference in the world we live in.

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It feels good to know that our lives can be completely controlled by us

By what we do

What we say

And ultimately by what we think

Knowing this, giving our full attention to this truth will immensely change everything

We finally get the freedom to fill big chunks of our days with activities that we truly enjoy, things we love to do

Before I sleep tonight I pray that everyone gets that privilege, that power to design how their life would look like

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Daily Gratitude 🧛🏻

October 31, 2020

What are you grateful for today?

Welcome to our gratitude support group!

Take some time to reflect on the good things in your life. Then, take some time to read what’s good for others. It warms my heart ♥️ every day.

Re-blog or write a note about what you are grateful for as often as makes sense for you.

All posts will be tagged ‘resiliencewithin’s daily gratitude group’

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