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#positivity post

Ok, so a positivity post as I need one right now.

  • Had a very tasty sea salt caramel choc in my advent today.
  • In the last 2 weeks I’ve made 2 sales on redbubble, 3 on amazon and 2 on etsy. It’s only about £38 after postage/materials (time is another matter), but it’s pretty good for me and is nice to get some redbubble sales in particular.
  • ‘Going Postal’ arrived and started a reread. I did get a bit emotional about the GNU John Dearheart section but very much enjoying it.
  • I am slowly clearing up the lounge so that Christmas decorations can be put up. Should be nice to have a functioning lounge again. I should try to make use of it with more gaming or watching stuff down there.
  • I have ingredients for cookies again so maybe I can find some energy to bake because warm cookies would be lovely to have.
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Hey! I love your pronouns! I love them if you

  • use them every day
  • only sometimes
  • are constantly switching
  • horde pronouns
  • made your pronouns yourself
  • use ones that lots of people use
  • just use your name
  • stir around the pronoun bowl every day and pick a random one
  • do any other wonderful thing with them!
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Here’s a check in for the day!

Do you have any dishes, bottles or trash laying about in your room? Take a moment away to pick up and take those out of the room. 

Have you had water at all today? If not, go get yourself a glass real quick. 

Do you need to take any medications today? Set yourself a reminder to do that on your phone or computer.

Have you eaten today? Get a snack or make a quick meal if you haven’t.

Get up and stretch for a few minutes if you’ve been sitting down for a while. Feed your pets if you have any.  If its between 10pm to 7 am where you are, try to get a bit of rest. You’re doing great <3.

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hi! can i give you a hug? only if you’re comfortable, of course. i’m here to remind you that you’re loved! you have the support of so many people, on the internet if not in real life. you are so valid. you matter. you are enough. you are worthy. you deserve peace, you deserve happiness, and you look great today! remember to eat something, drink water, take your meds, and stretch since you’ve probably been sitting down for a while! if you need to do homework or other work, now is probably the time to do that.

i hope you have a good day!

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You know what? Good day!!

I finished 2 out of 3 routes in a visual novel

I wrote 4 FUCKING CHAPTERS of a fic

I’ve done enough!

I can sleep well knowing I did enough today

And you should too!!

Even if you only played games or read something or doodled in a notebook

No matter how small, you did something!

Took a glass of water? Hell yeah!

Made a meal?? Great!!!

Be proud!! I’m not usually proud of what I do but I’m learning to be! And you should too!!

Let’s be proud of ourselves

If not for you then to spite god

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Say five you like about yourself and tag 10 people thing!

I was tagged by @booking–it Thank you!! ^_^

We love some self-positivity in this house:

I like:

My sense of humor even if I can throw some low punches every now and then

My creativity and how I can get out of the box, not all the time but there’s always room for improvement!

My writing; I really do see an improvement from when I was a wee writer in middle school and that’s super cool

My eyes because they’re super green sometimes and super brown other times

My ADHD; it can be a killer pain in the butt sometimes, but it’s what makes me me

Some of your were already tagged by booking–it. I’m tagging @athena1138, @ronniebox, @ohstardustgirl, @robinfai, @trewloves, @fitzrove, @sleepy-crypid, @rooshappy, @wildishmazz, oh gosh that’s not 10. Anyone else who would like to!

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It hurts losing a comfort show. This one more than most, I think, simply for its longevity.

Some of us grew up with it, have lived the experience, followed the cast along every step of this amazing journey. Some are coming into it late, having missed years of hype and conventions and meta and theorizing and jumbled emotions whilst awaiting each new season.

No matter when you discovered Supernatural, you are part of this family. Your feelings about it ending are valid and precious. This is more than a show. This is a family, one that doesn’t end in blood.

Hold tight to the lessons SPN has taught you. Always keep fighting. Help others when you can. Take care of yourselves and each other. Remember that good things do happen.

And most importantly…

Carry on.

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I never see positivity posts for us and I think that’s criminal! So this is for all of my queer and lgbtqia slavs!

Transmasculine slavs are handsome!

Transfeminine slavs are beautiful!

Lesbian slavs are elegant!

Gay slavs are astounding!

Bi slavs are lovely!

Pan slavs are divine!

M-spec slavs are heavenly!

Nonbinary slavs are jaw dropping!

Trans slavs are wonderful!

Intersex slavs are glorious!

Aro and ace slavs are magnificent!

MOGAI slavs are marvelous!

We’re all bright and wonderful! No matter what happens we’re never awful, wrong, or sinful. Our experiences are wonderful, and the world is a better place with all of us in it.

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yo big shoutout to my fellow men who dont have “manly” voices. my trans men whose voices sound trans, my gay or gender-nonconforming men whose voices sound gay, my gender-conforming cishet men who happen to have high voices. when i hear one of yall speak i feel relief at not being the only one. i love you guys and our voices are great and i love how diverse human voices are. okay that’s all have a good day.

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