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[PIC 3]
Travis: Uśmiechasz się.
Mr B: Często się uśmiecham. 
Travis: Ale tym razem masz też dobry nastrój. 
[PIC 4]
Mr B: Sugerujesz, że rzadko go mam? 
Travis: Stwierdzam tylko fakt. 
Ma dobry wpływ na Ciebie… cokolwiek robi.
Mr B: Skup się na prowadzeniu. 
Travis: Tak jest. 
[PIC 8]
Serena: Spóźniłeś się, a James Bancroft nigdy się nie spóźnia. 
[PIC 9]
Mr B: Wyskoczyło mi coś pilnego.
Serena: I kazałeś mi na siebie czekać? Następnym razem nie będę taka cierpliwa. 
[PIC 10]
Mr B: Pragnę zaznaczyć, że to Ty nalegałaś na spotkanie.

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Discarnate Possession 101:

A practical master guide by someone who unwillingly experienced it and studied the phenomenon in an academic context

Disclaimer: this isn’t meant to scare, nor victim-blame, nor criticise some practices, but rather to promote understanding on the phemonon based on personal experience.This isn’t substitute for professional help or medical assessment. If you are unwell, please please please seek talk to your doctor or therapist.

[TW: mentions of depression, delusion, s**c*de, abuse, SH, derealization] sorry for the long post lol

About possession:

There are two main types of entities in possession: incarnate and discarnate. Incarnate entities are entities who were once alive and have since passed; human souls, animal souls, etc. Discarnate entities are entities who have never known incarnation, and may or may not have harmful intent; demonics, angelics, deities, etc.

Not all possession is unconsensual.

Many religions, including Caribbean voudon and some Christian churches use possession in their rituals. However I will be focusing on unconsensual, discarnate possession by demonics and other low vibrations entities.

What causes unconsensual possession?

1. Traumatic events and abuse.

In my case, an abusive relationship. Traumatic events such as abuse, sexual assault, witnessing an accident, suicide attempts, incendiary events, terrorist attacks and more are classic scenarios. Trauma and abuse attracts very low vibrations and leaves the victim feeling helpless, lost, fragmented and very vulnerable. There’s a shattering of the self and the auric field that enables discarnate entities to attach themselves.

2. Depression, s****dal ideation and SH

Again, negative entities thrive on low vibrations, misery and helplessness. Many people who feel depressed and suicidal wish someone was there to “take their place”- a discarnate might just take you up on the offer.

3. Dabbling in negative or dark energywork unprotected.

Yes, that includes Ouija. If you dabble in Ouija, hexing, demonwork and other low-vibration practices without proper protection, training or boundaries, you run a risk of inviting a discarnate in your personal energy field without realizing it.

4. Severe emotional or work-related burnout

When you’ve burned out, all your defenses are down. You are vulnerable.

What does it feel like: the possession cycle

The idea of possession is a lot dramatized and exaggerated by horror movies. As you may suspect, it’s not an immediate, black-on-white phenomenon, but rather a progressive one that creeps on you in several stages on the span of several months, and is very similar to a severe depressive episode. This is where it gets pretty personal.

Stage 1: Feeling Off

Symptoms: constantly tired or fatigued. Mild but frequent derealization or depersonalization. Too little or too much of an appetite. Potential weight or sleep schedule fluctuation. Feeling numb. Bad dreams.

Stage 2: Kick In The Nuts

Symptoms: in my case, all my ADHD meds started acting up out of the blue. My sight got worse. I lost weight. I started displaying disruptive hand tics. Kick In The Nuts is just whatever keeps you functional and grounded, suddenly crumbles. You try to fix it, but each attempt makes you feel worse. The depersonalization is getting worse. You’re starting to slip. Your body is rebelling against you.

Stage 3: Depression/ Free Fall

Symptoms: Feeling like Kick In The Nuts was always meant to happen and you won’t get back up. Social isolation. Complete misery, fed day and night by a whisper in the back of your mind. Anxiety attacks. Body dysmorphia. Nightmares. Disengaged from life. Classical symptoms of depression, but somehow worse (I’ve had depression before, and this objectively felt worse.) Rapid emotional and cognitive decline. Utter hopelessness.

Stage 4: Delusion

Symptoms: the very first Late Stage, and where it starts to get dangerous. You start to associate yourself with a very misguided belief system about yourself as you are slipping into severe delusion. Your life prior to Kick In The Nuts feels like a fuzzy dream. You have obsessive thoughts. Chunks of time start to go missing. That delusion is a trap of control. Possession is the entrapment of the mind and will in controlled illusions, a maze of mirrors. Examples of delusions: you’re cursed from birth, all of this was worthless. This is the REAL you. Friendship is a lie. You’re useless and better off dead. You are your trauma. You’re broken for good. You’ll never amount to anything because this the REAL you. Everything else is a lie. Angels and spirit guides and God were all a manmade lies to deceive you. You’re doomed. Life is misery. The only way to feel better is [insert self-sabotage]. This is the REAL you.

Stage 5: S****dal Delusion

Symptoms: The belief that based on delusions, that the only way out is to commit suicide. You want to prove you’re right. You may form a plan. You don’t want help. The next stage is your funeral.

In retrospect

This is the stage where I was intercepted. A family friend who happens to be a professional psychic and energyworker was contacted by my worried mother about me not being myself. He performed an emergency energy clearing and the next morning sent an email to her titled “Fucking hell”. He had found and cleared not one, but two thriving demonic discarnates in possession. My mother woke me up to show me how I had been under spiritual possession, and when I read it in bed, I did something really unexpected that I hadn’t done in months. I burst out giggling.

Just a good, contagious laugh from the pit of my stomach. A spell had been broken. A huge weight was lifted from my shoulders, and I could laugh again. It took several months of conscious effort, therapy and several clearings to completely shake it off, but my tics disappeared, my meds started working again, I got myself out of my depression, and I successfully lived past the date I had planned to off myself.


Again, this isn’t to freak out anyone. My experience was a strong learning one that I wouldn’t even wish on Donald Trump. I don’t pretend that this is the ultimate, final objective truth. And if you show symptoms of depression, suicidal thoughts, trauma, PTSD, declining physical and mental health, don’t be stupid like me, GET HELP.

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Don’t move - GRAVITY FALLS fanart

When your twin brother is possessed by a demon who would have no problem hurting his host as long as it means you won’t try and stop his plan…

I like Bill. He’s probably one of the best villain (if not the best) ever created in a cartoon.
But I’m still team Stan, so GO STAN! Save your brother!

(Also, drawing hands with 6 fingers is hard. Just in case drawing 5 fingered hands isn’t hard enough. XD)

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“Awww, now what’s your hurry?” she asked far too cheerfully to the sealed clay pot in her hands. The lid was welded on securely, and she’d even melted pure silver over it so it couldn’t even be pried off by its own kind. Silver really was excellent for keeping monsters at bay. “You’re way too eager to return to the Deeps. I mean, what’s so great about it for you? I think you need a vacation. A change of scenery might do you some good.”

Her smile curled into something far more devious and vindictive. “In fact, I’ve already booked you a nice, one-way ticket to warm, sunny Alabasta. Nami called up the princess herself and she’s arranging a cozy, sealed tomb for you right smack dab in the desert. Robin even says she’ll write a warning about disturbing you in every language she knows to ensure nobody bothers you. Isn’t that nice of her?”

Ikkaku strolled over to the seastone-lined safe she’d procured, carefully placing the pot inside along with several protective charms she’d made to keep the Beings within at bay. She was taking absolutely zero chances with this.

Staring down at the pot, hoping her adversaries could see her glare, she said, “You fuckers are never touching me and mine again. The End won’t be coming for a long while - not so long as we Light Keepers are around to keep the Darkness at bay.”

As she began to close the door, she added, “Your time is over, Old Ones. The Creator Turtle’s not as dead as you’d like to think, and every time you think you can worm your way back into this world, people like me will be there to put you in your place.”

With a thunk the door was shut and sealed, its contents to not see the light of day for several millennia.

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This was okay. I didn’t like the fact that she was bought for a million dollars for one night with this guy. I think I know what’s going to happen in the rest of the series but since this was only average I don’t know if I’ll continue with the series.

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I was okay, I was alright
Until I dared to look into these eyes
Got sucked under, got dried
got lost, got tied
They bit and clawed onto mine
Slowly but suddenly - invaded
convinced, possessed
by that great unknown
I run away from
your mind

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Stroking Law’s back, Ikkaku sighed. She wished she could help him. Take all the pain he’d gone through and put it inside herself. Steal away his nightmares, especially the ones that would inevitably come from this. Keep holding him forever, so he’d know he wasn’t alone. Him and Uni both - neither should have suffered like this.

“I’m here for you, ok?” she said, voice low and reassuring, hoping she could offer some small comfort to them both. “We all are. If you get nightmares, if you hear voices, you tell me, ok? Don’t try to hide this from me. Ever. Don’t care what it is or what I’m doing, you tell me. I don’t know how much I’ll be able to help, but I’m gonna try, and neither of you are stopping me.”

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