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#possessive john
charliecox · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
TARON EGERTON as Elton John in Rocketman (2019) dir. Dexter Fletcher
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inevitably-johnlocked · a month ago
hi!! i recently got into johnlock and the universe has somehow directed me to your blog (which is an absolute godsend omfg). have you got any good possessive!john fics?
Hi Lovely!!!
AHHHH!! I’m so glad you enjoy my blog!!! <3 Thank you so much! <3
AHHH you know what??? I don’t get asked this all that much at all! I think mostly because it’s easier to find Possessive Sherlock fics and people then just... forget LOL
So guess what?? You’re the prompter for any fics I actually tagged or filed with Possessive John! <3 A pioneer you are! LOL I’m combining it with a few of the Obsessive fics as well, since I don’t have many new ones.
As usual, gang, feel free to add your own!! <3
See also: 
Specifically Jealous John b/c of Other People
Jealous John
Jealous John Pt. 2 and Jealous Sherlock Pt 2
Jealous John Pt 3 and Jealous Sherlock Pt 3
Jealous John and Sherlock Pt. 4
Jealous John and Sherlock Pt. 5
Hell or High water by bluefire301175 (E, 2,250 w., 1 Ch. || PWP, Frottage, Alley Sex, First Person POV John, Case-ish Fic, Mutual Pining, Bed Sharing) – John wants. Sherlock wants. Plain and simple.
Display by 221b_hound (E, 2,377 w., 1 Ch. || Post-HLV, Tattoos, Public Hand Jobs, Exhibitionism, Possessive Sex, Possessive Sherlock, Possessive John) – A new client has been flirting with Sherlock and, finding no joy there, with John. John seems annoyed to be second-best, Sherlock thinks, so Sherlock decides to give the departing woman (and maybe also John) a demonstration of who, exactly, John belongs to. But there's more than one level of sexual jealousy and more than one display of possession going on here, outlined in the window of 221b Baker Street. Part 2 of Lock and Key
Apodyopsis by QuinnAnderson (E, 3,347 w.,1 Ch. || PWP, Rough Sex, Table Sex, Anal, Sexual Tension) – Apodyopsis: (æpəʊdaɪˈɒpsɪs) noun. the act of mentally undressing someone. Part 2 of Undressed
Overture by Kate_Lear (M, 4,435 w., 1 Ch. || First Kiss / Time, Friends to Lovers, Angry John, Introspection, Dev. Rel., Embarrassed / Insecure Sherlock, Morning After, Bed Sharing, Cuddles / Limpet Sherlock) – A short snippet on how John and Sherlock might have got together.
Sherlock and John Go Clubbing by wendymarlowe (E, 4,716 w., 3 Ch. || Clubbing, Dirty Talk, Dancing, Coming Untouched, Coming in Pants, Bi John, For a Case, Friends to Lovers, Flirting, Sherlock is Lost for Words, Sexy John, Mutual Pining, Possessive John, Floor Sex/Hand Job/Frottage) – John pinched the bridge of his nose - even for Sherlock, this was a new level of no bloody boundaries. “You want me to go with you to a gay club, wait around twiddling my thumbs while I let you get pawed by a criminal, then out-flirt him and talk you into coming home with me instead?” Part 32 of John and Sherlock's Kinky First Times
Caves in the Mountains Are Seldom Unoccupied by starrysummernights & TheMadKatter13 (E, 7,925 w., 1 Ch. || Were-Creatures ||  Werebear John, Pseudo Bestiality, Rimming, Heavy Dub Con, Rough Sex, Come Inflation / Eating, Size Kink, PWP, Bratty Sherlock, Rutting) – “This isn’t something to play at, Sherlock,” he snapped. “If it doesn’t work out- what you’re asking of me- we can’t shrug and say 'oh well, at least we tried'. If we do this… I could seriously hurt you. Do you understand? I could lose control. I could… I could kill you.”
My Life for His by QuinnAnderson (E, 8,816 w., 1 Ch. || Guardian/Protector, Greek Mythology || Growing Up, Sex, Religious Themes, Suicide, Minor Character Death) – It began when Sherlock was eight, and he attempted to climb all the way up to the highest branch in the old willow tree in his back garden. He'd thought he was still small enough that it could support him, but the second he'd grabbed hold of it to pull himself up, the branch snapped, and down he went, plummeting a solid twenty metres. The odd thing was, he never actually hit the ground.
Of Course I Forgive You by allonsys_girl (E, 10,735 w., 1 Ch. || Love Confessions, Canon Divergence, First Time, Frottage, Wall Sex, Infidelity) – What if things had gone differently on that train car?
The Invocation of Saint Margaret by Ewebie (E, 15,831 w., 1 Ch. || POV John,  Crossing Timelines, Light Angst, Fluff, Series 3 John / Series 1 Sherlock, The Matchbox, Mushy Romance, First Time, Bisexual John, Pining John, Bottomlock, Love Confessions, Sensuality, Emotional Love Making, Snippets of Time) – When Sherlock Holmes opens the matchbox from The Sign of Three and John finds himself years in the past, back to that first dinner at Angelo's with a much younger Sherlock Holmes. Is he dreaming?
Out of the Woods by SilentAuror (E, 20,471 w., 1 Ch. || Post S4, Romance, Slow Burn, Flirting, Drunk Sex, Practical Jokes, POV Sherlock, Bottomlock, Possessive John, Pining Sherlock, Frustrated Wanking, Frottage, Hand Jobs, Blow Jobs, First Kiss/Time, Virgin Sherlock, Love Confessions, Soft Sherlock, Dancing, Bum Appreciation, Hanging out with the Yard) – Sherlock is fairly certain that John has taken to flirting with him of late, but can't be entirely certain of it. At least, not until a case takes them into a forest, along with Lestrade's team and something happens that will change everything about their lives...
The Kepler Problem by kinklock (E, 24,270 w., 1 Ch. || Sci-Fi AU, Alien Sherlock, Space Repairman John, Alien Biology, Horny John) – Working in uncharted space exploration was not as exciting as John had hoped, especially when it turned out to be mostly bot maintenance on uninhabited planets. However, the mystery of the repeated, unexplained malfunctions on planet BAK 2212 might turn out to be exactly the kind of adventure he'd been craving.
Inscrutable to the Last by DiscordantWords (M, 48,842 w., 6 Ch. || Post-TRF, Alternate S3, John’s Blog/S3 is a Story By John, Divorce, Marital Difficulties, John is a Mess, Emotional Reunion, Implied/Referenced Suicide, Grief / Mourning, Pining John, First Kiss, Adorably Clueless Sherlock, Nostalgia, Love Confessions, Eventual Happy Ending, Obsessive John) – He wasn't Sherlock, he couldn't work miracles. All he'd ever been able to do was write about them.
The Hollow Woman by ScopesMonkey (M, 51,335 w., 22 Ch. || Post-TRF, Major Character Death, Mystery, Romance, Friendship, Family, Angst, Crime, Reunion, First Kiss / Time, Nightmares, Doctor John, Jealous Sherlock, Jealous John, BAMF John, Angry John, Dub-Con, Rough Sex, Bottomlock, Possessive John, Villain Mary, Open Ending) – Forced to return to London sooner than expected, Sherlock falls into a case too close to home. Part 1 of the Hollowverse series
Points by lifeonmars (E, 53,791 w., 42 Ch. || PODFIC AVAILABLE || HLV Rewrite / Canon Divergence, Married Life, Pregnancy / Baby Watson, Drinking to Cope, Boxing / Fisticuffs, Clueless John, Angst, Minor Medical Drama, Tattoos, Christmas, First Kiss/Time, Eventual Happy Ending, Love Confessions, Doctor John, Sexuality Crisis, Slow Burn, Case Fic, Drugging, Blow/Hand Job, Emotional Love Making, Parenthood, Passage of Time, Obsessive John) – What if His Last Vow never happened? This fic picks up a few months after John and Mary's wedding, in an alternate universe where Magnussen doesn't exist, but Mary is still pregnant. Life continues -- just in a different direction. And slowly, Sherlock and John find their way to each other.
The Bells of King's College by SilentAuror (E, 64,019 w., 5 Ch. || Post-S4, Missed Opportunities, Angst with Happy Ending, Fake Relationship, Case Fic, John POV, Jealous John, John in Denial, Travelling / Holidays, Virgin Sherlock, Wedding Proposals) – It's only been two weeks since Eurus Holmes disrupted their lives when Mycroft sends John and Sherlock to Cambridge to pose as an engaged couple at a wedding show in the hopes of solving six unsolved deaths...
Gimme Shelter by SinceWhenDoYouCallMe_John (E, 159,368 w., 21 Ch. || PODFIC AVAILABLE || 70′s Surfer AU || Period Typical Homophobia, Hawaii, Enemies to Friends to Lovers, Professional Surfers, Gay John / Sherlock, Angst with Happy Ending, John was a Sailor, Misunderstandings) – All John Watson wants is the feeling of a freshly waxed surfboard under his feet and the hot California sun baking down onto his back. To finally go pro in the newly formed world of professional surfing and leave the dark memories of his past behind him as he rips across the face of a towering blue barrel. To lounge beside the beach bonfire every evening with an ice cold beer tucked into the cool sand beside him and listen to Pink Floyd and the Doors while the saltwater dries in his sun bleached hair. That's all he wants, that is, until the hot young phenom taking Oahu and the Hawaiian shores by storm steps up next to him in the sand in the second round of the 1976 International Surf Competition. (PUBLISHED AS ‘The Sea Ain’t Mine Alone’)
Proving A Point by elldotsee & J_Baillier (E, 186,270 w., 28 Ch. || Me Before You Fusion || Medical Realism, Insecure John, Depression, Romance, Angst, POV John, Sherlock Whump, Serious Illness, Doctor John, Injury Recovery, Assisted Suicide, Sherlock’s Violin, Awkward Sexual Situations, Alcoholism, Drugs, Idiots in Love, Slow Burn, Body Image, Friends to Lovers, Hurt / Comfort, Pain, Big Brother Mycroft, Intimacy, Anxiety, PTSD, Family Issues, Psychological Trauma, John Whump, Case Fics, Loneliness, Pain) – Invalided home from Afghanistan, running out of funds and convinced that his surgical career is over, John Watson accepts a mysterious job offer to provide care and companionship for a disabled person. Little does he know how much hangs in the balance of his performance as he settles into his new life at Musgrave Court.
Free Falling by twistedthicket1 (M, 203,574 w., 38 Ch. || Guardian Angels AU || Guardian Angel John, Fluff and Angst, Humour, Kidlock / Teenlock, Light Mystrade, Passage of Time, Possessive John, Drug Use / Overdose, Victor Trevor, Graphic Bullying, Big Brother Mycroft, Hard Drug Use, Depression, Possessive Sherlock, Possessive John, Panic Attacks, Nightmares/PTSD, Pining, Healing Abilities, Kidnapping, Violence, Torture, Blow Jobs, Virgin John, Emotional Development / Attachment, Mortality, Happy Ending) – All Guardian angels are born with a Chosen human. When this child is born, the angel comes into being to protect and care for them during their life on Earth. For John Watson, all he cares about in the world revolves around his Chosen, Sherlock Holmes. Watching him grow up though, the angel soon learns that God must have had a sense of humour the day he decided to make Sherlock, as trouble seems to follow him like a magnet wherever he goes. John can't decide what's worse, the idea of losing his Chosen one, or the fact that he may be breaking the most taboo law of heaven as he disguises himself as a human to better protect and befriend the beloved detective he's always watched from afar. He was meant to care for him. But what happens when caring evolves into something more? What happens when an emotion an angel is supposed to be incapable of possessing comes to life suddenly and viciously inside John's chest?
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philosophybits · 2 years ago
Hunger not to have, but to be.
John Dewey, The Poems of John Dewey
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lesbocas · 6 months ago
remember when dean and sam knew john was possessed bc he told dean he was proud of him and then they still wrote lebanon
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toxicsamruby · 6 months ago
the writers created the most well written creepy villain in s1 with azazel culminating in a genuinely heartrending scene where azazel possesses john and we r finally forced to ask Who has the monster always been? Who really destroyed this family? and everyone loved it because it was good writing and they were like Lets never do that again
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nocturnal-birb · 2 years ago
Inspired by a post I saw and now here we are
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Excuse the poor quality after all its a 1 star raccoon
I was too tired to put effort in it but have this
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holylulusworld · a year ago
His Possession
Tumblr media
Summary: Your father made a deal with the devil. The devil doesn’t like to hear someone betrayed him.
Pairing: Mobster!John x Reader
Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester
Warnings: angst, age gap (John is around 48; reader 25), a hint of dub-con (not to me, tho), dirty talk, light breeding kink, daddy kink, smut, unprotected sex, light oral (female receiving), implied oral sex, implied intercourse, implied foursome/threesome
A/N: Y/F/N = your father’s name
Tumblr media
John Winchester was your friendly uncle, the man always bringing you a gift when he visited your father. 
John Winchester was your hero in shiny armor whenever your father yelled at you. 
John Winchester was a good man to you until he wasn’t…
Until he came to your home and held a gun to your father’s head.
Until he threatened to kill your father as he dared to talk to the cops.
Until his eyes landed on you and his lips curved into a dirty grin.
Now tell me - How can you still fall for that man?
Tumblr media
“John, please. I swear that I would never talk to the cops. We are friends for almost twenty years. You are my daughter's godfather for fuck’s sake, Johnny.” Your father pleads for his life while he prays you will not follow him into a grave.
“I know who you are, Y/F/N. Last week I had to hear from a friend of a friend that you got all cozy with the cops.”
John taps the gun to your father’s forehead. “Shame I couldn’t see it with my own eyes how you talked to them, but I got nice pictures.”
Tossing the pictures of your father talking to the cops into his face John’s eldest son smirks. “We did not see each other for a few months and here you are, on your knees. Shame.”
“Dad, shall I take care of this piece of shit or…” A knock disturbs Dean as you open the door to ask your father about dinner.
“Dad, hey…what do…” Breath hitching in your throat you must watch your godfather, the man you always secretly adored, and the one you fantasized about more than once aim a gun to your father’s head.
“Fuck me, doll, you grew up fast. It seems to do you well to study at Stanford.” John smirks, handing his gun to Dean. “If I would’ve known you are in town…damn.”
“John, please. Y/N has nothing to do with this. I swear she’s innocent…” Your father gasps when John slides his hand over your cheek. He’s brushing his thumb along your lower lip and you shiver at his touch.
At any other day you would’ve been turned on but not while Dean, the guy you grew up with aims a gun to your father’s head. “They forced me to talk to them, but I didn’t say a thing. I swear, John.”
“Look at your, sweetie. All grown up, a woman now…” John husks leaning close enough to brush his lips along your temple. “I bet you are daddy’s good girl.”
“John…I’m begging you. Take my life but let Y/N out of this. Please don’t hurt her…” Sniffling your father must watch John’s lips brush over yours.
“I would never hurt her.” Murmuring the words against your lips John smirks when you let him swipes his tongue over yours. “I will take her with me, Y/F/N. As I said, she will be daddy’s good girl…for me…”
Tumblr media
You don’t know if your father is still alive. You don’t know why John took you with him. You don’t know why Dean smirked at you when he pushed you into a room.
“Wait here, sweetheart. Daddy is going to take care of you later.” With that; he’s gone. 
“Wait! Wait up! Why am I…” Words dying in your throat you watch John walk into the room, a smile on his face, and you shiver feeling fear creep into your mind. “Will you kill me?”
“Oh-doll!” Laughing John closes the door before he turns his attention back toward you. “I got a better idea. I know you always had a thing for me, and I am looking for a sugar babe to fill the void my last one left.”
“Sugar babe? I…I am not like that, John…” Humming John shrugs his jacket off and you lick your lips. “You’re my godfather and you just killed my dad.”
“No, doll. Your dad is safe and sound. Do you want to see a picture or a video?” A smug grin on his lips John opens the first buttons of his button-up. “Or do you want to know why I took you with me?”
“I…I don’t know.” Still smirking John gets his phone out to play a video. “See, dad is well and alive. Thing is, he made a deal with me years ago. Promised me something I did not get.”
“Promised you something?” Ludicrous you look up at John. “What did he promise to you?”
“You.” John husks cupping your face, fingers splayed along your chin to turn your face toward him. 
John places an open-mouthed but soft kiss to your lips and you shudder with every swipe of his tongue. “Daddy will take good care of you, sweetie. I want you to know, you can say no, and I’ll let you go but…”
“But…?” Gasping you feel his hands run down your arms when he swipes his tongue over your lower lip. “John?”
“I would be disappointed and could believe you do not like your daddy.” Letting his words sink in you bite your lower lip. “How about we get comfortable and sleep a bit? I want you to think about my offer and tomorrow – I will show you the house.”
“John…where shall I sleep?” Smirk on his lips John moves his hands to your waist to grip you tightly. You crush into his chest and he chuckles when you clumsily try to press your hands against his shoulders.
“Here, with me, doll. This is where you belong from now on.” Pecking your lips John hums when you open your mouth for him.
“I’ll give you all you ever dreamed of and more. Your dad will be safe, and you will never know how it feels to not cum.” You cast your eyes down only to see John’s growing erection.
“Don’t be shy, Y/N. I know you need a man, a real one to get you off. Now let daddy take care of you.”
“I am not like those sugar babes.” John’s eyes darken at your words and you feel his grip tighten. “John, I only fucked two guys in my life…”
“I’ll give you a week to decide, doll.” His lips press against yours, demanding and forceful to show you the ropes. “I want you to be mine, only mine.”
Tumblr media
John cages you between the kitchen counter and his hard body. “Did you think about my offer, Y/N? Do you want to have all you ever dreamed of and more?” John is close enough to let you scent his cologne and feel his erection press against your thigh. 
“I’d like to take you to my bedroom and do dirty things to you, baby. How’d you like to feel me buried inside this tight little cunt?”
No man ever talked to you like that but, on the other hand, John Winchester is not like the other men you know.
“I am a patient man, waited for you to make a move. I knew, when you kissed me under the mistletoe last Christmas, you are ripe for harvest.”
“John…” When John slides your panties aside to get access to your bundle of nerves you sink your teeth into your lower lip. “Daddy…”
“Fuck me, doll. Say it again.” He’ smirking like the devil when you reach out for his shirt to bring him closer to your body. “Say it!”
“Daddy…please…” Lips crashing onto yours John snakes his tongue into your mouth. “God…” Two fingers slide into your tight opening and you bite John’s lip, trapping it between your teeth as he catches your g-spot. 
“You’re a wild cat, Y/N. I like me a challenge.” Flustered you spread your legs wider when John is about to devour your mouth. “I want you to say it.”
“John…” Whining you grind against his fingers, desperate to cum undone. “Please don’t play with me…”
“I love to play with you, doll. I’ll take you to my room and play with you all day if you say the word. Just say it and you’ll get what you want.”
His rough hand cups the back of your neck, making you gasp when he dips his head to bite your neck. “Say it!”
“Fuck me, daddy.” His fingers work your flesh faster now and you’ve got the feeling he is about to cream his pants as he ruts his aching cock against your thigh.”
“Again, say it,” John demands now but you are too far gone to react. He’s rubbing the right spot and all you can concentrate on is the way his fingers move inside of you. “DOLL!”
“I want to cum…”
“Only good girls get to cum, Y/N. Now say it again and you’ll get it.” Pupils lust-blown John looks at you, a smirk on his lips as you pant heavily. “Come on. It’s that easy to get what you want.”
“I want you to fuck me, John. I want to go to your room and get your dick.” Fisting his button-up you rock your hips against his fingers. “Please…”
“Good girl. Now go to my room and wait for me. Strip but leave your panties and bra on. I want to unpack my girl by myself.” John pecks your lips before his fingers leave your slit.
“No…you said…”
“I said you’ll cum, and you will get to cum but not on my fingers. Semantic, sweetie. Now be good and do as daddy says.” 
Tumblr media
Anxious you lie on John’s bed, waiting for him to show up. “Look at this…” John muses entering his bedroom.
“My girl waits for me just like I asked her to…” Closing the door John looks it and you bite your lower lip as he kicks his shoes off. “Don’t be nervous. I’ll take care of you.”
“Why do you like it when I call you daddy?” Watching John opening the buttons at his sleeves you lazily lick your lips. “Is it a kink?”
“I like to take care of you. I want to give my girl all she needs…like a dad just…” Smirking John unbuckles his belt. “With my dick buried in your cunt.”
Your eyes glued to the way older man who strips his clothes off slowly you cup your tits to play with your nipples. John smirks, when you press your legs together the moment, he shoves his boxers down his legs to reveal his throbbing length.
“All for you, doll. Now let me take care of you…” One knee dipping into the mattress John wet his lips at the sight of you. Chest heaving up and down, lips parted you watch him crawl up your body. “You’re so fucking beautiful.”
His lips claim yours in a gentle kiss, but you can feel the need behind his softness. “You’re mine now, Y/N. No one will ever dare to look at you, knowing John Winchester claimed you as his girl…”
“Sugar Babe…” You correct but the dirty grin on John’s lips tells you he planned something else for you. 
“John?” Kissing down your chest John groans when you slide your fingers through his hair. 
Your body at his mercy you feel goosebumps erupt all over your skin when he slides his tongue into your navel. “Daddy…”
John’s lips travel down your body and you shudder when he places a searing kiss to your mound. “Love your panties but those have to go…” 
Husking the words John slides his hands over your stomach to slowly reach your panties. He’s looking up at you, his lower lip trapped between pearl white teeth John waits for your consent.
“Please…John…” He’s sliding your panties down and you raise your butt to help him get rid of the fabric he hates the most. With your sex finally revealed he doesn’t hold back any longer. 
Rough hands spread your legs when you unclasp your bra to toss it to the floor.
“I’ll mark those later but now…” His face buries into your cunt and you cry out, fisting his hair the moment he nibbles at your sensitive flesh. 
“Relax. Daddy is going to eat this cunt before the main course…”
Tumblr media
“Do you think he’ll tell her about the deal with her father?” Sam looks at his father's bedroom a smug grin on his lips. “I mean, her daddy agreed to let you marry her, not for dad to become her daddy.”
“Dude, can you not talk about our father’s sex life. Dean smirks while Sam tries to ignore the words leaving your lips when John wraps his lips around your clit.
“Just saying, Dean. Her daddy will not like dad ruined his daughter.” Dean shrugs, not caring about his brother's worries. “Dean…can you not listen to them fucking?”
“Sammy, just listen. She’s a wild cat…” Grinning Sam presses his ear to the door. “Maybe we can find a nice arrangement for the three of us?” Dean blinks at Sam who grins wickedly. 
“Wouldn’t be the first time…”
Tumblr media
John’s lips seem to be everywhere at once, just like his hands when he finally let up from your clit. He’s grinning against your skin, busy marking your neck with another love bite.
“Do you want me to fuck you, doll? Tell me…”
“Yes…fuck, yes, John.” He’s rubbing the tip up and down your clit, driving you crazy with his moans but doesn’t give you what you want. “Fuck me, daddy.”
He’s buried to the hilt after one hard thrust. Your hands fly to his shoulders and you grip him tightly when he starts to move his hips. 
“That’s a nice little cunt. So tight and wet for me.” John nibbles along your neck, even moans when you hook your right leg over his waist to let him slide deeper into you. “Who were those guys?”
This time you have a smug grin on your lips when you move your hands down his chest, looking up at John with innocent eyes. “That’s for me to know and for you to find out, daddy.”
“I’ll press it out of you,” John smirks when you purse your lips. He’s moving his hips faster, hits the right spot but with his ‘vanilla’ sex he won’t get you off. “Tell me…”
“Nah…fuck me as you mean it first…” Now his features darken, and he pulls out to roll you onto your stomach. His hands grip your fleshy roughly to slide back into you. “You asked for it.”
Your body shudders in anticipation when John finally breaks out of vanilla heaven to fuck you straight into hell. His right-hand fists your hair while the other slaps your thigh with every hard thrust.
“Such a bad girl I chose.” Humming you meet John’s trusts, try anything to urge him on to take you harder. “Fuck me like a man, Winchester. Dean was rougher …”
John’s hips stutter and you feel the grip at your hair tighten. “You…you fucked my son?”
Giggles bubble up when John’s cock twitches violently. “Both, daddy. I fucked your sons at the same time.”
“What the fuck!” John yells before he sets a punishing pace. Hands grip your waist to drag you onto his length while he unforgivingly pumps into you. “You’ll take my cum and get round soon. I’ll mark this pussy.”
“John, fuck…harder…” A giggle escapes your lips and you find yourself pinned underneath the tall mobster. 
One arm wrapped around your throat John starts to pound your cunt. “It’s okay, doll. Daddy is almost finished…” He smirks when you start to whimper with every thrust. “You can cry out my name if you have too.”
“Oh—fuck me…” Tethering at the edge you feel his throbbing length rub against the right spot. 
“You fucked them? Both…” Panting John feels your pussy grip him tightly. Your cries fill the room and you bet, if you could watch John, that he has a smug grin on his face while he paints your walls.
“Dean was my first, daddy. He was so freaking hard and all musk, John. We fucked for months until Sam stumbled into us and well…” 
Giggling you hide your face in John’s pillow. “One night Dean was fucking me from behind, Sam stumbled into the room and I ended up sandwiched between your sons. Best fucking night of my life.”
“Why did I not know about this?” Huffing you look over your shoulder when John pulls out of you. “Y/N?”
“I went to Stanford, Dean hooked up with that Lisa Braeden chick and Sam was with Jess. No bad blood, just boring nights without getting dicked down properly.” Humming John looks at his cum leak out of you.
“Do you want to fuck them again? I share with my sons, always.” Rolling onto your back you look up at John when he cages you with his body. “We can call them in…” 
Your smirk grows when John calls for his sons… 
Tumblr media
SPN Forever Tags
A/N: If your name is crossed out Tumblr won’t let me tag you.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Retro horror films
The Amityville Horror (1979), Blood from the Mummy’s Tomb (1971), The Awakening (1980), Black Christmas (1974), Cat People (1982), Countess Dracula (1971)
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you-are-my-sanctuary · a year ago
Chapter one - a m e l i a
Pairing: Thomas Shelby x OC
WARNINGS: dark!ish Tommy, he wants to keep you, kinda obsessed. Explicit sexual content. Cursing. Degration of women. No Grace here, sorry. 
Tumblr media
MY LADY, PLEASE stop sticking your head outside the window. You'll only hurt yourself, dear."
Nurse Evelyn watches her young lady ignore her, in favor of watching the country side with half her body poking out from the vehicle. Although she wanted to scold the young girl she's watched over since she was a babe, Evelyn only sighed when she saw the wide grin on her lovely face. The excitement and wonder was clear as day. It was obvious with the flush on her cheeks and the glaze of her eyes that Amelia was ecstatic.
The nurse couldn't blame her.
Her father was overbearing and this was the only time he permitted her to travel without his presence. Clearly, with him gone, Amelia felt it was alright to act as she pleased.
With her father always busy with his business in winery, and her mother absent since giving birth, Amelia had been a rather lonely child. A lonely, affection-starved child. The only constant the nineteen year old had was her nanny, and for now, it was enough. Evelyn often worried over the fact her miss was so shielded and guarded from the world. She was naive to a fault, almost far too sweet to live in the world as it was. She was head strong, stubborn and sassy; all of which were the attributes men weren't exactly looking for.
But she was also pure.
Too good for the men walking among them.
She was a rose amongst thorns.
Evelyn worried over the aspect of marriage. Sooner of later she knew young Amelia Watson would be given away to some man, possibly one of the sons of Mr. Watson's business associates, and that alone had troubled the nurse. She loved her young mistress like a daughter, God forbid should something happen to her. Something being in the form of an abusive husband.
Though she doubted Mr. Watson would hand her off to just anyone.
Her father loved her, despite the fact she was born from a tryst with a common whore. Augustus Watson was in short, a workaholic. When he had gotten Amelia's mother pregnant, he paid for all the necessities during her pregnancy and offered her a large sum to vanish from both his, and his daughter's life. Essentially, he paid her to disappear just as quickly as she appeared in his life.
Evelyn doubted Mr. Watson even remembered the woman's name.
Needless to say, the minute Amelia was born, her mother was never seen again.
Augustus Watson lavished his daughter with luxuries, and anything anyone could possibly want. He dotted on her. All it took was to pique her interest and it was hers. His only child. His precious daughter.
Amelia Clare Watson.
The only reason he wasn't by their side now was because he was already in London. He had abruptly sent for Amelia to follow suit because he wanted her to meet someone. Evelyn guessed this was the marriage candidate. Well, if she were being honest, Robert Hill wasn't such a bad catch. Sure, he was older, ten years her senior, but he was known to be kind and humble. Someone who owned a respectable business in trade, and was often referred to as London's most desirable bachelor.
It didn't hurt that he was handsome with his lean form and blonde hair.
"It's pretty, Eve."
Amelia gushed, dark hair swaying every which way from the wind. She turned to her nurse, blue eyes shinning bright as she laughed,
"You think father will let us go out from now on? Once he sees how well we can travel alone?"
The hope bled into her voice. Evelyn smiled softly, not wanting to dampen her lady's spirits even when she knew the answer was a resounding no. Mr. Watson was nothing if not over-protective. He seemed to think his business rivals would be in every corner waiting to strike like vultures circling its prey.
In the world of business, morality was hardly a priority.
Family was collateral damage.
So instead, she shrugged and said,
"He might."
It seems as though that wasn't the answer Amelia was looking for, for the brunette sighed longingly, pulling herself back into the car, to the relief of her nurse. Amelia frowned, staring at the greenery of the field with her hand tucked under her chin and her elbow propped against the side,
"I suppose he wants me to meet him, hm? Mr. Robert Hill."
The name rolled off her tongue. It felt foreign, maybe even a little odd so she couldn't help but mock the name. Amelia's nose scrunched up,
"He's a wanker."
The admonishing exasperation from Evelyn made her purse her lips, before a smile could crack. The driver, Edward "Eddie" Burtman had huffed out a laugh with a shake of his head, not caring for the fact Evelyn would be on his case.
"My, it seems our lady doesn't like the lad. Poor sap will have his heart broken."
He lifts his eyes from the road to smile at Amelia from the rear view mirror,
"Heard he was quite taken by you at the last dinner party, my lady. Don't go breakin' hearts, now."
"Please, he was far more interested in the goods Ms. Vanderwill kept under her skirt. I suppose he wanted to see what else he could export, seein' as I caught them in a very compromising position in the garden that night."
Eddie barked out another laugh to which Evelyn met him with a glare,
"Oh hush!"
She hissed, closing her eyes for a moment and then turned to Amelia's frown. Her gaze softened at the girl,
"Think what Mr. Watson would say if he heard you saying such vulgar things. Your father will no doubt be unpleased with you."
Amelia scoffs, folding her arms across her chest,
"Let him be. He goes on and on about how I deserve the best and yet here he is, trying to give me away to some- some bloke! The one time he ever lets me go out without him is so I can meet my fiancé. No doubt he probably already gave him my hand in marriage. No point in actin' coy."
Evelyn blew out a breath,
"Your father just wants what's best for you. You'll live a good life with a man like Mr. Hill. You could do so much worse."
Amelia's lack of response ends the conversation, but the unsettling feeling was still there. The drive for the next thirteen minutes go by quietly, up until the vehicle jerked forward, and had both Evelyn and Amelia nearly falling off their seats.
"Goodness, Eddie! What's the matter with you? Amelia could've gotten hurt."
Eddie cusses under his breath, attempting to start the vehicle again, but it doesn't move. He unlocks his door, walks over to the front, and with a huge breath he groans,
"Fuckin' hell."
He wipes his forehead with the back of his hand,
"One of the tires blew. We can't get nowhere like this."
At this point, Evelyn followed him out of the car and furrowed her brows,
"What do you mean? Do you mean to say we're stuck here? In the middle of nowhere?"
Eddie gnaws on his lip, glancing at the women with a resigned look on his face. God, he knew Mr. Watson would wring his neck for this. It didn't matter that he had nothing to do with the tire puncturing on something, it was the lone fact it happened that he would be sent on his ass away. The least he could do was make sure they were all safe for the meantime.
Maybe then, he might keep his job.
"Look, we can either stay here all night or we can go to a nearby city. We're close to this little place called Small Heath, yeah? Just twenty minutes away at most. We can stay the night there and hopefully, have someone ta' take a look. Maybe find a mechanic or somethin', and we'll be on our way."
Evelyn thins her lips, considering his words and with a defeated sigh, she looks back to where Amelia is watching on curiously. She couldn't let the young miss sleep in the damn car, nor could she allow her to be in the middle of nowhere. Finding Small Heath was the best possible solution even when she was reluctant.
"Aright. We'll go. Amelia, darling, we'll have to walk."
And if that didn't make her smile.
"Really? We're making a stop?"
Evelyn could already feel the beginning of something bad waiting to happen. She can't put her finger on why, but there's a looming feeling in her chest that has her hesitating on whether or not they'll just wait in the car.
Before she can change her mind, however, Amelia is out of the car and bouncing on her heels,
She asks with a grin,
"Are we going?"
Thomas Shelby sat at his desk, back leaning against his chair as he took a drag of his cigarette. Business had been going steady. There weren't a lot of problems rising up since he'd made a temporary alliance with Solomons. Temporary in the sense he didn't know when he'd try to pull the carpet beneath his feet.
It wasn't a matter of if, it was matter of when.
Alfie Solomons was a wild card, and so even with a temporary alliance, Tommy couldn't fully ease his thoughts from the man. All he had to make sure was when the time came for one of them to pull out of the alliance, Tommy was ready.
"Tommy? We got a little issue."
A puff of smoke spill from his lips as he breathes out,
Arthur nods, peering out the window behind his younger brother. This wasn't how he planned on his day going. He wanted to get shit-faced at The Garrison, but of course trouble had to come brewing. Couldn't get a day to relax, the lot of them.
"Real posh lookin' folks came in by feet, tryna find a mechanic. Said somethin' bout loose screws and some tire. I got Finn tailing them."
Arthur pauses,
"Said they were Watson's people."
Now that caught Tommy's attention.
"That so?"
Tommy mumbles, taking the cigarette between his lips and crushing it against the ash tray. He gets up, tapping his finger against the mahogany table and hums,
"Suppose we should welcome them. Can't be rude to our guests, after all."
"This is amazing."
Amelia looked around, eyes wide as she took everything in. Small Heath, was well, dirty.
There were drunkards in every direction, someone spilling their guts in the corner, more than a few prostitutes making eyes at Eddie to which the latter blushed and hurriedly walked forward in attempt to get away from lecherous eyes. Not to mention the stark difference of clothing and fashion.
Whilst Amelia wore a white lace dress collaring around her neck, the women they've passed by wore more... revealing and fashionable clothing. Amelia often thought she dressed like a prude. All her dresses were ankle length and simple. Nothing too eye catching unless it was for a party. But the fashion in Small Heath was stunning. Slim fitting flapper dresses with sequins, feather headpieces with bejeweled designs.
Nothing at all like what she wore. The opposite of prim and proper.
She felt so out of place, but it was wonderful.
Tha chaos was intriguing.
The order and routine Amelia lived with had been effectively crushed at the sight of Small Heath.
It was all so- so different. And she relished in that.
"Amazing? My God, child. This place is horrible!"
Evelyn gasped, low enough that only Amelia would hear. She looped her arm around the young woman's and tugged her forward.
"The quicker we find an inn the better, this filth is nauseating."
Although Amelia allowed Eve to pull her around, she didn't stop ogling the place. She looked around, trying to burn each nook and cranny she saw in her mind. She saw some kids playing in the alleyways, kicking pebbles toward one another and when a young boy looked up to see her staring, he fumbled, and shyly waved. The rest of his friends noticed and bashfully waited to see her reaction.
Amelia couldn't suppress the grin and eagerly waved back.
When she did, an onslaught of waves and hello's rained for her and she, once again, count resist to answer back,
"Hello, there-"
"That's enough, Amelia. Eddie, how far are we going? It's getting late. Maybe we should've stayed in the car, at least it has doors."
Earlier, when they asked a few passerbys about a mechanic, none of them answered the question. The most they got was "does the Shelby's know you're here?" and when they asked who these Shelby's were, the man had paled and went on his way after giving them his last thought,
"You shouldn't be here if you didn't get permission."
Evelyn trudged on, staring at the back of Eddie's head as she tightened her hold around Amelia's arm. Eddie nodded toward a bar at the corner,
"Let's go in and ask someone. They have'ta have some kind of inn around here."
Amelia looked to where he was gesturing toward. She read the black letters on the building's wall.
"The Garrison."
She whispered, following, or well allowing herself to be pulled, as Evelyn quickened her steps. The noise coming from the bar was audible even when they were feet away. There was the clinking of glass, laughter, booming voices mixing together until it was just a jumbled mess. The light illuminating from the bar was bright,
"I don't know about this, Eddie. It might be dangerous."
Eddie doesn't listen to Eve's words.
"Don't worry, Eve. We're only asking a question. No harm in doing that."
And so they went forward, Evelyn clutching onto Amelia tighter than she already was and swallowed. The bar was medium in size, but it was full. The men were drinking, having a good time and some had women on their laps. But all joy stopped when the three came in.
It was pin drop silent.
Amelia could feel the stares of the customers as they walked by and when they reached the bar, the bartender had raised a brow, cigarette between his lips as he looked them up and down. Eddie was in front of them, clearing his throat as he awkwardly shuffled on his feet.
“Hello, we had a little situation. We're looking for some place to stay, and maybe if you know where there's a mechanic?"
The bartender doesn't say anything, merely glancing at the two women behind him, his gaze lingering on Amelia before he turns back to Eddie. Still, he says nothing. He simply cleans a glass cup as he stared his down.
"Uhm, we're going to pay of course. Our car just had a little issue-"
"The Shelby's know you're here?"
The bartender's voice was gruff, but Amelia didnt think much about it. Instead, she thought of that name.
Again, the Shelby's were brought up.
Were they some kind of keeper? A copper maybe?
"N-No, look we don't know any Shelby. We're only trying to find some place to stay for the night and when we find a mechanic, we'll be well on our way. All we need are directions, please, I have lady Ame-"
"What's going on here?"
All talk and hushed whispers silence when the deep, husky, voice cuts in. Amelia peered over Evelyn to stare, to see you what everyone else was looking at.
She felt her stomach tighten, lips parting as a soft gasp punches out of her. Standing by them were three men, one burly and ragged with a mustache, another, shorter than the other two with an amused smirk on his shaven face, but the last one- the one in the middle, was what caught her attention.
God almighty, did men really have lashes that long?
Amelia blinked herself out of her stupor, but she still stared. It was compelling her to. The icy blue of his eyes, dark hair styled with the sides shaved, dressed sharp in a grey suit under a black trench coat, all but lured her into staring.
He was handsome.
Beautiful, really.
"Ah, Mr. Shelby."
That made Amelia'a brows raise.
He was the one they were talking about?
Mr. Shelby turns to the three of them, piercing blue eyes cutting into each and every one of them until they land on Amelia. She holds his gaze, and for a moment, just a moment, it felt as if something clicked.
Until that is, she turned away.
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