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Pressing J while looking at a Tumblr blog or home feed will scroll up on the page, pressing K will scroll down. This is helpful considering a lot of the Tumblrs feature infinite scrolling.

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Louis Kahn (1901-1974) nell'auditorium del Kimbell Art Museum (Forth Worth, Texas, Stati Uniti). Progettato da lui nel 1968, iniziato a costruire nel 1969 e inaugurato nel 1972.

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Day 4

I’m very thankful for my scriptures. When I read them, they give a peace that I don’t find anywhere else. And if I read them every day, that peace stays with me even after I’m finished. It makes me happy inside, and I know it’s my scriptures that do that. I find answers to the things that trouble me by reading them.

I’m just very thankful that I have them. ((Personally, I think the few chapters I’ve read of Isaiah are fascinating. And I know people don’t like the war chapters of the BoM, but they gave me the exact revelation I needed during all the political strife this year. I love the whole chapter of 2 Nephi 2, because that has some good stuff. I’ve got the goal to study through all the four gospels next.))

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I rlly don’t know why people go through so many efforts to defend inappropriate habits, whether they started naively or not—who cares from the moment you know how harmful they are stop defending them. but no, some people still don’t see a problem with it (?), even though it is explicitly factual there is.

I swear if these people don’t get some actual therapy or real life experience—I mean it, I’m not just saying “go to therapy” like half of you say on here, I mean they really need it because they clearly are more than damaged. And they really need to understand life, I don’t mean sex and job experience I mean fucking life like death and abuse and trauma and the aftermath of all of this—because it is the reality for some if not most people on earth. Even if you didn’t directly experience it, you should at some point get some fucking clue. 

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No sé quien eres.

Yo no sé quien eres

ni cómo te llamas

no sé si eres buena

humana y piadosa

o eres como todas

como tantas otras,

insensible y falsa.

Te conozco apenas

a través del velo

de mis fantasías

y mis esperanzas.

Ignoro tu vida

tus glorias pasadas,

y las ilusiones

que para mañana

hilvana tu mente

Y hasta tu mirada

me es desconocida

porque no he tenido

la suerte de verte

de cerca a la cara.

Sé que puedo amarte

porque me haces falta

y estar a tu lado

cuando tú lo quieras

y para tu historia

¡ser todo o nada!

no obstante que ignoro,

quién eres,

cómo eres…

y cómo te llamas.

-Martín Galas Jr.

-Luna Negra

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what if i put my address on here for funsies

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