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Chayne Perry
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220525 Jin's Instagram Post
鞓 瓯鸽Μ電旉卑旯岇 鞕勲步
Perfect, right down to the way my shirt got caught
Trans cr; Faith & Annie @ bts-trans 漏 TAKE OUT WITH FULL CREDITS
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ksylofonimandariini 2 days ago
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rosenaya 5 hours ago
i love that you're introduced to lucy's suitors individually with no real connection besides being Lucy's Suitors and then IMMEDIATELY learn the next day that they are besties. a friend group. its incredible. somehow even better in the email format
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natasharomanovofficial a day ago
ollie calling dinah "pretty bird" = roy calling jason "jaybird"
something something roy learning how to show affection for his loved ones from ollie and dinah, and extending that affection to jason
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heppeksik 2 days ago
Kula臒谋na anlatt谋klar谋m A艧k't谋,
Duymaya beni s-a臒谋r kald谋n..
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localwarlockunion a day ago
I would unironically love to have a gift exchange with a random medieval peasant though. No trying to kill them with hyperpop and energy drinks, I want to give them some sparkling ros茅, share a kit kat, let them run around in some new sneakers, play some chill dungeon synth, give them a lighter or maybe a swiss army knife even.
And if they feel like giving me some medieval stew, cheese & honey, salted fish, ale, or what the hell ever they feel like in exchange i'd be delighted to try any of it.
But yes, we would also definitely have to smoke a joint at some point, this should go without saying
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fruitgoo 2 days ago
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nookstone - a cc free starter home
i know i said i was leaving simblr but i managed to get my game to work again so here鈥檚 a starter home to celebrate!
lot size: 20x15
floors: 1
bedrooms: 2
bathrooms: 1
cc: none
price: 搂19,825
features: a bright, open-plan living space, good size bedrooms, everything a sim needs to get started!
floorplan and download under the cut!
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you can download the tray files here (sfs) or on the gallery: gooeyfruit
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princesslucina a day ago
today鈥檚 dracula daily REALLY felt like opening a gossip text from a friend
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huffylemon 10 hours ago
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I鈥檓 living for the onions main page right now
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trashcanprince 15 hours ago
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i want to do more of these! drop suggestions in comments or an ask please? :3c
itll take me awhile but hopefully i will have enough free time
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imaveryevilgirl 14 hours ago
Why does dumb end with a b who the fuck decided that
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Tom liked 馃挄
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hiraya-sa-dilim 2 months ago
*sighs dreamily* what is Wrong with him
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heppeksik a day ago
Kendilerine ait 枚zg眉n fikirleri olmayanlar, hayatlar谋 boyunca ba艧kalar谋n谋n a臒z谋ndan 莽谋kacak s枚zlere bakarlar. Durmadan d眉艧meleri ya da sallanarak ya艧amalar谋 ve hatta baz谋 艧eyleri 莽ok ge莽 anlamalar谋 da hep bundand谋r.
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localwarlockunion 2 days ago
So I'm under this baleful curse where I will always burn my tongue on the first sip of coffee, set it down to cool, then forget about it until its cold
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istanbulefsanesi 11 months ago
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