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they’re literally going to put this entire region under general community quarantine tomorrow and let people out while we still have 200+ new cases everyday bc this fucking government locked us inside our homes for more than two months and did NOTHING on top of that theyre still out here loaning money from the world bank while taking families out of amelioration programs and STILL not implementing mass testing for the sole reason of “there’s no more budget” like literally what the fucking is wrong with these people countrymen are dying and theyre still out here thinking about themselves and pocketing money and harnessing power. trust me when i say when this is over you’ll be out of your fucking seats. 

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p sure some people know about the @duckstrashcan situation but gonna say this again since im p sure the people shes taking a break from follow me

please leave the man to do his thing; his relationship to his friends, family, personal life, etc dont include you and if you’re one of his friends and attacking him on anon please please please just take a chill pill and relax

everyone needs a break every now and then, including the people you’re close to or not, and if it hurt you then take the time to breathe and drink water and relax your bones

think of it as another persons shoes, view it from their POV, but please keep the fighting in your dms if you need to get something out

even in this time right now it can get really scary, but just hang in there

goodnight everyone, best of wishes to all of you

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