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notanastrologer · 2 days ago
Compilation of Astro notes 15
Take what resonates
All work of @notanastrologer
Not my gifs/art.
This is again long *sigh*, I wanted to publish this in January but the notes kept getting longer so here it is.
Don't copy, translate, plagiarize, rephrase or use any of this.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
🌱 Often with Aquarius placements life throws at you experiences that makes you grow up and be more independent or situations that you have to deal alone
🌱29 degree of Capricorn is a degree of collecting.
🌱 Second house is of your personal security, signs and planets indicate what makes you safe and secure. If a placement here is getting many harsh aspects, these very things can make you less secure or if the lord is getting the harsh aspect from a planet, that planet threatens your security/makes you anxious
Example- Pisces/Neptune/Jupiter/Sagittarius can make you feel secure in religion, spirituality/Occult/faith
Mercury/Gemini/Virgo makes you feel security in knowledge and being in the know, especially with Virgo-pisces combination you feel safer/less anxious when you know things beforehand.
Pluto/Scorpio/Mars/Aries you feel safe when in control of things, when you feel powerful or the superior one
Checkout 2nd lord in house series.
🌱 Malefic aspect on 4th house shows you living away from birth place.
🌱 According to the rulership book Virgo rules textile, for those interested in fashion must check for Virgo placements in their MC chart and natal chart. Especially look for the last degrees in Virgo, they mean great fame for work in design.
🌱 Third house sign is your behaviour when young with people other than your parents.
🌱 Swati people are never happy/Satisfied with their achievements. Having rahu as lord, one tends to after material gains and when once achieved it leaves you empty and not as happy.
🌱Rahu in 11th gives you friends that look different than you. This is an Excellent indicator of someone with foreign friends, but also friends that just look different than you.
It's like if you are short and curvy your friends are tall and thin. If you are 5ft 4inch your friends group is Usually 6ft. Things like this.
🌱 ^Same goes for Mercury and Rahu conjunctions.
🌱 Aries degree in the cusp of 3rd house may have started talking or learning early or put in school earlier than most. If 3rd lord is in Aries degree, then too.
🌱Sun in 2nd is more of a Savory-food person.
🌱 Jupiter in 7th native is lucky for their spouse and their family.
🌱Check for planets in Capricorn sign to know more about your career. (will include in my Career Post)
🌱10th stellium is not an easy placement and it doesn't mean one is very career - focused or ambitious. Many planets create confusion when it comes to career and at time create too many goals that its difficult to decide one career.
🌱One way to find spouse's moon sign in vedic astrology: Check the 7th lord of D1 in d9. The exaltation/Debilitation/Opposite/Trine signs(the same element signs) are the moon sign.
Example: 7th lord in natal is venus. Venus is in Sagittarius in navamsa. Aries,leo,Gemini, Capricorn, cancer are possible fs moon sign.
🌱Venus in 5th of navamsa native gives gifts or takes you on dates to show love.
🌱Moon in 5th of navamsa native's love language is quality time and acts of service.
🌱 One reason or common pattern I find in people with a stellium in a sign that's don't resonate with that sign is due to the house the stellium is in. Because your energy all put into that house theme, you dont not express that energy in other areas of life, hence you don't feel you have that sign's energy enough.
Tumblr media
🌱Jupiter conjunct Venus are very loved teachers, they are also the teachers students crush on.
🌱 Whatever house Nakshtara lord of Sub lord of 7th house cusp rules or is in can tell about where you can meet spouse. (Look out for this in Marriage/Spouse big post :))
🌱Sub lord planet of 7th cusp and it's sign can tell you about spouse's appearance. (More info soon on Marriage/Spouse Post)
🌱Scorpio rising often have problems with sight, and headache.
🌱Pisces rising I see often have blemishes or scars on their face, makes sense with Aries in 2nd, even with Mars in 2nd, face scars and marks may take time to fade or are stubborn.
🌱 22 degree of Gemini is a degree of literature.
🌱 21° of leo is a degree of comedy.
🌱Look for Jupiter and mercury in you d-24 chart to know about you University level subjects.
🌱 Mercury/Jupiter/Sun or Asc/IC/MC in the last degrees( 26°=< ) of Gemini indicates a trendsetter and is also present in charts of writers.
🌱With more retrograde planets, you will learn from you own experience than what it is given to you. With age you keep developing newer understanding of things in life and it will never be the first thing you learnt, perception and learning of first lesson always changes.
🌱 Like with a retrograde Chiron, it's possible a therapist or a third person may not be able to tell you what you need to do for your healing, it's only when you try many things and know on your own you will find your calling.
🌱Mars indicates which themes you go after like nothing can stop you.
Mars in 4th- You go after comfort and happiness, you will do anything to protect your surroundings and loved ones. Happiness is everything to you. For some you may be patriotic. You may have to fight for some property dispute thing, but you will give your everything. You will do anything for your mom.
Mars in 7th- You go after business deals and to take your business and career to another heights like anything, you will do anything for your partner, you fight legal cases like anything can't stop you, if in entertainment business and someone with fans you will protect your fans and audience like anything.
Mars in 2nd- You are not afraid to go after the big bucks, even if it takes all the sweat you will get it. You will also do everything in your power to help your self worth.
Mars in 1st - You will fight for yourself and your self respect like anything, you may even be health concious and gives a hundred percent in keeping yourself healthy, even when sick you keep the challenge to show you will fight it. You will do anything to have power and upper hand.
Mars in 6th- You will give your all in your routine, tasks, and won't back down from helping others. You are determined and undeterred to keep a healthy lifestyle or make that body ripped.
Mars in 8th - you put your all when trying to find something or keep something a secret, so much so you will try to inherently deny the truth to make everything seem fake. You will do anything to have the control, which is why you can also seek postions of power. Etc.
🌱 Moon/Taurus is where you find security. So Seek things related to that house.
In 1st- being alone, working on yourself, being self reliant, health
In 2nd- with family, in finances, in food, working on your self esteem, in spending
In 3rd- With siblings, friends, in hobbies, in music, with school, cousins, in playing
In 4th- in solitude and comfort of home, in your known surroundings, in your mom, your country, with family
In 5th- in love, fun, hobbies, finances, learning, with children
🌱 Mercury in 2nd and 3rd house can give knowledge of many languages since young, you can also have parents that speak more than two language at home.
🌱 Moon in second may love to shop when sad. When aspected by Mars this can a real impulsive spender, that regrets later.
🌱 Moon in 8th/Scorpio moon or moon in 4th or for some moon Dispositor in scrorpio may have been immigrants or have parents that are immigrants or they were born in a country where they look different than the natives or have a family roots that are different than the locals, can also be just moving across states away from birth place.
🌱 Aries venus don't play games when in comes to romance, if they show interest they do like you and they will show signs, if they don't you will know the air is cold. They have never been the one to show mixed signals.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
🌱 Pushan,the deity of Revati rules safe travels, so planets transiting in revati is a good time for safe travels.
🌱 Uranus conjunct Neptune, creates a hopeful and optimistic visionary. Whichever the house, one has a vision to things differently in those areas and has utmost faith that they will be able to create a change. Example-
in 1st -you may take to trying new styles and feel you rock it.
In 2nd- you may seek to change your family attitude/thoughts or believe you can find better ways to manage money than anyone has.
In 3rd-create a change in your school and among friends.
🌱 Often rahu-ketu axis in navamsa of one person is related to the moon or ascendant in natal of another person(spouse/soul connection).- Unknown source
🌱Uranus in 3rd, 4th may have had experiences with accidents. Uranus in third your sibling may have had experiences with accidents.
🌱 Sun in Virgo/6th feels another level of embarrassment or ego is affected when they fall sick or catch a disease which others didn't.
🌱 Sun harsh aspects Uranus are prone to technology related health ailments especially eyes.
🌱 Aqua sun in 6th/8th in vedic may have Technology related eye ailments if not aspected beneficially.
🌱 Scorpios really remember everything even the smallest of the things that happened years ago, especially if it affected them or someone close to them. They will bring out the smallest of details of what you did or what happened just to prove a point or out of revenge. Especially scorpio mars and moon both deal on emotion and impulse, if underdeveloped these Mfs be petty, otherwise just really really observant.
🌱12th house ruler/12th house in Capricorn and aquarius, may not be easily addicted to things or have good control over senses.
🌱 Astrologers also look at sun when determining career, however more than sign the house of it matters. (More info soon on career post)
🌱 Libra/Aquarius rising are easily allergic to many things or they tend to be very sensitive about their health.
🌱 Chiron in whatever house gives anxiety related to that house AND it is often that house's themes that gives you first anxiety experience.
🌱 Jupiter in 11th/3rd/12th/5th are heavy bingers, they can sit hours to complete a season. Can complete many seasons in one seating.
🌱 2nd house is secondary indicator of what kind of partner your first spouse be. (More info on marriage/Spouse Post)
🌱 For people involved in businesses, look for 7th house ruler and planets in 7th house to know what kind of clients you will be dealing with.
🌱 Magha moon are said to bear the good fruits of their past life karma in this lifetime.
🌱 Capricorn is associated with cold in western astrology, and I find it to be true how cap risings, cap in 6th, ascendant lord in 6th, ketu in Capricorn have frequent episodes of cold and cough.
🌱 Chiron in pisces/12th/Ruler of Chiron in pisces or in 12th may have god complex or saviour complex.
🌱 6th house sign or 6th ruler if is 3rd house of your Solar return chart, you are likely to be subject to some rumours by regular people around you.
🌱 Saturn in revati is more practical than idealistic.
🌱 12th from upapada lagna, if any planet, person signified by that planet may not be able to see your marriage/wedding. (More info in marriage/Spouse Post)
Tumblr media
🌱Venus and moon in Mula can bring a certain sense of uneasiness and unhappiness without knowing and it is mostly a result of past life deeds. Mula being a ketu ruled "demonic" nakshtara brings a certain uncomfort with itself.
🌱 8th sign from your upapada lagna will show what qualities in your spouse may cause you to break the marriage or be one of the causes. 6th sign from upapada is what will cause more arguments. So both 6th and 8th sign will show what you dislike about the spouse. (More info in Marriage/Spouse Mega post soon)
🌱 Ketu/Mercury/11th lord in Dhanishta indicates karma related to elder sibling. You may have a strong bond with elder Sibling or a very difficult or transformative one at that.
🌱 With pushya in 11th house planets or in 11th lord, you can be the second parent to your siblings or if you younger, you may have elder siblings that treat you and nurture you like their own child.
🌱 4th house lord/Moon/Jupiter/Dispositor of any planet in cancer sign- in Ashwini,Pushya,Hasta,Swati, Dhanishta, Shatabhisha, Anuradha and Shravana, gives foreign travel.
🌱 Here me out- Cardinal signs and water signs are given utmost importance when looking for foreign travel and settlement, and cancer is at the intersection of both. I suggest l pooking at sign of cancer in your chart to know which house can initiate contact of Foreign things and that house will also help in foreign travel or initiate foreign travel. This analogy is weird considering cancer rules 4th house house of homeland.
🌱 Sign/planet in 11th house from your moon placement in vedic natal chart may be prominent in chart of your closest friends.
🌱 Malefic planets aspecting water signs is also a minor indicator of foreign travel. Example for someone with Mars in leo, Mars aspects scorpio via its 4th aspect.
🌱I believe 2nd and 12th house are as personal houses to you as the ascendant, these are the houses that rules your inner self. 2nd house rules your greed and self worth/value and 12th is the subconscious you. Both knows the inner you and function well within you, they know your dark side, hence they are on either sides of your ascendant (You) making your good and bad as whole. That being said, malefics in the 2nd and 12th, causes a pessimistic view to life and things, you may be less hopeful, believe your life is hard, or you feel you don't get what you deserve and overall can create a negative energy in your approach and demeanor. They can also cause you stress, anxiety, low self esteem, and other issues.
🌱 Similarly, malefics in 6th and 8th can create a negative perception towards marriage and partnerships and even towards the justice system and court.
🌱 Mrigasira people are always looking for better things in life,they are unlikely to settle for less. They are curious and always searching. Like venus in mrigasira makes you look for the perfect or ideal partner. Saturn in mrigasira makes you look for the ideal career.
🌱 Malefics on both sides of a house create a negative perception towards middle house themes.
🌱 Uttaraphalguni in Ascendant or 7th house or moon can have wedding related karma.
🌱 Virgo rising look for security in partnerships and justice. They like being with someone not just romantically but would want a partner even if walking. And if they see things being unfair or political unjust this can trigger some real insecurities even if it may not personally affect them.
🌱 Lilith in Taurus or 2nd may have tongue kink or like to engage with food in s🔥x.
🌱 5th house from your sun can indicate where you might get fame or how you get it.
🌱Mrigasira is associated with eyebrows.
🌱5th lord/Jupiter in Ashwini may have twins.
🌱Revati moon/Venus are protective of their loved ones and will always look for out for you. With mercury as rulership, they also give such wise advices.
🌱Dhanishta people are adviced to travel to some other place for wealth.
🌱Your spouse will be dominant in the element of your 7th house sign of navamsa.
Water signs in 7th house in navamsa, water signs may be prominent in the chart of the spouse or be lagna/moon/Atmakaraka sign or their could be many planets in water signs, or has water stellium or water house dominance etc, or has prominent water in their navamsa.
🌱Ketu in whichever house makes you already good at that things.
Ketu in 9th, easily settles in with other cultures, ketu in 6th are natural helpers and healers, ketu in 5th, good at occult, with kids are intelligent, ketu in 10th, can lead like they already know how to manage being a leader, ketu in 12th great artist, astrologers, tarot readers.
🌱 Ketu also blesses us with things we don't want.
Ketu in Capricorn gets leadership roles even when they like to work behind the scenes under someone, or could provide with many responsibilities or tasks of great importance. Ketu in Libra may present many partnership opportunities even if one likes working alone. Ketu in Virgo may bring a stable and routinely life and job when one wants some job less mundane or often provides an opportunity to be at service of others even if one doesn't want to. Ketu in Aries may bring many adventures or opportunities of initiative and leadership even if one rather follow than lead. Ketu in pisces is granted a great at Intuition and spirituality or even empathy, they may be stuck helping others even if they want or they are often provided with opportunities to help others.
🌱 Rahu amplifies the traits of its dispositor sign. Example- Rahu in Aries, Mars is in Capricorn, Capricorn is the Dispositor and you may display many cap traits.
🌱 Taurus rahu finds comfort and security in foreign things; foreign music, people, celebrities, culture, books, artists, travelling, cuisine; could even dream of settling abroad.
🌱 Taurus rahu can also feel different than others in their young age or they had trouble fitting in or they were just different than others.
🌱Moon in Scorpio/8th has equally high chances of wanting to be away from home or live in a different land. They can settle abroad.
🌱 Check to see if you have 4th lord of d10 in 8th/11th house of d10 or in Scorpio, this indicates shifting to a different country for work, possibly settlement in the long term as well.
🌱 Combination of moon with Aquarius and scorpio is a highly possible indication of foreign travel and foreign settlement. - scorpio moon in aqua degree, aqua moon in Scorpio degree, 8th-11th lord mutual reception with moon present in either, moon in 8th, disposition in 11th and vice versa- = foreign settlement. This is western degrees.
🌱 Moon in Scorpio or scorpio degrees(8°, 20°) in 4th may have this unwavering need to go away from home when things become hard to handle, or they feel like their lives will transform or change once they leave their current surroundings.
🌱 Taurus moon in 9th/12th/7th/8th/11th will find security in a foreign country or if in 7th/11th house also with foreign people.
🌱 Reason scorpio is also a major underrated foreign factor - Scorpio is debilitated for moon which is your home. So scorpio definitely means something that is foreign and not home.
🌱 Go look at where scorpio is in your chart and whether or not you like foreign or different things related to that house.
🌱 Given with I have observed and you guys told (you cuties), Mercury risings (Gemini and virgo) do have potential to find comfort and happiness in foreign places and foreign things and traveling and some wouldn't even mind settling abroad. Reason: Taurus in 9th for Virgo Rising, 12th house Taurus for Gemini rising. You're welcome. Taurus is exaltation of Moon your home/Comfort/Happiness, Taurus represents things you find security in.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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💜 내일 봐요💜 (
💜 See you tomorrow💜
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내일 보아요 :) (
See you tomorrow :)
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alright folks what's their ship name
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i'm trans cti (crewmate to impostor)
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아쉽고 아쉽고 아쉽습니다
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It's such a shame, it really really is such a shame
I will happily wait for the day we can meet again
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알제이 기여운 뒷모습 (
How cute RJ looks form the back
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꼭 봅시다!! :D (
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"Ben o yıkık, dökük dediğin evde seninle bir ömür mutlu olmasını bilirdim, gereken tek şey senin de istemendi. Sen beni bir ömür hüzüne sürükledin, hiç acımadan. Canımı bir hiç uğruna yaktın ya, iki dünyada da ahım üzerine yük olsun."
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petition to cut all three syllable words that rhyme with december and september and remember to two syllables. dember and sember and rember . we don't need all those extra letters .
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Tomorrow we get to see Orym again!!! 🎉🎉
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