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#post acosf
elriel-fireheart · 11 hours ago
Headcanon: Elain knows how to play the piano.
Tumblr media
Elain is sitting in the family room playing a beautiful melody and singing what her heart yearns for her to say. The sun is shining down on her, bathing her in a golden glow. Shining like the purest star. Azriel's shadows pick up on her. They play the melody in his ear, ignoring his direct orders of refusing to spy on her, and he can't resist the pull of it. The music and her voice together creating a sirens call. He ends up in the doorway, struck by the sheer beauty before him. A forethought sends his shadows scouring across the estate looking for the rest of the inner circle, but all is silent. Empty, save for Elain and her song. Unable to resist, Azriel slowly makes his way to her. Hearing the shadowsinger's soft footsteps, she turns and gives him a shy smile. Nods to the seat beside her. The thought of sharing the bench with her, of sharing a moment alone together, breaks any lingering resolve of turning around and leaving her be. Rhysand's command snuffed out by his sheer need to be with her. So Azriel sits. Gently places his scarred hands on the keys and starts playing, adding to her melody. Elain looks at Azriel with a smile she reserves only for these stolen moments and urges him to continue. The light in her eyes warms him to the core. He looks at her and seemes to struggle for words, but he finally released a breath. And so, Azriel sings. His midnight voice, low and velvety. He looks at Elain with an openness in his eyes she rarely sees. The windows to his soul thrown wide open. The green and gold in his eyes glowing vibrant as spring. Together, they sing. Together, they fall into rhythm and let go. The shadows of the setting sun begin swaying and dancing between the golden rays. Elain and Azriel get lost in their song. Completly oblivious to an awestruck Mor hiding behind the door. Glamour and shields up to hide her scent, for fear of ruining such a virtuious moment, watching and listening to the song of Death and his lovely Fawn. Light and dark, the space between their bodies a blend of the two. The only bridge of connection...a band of golden shadows shining bright. Shadows twirling all around the room. Bewitched. Entranced. Whispering in an ancient language...mates, mates, mates. Mor saw the Truth that day. Confirmed every suspicion. She vowed to keep it secret. Protect this delicate pair, and let them find happiness in these small merciful moments with one another. The will of the swirling eddies of the cauldron be damned.
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Ok but did anyone every think of the fact that Nesta and Cassian or (Azriel and Elain) can't have children? Because... it would probably have wings and they can't give birth to a child with wings. :/
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spaceshipkat · 2 days ago
here’s a recap of the insta live sj///m had the other day, with my thoughts
Tumblr media
i do wonder why they’re moving to LA? like. what’s the logic there? it’s not like sj///m is gonna be starring in it, but eh, who tf cares
Tumblr media
i don’t really give a fuck about the casting, and i’m beginning to not give a fuck about the show. it’s better for my mental health if i just let it exist without feeling bothered by it, y’know? the only thing i wish would happen is sj///m being forced to take account for everything she’s ever written, but that’s asking for the moon, i know, so here we are. 
what, the otters don’t do House of Many Waters? okay. also, does this matter? 
action, intrigue, and sex? so, you mean everything h0eab was missing? okay. 
Tumblr media
does anyone actually care about this snowball fight? i know it’s sj///m trying to make them cutesy and relatable, but it’s just. so dumb. 
shadows like the house meaning are they Made, or are they sentient? and did i miss something re: Azriel singing? is singing a hobby of his or something? 
also i definitely think i’m missing something re: colors. i just read ac0sf and yet i’m drawing a complete blank on what this could possibly be referring to. 
Tumblr media
sorry, Gwyn is a child. it’s literally in the book as canon. Nesta says, point blank, that Gwyn is like a girl to Cassian bc she’s only 28. sj///m, stop. 
i really couldn’t give a fuck about the babies, and we definitely do not need them in the series, bc they always exist for contrived stakes and i’m so tired of it. Nyx only exists bc sj///m needed to get rid of Nesta’s powers so she doesn’t overpower fey///sand (both individually and together) 
Lucien needs a rescue ASAP
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evanescsent · 2 days ago
I still have to wait for like forty days until my acosf finally arrives, and I'm already imagining where am I going to put the posters and which pillow am I going to use with the Velaris pillow case that comes too, I need serious help
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arinbelle · 3 days ago
Cassian’s Dancing
No you don’t understand. Because the characterization that Cassian, man who moves in battle like it is a symphony, who is Nesta’s equal, doesn’t dance well and needs Mor’s lessons is fine and all to show he’s simping for Nesta. But is it accurate? I respectfully disagree. Something about how he’s a fighter and been in the military for over 500 years but struggled with ballroom dancing which is quite literally the same steps over and over in a circle (at least the waltz is) just doesn’t sit right with me.
I propose instead that Cassian doesn’t do well in ballroom dance simply because he wasn’t raised in a High Fae household or even rich enough to be taught it. So, he can, but he just never did it, and the few times he did through the years was without any training or instruction, so of course he was bad. But on another note, Cassian can dance.
Like why else is Mor always saying in previous books that she wants to go dancing and Cassian is always the one dancing with her because it’s awkward between her and Azriel. Like that is literally canon from ACoMaF- but Cassian can’t dance?!?!
Anyways, so headcanon that Cassian can dance in the way they do in that club from Dirty Dancing and he doesn’t want to offend Nesta by it because he knows she comes from a human background where people are modest. But somehow they all end up going to this other dance club in Velaris that’s not Rita’s and it’s like the more...sensual partner dancing. And Nesta wants to try it so Cassian relents and they go to the dance floor and it’s very tense and up close and Nesta’s so surprised by it but honestly, the man makes her swoon with everything else so she gets over it quickly and just enjoys how hot it all is.
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why is gwynriel the literal epitome of perfection like seriously
their chemistry. immaculate.
their symmetry. 👩‍🍳💋.
their aesthetic. unmatched.
their potential. magnificent.
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Why do we have to keep putting Lucien and Azriel against each other when we can just give them hugs
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princessofmerchants · 3 days ago
Y'all we got confirmation from Sarah that
Azriel will sing 💙🎶😍
Sarah hopes Sassy Lucien makes a return once he works through all he's going through 🥺🦊🧡
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vidalinav · 3 days ago
Y’all don’t know how much I love the idea of Nesta, Gwyn, and Emerie having biweekly sleepovers while Mor, Azriel, and Cassian are stuck in the loser corner, because it’s no spouses allowed. Like Az, Mor, and Cassian are so bitter about it. At first, they decide to have their own just to spite them, but they spend most of the time talking about what they think the others are doing. Cassian sulks. Mor gets whiney. Azriel thinks well I could probably pass as one of the girls, maybe sneak in with the shadows. He’s already planning how to infiltrate, but then remembers the look Gwyn gives him and decides against it... They do not care about each other anymore. Cassian outright says 500 years are enough. None of them ever thought this was going to happen, but this is what happens when the whole friend group decides to marry another friend group. Emerie, Gwyn, and Nesta will laugh about them all night long.
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ladyvanserra · 4 days ago
How pretentious do you have to be to think you would do a character justice more than the author who created this character?????? You can disagree with what was done narratively or wish it was different but to go as far as thinking a character wasn’t done well because it wasn’t to your liking? Because it doesn’t fit your personal headcanons? Your characterization is yours. The author didn’t “ruin” the character because it didn’t fit into your characterization. Get over yourself.
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vidalinav · 4 days ago
I love this idea that Nesta and Lucien have a strange friendship, where both of them are not overtly friendly on a regular basis, but they’re just odd. For example, they get in the habit of giving each other random ass gifts that are so out there for Solstice, under the guise that they don’t know each other well, but they’re not going to get each other something bland and meaningless. No gift cards, you know. (Looking at you Feyre and Elain). They usually end up giving each other semi-cursed items, which everyone else is like... do y’all even like each other? 
So one year, Nesta gifts him a voodoo doll of himself, made out of cloth, stuffing, and yarn. She says she bought it because it reminded her of him for obvious reasons, it has the red hair and even the eye, and he’s like you did not just find this... She says she planned on using it if he tried something on her sister, but... he’s actually pretty decent so she’s decided to let bygones be bygones. He’s like uhhh... thanks? while also being freaked out immensely. (Later, later, later on (They’re not together at this point) Elain thinks this doll is cute and will sleep with it when he’s not there, but that’s a tale for another time)
Lucien decides then next Solstice to give Nesta, one of those statues of the monkeys, where it’s like “speak no evil, hear no evil, see no evil.” He thinks it’s funny and ironic. Except this definitely is a cursed item. He bought it from some lady he came across in his travels, and he can never find her again. All is well for a small amount of time, but it turns out the monkeys are super cursed and come to life because of Nesta’s power accidentally, she sets them free, and they cause a lot of mischief that I would write about it if I cared for writing. They mostly end up messing with Cassian, and Nesta eventually figures out to stick them back to the podium of the statue. She puts it in the entryway of the House of Wind. 
Cassian says no more cursed items. At this point it’s too late. 
It’s a tradition. So Nesta and Lucien trade gifts with the horror of everyone who is near them, because who knows what the hell will happen. There is a talking skull. It’s suppose to actually tell fortunes and give answers about the past, but all it does is tell the weather and crack lame jokes. Think Benny from Halloween Town. A necklace that is said to be so cursed that it horrifically kills everyone who wears it which Nesta thinks is a load of quack because just because someone died while wearing it, doesn’t mean it’s cursed, so she wears it all the time, and tells Lucien to try better next year. She thinks it’s a cop out. It is actually cursed, but Nesta defies death on more than one occasion and it does not affect her in the slightest.  
I could go one and this is such a random headcanon, but I just want more magical things! Like this is a fae world, why is magic just modern technologies like light and plumbing and mail systems and bus winnowing. A few swords. Where’s the Fantasia? The books that are alive? We get one and then it’s over!!?? I love the House! I want more things like the House! More things like the harp! And less things like different species of fae. What does that matter? We don’t see most of them. 
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nehemikkele · 5 days ago
Tempus Fugit - Chapter 2 Teaser
I'm flogging myself to get it out for this Friday. After that it will be fortnightly releases as I juggle work, family etc etc. I hope that the slow start in Chapter 1 didn't dampen your liking of the story.
The Other Side of the World, 10 Years After Cassian Left
Nesta stood on a dusty plain looking at a ramshackle hut. A river ran close by and there was a forest about a mile away which looked like it was well stocked with game for a good hunter. The winters in this part of the world were cool but not freezing, although the summers were brutally hot. It was Spring, so the air was balmy and she was comfortable enough wearing her leathers and a broad-brimmed hat to keep the midday sun off her face. Her hair was tied in a single braid hanging down her back, rather than her usual coronet style. Her longsword and dagger were strapped to her waist, Ataraxia left at The Court of The Wind hovering over her chair.
The hut had a picket fence that ran around it, she could see the front with a gate that extended about fifty yards from the porch and she estimated it was hundred yards wide before turning at a right angle on both sides to extend backwards for another two hundred yards before it turned again to complete a rectangle at the back. Nesta could see a firepit and what appeared to be a cooking area to the left of the hut, but her eyes were drawn to the lone figure with drooping wings. Cassian. Her mate.
He was on the porch of the hut, sitting on a bench underneath an overhang designed to protect from the sun’s harsh rays. Her sharp fae eyes showed he was wearing what seemed to be homespun tunic and trousers and leather moccasins, the Illyrian leathers nowhere to be seen. Even more alarmingly Nesta couldn’t see or feel the presence of his siphons nor see any weaponry. He had abandoned his arms and armour, but why and where were they?
She walked for a couple of minutes never taking her eyes off him, and then she was through the gate and close enough to reach out and touch him. His chin was on his chest as though he was asleep, but she knew better. Around him were a few empty bottles and her nostrils flared as she could scent the stink of powerful, homemade alcohol in the air and emanating from his skin. Her stomach retched partly through the sheer foul aroma and also through a memory of her dark days in Velaris.
He looked up at her, hazel eyes bleary and almost unseeing. “Who are you and what do you want?”
Mother blast her soul. He was saying he didn’t recognise his mate.
She frowned and began, “Cassian, I….” but she didn’t get the chance to say anything more, because in a blink of an eye he was up out of the chair and through the door into the hut. Nesta took two quick steps to follow him, but the door slammed shut so hard that the hut rattled.
For the first time in a very long time, Nesta didn’t have the faintest idea what to do or say.
As always, let me know if you want to be added/removed
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sturmmhond · 5 days ago
Nesta Archeron had the potential to be a great character. Like she was one of the few who I related to the most, she was real and deep and didn’t take The Night Court’s bs, she was wary and cautious, not easily trusting people like Feyre.
She had the potential to be this morally grey character but instead that wen out the window like a lot of things in this series.
I was more interested in her than Feyre/Feysand. Nesta and Cassian had the potential to be a great couple but there was an issue with both of them. They both each other on such a high pedestal like they kept saying they didn’t deserve each other idk if that’s healthy or not, your partners should be your equal.
Normalise Strong female MC/soft male trope
me 🤝 nonnie
agreeing in everything said above
personally? the lack of morally grey women in fiction disconcerts me. we have so many morally grey men, who are allowed to be bitter and mean and harsh and who can lash out in anger, who can live their lives motivated by revenge at least for awhile. who can look at the world and wish to destroy it. and they’re generally perceived as badass and admirable and a fan favorite.
and then when a woman is anything close to that, she is instantly classified as a b*tch and there’s suddenly thousands of posts about how she should’ve treated this character or that character better. how she should’ve been softer, more demure, quieter, muted. how she should’ve faded in the background like women have done for centuries to make space for men.
it’s as if we have developed this bad habit of telling women how to be and what to do, while silently letting men do whatever they want. 🙂🙂🙂
(i won’t even mention the complete lack of non-binary and transgender inclusivity because that’s yet another issue and we’d be here all day.)
a morally grey man is called an anti-hero.
a morally grey woman is called a b*tch who should sit down and shut up.
let that sink in.
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sturmmhond · 5 days ago
Loving the sjm hate so I just needed to come in as well since I have so much pent up rage about these disasters
Honestly the most unnerving thing about sjm books is how she genuinely seems to think that these are healthy relationships when there’s so many red flags that I’m going to go blind
Like especially w the pregnancy plot in acosf?? She had a kid not too long ago, is that what she honestly would have wanted?? Did she want her husband to hide life threatening info from her?? Like that’s one of the most terrifying things I can think of, having my significant other hide shit like that, then force everyone in my life to hide it as well! That’s HORRIFYING, and it’s played off as ROMANTIC. Sarah Janet what the actual f u c k
The books are trash and there’s zero redeeming qualities about them, but for me the fact that these toxic and abusive relationships are portrayed as healthy, and then her fanbase (which I’m assuming are mostly teens!) romanticizes them will never fail to make me feel a bit sick
Tumblr media
fun fact: i had an actual episode of sorts while reading a/cosf, not only because it was mind-numbingly oversexualized, but also because there was so much wrong shit going on that it broke my brain for a hot minute
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gwynrielsupremacy · 5 days ago
Of "Time to rest your weary head" (or 'Azriel surprises Gwyn for her birthday'!!!!)
Check out the whole story here
Since last chapter was so short, I made this one bigger - and I absolutely love writing through Gwyn's perspective. I always try to be as mindful and careful as I can when I write her POV and address her trauma, but if there's anything you feel could be done differently, please let me know! :) and thank you so much for reading. Your support means everything to me <3
HEY GIRLS @katiebellf @starbornsinger @madie2200 check out my new chapter!!! and if you wanted to be tagged on this too, feel free to comment ;)
A few days passed by, and Gwyn could say she was already feeling at home in the House of Wind. She continued attending the services at dawn, pushing herself at training, then having lunch with Nesta, Cassian and sometimes Azriel, and at last spending her habitual hours in the library doing research work for Merrill before returning to the House. It was a routine she was kind of used to by now, and it made her happy.
She hadn’t been to Velaris after dinner with the Inner Circle and was secretly growing impatient to visit it again. She was planning to go shopping with Nesta and Emerie, but didn’t summon courage enough to invite them. Something about strolling around the city streets at dusk made her a bit nervous. Although she didn’t feel like admitting it out loud.
She was proud of herself, because she truly felt she was overcoming her fears. These last months were ones of a slow, but effective healing journey. She felt herself being less intimidated around others, mostly males like Cassian and Azriel. Rhysand was more distant, but even the worry she felt at dinner that night had faded. She saw Azriel almost every day and nothing seemed to have changed between them; so she believed in Rhys’s word when he promised her not to tell him.
Something caught her eye and interrupted her line of thought. She was sitting in a comfortable armchair by the fireplace at the House’s private library after a particularly exhausting afternoon, trying to read a not-too-smutty book Emerie had lent her, and immediately raised her head from the shadow near her feet to the door, where Azriel stood by.
“How long have you been there?” She asked and quietly hoped her blushed cheeks went unnoticed by him.
Surprisingly enough, sharing a hallway with Azriel didn’t mean they saw more of each other. He was so quiet she couldn’t detect his presence in his room, and usually she woke up before sunrise, so they didn’t meet each other until breakfast. A part of Gwyn couldn’t help but feel a little frustrated by that.
“Not much.” He said, stepping into the library. She motioned him to seat on the armchair across from hers, and so he did. “Actually, I just came here to ask you something.”
She felt something flunk in her chest; it’s been a while since they last met at the training ring late at night, and that was because lately her nightmares were keeping themselves at bay. She remembered their last encounter, his hazel eyes shining under the moonlight as he stared at her from across the room, and they sparred in silence almost until the time of her service.
He didn’t seem different around her, although she could notice him staring at her sometimes with a glimpse of emotion in his eyes. And she felt she was becoming better at hiding her feelings when near him; oddly, something had calmed inside her. That urge and nervousness weren’t the first things to come to mind anymore, and she was content to enjoy their friendship. At least that’s what she kept telling to herself. There were some nights in which her dreams were filled with cedar scent, a pair of hazel eyes looking at her intensely, his beautiful hands on her hair…
She shook her head slightly and forced herself to meet his stare, the firelight making his face look golden; an elegant, handsome angel staring straight at her.
“What is it?”
“I wanted to know if…” His throat bobbed once, and she couldn’t help noticing he seemed nervous. Him, the Shadowsinger, nervous. He rephrased it, staring intently at the fire.
“The Velaris Philharmonic Orchestra will be performing tomorrow. They were in a long undetermined hiatus during the last fifty years, and now they’re back.” His brows furrowed, eyes filled with anger at what had caused it. “I used to go there every other night. And I was wondering… Since you said you’re meaning to leave the House more often, if we, well…”
She tried to suppress her chuckle at the way he fought to find the words. Instead, there was a timid smile on her face when she hesitantly interrupted him:
“Are you asking me… To come with you?”
He finally tore his stare away from the fire to meet her; those hazel eyes filled with something resembling hope.
“Would you like to?”
And damn her if his smile didn’t make her heart and her chest heat up when she responded:
“I would. Very much.”
Suddenly the room felt smaller. She swore the lights dimmed a bit, and all she could think and see was the silhouette of his face and his eyes. Those eyes that’d seen so much, endured so much, and now looked at her, as if trying to vocalize something without saying anything at all. They stayed like that, lost in each other for what seemed like eons, before he cleared his throat.
“So… I’ll let you to your book, then.”
Those words sounded forced, as if he didn’t in fact want to leave. She gave him a smile, but it didn’t quite meet her eyes. Stay.
His shadows were all around her now, gently circling her shoulders.
Just as he meant to leave the room, she found herself stating:
“I’m glad you listened to it. What I said about restraining them.” She gestured with her head towards the shadows, and reached for one with her finger. The tendril seemed happy to be touched and wrapped itself in her hand, to what she giggled. “I really like them, you know.”
When she looked up to Azriel, he had a cryptic look on his face, watching in wonder the interaction in front of him.
“They like you too.” His voice was filled with a hidden emotion, and his eyes twinkled.
She smiled at him. “You can stay here for a little while, if you want. I’m not going to bed for a couple hours yet, and I must admit I’m not completely captivated by this novel.”
Even though he had that cool, unreadable mask on almost all the time, she could still see him restraining his surprise. And the way his lips tugged upward told her she was right to assume he didn’t want to leave just yet.
“What’s it about?” He asked while sitting again.
“Well” She skimmed distractedly through the pages, calming her racing heart. “She is a healer from a land up in the North, and he is a tradesman from the South. There’s a curse that connected them since birth, but they don’t know it yet. And that’s what leads them towards one another, the urge to break this curse.” She traced the title, reading the name of the author. “It’s good, just not as good as Diane.”
She casted him an amused look as he laughed quietly at her criticism, shaking his head:
“Because no one will ever compare to her.”
“Never.” She agreed dramatically, and his laugh turned into a grin. “Emerie and Nesta think I’m exaggerating, but I mean it. I must have read her books like ten times by now.”
His eyebrows shot up, clearly interested. “She must be great then.”
“Wait a second. Five hundred years and you’ve never read her?” Gwyn couldn’t hide her astonishment as she gasped.
“Why is that such a surprise?” He leaned back in his chair, that small smile never fading from his face.
“Well, is just… You had plenty of time.” She teased.
“My life is busier than you might think, Berdara.”
“Well, be that as it may, this can no longer go on. You must read it.”
Before he could answer, she called the House to deliver her the stack of Gadot’s novels that were in her bedroom. Her private collection.
“Start by this one” She handed him a copy of And So the Story Goes, that had magically appeared in the table between them “This is my favorite.”
He reached for the book, and she watched as he flipped through the pages. She would admit that sight made her heart flutter once again. The book she had ever since she was little, that she read alongside Catrin, one of the only things she asked Mor to grab her after everything. Its edges were worn, some pages marked and underlined. To have Azriel hold it in his hands…
“You can read it at your own pace. And don’t worry, I have a spare” She showed him the copy Diane had signed her, a newer edition, that beautiful inscription that she knew it by heart in its front page.
I hope you find out what you knew all along.
“I can see you read it a lot.” He stated, musing through the pages and stopping at some passages.
She leaned forward to slap his arm. “What are you doing? Start at the beginning!”
He laughed out loud at her exclamation, his eyes meeting hers.
“Ok, bossy. I definitely will.”
After a few hours of talking and laughing together, she felt the tiredness taking the best of her.
“Goodnight, Az.” She said when she stopped by the door. Even during their conversation, he still held the book, keeping it close to his chest.
“See you tomorrow, Gwyn” She had just turned away when she heard him. “And thank you.”
She looked at him over her shoulder and saw him lifting the book. “Anytime.”
And when she finally shut the door of her bedroom, she couldn’t stop the light feeling on her chest.
On the next day, she knocked on Nesta’s door. It was the afternoon, and both Cassian and Azriel were out paying one of their routine visits to the Illyrian camps.
That morning, at service, Gwyn felt like she was flying. She sang like those ancient hymns were all that was left in the world. Even some other Priestesses had commented on that after it was over. And at practice, she couldn’t help her grin when she spotted Azriel across the training ring. And couldn’t help the blush that crept onto her cheeks when he almost immediately turned his head to her, the corner of his lips tugging upward.
She woke up thinking about their meeting at the library, their casual conversation and bantering. She didn’t feel an ounce of discomfort when they were together; everything was so easy. He knew her, her story; he had saved her, for Mother’s sake, and he didn’t make her feel like porcelain, like one blow could shatter her.
Instead, she felt braver and confident when he was around. They could still talk and laugh together as if they hadn’t shared that terrible experience in the past. Mindful of each other’s traumas, indeed, but... It still was light. Trustful. She hoped he’d read the book; she could secretly picture his eyes flipping through her markings and notes. She wanted him to know that part of her.
“Come in” Nesta said from within, interrupting Gwyn’s reverie.
She opened the door, only to find her sister sitting comfortably in an armchair by the window, book in hand and a cup of tea in another. Her training leathers were displayed on the bed, as she thought of training afterwards.
“Hey” Gwyn greeted. She didn’t know where to start.
Aside from Rhys, no one was aware of her recent discovery about the mating bond. Of course, that didn’t stop her sisters from smirking mischievously whenever Azriel was around, at training or during meals. Gwyn knew both Nesta and Emerie had picked upon whatever she was feeling towards him, but they were kind enough not to inquire in public.
“What’s going on?” Her brows furrowed as she got up of her chair.
“Nothing.” Gwyn took in a deep breath. Out with it, Berdara. “I was wondering if you could borrow me a dress.”
Nesta squinted her eyes, and raised an eyebrow as a slow smile started to appear on her face. Cunning, as ever. “May I ask what for?”
Gwyn herself didn’t know. When she found herself alone with Azriel for a moment during training, she had asked him what outfit would be suit for the occasion. He just shrugged with a half-smile, and reassured her she didn’t have to worry about it. But even so, she wanted to look decent for a night out.
“I’m going to Velaris tonight.”
Nesta gasped quietly, and Gwyn could see her eyes were shining with pride. “Alone?”
“No.” Gwyn went to sit at the trunk by the bed. Seeing that Nesta was still staring at her with that knowing smile, she added “Azriel’s taking me to see the Velaris Philarmonic Orchestra.”
She watched as her sister gave her a broad smile, and couldn’t help the blush on her cheeks. “What?”
“Nothing” Nesta hummed back, as she opened the doors to her wardrobe. “Just the two of you?”
Gwyn nodded, standing up and joining her sister in front of her rack full of clothes. So, so many outfits, a myriad compared to Gwyn’s scattered ones. “I don’t know what one’s supposed to wear to the theater. Even less so to watch a live orchestra.”
Nesta huffed a laugh, but her eyes were fixed on the garments in front of them as she scrolled through her various dresses. “Well, I do.”
They spent the next few seconds in silence, as her sister skillfully searched through fabrics. Strangely enough, Gwyn didn’t feel as nervous to have told her as she thought she would. But she was certain Nesta was only waiting for the right moment to fill her with questions.
“Oh, wait. I know.” She passed Gwyn and went to the trunk by that king-sized bed she shared with Cassian. The thought of her sister and her mate didn’t make Gwyn blush the way she once used to, but now the predominant feeling was that she could have that, perhaps. One day. That thought alone made her stomach flutter.
“Here” Nesta drew a burgundy midi dress out of the trunk. “Try this on.”
The V-necked laced bodice wasn’t too tight around the waist, and it had a light and also lacey skirt that draped around her knees, showcasing her legs. It was modest, and yet delicate and elegant.
When Gwyn looked at herself in the mirror, Nesta standing behind her as she zipped her up, she was breathless. It’s been a long, long time since she wore a dress, and this one fitted her perfectly. Alongside with the necklace, her freckled skin and hair, it made her feel… Beautiful. Stunning, even.
“You look splendid” Nesta stared at her through the mirror.
“Thank you.” She turned to her friend, who grabbed her arms and hugged her. She could see she was having fun.
“Do you have shoes to match this?”
Gwyn tilted her head.
“I could use my flats.”
Her sister shook her head, and reached for a matching pair of ankle-strapped scarpin heels under her bed. “Now there you go.”
Suddenly Gwyn felt an urge to cry. She was so happy to count with her sisters at moments like these. It made her excited for the ones to come.
“Hey” Nesta seemed to notice her tearful eyes, and urged her to sit next to her by the bed “Are you ok?”
She nodded and sighed. “I’m just… Happy. I’m nervous, but it feels good to know you girls have my back.”
“You know, Gwyn” Nesta grabbed her hand, her tone gentle. “I was going to say that you didn’t have to do this if you didn’t feel like it, that Azriel would understand…”
The thought of her declining his invitation made her heart ache. She didn’t once consider it; she was just glad to be spending time with him. That hewanted to spend time with her. Just as she opened her mouth to state that, her sister went on:
“But I can see that you want to do this. And I just wanted to let you know that I’m happy for you. And I can’t wait to know all about it when you get back.”
Gwyn squeezed her hand and gave her a cheeky grin:
“I’m excited, Nes.” Her words were barely a whisper as she confided.
“As you should. Now go” She nudged towards the door, smiling. “Go have some fun.”
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spoilersteph · 6 days ago
You know what pisses me off even more about Ela*n’s victim mentality in ACOSF towards Nesta was clearly it wasn’t the first time she didn’t care about her sister’s wellbeing. Cuz when Elain was telling the story of how Nesta had seduced a GROWN MAN, at 14, the only thing she had to say about it was how good she was at it. Nesta was being actively groomed (and therefore abused) by her mother for her whole childhood and Ela*n (and Nesta’s father) just straight up either didn’t notice or care. F*yre forgot about it too.
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highladyofdreamcourt · 6 days ago
hello, would you please share what you hope happens with Mor's story eventually?
Hello! Yes I'm so glad you asked!
One thing that I have loved in the last two books is that Mor has become much more independent and I would love to see more of that. Her estate, her friends at Rita's, her hobby of horseback riding!
Of course I would love a coming out story, but only on her own terms. Part of me wants her to show up at a dinner someday and be like "So this is my girlfriend, (Emerie, Cresseida, Viviane's sister, or Elain), you all know her already. So let's all eat and have a good time, shall we?"
In a similar vein, something I would NOT like to see is Mor apologising for not coming out "sooner"– especially to the men. I'm tired of those guilt tripping your gay friends for "hiding" from you storylines. It's gross. Coming out is a very personal journey.
We need to know what it means to be "The Morrigan" !!! Rhys once said that Mor is who he would call in battle if the armies fell. What does her gift of "truth" mean? Does her gift of truth come from herself or the veritas object?? The audience at home needs to know!
I hope she never has to face her parents or Eris again. Especially her parents. It hurts my heart that Keir will be allowed into her safe haven and I sincerely hope his character gets killed off very soon because there's no damn reason why he's still alive and making the citizens of the Court of Nightmares suffer under his rein. Mor should never have to face her abusers again, she shouldn't have to give more of herself up because of them.
Mostly, I just want her to be happy, and I don't want her to have to sacrifice more parts of herself to get that. Her story has been of her giving and sacrificing and having things ripped from her... She deserves a happiness that lasts and someone who gives back, someone who doesn't want her to hurt or hide a part of herself to make them happy.
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vidalinav · 6 days ago
You know.... Now that I think about it, I think I would have preferred Nesta and Cassian accepting each other despite their flaws rather than glorifying each other in their pursuit of self-deprecation. This concept of Cassian being “too good” and Nesta deserving someone more than him- a prince, king, blah blah blah, is so weird to me, especially because those ideas aren’t really disputed. At the end, they think exactly the same way, because one of them is unrealistically glorified more than the other in their minds. I understand it, it’s just a narrative decision I don’t particularly like, because of how it’s framed. I HATE the idea that you have to deserve someone or work to have someone. Relationships are work, but... love is not deserved. That implies some level of acceptability, which is the whole problem with the book, because that’s Nesta’s entire narrative--how much does she deserve healing? How much does she deserve decency or agency? How much does she deserve free will, love, and acceptance? Is she acceptable for all of these things? When does she become acceptable enough to be accepted? 
I really didn’t think that their relationship was set up to be like that. I assumed (wrongly) based on what we got in ACOMAF and ACOWAR that they were the only two people who understood each other intrinsically and ALL of the ugly parts of each other-where it came from, how it made them feel, the actions that they took because of this. Cassian was pushy. Nesta was mean. But the pull was strong, and it was deeper than sexual. I read it that they both had very thick masks, Cassian being the funny, friendly, easy going guy and Nesta being this snarky, angry, arrogant woman, and they were the only two who saw what was beneath those masks and didn’t shy away. It made no difference to them, because they couldn’t stop this pull. But it did make them wary, because to be known is scary and so much would then change, because these masks are a lie or at least not all they are. No longer would Cassian be able to have this love “triangle” or... view himself with that persona only, it wasn’t going to fool Nesta, and Nesta wouldn’t be able to get away with just being on the defense and saying harsh words or giving harsh looks. It wasn’t going to push him away. It didn’t in ACOWAR, in Wings of Ember, in ACOMAF. 
I was very excited for them to discover their actual lives, their backgrounds and opinions, etc--for them to decide what they actually understood about each other, because they didn’t know each other at all. They just saw what they did, what actions they took in the present time, what information they already knew from observation or Feyre. It was just the surface of each other, and still they showed this deep level of caring, where Cassian kept coming back, and told her he’d fight for the humans and Nesta worrying about him and almost sacrificing her life. It really parallels her powers IMO, because we only knew the surface of them from the very beginning, but we knew they were great and all powerful, and unfortunately like her powers, it was not explored beyond the surface. A fact I find ironic because drowning and the sea is a theme around Nesta, and most of the ocean I guess is left unexplored and so is... everything regarding Nesta. 
But anyway, to empathize with someone is to understand the reasoning behind unacceptable circumstances, because you see it from their eyes, walk in their shoes. I don’t care how many people argue that knowing a character’s background (sob story) is excusing actions. There’s a difference between excuses and explanations, and that relies a lot on how the text is framed, the actions that the character takes, and the opinion of the author, really on how they’re going to make that differentiation. Accountability has a lot to do with it, but as we’ve all argued the balance of this series about accountability is way off. But, to be known is the beginning of being understood. And, I for sure think that this book, knowing that Nesta is the character “who feels so much” should then have had a narrative that is centered around empathy. That only makes sense to me for her as a character and as a concept, but also for the basis of their relationship, because from the beginning Cassian saw through her and she saw through him. 
That being said I think I would have preferred their narratives to be framed around the fact that they feel they suck as individuals and love each other anyway but without the glorification of the other. Because that’s probably correct, they’re suppose to be flawed and they’ve been characterized now as being self-depreciating, so that does have to come in to play, but they’re NOT perfect or above each other. I would have preferred this idea that they may suck, they may have done “unacceptable things” or been in “unacceptable” circumstances or feel “unacceptable”, but they accept this. They accept that they will never be good enough, and learn that “love is complicated” like Cassian says and it isn’t deserved. It’s maintained... and in that maintenance they can heal those wounds where they feel that they don’t like themselves or are undeserving. It’s basically the same thing, except it’s without this condition of “acceptability” and without the imbalance of glorification. They are equal then. Not because they both think that they now have a partner that is someone that they couldn’t imagine having and that they’re so happy and grateful for them and they’re working on themselves, because that’s an imbalance in itself, but because they don’t have to be anyone but themselves, the vulnerable versions, where Nesta is allowed to drop the angry defense and Cassian is allowed to stop portraying ease, where they can portray these versions safely and comfortably with each other. 
Which happens! Because to some degree they do become more vulnerable with each other. But because of these imbalances, these narrative choices (ie. Nesta being villainized, that is never refuted, not even a little, Cassian not having a strong development as a MC or being held accountable for what he says, there is little to no empathy, there really isn’t too much learning about each other--it’s still very surface level, books, training, dad, war, surface past, and that’s it, etc) the book frames love in acceptability terms--in an imbalanced way. It’s so weird to me. I can only describe it as to the left of healing/love and to the left of what she already wrote in previous books. Technically, it’s all understandable and I could see why she chose certain characterizations, but the framing and decisions for certain points are so off, that it doesn’t seem exactly right...
To me, It’s both in and out of character. So, so strange. 
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