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#post canon
siriusly-a-jedi · an hour ago
Setting: Sirius is at Slytherin table because James, Remus and Peter are still asleep and Sirius was hungry, he also made everything green in his vicinity red.
Sirius: How are you feeling today?
Regulus: What are you doing?
Sirius: Answering a question with another question. That’s called evasion. All right, and your body language suggests you’re quite upset.
Regulus: No, I’m just not a fan of your redecorating.
Sirius: That’s awfully passive-aggressive of you, Reg. Why don’t you tell me how you are feeling?
Regulus: Go away from our table.
Sirius: Good, good. Anger. That’s called a breakthrough.
Sirius: Oh. Don’t worry, summons tissue box this is a safe place.
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siriusly-a-jedi · an hour ago
So the Marauders found out about Remus being a werewolf in third year, right? And that’s when Harry and the gang learnt about werewolves so lets assume that the Marauders learnt about werewolves in third year as well. So imagine…
James, Peter and Sirius looking at him all the time to make sure he’s okay.
All of them calming Remus whenever someone said anything bad about werewolf kind.
Sirius verbally assaulting the people who did, causing him to get many detentions.
Remus looking like a smarty pants because he knows all the answers.
The Marauders just stuffing Remus full of chocolate afterwards making sure he was okay.
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hi hello congratulations to all the post limit hitters, as i like to call them.
Tumblr media
I unfortunately was not one but ah well
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oftuesti · 6 hours ago
Guess, I can’t, The Cait Sith tag making me loose my shits.
//I am laughing so hard right now, I can’t. This character is so fricken ridiculous I love Cait/Reeve. Also, LET HIM SAY FUCK!
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eclectic--assassin · 6 hours ago
Name something Annabelle loves about Shay and something that irritates her about him? And what does Shay loves and irritates about Anna?
Tumblr media
Hello, my dear Giulietta!
Thank you so much for the question. This was interesting because I could tell you automatically what Annie loves about Shay and what she doesn't. Shay had taken me a little bit to come up with as I mostly always write in Annabelle's POV.
Tumblr media
Annabelle and Shay have known each other for many years. He was eighteen; she, was twenty. Fate would separate them many times throughout their relationship. The longest seventeen years. There are many things that Annabelle loves about him. She doubts she could put them all in writing if pressed.
Annie and Shay originally met in 1750 as they both held the same contract for a Templar who was posing as a Priest at the Covent of Christ in Tomar, Portugal. This man possessed a Precursor Relic called the Scale of Eden. The Parisian Council tasked Annie to retrieve it and bring it to the Parisian Brotherhood. That simple contract would change her and Shay’s lives forever.
Tumblr media
Annabelle admires Shay's sense of honor. Over her course of travels with him, she noticed how he hated to kill those he deemed weak and defenseless. This sense of honor mirrors what she feels herself from time to time, but she also understands that sometimes you need to be ruthless to protect those you care about. However, like Shay, she never enjoys killing. She often wishes that she can take the pain he feels over Lisbon into herself to spare him pain.
I think the thing that annoys Annie the most about Shay is when he is in a drunken state. When I write about Drunken Shay, I tend to listen to the sound files and write him as close to that as possible. Annabelle is the type of person who will tuck her partner and friends into bed. She will place her arm around his back and place her hand under his armpit, allowing Shay to lean on her as she places him on the bed or on a couch. She'll cover him up. He doesn't stay in bed, and he'll get up and follow her, slurring the entire way.
Tumblr media
Annabelle is incredibly insightful, and Shay will often go to her for advice. She can get to the heart of the matter, but Shay doesn’t understand the actual reasons. In 1746, one year before he lost his father and half of his father’s crew to a storm at sea, Annabelle discovered a Piece of Eden that caused the destruction of two cities: Callao and Lima. Societies would associate together these cities and Lisbon in the future (IRL and in my canon!AU). Living in the aftermath of a disaster for a year, Annabelle had to guess people’s intentions as crime rose. Annie almost has an uncanny ability to understand someone’s true motivations, feelings, and needs.
Later in their life, Shay comes to love how altruistic his wife becomes. Annabelle aims to use her strengths for the greater good, as she rarely enjoys succeeding at other people’s expense. She thinks about how her actions affect others, and her goal is to help the people around her and make the world a better place. Annie will stand up for the innocents, even if it means going against current and former allies.
On the opposite side of this, Shay, sometimes, finds it annoying how he has to pry to get Annabelle to open up about herself. She values honesty. Annie, however, finds it really difficult to open up to Shay about her life’s struggles. When they meet again in 1756, she didn’t admit it was her foster father’s fault for making her return to France, unlike the bridge they previously planned to meet up at earlier that fateful morning. She thinks she needs to solve her problems on her own and doesn’t want to burden other people with her issues. This makes her inadvertently hold herself back and creates distance sometimes in their relationship. Shay just wishes she trusts him with her past. He is also fearful they will lose what they have when she distances herself.
Thanks for the Ask.
Want to ask me about my Assassin’s Creed OCs? Check my OC masterlist.
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I both love and hate the Top Posts feature. Like on one had its only recent posts, so my Top Posts are filled with a bunch of 10-40 note posts that are one sentence long...
...on the other hand i happen to know my top post is a 6k note post on what was essentially a shatt crack fic for voltron from back in the day (like season 2, you know when you weren't cool if you didnt watch voltron (haha how the tables turned) and shatt was hardly even a rarepair/crack ship (and the tables turned on that too)) and tbh i dont really want that post to see the light of day ever again
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oflgtfol · 8 hours ago
i think ashfur is a great example of letting villains be villains for no other deeper reason. like if youve been following me for several years you might remember how absolutely heated i got over how badly i hated ashfur because neither the writers nor the fandom properly treated him like a villain which he undoubtedly is in canon . to the point where just hearing his name but a sour taste in my mouth and i couldnt enjoy him to any extent
but lately there's but so much good ashfur content!! that i actually enjoy!! because they all depict him as the fucked up little bitch he is and it actually lets me ENJOY him as a character!! he is so fucked up!! let him be fucked up....
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shofics · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
To say I’m back on my bullshit implies that I ever got off my bullshit. Anyway I love picrew and I just finished the first draft of the next chapter, here’s more main cast for Hope & Smith (Zolf, Wilde, & Sasha <3)
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incorrectclassictv · 11 hours ago
Bob Hartley: Ugh, the milk expires tomorrow.
Emily, hinting at their anniversary: Tomorrow’s a real special day, huh?
Bob: Not for anyone who drinks milk.
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redfabled · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐯𝐚𝐧𝐚𝐫𝐠𝐚𝐧𝐝.
A dual-headed keyblade weathered by time and reverie. Beneath its time-worn sheen glimmers a youthful energy. 
The Vanargand is Phos’s own keyblade, entirely separate as an entity or keychain from Starlight. A faded, almost antique-gold in color, this singular keyblade actually comes in the form of two skeleton keys acting as one entity - one longer and one shorter that deceptively compliments Phos’s speedy fighting style. 
However in gaining this key and the power within, it replaced and subsequently cut off her ability to wield Starlight as she had before. 
Tumblr media
Before the tragedy that was the fall of Daybreak Town, Phos had chosen to take back the memories of the Keyblade War and life before the jump that had been suppressed, convincing Chirithy to let her take back that burden for not only the sake of her own search for answers, but that she might find a way for their fellows to grow when the time came. However, as one born into a world meant to harness their feelings on positivity and light, the sheer emotional weight and trauma proved to be overwhelming. 
As memories steadily made their return, Phos had fallen to her lowest point. With only Chirithy and her Spirit with her, Phos was inconsolable, locking herself away in her room and only able to be coaxed out on occasion. Battling the Heartless seemed to be the only thing that , but even that did little to console the worries of those around her. For a time those around her worried that she was on the brink of falling into darkness, and the sudden barrage of Heartless within their town was of little comfort.
To this day, she doesn’t know if it was a result of memory or if his heart reached out to her through some grand beyond, but the gentle words of a dear friend she’d lost in the Keyblade War and the care of the one she’d entered the war to save in turn saved the light in her heart. 
And in her time of need, thus came the Vanargand.
Tumblr media
With the creation of a new keyblade comes the new abilities it brings with it. Though Phos has lost access to the endless abilities and maneuverability that came with the medals, the Vanargand tailors itself to Phos’s particular abilities. This includes, but is not limited to its own shotlock, called Union Breaker. 
It also comes with its own form changes. The first form is the Aster Eater. In an almost cartoonish manner, the pair of teeth on the keyblade become like a pair of lupine Chompers, tethered only by Phos’s own grip as they bounce around and tear at her enemies, dragging her behind them.
The second form is Ragnarokkr. In a manner similar to Sora’s Drill Punch, the Vanargand reforms itself into an extended semi-covering armor and a pair of wolfish claws as her weapon. Some might even say it eerily resembles a darkling. In this form, Phos’s battle style becomes that of a Berserker, with a much more vicious and wild battlestyle while she remains in this form.
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welcometogrouchland · 13 hours ago
WAY too tired for meta and nowhere near S4 in my relisten but like. First time round I kind of hated the season 4 archives lineup because nobody liked each other, but after thinking about it? I love exploring that lineup because it's just a bunch of people going through the whole Self Recognition Through The Other and being VERY UNHAPPY with what they see
(read tags if you want my expanded thoughts. They're also very incoherent but slightly more thorough)
#the magnus archives#tma#idk?? idk if this is meta I'm very afraid to tag it as such#i don't know if this makes any sense??? or if it has any basis in canon I could just. be completely fucking wrong here#but i feel like theres so many overlapping traits between like#jon and melanie. jon and daisy. daisy and basira. basira and jon. jon and martin. martin and georgie. etc etc#and on some level they're all aware of that but they're all incredibly fucking mad about it and in denial#like#melanie Maybe knows she and jon are similar! she's Definitely not happy about it! martin maybe understands Georgie. doesn't like that fact!#like they're all... just different enough that every similarity is this horrible aching itch instead of a source of solidarity#Jon's like. I share stuff in common with daisy and basira. but daisy traumatized me and basira doesn't see me as human. don't like this#i don't think I'm making any sense but also i am????#also even with like. the villains and avatars#iconic moment of jon being like 'damn i kinda get where jane prentiss was coming from. a troubling moment'#idk this is a little unhinged? and also I'm always scared to post meta because mortifying ordeal of being known and whatnot#but I've just been wondering why. so much of the time i find myself drawn to the post unknowing era of the archives??#whether that be exploring the months where jon was in his coma or setting things during season 4 and like#i think this is it?#but also i don't think this makes tons of sense#but hey thats how it goes sometimes#c'est la vie#ramblings of a lunatic
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ask-beast-o-tonicko · 14 hours ago
Blankie and Stasis hm? Neat nicknames! Heard you were a bit... spooked by their appearance?
"Yeah! About that um... When he first showed me Stasis, he reminded me of when I blasted Shadowy Figure out of Venomous... as a blob thing... and..... DK's Shadowy recently too. Scared me a little..."
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