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Closer Than Eternity by Netrixie

Modern AU - Reincarnation AU (Modern Cultivation) STATUS: Completed  Chapters: 4 
♥ Pairing:   Lan Wangji x Wei Wuxian (Immortal/Cultivator!Lan Wangji x College Student!Wei Wuxian)

Author’s Summary: Wei Ying just wants to graduate, figure out what he’s doing with his life, and make sure there’s a Starbucks within twenty feet of him at all times. 

It would be a lot easier to accomplish if he wasn’t being stared at by worryingly familiar golden eyes every time he opened up his social media accounts.

In a world where immortals keep to themselves, one of them has decided to let himself be seen.

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Post-Season 3. Cassandra returns to save her best friend Rapunzel from danger, using her trademark protective arm. Still works after all this time! 💪

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ɪɴᴜʏᴀꜱʜᴀ x ᴋᴀɢᴏᴍᴇ | ᴍᴏʀᴏʜᴀ | ᴘᴏꜱᴛ-ᴄᴀɴᴏɴ | ꜰʟᴜꜰꜰ

summary: Inuyasha experiences his first taste of a father’s worst fear at the sound of a scream. One-shot.

“Hold on there, kiddo.”

Reaching a clawed hand out, he managed to snag the collar of the raven-haired scamp that seemed to whip out of the hut in a flurry. A shocked shriek came from the small girl, being forced to halt as she looked up at her father with her mother’s deep, mahogany gaze. Though she was only five, she was already a handful when it came to her running off and getting into some sort of trouble. It appeared she had made a plan to sneak out, but was apprehended before she could get too far.

“Just where do you think you’re goin’?” It was a rhetorical question, knowing that he probably wouldn’t get a straight answer. The grip didn’t leave her collar, his gaze narrowed and showing an expectant look that it seemed only a parent could hold.

“Mama said I could go out and play,” the small girl stated with such confidence; yet, her father’s look of skepticism didn’t waver. Peering over his shoulder to inside the house, he could see Kagome walking towards the entrance towards them. The weather was nice, albeit a bit too hot by the hanyou’s standards, which left him with the sight of his wife with her hair pulled into a ponytail and her short-sleeved kosode.

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👀👀👀👀👀 oh boy oh boy u picked a good one sen

this is the continuation of my fic when the smoke does finally pass!!! or, well, technically it’s a prequel, specifically of jmart planning their wedding bc im a Sap and wedding planning has been On My Mind (for totally mysterious reasons ofc, and absolutely nothing to do with my partner and i talking about rings)

this is the summary i have more or less planned for it:

“You’ve faced down monsters the likes of which no mortal eye has seen, but this is what does you in?” Georgie asks, raising an eyebrow.

“First of all, not true,” Jon says, just to be contrary, “unless you somehow forgot the end of the world. Second of all–” and here he swallows, throat bobbing around the lump threatening to cut off his air supply, “– this is, quite frankly, much more terrifying.”

Or, jonmartin get married.

and bc i love you, have a snip:

“Well, by virtue of being who we are, we’ve already ruled out traditional,” Jon says, fingertips circling one of the many water stains on their kitchen table, and sighs.

Rumbling agreement drifts in from outside; solemn clouds crowd the sky, lumbering and heavy with the promise of rain. It’s been grey and listless like this for a full week, and while Jon would never admit it out loud, the weather is starting to get to him.

Beside him, Martin frowns. Thoughtful, with that little furrow in his brow that pops up when he’s navigating a difficult puzzle. The dull half-light from outside glimmers in his hair like tiny stars nestled in a sea of auburn. By mutual agreement, they keep most of the lights off during thunderstorms– just in case the power cuts out. “I mean, do you want traditional? Because if you do, we can– I’m sure we can figure out a way–”

“Well, we’re hardly the most traditional people out there,” Jon points out. “So no, not really. I don’t think traditional would work for us, anyway– too, oh…”

“Too normal?” Amusement flickers around Martin’s lips.

“Too pedestrian,” Jon says, ignoring the redundancy. He props his elbow on the table, tilting his chin into his hand. “And we don’t know enough people to put together a proper wedding party, anyway.”

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To Make a Miracle

by mercyandmagic

M, 49k, xiyao, wangxian

Summary:  Wei Wuxian thought that Lan Xichen wasn’t himself at the Gusu Lan Sect’s family banquet, but he didn’t realize just how correct he was.

Jin Guangyao, meanwhile, would have gladly accepted another chance at life, especially one with everything he’s wanted: a sect to lead, a high cultivation, everyone’s esteem.

But Lan Xichen’s soul is a price not even he is willing to pay. Written for Xiyao Month 2020.

My comments:  Oh, this was a fun ride. The first third of the story is about Jin Guangyao waking up in Lan Xichen’s body, utterly heartbroken that the man he’d loved had killed himself for him. He can’t keep up the act for long (emotionally) and has to confess to Lan WAngji and Wei Wuxian, which is as heart rending an occasion as it sounds like.

After this, the three determine to see what they can do about restoring Lan Xichen’s soul, which means learning about restoring shattered and destroyed souls, which involves Qin Su (trapped in the soul-stealing knife she’d used to commit suicide), Song Lan and his precious cargo, and Mo Xuanyu (who’d pulled the same maneuver as lxc). On the way they pick up all the juniors (who are suspicious and begin to put the pieces together on their own), an angry grape, a few female characters (both canon and OC) who really seem much smarter than the men they’re surrounded by, bless ‘em, and one renowned headshaker. And a girl who is accidentally half a goddess. And our fierce corpse buddy Wen Ning.

POV is primarily jgy, but everyone gets a turn (especially when they’re all doing things in different locations).

Author handles a lot of difficult issues about guilt and forgiveness, too. Because damn, have all these folks done some Really Terrible things. But as Nie Mingjue muses, near the end, “[he] doesn’t know what to say. His heart is broken, but he doesn’t know how to judge anyone. It feels like everyone betrayed and killed for reasons he almost understands, and it confuses him, because it’s wrong.” BUT….

Anyhoo, a good story, and I’m happy that everyone got a chance for redemption (including lots of mothers who were very badly treated in canon).

post CQL, post canon, angst, suicide, xiyao, wangxian, zhuiling, sangyu, bodyswap (in a sense), grief/mourning, guilt, fix-it, shattered souls, and how to fix them, case fic, in a sense, journey to the netherworld, redemption, adorable juniors, happy ending, @mercyandmagic

(You may wish to REBLOG as a signal boost for this author if you like – or think others might like – this story.)

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I found this on Pinterest. Where these shots come from, I don’t know.


Does anyone remember my fanfic «We need to talk, Kevin»? This picture and gif-image are ideal for post-canon Kevin from period June-August in that fanfic. I like it so much.

In my brain I vividly imagine that Kevin and Eva are sitting outside on backyard, eating cold jelly or ice-cream and sometimes hugging each other, asking for forgiveness for everything they did to each other.

Btw I have a sketch with Kevin in correctional facility.


I tried to do some shading and draw shaven head. The sketch is a redrawing of a frame from the final scene of the film. Here it is:


Do you see how Kevin has changed? Rather, would have changed if the pictures from the beginning of the post were canon. ;-;

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