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perlukafarinn · 6 hours ago
(send a character/pairing + a number) dean + peach
Okay, so Dean knows he’s gained some weight. It was kinda hard not to notice when his jeans stopped fitting. 
But somehow, he didn’t really know until right this moment. Freshly awake, staring at himself in the bedroom mirror, head craned to look over his shoulder because damn.
“Babe,” he calls.
Cas makes a noise from the attached bathroom, less of a word and more of a gurgle around his toothbrush. 
“Did you know I’ve got an ass now?”
There’s a brief silence, as Cas is presumably spitting in the sink. “I should,” he finally answers. “I put it there.”
Dean rolls his eyes. “Funny. I just mean it’s gotten bigger.” He looks over his shoulder again. Bounces a little on the balls of his feet. “And jiggly. I’ve got like a full-on peach emoji ass now.”
“Hmm. Let me see.” 
Cas appears in the doorway, wiping his mouth. He walks over to Dean, puts his hand on his ass and squeezes a couple of times. Tilts his head in thought, puts his other hand on the opposite cheek. Squeezes again.
“Dean purses his lips to keep from smiling. “Well? What’s the verdict.”
“I’m still checking,” Cas says seriously. 
“This is verging on foreplay,” Dean mutters as he feels Cas’ pinkie dip into his crack.
Cas hums in response. Then he lets go and Dean barely has a moment to feel disappointed before a hand comes down on his ass, smacking hard. 
“Yes.” Cas nods. “That is an ass. A very good one.”
And then he’s stepping away, going back into the bathroom, leaving Dean alone bewildered and more than a little wound up.
“Hey,” he calls. “You gonna finish what you started?”
“Brush your teeth, Dean, then we’ll talk.”
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themostglorioushour · a day ago
Kang Yohan
13:05 - I just woke up.
13:05 - Did you sleep well?
13:06 - I dreamt you were here. You and Elijah went for a walk. It was windy out.
13:08 - You were wearing a blue scarf.
14:37 - I bought you a blue scarf.
14:38 - I’ll send it to you.
One of the first things Gaon realizes when he reconnects with Elijah six months after everything, is that Kang Yohan is an entirely different person in Switzerland. Gaon and Elijah video call almost daily, once it becomes clear that she’s going stir crazy stuck with only Yohan for company.
Elijah looks good, in Switzerland. She’s cut her hair shorter, tucks it behind her ear more. Gaon smiles when he starts to see the transition to different clothes too; Elijah calls him wearing t-shirts and hoodies instead of dresses, calls him and shows him the jeans she’s been wearing, and she beams when Gaon just smiles and calls her pretty. Some days Gaon wonders if she’s still nursing a crush on him. Most days he knows she isn’t.
Because Kang Yohan wanders around their house in Zurich and teases her whenever he’s on the phone with him. Rather than threatening murder, Elijah just rolls her eyes or glares at him or, in rare cases, actually ignores him.
But it means Kang Yohan wanders past her phone occasionally. And the Kang Yohan that Gaon sees is one he’s only caught glimpses of in person before; in jeans and comfortable sweaters, sometimes hoodies. Kang Yohan, with his hair cut shorter than Gaon has ever seen it, styled off of his face but not in a way that makes it harsh, professional; just out of the way. Yohan looks good, comfortable, cozy. He looks happy.
Yohan smiles easily, teases even more easily, and grumbles good-naturedly when Elijah teases him back. Yohan also makes excuses to be anywhere near Elijah whenever she’s on the phone until one day, she finally runs out of patience. “Why don’t you just call him from your own phone?” Elijah snaps and Gaon mutes himself so Yohan doesn’t hear him laughing. Yohan stammers some excuses and flees the room.
Yohan doesn’t text first though. Elijah finally forwards him Yohan’s new number alongside several hundred eye roll emojis. Gaon laughs and texts first.
Kim Gaon
01:00 - Kang Yohan, are you perhaps playing hard to get?
Yohan’s response comes immediately.
Kang Yohan
01:00 - Isn’t it late for you?
01:01 - Go to sleep, Kim Gaon.
The dam is broken, though, and Yohan takes full advantage of it.
Yohan texts whatever is on his mind, whenever he wants. Some days, Gaon wakes to thirty text notifications, all from Yohan, rambling about whatever’s on his mind. Other days he just wakes to a single notification, a photo of Zurich’s sunset sent after Gaon had gone to bed.
Some days Gaon glances at his phone on his lunch break and sees notifications. Elijah tells him that Yohan, after being told by three therapists he proceeded to fire that he needs a hobby, starts volunteering to work with animals. Gaon expects daily photos of Yohan’s favorites. He usually gets them, pictures of cats and dogs that Elijah tells him he can’t adopt. Once, Yohan sends him a picture of a bunny and Gaon laughs when Yohan just sends sad emojis six minutes later, indicating Elijah’s response to his attempts to adopt it.
Kang Yohan
00:05 - I know you’re asleep.
00:05 - You better be asleep, Kim Gaon.
00:05 - But I was thinking.
00:05 - I’ve been thinking a lot.
00:06 - Elijah would say too much.
00:06 - She’s probably right.
00:07 - She’s usually right.
00:07 - Don’t you ever tell her I said that.
00:08 - I miss you.
00:08 - I don’t miss people. It’s frustrating.
00:08 - I miss you more than I care to admit.
00:11 - I’m fine. Before you worry.
00:11 - I know you’ll worry, reading these. I haven’t had much to drink.
00:12 - I haven’t missed anyone like this before.
00:13 - I miss the warmth you brought to a home that was nothing but torture.
00:13 - I miss the meals you cooked for us. I miss you making us sit down to eat.
00:14 - Elijah and I sit down to eat together every day now. Two meals, every day, we eat together.
00:14 - But it’s not a family meal if you’re not here with us.
00:15 - One day, Gaon-ah.
00:15 - We’ll have a real family meal.
Gaon finds himself smiling whenever he reads through Yohan’s messages. It becomes a recurring joke, for Yohan to clarify he hasn’t been drinking when he goes off on one of his tangents. Gaon doesn’t mind the tangents, the stream-of-conscious that Yohan sends him, regardless of whether or not he’s awake. It’s just another glimpse into Kang Yohan. Gaon could live off of these small glimpses into Yohan’s thoughts, could live off of the way that Yohan staves off his loneliness by texting Gaon.
Kang Yohan
05:13 - Elijah called me samchon today.
05:13 - She hasn’t called me that since she was 8 years old.
05:13 - Nine years.
05:13 - For nine years now she’s been calling me Yohan and Yohan alone.
05:13 - I’d forgotten what the word sounded like from her.
05:14 - It wasn’t weaponized.
05:14 - She just.
05:14 - Called me.
05:15 - Samchon, come help me a minute.
05:15 - Samchon.
Kim Gaon
05:20 - You’re her uncle regardless of how she refers to you.
Kang Yohan
05:22 - Go back to sleep.
05:26 - Call me later?
Kim Gaon
05:27 - I thought I was going back to sleep.
Kang Yohan
05:28 - I’ve changed my mind, I don’t want to talk to you.
Kim Gaon
05:29 - I’ll call you around 11, your time.
Kang Yohan
05:34 - I’ll be waiting.
Their video calls are a new occurrence. Gaon treasures the way Yohan calls him, with his phone propped against his headboard and his head tucked on his arm, not quite asleep but sinking slowly into the weariness. Yohan doesn’t talk much then.
Their positions flip. Gaon prefers to talk out loud and Yohan prefers to listen, sleepy eyes fixing on his phone to watch Gaon talk, rant, about whatever is on his mind. Most of the time, there’s a small smile barely visible in the corners of Yohan’s lips.
“I’m taking some time off next month,” Gaon says finally, propping his phone up on his desk. Where it’s still early in the morning for him, it’s fast approaching midnight in Zurich and he can see Yohan struggling to stay awake.
“Mm?” Yohan asks, blinking a few times in an effort to remain awake.
“I was thinking,” Gaon says, smiling slightly, “maybe I could come visit. You could show me around Zurich.” Yohan blinks a few more times but the words don’t seem to process. Gaon lets out a small exhale of laughter and shakes his head, starting on another topic. Yohan will get back to him eventually.
Kang Yohan
16:26 - We’d love to have you here.
16:27 - I’d love to have you here.
16:29 - Promise me you’ll come.
Kim Gaon
16:30 - There’s nowhere else I’d rather be.
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honiedewz · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
huggable tío
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bi-makes-pie · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Pride + Farmer's market.
Happy pride month, everyone. 💙💚
Update: this is now on my Redbubble store
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reidspng · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Afternoon lull at the bookstore.
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growingdarker · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
they……somewhere else…..
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redskiesandsailboats · 18 days ago
Tumblr media
Matt and Dan <3
Tumblr media
They are so in love ur honor
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stephreynaart · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
My Road Trip Zine Piece!
Woo! I can finally share this!! The idea here is that the next summer, do to poor planning, Stan and Ford won’t be able to make it to Oregon by the time summer starts. But they were able to make it to the East coast! Dipper and Mabel’s parents agreed to fly the kids out to meet up with them and they would use a portion the summer exploring the country as they made their way to Gravity Falls. This is a scrapbook page that Mabel put together of their journey
I absolutely love how this came out!
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creative-hanyou-girl · 5 days ago
You ever think about how InuYasha went from this:
Tumblr media
To this:
Tumblr media
To this:
Tumblr media
This boy went from being basically an anti-hero only caring about himself and being by himself
To a boy having his heart softened by falling in love and having friends
To a man who is a loving and doting father that smiles easily and lifts his baby/babies up in his arms no matter how old they get
Tumblr media
Now that's character development~
I know YH still isn't canon, but InuYasha being a doting and affectionate papa definitely is.
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hel-vete · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Good morning🍳
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nat-20s · 9 months ago
Tbh I think part of why I stubbornly believe that Jon and Martin would work things out Somewhere Else is bc to me they embody that couple that's like "Why aren't Jon and Martin talking to each other?" "They had a fight." "Then why are they holding hands?" "They get sad when they fight."
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perlukafarinn · 2 months ago
idea by @ltleflrt​
Dean has been growing out his hair.
It takes Cas a little while to notice but one morning at the breakfast table, he watches Dean brush a stray lock from his forehead and realizes he's never seen him do that before.
"Uh, yeah, I guess it’s getting kinda shaggy," Dean mutters when Cas points it out. There's a strange hesitancy as he adds, "Do you mind it?"
He's shy, Cas realizes. This is Dean being sensitive about his appearance, afraid of being judged.
"It suits you," Cas answers honestly.
A faint blush rises to Dean's cheeks. "Whatever. Guess I'll keep it for now."
Cas smiles, knowing his answer pleased Dean even if he's not quite willing to admit it.
Wearing his hair a little longer does suit Dean. It makes him appear softer, yet another layer of protective armor pealed away now that he's got the safety to do so. There is also more to hold onto (or even grab) when Cas runs his fingers through Dean’s hair now, a fact that pleases them both greatly.
But it does make Cas wonder about his own hair. He's never had much of an opinion of his physical appearance before but he’s found that with his newfound humanity comes a certain vanity.
He examines himself in the mirror that afternoon. His hair has grown, which shouldn’t be a surprise but somehow is. It’s longer than it’s been since Cas first took on this vessel; longer, Cas realizes, than he likes it to be.
Unsure of what exactly the protocol is for getting a haircut - does he call a barber or just show up? How does he find one he knows will be suitable? - he asks Dean.
"You don't need to waste money on a haircut, we've got perfectly good scissors at home."
Cas frowns, tugging uncertainly at the hairs by the back of his neck. How is he supposed to cut his hair if he can't even see it?
"I'll do it, dumbass," Dean says in response to Cas' unasked question.
"Yeah, me." Dean crosses his arms, defensive. "I've been cutting my own hair since I was thirteen. Hell, I used to cut Sam's too, back when he would still let me at that mop."
“I would like it if you cut my hair,” Cas says.
“Oh.” Dean clears his throat. “Well. Good, ‘cause that’s what’s gonna happen.”
“No time like the present.” Dean puts his hand on Cas’ shoulder, patting it. “Let’s go Rapunzel, we’re not doing this in the kitchen.”
They go to the bathroom first. There are scissors in the cabinet by the sink, which Cas had always assumed would function as a concealed weapon in case of attack. There are enough of those hidden around the house that it wouldn’t be unusual. It hadn’t occurred to him that they were for personal grooming.
Dean grabs them, as well as a comb and a towel, and instructs Cas to wash his hair and then come out to the porch.
“Less to clean up if we do this outside,” he explains. “Besides, it’s a nice day.”
Cas finds himself in agreement as he joins Dean outside a few minutes later. The sun is out and the air is warm and still, a rarity so late in the fall. Dean has stripped down to his t-shirt, the towel slung over one shoulder, and he gestures for Cas to sit down in one of the patio chairs. 
Cas obediently sits, feeling a little strange as Dean wraps the towel around his shoulders. 
“To keep the hairs from getting on your clothes,” Dean explains.
“I’m aware.”
“Just looked a little lost there.” 
Dean runs his fingers through Cas’ hair and Cas finds himself closing his eyes on instinct. Dean’s touch is soft but assured as he gently untangles the damp locks from the top of his hair to the back. He repeats the movement a few times, fingertips caressing Cas’ scalp lightly as he goes, 
“How short do you want it?”
Cas hears Dean chuckle but he doesn’t repeat the question, simply keeps combing his fingers through Cas’ hair. His fingertips dig into Cas’ temples, kneading, loosening a tension Cas didn’t even know was there. His thumbs rub in circles behind Cas’ ears, down the sides of his neck, and Cas feels like he’s melting in his seat, like every bone in his body has been replaced by jelly.
“Man, you really like this,” Dean muses quietly. “Bet if you were a cat, you’d be purring.”
Cas doesn’t doubt he’s right. 
“Seriously though, how do you want your hair?”
How Dean expects him to speak when he’s this comfortable and relaxed, Cas has no idea. Still, he manages to mumble, “Don’t care. You decide.”
Dean’s fingers go still. “You sure?”
“I trust you.”
“...Okay.” Dean’s voice sounds oddly strangled but he starts kneading again so Cas figures he said something right. “Your funeral.”
Rather than begin cutting right away, Dean keeps massaging Cas’ scalp for what simultaneously feels like hours and mere seconds more. By the time he finally picks up the scissors, Cas has started to nod off. 
The feel of metal against his ear wakes him up. There’s a soft sound as Dean starts to cut, close enough to his earlobe that Cas would be nervous if it were anyone else.
It’s a different sensation than the massage earlier but a relaxing one as well. Dean isn’t touching him as much but his movements are efficient and confident, almost rhythmic. There’s a kind of pleasure to it, to the knowledge that Dean could hurt him now and the certainty that he won’t. 
Cas isn’t sure how long he sits there, listening to the scissors work, feeling Dean’s fingers comb and pull.
“There,” Dean finally says, breaking the silence that had settled between them. “I think that’s it?”
Cas opens his eyes. He looks up, meets Dean’s eyes as he leans over him, still running his fingers fussily through the hairs at the back of Cas’ neck.
“How does it look?” Cas asks.
Dean grins. “Looks good, babe.”
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reelbigchip · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
post-series they have so much FUN
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nov3ltybones · 9 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
also jon can be sappy bc i said so
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shiut · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
so luckyyyy
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reidspng · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Post-canon mid-40s jonmartin who now co-own a local bookshop in Yorkshire.
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depravitymoon · 7 days ago
Bucci Gang's Shapes, Sizes, Positions, and other spicy head canons.
Warning: Everyone Lives AU so everyone's aged up to 18 and over, heavy Not SFW topic, assumes AFAB lover.
Author's Note: I'm in a mood to talk about hot and heavy stuff like what's in their pants, what's their favorite "love" position, and other lovemaking stuff.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Shape and Size: Gherkin dick. Small in length and girth.
Favorite Position: Missionary and Doggy.
Other information:
He's quite insecure about his penis and his inexperience.
He's determined to make it work! He'll nonstop get you off.
Has high stamina.
During doggy style, he loves gripping your ass.
He loves missionary more because he wants to see you cum undone by his actions.
While he rubs his pelvis against your clit, he begs you to scream his name.
Tell him how much you like it! PLEASE!
Tumblr media
Shape and Size: The keilbasa. Average dick, but very girthy.
Favorite Position: Face-Down-Ass-Up
Other information:
The thickest of the gang.
Loves seeing you squeal when he stretches your holes out.
He loves face down ass up because there's something sexy only seeing your ass in the air. Like you're just a fucktoy.
Loves it super rough.
Will slap your ass and clit nonstop.
Unless you ask him not to, he will do aftercare!
You might have to go on a sex strike to force him to improve his hygiene.
Tumblr media
Shape and Size: Pencil/Banana. Long but thin and curved.
Favorite Position: Pogo Stick
Other information:
Longest of the gang.
Back in the day, he was a SUPERFREAK. Still is, just less risky.
Somehow, getting drunk doesn't stop his boner.
Very experienced.
He's strong enough to have you in his arms as he bounces you on his cock.
Great display of power imbalance.
With his length and technique, he can hit g-spots you didn't even know you had!
Can be either gentle or rough. It depends on you and his mood.
Tumblr media
Shape and Size: Cucumber/Salami. Above average girth and size.
Favorite Position: Standing doggy in front of a mirror.
Other Information:
Giorno has that 'goldielocks' dick. It's just right!
With a tiny help from GER, he makes you more sensitive. Your orgasms become more intense!
Giorno loves being pressed against your backside while fucking you.
He gets a nice view of your front with a mirror.
Loves groping your breasts.
Loves whispering sweet nothings in your ear.
Teases your lewd expression.
He begs you to look in the mirror with him.
Loves gentle lovemaking.
Please cuddle with him, afterwards. He's touch starved.
Tumblr media
Shape and Size: Mushroom. Tip is bigger than the shaft.
Favorite Position: Cowgirl or Missionary
Other information:
The least interested in sex, but still interested.
Fugo just needs to find someone he's super comfortable with.
He's kind of insecure that his penis is smaller than average.
However, he feels all better when he sees you whimper when you feel his tip stretching you.
With cowgirl, he loves letting gravity do most of the work and watching you bounce.
If he's angry, he'll just do missionary.
He lets out his frustration through rough fucking.
Either he's shy and wants gentle vanilla lovemaking or he's aggressive and hate-fucks you. Nothing in between.
Tumblr media
Shape and Size: Rocket/Carrot. Small tip, gets girthier near the base.
Favorite Position: Lotus Blossom.
Other information:
He loves how you sit in his lap while sucking on your breasts.
He loves caressing your back, waist, and hips.
He worships your body.
He's a switch.
Even when he's dominant, he's a service top.
He prefers gentle lovemaking.
He's freaky but he's a hopeless romantic at heart.
Does the most foreplay.
Does the most aftercare.
Is very patient and eases you into intercourse.
Loves seeing you whimper and gasp in pleasure while he's in you.
You'll be covered in hickies and kisses.
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birdblacksocialclub · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Post canon is best canon. XD
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jemaherin · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Someone has a crush~🤭🤭
Tumblr media
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redskiesandsailboats · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
I am just a bad person trying very hard to be a good person.
(Renee with dark hair from either before the Foxes, or after, depending on what you want to think.)
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