#post canon madness 😍
Isabela: Does, does your shirt say 'Sparkly Nut Dude'?
Camilo: Yeah! Do you like it?
Isabela: ...
Camilo: Oh come on, it's funny!
Isabela: No, it's not that...
Camilo: Oh? Well, what is it?
Isabela: Camilo...
Camilo: Yes?
Isabela: We need to bedazzle that bitch.
Camilo: You are the greatest mind in all of Encanto and don't you dare let anyone ever tell you differently.
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sweetsweetbbq · 5 months ago
Annie Leonhardt Headcanons
Tumblr media
would definitely be that one person who puts their cold feet on your back up your shirt then laugh
poor girl probably can’t sleep most of the time :(
she doesn’t mind PDA, but she prefers just holding hands in public
this woman.. could be hella sweaty.. and she would still smell good 😃
if her s/o was taller than her and they use her as an arm rest, annie would be pissed and push you aside 😭
wants to be the little spoon and big spoon
definitely hums in the shower and then denies it when you confront her about it
Annie hates crowded places so the mess hall was so inconvenient to her especially because she’d have to deal with Jean and Eren’s pointless arguments, but since you’re there she can tolerate it <3
as much as she loves you, she wasn’t always a fan of the fact that you loved her as well. she didn’t want such a good-natured person like you to love a murderer 😭😭
she gets cold so easily and she will randomly come up to you and put her cold ass hands on your neck
definitely loves the word asshole 🥰
gets mad at you when you get yourself hurt because of your stubbornness
i can see her fiddling with her ring when she’s nervous
gay 💀
[MODERN] i feel like she doesn’t rlly use social media but she does have an instagram acc where she posts every 6 months 😩
good with kids for some reason????
this is actually canon, Annie apparently has a habit of making “woosh” sounds in her sleep. IMAGINE SLEEPINF WITH ANNIE AND JUST HEARING WOOSH BUT SHE WOULD BE SO CUTE DOING IT GOODBYE
loves attention from you but will not admit it 😍
as much of a cat person Annie is, she also rlly likes bunnies 🐰
[MODERN] bad driver 😭😭 she’s too harsh with the brakes
[MODERN/AOT VERSE] Likes pottery 😺
[MODERN] Plays volleyball... 😳🏐
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bitter-sweet-coffee · a month ago
Infinadow 👄 for the ask meme! Cuz the world needs more infinadow content
*bangs fist on floor and cries* DAMN RIGHT IT DOES, AND I'M DOING MY BEST TO SUPPLY IT
Tumblr media
❤️ this definitely depends on which canon we're dealing with because i have a bunch of infinadow concepts, but chances are it's going to be infinite. he wouldn't call it a date, moreso "shadow you're taking me somewhere because i said so"
✨ probably also infinite! shadow would have to transport them either via bike or car (infinite hates teleporting) and infinite would suggest ideas, but shadow would have to be the one actually organizing things
👗 oh god, they're both bad. shadow is very meticulous with his eyeliner, quills, cologne, etc... and infinite is a total fashionista who needs like 3 hours just to style his hair (mixing dreads, braids, hair pieces, loose parts that have to be straightened and recurled for relaxed natural waves, etc...) so it's a miracle they even fucking leave. shadow doesn't take as long but infinite complains and rushes them so it's a hilarious dynamic
🌸 infinite does not pay for anything EVER. it's all shadow, and if infinite buys anything it's with shadow's money so uh, the answer is technically shadow. however, infinite will sing for shadow a lot because he prefers non material gifts, and loves the jackal's voice! either that or he reads shadow's fave books to him every night before bed and that counts as a date gift (even if it's after the date)
🎉 the one i have in mind right now is dinner and a musical! i feel like they'd go see jersey boys because shadow is a big frankie valli and the four seasons fan, and infinite likes theatre so it's a hit. they'd also definitely go to club rouge after just to chat and bother whoever the poor bartender is
🍰 shadow. it's not even a question, infinite will actually take shadow's card and hand it over to the waiter/ticket person on his behalf and tip 400% because shadow is fucking LOADED and doesn't care about his money. rouge does though, but she isn't even mad because she does the same thing as infinite 😎
👄 JSDKDKDKSK OK. FUNNY STORY. in my fic, it takes about seven attempts across multiple chapters for shadow and infinite to successfully kiss without an injury because they're so godawful at intimacy and just downright awkward. they're also anti PDA to the point where no one suspects they're together, so it's a total joke. if they're alone though, Shadow is known for awkward forehead/top of head kisses (awkward because infinite is much taller) and infinite does the dog thing where he doesn't kiss, but will rub his face against shadow's, and then shove his snout in the hedgehog's neck and stay there.
🌙 shadow is like, responsible for infinite ig? he isn't allowed to be on his own really because y'know, war criminal, and since shadow is the only one willing to deal with him (knowing that GUN is horrible at containment and the rest of the resistance couldn't be bothered) it just means infinite is stuck with shadow all the time! they live together, but post-date they'd probably pass out on the couch after reading together with the tv on in the background
😍 hmm, 3 is a good number, right? OKAY!
1. because wearing his mask will identify him as infinite, he can't wear it. however, the jackal is still really insecure about his face so he wears those ridiculous designer sunglasses all the time regardless of the occasion. at first shadow would get annoyed that infinite looked like an elton john kinnie wherever they went because he likes the jackal's face, but eventually it grew on him!
2. if they're in a theatre or a busy/concealed public place they'll be a little less distant from each other (shadow will use infinite's hair for stimming, infinite will play with shadow's fingers, etc...) so sometimes other characters or people will catch a glimpse of them being sus. no one says anything and pretends they didn't notice so it's never addressed
3. they frequently triple date with knouge and espave but it's usually just clubbing (wave rouge and infinite get wasted and act all loud and fruity, knuckles gets stoned and rambles about stuff at their table while espio either gets dragged to dance with wave or has suspicious romantic tension with shadow, who is either so high he's in another dimension, also experiencing the suspicious romantic tension, or watching infinite admirably— they'll dance together if the club is almost empty and they can sneak on some oldies like earth angel or heaven!). they're the ship trio of "no one can tell who is dating who" so it works out and they all just seem kinds fruity
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nikaidou-stan · 6 months ago
⚠️SPOILERS BELOW!!!⚠️ (also super long post warning?? i have a lot of thoughts sorry)
- they cremating the bodies in front of the whole family???? japanese people mad asf
- i love how in the movie Kiriyama's almost skeletal, like you can see how loose his uniform is
- ok Kouda's terrible and all but the actor looks so much like him it's almost scary
- Gouto in the anime 🤢 <<<<< Gouto in the live-action 😍
- wtf is up with Smith's hair like 😭 sir this is why Matsumoto chose Akari instead of u
- "even tho u don't have any friends" "I know that already." KIRIYAMA AND HAYASHIDA'S INTERACTIONS ARE SO NICE I LOVE THEM
- "since I'm a minor, I'll have a juice" boy u literally could've chosen anything else but u ordered a fucking juice. perhaps do u want some crayons and some paper too??
- it's almost embarrassing how in my country kids start drinking at like 12 yo but Kiriyama after one shot is literally dying on the concrete
- also screaming in a megaphone in front of the whole school not realizing he's embarrassing his friend? big kinnie moment
- fuck yeah Hina dressing like an actual 15 yo, no more of that dress over jeans shit 🤢
- Gouto's back muscles >>>>
- "you have great seniors" "we teach him how to get along in the society" SIMPS
- when Kyouko appears at Kiriyama's door in the anime he's like "omfg not this shit again" but in the live-action he's straight-up scared. i wonder if the director was hinting at something...
- ok no they were definitely trying to tell us something; like the body language, how he refuses to look her in the eyes... poetic cinema (but also really sad)
- Kyouko Kouda shut the fuck hup challenge
- finally some representation of people who die after running for 50 meters
- I feel like I could enjoy this movie a fuckton more if I wasn't a highly emphatic person and if I knew how to deal with emotions
- shit, the actor who portraits Kiriyama as a child should get every prize there is
- psa that Smith canonically thinks Kiriyama's adorable
- also Akari has definitely a fat fetish like girl what the fuck is this
Tumblr media
bestie you live with a middle schooler and a toddler, at least try to hide it
- "you're unexpectedly good looking, for a shogi player" sis you're just mad he's skinny af
- I really feel like they're exaggerating Nikaidou's character, like hurr durr look at him he's funny and he's fat :/ (or maybe I'm just not ready to face the fact that he's not as cute as I expected him to be idk)
- fuck bro I would've obliterated Kiriyama too 😭 we can't really blame Gouto he did what he had to do
- Kuranosuke Sasaki looks so much like Shimada, I love this cast
- but also why do they slam the pieces on the board?? is it their way of t-posing or something?
- Momo really just had to say "stop being mean >:(" and Kyouko shut up, what a queen
- besties the worst thing about this movie is that Nikaidou isn't at least a head shorter than everybody else
- broke: Gouto's drinking water during the match with Shimada bc he's thirsty woke: he's actually drinking vinegar to assert his dominance
- there's so much sexual tension, I'm not even kidding
- 🎵two rivals best friends in a limousine 🕺 they might kiss 😳
- *sees Shigeta at the workshop* I HAVE DIED EVERYDAY WAITING FOR YOU
- the pigeon guy looking kinda hot tho 👉👈
- aww in the movie Shigeta visits Nikaidou at the hospital with Shimada :D
- Nikaidou's voice is so deep and for what 😭 he's like "calm down Kiriyama, 👹 ÇÄLM DÕWN 👹"
- damn
Tumblr media
Shigeta's canonically married
- I'm sad, the pigeon guy looks like he's about to cry :(
- ok now I'm the one who's crying, everyone's so proud of Kiriyama 😭
- they couldn't give us Kiriyama's green eyes, they couldn't give us short king Nikaidou, and now Souya's not even albino??? fuck this, I'm out (jk)
- where tf is Raidou????? who's this old dude???
- hell yeah Gouto, put him back in his place
- god if I were in Shimada's place I would have simply unalived myself
RATING: 9+/10, I absolutely fucking loved it, BUT:
- they really did my boy Nikaidou dirty, he seemed like a caricature of himself :(
- it took me 5 business days to finish it (ADHD? don't know her)
- overall, WATCH IT
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supernerdgirl24 · a year ago
My Top 100 Ships Pt IX
As stated in my bio, I have a shipping problem. So welcome to
Shipping Sundays! ❤️
Where I list 100 of my favorite ships in a series of 10 parts.
Some things to remember before we begin:
NONE of these gifs belong to me!
Ships listed in alphabetical order of the fandom
Some are canon, some aren't
Some are popular, some aren't
These are my personal shipping opinions
One person can be in multiple ships
😍 marks an OTP
Most importantly, this is just for fun 😁
This post may or may not contain MAJOR or minor spoilers for the following:
She-Ra ⚠️S5 spoilers⚠️
Stranger Things
Enjoy this week's ships!!
81. Psych: Shawn and Juliet
Tumblr media
82. She-Ra: Adora and Catra 😍
Tumblr media
The day season 5 was released, I was an idiot and got on Tumbr before watching and saw a gif of Catra confessing her love. And I was like, "damn! She-Ra really did that!" I was super mad that it got spoiled for me, but i was obviously super psyched because Catradora.
83. She-Ra: Hordak and Entrapta 😍
Tumblr media
Gif credit: @kirasren
If you follow me at all, you know I'm absolute TRASH for these two nerds!
84. She-Ra: Glimmer and Bow 😍
Tumblr media
Shipping Glimbow since episode 1. And BOY, DID IT PAY OFF IN THE END!
85. She-Ra: Sea Hawk and Mermista
Tumblr media
I couldn't find this gif in English in the gif search. But this is my #1 Seamista moment because it's just SO. DAMN. CUTE!!
86. She-Ra: Spinnerella and Netossa
Tumblr media
✨WIVES✨ 🥰😍
87. Stranger Things: Mike and El
Tumblr media
88. Stranger Things: Hopper and Joyce
Tumblr media
89. Supergirl: Kara and Winn 😍
Tumblr media
From the moment I started watching Supergirl, I shipped these two. Because let's face it, I would die for Winn Schott Jr. Even though my poor boy got hardcore friend-zoned, this ship will always have a place in my heart. Plus I am just such a sucker for the cute guy who has a crush on his best friend.
90. Supergirl: Kara and Mon-El 😍
Tumblr media
.I may ship Kara with Winn in the earlier seasons, but oh boy, it's hard not to be in love with Mon-El too. And it's hard for me not to ship two alien races who are supposed to sworn enemies, but have clear chemistry. Plus when these two finally got together, they just had the softest, sweetest relationship. So yes, my indecisive ass is marking both ships as OTPs
Next Installment
Part 10
Previous Installments
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
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wildflowersoulblog · 4 years ago
Random babble...
So... I did it. I got the new Huda Beauty desert dusk pallete, super expensive but I was so in love with it, that it would be rude not to! Going to post my attempted eye makeup looks on here! 🙈
I have missed my competition win from Hang Dr! No D: Mounds of supplements I won, by sending in my drawing promoting their supplements. So picking that up tomorrow! I have £500 worth of dresses coming my way too just waiting on delivery! 😍😍
Unless of course I've missed that too 😓
I have ordered... Lo Dough! 😀
So, I only just heard of this in a keto UK group on Facebook, and omg! 2g carb per wrap?! Gluten + dairy free yay ☺ it's mainly used for pizza bases, but people are using it for all sorts! So excited to try it! I have ordered 6 of them to try out ^_^ I can't wait until I get my new house, then I can make pizzas with them! I have missed pizza more than anything so this coupled with a new dairy free cheese I found the other day, piles of salami ahh I need it now! I think I may just end up
living on pizza! 😀
Ketogenius box for this month is being sent out day after tomorrow, which will keep me going for the month keto snack wise ^_^ I've currently just attempted making some dark chocolate covered macadamia nuts to nibble on, verdict? We will see! 😮😂
So I'm moving December renting off my sister! Garden, hot water without having to wait whilst I age ten years, central heating! She's leaving her big tv and American fridge freezer eek! So happy but stressed D:
As I literally a few months ago spent ££££ on doing up my flat 😓 But she's moving to Australia in December, and it's everything I want! Plus my landlady isn't the best and I don't feel secure here! I don't trust the boiler, no instant hot water, mould that likes to reappear, broken buzzer and oven! So yes... I'm gone. 😂
But me and the fiance are in a mad rush now to finish all the half done decorating literally every room, packing, skipping things which aren't needed, I'm taking these carpets with me as they cost a bomb and I love them and just putting some others down! Mad I spent so much, which could of been used towards my wedding or something equally important but meh hindsight! D:
So yeah, I'm not doing too bad on this woe still I forget which day I'm on so will have to check, haven't updated my food journal in a few days as it's just been the same old as of late 😂 I promise myself when I move into my new house with a working cooker in December things will be much different! Going to get back into cooking and baking again and dig out my canon camera to take some pretty pictures haha 😀😍
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zaram-d · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
I know I’m posting a lot of video clips guys, but bear 🐻 with me😅
So, here you’ll find exhibits A through C of Steve&Tony flirtation. 😏😎 As seen in the first video in Age of Ultron, Steve openly flirts with Tony as the team is gearing up to fly to Sokovia. I mean, JUST TAKE A LOOK AT THAT SOLDIER!!! He’s hooked!! He’s in love! 💖💞💞😍
Endgame was the best for Steve&Tony, but I kept noticing one small problem 🤔…
Just look at the second clip: they share that ✨look✨ as Steve gives the speech but then @marvel is like, “Put in Rocket and Scott to take the edge off” Same with America’s Ass. It was Tony flirting, but then Marvel’s like, “Who’s the closest comic relief here?? Scott? Okay, give it to him as simple humor” IT’S MADNESS!!! MARVEL WAS CAPABLE OF MAKING THEM CANON
📣📣📣BUT THEY’RE COWARDS!!! 📣📣📣😠😤😤
Tags🏷️ #robertdowneyjr #rdjvideo #chrisevans #tonystark #ironman #steverogers #captainamerica #avengers #mcu #ageofultron #vision #marvel #avengersendgame #stony #stevetony #stonyshipper https://www.instagram.com/p/CPlf5DIFlT7/?utm_medium=tumblr
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