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#post team

bruh I feel like jogo just smells like dust. he’s crusty in a different way. mahito does it to himself whereas jogo has a volcano for a head and has no other choice, so I’m willing to give jogo a pass on this one, just this once. other than that, the little head-snatchin volcano troll can leave and take mister goat legs with him

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No that I’ve finished rewatching the three extended editions of Lord of the Rings, I can go back and rewatch them all four more times each– once for each set of commentaries 😂

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ty bb I appreciate 🥺 and honestly I think ep 21 has hit me the hardest so far like it’s definitely the most memorable one for me so far (aside from ep 22 bc hinata my bb I’m so proud of him!!!) but that’s mainly bc of all my babies 🥺 I just have enjoyed it the most out of the rest of the episodes in s4 pt2.

I 100% agree with you. like yes ofc things are hyperbolized since that’s part of the drama, but I’ve been able to take something away from most of the characters in this show. I mean, I will yammer on about kita’s and hirugami’s philosophies for HOURS because they’re the ones that resonate the most with me and that mean the most to me, but I can relate to practically every character in some regard. and like you said that’s totally amazing! so yes, furudate really blessed us majorly and each time I look at the characters I feel inspired as a writer :) 

I’m really glad that the characters in this show were given their youth. ofc some of them are very mature and wise for their age (kita, daichi, ren, kiyoko, akaashi) but I’m glad that they all learn about themselves and grow as the anime/manga progresses, and aren’t just perfect ya know? like even powerhouse ushijima messes up and gets shut out by a block, even mr. no gaps kita shinsuke shanks a pass, and even yaku can’t dig every ball. it’s just so real and so satisfying that they’re not perfect and it makes me love em even more!

ty for sharing your opinion 💕 in conclusion: I’m super glad that you love hq :)

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dream team

dream: arachni-folk (or half-human, half-spider). just trying to remain hidden from humans

george: a witch! (gender-neutral term). he can do any type of magic, but he specializes in potions, so he usually just calls himself a potioneer

sapnap: fire spirit! can control fire, and also controls campfires n stuff like that (still not sure how that works either)

drista: arachni-folk, same as dream. dream and drista have known each other for a while, but aren’t technically related (she probably wont show up much, this is purely self indulgence lmao)

basic plot: i feel like they’d just go and adventures! maybe they’d like run into other groups and just vibe with them or something 

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