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#post+ discourse
mylilbirbs · 4 months ago
if actually want to support content creators on tumblr, please just reblog their content. Like look at this:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[ID: three images showing the likes and reblogs on tumblr posts. The first image reads 1,063 likes and 212 reblogs. The second reads 47 likes and 21 reblogs. The third image reads 2,142 likes and 825 reblogs. End ID]
idk how tumblr expects tumblr+ to work when most people on here wont even reblog.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr's @postplus is going to super hell for being a terrible idea, capitalism crimes, encouraging people to get sued for creating fanworks, and so we can bully it out of existence!!!
requested by: @radioactive-goo / @allhailwebby / @windmillsdeancas / Anonymous x5
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literalnobody · 4 months ago
99.9% of content creators on this site have to grovel and beg for reblogs, and Tumblr thinks people will PAY THEM??
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cervidaedalus · 4 months ago
The community has collectively torn apart every single flaw (and there are MANY) with this Posts+ feature and at that point it goes to show how poorly Tumblr would even handle a thing such as this. Even if they said your payment info would be safe despite numerous hilariously broken code bugs, the company as a whole has shown it hardly puts any critical thought into these decisions. Like lets review: -Every person who wants to be financially supported for their posts or content is already using Ko-fi and Patreon. Making this a Google+ style mistake of repeating a niche that's already been filled by a well-established platform and expecting it to succeed because of the size of your userbase alone. It's a redundant idea with the only "benefit" being that it's through Tumblr itself. -The pay cut taken by post+ is larger than Ko-fi or Patreon, with that cut being a whopping 40% in some countries. If this was about supporting creators, a simple tip jar feature could be implemented without paywall'ed posts so people don't have to link their payment apps. This isn't about supporting creators, it's about supporting the site's operating costs, but considering the scale of the backlash-- even if that backlash was a "vocal minority" which I sincerely doubt-- I'd wager they're hardly going to get enough partaking in it to make it a viable option. -Every feature they've rolled out has been clunky as hell. It's entirely likely that with the hypothetical chance this will be equally messy, the high cut being taken compared to alternatives, and established alternatives already existing with larger businesses and artists already having an established platform on those, even if this does get attention, it won't last more than a month or two. -Its a legal nightmare for anyone who posts fandom content- which is most of Tumblr. Even if your fandom stuff is in free posts, with enough income it could be argued that the fandom content is what's drawing in business and thus being used as advertisement. -If a post is reblogged once, its there forever. Which means that if you copy the content from a paid post and put it in the comments, there's nothing the OP can do aside from file a report to have all of those reblogs removed. Look at how quick the community was to eat NFT artists alive, and consider this is the platform where you get death threats over the silliest things. You think they'd actually respect content creators who use Posts+? -You can't block a subscriber without contacting support directly, which means someone with the disposable income could use it as a harassment tool. I don't even get the logic behind this feature other than lazy coding, because if streaming and cam model sites have a block feature even if you have an active subscription, why can't Tumblr? -Consider both of the above. Now recall the early days of the "nipple ban" fiasco and how many SFW posts got flagged because their detection algorithm was so clunky. To this day I get bursts of p/rn bot followers whose blogs are full of actual p/rn reblogged from existing blogs. I've reported every one of these that follows me as both spam and sensitive content before blocking them, but checking my blocklist right now, not a *single* one of them has been deleted. @staff how do you expect to combat the above: people subscribing to blogs to avoid blocks and carry out harassment, and people pirating paid content via reblog if you can't even keep up with p/rn spam bots that were reported months ago? You're just adding more onto the plates of your already likely overworked moderation team. -Lets not forget that they tested this feature by rolling it out on a staff member's blog without so much as notifying them about it. I absolutely get the need to monetize this site in some way so it can cover operating costs as well as a bigger moderation team to smack down those pesky p/rn bots, but as someone else suggested: this can be done via Reddit's method of offering bonus paid features that don't create a detriment to free users' experience, rather than locking content behind
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noyaspjs · 4 months ago
I just wanna add to the fear mongering about post+ and that u can get sued when you post copyrighted content aka. any and all fanwork:
You can always get sued for publishing content based off of or containing copyrighted content, paid or not.
The only reason we aren't getting sued left and right for it is because copyright owners like your favorite author or filmmaker choose not to enforce it. It's wildly unpopular amongst fans and most of the time fancontent benefits the copyright holder. However it has definitely happened before that a copyright owner filed copyright claims against freely accessible fanworks that don't make money and forced the creator to take their stuff down. But just because it doesn't happen a lot, because it's also a lot of work, doesn't mean it's not illegal !
You as a fanartist, fic writer, gif maker etc. make stuff that does not fall under fair use as you don't review the stuff or add criticism. You are always infringing on copyright, so please don't act like you only will when you use post+ and you have no legal ground to protect your content or yourself from people suing you. This is not a grey area or anything new. You have to realize that you're not in the right and all us fan content creators are at the mercy of the copyright holders at any time, in any situation.
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rosarenn · 4 months ago
Patiently waiting for the day the capitalist goons realise that tumblr dot com can never be successfully monetized and they announce they're pulling the plug so we all revolt until they admit defeat and we collectively fund, organise, and maintain this feral corner of the internet in perpetuity.
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tvneon · 4 months ago
Post+ just seems like a bad idea on multiple levels.
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dangerbooze · 4 months ago
Words from a fellow fandom elder about why fanfiction shouldn't be monetized.
"They just don’t understand that fanfic archives are surviving off goodwill and publishers closing one eye lmao The moment archives start making money that the publishers aren't...Welp."
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how dare post+ show up as an option for me to activate. literally part of the culture of shitposting is that everyone is forced to witness my dumbassery fOR FREE.
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We should all install ad blockers to starve this site's revenue until they realise that post plus is, in fact, not a good idea
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adventsys · 4 months ago
ok but can someone explain to us, in detail, why Post+ is bad. I honestly don't get it. To me right now, it just seems dubious at its worst
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kateknowsdramas · 2 months ago
Well, they did it. They actually put in the subscription feature. 
In the pantheon of stupid ideas, this is right up there.
Tumblr media
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