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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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Concept : A weekend getaway to Maldives. Staying in a cozy cabin, attempting to completely relax and be away from the pressures of society. A no- electronics weekend, where you spend your days walking by a gorgeous secluded beach of Maldives. There’s a palm tree hammock nearby your cabin. You are lying in that hammock, trying to pay full attention to your surroundings. No one is around. It’s calm and tranquil. You close your eyes, take a deep breath and let the glowing beach invade your soul.

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Cursed Waters

Experiment done, wasted a bit of paint because I couldn’t predict how the colors of the acrylics would look once they’ve dried and I keep forgetting that the base color of the cardboard is brown, not white. I also applied gel pens, oil pastels and colored pencils on top of the acrylics and the neon paint is poster paint, trying to see how many materials I can put on top of each other as I can’t do any of this on a primed canvas. Maybe I’ll paint again on a canvas but I find it faster and more fun to paint on cardboard.

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An Ode to Creativity🌟🌹

(Aka Roman Creativity “Princey” Sanders)

This is my Grandiose and Flamboyant gift to the Creative Prince himself since it was his birthday! I wanted to be as Extra™️ as possible on this, so I went OFF on materials and colors and details and… everything in general. I might even say that this is probably going to be one of my, if not my best painting I’ve ever done with poster colors. WOO!

For the art: The background is done with crayola crayons, black poster paint, and my compass(circle-drawing). I put down crayon like a kindergartner trying not to leave white spaces, I put black poster paint on top of the waxy surface, and I scratched it with the compass needle. To anyone who wants to try: Note that wax is hydrophobic. Use paint, and paint only. Water will be your hindrance (not that I didn’t know and tried and was half terrified when it wasn’t being applied… however, letting the water evaporate kinda worked) Then, for Roman and the background, I used poster color. I THINK I FINALLY AM GETTING HOW TO USE IT! The sash is oil pastel that’s water soluble, so I used water to make it blend. The hardest part out of all was the clothing because I forgot how I should layer values (don’t go from light to dark; gradually is your keyword). Overall, this was such a fun and fulfilling multimedia project that really expanded everything I know, and I’m glad I did this. So, so glad.

(Btw, if you want to ask me about the process or anything, feel free to ask me through the askbox!)

My mindset for this painting? “Roman, take the wheel.” I usually do that, but this time, I just let myself go off on this project. It was very random, too. I don’t know how I managed to do this, but it turned out great! I mean, that’s usually how things go. It’s just a random string of thought turned into a reality. ‘Twas fun.

Click more for details, WIP pics, and the tag list! The details would be a blend of boredom, “there is a space and I need to fill that,” and “YES, THIS SCREAMS ROMAN!”. That’s usually how I end up with long essays, detailed drawings, and everything else. The details ARE my spice of some sort.

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Another failed painting, this time in poster color paints. However, I realized what I did wrong with this one, and I’m willing to start back up again with some smaller studies. Hopefully one day I’ll be able to actually fully realize a big piece like this!

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