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Tumblr media
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superstarseijoh · 12 months ago
notes: pure fluff, mentions of food, not proofread :[
lia's braindump: i have too many oikawa thoughts that it would be a crime not to share. anyway i love making fun of oikawa, but little by little the affectionate undertones of this habit is making him one of my comfort characters :')
just when you thought your life couldn't get any more obnoxious, oikawa tōru proclaimed himself as your best friend (unfortunately). naturally, he defends his name, "y/n-chan, i'm more or less a blessing to your life! if anything, you're fortunate to have me!"
you'd disagree; because first and foremost, being best friends with oikawa tōru meant that it was highly entertaining to throw banter around him. he would always have the best exaggerated reactions. they make you giggle and snicker, sometimes double over in laughter and he'd pretend to be confused, even when he knows exactly what was making you laugh: him.
oikawa tōru is someone you can count on to sit with you and binge literally anything. he loves talking about the latest j-dramas like it's hot gossip. you two would watch it on the way to school, outside the classrooms during breaks, and on the ride home. on the other end of the spectrum, he'd stay up to watch scary movies and listen to true crime podcasts with you, even if it meant not being able to sleep a wink out of fear. hey, at least you're wide awake too.
oikawa tōru would scream the lyrics of your favorite songs with you just because. it's 12 PM and both of you are duetting olivia rodrigo's traitor like it's no one's business. he's yelling the lyrics, pouring his heart out while laying on your bedroom floor. neither of you are even heartbroken. he directs his fake hurt to the third person sitting in the corner of the room, watching the moments unfold in pure amusement. iwaizumi wonders if he should film it to send to mattsun and makki.
oikawa tōru gives you the remaining stash of the different sweets and pastries he receives from his admirers. "aren't these for you?" you ask one day, sitting on the bleachers as you munch on some cookies given by an underclassman (they were really good cookies). he shrugs, "i can't eat everything i get and it's better than throwing them away."
on the subject of food, oikawa tōru knows you'd love a good snack, so he packs some extra milk bread he had baked prior for you to eat. maybe if they're particularly lucky that day, iwaizumi, mattsun, or makki would get a piece too. as he was extremely fond of baking, he asked you once to come make something with him; it actually turned out really well, and both of you ate your warm bread happily, deciding that the dishes could wait a bit longer.
oikawa tōru never seems to have a hard time reading you. this is already common information, but you always forget when you lie to him about how you're currently feeling. he knows just the right things to make you feel better when you're having a particularly rough day. he's always all cocky about how he always manages to cheer you up, but he really cannot see you sad for the life of him. it breaks his heart, and he swears he would do anything to keep you happy.
oikawa tōru constantly reminds you that he is a safe space. he appreciates that you trust him enough to tell him the things that are bothering you. he knows how hard it is to be vulnerable when all you ever want is to look anything but, so he always tells you, "it's okay, y/n.", "i'm always here when you need me." and he sure is.
oikawa tōru, even after years and years, will never fail to make you utterly proud of him. he denies it outright, brushes it off like it's nothing, but your heart swells in pride seeing how far he's come, aware of the hard work behind it all. he beams at you just like he always does, and says, "thank you. for believing in me." you both bawl your eyes out on the spot.
you occasionally think about how it so happened that oikawa tōru was your best friend. when he says "you're fortunate to have me!", you disagree just to tease him; but you know you are, because oikawa is one-of-a-kind.
of course, you won't tell him that because he'll never let you live it down.
lia's (extra) braindump: oikawa is good at baking and i will die on this hill. also it's like 12am the flow of this is A MESS. i def have more hcs but they'll have to do on another post haha
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aristeiakira · 4 months ago
hello! may i request a classic matchup for a tokyo revengers male? i adore your blog aesthetic btw!! also i apologize for how early i sent this in, it just turned 12am utc for me and i was suddenly reminded of sending a matchup in here since i saw your post in advance. :]
personality ; my mbti is isfj 9w8, i’m a weird hybrid of slytherin and hufflepuff. i’d say my most prominent personality trait is that i’m a very blunt and straightforward, honest person. i speak whatever comes to mind without thinking things through and regardless of the consequences, i lack a filter. as quiet as i normally am upon first impression i think people prefer me that way because the moment i open my mouth people regret not asking me to shut up before even trying HAHA. i’m still not the most talkative, i love being a listener instead. i tend towards teasing and poking fun at people although i know not to cross the line, i just enjoy bantering. i love flustering people, but i get very easily flustered myself, and i have tsundere tendencies. i also have a witty sense of humor which can be dark and inappropriate at times (that coupled with my habit of being impulsive with my words and not thinking things through before saying them is a recipe for disaster). i’m very independent and i go with the flow yet at the same time i march to the beat of my own drum, i hate feeling pressured more than anything and i just can’t get along with others who nitpick at my flaws. i don’t hold grudges easily or take things personally and i’m very forgiving and accepting, i pride myself in my ability to understand other people and see through them in a way different to how the vast majority would see them and i go an extra mile for those i care about, even complete strangers. this however makes me easily taken advantage of, but i know how to stand up for myself when necessary.
likes/dislikes: pretty straightforward, i like sleeping a lot LOL. i also like to research topics of interest too like psychology. astronomy is cool too, i plan on majoring in astrophysics. i dislike self righteous people who nitpick at my flaws, and harsh criticism (although i understand when it’s necessary, i’m just sensitive to it)
my take on love ; quite hard to say really, my view tends to be a bit more pessimistic than most. i think love is nice while it lasts, but because it’s so fleeting and temporary i believe i can live without it, i prefer to take the easy way out to avoid getting myself hurt. i know my views primarily have to do with how easy it used to be for me to attach myself to others who eventually leave anyway, and it’s an underlying fear that doing so will cause the same result to happen again as it did multiple times in the past. my approach to love has always just been passive detachment and ‘no strings attached’. haha, i won’t get too deep into my trauma, but despite these defense mechanisms i’ve built, i am secretly a hopeless romantic at heart.
thank you so much! have a lovely day <33
A Classic Matchup ♡
Tumblr media
- You received Kurokawa Izana!
- To Izana, your bluntness, straightforwardness, and honesty, are traits he loved the most. The sincerity that comes out whenever you speak is something that he appreciates, he knows you won't lie, he trusts you that much because of it.
- The lack of filter is something you never have to worry about when you're with him, he'd probably just smile at you, admire you.
- In terms of communication, I see your relationship being balanced. Izana would definitely love to share his ideas, dreams, and thoughts to you. At the same time, he can listen to you for as long as you have something to say, nonsense or with sense, he's up for it.
- I see you teasing him whenever you have the chance, most of the time, you see nonchalance and a small tug at the corner of his lips.
- Other times, you get to achieve your purpose of flustering him, yes, those reddened cheeks of his are worth the countless efforts you do- when he evades your eyes and opts to hide his face from you whether by covering his lips with the back of his hand or by leaning on your shoulder, yes, just--yes.
- However, there are also times that he makes unexpected come backs, and that is when you get flustered. Why can I imagine that kabedon pose? Cliche but effective in letting out the butterflies in your stomach.
- Independency, you being your own, something which the both of you have in common that makes you a great pair. He understands how you have your choices just like how he has his own. The support you receive from each other is a great motivation towards achieving your goals.
- Flaws are not something he tend to focus on because he has one as well, there is no pressure for you to be like this or that, and he makes it known by having your back all the time.
- Izana has a high respect and admiration whenever he gets to witness just how forgiving you are. He is human, precisely the reason why he's having a hard time to forgive- to heal. You always touch a part of his soul, urging him to try.
- I feel like I'm Izana's Mother handing him over to you (T_T). It's for the reason that he could be easily misunderstood but a person like you who tries to go the extra mile to understand and see people in a different light makes you the best candidate for my son.
- Aside from loving a person, the ability to understand one another despite the differences, flaws, and circumstances is a lot more important, you have just that trait which makes you very very admirable to him (and me, the self-proclaimed Mom, my apologies, haha).
- If anyone ever dares to take advantage of you, no, you won't have to lift a finger. Izana will fight them back for you, he's extremely upset that anyone has the guts to do that when you're already kind enough as you are.
- The kind of date you often do would probably be something where you get to relax at the comfort of your bed, either doing your own business with the presence of each other or together with an activity the both of you find interesting. He would also take you on romantic dates that lets you see the stars because he's just that kind of man and he knows you would enjoy them.
- Another similarity that I've found in the both of you is the view that you have about love. I believe that this is the deciding factor of whom you'd get match with. Izana has just the same thoughts as you.
- All of the above headcanons are only possible when the two of you decided to try. The moment Izana asked you to be his was also the moment his view shifted quite a bit, he presented himself bare, no pretenses or boundaries, just the genuine feelings he has.
- On the other hand, with your view, I think you would go into a relationship with him with your defense mechanism activated. However, it is up for you to decide whether your view is still the same after the time you'd spent with Izana.
- He may bring out the hopeless romantic in you just as you brought out the genuine side of him, sincere, vulnerable, childlike, a pure man whose innocence was just tainted.
- You're a lovely being worthy of everything, so is the man that you're matched with.
Tumblr media
Note: Hello, my first dear guest! Thank you for appreciating this blog’s aesthetic, I really wanted to make it pretty so your comment is also deeply appreciated. And of course, I’m glad that you remembered to send a matchup, I am very very happy to have you! I hope you enjoyed your request. 🥰
Tumblr media
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mochiwrites · 6 months ago
thank you so much for writing my prompt, it was do good and exactly what i imagined!! the pain, the comfort, mumbo and grian .. ue ue ue
reincarnation aus are very high on the list of my favourite aus and when i read ur story and then the post about reincarnated grian i just .. got rlly invested haha
if u wanna write more, i have another prompt, and i hope it doesn’t bother you that it‘s reincarnated grian again (^^ゞ
maybe something about grian in his daily life, but with connections with to his previous life? not big ones likes visions or flashes of the past, but small things. like how he‘s an early bird, always waking up at the crack of dawn no matter how late he goes to sleep. the way his windows and blinds are always open to let the sunlight in. the way his apartment is located in a tall building because he likes to be high up as if he could touch the clouds. he carries around a rock for bravery and luck etc. etc.!
just ... grian is solara in so many ways and yet he isn’t.
- eclipse anon
AAAAA I’M SORRY THIS TOOK SO LONG — I don’t mind at all !! :D this gives me a perfect chance to do some minor developing of the reincarnated storyline, so I’m more than happy to write up some stuff !!
The thing that wakes Grian early one morning is the sunlight pouring in through the blinds. He groans softly, throwing an arm over his eyes. He hears birds chirping outside his window, and he sighs quietly. Welp, it’s time to get up.
He glances over at his phone, checking the time. 7:12am his phone reads, and Grian hums. Seems like he’ll be running on about…. four hours of sleep?
Meh, he’s operated on less.
Pushing himself up from bed, he sets his feet on the floor and yawns. He then heads over to the windows, letting the blinds open up fully. Before, they were only open half away, casting the room in a soft orange like glow. With them fully open now, he smiles at the amount of light spilling into his room.
He turns around and heads over to his dresser, grabbing his red jumper and gray pants. He tries to be quiet, as to avoid waking his sister who’s still asleep in her room. He doubts she’ll be awake any time soon, she’s even more of a night owl then he is! Though, in Grian’s defense, he wanted to sleep early last night, but well… buildings aren’t going to plan themselves!
And he had been struck with a sudden source of inspiration! He couldn’t just stop! What if he had forgotten the idea? Or worse! Whatever the worse case scenario for that would be. It’s a perfectly valid reason (in his mind) to stay up late!
Besides, coffee exists for a reason.
As he exits his room, he passes by his little rock collection that he has going on. He’s never been entirely sure of the reason, but ever since he was a kid, he loved collecting rocks. He’d even give them little names, like his Lucky Rock and his Rock of Courage. And he never quite grew out of the habit of collecting.
Walking into the kitchen, Grian pulls the blinds open there too, letting the light in. He gazes out the window, looking down. They’re on one of the highest floors in the building, so Grian can’t really make out much down below. He’s pulled out of his thoughts by the sounds of meowing and furry bodies pressing against his legs. He chuckles, glancing down to the two cats laying at his feet.
“Come on then you two.” He hums, stepping back to walk over to where the cat food is stored. They follow him excitedly, the bells on their collars jingling. And then he hears the squawk of his beloved parrot, and Grian chuckles.
“I’ll get to you, you pesky bird.” He says fondly as he fills the cats food bowls.
“Squawk, pesky bird! Squawk, pesky bird!” The parrot repeats, and Grian shushes him.
“Shhh, Professor Beak! You’re going to wake up Pearl!” He says before feeding him as well. Once all of the animals are satisfied, he hums and returns to the kitchen. It’s time to make human food now. He’ll keep it simple, he decides.
And as he cooks, he lets his mind drift. Grian likes to think, it’s something he does quite often. He likes to think about all sorts of things, but his mind has decided to think about life. His life, specifically.
Lately, things have felt well… weird. No, perhaps that’s not quite true. Grian’s life has always felt weird. Incomplete. He’s always felt like there was a piece missing, a gaping hole in his world. And yet he never understood why. He has two loving parents, a wonderful younger sister, and amazing friends. But still — something someone is missing. Grian had no idea what or who it is. His back feels lighter (why should it feel heavier?), and his routine has always felt… incomplete.
It’s like he always gets the feeling that he should be doing more, but what more can he possibly do?
These thoughts accompany him as he makes breakfast for himself and Pearl. “Well, no use in looking for answers I won’t get.” He mutters to himself as he sets down the plates.
As if on cue, Pearl’s door swings open and out of it steps his younger sister. “Good morning!” Grian greets, a cheery smile on his face.
“Morning,” Is Pearl’s sleepy reply as she yawns. She sits down at the countertop, grabbing one of the plates.
“How’d you sleep?” He asks, sliding a mug of coffee over to her.
She takes it gratefully, blowing on it before taking a sip. “Alright.” She replies, humming. She then squints at Grian as he practically dances around the kitchen, grabbing things from the fridge and setting them on the counter. “How are you always so energetic this early?” Pearl asks, making him laugh.
“I don’t know! It’s just natural energy I guess!” He responds, snatching a plate for himself.
“C’mon Griba, you’re always up as soon as the sun rises. Do you ever rest?” She asks, and Grian shrugs.
“Guess I’m just a morning person!” He replies, reaching for a muffin on the table just as Pearl does. He snatches it first, making her pout. “And the early bird gets the worm! Or — muffin in this case.” He laughs.
Pearl huffs, “I’ll let you win this time.” Her eyes then land on the counter, and she blinks. “Hey, Gri? Are you expecting someone for breakfast?” She asks.
“No?” Grian answers, as his eyes land on an extra plate. “Oh, I must’ve grabbed a third by accident.” He says, taking it and putting back into the cupboard.
“Maybe you should be sleeping in more.” Pearl laughs.
Grian chuckles, “Maybe.”
They sit for breakfast, the third plate forgotten.
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cheri-translates · a year ago
[CN] ASMR Transcript - Trace (Victor)
🍒 Warning: This post contains detailed spoilers for an ASMR, 描摹, which has not been released in English servers! 🍒
This ASMR was released on 20 December 2020!
More from this collection: Gavin l Kiro l Lucien
[ many sounds in the first minute e.g. water + Victor’s breath + splashing + footsteps + door opening + clinking sounds from a cat toy + Pudding’s adorable meow]
What are you doing?
Why does it feel as though you’ve fed it till it’s become fatter again?
[ Pudding purrs ]
Why are you licking my finger?
Nothing delicious was made for you today?
[sighs] I think you’ve become spoiled.
You’re not even willing to eat cat food.
Sharing exactly the same habits as a certain someone.
[ Pudding purrs ]
When called fat,
Even the completely indifferent expression is the same.
This expression.
Deliberately having a stubborn expression and not looking at me.
Yet unable to hide a smile.
[ sound of flipping and Pudding purring ]
Sit closer.
Accompany me in reading a book.
[ footsteps ]
It’s your book.
I saw it when it slid off the pillow and fell from the bed.
So I brought it over.
Don’t you also frequently read my books from the bedside drawer?
Courtesy demands reciprocity.
You’ve finished reading this book since a long time ago, right?
Why is there a bookmark stuffed in this page?
You like this poem?
“My mistress’ eyes are nothing like the sun;
Coral is far more red than her lips’ red;
If snow be white, why then her breasts are dun;
If hairs be wires, black wires grow on her head.
I have seen roses damasked, red and white,
But no such roses see I in her cheeks;
And in some perfumes is there more delight
Than in the breath that from my mistress reeks.
I love to hear her speak,
Yet well I know that music hath a far more pleasing sound;
I grant I never saw a goddess go;
My mistress, when she walks,
Treads on the ground.
And yet, by heaven,
I think my love as rare as any she belied
With false compare.”
This is your book.
Shouldn’t you be more aware of the meaning of this poem than I am?
But from what I’ve read
Its meaning is that
Sometimes, even a dummy can cause one’s heart to stir.
But look at how distasteful Pudding is staring at me.
Perhaps it has an objection to such a conclusion.
Hm? Mm.
Increasingly lazy. None of the toys can amuse it.
When I first carried it home, it even tore my house apart.
Now, when I don’t pay attention to it,
Its eyes don’t even lift for a moment,
Lying down and sleeping.
Just like you.
[ flipping sounds ]
It’s very late.
You should learn from this lazy cat.
If you’re tired, go to sleep.
Don’t be like the last time
Insisting on lazing on me,
Needing me to carry you to bed after falling asleep.
What are you doing?
[ clinking sounds ]
This is used for playing with cats,
Not used on me.
[ clinking sounds ]
You’ve known me for so long.
Do you think I’m ticklish?
[ Victor noises ]
I should remind you
Every movement you’re making right now –
I’ll repeat it all on you in a while.
You’re asking for trouble.
If you don’t believe me,
Go ahead.
[ clinking sounds + Victor noises ]
Even if you scratch the feather against my neck again
It wouldn’t be ticklish.
[ clinking sounds + Victor noises ]
The collarbone?
It’s not ticklish either.
[ clinking sounds + Victor noises ]
The chest –
Even less ticklish.
[ clinking sounds + Victor noises ]
Do you still want to continue?
[ clinking sounds + Victor noises ]
Too gentle.
I don’t feel anything.
I’m not enduring it.
I really don’t feel anything.
Why don’t you try using your hand to scratch my waist?
Perhaps it’d be slightly more ticklish than this.
[ rustling ]
Who allowed you to use your fingernails?
Didn’t I just say
That you’re asking for trouble.
It’s your turn.
Let me recall
Where your most ticklish areas are.
I remember.
Your earlobes.
[ clinking sounds ]
What are you shrinking backwards for?
When you were teasing me earlier
Why didn’t you have such an expression?
I also remember that you’re ticklish here.
[ three delicious kisses ]
I know that this is against the rules.
But you instigated this game.
I never agreed to follow your rules.
Take it that I’m being unreasonable
Refusing to admit defeat –
I learnt it from you.
What are you mumbling about?
Isn’t your style to never admit defeat to me?
Why do you suddenly look wronged?
I don’t accept your surrender.
[ clinking sounds ]
This is meant to remind you that
There’s a price to pay for fumbling around.
[ rustling and Victor’s breathing ]
From the moment you quietly changed the carpet here,
I’ve been wanting to try
If the texture of the carpet is really as good as you said.
Is it ticklish?
Mm, it’s deliberate.
I know that your waist is the most ticklish.
If you’re going to shrink, shrink into my arms.
Otherwise, I won’t stop.
[ clinking sounds ]
If you’re hugging me, hug me tightly.
My heart might soften
And I’ll let you go to sleep.
Your expression changed the moment I mentioned letting you go to sleep.
You’re unwilling to do so?
It is very early,
To someone who refuses to put down her phone even after 12am.
Many things can be done before sleeping.
Or rather, to be more direct,
What do you want?
Say it directly.
When did you buy this shirt?
I haven’t seen it before.
The quality of the material
Isn’t bad.
The colour
Suits you.
It feels
Your tastes have improved.
I haven’t said that the game has ended.
[ clinking sounds ]
Why do you look wronged again?
Scratching the arch of your foot makes you feel wronged?
At this moment, you’re as obedient as a cat.
Are you cold?
Want to return to the bedroom?
A little bit of cold is all right.
You won’t be cold after hugging me.
Hug me tighter.
You won’t be cold then.
[ two kisses ]
Don’t close your eyes.
Look at me.
Tonight, don’t close your eyes.
Keep looking at me, just like this.
Why is your face so hot?
And you still told me not to break the rules.
Do you know that the way you look right now…
The game is over.
Are you ready to accept your punishment?
I won’t let you off easy tonight.
The wood in the fireplace is sufficient to burn for the entire night.
Give me your hand.
Lift your head.
Tell me -
What do you want?
What do you want?
[ kiss ]
Say it out loud.
Tell me.
You’re too soft.
I can’t hear you.
Open your eyes and look at me.
Tell me.
What do you want?
It’s all yours.
Whatever you want –
I’ll satisfy you.
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joonie-beanie · a year ago
Tumblr media
Pairing: Beel x Bean ( + Lucifer )
Genre: Smut/Fluff
Words: 4,938
So, I decided to write this based off this post I made the other day about Beel and Bean.
It seemed like a lot of people were torn between wanting just Bean x Beel, and Lucifer x Bean x Beel, so :’) maybe I wrote two different endings? Just maybe.
Read to the end and find out ;o
Tumblr media
Bean has a sweet tooth, and she’s been trying to stave it. 
However, Satan had stopped by her room earlier that evening to ask if she had any grocery requests, and despite herself, she’d told him a box of brownie mix.
Now, hours later, she’s acutely aware of the fact that somewhere down in the kitchen is a brownie mix—waiting for her. And if she doesn’t bake them sooner, rather than later, it’s likely one of the brothers will find the brownies and devour them before she can get the chance. 
Mainly Beel.
Now don’t get her wrong, she adores the Avatar of Gluttony, but she wants to be able to eat and/or hide a portion of the dessert before he discovers the rest.
So, at the ripe hour of 12AM, Bean rolls out of bed and makes her way to the kitchen. It’s a school night, and she feels she’ll be fine baking so late in the evening. It’s likely that most of the brothers are already asleep, or are settling into bed, and within an hour, she’ll have eaten her sweet snack, wrapped a few up for later, and will be back in the comfort of her room.
Personally, she feels her plan is foolproof. Even if she’s cooking so late, she’ll still manage to get a good seven hours of sleep, so long as nothing goes wrong.
And really...the only thing that could go wrong would be Beel managing to smell the brownies from the other end of the house but...that won’t happen, right? Not if he’s asleep…
Already feeling quite tired herself, Bean yawns as she steps into the kitchen—quickly forgetting about any of her worries.
She turns on the oven to preheat it, and then rummages around in the cupboards until she finds the box of brownie mix. Satan had been careful to stick it in the way back—behind a few tall bags of chips, and Bean can’t help but laugh as she unburies it.
She’ll have to thank Satan later. Maybe she’ll give him a brownie tomorrow.
As quietly as she can manage, Bean locates a mixing bowl, and a baking pan. She mixes the wet and dry ingredients together, and then scoops them into the pan—very purposely leaving behind a few spoonfuls worth of the chocolatey batter. (Honestly, she would just eat the bowl of batter if she could).
Soon enough, the oven is heated to the correct temperature, and she places the soon-to-be pan of brownies inside. Then, before she forgets, she picks up her DDD and sets a timer—leaving it a few minutes short of the recommended time (because let’s be honest, fudgy brownies are the best).
Once that’s taken care of, Bean grabs the mixing bowl and leans back against the kitchen island. Using the spatula, she scoops out small amounts of the remaining batter—tasting the sweetness on her tongue as she savors it for as long as she can.
She can feel the warmth from the oven reaching into the room—warming the skin on her legs. She has a habit of wearing the same thing to bed every night: an oversized t-shirt, and a pair of fitted shorts.
At first, she’d been quite conscious of her nightwear—afraid of showing the brothers too much leg—too much of her squishy thighs. But now, after months of living with them, she no longer worries. She feels comfortable around them all, and has been reassured more than once that she doesn’t need to change her habits just for them. (And besides, they secretly enjoy shows of skin from her).
Lost in her thoughts—eyelids drooping tiredly—Bean mindlessly continues to eat the brownie batter. The house is calm around her, and she basks in the silence. However, just as she’s scooping up the last of the batter—the sweet smell of brownies beginning to waft from the oven—Bean hears the incoming sound of footfalls. 
She pauses with the spatula just inches from her lips—blue eyes shifting to look at the doorway as a figure appears. Her heart thumps loudly within her chest when she realizes it’s Beel. 
He’s standing there in only a flannel pair of pajama pants—the remnants of sleep clear on his face as he sniffs the air.
Clearly, Bean had underestimated Beel’s sense of smell. Even from the other end of the house, and while asleep, he’d managed to tell that someone was cooking.
Finally, Beel finds Bean, and his eyes quickly shift to look at the mixing bowl beside her, and the spatula full of batter that’s held in front of her lips. He takes a step forward—intent on devouring what’s left of the mixture—but Bean moves quickly.
She shoves the spatula into her mouth, smiling a little as Beel finally reaches her and picks up the bowl. When he realizes it’s empty, his brows furrow—upset that she hadn’t shared. However—
He turns to look at the stove. The pan of brownies inside is less than half way cooked, and yet, he looks ready to down the entire dessert. Bean notices where he’s staring, and quickly reaches out—grabbing his wrists. 
“Beel, no, c’mon” she says, feeling a little guilty when his upset eyes shift to look at her. He tugs his arms from her grasp, and her heart aches—not used to seeing him look so upset. She hopes it’s just the grogginess that’s making him appear mad, and that he’s not actually mad at her.
“I’m sorry. When they’re finished, you can definitely have—”
Her words cut off as Beel grabs her face—tugging her into a bruising kiss. His tongue shoves into her mouth, her gasp of shock lost against him as he explores her—gathering all the sweetness she has to offer. He can taste the brownie batter on her tongue.
Sliding one of his large hands to cradle the back of her head, his now free arm wraps around her waist—tugging her flush against him. The new proximity and angle allows Beel to press even deeper, and he doesn’t hear the way Bean whimpers—her hands raising to press against his bare chest.
His kisses are messy and relentless—full of tongue and teeth—and Bean is helpless in the face of his undying hunger. 
She can feel the heat radiating off her own face, and the arousal that has begun to pool between her legs. Even if she knows Beel is only acting like this because of his bottomless appetite, she can’t help being turned on by his current actions. He’s quite literally stealing her breath away.
In fact, she may pass out soon if he doesn’t allow her to breathe.
Whining, she presses harder against him, but he doesn’t budge. She tries again, and again—making more sounds, and louder. Her fingernails curl into the tanned skin of his chest, and the inkling of pain finally brings him back into reality.
With a trail of spit connecting them—Beel pulls back. 
His grip on her lingers, his violet eyes searching her face as her chest heaves. Every inch of her skin is flushed—her eyes blown wide, and lips swollen. It quickly becomes obvious to the Avatar of Gluttony that despite his innocent intentions, he’d managed to get Bean extremely turned on.
The realization makes him hard.
“Sorry,” he mumbles, thumb soothing over the back of her skull. His gaze softens, although the underlying hunger remains. However, now he’s hungrier for something else. A different sort of midnight snack.
Bean shakes her head, reaching up to cradle his face.
“No—no, Beel, you’re fine, I just,” she laughs breathily, smiling at him. “I needed to breathe, that’s all. I didn’t mind the kiss…”
Beel gives her waist a squeeze—rocking his body forward ever so slightly—and she can feel his growing hard-on against her stomach. 
“I didn’t mean to get hard,” he admits, a light blush dusting his cheeks. “But...I couldn’t help it, seeing your face.”
Bean understands the meaning behind his words—an unspoken question of “can we keep going?”. And, of course, she wants to keep going. She can’t stop now, when she’s already feeling wetness gather between her thighs
Pressing onto her tiptoes, she kisses Beel softly. It’s a complete 180 from their previous bout of kisses, but neither of them mind, and things don’t stay so gentle for long. 
Grabbing her by her waist, Beel hefts Bean up onto the kitchen island—stepping in between her spread legs. With each passing second, their kisses turn more wanton. Their mouths slot together—Beel’s fingers moving to grip the soft flesh of her hips, and he finds that he has a sudden appreciation for the height of the counter—his pelvis perfectly aligned with her clothed pussy. 
With little effort, he begins grinding Bean’s body against his own—his quickly growing erection tenting against his pajama pants as he slides himself against the damp fabric of her shorts. And Bean can only watch in anticipation—leaned back on her palms to steady herself. 
The size of Beel’s body, and his cock, never fail to make her feel small. And she loves it—arousal snaking through every inch of her body.
“Beel…,” she whines, biting her lip when he moves one of his hands between her legs. Two of his digits sneak beneath the crotch of her shorts—gathering up her wetness, and slipping between her tight walls. 
He pumps his fingers into her a few times, testing the waters, and making sure he won’t hurt her. He knows by now that Bean doesn’t mind the stretch of him—doesn’t mind if a little pain is involved—but he still has a habit of warming her up.
“Beel,” she whines again, louder. She grinds her hips against his fingers, letting him know she can take more. She doesn’t need any prep. She’s already so wet, and doesn’t want to wait any longer to take him.
However, Beel still doesn’t budge—too concerned with making sure she won’t get hurt. Bean sighs.
Sitting up, she reaches forward and wrestles her fingers beneath the waistband of his pants. Her fingers curl around his length—his girth too much for her small hand to wrap around—but that doesn’t stop her from stroking him.
The sensation makes him groan, the muscles in his torso flexing as she pumps her hand up and down his shaft. Bean smiles at his reaction.
“Hey,” she says softly. “You won’t hurt me. Please, I want you.”
Finally reassured by her words, Beel gives in. He leans down and kisses her—his hands tugging his pants down his thighs as their mouths meld. He then makes quick work of her shorts—his fingers curling around her waistband, and scooting them down her legs. 
Before long, her bottoms are abandoned on the kitchen floor—Beel gripping his cock and rubbing his tip between her slick folds. Bean bites her lip as she watches him, body shivering in excitement when she feels the first few inches of his length press into her.
The stretch is delicious, and Bean can’t help groaning. She leans back onto her forearms, bottom lip catching between her teeth as she watches Beel disappear inside of her—inch by inch. He works himself between her walls slowly, and yet, it doesn’t take long for him to completely fill her—her pussy twitching around his girth—adjusting to the snug fit.
“Fuck,” she breathes. Bean’s legs wrap around him, and Beel begins rocking into her—his hungry eyes locked on the space between their bodies. The strong smell of brownies has begun to permeate the room, and combined with the natural sweet scent of Bean, the Avatar of Gluttony feels like he may go crazy from hunger.
“Mmm,” leaning down, Beel kisses her—smothering her cute little sounds with his lips as he begins thrusting faster. And her pussy takes him so beautifully, like always—making him fall apart at the seams. 
Once the kiss is broken—the two mutually parting for air—Beel settles his mouth against her neck. He assaults the sensitive skin with his tongue and teeth, and the lewd noise she makes in response has his cock throbbing.
Despite his impressive stamina, Beel quickly feels himself inching towards his release. 
He can’t help it—not with all the heavenly smells around him, and the way Bean is reacting to his ministrations.
“Bean,” he pants. He continues fucking between her walls—sinful, wet noises filling the room with each poignant trust. And honestly, Bean isn’t very far behind. It’s likely a combination of her tired brain, Beel’s breath stealing kisses, and his delicious girth that has managed to get her so close, so fast.
Oh, and his mouth on her neck isn’t helping either—her pussy getting wetter with each pass of his lips or tongue over her skin.
“Beel—,” she starts, but at that moment, her DDD goes off. The timer she’d pre-set runs to zero, letting her know that the brownies need to come out of the oven. Bean groans.
Reaching up, she hugs her arms tightly around Beel’s broad torso—pressing a soft kiss to his chest. 
“Cum,” she says.
She knows he’s closer than she is—can sense it in the desperation of his thrusts. Can feel it in the way his muscles tense beneath her hands.
“But—,” he grits his jaw, his hands finding her waist and holding her tightly. He so very much wants to give in and listen to her, but he doesn’t feel right cumming without her. And he knows that’s her plan—to let him cum, and sacrifice her own orgasm so she can go and tend to the brownies.
He frowns, giving her a squeeze. Bean peppers more kisses against his hot skin.
“It’s okay,” she tells him. Purposely, she clenches her pussy around his cock, and his breath catches.
“Please, I want you to.”
Helpless to obey her, Beel thrusts inside of her a few more times before stuffing her to the brim with his length. His seed messily paints her sopping walls—Beel’s quick breaths fanning against her hair as he reaches his high.
“Good?” she whispers, reaching over to snatch her phone off the counter. The timer is still buzzing—two minutes past the set time. 
Beel grunts, nuzzling his head against her neck and making her giggle. She pets his soft orange hair.
“Are you okay to move? I should get the brownies before they overcook.”
The demon nods, sitting up, and grabbing her waist. His brows knit together—his eyes once again focusing on the space where their bodies meet. He takes a few seconds to remove himself, and Bean flushes in embarrassment when she feels some of his seed slip out of her the moment his cock finally leaves her pussy.
“C’mere,” she says, scooting forward. She guides him into a soft kiss, lingering for a few seconds, before she hops down from the counter—Beel’s hands quickly finding her waist when she wobbles a little on her feet.
Despite not having cum, her legs are still weak. It’s just...a general side effect of love making with Beel.
“Thanks,” she mumbles, face still quite red, and then moves to the stove. Beel watches her as she opens the oven door, grabbing a nearby towel and using it to remove the pan from inside.
As she bends over, Beel gets an eyeful of her backside—peeking out from beneath the hem of her oversized t-shirt. He can see the slick arousal that still coats her pussy, and he swallows. Hunger gnaws at his stomach.
At the same time, a bit of guilt pokes at his heart.
He wants to make her cum too. He doesn’t like the idea of leaving her unfulfilled
“We should let them cool for a while before we try to eat them,” Bean speaks, setting the brownies on the stovetop. “Otherwise, they’ll just fall apart.”
“But I’m hungry,” Beel whines, hand resting atop his stomach. Bean breathes a laugh, staring at him fondly. She makes her way back to his side, intending to hug him, but it’s obvious Beel has other ideas.
He steps past her—one of his hands finding the small of her back he guides her against the kitchen island once more. However, this time he positions her face down—her chest pressed against the warm surface.
She shivers when she feels him hike her shirt up around her waist, his thumbs pulling at the folds of her pussy and spreading her open.
“You’ll be my pre-brownie snack,” he mumbles, getting onto his knees. Bean whines as he flattens his tongue against her—gathering up both own his seed and her arousal on his taste buds.
“After all, you need to cum too.”
“B-Beel, it’s fine—,” she tries to argue, flustered by the feel of his mouth on her pussy. This isn’t the first time he’s given her oral—far from it—but it never fails to fluster her.
Grunting, Beel ignores her words, solely focusing on the meal before him.
Kneeling behind her, he grips her ass tightly—adjusting her position ever so slightly as he finds the best angle to eat her. And Bean is already a blushing mess, her fingers gripping onto the edge of the counter as Beel begins running his tongue between her folds.
Despite the fact that her previously impending release has begun to fade away—the coil in her gut is quickly winding once again. And when Beel suctions his lips around her clit, his tongue flicking over the sensitive bundle of nerves, Bean can’t help the cry that leaves her.
The sound only spurs him on, and Beel continues relentlessly. His hands squeeze her soft flesh, coaxing her to spread her legs wider, and Bean’s thighs shake. Panting, she rests her check against the wooden surface of the island—face mindlessly turned towards the kitchen doorway. 
[BeelBean ending] ↓
“Beel,” she begs, the demon's tongue pressing inside of her. Beel groans in response, using his hold to grind her down onto his face—allowing his tongue to venture even deeper. Bean’s entire body writhes, her chest heaving as her pleasure builds.
“Clit, please,” she reaches back and curls her fingers into Beel’s hair, hoping to guide him where she needs his mouth to be. Luckily, knowing that he has another snack waiting for him, Beel doesn’t have an issue giving into her request. 
He shifts his mouth back down to her clit, flicking his tongue against the bud, and giving it all of the attention it craves. His actions have Bean positively melting, her legs weak as she stands there, body bent over the counter. 
“Fuck, Beel—,” she pushes onto her tiptoes and curves her spine, adjusting the angle of her hips as Beel works at her. The slight change in position does wonders—lewd gasps and whines falling from Bean’s lips. 
It doesn’t take long after that for her legs to give out, but Beel is more than strong enough to support her.
Using his grip on her ass and thighs, Beel holds her steady—his mouth working at her clit until she’s coming undone with a cry of his name. And Beel groans happily at the feeling of her muscles flexing against him—his tongue continuing to lap at her until she’s gone slack in his hold, completely spent.
But even then, Beel continues to languidly drag his tongue between her folds—gathering her arousal on his taste buds. He only stops when Bean gives his hair a small tug, whining and reminding him of the brownies that are now cool enough to eat.
Finally, he relents. But not without pressing a few soft kisses to her thighs.
“Love you,” he mumbles, standing up and wrapping his arms around her. He hugs her tightly from behind, nuzzling his head against her, and Bean laughs.
“I love you too, Beel.”
With both of them fully satisfied (at least in a sexual sense), the two redress themselves and address the cooled pan of brownies.
As Bean cuts the dessert into tiny squares, Beel is practically drooling over her shoulder. The only thing keeping him from snatching the whole pan and devouring them is the fact that it would upset Bean, so instead he stands behind her with his hands on her waist—fingers squeezing her impatiently.
Once the brownies have been cut, Bean takes a few for herself, puts one aside to give Satan tomorrow, and then gives Beel the rest of the pan. Immediately his face is glowing.
By the time Bean has eaten her one brownie for the night, the remainder of the pan is gone—all of the chocolatey dessert now inside of Beel’s tummy. 
“Did that hit the spot?” she asks, placing the dirty pan into the kitchen sink. Beel nods happily, a smile plastered on his face.
“Yeah, thank you for sharing.”
“Of course,” she responds, grabbing her goody bag from the counter. The two walk out of the kitchen together, and when they arrive at the door to Bean’s room, Beel immediately looks shy.
Bean rolls her eyes fondly, grabbing his wrist.
“You can stay, if you want.”
She knows by now that Beel is big on staying nearby after sex—wanting to make sure that she’s alright. (Also, he just really likes cuddling).
Nodding at her offer, Beel steps inside her room, and they settle into her bed. 
It’s not long before the two are out like a light—Beans arms wrapped around Beel in a tight hug as she uses his chest as a pillow.
[BeelBean + Luci ending] ↓
Her heart nearly stops when she finds that the doorway is not empty, but in fact occupied.
Lucifer is standing there, eyebrows raised high on his forehead, and empty teacup in his grasp. She can only assume that he’s working late, and had come to fetch himself another drink.
But now here he is, standing in the doorway to the kitchen, watching her get eaten out by a hungry Beel as her pan of brownies cool just feet away. 
Holy shit.
Bean feels the way all the blood in her body rushes to her face, and she reaches a hand back—fingers curling into Beel’s orange hair.
“Beel—,” she attempts to let the demon know that they’re no longer alone, but the Avatar of Gluttony doesn’t notice the urgency in her tone. He does feel the tug of her fingers in his hair, however, and assumes from the action that she wants more.
So, he moves his mouth down a bit, focusing his attention on the sensitive bundle of nerves that he has yet to address.
Of course, he decides to suck on her clit just as she opens her mouth to try and get his attention once more.
“Beel, wait, Lu-cifer,” her voice hitches, the last few syllables of Lucifer’s name coming out in a high-pitched gasp. Her eyelashes flutter, eyes threatening to roll back into her skull as Beel continues lapping away at her most sensitive area. And the entire time, Lucifer posed in the doorway, watching it unfold.
The obvious embarrassment showing on her face has him grinning. The sadistic part of him loves seeing her so flustered, even if he’s not the one doing the dirty acts to make her that way.
“Am I interrupting?” he finally speaks, catching his brother’s attention.
Managing to tear himself away from his current meal, Beel sits back and turns to stare at Lucifer. He looks a little guilty when he realizes they’ve been discovered. Beel has no issue with what he’s doing to Bean, but he does feel a little sorry for doing it in a public space, where just anyone could walk in.
Like now.
“I…,” Bean brushes a few stray hairs from in front of her eyes. “I’m making brownies…”
“I see,” Lucifer responds, chuckling. He steps inside the room, making his way to the stove. He grabs the tea kettle and puts it one of the burners, igniting a fire beneath it.
“I’ll only be a few moments. Don’t stop on my account.”
Beel glances at his brother, wondering if it truly is okay to keep going, and Lucifer dips his head. Without hesitating, Beel gets back to work.
Bean gasps as his tongue returns between her folds, resuming its hungry motions against her. The action is unexpected, and immediately she’s whining, trying to convince the Avatar of Gluttony that they shouldn’t continue while Lucifer is present. However—
“There’s no need for you to stop just because of me.”
Bean glances up, finding Lucifer as he makes his way to the other side of the kitchen island. Still grinning, he reaches out—his fingers skimming her cheek, and tucking her hair behind her ear.
“From the looks of it, you’re already quite close, June.”
At that moment, Beel sucks on her clit particularly hard, and Bean’s entire body writhes. Her chest heaves, wanton pants falling from her lips, and Lucifer quietly soaks in the sight.
“Isn’t that right?”
Lucifer grips her chin, angling her head up as he leans down—sealing their lips. She moans against him, the Avatar of Pride devouring all of her precious little sounds as he kisses her. At the same time, Beel continues running his tongue against her, and with every passing second she comes more undone. 
“Make her cum, Beel,” Lucifer speaks after a moment, his crimson eyes watching Bean as she shakes—oh-so-close to her release. And Beel listens to his brother’s instruction without any issue. 
The Avatar of Gluttony suctions his mouth against her clit, tongue flicking against the sensitive bud in a steady rhythm, and Beans lips part in a moan. Her eyelashes flutter, muscles tensing, and her blown-out gaze falls on Lucifer.
He can see the silent question in her eyes, and it makes him chuckle. 
“Go on,” he whispers, kissing her once more, and within seconds Bean is coming undone. Her cry of pleasure is lost around Lucifer’s tongue, and Beel steadies her legs as her knees give out—overwhelmed by the strength of her orgasm. However, he doesn’t pull away just yet.
No, he continues lapping at her pussy until she’s quietly begging for him to stop. Her fingers pet through his hair, coaxing him away as the tea kettle on the stove starts to squeal. 
Quickly, Lucifer makes his way over and turns off the burner—hoping not to wake his brother with the high-pitched noise. 
He observes Bean and Beel as the two collect themselves, exchanging shows of affection and checking on each other—making sure that everything is alright. And by the time they’re both redressed, and moving to cut into the cooled pan of brownies, Lucifer has already fixed himself another cup of tea.
“Do you mind if I keep her for the night?” Lucifer asks, glancing at his brother. Beel blinks, looking down at Bean. A frown tugs at his lips, his hands moving to grip Bean’s waist, and Bean turns to smile at him.
“Why don’t you give us a few minutes?” she suggests, soft eyes glancing to Lucifer. The older brother nods, stepping forward and pressing a kiss to her temple before he turns and leaves the kitchen. 
A short while later, he hears a knock on his bedroom door, and Bean appears. There’s a plate of wrapped brownies in her grasp.
“I see you managed to save a few,” he comments. Bean breathes a laugh, setting the plate on his coffee table beside the documents he’s currently reading over as she settles in beside him. 
Yawning, she leans over and rests her head on his shoulder. He immediately turns and presses a kiss to her forehead.
“You can have one, if you want,” she says. “I saved one for you and Satan.”
“Why Satan?”
“He bought me the mix.”
“And why me?”
Her eyes turn up to him, blinking innocently.
“Because I like you.”
He chuckles. 
“Thank you. I didn’t upset Beel by stealing you away, did I?”
Bean shakes her head. “No, he just likes being close after...sex, so he wanted to stay together a little longer. That’s all.”
“Hmm, I see. And did you enjoy yourself?”
Bean blushes, glancing away. “Well, you almost gave me a full-blown heart attack when I saw you standing there, but otherwise it was enjoyable, yes. How long were you there, anyway?”
“Just a few seconds,” he chuckles, his crimson gaze full of mirth as his gaze shifts to her. “Your reaction once spotting me was more than I could have hoped for.”
She pouts her lips at his teasing remarks, sending him a glare with no real anger behind it.
Pressing to her feet, she leaves the plate of brownies abandoned on his table, and throws herself into his bed. Within seconds, she snuggles herself beneath the soft sheets.
“Come sleep,” she commands. Lucifer’s lips quirk.
“I’ll be there shortly, I promise.”
And true to his word, a few minutes later, the bed dip as Lucifer settles in beside her. His arm drapes over her waist, and Bean can feel the warmth radiating off of Lucifer’s bare chest.
“Good night, Lucifer,” she mumbles, already half asleep. Lucifer presses a kiss to her hair, letting his own eyes fall shut.
“Good night, my love.”
And if his hand had been over her chest, he would have felt her heart skip a beat.
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x-lulu · a year ago
gurl 1-99 I dare you😄
haha no if that's too much just 1, 2, 24, 32, 77, 85, 95
well I finally answered them all babe, took me a week haha 💗
1: 6 of the songs you listen to most? world away by tonight alive, you give love a bad name by bon jovi, amnesia by five seconds of summer, had enough by lower than atlantis, take it out on me by thousand foot krutch, if I could fly by one direction, I just named the first that popped in my head
2: If you could meet anyone on this earth, who would it be? YOU
3: Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 23, give me line 17? a wind came in off the harbour, bringing the smell of the sea
4: What do you think about most? I’m an overthinker with anxiety so yeah I think about everything a lot, so I wouldn’t know what I think about most
5: What does your latest text message from someone else say? just an okay haha
6: Do you sleep with or without clothes on? with, an oversized shirt and underwear
7: What’s your strangest talent? latin maybe?
8: Girls… (finish the sentence); Boys… (finish the sentence) I don’t know rock? I’m not really the kind of person that puts a gender in things
9: Ever had a poem or song written about you? uhm I don’t think so, now I feel unimportant haha
10: When is the last time you played the air guitar? I’m more an using a hairbrush as a microphone kind of girl
11: Do you have any strange phobias? probably, I’m scared of a lot of things
12: Ever stuck a foreign object up your nose? don’t think so
13: What’s your religion? officially I’m Christian, I’m a bit searching for what I believe in tho, I do believe in jezus but not like walking on water and coming back from the death, I might believe in the Greek gods and nature gods
14: If you are outside, what are you most likely doing? enjoying the fresh air, going for a walk/ride and look at cute animals
15: Do you prefer to be behind the camera or in front of it? behind
16: Simple but extremely complex. Favorite band? even if you kill me I don’t know what band to say
17: What was the last lie you told? I lied about not being sad
18: Do you believe in karma? I don’t know, sometimes, but like there are people who’ve done terrible things, where is their karma?
19: What does your URL mean? it’s just my nickname, I didn’t want to make it fandom related because I’m a multi fandom and I didn’t want to have to change my url a lot, I also didn’t want to put my real name because I don’t want people to find me who I know in real life haha
20: What is your greatest weakness; your greatest strength? my insecurity is my greatest weakness I think, I don’t know my greatest strength... maybe being a person who people feel loved and welcome by? Idk if people feel that way and idk if it’s a strength. If I’m gonna be poetic I have to say my greatest weakness and strength are both that I love someone with my whole heart, when I start loving you, I love you so much, I would do anything for you, but when someone fucks up, I’ll still love them even tho they don’t deserve it, so that comes with a lot of pain so yeah a weakness and a strength
21: Who is your celebrity crush? rudy pankow and dylan obrien
22: Have you ever gone skinny dipping? yes
23: How do you vent your anger? I keep everything to myself till I explode and start screaming
24: Do you have a collection of anything? music records, stones and just memories from places I’ve been to
25: Do you prefer talking on the phone or video chatting online? neither? If I’m comfortable I do enjoy video chatting especially in times like these where you can’t speak in real life
26: Are you happy with the person you’ve become? this is hard one, I’ve never been happy with who I am, I do like me better than who I used to be
27: What’s a sound you hate; sound you love? sound I love is when you’re walking trough the woods just the birds, can’t think of one I hate, I definitely have some they just don’t come to mind rn
28: What’s your biggest “what if”? what if I keep going through and it doesn’t get better
29: Do you believe in ghosts? How about aliens? yes and yes/maybe
30: Stick your right arm out; what do you touch first? Do the same with your left arm. my laptop and my pillow
31: Smell the air. What do you smell? flowers
32: What’s the worst place you have ever been to? xanten
33: Choose: East Coast or West Coast? uhm west coast? Idk haha
34: Most attractive singer of your opposite gender? harry styles is the first one that pops in my head
35: To you, what is the meaning of life? to find love, can be someone something, experience things that make you happy, enjoy it, learn, better the world
36: Define Art. creating something, it can have a meaning but it also can’t, a lot of people give it a deep meaning, which can be it, I just think art doesn’t always have to be deep are spectacular it can be someone making something because they have so much going in their head and they find peace in creating art and get inspired by their own experience, people also can it just do for fun, there are so many different kind of art and artists, I don’t think it can’t be defined
37: Do you believe in luck? I don’t know
38: What’s the weather like right now? rainy
39: What time is it? 9:54 pm
40: Do you drive? If so, have you ever crashed? no licence
41: What was the last book you read? a fanfic on Wattpad fight or flight by ffsumth
42: Do you like the smell of gasoline? yes 🙈
43: Do you have any nicknames? lu and lulu obviously, loesje , samantha, pinguïn, polar bear, you called me lulu bear hehe
44: What was the last film you saw? I don’t remember...
45: What’s the worst injury you’ve ever had? uhm ive broken a few things, my toes and my arm, but nothing really bad actually
46: Have you ever caught a butterfly? no, I don’t want to, I have seen some really close, they’re beautiful
47: Do you have any obsessions right now? again you haha, but like all the stuff I post on here are my obsessions
48: What’s your sexual orientation? I don’t know, I think straight, but I don’t know for sure
49: Ever had a rumour spread about you? yeah
50: Do you believe in magic? I’m not certain, maybe I do :) I do live by the saying ‘just because you haven’t seen it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist’
51: Do you tend to hold grudges against people who have done you wrong? sadly yes, like I won’t be mean to you or anything, but I will never ever trust you again, if I’m hurt I’m hurt and sadly I haven’t found a way yet to leave it behind, so I’m feeling a lot of pain and I’m never gonna forget that pain, so yeah...
52: What is your astrological sign? capricorn
53: Do you save money or spend it? uhm both? depends on how I feel and what time of the year it is, I have the bad habit to save it for a few months and then spend a lot of it
54: What’s the last thing you purchased? a apple pen so I can start trying digital art
55: Love or lust? love
56: In a relationship? with you hehe
57: How many relationships have you had? none official relationships, I’m just not lovable okay leave me alone haha
58: Can you touch your nose with your tongue? no oops
59: Where were you yesterday? home, school, therapy
60: Is there anything pink within 10 feet of you? a pillow
61: Are you wearing socks right now? no
62: What’s your favourite animal? polar bears
63: What is your secret weapon to get someone to like you? no idea haha, I don’t have one
64: Where is your best friend? at home, like 20min away
65: Give me your top 5 favourite blogs on Tumblr. this is hard so I’m just gonna name the first five that come in my head @nxsmss @rafej-cambanks @thegreatestofheck @chrlsgillespie @nedleed
66: What is your heritage? I don’t know 🤷‍♀️
67: What were you doing last night at 12AM? sleeping, I had to get up early today
68: What do you think is Satan’s last name? never thought about it
69: Be honest. Ever gotten yourself off? no
70: Are you the kind of friend you would want to have as a friend? Is it bad to say yes? I mean I hate myself but I do think I’m a good friend
71: You are walking down the street on your way to work. There is a dog drowning in the canal on the side of the street. Your boss has told you if you are late one more time you get fired. What do you do? save the dog obviously!!!!
72: You are at the doctor’s office and she has just informed you that you have approximately one month to live. a) Do you tell anyone/everyone you are going to die? b) What do you do with your remaining days? c) Would you be afraid? I think I would tell people, I’m not sure, but like so have people got the time to say goodbye the way they want to, I would travel the world I think, do everything on my bucket list, maybe some illegal stuff 🙈 (where no one gets hurt tho obviously), I don’t think I would be afraid... I mean I’m suicidal, I’ve literally been connected to death my whole life, if you understand what I mean
73: You can only have one of these things; trust or love. uhm trust I think? If I would have love but don’t have trust I wouldn’t really feel loved anyway, I do really want to experience how it feels like to be loved tho...
74: What’s a song that always makes you happy when you hear it? the first song that came to mind is love my life by Robbie Williams, I rarely listen to it, but the lyrics really gives a boost of happiness and confidence
75: What are the last four digits in your cell phone number? 51 54
76: In your opinion, what makes a great relationship? loyalty and trust, you don’t have to agree on everything or be interested in the same things, you do have to be there for each other
77: How can I win your heart? YOU ALREADY HAVE
78: Can insanity bring on more creativity? yes I think so
79: What is the single best decision you have made in your life so far? to get dogs
80: What size shoes do you wear? uhm 38 eu, 4,5 uk and 7 us
81: What would you want to be written on your tombstone? a loving ... I hope to be a loving daughter, friend, wife and mother, someone who was always there for others
82: What is your favourite word? fuck haha, no idk but that is definitely a word I use a lot
83: Give me the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word; heart. pain....
84: What is a saying you say a lot? enjoy the little things
85: What’s the last song you listened to? ignorance by paramore
86: Basic question; what’s your favourite colour/colours? uhm I do love black, I also like pastels and like a turquoise kind of colour
87: What is your current desktop picture? me and my friend
88: If you could press a button and make anyone in the world instantaneously explode, who would it be? no one, there are a lot of people who did wrong, the need to be in jail, but I’m not saying someone deserves to die
89: What would be a question you’d be afraid to tell the truth on? what goes on in my head, how I’m feeling
90: One night you wake up because you heard a noise. You turn on the light to find that you are surrounded by MUMMIES. The mummies aren’t really doing anything, they’re just standing around your bed. What do you do? scream probably haha
91: You accidentally eat some radioactive vegetables. They were good, and what’s even cooler is that they endow you with the super-power of your choice! What is that power? teleportation, I would travel the world haha
92: You can re-live any point of time in your life. The time-span can only be a half-hour, though. What half-hour of your past would you like to experience again? when I was in Ireland by the cliffs of moher
93: You can erase any horrible experience from your past. What will it be? uhm this is a hard one, maybe seeing my father almost dying? (he is okay btw, we were lucky), I’ve had nightmares and anxiety ever since
94: You have the opportunity to sleep with the music-celebrity of your choice. Who would it be? I find this so weird to say for some reason... if I have to give a name it would be harry styles I think, because damn look at that man, but I don’t know, I would rather be friends with him than sleep with him tbh, I know you can do both haha, but idk I’m not like yes I want to sleep with him haha, I think I’ve read too many fanfics about him that I would find it awkward
95: You just got a free plane ticket to anywhere. You have to depart right now. Where are you gonna go? ice land or canada
96: Do you have any relatives in jail? don’t think so, not close ones anyway
97: Have you ever thrown up in the car? no, I got out in time haha
98: Ever been on a plane? yes, when I went on a trip to georgia in west asia
99: If the whole world were listening to you right now, what would you say? you’re all ignorant assholes haha, no idk what I would say, there are a lot of good people on this world I know, but man there is some fucked up shit, so maybe I would educate some people or it would have something to do with mental health, maybe about loving yourself or that it’s not a sign of weakness and that we should be treated as equals to physical pain, we should be taken seriously... I don’t really know, there are so many things haha
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mymanskabu · 2 years ago
Kabu One-Shot:
Anonie Requested: ❝Why hello there~ I love your blog it is amazing and perfect and if it's okay, may I ask a super special awesome request? Oh pretty please (-^.^-) (I think most of us anons all love Kabu and think hes MEGA hawt.) Anyhoo~ How would Kabu feel about a shy female trainer that totally respects him, fangirls about him, practically knows his gym leader career story and has a massive crush on him? Thankies~ ♡❞
Another Anonie Requested: ❝Hiiii~ I absolutely love your blog♡ You capture Kabu perfectly. If it's okay to ask, how would Kabu react to hearing the female reader has a massive crush on him from Nessa and Milo and that she's coming by later to challenge him? She is a huge fangirl yet super shy and a little clumsy. Thank you~ ^.^❞
- I hope you don't mind anonies but these two requests were quite similar so I combined them here.
- I went on a different route with this than I think you guys wanted and I'm really sorry about that. Totally understand if you want me to write another one.
- The original draft of this is a lot fluffier but it got slightly angsty somewhere. It is a bit sensitive but I don't think it's quite enough to tag it as such. Do tell me if any of you feel differently. ♡
- I had loads of fun writing this though! That's why it's like 2.5k words dndns there is a surprise in this one-shot that I usually don't like doing but for some reason just felt like it I guess.
- I hope you guys enjoy!
- Gosh I was editing at 12AM and I meant to post it then but I fell asleep with the phone in my hand uuuugggghhhhsgshs AHH! I'm kinda mad at myself, but aight whatever lmao.
You were making breakfast while you listened to the commentator tell you what happened in the battles. This one piqued your interest when they announced Kabu as a challenger, someone you admired ever since you first saw him on the telly. Your admiration grew when you had gotten the opportunity to battle him, it was your first time in his presence. You had walked carefully to where you needed to wait, you thought he was taking longer since the last two Gym Leaders were already in the middle of the Stadium when you got there, you expected it to be the same process. You heard footsteps behind you as you waited and curiosity made you turn your head to see who was approaching.
"Mister Kabu!" You stammered. "Its nice to meet you, er, sir!" One could barely notice that your hand was trembling as you offered it to the older man. Kabu has had a lot of nervous challengers, many of them consumed by their worries and it impacts their battling. This is something he acknowledged straight away as he took your hand and gave it a firm shake.
"Don't be nervous, kiddo. Do your best for yourself and for your Pokemon. They'll be grateful whether you win or lose." You smiled warily, but you tried to give a firm nod to show that you were determined to do as he said. He was going to let you go once you started walking forward, however, his hold on you tightened while his other hand quickly found your shoulder to save you from falling.
"I'm sorry," You murmured, keeping your eyes on the crowd in front of you to avoid his. "Only I would trip on air at a time like this." Once you were standing upright, his grip was gentle as he continued holding your fingers.
"Let me escort you," He requested. "There seems to be a high probability that you'll find a way to trip again." He recalls the few times he has seen you near the Stadium almost falling or crashing into something.
"Thank you," Your reply was barely audible, and to your heart's distress, he gave your hand a comforting squeeze.
Your nerves were still causing you to second-guess yourself and even though you truly did try to clear your mind, the end result was your loss against Kabu. He escorted you back to the dressing room as well, telling you to not give up and come back after training yourself to where you want you and your Pokemon to be. You weren't completely discouraged, you could see where you went wrong in your battle.
You flipped Kabu's league card between your fingers wondering how you could grow as a trainer. One thing you didn't want him to see you as was "kiddo" and to do that you felt like you had to carry yourself with more confidence or at least try to. You placed the card back where you also had his rare League Card given to you by Nessa as a gift.
You'd become close to the first two Gym Leaders, especially Milo. He's such a nice and open person, you find yourself talking about anything almost entirely unfiltered. Milo still remembers when he asked if you were Kabu's fan considering how you talked about him, he still doesn't know if it was a mistake. You knew he was invited from Hoenn, you knew that Kabu is one of the few people that can say he nearly defeated the Champ, and you had a good grasp on his battle style. Needless to say, the last thing he expected was to see you come back defeated.
"What happened?" Milo questioned, guiding you to where his Wooloo were. He knew you liked to play with them or care for them when you felt down or needed to think. You inhaled through your nose and exhaled through your mouth one long breath, struggling to think of an answer for him. You knelt down by a Wooloo and started moving your hand over its thick, fluffy coat. It's so soft, it has always comforted you to do that, and Milo never forgot that about you since he first found out.
"I've gotta train harder I s'pose." You felt all of your worries rush into your head; doubts, fears, and guilt. Doubting your skills as a trainer, fearing you'll never grow as a person, feeling guilty that your Pokemon trusted you and you failed them as far as you're concerned. "Am I a good person?" You ask in what sounded like a whisper. "Do you think my Pokemon will still trust my decisions?"
"You are an amazin' person, (Name)." He pulled you up so that you could walk with him surrounded by happily prancing Wooloo. "And you're Pokemon are not goin' to stop relying on you after only one defeat. They probably know that you did you're best because I know you did. You always do." You sniffled, but he didn't see any tears streaming down your face or even a sign that you were going to cry. You appeared to be relieved and much happier than you were sad.
"I really like you, Milo. You're a good friend." Making you feel better always made him smile. "Thank you," You said. Yet, there was always something bittersweet in knowing that he was helping you, comforting you, and giving you advice, all of that for you to be with someone else.
Saying you worked hard was an understatement, one could say you put blood, sweat, and tears into your battling strategies and your Pokemon training. Your team was as motivated as you were to get stronger and that's exactly what you did. You adopted many parts of Kabu's fire type battling style and managed to apply it to your diverse team. This continued for hours until you'd get tired and rest up in Motostoke or at Milo's when he assisted in your training. You passed by Kabu's Stadium at times in the morning, never failing to trip on the same old misplaced stone on the ground there. Then getting distracted when Kabu happens to be there and waves at you, causing you to be at risk for bumping into anything within your vicinity.
Kabu found your mannerisms endearing, if he was near enough to you when you walked by then he would wave at you, fully knowing you'll forget the world around you and trip on your own two feet. He does this while also knowing that he'll be there to catch you. At first it was a polite thing, you were bound to fall and he didn't want that to happen, but it later became him wanting to hold you. He was in love with your habits, your expressions, your reactions, the blush on your face, your nervous laughter, and your presence. In spite of his emotions, he did not want to act upon them. He wanted to only be in love with you for a longer time and he wanted to make sure he truly felt strongly for you because he didn't want to be in a relationship that he saw wouldn't last long. He was also worried about the fact that you were a fan, meaning you liked him though not in the way he's feeling. Even if you did, what if you were confusing that emotion for admiration? There were too many things that could go wrong and he didn't want to hurt you nor himself.
You have had similar thoughts. Unknowingly, you and Kabu were both terrified of hurting the other. You considered that perhaps your crush was on his face, nothing but a phase, a fan thing that would come and go. You only knew the Kabu that was shown by interviewers and articles, you didn't know much about him as a person, and you weren't sure if you were liking him for the right reasons. One thing you knew you would regret is never exploring what you felt and what could have been. There's really no way around pain, no matter what you did, even in a relationship, it happens and what people are expected to do is take it as a lesson from life. You wanted to be in love with him longer, you wanted to get to know him, you wanted to be sure that you knew you wanted to be with him, know if you two were compatible.
Kabu was having a practice match with Milo, who appeared surprisingly irritated. He knows that Milo is very patient, it's almost beyond him to get truly mad about anything. It's a difficult thing to annoy or anger the Turrfield Gym Leader. Kabu didn't press for details, but he knew Milo was battling to take away some sort of stress. Another rare thing since he usually does some sort of outdoor activity. Again, Kabu didn't ask for what happened, he was alright knowing that he was going to be helping Milo in some way, that was enough.
It was somewhere mid-battle when Milo had more Pokemon than him not fainted that the freckled young man said, "You know, if you lose to the grass type Gym Leader then (Name) might stop crushin' on you!"
"Wait a moment. Pardon?" He thought he heard that entire sentence wrong. He blinked a few times before he realized he actually heard that right. "She has a... oh." He found himself unable to say the rest of what he was thinking. Milo stared at the older man, who looked both pleased and shocked by what he told him. Milo wanted to know just how far away from your heart he was compared to Kabu, who's name you held close despite everything Milo has done in an attempt to catch even the slightest bit of your attention.
"(Name)'s comin' round soon to battle you," His usual smile and positive demeanor wavered as he spoke. "I would be careful if I were you, she's been workin' real hard to win." Milo never finished the match, he ended up walking back to Turrfield, knowing he wanted to be happy for you since he knows exactly what he saw in Kabu's expression.
Kabu went as he usually did, battling trainers that challenged him around this time, training with the water types, and making sure his team was at their best. A new thought that kept crossing his mind was whether or not he wanted to act upon what he knew. He had all these fears, but all of them could be proven wrong if he only asks you to let him be in love with you, take you to places you both might like, and if it works out, hopefully place the foundation of a long-lasting relationship where he won't be waking up alone in the mornings.
It all felt the same when you stood once more in the hall, this time knowing Kabu would stand next to you.
"As time passed, the probability of you falling most likely increased," You heard his voice beside you. After he got a short bashful laugh out of you, Kabu offered his hand. "Will you let me escort you once again?"
"Thank you," You said. You still struggled to get it any higher than a whisper, but he heard it clearly today. It was still soft-spoken, however, it had a sense of self-assurance that meant you found some confidence. "I hope you know, this time I'll be getting that badge."
"We'll see, have you gotten any stronger?" He teased. His question made you eager to show him exactly how much you and your team have grown. You were definitely going to defeat him this time.
It was a hard fought battle by the both of you. It was one of the most tense and passionate battles that the Motostoke Stadium has had in a while. Every single person was on the edge of their seats wondering which Pokemon would faint. One barely dodging an attack, one getting hit directly yet surviving, this is where you and Kabu were the most similar. You both, along with your teams, were resilient, your Pokemon were ready to use all the energy they could to give their respective trainers the win. You and Kabu were on one Pokemon each, his Gigantamax was gone, your partner was clearly tired. In the end, the crowd burst into shouts and cheers as you ran towards your Pokemon with a big grin on your face, ecstatic that you had won.
"Good job, buddy. You rest up now," You said as you called your Pokemon back into its Pokeball. You held it close to your chest for a moment then jogged towards Kabu who was expecting the moment you fell over and he ended up holding your forearms, just before your elbows. You wanted to ask him then and there yet the words wouldn't go past being something you imagine.
"I'm glad I got to battle you today, great job. You bested my team. I shall give you the badge as proof that you've defeated me," He spoke formally. You felt the cold metal placed against your palm and you clutched in your hand.
"Thank you, truly, Kabu." You were pleasantly surprised by the smile on his face. You had a hard time making eye-contact with most people, nevertheless you still attempt to look at them.
"If you continue to trip near me..." He noticed that you weren't staring at his eyes, yours were either oddly on his chin or on his lips. This flustered him ever so slightly and he cleared his throat to continue talking, "I may start to assume you're falling for me."
"Well, I think your assumption would be correct." You shyly waved at the crowd with one hand while Kabu held the other one to take you back to the changing room. Your face flushed knowing that how you felt was now out in the open. "Would it be too much to ask for you to consider a date?" He stopped in the waiting room, at a loss for words that you had actually asked him. His silence caused you to tilt your head down, absolutely embarrassed that you tried.
"You don't have to," You stuttered, your voice went back to it's much less confident murmur. "I suppose you think I've lost my plot, I'm sorry I asked!"
"You haven't lost anything," He quickly defused your thoughts and worries. "Please do not apologize for merely stating how you feel." He slowly nodded when he noticed your eyes flickered to him then the exit. "Allow me to consider it. I'm not quite sure of my own emotions, though I think I feel the same."
"Alright," You replied quietly. "Consider it then, but I—" You bit your lip, feeling it quiver between your teeth. You calmed yourself after a sharp exhale. "Don't keep me waiting, this type of waiting hurts... a lot."
"You know those are never my intentions, (Name)." He places his hand on your head affectionately. "I care about you more than you will ever know."
"I trust you," You told him slowly. Your gaze met his this time, both trying to express honesty. With that, you left with uncertainty looming over your heart as you made your way to a place where your shaking hands would find comfort on soft Wooloo.
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eliscroft · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
[ joe keery, cis male, he/him ] have you seen ( ELI CROFT ) hanging around? the ( TWENTY-FIVE ) year old often hangs around ( THE WITCH'S HOUSE ) when they’re not being a ( LATE NIGHT RADIO SHOW HOST ). i’ve been told they’re ( LOYAL ) but ( SCATTERBRAINED ) and when i look at them, i see ( 80S HORROR, BUCKETS OF HALLOWEEN CANDY, BLURRY PHOTOGRAPHS OF MYSTERIOUS FIGURES IN THE WOODS ). wellcliff wouldn’t be the same without ‘em! [ sam, 23, she/her, est ]
hey there demons! *ba dum tss* i’m sam and i also write cal ( @calsmorgan​​ ). much like my sweetheart jock, this spooky nerd is one of my favorite muses ever, and i hope you love him as much as i do! please feel free to message me if you would like to plot!
TWS: medication, bullying, drug mention
FULL NAME: elvin tupelo croft
NICKNAMES: el, eli, et, spooky guy
GENDER + PRONOUNS: cis male + he / him
DOB + AGE: october 31st, 1994 + twenty - five
ZODIAC: scorpio
HOMETOWN: salem, massachusetts
OCCUPATION: host of the graveyard shift, a radio program airing every weeknight in wellcliff from 12am to 5am.
FUN FACTS: fluent in icelandic, has two mexican redknee tarantulas named freddy and jason, and has a HUGE sweet tooth.
elvin tupelo “eli” croft was born in salem, massachusetts ( yes, really ) on halloween day ( yes, really ). he's an only child and his father is the district attorney for essex county, massachusetts while his mother owns a small local business that sells witchcraft supplies such as crystals, herbs, grimoires, and more. interesting fact: she’s the descendant of an accused witch, meaning that eli is as well.
as it turns out, beneath the surface of the few tourist attractions that it has to offer, salem has a small town, stuck in the past vibe. it’s the sort of place where everyone knows everyone all their lives because no one ever leaves and no one ever moves in. he grew up in this atypical environment, living in the same house all his life and only ever leaving to visit his grandparents in boston.
he was five years old when he saw his first horror movie ( an apathetic teenage babysitter let him stay up long past his bedtime to watch nightmare on elm street ) and from that moment on he was HOOKED.
when he started school, two things about him became apparent : 1) he was highly intelligent and 2) he struggled greatly with tasks such as sitting still and staying focused. he was tested ( a few times, much to his irritation ) and it was discovered that he has a genius level iq and adhd.
he could have been one of those child prodigies who finished high school and college by the age of sixteen, BUT his parents decided that they didn’t want him to miss out on the experience of being in school with peers his own age.
HOWEVER, as the smartest kid in class with glasses and braces and an insatiable obsession with all things horror and halloween, he was picked on. mercilessly. he never had many friends, but he was content to go right home after school and spend the rest of the day reading comic books or watching horror movies or researching local urban legends and paranormal stories.
so, when he got to his senior year of high school, he was a shoe - in to be named class valedictorian ( he was ) and he was even getting ivy league offers. of course, his parents mainly his father were really pushing him to attend college and eli, genius level iq and all…didn’t want to go. he had a van ( a turquoise monstrosity painted to look like the mystery machine ) and he just wanted to drive. alas, his dad was absolutely NOT having it.
he attended harvard for both his pre law and law school studies, breezed through classes, graduated with honors at the top of his class and once he passed the bar exam there were countless job offers waiting for him. eli ignored them all and finally embarked on that road trip he had been meaning to take alongside his best friend.
they unexpectedly settled in wellcliff about a year ago after getting their hosting gig at the local radio station. ( basically, they were working as interns for some extra cash and the regular hosts called out of work at the last second, so eli and his best friend were shoved into the booth and told to think fast! ) they were a literal overnight success and so they were offered a regular hosting gig at the station.
the graveyard shift is a radio program that airs every weeknight from 12am - 5am in the wellcliff area and on apps such as iheartradio. eli hosts the show alongside his best friend and they discuss topics such as the paranormal, conspiracy theories, and all things spooky. 
a HUGE believer in the paranormal and urban legends, and one of his favorite things to do when he goes somewhere new is check out the local cemeteries and haunted locales. however, unlike his real world counterparts zak bagans and ryan bergara he’s definitely NOT a scaredy cat in fact, all his life there’s been this running joke that HE DOESN’T SEEM TO BE SCARED OF ANYTHING, and who knows? maybe he isn’t.
10/31 blaze it he’s a HUGE stoner.
he’s got jokes. stay vigilant.
he’s OBSESSED with all things horror, halloween, and 80s. he makes a lot of film references that are often so obscure that most people don’t even catch them.
he’s a lawyer! at least in the state of massachusetts. however, this is not at all common knowledge because…
most people don’t know how smart he actually is as he intentionally plays dumb and he’s really good at it. being high all the time and his natural chaotic energy is quite helpful in hiding his intelligence. he just doesn’t like to be seen as smart, so the whole once - brilliant law student thing? not common knowledge whatsoever. he tries not to mention the college he attended by name at all, but if he has to then he lies and says that he went to salem state.
btw yes, he has SO MUCH chaotic energy. he’s the kind of person who will stick a fork in his microwave just to see what would happen out of sheer boredom. he has two pet mexican redknee tarantulas named freddy and jason who he just…fucking loses track of every other day. his favorite drink is literally black coffee mixed together with a can of monster energy and 5 ( f i v e ) teaspoons of sugar. he is c h a o s. he has absolutely NO IMPULSE CONTROL whatsoever. 
even though he makes constant pop culture references about horror movies and the 80s, but outside of those areas he’s completely clueless about pop culture. like, he can recite the entire scripts of the shining and empire strikes back and ferris bueller’s day off word for word, but if someone tried to talk to him about the new post malone song or the latest marvel movie he would just stare blankly.
he has a HUGE sweet tooth. his favorite food is halloween candy and his favorite candy is black licorice disgusting i know.
he takes adderall for his adhd and he’s usually good about keeping up with it. started keeping them on his person in college because he realized that his meds were getting stolen and it’s a habit he’s held onto that doesn’t really keep his shit from getting stolen.
he’s good at…A LOT of things because he’s a really fast learner. he can play the guitar, he can draw, he did drama in high school. he just has to watch someone do something once and then he can usually immediately do it himself. this skill doesn’t extend to physical activities such as sports, however. he’s terrible at those.
he’s basically a cartoon character
best friend from salem who travels with him * wc on the main
paternal / maternal cousin ( paternal cousin’s grandparents would probably be from boston + maternal cousins grandparents would probably be from salem )
his weed dealer but they gotta have the really good shit
smoking buddies
people who don’t like him / find him annoying
has stolen his adderall
maybe someone who knows how smart he really is
romantic connections! 
these are just some base ideas and i’m definitely open to brainstorming!
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whatshehassaid · 3 years ago
1. coffee mugs, teacups, wine glasses, water bottles, or soda cans?
Coffee mugs and wine glasses
2. chocolate bars or lollipops?
3. bubblegum or cotton candy?
4. how did your elementary school teachers describe you?
Quiet, sensitive, shy, creative
5. do you prefer to drink soda from soda cans, soda bottles, plastic cups or glass cups?
Soda bottles, glass ones
6. pastel, boho, tomboy, preppy, goth, grunge, formal or sportswear?
It differs, usually it’s closest boho/pastel. I just wear whatever I like.
7. earbuds or headphones?
8. movies or tv shows?
Depends. I like both
9. favorite smell in the summer?
Freshly cut grass, peaches
10. game you were best at in p.e.?
11. what you have for breakfast on an average day?
Depends on how I feel... sometimes just toast & coffee, sometimes fruit & coffee...
12. name of your favorite playlist?
Changes all the time, right now it’s one of my own on Spotify called Indie & More
13. lanyard or key ring?
Key ring
14. favorite non-chocolate candy?
Fuzzy Peaches
15. favorite book you read as a school assignment?
Um... technically I read it in high school, but not for an assignment, just because I wanted to: 1984 by George Orwell... (I was kind of protesting my own English teacher for not putting it on the list of books lmao)
16. most comfortable position to sit in?
I dunno, half laying down, I guess?
17. most frequently worn pair of shoes?
I have a pair of thigh high faux suede go-go boots I wear a lot... either those or sandals
18. ideal weather?
Warm but not TOO warm. Warm with a nice breeze
19. sleeping position?
I sleep on my stomach a lot.
20. preferred place to write (i.e., in a note book, on your laptop, sketchpad, post-it notes, etc.)?
In bed
21. obsession from childhood?
Ancient Egypt
22. role model?
I don’t... really have one?
23. strange habits?
I wouldn’t call it a strange habit, but I run my hands through/play with my hair a lot
24. favorite crystal?
Rose quartz or opal stones
25. first song you remember hearing?
Oh jeez, I dunno... first one I think of is Love Song by Sky, but that’s DEFINITELY not the first since it was made like, 7 years after I was born
26. favorite activity to do in warm weather?
Read outside in the sun
27. favorite activity to do in cold weather?
Read inside with hot tea (lol)
28. five songs to describe you?
Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd
Cherry by Lana Del Rey
The Show by Lenka
Q.U.E.E.N. (feat. Erykah Badu) by Janelle Monae
Lovely (feat. Khalid) by Billie Eilish
29. best way to bond with you?
Hmmm, be honest and open, I guess?
30. places that you find sacred?
I... don’t know? My bedroom is my favorite spot....?
31. what outfit do you wear to kick ass and take names?
Hahaha, I don’t really kick ass and take names.
32. top five favorite vines?
33. most used phrase in your phone?
Uhhhhhhhhh............ I don’t know?
34. advertisements you have stuck in your head?
Those Wayfair commercials are...... quite sticky
35. average time you fall asleep?
36. what is the first meme you remember ever seeing?
It’s either that Numa Numa video, the Can Haz Cheeseburger cat or the He-man what’s going on video
37. suitcase or duffel bag?
38. lemonade or tea?
Why not both?
39. lemon cake or lemon meringue pie?
Again, why not both?
40. weirdest thing to ever happen at your school?
I haven’t been in school in almost a decade so... Um... I don’t know? I can’t remember anything really
41. last person you texted?
....wouldn’t you like to know.....
42. jacket pockets or pants pockets?
I like both
43. hoodie, leather jacket, cardigan, jean jacket or bomber jacket?
Hoodies and leather (faux) jackets are my fave.
44. favorite scent for soap?
I like shea butter and cocoa butter...
45. which genre: sci-fi, fantasy or superhero?
Sci-fi fantasy (I do like some superhero stuff too though)
46. most comfortable outfit to sleep in?
BIG T-SHIRTS (no pants or socks, I HATE sleeping in pants and socks)
47. favorite type of cheese?
I love cheese so... either goat cheese or mozzarella
48. if you were a fruit, what kind would you be?
Oh, that one’s easy. Cherry.
49. what saying or quote do you live by?
I don’t really live by a specific quote or saying
50. what made you laugh the hardest you ever have?
It’s a tie between scenes from Bridesmaids, Night at the Roxbury & Dumb and Dumber
51. current stresses?
Health stuff (for both me and my mum), money issues, crush issues...... lol
52. favorite font?
I’m boring. Arial
53. what is the current state of your hands?
Uh, I have nice nails right now and my hands are moisturized... I have a huge burn on my thumb though. (Weirdest questions....)
54. what did you learn from your first job?
That companies and your bosses don’t give two shits about you.
55. favorite fairy tale?
Disney version of Beauty and the Beast.... I guess?
56. favorite tradition?
Getting Chinese food on Christmas Eve
57. the three biggest struggles you’ve overcome?
Abuse, Crohn’s disease emergency surgery, Anxiety (still overcoming that one every day)
58. four talents you’re proud of having?
Video editing, drawing, graphic design, and writing (though I don’t write a lot anymore).
59. if you were a video game character, what would your catchphrase be?
Uh... ow?
60. if you were a character in an anime, what kind of anime would you want it to be?
61. favorite line you heard from a book/movie/tv show/etc.?
Happiness can be found in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light
62. seven characters you relate to?
Audrey Horne (Twin Peaks)
Aria Montgomery (Pretty Little Liars)
I don’t... really have many others....
63. five songs that would play in your club?
Stuff by Janelle Monae and Beyonce for sure
64. favorite website from your childhood?
Miniclip and Candystand lmao
65. any permanent scars?
Yes. Surgery scar on my abdomen
66. favorite flower(s)?
Hibiscus and sunflowers
67. good luck charms?
Nah, not really
68. worst flavor of any food or drink you’ve ever tried?
One of those vomit flavored Bertie Botts Every Flavored Beans
69. a fun fact that you don’t know how you learned?
I have no idea. I can’t think of anything
70. left or right handed?
Right handed (I am, anyway)
71. least favorite pattern?
Those really old school Italian lady florals... hahaha
72. worst subject?
Math, I really was bad at math and I still am
73. favorite weird flavor combo?
Is cheddar and apple a weird flavor combo?
74. at what pain level out of ten (1 through 10) do you have to be at before you take an advil or ibuprofen?
Well..... I’m always taking advil ‘cause I’m always at a level 5. Thanks, chronic illness!
75. when did you lose your first tooth?
I have no idea, ask my mother
76. what’s your favorite potato food (i.e. tater tots, baked potatoes, fries, chips, etc.)?
Poutine (how Canadian of me)
77. best plant to grow on a windowsill?
Never done it, so I wouldn’t know.
78. coffee from a gas station or sushi from a grocery store?
My grocery store has pretty good sushi, so sushi.
79. which looks better, your school id photo or your driver’s license photo?
Don’t have either, so... hahahaha!
80. earth tones or jewel tones?
Jewel tones.
81. fireflies or lightning bugs?
82. pc or console?
83. writing or drawing?
84. podcasts or talk radio?
84. barbie or polly pocket?
I’ve always been a Polly Pocket girl, but OG Polly Pocket
85. fairy tales or mythology?
86. cookies or cupcakes?
87. your greatest fear?
Abandonment, Loss...
88. your greatest wish?
Love and contentment
89. who would you put before everyone else?
Does it sound selfish to say myself? I mean that in the best possible way ‘cause only I can take care of myself
90. luckiest mistake?
Ummmmmmm, no idea...
91. boxes or bags?
What is with these questions? It depends, I guess.
92. lamps, overhead lights, sunlight or fairy lights?
93. nicknames?
Sarie, Sar, my dad called me Turkey as a kid (god knows why)
94. favorite season?
95. favorite app on your phone?
96. desktop background?
It’s Gustav Klimt’s “The Kiss”
97. how many phone numbers do you have memorized?
Not many anymore...
98. favorite historical era?
Ancient Egypt... uh... Victorian era and 1920′s... but just the aesthetic... not... the uh.. lol, reality.
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supernatural-squadd · 4 years ago
The Devil and I
Winchester Sister x Lucifer (MINI SERIES)
Part 2 Post Date: 6/29/18 @12am
Warnings: None I can think of, I feel like Luce is a warning in himself but he's rather "tame" on this note.
Have a request? Want on a taglist? Feedback? Click here! Feel free at anytime (including on anon) to send requests, talk to me or ask me anything about myself or my work!
Sister/daughter tags: @skeletoresinthebasement​ @noones-girl1980 @imjusthereforsupernatural al @jamric @sisterwinchesterwriter r r @pumpkinpiesandpocketknives @messy-buns-and-shotguns @graceb200371 @troubles-with-the-fandoms @littlegirlslost @happy-l00ks-g00d-on-y0u u @bartallenisbae​ e e @purplecatterpiller r r @killerunicorn 3 @super100012
Forever Tags: @freaksforthewin​ , @sweetfinnie e , @cambriacaneatnoodles, @brokennoone , @@youtubehelpsmesurvive , @chrisevansthedoritobastard , @winchesters-favorite-girl , @@we-know-a-little-about-a-lot @godh8salyssa @dean-baby-Winchester @@straightasdeanwinchester @@animexchocolate @@fabulouslycassie @@lizbeth-loves-bobear @nicolesyneah25 @@lemonadegazeelle @i-am-an-outcast @@evyiione @27bmm @percussiongirl2017 17 @assbutt-still-in-hell hell @samsgirly66​ 6 @xxmizzlexx​ @mogarukes ke e ke @rosie-winchester r @lost-girl-of-onceuponatime​ @unicorn-sparkles123​ @ria123love @bellero o @random-fandom-imagines-for-eve @unicorn-sparkles123 @ghost—facers @crazycharlie03 @unicorndreamer1622​ 2 @imintoomanyfandomsimsorry @likiyoshi-lijie @scottish-kid
Tumblr media
  The Devil, yes, the Devil himself was sitting in your library, fiddling his thumbs and pouting like a child with the occasional sigh parting from his outward pouted lips. Regardless of all the times your older brothers and your self proclaimed adopted brother Cas had their run ins with the Devil, this was your first time seeing him. Though you heard much about him, seen he damage and toll he had taken on Sam and his soul, you'd never seen him in person for yourself with your own eyes.
It was odd taking in the sight of him, he was indifferent in every way, not just because he was the Devil either. You'd met Gabriel, Raphael and even, Michael. Lord knows you met your fair share of angels, but Lucifer was just different, and you couldn't quite figure out what it was that separated him not only from his brothers or other angels, but anyone you'd ever seen or met.
You'd been watching him from a safe distance, not because you feared him, but rather you feared what Dean would do or how he would react if his not so kid sister approached Satan after being asked (more like told) to go nowhere near him. But curiosity never killed the cat, right? Well, it might in this case. But before you could even breathe out a word of greeting or take a step in his direction, something happened that surprised you.
"You do know it's considered extremely rude to stare at somebody, don't you?" The Devil questioned with curiosity and a sense of hidden vision in my tone. "I could practically feel your gaze burning right into me."
"Well," you took a step towards the long table, walking past him and seeing his face for the first time as you grabbed the back of a chair adjacent to his and sat. "You're very attractive. Therefore I can and will stare at you." You stated calmly, not even blinking an eye.
A pleased grin crossed his lips as his eyes narrowed slightly, intrigued by how you approached him.
"For such a fragile specimen, you sure are quite a bold little thing." He sat back in his seat, crossing his arms and tilting his head almost as that of a cat or dog.
"I'm not afraid of an abandoned angel with daddy issues." You scoffed, taking in the sight of just a small red flare crossing the corner of his eyes. "It appears I've struck a nerve. Didn't know the Devil had a heart to break." Now you leaned back, crossing your arms as he did, only you were showing a sense of higher proudness.
"I can't tell if you wear strength or stupidity in your words, either way, watch your tone when you speak to me."
"Or what?" You cut in before he could say another word. "You'll kill me?" A scoff couldn't help but escape your smiling lips from amusement. "I'm a Winchester, we have a bad habit of not sticking with death when it comes a' knockin'." When the familiar name slipped from your lips, a certain flame sparked the Devil the wrong way.
"You married ol' Dean-o, didn'tcha?" The words that left his mouth made you want to gag, but instead you raised your eyebrows and nearly let your jaw hit the table. "That annoying self righteous fire in your soul, I see why he chose to tie the knot with you."
It took a good moment for you to choke down the hardline of vomit daring to come out of your mouth, still open from shock and utter disgust that slowly turned to rage, but within a solid minute you had burned that god awful thought way way down.
"First off, not his wife…so." You took a drink of water, still trying to stop yourself from vomiting. "I'm actually the littlest Winchester, the rug rat sibling of the bunch." You trailed off to the kitchen, grabbing a second glass and filling it with water before setting it in front of your odd version of company. "Gabe and I had a pretty solid friendship until you killed him, apparently he was the rug rat too."
As you spoke, Lucifer didn't touch the glass of water you offered to him, rather he studied the way your tone changed when you spoke of his brother. He cared to an extent, but he could see the way your eyes quickly flickered, trying to push back what tears wanted to leave their capsules and fall.
"Interesting…" He began, breaking his long silence, "You hate me for killing my own brother, but show no feelings of anger for the torture of your own flesh and blood by my hand." He sat up straight, setting his pointer finger on his lip as he pondered his thoughts. "I wonder why exactly your family kept you from me for so long." Once again, his head tilted slightly to the side, completely sitting in his thoughts.
Just as you were about to feel touchy and slightly emotional, the rumble of the Impala came within earshot, which meant time to act like you hadn't spent half an hour chatting it up with the Fallen Prince.
"Because, Lucifer," you reached over, setting your hand around the glass of water he was offered and leaving you inches from his face if only for a few moments. "My family thinks I'm some weak, defenseless , fragile glass object that needs to be protected at all costs. However," you paused momentarily, leaning inward towards his ear and speaking so warmly he could feel your breath shooting out with every word, "if you even utter a single word about us talking, I'll show you just how wrong they are in the worst of ways." Finishing your sentence without blinking an eye, you parted ways with a small innocent smile that he now knew to assume was a façade you kept up for the sake of your brothers.
Humans in general never really peaked the Devil's interest, but the same thing that made you interested in him, had made him quite curious of everything about you, and he was now determined to figure it all out- to figure you out.
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bellissorte-a · 3 years ago
i’m sorry i haven’t gotten to all of my asks and replies. holiday hiring is a pain in the ass and i’m working. 40 hours a week now so it’s akjsdnf. i run on 0 - 2 hours of sleep a day lately   ( meaning i’m back to my unhealthy college sleep habits )   so i’m really worn out. not to mention it’s extremely hot and my grandma turned off the ac so trying to sleep is near impossible.
but i’m hoping that i’ll pass the fuck out when i get home today since it’s only a 4-hour shift   ( 12 hours after my shift last night tho so rip ) and i haven’t slept so i’m just gonna. crash when i’m home and hope i’m awake before 12am. i DO have off saturday and sunday so i’ll have those days to work on things and idk finally settle down to continue watching hannibal like i’ve been meaning to for a week now aksjdnf
but YEAH i have a post queued up for when i’m at work like i always have been doing and yeah i might die
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kaiba-fangirl · 4 years ago
“It should not take an hour to pick you up from a mall that’s 15 minutes away, in the middle of the night!” Cue drums & sax...
Accident on 516 closed both sides due to a downed traffic light pole. We were rerouted to the only place we could, into a development, that does NOT have any other outlet farther down 516, only back the way I’d already came. Basically I was more than 1/2way to the mall, and had to turn around, go all the way back, go farther down 9 south to get over to 18 and head allllll the way back up north. Finally, got there to pick Hunny up. And coming back, I went back to 516 by force of habit. Turned around & then had to do that like friggen ~secret~ road to 18 south. ( @commanderboshtette like *you* could still get to the post office. I couldn’t see the extent of the accident, just the pole, so idk how long but it should probably be cleared quickly anyway.)  Get back to the house, but go directly next door to get veggie burgers. Apparently since new management took over (in like 2008) they no longer close at 12am, but 11pm. It was so late, though, that we decided we should try to get food out. INSERT RAGE OVER LEGENDARY PETERPANK DINER CLOSING. Alas, we’ll go over to the one closest to us, even though they actually close, at- google says, 12am! So we head over there. 11:16. They closed early cuz it was too slow. UGH. I gave up, resigned to scrounging leftovers at home.
So, pulling out onto that side- service- ramp thing where a 516 ramp & 9 south converge to meet up at Throckmorton Lane... “I hate how this part of the parking lot looks like the road already... *gets out to light* Okay, now how... *if I go straight I’ll just end up back where I was* Oh, okay, yeah.” ”Welcome to New Jersey! Where you need to know 5001 ways to turn around just to get anywhere!” “Oh, you want to go 6 inches that way? Have fun with the Gordian Knot you need to flip backwards through!” “This one happens to be a left where you go over the overpass!” “Then a right, into this middle one, to go behind this shopping center!” “Past what looks like your Wrong Way sign! Past the rock that looks like a long-neck! Before the sun sets on the third day!” *Hunny’s redneck accent* “Naow, if ya hit the barn with Elvis on the side, you gone too far, backup...” “Then! Oh-ho-ho, you’re not back on 9 yet! Then you pull out onto a service road! And then you can either continue on to another service road where people from 516 are merging into you before you all merge into 9, or you can FINALLY, merge onto 9 yourself!!!” “And watch out for the people not yielding, but racing to merge in front of you.”
Tumblr media
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sav-m-flint · a year ago
Day 4
               Overcoming this addiction to my phone has not been easy. I still think about picking up my phone every chance that I get. This feeling of anxiousness arises when I am not on my phone, I constantly feel the need to know what is going on in the social media realm. I stated realm because it is just that; social media has created its own kingdom portrayed as the norm of society. I know several people who do not have a single social media accounts, and I am mind blown every time I encounter that situation. Social media sucks us in, just like a vacuum sucks up dirt, but once in a while it misses a spec here and there (which is my comparison to the people who do not have social media accounts).
               Not only have I noticed better human connection and healthier food habits with my abstinence from social media, I have also noticed a better sleep schedule as well. Instead of feeling exhausted by then end of the day and struggling to put me daughter to sleep, I have found a more sufficient bedtime routine for the both of us. We eat dinner together, I give her a bath, get her in her pajamas, brush her teeth, make her a bottle, and we cuddle on the couch and watch a show/movie for her to fall asleep by 7:30pm or 8pm. This give me enough time to finish up whatever I did not get done throughout the day so that I can go to bed by 9:30pm or 10pm. Usually I would barley make it to bed before 12am, when I would have to be up by 5:30 the next morning, and I would drink coffee all throughout the day to keep myself going.  
               I feel more energized throughout the day, even though it only been 3 days since I started this journey. Now that I think about it, social media was draining every aspect of my life. It was forcing me to eat unhealthily, lose sleep, and lose out on quality time with family and friends. Though this is just the start, I plan to keep it up and not fall right back into the social media trap after this assignment. I have noticed a better me already, I can only imagine what more there is in store for me if I continue on this path. It has shown me nothing but goodness to put my phone away. Social media is the true devil.
               My struggle with social media has been interesting and not something I felt like I needed to address before hand, but when I felt like I needed a break from this crazy world that never stops turning, I thought to myself that there must be an easier way. And so, starting by removing social media as a priority has immensely helped me take a break from the craziness of the world. It has slowed down time in a way where I notice every second that passes rather than just hours. 2020 has been a year of stress removal in my life, and I am so very glad I made this choice to help the stressors that I deal with in my life.
** Sorry, I know this post is late, I had a sick child for a few days who wanted nothing else but to be held.**  
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therealdoomsday · 2 years ago
So, I just almost died. My cat, Suga, got out. It was barely past 12am. I spent an hour literally running around looking for him. Even woke up my parents. Like I was literally sprinting around with my phone flashlight, trying to find him in the bushes.
My legs are burning. I don't exercise or run at all. I even smoke, so lungs are essentially shot. I'm really not athletic in any way.
When I heard my mom yelling for my step dad, saying that she'd found Suga (from basically the other side of the complex where our apartment is,) I sprinted back home. And I mean like immediately post serum Steve chasing that spy kind of running. Barely making turns fast enough. If I would've tripped in that moment, I would have literally no skin on my face. I'm not even joking. And the distance I went was ridiculous.
For reference, I had walked for at least 45 minutes to the other side of the complex, made it back to the house in only like 3 minutes, maybe more but definitely less than five.
Now, this was my own fault. He got out because I'm an idiot. I forgot I opened my windows. They're usually basically closed, open just enough to let air in, but not enough to let him fit through the gap.
But it was fuck-everything degrees in the house and I would've gotten heatstroke if I didn't open my windows.
Now despite my very obvious bad habits and the fact that I should not be able to walk up a hill without passing out, never let it be said that I'm unfit. Because with all the twits and turns and other parts of the complex I searched, I had to have run at least 6-7 miles in total. I caught my breath in like 5 seconds after I got back in the house and didn't get winded once while I was running.
And keep in mind that I'm a smoker so my lungs shouldn't be worth shit.
It's 1am as I write this and I might throw up.
Conclusions: 1) I should really remember to check my windows and 2) I really am the Cryptid my friends tell me I am.
Tumblr media
Here's the little bastard napping away like he didn't give me at least 16 heart attacks tonight.
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azkre · 5 years ago
Alphabet tag meme
Tagged by @marvelandponder
Rules: copy this into a new text post and remove my answers and put in yours, when you are done, tag up to 10 people and also the person who tagged you (preface, I hope this isn’t sad-- I’m sorry!)
A) Age: 18 B) Biggest Fears: not even having a chance (damn, this is not a good time for me lol) C) Current Time: 3:22pm D) Drink I Last Had: pretty okay vanilla and orange peel tea~ E) Every Day Starts with: opening my laptop F) Favorite Song at the Moment: oh shit, I could never really pick I don’t think but, maybe either To See You Alive by Flatsound, You Can’t Kill Us by Icon For Hire, or probably anything from the Equestria Girls soundtracks because #mood/I wish was mood? G) Gayest Moment I Ever Had: oh damn-- I, how can I choose one?! Okay, I’ll put this one because I was just thinking about that this morning for some reason. I was walking into my algebra II class (junior year high school) at the beginning of the year and there was this trans guy (actually didn’t know he was trans at the time exaclty) sitting there talking with a bunch of other people, and I was all like-- holy shit. Like I kinda just stopped for a moment and I couldn’t stop glancing at him-- GUYS, LIKE this is literally the first time I ever had a moment or something like that, I’m demisexual too, so yeh-- it was pretty freaking gay. (he actually was kind of an asshole tho) H) Hometown: Nothing J) Jealous of: OH shit, I don’t really get jealous of anyone but damn do I just want to be okay and it would be nice to have money.. K) Killed Someone: Once again, why is this a question? I’ve killed a couple of characters for backstory in my comic and there a few drawings I have of suicide or just death? L) Last Time I Cried: Yesterday, watching Wonder Woman (I’m such a fucking sap help me), and then later kinda when I finally talked with my mom after she read the letter telling her what was gong on with me (surprise update post?) M) Middle Name: I haven’t touched choosing a name yet till this first shit is over. N) Number of Siblings: 0 O) One Wish: I just need a good cosigner holyshit, it’s so simple and stupid, or just give me the money anyway-- student debt runs the economy why not have more, the bubble is going to burst anyway, might as well profit while you can P) Person you Last Called/Texted: duche dad Q) Question You’re Always Asked: I have a feeling that’s going to turn into, “how are you doing?” R) Reason to Smile: gay shit, Spongebob, the nice people that talk to me, forced smiles S) Song Last Sung: uhhh, only a little bit though or I would have started bawling T) Time You Woke Up: 6:12am? W) Worst Habit: I am electing not to answer this because I don’t want to make this an even sadder post? X) X-ray I’ve Had: probably dental? Idk Y) Your Favourite Food: good food-- like really, if it’s got that #mmmn, it’s good shit Z) Zodiac Sign: I still deny all knowledge of this
I’ll tag @autisticponies @flutterdash @k-o-d-e-x @sunflowerscientist @superwobble and whoever else wants to do this, or you don’t have to if you don’t want to~
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justintimbershit · 5 years ago
1: 6 of the songs you listen to most?XO - John Mayer Cabaret - Justin Timberlake Lights On - Shawn Mendes Bad Habit - The KooksHow Would You Feel - Ed Sheeran You’re Gonna Llive Forever in Me - John Mayer
2: If you could meet anyone on this earth, who would it be?literally John Mayer so I can ask him why the FUCK he played XO in Chicago and why that was only the 10th time ever and first and only time of TSFE tour he played it
3: Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 23, give me line 17.“Mom’s stumped us. We had absolutely no idea who she’d dredge” (I’ll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson)
4: What do you think about most?how terrible life is and then how much i wanna die tbh
5: What does your latest text message from someone else say?“Jena should i get dropped off at your house then we can go get joe & julie?” IOWA TOMORROW FOR ED :DDDD
6: Do you sleep with or without clothes on?always w shirt but no pants lol
7: What’s your strangest talent?hating life as much as i do idk i have no talent
8: Girls… (finish the sentence); Boys… (finish the sentence)girls r hot n nice boys r hot n mean
9: Ever had a poem or song written about you?yeah bc we were in love lol :(
10: When is the last time you played the air guitar? idk i usually dont
11: Do you have any strange phobias?feet, being alone but also being in large crowds, idk theyre not very weird
12: Ever stuck a foreign object up your nose?no?
13: What’s your religion?idk man none atm prob
14: If you are outside, what are you most likely doing?looking forward to going inside. but working and therefore reading.
15: Do you prefer to be behind the camera or in front of it?behind bc i am ugly lol
16: Simple but extremely complex. Favorite band?um probably panic at the disco but then also the killers
17: What was the last lie you told?“its fine” bc no it is not fine i wanna fight
18: Do you believe in karma?ya i think so. maybe
19: What does your URL mean?i like Justin Timberlake and also swearing
20: What is your greatest weakness; your greatest strength?weakness is probably just who i am as a person and strength is idk i dont have any
21: Who is your celebrity crush?lmao. you say this like i have one. i have many. like thousands.
22: Have you ever gone skinny dipping?nope
23: How do you vent your anger?talk to someone usually
24: Do you have a collection of anything?movie/concert/sporting event tickets and also empty gatorade bottles on my floor
25: Do you prefer talking on the phone or video chatting online?phone bc im ugly
26: Are you happy with the person you’ve become?eh. better than what i was but could be better
27: What’s a sound you hate; sound you love?hate is my sisters voice lol love is john mayers voice bc he sounds like a fuckin angel
28: What’s your biggest “what if”?what if i was someone else but not really someone else just like what if i was me with a better life or a differnt life in which things didnt always go so terribly for me ya know
29: Do you believe in ghosts? How about aliens?ghosts maybe but aliens def
30: Stick your right arm out; what do you touch first? Do the same with your left arm.right arm some paper hanging off my nightstand and left nothing
31: Smell the air. What do you smell?the faint scent of clean laundry and lotion
32: What’s the worst place you have ever been to?hm.. great question. i feel like ive been to some pretty bad places but i cant recall any???
33: Choose: East Coast or West Coast?ive never been to either but east coast i think
34: Most attractive singer of your opposite gender?justin timberlake bc hes one of the most attractive men in the entire world
35: To you, what is the meaning of life?bein happy, doin what you want, livin
36: Define Art.something someone creates
37: Do you believe in luck?yes i do
38: What’s the weather like right now?humid i think
39: What time is it?9:41 pm
40: Do you drive? If so, have you ever crashed?nope to both
41: What was the last book you read?i recently finished “The Upside of Unrequited” and now im workin on “More Than This”
42: Do you like the smell of gasoline?no i hate it it makes me nauseous
43: Do you have any nicknames?jules
44: What was the last film you saw?o fuck um fist fight maybe?
45: What’s the worst injury you’ve ever had?the sunburn i got in florida was terrible bc i couldnt walk for a day so im gonnna say that
46: Have you ever caught a butterfly?no :(
47: Do you have any obsessions right now?brandon saad being a chicago blackhawk again, tommy la stella, john mayer, reading gay books
48: What’s your sexual orientation?bi
49: Ever had a rumour spread about you?uuuuum possibly ??? idk
50: Do you believe in magic?nah but also maybe
51: Do you tend to hold grudges against people who have done you wrong?in my mind yes but most of the times my actions dont reflect that especially if its been a while
52: What is your astrological sign?sagittarius
53: Do you save money or spend it?both. i allow myself to spend it as long as i still have a decent amount saved
54: What’s the last thing you purchased?lunch at panera lol
55: Love or lust?neither bc they both suck when ur alone
56: In a relationship?no lol
57: How many relationships have you had?zero
58: Can you touch your nose with your tongue?nope i am not talented like that
59: Where were you yesterday?yesterday. i think i stayed home all day then me mary and joe hung out and went to get milkshakes at steak n shake
60: Is there anything pink within 10 feet of you?the inside of the bra bra sitting waiting to be put away lol
61: Are you wearing socks right now?indeed
62: What’s your favourite animal?sloths my fav
63: What is your secret weapon to get someone to like you?i dont have one bc if i did ppl would like me, tf
64: Where is your best friend?at home id assume
65: Give me your top 5 favourite blogs on Tumblr.whats tumblr
66: What is your heritage?im italian but i was born here and so were my parents
67: What were you doing last night at 12AM?watching an episode of Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia before i showered
68: What do you think is Satan’s last name?satan satan
69: Be honest. Ever gotten yourself off?yeah lmao who hasnt tho
70: Are you the kind of friend you would want to have as a friend?i think so sometimes but other times im the worst person ever idk how i have friends
71: You are walking down the street on your way to work. There is a dog drowning in the canal on the side of the street. Your boss has told you if you are late one more time you get fired. What do you do?fuck u boss i love dogs and if u hate dogs that much as to not understand the situation i dont wanna work for a dog hater. asshole.
72: You are at the doctor’s office and she has just informed you that you have approximately one month to live. a) Do you tell anyone/everyone you are going to die? b) What do you do with your remaining days? c) Would you be afraid?a. maybe probably b. everything ive never done but wanted to c. probably
73: You can only have one of these things; trust or love.fuck. um. shit. id say love but then u cant trust the person you love so like… but at the same time i love love so much i feel like id die w/o it n ya know i dont trust anyone anyways so im gonna say love
74: What’s a song that always makes you happy when you hear it?srsly…..Bye Bye Bye by *NSYNC bc i cant be sad listening to that song lolol
75: What are the last four digits in your cell phone number?9077
76: In your opinion, what makes a great relationship?communication n openness
77: How can I win your heart?just be nice to me lol i have low standards
78: Can insanity bring on more creativity?yes i do believe so
79: What is the single best decision you have made in your life so far?buying tickets to see john mayer lol that changed my life so drastically. my life is now pre john mayer and post john mayer. he literally fucking sang xo i will never get over it that will always be the happiest moment of my life im crying while typing this
80: What size shoes do you wear?8 - 9 ½ depending on the shoe
81: What would you want to be written on your tombstone?‘probably died because she said she wanted to die so often that death got sick of hearing it and killed her.“
82: What is your favourite word?fuck
83: Give me the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word; heart.justin timberlake. god im so fucked lol
84: What is a saying you say a lot?'i hate my life’ 'i want to die’ 'u should fight’
85: What’s the last song you listened to?Fools Gold by One Direction lmao
86: Basic question; what’s your favourite colour/colours?turquoise
87: What is your current desktop picture?justin timberlake leaning on a car lookin all hot n shit
88: If you could press a button and make anyone in the world instantaneously explode, who would it be?myself tbh
89: What would be a question you’d be afraid to tell the truth on?uuuum idk it depends whos askin ya know. id answer certain questions if asked by one peson but not another
90: One night you wake up because you heard a noise. You turn on the light to find that you are surrounded by MUMMIES. The mummies aren’t really doing anything, they’re just standing around your bed. What do you do?probably cry and attempt but ultimately fail to go back to sleep
91: You accidentally eat some radioactive vegetables. They were good, and what’s even cooler is that they endow you with the super-power of your choice! What is that power?flying or teleportation
92: You can re-live any point of time in your life. The time-span can only be a half-hour, though. What half-hour of your past would you like to experience again?when john mayer played XO at my concert obviously
93: You can erase any horrible experience from your past. What will it be?losing all the pictures on my computer bc i keep saying im over it but im really not that was the entire past 4 years of my life in pictures and videos and theyre just gone its bullshit
94: You have the opportunity to sleep with the music-celebrity of your choice. Who would it be?oh man. so many. but if i had to choose one justin timberlake. wow bet no one saw that comin
95: You just got a free plane ticket to anywhere. You have to depart right now. Where are you gonna go?literally fuckin no where im seeing ed sheeran in a matter of hours im not leaving. but if it were a different day lol id say amsterdam or boston
96: Do you have any relatives in jail?not that im aware of
97: Have you ever thrown up in the car?when i was a smol child yea h but not recently
98: Ever been on a plane?when i was a child yes
99: If the whole world were listening to you right now, what would you say?um lol idk probably nothing tbh i dont wanna be held responsible for whatever happens afterwards
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