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Covid Lockdown
March 2020 to May 2021
The COVID quarantine is slowly lifting. Here is a quick review of our last year in limbo.
The first COVID death in Seattle was in a nursing home on February 29th, 2020. We discussed the serious threat at Ultimate that day. Then Julia and I went to a Umphrey’s McGee concert at Showbox SODO that evening. I remember questioning if we should be taking this virus seriously, but brushing off the idea.
Tumblr media
March 2nd our life was turned around in another way - the rental apartment we lived in for the past 8 years was being sold. Time to decide if buying a house is a smart decision…
March 11th the CDC officially declared COVID a pandemic. Things get serious fast. We begin watching the news constantly.
March 14th was our last day skiing for the 2019/2020 season. There was still significant snow on the mountain - but state restrictions closed down the resort. Then we jumped into a backcountry ski/camp trip. Shortly after that - even backcountry skiing was forbidden. That’s when the lockdown got serious.
The rest of March and April were uneventful. I thought I had COVID at 1 point, but tests were hard to get. The at-home test I did get returned a negative result. Julia had a small accident that took the Subaru out of commission for a little bit. No big deal.
Sadly the white cat, Lucy, had to be put down. The process with COVID restrictions at the vet made the experience extra hard. Sad to see my favorite cat gone after 12 years together.
Tumblr media
May 27th we got the keys to our new house in Beacon Hill, Seattle! Huge day for us. One I didn’t think would ever come. Home prices in Seattle are pure insanity. Buying at the beginning of the pandemic gave us a little advantage - no bidding war at all. In retrospect it was an amazing decision.
Tumblr media
We ate momo’s (Himalayan dumplings) the first night on cardboard boxes. Then got to work on improvements right away. I made the terrible decision to do ‘exploratory drilling’ in our walls at 2am that night to route some ethernet cables for the cable company coming the next day. Luckily it worked out - but I don’t recommend putting holes in your new home on day #1.
A train of professionals came out for the big jobs:
* Plumbers - pressure reducer and expansion tank
* Electricians - new panel and service
* Insulation - replace attic insulation
* Flooring - LVP in the mud room
Julia and I got our hands dirty a bunch too:
* Closet shelving/rods
* Toilet replacement
* TV mount install
* Hanging blinds (after 1 month with none!)
* Siding repair
* Install dog door
* Light/Fan upgrades
* Fence repair
* Bench and table builds
* Chicken coop converted to raised beds
* Yard work of all kinds
* More yard work of different kinds
* Plus a bunch of small stuff that continually keep us busy
Bamboo and Blackberries were the big task. Our house is directly next to a city ‘right of way’. Basically a big plot of land the city owns where no one can build. Kinda like a park or play field directly to our south. We call it the “side yard”. Opposite our fence that separates us from the side yard was a 6 foot tall 6 foot wide 60 foot long thicket of blackberries. Then it turned into 30 foot tall bamboo beyond that.
Julia and I took 1 weekend to clear the bamboo from inside our backyard. Then another 2 weekends to clear the bamboo from the side yard. Luckily a city mower came and tore down most of the blackberries with a tractor after I reported it as a nuisance. It was a beast of a job - but the neighbors came out to help (at least to take away the bamboo poles for their gardens). Then we sheet mulched the entire area to prevent regrowth. Huge project - which we are still fighting currently - but a massive improvement the whole neighborhood enjoys.
Tumblr media
Discovering new local restaurants was hard during COVID. Many places still offered delivery or take-out, but no inside dining. Bahn Mi sandwiches and Bubble Tea has been a staple for us. Too many cheesesteaks and taco truck burritos also. Plus a bunch of other Viatemese, Chinese, and Asian restaurants that are popular here in south Beacon Hill.
Throwing the frisbee with my teammate, Patrick, was my only activity with someone other than Julia or the Grubhub driver. We got together about once a week with masks at Judkins Park to toss. A fun way to get some sun, exercise, and social interaction.
July 11th my grandmother died in upstate NY with my mother and family close by. Not COVID related, just her time to go. The best grandma anyone could have asked for. Always an open house and supportive of all my life adventures.
September 3-6 we got permits to hike in the Cascades, Alpine Lakes Wilderness, Enchantments. It’s a protected area with very limited daily permits for backcountry camping. I tried for 8 years to get these permits - so no chance we were gonna miss the opportunity. Unfortunately I got a small hernia on our birthday in July - but again - not gonna stop me! The prep-hikes in July/August went great. Another fun way to get outdoors safely.
The trip ended up amazing all around. A true life-list adventure filled with lakes, goats, vistas, and leg burning trails.
Tumblr media
October, November, and December were totally uneventful.
January 2021 we began a bathroom remodel with Premier Contractors. Toby and his family/team worked with us to design a totally custom dream bathroom. Ferguson supplied the materials, the discount I’ve been waiting to use for 16 years of employment. Jackpot!
End of January came with great bathroom progress. They ended up replacing the majority of the house plumbing - as our old galvanized pipes were badly corroded. The electricians also came back to install new circuits for the heated flooring, jetted tub, mirror, and heater/fan/lights. We also got new circuits in the garage and my office to expand the power downstairs.
Because we are crazy - we decided to begin a 2nd project at the same time - a deck rebuild. The construction crew we got to design our back deck randomly had availability earlier than expected, which we jumped on. Why not knock out both at once?!? Demo began February 16th.
End of February the bathroom was tiled and the deck had cedar floorboards installed. Floyd, Hank, Jeff, Brian, Robert, and the whole Blue Oak Builders crew were amazing. Unfortunately the bathroom project stalled for a variety of supply/time reasons. They slowly made progress through March.
Tumblr media
March 31st Julia and I got our first COVID vaccine shot. We jumped at the first opportunity, one of the first in our age group to get an appointment. We drove down south to the minor league hockey rink where they had the process down solid after a month of giving shots to more vulnerable people. Relief that the end was in sight! We celebrated by buying strawberry plants on the way home. :)
Then our 2nd Pfizer shot on April 20th. May 5th we were considered fully vaccinated. I celebrated with a game of pickup the first chance possible. I ended up going 441 days without ultimate - my longest streak in 24 years. Before this I had never gone 14 days without some sort of pickup, practice, league, or tournament game of ultimate. It felt amazing to be back in action - even if I’m fatter + slower than ever.
That brings us to today - May 23, 2021. Ski season is nearly over, flowers are blooming, concerts are announcing, Sounders are playing, friends are calling, and mask mandates are lifting. My schedule is already starting to fill up with fun. There really does feel like a light at the end of this tunnel. Finally!
Overall - I consider us lucky. Julia and I were able to work from home without interruption. Our companies had hiccups, but are more profitable than ever. Julia has been extremely busy with work - but that’s the life in a startup I guess.
We had no clue what buying a home at the start of a pandemic would mean. It ended up being ideal for us. Canceled vacations gave us extra time and money to invest in this 62 year old raised ranch style house. Room for Skye to enjoy, as she is getting old fast, is a treat. Not to mention offices on separate floors might have saved our relationship (seriously - who talks that loud on conference calls? just kidding my lover). We even got lucky with great neighbors who really look out for each other.
I realize that so many other people in Seattle / WA / USA / World were not so lucky during this pandemic. It sucks. I hope as these restrictions are lifted that everyone can begin to prosper again - both socially and financially. 2020 will go down as a monumental time in our lives. I look forward to post-pandemic-2021!
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Anna Louise’s Official Profile
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I keep dunking on myself and not having a consistent profile post, and thus, folks must go deep diving for info. I apologize, I am just as frustrated, I promise. SO, here we are, an official profile post!
Name: Anna Louise O’Reilly
Gender: Female
Age: Uhhhh, depends. Typically, just imagine she’s 15/16
Birth Date: January 6th, 1972
Species: Human
Blood Status: Technically Pure-blood, but Mother was adopted and raised by Muggles, so I don’t know how that affects it...
Sexuality: Straight! But has definitely seen a few girls and been like 👀👀👀
Alignment: Chaotic Good. She likes doing the right thing, despite what stupid things like “rules” and “authority figures” might say.
Ethnicity: Half White (Irish specifically), a quarter Oneida, and a quarter Generic White.
Nationality: Irish
Residence: The O’Reilly Residence in Castlebar, Ireland
Myer Briggs Personality Type: ENFP: The Enthusiast
Tumblr media
1st Wand: Blackthorn wood, Unicorn hair core, eleven and a quarter inches, slightly springy and flexible.
Blackthorn, which is a very unusual wand wood, has the reputation — in Garrick Ollivander's opinion well-merited — of being best suited to a warrior. The wands made from this wood appear to need to pass through danger or hardship with their owners to become truly bonded. Given this condition, the blackthorn wand will become as loyal and faithful a servant as one could wish.
Unicorn hair could be used in wand-making, as wand cores. Wands with these cores produced the most consistent magic, were least subject to fluctuations and blockages, were most difficult to turn to the Dark Arts, and were the most faithful of wands.
2nd Wand: N/A, I haven’t gotten there yet.
Animagus: A kitty, in particular, this kitty
Misc Magical Abilities: Animagus, Seer, but she keeps writing it off as ‘Lucky Guesses’. It’s incredibly frustrating for everyone around her.
Boggart Form: Pre 1990: Falling off her broom and never actually hitting the ground, just continuously falling
Post 1990: Rowan’s (rip) dead body staring at her with unseeing eyes
Riddikulus Form: Pre 1990: A broom catching her and she does the sickest broom surf, the crowd goes wild.
Post 1990: Rowan (rip) going BOO and giggling like a maniac, “You should see your face!”
Amortentia: (What do they smell like?) Campfire smoke, fresh chocolate chip cookies, Ash wood (from her broom), a deep, rich smelling cologne that you can’t quite place how you know it, but it’s very comforting.
Amortentia: (What do they smell?) Ocean breeze, pine trees, piano sheet music parchment, the old leather of her favorite jacket
Patronus: Tortoiseshell cat
Patronus Memory: A trip her family took to Disneyworld, specifically the Fireworks at the end of the night.
Mirror of Erised: Her and her brother, both without scars and Jay has both legs, grinning and teasing each other
Specialized/Favourite Spells: Accio Ducks (Thank you to the Gaelic Gang for the A+ spell, y’all are geniuses), Wingardium Leviosa, and Anaticula
Faceclaim: Gina Rodriguez (Love her beauty)
Voiceclaim: Ruth Negga (Love her accent)
Game Appearance:
Tumblr media
Height: 6 ft, or 183 cm
Weight: 179 lbs
Physique: Lean muscle, but absolutely can and will knock you out. She may look on the slimmer side, but Anna is jacked.
Eye Colour: Amber
Hair Colour: Reddish brown, lighter brown in the summer when she’s gotten a lot of sun
Skin Tone: Copper/Bronze
Body Modifications: Pierced ears, a tattoo on her left bicep that says “No Ragerts”, matching with @drinkyoursoupbitch’s MC Wendy Gordon
Scarring: She has a scar on her left bicep, just below the tattoo, from her childhood. She also has a huge burn mark on her back from an Incendio spell that went wrong in Duelling club, hence why she no longer duels. She also has a few scars on her arms and legs from the animals in her time as a Magizoologist, as well as some from finding the vaults.
Inventory: Her wand, some treats for her creatures and for her pets, a magically charmed water bottle that never gets empty, a few cookies for Wendy, just in case, a few Calming Droughts for Ben, just in case, extra hairbands for her and Charlie, just in case, and a really warm scarf, just in case.
Fashion: Neon and horrible. Just... just the worst things you can imagine.
Hogwarts House: Gryffindor
Ilvermorny House: Pukwudgie
Affiliations/Organizations: Castlebar PTA Board (Although she doesn’t know that), the Magizoology Nerds Study Group, Ministry of Magic (Again, she doesn’t know that) and the family barbecues her and her friends have during the summers.
Professions: Magizoologist for the North American Unit (1995-2003), Magizoologist for the Western European Unit (2003-Present), International Expert and Ambassador for Magizoology relations between North America and Western Europe (2008-Present).
Class Proficiencies:
Astronomy: O
Charms: E
Flying: O
Herbology: A
History of Magic: A
Potions: A (Just barely, thanks to Wendy)
Transfiguration: A
- Care of Magical Creatures: O
- Divination: O (To no one’s surprise but her own)
Quidditch: Gryffindor Chaser
Extra Curricular: Prefect, Astronomy Club, Magizoology Nerds Study Group, Finding the Cursed Vaults and Saving Everyone, You’re Welcome.
Favourite Professors: McGonagall, whom she accidentally called “Mum” in her first year and, when McGonagall tried to use it to tease her a little, Annie doubled down (No one makes a fool out of me but ME, Professor!), Flitwick, Sprout
Least Favourite Professors: SNAPE, Does Dumbledore count because Annie has a bone to pick with HIM, Rakepick
Brother: Jacob “Jay” Leon O’Reilly
Misc Siblings: Unofficial miscarriage of Cirilla Margaret, 1982
Father: Joseph O’Reilly (nee Fischer) (Profile here)
Mother: Aoife O’Reilly (Profile also here, but you have to scroll down)
Grandparents: Onangwatgo (Owen) Fischer, Laura Fischer (nee Scott), Leon O’Reilly (Gramp), Riona O’Reilly (nee McCorrmick) (Nan)
Love Interest: Crushes: Andre for a short while before she realized how dedicated he was to fashion and how she, one of the resident fashion disasters, could never be with him. Also, that one quidditch player that slings her arm over your shoulder when you win a quidditch friendly, Annie has a slight crush on her too. Partner: Talbott, although they only sorta kinda date in Hogwarts, because Annie’s a little preoccupied and neither really wants to half-ass a relationship. They make it official a little time after they both graduate, and get married in 1996.
Children: Minerva “Minnie” Dora Winger, Charles “Chip” Perry (Peregrine) Winger
Best Friends: Charlie, Ben, Rowan (rip), Tonks, Orion, and McNully
Rival: Merula, then Skye in Quidditch, and Jay, just like, in general.
Enemy: RAKEPICK, Merula for the first few years, Emily Tyler
Dormmates: Rowan (rip), Vixen McMahen, and some other MC’s of mine: Stella La Roe, Gabrielle Frame
Pets: Albino rat named Patterpaws, Orange Tabby cat named Alfred, Frog named Bogblink, Barn owl named Fuzzwing, Family’s Horned owl is named Scuttlebeak, Kneazle named Monty, Family’s crup is named Furry Mercury, Crup pup named Barkus
Closest Canon Friends: Charlie, Ben, Rowan (rip)
Closest MC Friends: Jenara Feragon and Ophelia Fawley (@cokebottlesanddenim), Wendy Gordon (@drinkyoursoupbitch), Ryan, Cara, Sara, and Conor O’Donnell (@unfortunate-arrow), Carewyn Cromwell ( @carewyncromwell ), Vixen McMahen ( @rosievixen), Marina Willow ( @mira-shard), Malcolm Elmswood ( @cursebreakerelmswood), and any others who wish to befriend the bean!
Pre Hogwarts: Born on January 6th, 1972, Annie was born in Castlebar, Ireland to an exhausted yet overjoyed Aoife O’Reilly and thrilled yet nervous Joseph O’Reilly. Her older brother Jay was six years old at the time, and already excited to either have the greatest partner in crime or the worst mistake his parents ever made (In his opinion). He would later come to realize that Annie was determined to be both. In 1979, Aoife has to have surgery done to repair damage to her right knee. The surgeons were able to fix the problem, but the leg was soon infected. There was no saving it, and she eventually had her leg amputated, a few inches above the knee. In 1981, Annie and Jay attempted to levitate a sled across the largest valley near their home. This resulted about as well as one would think, and both were permanently scarred from their landing. When Jay disappeared in 1982, the shock and horror caused Aoife to miscarry, and Annie fell into a deep depression for the entire summer. The depression soon turned into determination to find her brother and make things right. Due to this, she was blind to the flaws that were clearly in her brother.
1st Year: Standard stuff, meets Charlie early on though, when both of them are sneaking out to the Forbidden Forest in search of dragons. Instant besties. She also meets Ryan O’Donnell and the two bond over quidditch and being unable to decide who’s the better flier (They’re both good and hate to admit it) and Vixen McMahen, as they’re roommates, and the two hit it off well, prompting Annie start what would become a loooong tradition of friendship bracelet weaving.
2nd Year: Meets Jenara and Ophelia when she accidentally walks into the Ravenclaw Tower, “In my defense, both of them are towers and they’re right next to each other” “It is literally impossible for you to be in here, what the hell?”
3rd Year: Meets Wendy through Ben and Charlie and they also become instant besties. When Annie off-hand mentions needing help with Potions, Wendy shows up at Quidditch practice waving textbooks at her. When Annie gets lost, Wendy starts carrying a copy of her schedule. When Annie needs a little bit of comfort but feels silly about what she needs comfort about, Wendy is the first one she turns to. She also meets Cara when she joins the quidditch team, and the rivalry between Ryan and Annie take to a whole new level, from ‘Better Flier’ to ‘Better Chaser’.
4th Year: Annie meets Talbott. Talbott helps Annie become an Animagus and Annie helps Talbott let down his walls a little. Annie falls in love with the bird boy, but has a sworn duty to find Jay first and stop the Vaults from being Cursed.
5th Year: Annie and her father have a fight over the summer because Annie refuses to think that Jacob might have changed at all from his time with and in the Vaults. Joseph just wants his daughter safe, he already lost his son for 5 years, he can’t handle losing her, too. Annie is having none of it, and lashes out by chopping off her hair, one of the characteristics that she shares in common with her father, and dying it bright red, orange, and yellow. Annie also becomes a Prefect and meets Sara. After hearing so much about her, Annie is... a little strong, but she means well. She also meets Carewyn and basks in the “Big Mom Energy” radiating off her. When she saw Carey go off at some kids that were bullying a scared first year, Annie immediately started making a friendship bracelet for her. In for a penny, in for a pound.
6th Year: Annie and her father reconcile after Annie duels Jay and realizes, “Hey... Jay is... different. In a horrible way.” She is at an awkward part of growing her hair out, so she does what anyone in her situation would do: Gives herself a mullet. Annie is grounded for the rest of the summer.
7th Year: Jay is finally caught and taken in for therapy and takes a few years off of magic to, like, chill. Annie and Talbott finally become official, and Annie finds out that Wendy and Talbott used to be... a “thing”. Annie speaks to neither of them for a week. “It’s not that you dated, it’s that you didn’t tell me!” “... And because we dated?” “YES WENDY, AND BECAUSE YOU DATED”
Order of the Phoenix / 2nd Wizarding War: Annie, while not closely related with the Order itself, does her best to help pass messages. After all, who’s going to suspect the zoo keeper?
Post-War: Annie attends Tonks’ funeral and places there the Christmas photo her friends gave her of all of them. She stands at the grave quietly next to Harry Potter. It’s the only time the two ever interact, and it’s a simple, “I’m sorry for your loss.”
Old Age & Death: Please don’t make me think about that :{ As far as I’m concerned, Annie is immortal and I refuse to think otherwise.
Anna Louise O’Reilly is a bubble of fun that has been through a lot, before she ever even stepped foot in Hogwarts. Due to the difficulties she’s gone through, she’s a stubborn and determined person who can sometimes overlook the problems in front of her. It’s not that she can’t see them, it’s that she doesn’t want to. Despite all this, she’s a genuinely caring and loyal person who has a big heart and takes things hard. She speaks her mind, supports others who can’t quite do the same, and honestly just wants the best for everyone. She just really wants things to be okay. My bean.
Uhhhhh, here’s my Spotify playlist for Annie. Open to suggestions!
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Rewatching Who You Really Are
Tumblr media
Where are all the decent Kree at? Vin-Tak, who has the distinction of being the very first Kree (with a pulse) in AoS, feels like one for about 10 minutes, until he starts advocating for ethnic cleansing.
Sure, Inhumans can be dangerous but so can Kree, Asgardians and plain, regular humans and there’s a lot more of all of them to worry about.
Lady Sif’s solution - taking Skye to Asgard where one hopes they’d have taught her to use her powers and not locked her up in some dungeon - would make for a great What If. I still prefer the version we got, where everyone pitches in to defend their friend/teammate and Philinda’s quasiparental protectiveness hits a new high.
Once we go from actions to words, however, things are less heartwarming.
Jemma’s understandably hurt by the lie and even more so by the implication that she could do something bad to Skye, which if we’re honest is preposterous (sorry Fitz). But if “Skye’s (her) friend, she’s different!”, doesn’t that imply that if it were all happening to Guest Star #3 Fitz’s concerns would then be on point?
Bobbi and Mack’s grievances would have some merit but lose almost all weight when considering what kind of secret they are concealing. Sorry, guys, you don’t get to spy and prepare a coup and also complain about other people hiding things from you. Pick one or the other (I’d go with complaining but then the season would be much shorter).
And Fitz indulges in some pettiness, which is unbecoming for the guy who said “you’re just different and there’s nothing wrong with that” and makes his motivations a little murkier.
So we’re left with Hunter as the only person in the room who hasn’t really done or said anything wrong. And the episode rewards him with a chokehold and kidnapping. 🤭
Tumblr media
Between Vin-Tak and Lady Sif, we get quite a bit of backstory for the Inhumans arc.
The Diviner was found in Chaves, Portugal, digged up in 1945 by Whitehall and this may very well be where they also found the dead Kree that became project T.A.H.I.T.I. In any case, both were confiscated shortly after by Peggy Carter and the S.S.R. as seen in the 2x01 flashback.
The Diviner was originally brought to Earth - together with at least five more who eventually made it into the Afterlife Inhumans’ possession - by “one vicious faction” of the Kree, “eons ago”, when the very unaptly named “blue angels” had been warring amongst themselves for quite a long while. This faction was trying to create enhanced soldiers for its ranks by genetically modifying the DNA of other species. The experiments failed everywhere except on Earth where another Kree faction eventually shut them down. The current Kree Empire is unaware of this one success or would likely descend on Earth to resume making superhumans or at least pick up the ones left behind (hi, Kasius family, how you’re all doing? Please get lost in a black hole, thank you 😁).
The Diviner itself is basically just a metal container - alien metal, highly toxic to humans - for a “Terrigen” crystal, the element needed to activate the DNA modification in a process called “Terrigenesis”. The ancient Kree city under Puerto Rico had a special room - the “Temple” - engineered to turn on the Diviner and trigger Terrigenesis. This isn’t however the only way to do it, despite Coulson’s confident assertion that destroying the city makes it now impossible to activate the other diviners.
Tumblr media
May’s Boundless Badassary:
She grabs the girl and runs like hell (right? 😎) and then prepares to defend her fighting hand to hand with one of the aliens who have inspired Norse Mythology and also happens to be twice her size, wearing heavy armor, and holding a double-bladed sword. Yeah, Sif didn’t stand a chance. 😁
She’s Got the Powers:
Skye still has no control or understanding of her powers but she already does something quite interesting with them, accidentally dismantling her own gun by, seemingly, vibrating its individual parts until they shake loose. A neat trick she’ll learn to replicate for the season finale (and also in S6). She also causes two localized earthquakes, strong enough to very visibly shake a Portoguese hospital and the base.
Stuff that crossed my mind:
I didn’t wanna hurt you. I didn’t wanna try to hurt you. Another glorious May face. Does this count as foreshadowing, though? Given their future little brawl in 2x21.
It seems the thing that always came between us was your dedication to S.H.I.E.L.D.  Now we're on the same team. Well, crap. Bobbi, I think you’re in trouble.
The last Stark copper jackets. I'll make sure Hill puts them on the list. Wait, wait, what? Maria Hill is giving you guys tech from Stark Industries? So either Tony knows Coulson’s alive or has been told someone else in in charge or doesn’t know jack and she’s going behind his back 🤯
You're a force to be reckoned with, Mack. --  Okay, but violence isn't really my thing. Mack’s a field agent now. While still working as chief mechanic and engineer because S.H.I.E.L.D. agents are all overworked, hold like six different positions simultaneously, hardly ever get any time off even when they’ve been repeatedly shot, stabbed and/or beaten and really they should just unionize and strike for their rights.
Oh, you'll want everyone on the bus for this. Yay, family road trip!
How did you subdue her and get her to wait? -- No subduing. She stayed willingly once I told her I'd found "Kava" and he was on his way to meet her. -- Oh. But I'm not Kava. -- I'm glad I'm not the one who has to tell her that. I think you need to recruit this guy, Phil.
I'm sure a clue will turn up somewhere. -- Twitter. Skye found it. Of course she did. 🤗
Sir, the Science Division has loaded the team with heavier suppression artillery. After Raina's vanishing act, we advise that when you find this man, you contain him first, ask questions later. This is a bit chilling but when they later capture Vin-Tak the only “heavy suppression artillery”-looking gun shoots an electrified net.
New icers? -- The mechanical design is still top-notch, but we're looking into a more concentrated dendrotoxin formula. -- And wouldn't that be dangerous? -- But effective. Given these elevated threats, we can't risk it not being. This is almost the same argument from 1x11, when the “elevated threats” were the Centipede soldiers, but in reverse. Back then it was Jemma worrying that the dendrotoxin’s concentration stayed at a safe level for the targets. Also a reminder that Fitz is currently working in the garage with Mack, so he doesn’t know the day-to-day of the lab.
What about Thor? -- I do not know this word, yet when you say it, I want to smile.  Why?  -- Who can explain the mysteries of the Asgardian brain?  -- I can. Alright! Agents of S.W.O.O.N. is back on!
We're uploading some information to you. A portable scanner that can wirelessly relay biological and chemical data for further analysis. Nifty.
Only seven intelligent species across the known realms require heightened levels of nitrogen gas, none humanoid. I learned this as a child. Did you not? Lady, we barely learn the composition of the air we breathe...😂
The guy was blue, like he just tested some Willy Wonka gum-blue. What a precise technical description🤣 Daisy’s mission reports must be a hoot to read.
You also learn other species' entire languages as a child? Look, I think we’ve already established that the Asgardian School System blows all the Earth’s ones out of the water. Let’s just move on.
I thought that I could handle it. But I can't. It's too much. I think we have to tell Coulson what's happening. Yes, that might have been for the best. But we would have missed out on some highly entertaining drama coming up.
Sorry to interrupt whatever this is. It’s a good thing that the only secrets Hunter was concerning himself with involved his ex-wife because Fitz doesn’t lie much better than Jemma and Skye’s nerves could power the entire base right now.
I don't want him here in case he takes their side. He's a friend. I don't want him fighting against us. -- He would never. --  He loves you, and he probably will always love you.  But I still think he might be capable of killing you. Yeah, no, I don’t believe this for a second. Way to oversell it, Mack.
How very Kree. He needs a weapon to make a point. Asgardians do not like Kree.
Asgardian. Well, that explains a lot. And Kree do not like Asgardians.
So, someone was transformed. A Kree slave warrior created. Have you put it down? And you were shading all Kree just a moment ago because Vin-Tak wanted his memory-wiping stick?😒
You were there? What did you see? - I-I didn't...I mean, n-nothing. Yes, very convincing. They will never suspect you now.
You must understand, these creatures are weapons. Abominations. And I was just starting to like you...🙄
Skye. You want to talk to us? With the Kree exterminator and the Asgardian watchdog in the room? I’m guessing not.
Imagine what will happen if your powers grow.  It may not stop at breaking glass. You could bring down buildings, tear continents apart. I wouldn’t worry so much. They don’t have the budget for it. 😁 There will be some post apocalyptic lunatics framing her for destroying the entire planet but that will be mostly due to, frankly, the poor deductive skills of the survivors and their even poorer ability to relay information reliably across a couple of generations.
Fitz, we need Bambino! OMG. He named the gun he used on Loki? 😮 🤣 And he named it that? 
You knew you couldn't stop me. So what was the point? -- Just wanted the attention. HA! 🙌 You don’t get the drop on Mockingbird twice, blue dude.
She harmed herself!  Even though she knew it meant giving up her freedom. All to save the rest of you. Yeah, she’s silly like that.
Asgard is millennia beyond you in our pursuit of science, of knowledge, and we have learned  there are some things that can never be understood. --  Is this little talk one of them? 🤣 🤣 🤣
Look, most of the time, I believe what I see. [...] But you died. You were brought back with a map to a city encoded in your DNA. Our team's first mission?  -- We picked up Skye. -- Last week, we took her to that city.  I can't help but remember what Lumley said.  -- Wherever Skye goes -- Death follows. I wonder whether any of this will find its way back into s7. 🤔
We should be protecting her. -- No, Fitz!  We're the ones that need protection from her. Mack: get over it and hurry up. You have a friend to kidnap in about a minute.😁
Tumblr media
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howtotrainyouragents · 2 years ago
Agent H’s AOS Rewatch
Season 3 Pro’s and Con’s 
We’re done with the season 4 rewatch, and I’m over here still trying to process season 3. First time watching, it was my least favorite season and I nearly stopped watching the show because of it. Second time watching…it’s still probably my least favorite just by comparison, but I have infinite more respect for it. Anyway, I needed to sort out my thoughts on this, so it’s all under “keep reading” and don’t get mad at me.
Cons (because let’s get the bad stuff out of the way)
-I really dislike revenge stories, so all the revenge stuff with Hunter and Coulson and Ward and all did not sit well with me and felt even OOC. 
-Speaking of, from the S2 finale through most of this season, there’s this theme of the men protecting and revenging their wounded or fridged girlfriends. It’s not super fun because this is a show where the women are clearly just as, if not more, competent than the men, but they’re not given the same opportunity to protect/revenge the men, much less given the same importance even in their own stories. I’m blanking on what MCU movies were going on around the time of this season, but I remember seeing this even in the movies. If I remember correctly there was a head of MCU who was later removed, but was apparently responsible. 
-The use of Ward is muddled. I’m cool with his takeover of HYDRA, that seemed natural. But you expect it to lead to a huge standoff with SHIELD because he, their worst enemy, is now head of their worst enemy organization. Instead, he gets converted to the HYDRA religion and literally becomes a vessel. Which is fine, but the transition was really hurriedly and poorly done. This is a man who has complex views of loyalty (Garrett not HYDRA. Skye and Coulson but not SHIELD), so I’m gonna need a lot more convincing that he’d believe Gideon’s HYDRA.
-This will be on both lists: I’m disappointed about how after three seasons HYDRA is taken out so quietly and quickly.
-I don’t know where to put this, but: I didn’t actually hate the space boyfriend arc as much the second time around, but the potential overall got squandered and I dislike that. 
-Rosalind’s death and possibly her whole arc was pointless. She was literally created and killed to serve Coulson’s character. Gross. And it’s a shame because it would have been really cool to use her as an actual foe-turned-friend for SHIELD throughout the season; she could have easily taken Mace’s place in S4 and that way at least would have been important for two seasons
-Okay, this is ABC’s fault not AOS’s. But like I remember how hard they advertised for Secret Warriors. Like that was the name of the arc. And. Then. They were a team FOR AN EPISODE.  Imagine my disappointment. Also, there really weren’t enough Inhumans this season to suit me.
-Bobbi and Hunter leave for a failed spinoff and I will never forgive Marvel for doing that.
-I mean…I appreciate that they give Andrew a noble death, but like…was it really necessary to have him turn and later die? Really? It gives Ming Na Wen and Blair Underwood opportunities to do extraordinary acting and they nail it, but like maybe don’t kill a guy to solve your inevitable ship? Don’t kill off your second black actor?
-The time jump in the season finale is too sudden. Like we barely get to grieve over Lincoln and they hit us with a time jump and Daisy on the run and new director in charge. Uncool. 
-This was the season I started to dislike Fitzsimmons. Don’t hate me. To me there’s an undercurrent in the writing that seems to favor Fitz over Simmons. FS’s subject to the same sexism that I mentioned in the first bullet. Like the story post-Simmons’ return focuses a lot more on Fitz’s feelings than on hers. He’s the one who has to stop her from getting tortured. He’s the one who saves Will, when it makes way more sense for her to go. He’s the one they all turn to for answers, when it should be both of them combined. And Simmons just gets a little pushed aside in her own story arc, but she just goes along with it anyway. 
-I had to write this last because this is the thing that hurts the season the most for me: Lincoln’s treatment. Okay, first, he’s a great character who got a major personality change between seasons. I don’t like the personality change, but I’d be okay with it if they didn’t do worse. For starters, we barely know him. His life and backstory are so vague, the guy he visits in 3x03 is just “a friend”, and like we get zero information on how they know each other. They spend the entire season having everyone in SHIELD (except Daisy) be against him, dislike him, belittle him, and mistrust him WHEN HE DESERVED NONE OF IT. Like they make it really obvious that Coulson dislikes him father-style because of his relationship with Daisy. They make him petulant and act out to prove that Mack and May are right to mistrust him when really given the fact that he was an Inhuman guide and a medical doctor and a recovered addict, he’d be a lot more under control. They make Fitzsimmons talk down to him just because no one can be smart except Fitzsimmons, when clearly he would know more about Inhuman biology and medicine in general THAN THE BIOCHEM PHD (sorry that one will always bug me). Like they make some work on him with Coulson and May, and that’s good, but overall he is not allowed to have a solid relationship with anyone but Daisy. I think the writers 1) knew he was gonna die and decided not to invest in him or his relationships. 2) were trying to get a moody bad boy in the cast, and decided to cast him as it when it didn’t really make sense. Also, while talking about Lincoln, I really wish they did some more interesting things with his powers than lightning blasts. He has electric powers!! There’s so much you can do!!
-Okay, this one is just real personal. LINCOLN IS A MEDICAL DOCTOR. Or at least a medical student or resident or fellow (I mean, he’s in the hospital doing rounds). TREAT HIM AS SUCH. HE WANTED TO HELP PEOPLE, LET HIM HELP PEOPLE. LET HIM DO THE SURGERIES AND KNOW THE STUFF ABOUT BIOLOGY AND MEDICINE. LET HIM RETURN TO HIS OLD LIFE AS A DOCTOR. You had such a good character who turned himself around from addiction, dedicated his life to saving lives, got thrown multiple curve balls, and now has to decide how will he continue to serve others. Yes, he’s a hero in the end. But all that in between time, he could have been saving lives too.
Pros (because there is good stuff, I promise) 
-Someone mentioned that this is the first season to have a unified storyline throughout, and that’s so true and it’s so well done! 
-There’s a good natural continuation of the HYDRA and Inhuman storylines from S1 and S2. I think we can look at AOS as two large arcs: S1-S3 is about powered people and HYDRA. S4-S7 is about bending the limits of reality with Ghost Rider, LMDs, Framework, Space, and Time Travel,. S1 was about introducing us to powered people and HYDRA, S2 was about developing the history and politics of them respectively and how they relate to SHIELD. S3 is when Inhumans get involved with SHIELD and with the world directly and the fallout from that. For HYDRA it’s when we get the history and reasoning of the group, and even if it’s a retcon, I appreciate that it introduces the background of HYDRA as a way to end this arc
-Overall, I really do appreciate how this season fills out a lot of worldbuilding. We get a complete history on HYDRA, and we get way more info on Inhumans, but we also get to see how the human world is reacting to and divided on Inhumans, which carries over into the net season
-On both lists: It’s good that they take HYDRA out so quickly and quietly. That plotline had run its course, and it was so bittersweet because they finally had defeated their biggest enemy, but now they had even bigger problems to deal with it. That scene of Coulson and May watching HYDRA fall is one of my favorites because it mirrors that S1 scene of watching HYDRA takeover, but it’s so quiet and not celebratory like it should be.
-Like I said, I hate revenge arcs, but I do appreciate how it came full circle at the end with Coulson admitting his mistake and regret in seeking revenge. That’s much more on brand with Coulson and MCU even I had to sit through a painful arc just to get to that point. 
-Episode 1, Daisy’s entrance and, for that matter, Fitz’s entrance. HOT DAMN.
-One of my favorite things about AOS is the way that they mix up pairings and everyone feels like friends and family. This season did a fantastic job on that with like Fitz/Bobbi, Mack/Daisy, Hunter/May, and way more.
-I complain that there wasn’t enough Inhumans to suit me, but also I really enjoyed the ones we got. I expected them to do Inhumans with basic powers like water, fire, plants, shrinking. But AoS writers were like nah, how about a guy who melts metal?? How about Medusa eyes?? How about a guy who can predict deaths? Like they just went straight to the extremes and I respect that. And yes, we have our typical speedster and fire guy, but the sheer joy that comes from those characters makes up for the predictability of their powers.
-We get Joey and Yoyo who are the effin’ best and deserve the world. And with Lincoln and Daisy we got SECRET WARRIORS!!!!
-First time, we get introduced to Charles and Robin and manipulating time, which obviously becomes important later, so I like that they introduce it so early in the show.
-I also love the way things come full circle with Lash. I wish he didn’t die, but the reveal of his true purpose was amazing 
-THAT FITZ vs MONOLITH SCENE. That is top like five moments of the show for me, and I’m gonna need the Emmys to give Iain de Castecker his belated Best Actor award any day now.
-4722 Hours was a work of art, and Elizabeth Henstridge, I will be getting you that Best Actress Emmy one way or another. 
-Brett Dalton’s acting. This rewatch served to highlight how brilliantly he developed Ward’s evilness over the course of the three seasons and then the way he flipped the switch and played a completely different character as Hydra. You can feel it in his voice and mannerisms, it’s a totally different person even if it’s still technically Ward’s body. And to top it off, that finale where he pulls of a brilliant two-minute psychotic breakdown and a kickass fight scene. Standing ovation, good sir. I miss you.
-After S2 fridged three women of color, I do appreciate how this season chooses to take out four of its white characters even if I’m sad that they had to go.
-The Star Wars references were so effin’ funny
-Spy’s Goodbye. I will never be okay about this.
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you are about to be spammed with sunday six posts and I won't apologize because you have BROUGHT THIS ON YOURSELF. ha! ilosttrackofthings. tumblr. com /post /111132151964 /sunday-six and ilosttrackofthings. tumblr. com /post /123892691057 /sunday-six (the jemlincoln one) and ilosttrackofthings. tumblr. com /post /126830291441 /sunday-six (the clairvoyant one)
ask me anything (fic edition)
turn turn turn AU
This was a pretty simple AU where Grant and Jemma are married and she assumes Hydra wants her to use her as an incentive against Grant but in reality there’s the horrible turn (heh) where they want her because they have orders to keep her safe or Grant will murder them all.
Oh, man, I loved this idea so much I tried to write it twice but it never went anywhere. (You actually managed to write a fic with a pretty similar premise that somehow always makes me feel better about never getting it done while also making me wish I had.) During a standoff with Centipede, one of the enemy gets a phone call that they claim is for Grant. After taking the call, he betrays SHIELD and kidnaps Jemma to work on the serum. And I could never figure out how to get from there to the shippiness.
I actually managed to write a lot of this one (5k) but a lot of it isn’t too good and even my notes don’t know how it gets to an ending so here is a ridiculously detailed play-by-play of what happens with snippets of bits I liked mixed in:
Lincoln and Skye are hanging out at Afterlife before she found out Jiaying was her mom. He has some fun with cluing her in to the fact that while everyone else gets their soulmate’s name on their skin before they reach adulthood, Inhumans don’t get them until they become “truly themselves” via transition. Skye’s shocked/confused/excited because she was always really sad she didn’t have a soulmate. Turns out it’s Fitz and he just never knew because his mark is her real name. [I think I might’ve actually made that into a fic at some point…] Skye starts teasing Lincoln about his own, as yet unmet soulmate, claiming it’s not fair he knows her name but she doesn’t know his.
“Youknow mine,” Skye says carelessly. “And don’t think I’veforgotten that that’s because you people strippedme while I was unconscious.”
Lincolnrolls his eyes and lets the gesture carry him back down the path.
“Iwill find out!” she yells after him.
Heknows she means it, she’s just the sort who won’t ever stop. (Hecan already picture her tackling him to the ground and pulling at hisclothes to find the name.) His hip, where the elegant scrawl isburned into his skin, itches just thinking about the exposure. So,without turning, he calls back to her, “Jemma Simmons,” and hopesthat’ll be the end of it.
Itis, surprisingly. Skye never says another word about his soulmate.
Heshould probably have been worried about that.
When Lincoln wakes up at the Playground after being rescued by SHIELD, he is NOT HAPPY.  She tries to get him to see that SHIELD are the good guys, they rescued him from Hydra, but he’s got this weird feeling in the back of his head - like he’s forgetting something or there’s somewhere else he needs to be - that’s making him extra snappy. When Lincoln’s doctor comes in, he gets mad at himself for thinking she’s pretty (she’s SHIELD, she’s the enemy). They get in a mini-argument about how Skye’s powers were treated. Skye breaks it up and quickly introduces Jemma to Lincoln before slipping out.
There are some attempts at warming up to each other and some backslides. Lincoln realizes the strange feeling he has is the bond settling into place, which can only happen if Jemma physically touched him. He understands she was providing medical care when there were no other doctors available but it’s still a major consent issue. He’s also spent a lot of the last few years looking forward to sharing his powers with his soulmate, so he’s hurt when Jemma quickly side-steps his offer to show them off and even passes on the task of indexing him to Weaver.
Lincoln has a really bad reaction to jumping to the other side of the planet all of a sudden after only just meeting his soulmate. Jiaying is super concerned about him. Here and throughout the fic there were lots of details about his history with Jiaying, how she helped him come to terms with his powers, and how the arrival of his soulmark in the midst of that helped. [Honestly my favorite thing about this fic was Jiaying mothering Lincoln lots and all the details I had about their history, not the shippy stuff.] She helps Lincoln deal with his distrust of Jemma as a SHIELD agent, reminding him about the SHIELD vs SHIELD dynamic that was going on and that likely the same people who hunted Skye weren’t willing to allow Jemma to index her own soulmate. 
“She’safraid of my powers,” he says softly.
“Oh,Lincoln.” She runs a hand through his hair and pulls him to hershoulder, holding him like she thinks he’ll cry. He might. “She’llcome to understand. Even we fear ourselves when we first transition.”She pushes him away far enough that she can cup his face in herhands. “If Jemma is as kind as you say - as kind as she mustbe, to be yours - then I’m sure she’ll learn to trust you.”
Hetwists away to hide his embarrassed smile - and his fear that she’swrong.
She also tells him that she’s using the meeting with SHIELD to bring Jemma to safety. Either she’ll come with them or Gordon can whisk her away from the Playground while everyone’s eyes are on Afterlife. Lincoln accepts this plan without question, considering it a rescue/protection rather than a kidnapping.
Everyone in Afterlife finds out about Jemma approximately two seconds after Lincoln arrives thanks in part to Raina mass texting everyone that photo from when Jemma was undercover. When Lincoln finds out about those circumstances, his natural inclination to consider Inhumans different people than they were pre-transition means he overlooks Raina’s role in matters and focuses solely on SHIELD sending Jemma undercover and then letting her be exposed.
Jiaying’s meeting with Gonzales goes the same as canon save for Jemma winding up at Afterlife when it’s over. Jiaying uses a shape-shifting Inhuman to make it appear that the guards with Jemma attacked her when things went sideways. That way Jemma will hopefully be turned against SHIELD and Jiaying will be able to keep Lincoln by her side and having her friend will hopefully keep Skye with them as well and all Jiaying’s little family can be united against SHIELD.
And then I literally have no idea where it goes from there. My final note on the fic is simply this:
SomehowJemma and Lincoln both end up on SHIELD’s side and happy and safe.
So that happens, I guess.
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2minutes2midnight · 2 years ago
AoS rewatch: 1x06 F.Z.Z.T (1/3)
I’m probably gonna make few post for this episode because it’s one of my favorite, not only in season 1, but in whole series. Every time I watch it I’m really emotional. Even now when I can quote some scenes from head - I’m still afraid when I watch it, I’m worrying about Jemma and I’m moved because of how this team became something more than people working together. And I’m really big Fitzsimmons shipper so this episode was big step for me. When I watched this for the first time - I knew Jemma is gonna make it, I knew there will be some feelings between Fitzsimmons - gifs with them made me want to check this tv show. And I loved them from beginning but this episode made me love them even more, made me realize that this OTP is gonna be death of me, I don’t think I ever loved any fictional couple as much I love them...so yeah, this episode is really important to me.
I was trying to think about my thoughts when I first watched this episode, but tbh - I don’t think I could recreate it completely ;) but I tried so here’s what I remember from my first watch ;)
This reminds me of “Are you afraid of the dark?”
Look, I don’t watch horror movies for a reason lol.
“A man your age” - oh Jemma. :D Coulson is not so old :D
An ounce? Really, Ward?
Fitz making Ward’s impression, Skye laughing - they are so cute <3
Skye compering Miles and Ward - girl, I see what’s going on.
Of course they are psychically link - they are soulmates ;).
Nice one, Jemma. Where is your ounce now, Ward?
Happy bus kids = happy Zuza ;)
Omg Skye shadowing Ward, this is so funny!
I love how Jemma is exciting about weird stuff. Fitzsimmons talking science when no one understands <3. The way Jemma said “freaky” lol
Ward’s and Coulson’s faces when Skye quoted “Big Lebowski” lol. Also you can’t call Captain America “the dude” when Coulson is around ;)
Omg May with cookies - priceless :D
Fitzsimmons bickering <3
You don’t need a truck when you have Melinda May
That’s...creepy. Who’s doing that?!
That thing looks like it belongs to alien.
Exit wounds? That doesn’t sound good.
I knew this helmet belonged to alien!
Oh no - alien virus? :(
Coulson’s speech made me really emotional :( He really knows how to talk to people, and the way he talks about what happened to him, and May’s face when she heard that - I’m a mess.
Okay..they know what caused it, but there is still half of episode left...suspicious.
Coulson is lying about physicals, doesn’t he?
Who’s gonna tell them those are not brain cells? More like red blood cells?
Oh no!!!! Jemma, she has to be okay! ;(
God, Fitzsimmons sitting on opposite side of doors, Fitz’s face - my poor heart!
I know it’s not important right now - but did they keep lab rats on the plane just in case?!
Ohhh no. It’s not working. And Fitz trying to ignore what’s going on, using humor as coping mechanism...
Ohhhh Ward and Skye are feeling helpless :( Poor Jemma, they want to save her but she’s the only one who can do this.
Ready for what?!
Dump it?! What the hell? Cargo? Are you kidding me? It’s Jemma!!! Also - Coulson you’re the best.
“You’ve been beside me the whole damn time” - okay I’m crying. Their faces when he said that...they were always together - she can’t leave him.
They’re going to fix it together!!! My precious science babies <3
They work together so well, everyone is there to support them and because they care about Jemma...I’m not crying - you are.
They did it!!! Oh no...they didn’t...no no no noooo
Coulson is not gonna give up on her!
I’m not gonna survive if she’s gonna tell him goodbye...he’s not gonna give up on her either.
What the hell? Jemma what are you doing?!
It worked! Jemma don’t do this! Oh god I feel Fitz’s scream in my bones. Her face when she jumped killed me. It’s too much for me - I’m gonna cry.
I’m glad that team have their own James Bond - he catch her.
She’s safe <3 and you can tell Jemma was never in principle office to be yelled at :D
Hahaha that was hilarious ;)
Awww this hug <3. Jemma reaction at first reminds me of my reaction to hugs lol. I love Jemma’s and Skye’s friendship.
Hahaha iron man. Okay Coulson :D. And I knew that no one requested those test!
Poor Coulson, after what happened to him I’m not surprised he feels different.
This scene between Coulson and May - this episode really wants me to get emotional.
Fitz was there for her, giving her hope - of course he’s the hero.
Ohhh his face after she gave him cheek kiss - he just realize he has feelings for his best friend, doesn’t he?
Sorry Blake, new Coulson is too cool for you.
More about this episode under the cut!
My thoughts now:
I feel like most about this episode was already said. I love it, it gave me so many feels - I watched it many times. It’s the moment when Fitzsimmons stop being comic relief characters...I wonder if JedMo where planning this from beginning- to use Iain’s and Liz’s chemistry and amazing acting to make me cry for next 6 seasons? Did they knew that this episode is gonna be so important for many fans? Because it’s not only amazing episode for FS shippers - we also have wonderful Philinda scenes! You can see trust and respect between those two, and there is more for them than we see. Once again we can see why Coulson is their leader. For people like me - who have soft spot for team becoming family - this episode is also excellent. We can see all of them bonding, supporting Jemma, not giving up. SkyWard shippers had also scenes for themselves (now I’m not happy about it, but when I watch it for the first time I thought that this is going in direction I thought it will. Ward warning up to the idea of working with others, caring about them and clearly some feelings between him and Skye start building up.... once again writers made me feel stupid now because I really believed he’s a good one!)
This episode have my heart. I love it, and I’m really crying thinking about this - how it was the moment when Fitz realized he’s in love with Jemma. And I know a lot of people would disagree with me but I think Jemma was in love with him too back then, she just didn’t know what this feeling was. Those two were beside each other for so long, and they were so young, so I think they don’t really know what this is, those feelings they share, connection they have.
This episode makes me emotional but also happy because we have team bonding, Fitzsimmons, Philinda and bus kids friendship. All things I love.
Also - I have to make confession. Few days ago there was discussion how to prenouce episode title “F.Z.Z.T” and I didn’t mention it because I’m afraid you’re gonna think there is something wrong with me - but because I never knew how I should prenouce it - I always referred to this episode in my head as “Fitzzzz” 😂😂😂. It was just easier for me that other option and this episode focus a lot on Fitzsimmons so it was my name for it lol. It still is :D. And I know this title have nothing to do with Fitz but this just stuck with me :D.
I’m gonna make another posts with pictures and quotes ;)!
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badrowboats · 5 years ago
Hi, sorry to bother you, but I have a question. You know quite a lot about MCU and its fans, so I need your help with something. I don't get why the fandom loves Darcy Lewis so much, yes she is a good character, but she isn't what people make her out to be. Did I miss something when I watched the movies? I just don't get that level of, lets say fanaticism. I mean I adore Daisy, but I have reasons for that (she is perfect, we had 4 season to see that), what are reasons for loving Darcy so much?
I mean, you know why. 
There was a post a while back that I wish I could find where I think the takehome is that Darcy is punky, spunky, and white? (Pretty much?) And I had answered this and then saved it as a draft like a million years ago, but recent events have reminded me of the “never trust anyone who loves Darcy too much” truism, so…
tbh, there’s stuff to unpack here (that I’m not sure I can really unpack that well because it really doesn’t really apply to me?) about the way fandom supposedly loves “blank slate” characters with minimal characterization so we can write onto them and/or self-insert. It definitely seems to me that this idea of “we love blank slate characters” is really only applied in a heavily gendered and racialized way (ie, it seems to me like this usually applies mostly to white dudes, hi movies Coulson, you’re nothing). I almost want to say I’m surprised that so many people love Darcy as much as they do, given the way other supporting white female characters with low onscreen character time get screwed by fandom (see: Sharon Carter and Laura Barton), but unlike them, Darcy doesn’t get in the way of any big ships. And unlike someone like Jane, she’s not tied to a specific romantic relationship.
So I’m gonna say it’s because she’s a punky, spunky, white female character who doesn’t get in the way of fandom fave ships and who doesn’t have a strong romantic arc herself, so she can travel around the MCU and be shipped with anyone.
As for why Darcy gets so much love while actual perfect (In)human Daisy Johnson doesn’t get enough? (Like, Darcy appears in more fics than Daisy on Ao3, and never forget that at least a quarter of Daisy’s fics are Skyeward fics, and another healthy chunk are Daisy showing up in the background of the other shitty Big 3 Bus Family ships, including as a literal child and lots of variations of a non-morally flawless superhero.)
I think we have enough evidence from past fandom stuff to know that even if Daisy were a blank slate character, she – like many characters of color before her – would still not get the love given to someone like Darcy. Just think back to season one, when people were pretending that Skye/Daisy was basically a blank slate Mary Sue too-perfect character; she just got a lot of hate for the way people failed to understand her complexity and centrality to the narrative. And then she got shipped with the Hydra agent who threatened to rape her and turned into a redemption tool instead of a protagonist, while most of fandom just sort of shrugged and didn’t see that as a real problem. The way that huge parts of fandom have risen up with anti-gross-ship blogs and protection squads for white female characters like Jessica Jones and Rey tells me that the way Daisy was treated was very specifically racialized misogyny.
Then we have the ‘blank slate’ stuff. Because Daisy Johnson is also distinctly not a blank-slate/self-insert character. We have backstory, a lot of emotional context for her past and present, and we see her take actions that are explained in subtext and not so much embarrassingly telegraphed in info-dump conversations. Chloe does a lot (so much) with her beautifully expressive face, which makes it possible to write thousands of words of meta about Daisy’s thoughts in any particular scene. That makes her a perfect subject of fic, imo – there’s a ton to explore, but it’s all grounded in hours and hours and hours of her story. And, honestly, I try to take the “blank slate” stuff as something real people in fandom really feel even if I don’t get it at all, but there’s so much that could be written about Daisy, so much more than self-inserts and using her as a shipping tool or a redemption tool, and I fully believe that – again – racialized misogyny has kept fandom from seeing that.
Because, just like Darcy, Daisy is someone who could absolutely be shipped around the MCU? She’s gorgeous and nuanced and vulnerable and awkward and dorky and powerful and kind (in addition to being flawless). She just spent six months traveling across the country on her own. Her canon romantic arcs on the show have been…non-existent and lackluster, respectively – nothing that remotely ties her down. She and Sam Wilson would adore each other, Steve Rogers would line up behind her, Nick Fury would see himself in her, Natasha Romanoff would want to hang out with her and talk hacking, Lady Sif already thinks she’s a total morally flawless badass, she’s an autodidact who could talk about all Luke Cage’s favorite books with him, she’d have civilized discussions about governmentality and colonialism and Fanon with T’challa, she and Matt Murdock were literally in the same orphanage at ages when they must have overlapped, she would love Trish’s show and politics (plus, I bet Trish has some connections to the Rising Tide in the digging she’s done?), she and Misty could have flirty banter about law vs morality, she and Claire Temple could take care of each other and eat junk food…
And, honestly, I completely believe that if a white character had gotten something like Daisy’s arc (from morally flawless homeless hacker to morally flawless superhero) and Daisy’s character development, that character would be the most popular character in the MCU. (Especially if they were a white dude, yeah.) And I think if white fandom actually saw Daisy as white (instead of mostly using ‘white passing’ as a way of excusing the fact that her most popular ship is with a dude who willingly joined a Nazi-affiliated group), she would be more popular than Darcy.
tl;dr: I think racism that manifests as a fandom-wide tendency to identify primarily with white characters (something I know I have been very guilty of in my past, and something I still work on today – something I think all white fans need to work on) plays the biggest role in why fandom loves Darcy and why fandom had such a hard time connecting with Daisy (though I think there have been some big shifts there?). There’s a layer of misogyny, too, that applies to white women and women of color both (but that is more applicable to woc I think), where fandom always has problems with female characters who are actually well-developed and complex and interesting in their own right – not just shipping tools or self-inserts, basically. And Daisy gets the worst of all of this mess, while Darcy – thanks to her whiteness and relative blankness – is seen as more shipable.
Which is all to say…you know why. 
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