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#posting this via mobil when i should be sleeping lol
frigginconfused · a month ago
Tried to make this brush
Tumblr media
It goes horribly wrong along the way
Tumblr media
Or does it...
Tumblr media
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nanithefxck · a year ago
I have seen that you opened your request box and if it is not too much then can I request a (fluff) scenario where mc suddenly turns to a 4ish years old child and starts to cling to any brother(whom was also the cause of this) of your choice
This is going to be a little short (my laptop is being a bag of dicks so I'm on mobile) but I hope this is okay
Tumblr media
To start:
How did you end up as a toddler? Why are you suddenly so so small and who said you could look at the brothers with those big teary eyes?!
Diavolo did it.
Of course he did, because when fucky shit happens its probably him stirring the pot. So when he comes to the house of Lamentation with lil you in his arms- everyone loses their shit
At least internally, some are better at keeping jt together
It's Lucifer who takes you into his arms, while Diavolo explains its only a temporary accident but he's "Just so sure it will only strengthen your bonds!" Jfc man
Lucifer is shocked but as the oldest, and given the hijinks that happen so regularly-is the best equipped to deal with you as a toddler.
IMMEDIATELY instructs everyone babyproofs EVERYTHING
Lucifer doesn't know how long you're stuck as a toddler and is SUPER stressed out but won't show it.
Makes sure that you're safe, occupied with whatever toys they can scrounge up, looks up any articles he can for better tips
For your own safety, you're sequestered in Lucifer's office where he can keep an eye on you, placate you if you're fussy, ect.
Will not baby talk to you, but definitely keeps his voice soft and soothing, will refuse to raise his voice if you're around. He'll make a post it note to beat Mammon later.
What the fuck. What thE GODDAMN FUCK
Why are you so tiny?! Why are you so cute?! Why are you looking at him like that?! Why are you trying to eat the charms on his D.D.D.?!
Mammon is a blushy mess, you're just too damn cute!
Will DEMAND that Lucifer let him take care of you, HE was the one to make him your caretaker and he's your first pact. Naturally he should be in your care!
Mammon is basically on supervised visitation.
He actually ends up being the best at keeping you occupied and happy much to everyone's chagrin
Oh oh oh this happened in an anime he likes!! He isn't one to look down his nose at filler episodes because they can have such fun plot twists like this!
...wait this is a lot harder than he thought. Oh no. Oh FUCK you're crying- wait no MC don't put that controller in your mouth!!
Leviathan cries WITH you after you accidentally break one of his figurines. You don't know better, he knows that- poor guy is very in over his head
Tries super super hard to keep you happy and comfortable but is just so awkward doing it, your toddler brain can just tell
Leviathan taps out and gives you to Lucifer until you turn back- but he defo took a TON of pictures of you.
Second most equipped to take care of you just because he's more mature. Even Lucifer will admit that if he's got s meeting or something to attend to, you're going to Satan
Satan will read you books, do all the voices and be silly with you to keep you entertained. Will make a cozy little spot for you to nap in the library where he can watch you and read
His patience might be tried a little if you get fussy but you're just a tiny little thing- you can't really help it
Refuses to baby talk to you lol will smack anyone who does, he just doesn't like it and finds it demeaning
Asmo just gushes about you nonstop, loves to hold and cuddle you, does he buy a bunch of little outfits for you via 1 hour shipping from Azukon? You bet he does. After all, you can just reuse them when the two of you have beautiful babies right? (Cue Mammon kicking the door down screaming)
Just naturally good with his charms, he knows how to coo to you just right and placate you if you're fussy
Really just coddles the hell out of you and adores you, just views it as practice for your future (Again-Mammon kicking down the door)
Asmo is completely unbothered by this situation and gifts you the baby book of photos he took of you.
Beelzebub're so TINY
Gentle giant is highkey VERY nervous about possibly hurting you or something happening to you so he is by far the most hesitant and delicate with you even if his features don't show his nerves
Totally hovers over you, tries to hold your attention with snacks and goodies which doesn't always work- it's hard to tell who's pouting more about that : him or you
Will wear his coat/hoodie backwards because you fit perfectly in the hood so it works as a great cuddle carrier
Melts because your tiny little hands in his omg hes such a softy
Much like Mammon- WHAT THE FUCK
Like, mans was not a fan of Diavolo before, now he just rolls up with you like THIS?! Belphie is the MOST upset of all the brothers by this situation but does his best to dial his attitude back as he doesn't want to scare you
Belphie knows how to get you to sleep, gentle rocking, smoothing his hand over your back soothingly or running his hand through your hair. Naps with you, even like this, are the best
If you're fussy tho? The first sight of tears and a trembling lip- Belphegor is scooping you up to find Beel or Satan because your cries are so loudddddd. He won't outright say they're annoying cause he loves you but just cant handle it
He'll give you his pillow to cuddle and carry around everywhere though. And will constantly check to see if you're back to normal because PLEASE he can't handle this.
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samshogwarts · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
My review of 2020
Or: I say thank you.
First of all, sorry for the long post 😅. You guys know I don'tike long posts without a "read more under the line". But I nade the post with my mobile phone.... Aaaaaaaanyway. Also sorry for all the tags. I hope I don't annoyed someone with it <~<. So let's continue:
I think this year has been a particularly difficult year for everyone. As 2020 is drawing to a close, I mentally let the year pass again.
The bottom line is that I have to say that 2020 was turbulent for me, but not necessarily bad. Much good, but also bad, has happened. And I want to start with the bad things right away.
At the beginning of the year, my depression and eating disorder relapsed. I've always had trouble talking about it because I know my friends can't handle this issue. I felt pressured because they wanted to do things with me, but I couldn't. So I withdrew completely, hiding my emotions and wearing a mask.
At that time I created this blog. At first I didn't want to create my own content, just follow the content of @ladycibia, @hogwartsmystory and @kyril-hphm. Incidentally, that is also the reason why I call these 3 blogs the Big Three. So it's their fault that I'm here. Lol.
And then the first Hyops message came at the end of March. A very good friend of mine got Corvid-19 and lost the battle against the disease a few days later. I still remember how the news pulled the floor from under my feet. It feels like I completely lost faith in everything and I started to realize how dangerous this year could be. 
But life goes on and so I visited a friend and her family in early July. It was the anniversary of her husband's death, who was also a very good friend of mine. He died of cancer last year and I couldn't go to his funeral. So I wanted to stop by on the day he died. I actually thought I could do it. But when you read a friend's name on a tombstone for the first time.. Guys, that's a punch in the stomach like no other and I can't really describe how it feels. I had made up my mind not to cry in front of his wife or children because it was hard enough for them. Didn't work.
And of course this year meant to go one better.
Another friend of mine died of the virus in mid-August, leaving behind a wife and a child. Again, I was unable to attend the funeral. And to be honest, it still bothers me way more I want to admit. In two years I lost three wonderful people who meant a lot to me and I couldn't say goodbye to any of them. When I see the three of them again after my death, you can be sure I'll kick their butts for it.
But August was the worst month for me in many ways. In addition to the death of my buddy, my father's family also volunteered. And that means only one thing - trouble.  And properly. I haven't had contact with this family for over 12 years for good reason. Now one person from this family has passed away. And first of all, I don't really care if anyone of them would die. I don't even know the person who passed away. But I wasn't told either by my grandmother or my father. So my deadline to cancel the inheritance has expired. Of course it was debts. You have to know that the inheritance rights of my country are very complicated. The reason my father or grandmother didn't tell me about it was because they didn't want to bother with the paperwork. They always had the opportunity to contact me via Facebook or my half-sister. But that would mean work for them. And while I was walking from lawyer to lawyer to court to court, I was allowed to hear sayings from my grandmother that I apparently have achieved nothing in my life. Nice to know that some people never change. I'm still struggling with this matter to this day and will probably not be able to fully clarify this until the beginning of 2021.
At the end of October everything seemed to be taking its revenge and I passed out at a friend's house. Nobody knows exactly what happened until today, but my friend took me to the hospital where I had to stay one night. That was Halloween. And I'm such a big fan of hospitals hahahaha hahahaha. After that I was allowed to wear an ECG for 2 weeks and it turned out that my heart values ​​had deteriorated. Why not. Let's just take everything with us this year!
Rounding out the negatives this year was my (as a teenager) best friend's suicide. I have to say that I haven't had any contact with this person for 9 years. However, it is the one who cut herself in her youth and then called me afterwards because she didn't know what to do. It was also the one I tried to get into therapy for 2 years. But her mother was always against it. And it was exactly this mother who was standing in my mother's shop, telling her about her daughter's suicide and that I was probably in the farewell letter. I don't know exactly what it said, but the mother now blames me for her daughter's suicide. And do you know what's craziest about the whole thing? I agreed with her! I really thought it was my fault because I knew how sick my former friend was. Yet I was the one who ended the friendship (for many reasons that had nothing to do with her depression). And I still wonder what would have happened if I had acted differently.
But enough of the negative things! A lot of nice things happened this year too. Among other things, I have found a new job within my group, earn more money and have pleasant working hours. I've renovated my apartment and I've started saving money on a new one. My two nieces are now going to school and I am a proud aunt. My male best friend and his girlfriend (my best harry potter friend) are pregnant and are expecting their first child soon and my mother's health is better.
But one of the best things that happened to me this year is this blog.
I already mentioned that I actually only created this blog to stalk the Big Three. I didn't want my own content at all. But I discovered more and more blogs and these incredibly great MCs that I thought I wanted to do whole too. And so Samantha O'Connell was born.
I received so much great support and encouragement on this platform. I don't think many people even realize how much that means to me. Especially this year.
I have also found great and lovable people here, some of whom I also call my friends. Even if we come from other countries, speak other languages ​​and may never see each other in real life, you are my friends and I am grateful to know you.
@annabelle-tanaka-official : I'll start with you of course! XD on tumblr you are just my best friend. I don't write as much with anyone as I do with you. You are such an incredibly talented person and so warm hearted! Over the year we have invented so many insiders that soon nobody will know what we mean.  Be it the monster hug, or that my cats are your spies or our many RP scenarios, which I really enjoy and which always make me laugh. I thank you for that!! I love you so much and I am so glad that we are friends! *minster hug*
@lunasilvermorny / @lunasilvermore : you are next to you !!! XD the next person I write to almost every day. What started with a little conversation about among us has turned into a friendship. I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to streaming with you next year (and this year)!!! You are such a good listener that strengthens me. Your support is so nice of you too! Just the fact that you have subscribed to my YouTube channel xD (because of the language I even have an idea). I'm looking forward to the next year with you! Thank you so much for dealing with my craziness and still likes me! 
@kyril-hphm : muahahahaha. You can't escape me !!! Yes, what should I say? One of my big three even made friends with me. One of my Senpais noticed me! And then it's a lovely fluffy marshmallow! I still think it's funny  that we have such similar circuits and hearts! Nevertheless you are an incredibly honest, loving and talented person. I've never told you before, but sometimes I stare (for 20 minutes +) at your drawings to improve my style (just not working so far). You are an honest person and I am happy every time we talk, or when you react to my content. I would like to say thank you for that too! You are great and you can trust yourself more.
@carewyncromwell : my Chinese fireball, my Disney princess. Yes, for me you exude the aura of a Disney princess and nothing can change my mind. So! You were one of the first friends I made here on tumblr and one of the first to write with me! I still remember how proud and nervous I was back then! Just when I was in the hospital on Halloween and couldn't sleep that night, you kept texting me and distracting me from my fear. That means a lot to me. You are such a creative and lovable person too. Ah, that's just amazing. Your comments or hashtags always make me grin or laugh. Thank you for all your support and help!
@catohphm : my fluffier Ravenclaw brother!!! Of course you can't be missing either. I also write with you almost every day and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your kind words and your support. I just love the energy between Samantha and Cato. And it's always fun to write RP with you!  Thank you for being such a lovely and kind person!
@mira-shard : MIRAAAAAAA! It's kind of funny how long we've basically walked next to each other without talking to each other. And now I don't want to miss you anymore! You are such a fun and happy person. Writing with you is just fun! I also love your cosplay photos. Someday I'll come to visit you, and then we'll do cosplay shootings together until the camera bleeds! I would also like to thank you for your support and your kindness. 
@sirfluffig : ha. I hope you didn't think you were escaping me! Where should I start with you? Maybe that you were one of the first to give me such lovely feedback on Samantha? Or this super funny stream and that you helped me to stream in English? Or just like that, when we talk about our MCs or pen and paper. It's definitely always fun. I want to thank you for that and I'm looking forward to playing together again soon (get Among us)
@nightrhea-hphm : * run into you in slowmotion * Night! My wonderful supportive Gremlin! I've grown very fond of them over the years. And your support and feedback are just amazing. I also love the friendship between Night and Samantha. I think it's very similar to ours, right? You are also such an incredibly creative and lovable person. You make you feel like it's ok to be who you are. Thank you!
Of course there are many, many more like @rosievixen, @wangxianforever000 , @mollydarling-hphm , @morningstarinwinter , @hogwarts9, @hphm-brooke , @raymondhope-writer , @nikyiscreepy , @immagrosscandy , @mizutoyama , @ariparri-hphm and many many more.
I want to thank you all for your encouragement, support and feedback. You are the reasons why I am adding more and more details to this blog, why I dared to start with the fan comic and many more. 
It's still so amazing for me to meet so many talented, creative, kind and funny people. 
This year showed me again that life isn't just black or white. Life is Grey. Good things and bad things happen. Sometimes one side more than the other side. But as long we are taking the next step, life wl continues. Just keep in mind, as like you support me, I want to support you. So if you ever wanna talk, no matter what, remember you guys can always contact me. 
I'm really looking forward to next year and already have so many plans. I can not wait any longer. Enjoy the last days of the year, stay safe and most important: they the way you are guys! 
Love you all so much. 
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always-la-belle-epoque · 2 years ago
hi what is mash and why do you love it so much because i need to know if i need to love it too thanks
Hello, anon! It took a bit because I wanted to put time into my answers, so here you are! 
What Is M*A*S*H: 
M*A*S*H is a tv show about doctors/nurses stationed at a Mobile Army Surgical Hospital (M*A*S*H) unit on the frontlines of the Korean War. The show focuses on the medical staff as they desperately try to save the lives of young soldiers. Many of the doctors are draftees and they are faced with trying to cope with the horror of a war they want no part of and that is the absolute antithesis to their professional calling. They fight against death every day, struggle against military bureaucracy, and try to keep their sanity. Often that deep stress is released in humor, practical jokes, and wildly unmilitary antics, but the true costs and realities of war are never treated lightly. I’ve never seen another show that can make me laugh so hard and then turn on a dime to make me cry just as deeply a second later. The show is a beautiful examination of human nature, heart, found family, loss, helplessness, despair, exhaustion, humanity, and hope,. 
M*A*S*H ran for 11 years, from 1972-1983 and the finale, Goodbye, Farewell and Amen, is still the most-watched television broadcast in history (the NYC sewer nearly faced collapse because people would all flush the toilet at the same time during commercials, and the streets were totally empty of cars as over half the country, 150+ mil people, watched the finale live together all at the same time. Can you imagine?!). Plus, it’s been in continuous syndication for 45 years which is impressive. M*A*S*H is for all generations, it resonates far beyond the era in which it was made, or which it was made about.
Why Do I Love M*A*S*H So Much (in general):
I don’t think there is another show out there in the history of the world that has written such narratively wonderful, deeply moving character arcs. I don’t know if there’s another show out there where the characters grow so much from their relationships with one another. Or a show that depicts masculinity in such a healthy, tender way. It is normal on M*A*S*H for male characters to: Cry. Hug. Tuck each other in. Hold hands. Perform emotional labor. Actively listen. Dance together. Sleep with teddy bears (and not have it be a joke). Admit they were wrong. Change and grow from being wrong. Etc, etc. 
And while Major Margaret Houlihan is the only female lead, her character arc is the most beautiful of any character I have ever watched or read. The show doesn’t start out particularly feminist, but it definitely ends that way (both male and female characters evolve here and it’s wonderful). And if more tv shows had characters half as complex as Margaret Houlihan, tv would be a whole lot more interesting, and women would be a whole lot farther along toward equality, imo. 
Why Do I Love M*A*S*H So Much (the personal): 
I was 15 or 16 when I started watching M*A*S*H. I was going through a very dark time in my home life. But my Mom would usually have M*A*S*H on while making dinner or just after. It was their weird time of day where it seemed like a truce between us. Sometimes I’d even sit all 5’8 of my gangly teenage body on her lap and we’d just watch like that with her arms around me (which given that things were darkly terrible the rest of the time it was like being a small kid again in a way I really needed). We’d talk about the characters. We’d talk about the stories. We both loved Margaret Houlihan (it’s interesting that Margaret has the most valuable traits I learned from my Mom - things I like most about her and am grateful she taught me despite all the bad stuff). 
Soon I was racing home after school and jamming in a blank VHS so that I could record each ep. I’d cross reference between tv guide and IMDB to try to see if any eps that I hadn’t seen yet would be on so I could record them for my collection. I made an elaborate cataloging system because they weren’t shown in order! And some eps were shown only rarely!! (I’m only 28, it amazes me that this was how things were not that long ago lol). 
Anyway, the DVD box set came out and I saved up alllllll my $ for it. Thank goodness, because then I got sick and for a few years the M*A*S*H characters were the most consistent and truest friends I had. The show is deeply personal for me. I can watch it over, and over, and over. It makes me laugh, and weep, and cheer. It’s like having friends. Like having family. 
Should You Love M*A*S*H too?
I want you to love M*A*S*H. I want everyone to love M*A*S*H! And M*A*S*H holds up. It’s still radically progressive. It’s still - in this time where North Korea is a frequent headline, where we have a government we do not trust, in a world where we have been at war since 2001 - deeply relevant. 
Here’s the thing though: it was made in the 70s, about events in the 1950s, and this is 2019 tumblr-land. You’ve all read the roasts about lack of critical thinking skills on this website and ability to contextualize, and those posts are unfortunately not wrong. And the world has changed - and changed for even better than what was, at the time, truly radical! Even terms that were the liberal, pc term in the 70s have changed now and are not liberal or pc anymore which for the 2019 watcher might raise eyebrows. But the show is extremely pointed about calling out racism, homophobia, sexism, military fetishism, colonization, etc. I think maybe the only other show I can think of that goes so hard at dogged and relentless political call outs would be One Day at a Time. So I feel protective of M*A*S*H because in 50 years maybe we will look back at ODaaT and say yikes about certain things, though that feels crazy to say now. 
If you do want to watch, here’s my advice (pull down your pants and slide on the ice (sorry, omg M*A*S*H jokeee)): 
Do not start with S1. Start with S4, or S5 even. For one thing, there are some cast changes at the start of S4 so you get intro-ed to everyone again in “Welcome to Korea pt 1 & 2” and “Change of Command.”  It’s a really good starting point to see a lot of characters on the brink of change. Don’t get me wrong, I still really love S1-3 but the characters haven’t grown yet. I love going back because I know them so well, but if you’re just meeting them, I recommend getting to know them in the middle of their journey, watch them evolve, and then go back and see where they started. And I think Col. Potter/BJ really elevated the tone of the show.
Because M*A*S*H is an older tv show, most people who love M*A*S*H never watched the show in order because we could only watched it in syndication! And you don’t really need to watch in order! In fact, CBS had the final call for episode order so sometimes even the air order is different than the writing, filming, intended order. Also, because they had 11 years of content over a 3 years of war, the show itself isn’t chronological. Due to probability (there are just more Potter/BJ eps) I saw more S4+ eps when I was first watching the show so again that’s my newbie preference. Now that it’s on Hulu (and remastered OMG) it might be tempting to watch in order, but really do recommend skipping around or at least starting later in for sure. You’ll learn context as you go (recs below). Then once you get the characters and their arcs it’s suuuuper fascinating to watch in order. 
 Fight me: Is everyone bisexual on this show??! Yes, yes they are. This is where I go full 2019 tumblr-brain, lol, but looking back I think it’s one of the reasons I loved it before I understood myself. It’s gentle, tender, pretty wavy. Alan Alda’s Hawkeye Pierce is, like, arguably canonically bi, like I even wonder if he was intentionally written/played that way on the dl. It’s pretty blatant?? And don’t even get me started on Margaret Houlihan. Godddddddd. 
 On that note, and maybe you will fall over, but Margaret and Hawkeye are my actual, #1, forever OTP. Which is weird for you, dear readers, I’m sure, as I run a v strict wlw blog and I’m very proud about that. But broken people who heal and change and grow because of the other is my tea, jam, and bread (”crackers and jam! too bad!” ;) ),  and so far the writing of other characters and relationships hasn’t a hope of even coming into the range of depth these characters have (obvs not just wlw ships, all other mlw ships are The Worst as well, we’re all doomed, why does tv suck). But anyway, I would take them over any ship any day of the week goombye (but also….shipping Margaret is kinda like….not the point of Margaret Houlihan). 
It’s worth noting that M*A*S*H has a character named Maxwell Klinger who wears a dress to try to get out of the army via a Section 8 (previously known as a “psycho”) discharge (remember lgbtq was still classified as a mental illness, smh). Obviously, this is potentially triggering. And, obviously, not okay in today’s world. To me the show does call out that it is the policies/laws/politics that are crazy, not Klinger. I think there are still some fairly modern ideas in his portrayal in that anyone who treats him like he is crazy, or is disrespectful, is very pointedly shown to be bigoted/an antagonist. Klinger is excellent at his job, brave, loyal, true, and that’s all anyone who is a protagonist cares about (and I do think they try to show to the extend they could during the time it aired that even if Klinger were not doing it for a discharge, they would respond the same way). Fwif, imo, Klinger isn’t played as a one note joke for wearing dresses, in fact, to an extent, he does wear them utterly sincerely. He loves, deeply loves, clothes and fashion because loving something gives him something to live for. It becomes his passion, not a gag. The gag is that Klinger will do anything to get out of the war through any available loophole he hears about (having an imaginary pet camel, eating 10 sausages in a single day, eating a jeep, trying to get into West Point aka join the military to get out of the military), etc. His comrades in arms treat him very sincerely and are very protective. Early on, a jeep comes in with wounded and Radar pulls Klinger away from the blood, “careful, you’ll get your dress dirty” in the most serious, sweet way. Col Potter is always very serious and sincere about telling Klinger when one of his dresses is a fav, and Klinger positively glows. When Klinger has to trade his dress collection to local women in exchange for shelter for the wounded during a bug out, Col. Potter, regular army in his 3rd war, tells Klinger (who is in tears) that it’s the finest act of bravery he has ever seen (and he means it). When Margaret desperately wants to look pretty and Klinger pulls out one of his best frocks and helps her dress in it - Margaret who grew up in combat boots wanting a crew cut - it’s pretty emotional (and I bawl when he gives her the wedding dress, goddd). As for Klinger himself, he’s one of my favorite characters. He has the biggest heart and I love him (and yes, I might feel differently if I had a different life experience than I do - that is why I’m flagging this as something that might not be for everyone, or might be trigger - because history already is triggering, and not everyone might be as moved by him as I am).
If you’re a 30 Rock fan you will know the star Alan Alda as Milton Greeen, Jack Donaghy’s father, and if you love Beauty and the Beast you will know that the actor who voiced Cogsworth is a major (lol pun) character in S6-11! But that’s all crazy to me because they are always M*A*S*H, first and forever, and always in my mind! I can’t believe they’re all in their 80s now, or that so many of them have passed.  :( They are truly my whole heart, my family, my home. 
If you do want to watch, recommend you start with the following eps (omg this list is long but it feels so short):
Welcome to Korea pt 1 + 2 (s4)
Change of Command (s4)
Aid Station (s3)
Death Takes a Holiday (s9)
Carry on, Hawkeye (s2)
Bug Out pt 1 + 2 (s5)
Dear Sigmund (s5)
Period of Adjustment (s8) *my first ep ever :,)
The Bus (s4)
Sometimes You Hear the Bullet (s1)
Tuttle (s1)
Crisis (s2)
O.R. (s3)
5 O'Clock Charlie (s2)
The Nurses (s5)
The Interview (s4)
Movie Tonight (s5)
Abyssinia, Henry (s3)
Hepatitis (s5)
Your Hit Parade (s6)
Peace on Us (s7)
Eye for a Tooth (s7)
Old Soldiers (s8)
Life Time (s8)
Stars and Stripes (s8)
Hey, Look Me Over (s11)
There’s a million more things I could say about the show. I feel like I haven’t summarized it justly. If anyone wants to chime in with why they love M*A*S*H, what your fav ep is, etc, please do :)
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aurantia-ignis · 3 years ago
Tales of Festival 2018 Saturday Summary - 01
Wrote these out as l was queuing for the crepe stand, so l threw them here. Quotes may not be fully accurate.
WARNING: VERY LONG POST. Will try to add a read more but l'm on mobile so l don't know if it'll work..!
Tales of Festival 2018 Day 01
Announcement before the show: Shirley and Chloe.
Shirley is feeling nervous. Chloe is anxious too, for it's her first time at Tales Fest. Senel however is napping, so Shirley says she'll do her best to wake him up before the show.
This year's ToF theme song sounds considerably different. Instead of starting with the usual motif, we have a grand theme with a focus on horns and brasses. The main theme only appears close to the end, where it still sounds rather different.
Unlike past years where the hosts appear to introduce themselves and hype the audience before the special skit, this year started with Shiina Go and his band. They were playing Legendia pieces as accompaniment in the first part of the special skit.
Enter SuzuKen, voicing Senel. He baked lots of bread yesterday. As he runs across the arena to the main stage, he bakes bread by dramatically shouting.....? The physical exertion causes him to fall asleep.
Shirley appears from the opposite side and tries to get him to wake. "Onii-chan! Wake up!" She pokes him on the cheek, but he doesn't wake, and sleep talks about Norma biting him.
Enter Chloe. Senel is having really atrange dreams. Chloe and Shirley ask the audience to call Senel together at the count of three. They do so, but Senel is still asleep, saying "That's not breaaaaaad...."
Once more, the audience calls Senel's name. He seems to wake, but goes back to sleep. As the girls wonder what will wake him, Senel though, still asleep, somehow converses with them, asking for a more coquettish voice. "More sexy." The audience does so, and he wakes.
Chloe says that the ship is arriving, and they head to port.
Title: Showdown!
Search for the sleeping treasure via the Legacy!
Enter Anise, (Long haired) Luke and Natalia. Shiina-san and his musicians quietly move off stage as the skit continues.
Meanwhile, Sorey, Mikleo and Edna arrive. Fukuen is holding the Edna parasol, while Ohsaka is dressed in casual looking clothes. Kimura goes "By the way, Mikleo's casual today too!" They're never gonna stop commenting on poor Ohsaka's Teifesu clothes HAHAHAHAHA
Edna has been oddly silent, and when Mikleo comments on it, she says he should pay more attention to a lady's discomfort, before she almost throws up. Mikleo asks if she's seasick, and in reply she pokes him with her parasol.
"You said seasick twice! That's why you'll always be Mibo!"
Edna: "Ani no Senel. Shortened into Anel."
The others question a bit about seeing the tenzoku, but Edna tells them to just skip it, considering how they've always talked about it at past Tales fests.
Lloyd and Zelos, instead of arriving by boat, lands after falling from the sky, and comment about seeing what looks like a cave.
Lloyd talks about the amazing red coloured moss in the cave, referring actually to the audience and their penlights, which had changed to red for the symphonians' appearance.
Lloyd: "This moss can change colour!"
Zelos: "No way!
Lloyd: "Maybe they can change according what colour l say!"
He proceeds to shout colours like orange and purple, and the audience obediently changes their light colours. But when Zelos says "A green-like blue that looks closer to green..." the result is a lot of people wavering between the two (and other colours). "The moss is confused!"
They find a treasure chest, and Lloyd picks the lock. Onosaka calls him "Konishi-kun" by mistake and he replies "I'M NOT KONISHI-KUN". They find 2 maps in the chest, and Jay appears.
Jay asks if they were supposed to meet Senel. They go off together and find Fountain Plaza, the meeting place. Everyone gathers.
Jay: I picked up some lost kids.
Lloyd: Lol Zelos he called you a kid
Zelos tries to flirt with the girls present, but they are wary of his behaviour. He and Lloyd show the others the maps they found in the chest.
Jay: They're secrets of the Legacy.
Sorey and Mikleo are excited about going on an expedition on the Legacy. Anise just wants the treasure. They decide to split into two teams, competing to see who finds the treasure first. Jay has oresoren kuji he conveniently prepared to divide them into two groups.
Sorey ends up leading a team of Natalia, Zelos, Senel, Shirley and Edna.
The other team appoints Mikleo because of his popularity, and the two leaders challenge each other.
Sorey's team approaches a signboard. It's a vague clue to the treasure, and the group suspects it might be a trap
Following the hint, they look behind and find an image of a long penlight.
Zelos: ... It's a light sabe---
According to the clue, they have to switch all the penlights off. But as the others say it'd be difficult to switch so many off one by one, Edna simply asks the audience to do it by acting very cutesy. But she nearly fails as Sorey tries to take photos of her with his phone, and Zelos keeps asking her to do it again.
Suddenly a monster appears. Zelos fires Majinken, Shirley uses Fireball, and the monster goes for Natalia. But then Asch appears.
Meaning of Birth starts playing. Edna and Senel want to ask why he's even there, but the monster at hand is more important. Natalia uses Astral Rain and Asch fires Kouga Meishouzan, and they defeat the monster. Asch turns to leave.
Asch: l have no intention of going on this treasure hunt thing. I'm just here because... of a coincidence.
The others laugh at Asch's overprotectiveness, but Edna snidely says that Senel, who would move the world for Shirley, has no right to laugh, causing both Senel and Shirley to get tongue tied.
As the rest move on, Sorey finds an omikuji left behind.
Meanwhile on Mikleo's side, Luke has (for obvious seiyuu reasons) gone missing. Mikleo notices words on the back of his map, indicating that they have to find a red gem. Anise mentions that she saw one earlier, but of course she didn't just steal it randomly.
But then Luke reappears with that red gem, and everyone is appalled that he would just take it with no regard for the consequences.
Cue the usual ORE WA WARUKUNEEEEEE yells, which Anise joins in with gusto.
A large group of monsters appear, and the group is a little worried about fighting them. But then Kratos, the secret guest, appears. He casts Judgment, eradicating all the monsters.
Kratos: Are you all right, Lloyd?
It appears that the monsters had been attracted by the red gem. But when they show it, Kratos does a 180 degree.
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iamnotawomanimagod · 2 years ago
some of ya’ll might remember a drama I had a few months ago involving an old friend/parental figure and her new, much younger boyfriend.
here’s how that’s going (mostly for my record, you should prolly skip this tbh.)
tw for abuse, super large age gaps in romantic relationships, ableism towards mental illness, making fun of triggers, etc.
it’s also long af lmao, sorry mobile users
basically I burned a bridge previously thought Unburnable. A friend I’d had for 15 years chose the opinions and viewpoint of her months-long relationship over mine, in an issue that I considered a huge red flag. there’s honestly been so many red flags.
first - she’s 46, I’ve known her since I was 12. she helped raise me through my teen years (she’s my mom’s ex-girlfriend, but they broke up in like, 2010, so that’s old news). her new bf is 24. I’m 26. you can see one big red flag right there. I can’t even go into that one. it grosses me out.
the next came when the Boy and I got into an argument on Facebook (ofc lol). I posted something out of context about men not telling other men to smile on the street, how if it was well-intentioned towards women they wouldn’t do it towards men. it was out of context but I figured most people would fucking get it. 
he countered with some MRA “men aren’t allowed to have feelings” bullshit, basically making the conversation about how dudes are actually the victims, immediately. I smelled that from a mile away, gave an evasive questioning response, he sniped back with the same shit. It devolved from there.
it was clearly something he had done a lot of before. so, like, he’s an internet troll. okay, whatever. sometimes young men make dumb choices and the internet is ripe for that kind of embarrassing faux pas. at that moment I still believed it was something he could’ve been educated out of.
it was a dumb internet argument that I even I can admit got super out of hand. after a lot of pointless back-and-forth, I asked him to stop engaging because I realized it was something that I clearly felt more passionately about than him.
I had also had a very reasonable conversation with my friend about him on the phone, which encouraged me to try to just end the debate. she had assured me it was a fluke, that he was just trying to have a debate, told me some of his Tragic Backstory to make up for it, yadadada. whatever. I was ready to move on.
the Boy could not let me have the last word though. and his last words were, in my opinion, a gigantic fucking red flag, and would have been a dealbreaker for me personally, if I was dating him.
his exact words were: “and so the triggered internet warrior loses the plot”
so a triggered joke. y’know, something shitty people do. making fun of and making light of ptsd. something internet trolls are known to do. and the alt-right.
it was a big, giant red flag for me.
I foolishly believed my friend had a similar heart to mine, and that she would (a) take my word that he was being an asshole, even if she didn’t fully understand the context due to the age gap, since I’ve known her for 15 years and he’d known her for about two months at the time, and (b) also see it as a dealbreaker. 
I mentioned her by name on Facebook ( “does your gf know the kind of person you are,” essentially). She’s an old person so she took me mentioning her (not even tagging her! just mentioning her!) as a grave insult, and she and I had several screaming, crying phone conversations that weekend where she basically refused to listen to me, and I got exponentially angrier and angrier about her indifference and how unaffected she was by what the Boy said. it didn’t help that she proceeded to spend the weekend with him while ignoring all of my texts and phone calls. I felt he had undue influence over her and that I was losing the chance to have her understand why this was a red flag.
I got a lil scary. understand this person was like a mother to me, or at the very least like an older sister/auntie. I suppose I felt she owed me something, due to our history. that was a bit crazy-person of me, but also not totally unfounded. I lived in her house for two years after she and my mom broke up. my mom abused her and I was the one to help break that cycle. we had been incredibly close and I often told her things I would tell no one else. she would do the same with me. I expected her to take my side, or to at the very least understand my viewpoint. I was devastated, heartbroken, and pissed off when she took his.
still am, or I wouldn’t be here writing a 1000 word blog entry on a semi-public platform just to explain the backstory of what happened two months ago - not even the most recent, most troubling development in this stupid saga.
regardless, she basically thought I misunderstood him, and I came to the realization that it was probably the first time she had ever even heard the word “triggered” in that context - as someone making fun of someone else for a mental illness. she basically accused me of living in a liberal echo chamber/thought bubble, that she “knew his heart” and he “couldn’t possibly have meant something bad by it” (not verbatim, but the gist). she used the fact that a couple of my like-minded friends jumped in to rag on him after he dropped the triggered joke. not before, during the actual (slightly more reasonable) discourse.
I ended up getting like, obscenely mad at this, and really bratty. I told my friend she was out of touch and it was embarrassing. That I was ashamed of her. That she was a detriment to the nonprofit field (where she works) because she was so behind-the-times. That she was relying on her job to get out of having to do any work towards social issues in her personal life. I got mean.
b/c that’s what I do when I know I’m burning a bridge.
and I knew I was. b/c if she can’t trust me and listen to me about this, one of the most important things to me, a value I thought she shared - then she’s not who I thought she was. and, to be melodramatic as fuck because that’s who I am - she’s literally sleeping with the motherfucking enemy.
so. that’s what happened like...two or three months ago. we haven’t spoken since. I did my salt-the-earth-of-this-relationship-with-insults routine, blocked her on all available methods of contact, and tried to move on.
unfortunately, another drama in my family chose this time to intersect, because that’s how life works for me and mine.
my sister is on house arrest. for lots of complicated and ugly reasons, my friend’s house was the best place for her to serve this sentence. my sister just got out of a very abusive relationship. she’s a recovering alcoholic - but only when she’s being monitored via ankle bracelet by the state. like she recently went on a bender that coincided with my other sister’s wedding, which she was absent for, causing a huge rift there. she’s trying really, really hard to get her life back on track, despite making some mistakes. my friend really made it seem like she was in my sister’s corner, and like she was willing to build a safe and stable place for my sister to get sober and do her time.
I just found out from my mom that the Boy put his hands on my sister. 
There was a bad argument, things got out of hand (serious rage issues in my family - it’s in our blood, regardless of sobriety, tbh. drinking just brings it out faster). My sister was being forced to quit smoking cigarettes because my friend decided to. I can understand how it escalated.
What I can’t understand is how my friend thought it was acceptable, given what she went through. Given she knows exactly what my sister has been going through.
My sister screamed, “don’t put your fucking hands on me”
he replied, “I’ll put my hands on you whenever I want.”
but I’m just a crazy liberal living in an echo chamber, right? I totally didn’t see right through this guy from the moment I met him, or from the first serious conversation I had with him? naaah. crazy liberal in an echo chamber.
I’m smug because if I stay smug I won’t get pissed. I won’t drive over there as soon as my husband is home and read that disgusting, borderline-pedophilic couple the riot act.
and I won’t feel guilty for how I’m in no position to help my sister out. that she’s in another house with another entitled, violent fucking straight man.
I can’t even like, approach my friend for another wakeup call. I’m too good at burning bridges. she won’t listen to me anymore. even if she barely did at the start.
where’s my weed.
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the-warmest-hands · a year ago
monday: joyce wasn’t there, so i did trash at st mary’s, then trash at holly and watering infield at holly and watering bocana, then mobile route, then returned to st mary’s and hedged the salvia out front. looks acceptable. if i really wanted to fix it i would have to like, cut it back real real hard so that it could grow normally cuz right now it’s incredibly dense in one section probably because it was reaching for sun and it’s under the cedar
LM - 6 IRR - 2 (coso water)
went home on oshaughnessy worked on arch homework
tuesday: i called out cuz there was the all-staff and i didn’t care and also i had to finish my homework for arch100 also it was a depression day but i picked myself up off the ground (easier to say that now that i’ve picked myself up) because they told me that both bv and harding had 0 openings and i went into freakout mode because i tend to overreact to bad news and i just spiraled real hard into “why do i do anything if i can never have the things i want” hahahahahah sounds funny only in hindsight. when it’s happening it’s not funny.
anyway then i finished my presentation in the midst of all this angst, and it was a terrible presentation, and biked to class in spite of my depression, and printed out my stupid project three times because i had the wrong settings twice, but which actually looked kinda legit due to the terrible print job, and gave a terrible presentation and then biked home feeling better because class was kinda fun and i enjoyed other people’s presentations and the discussion we had.
also then it was time to go to potato’s birthday dinner with potato and xo which was fun because despite all my resistance to seeing others when i’m depressed, i always have fun with people i love, and i truly love potato and xo even if i think that i don’t want to see them we ate pretty good food (amazing bread-items, butter, bone marrow, broccolini, and pork ribs, mediocre beef tartare and fried chicken) at wayfare tavern, and i biked there in a tank top and black jeans and heels (ie my “i feel hot and im going out” look) so i felt pretty good. also i rode like the wind on the gangster which also felt good. and i went up california until fillmore and then i went up bush and then i went over on polk back to california which was a dumb idea because after larkin is that fuckin downhill with tram tracks and it’s scary so i got off at like, taylor and walked myself down like a chump but that’s ok because safety first. and i wuz not gonna footbrake in these heels. and i could not skid because. idk. fear. fear’s the only reason u can’t do things. i really believe this.
wednesday: kendra wasn’t there; mobile route by myself! and then line trimming the CPA, and then irrigation with stan which was fun. stan is like the fun brother i never had. everyone i like is like the fun brother i never had. also when i was trashwalking, i saw hellllllla raccoon damage and i was like ok we needa investigate station 1, and then when i was line trimming the CPA i saw a random nozzle in a mound of dirt and i was like hmm what is going on here why’s there a mound of dirt and i touched the nozzle and it just came out of the head so i was like welp gotta investigate and maybe replace and i thought i was mad slick for identifying irrigation problems that had to be dealt with then at the end of the day i saw that kendra had already identified those and wrote them down on the todo list she wrote for us that i failed to look at carefully
LM - 2 IRR - 6
then i biked home on oshaughnessy and did my article report real fast and then class was canceled so i went to dd to ask about stem and show off my 1x centurion but also i’m not that stoked on it so now i’m like why did i try to get into road bikes again when every time i know i don’t want it
thursday: AAD at botanical i thought i would be like “idgaf get me outta here” but actually it was awesome HAHAHAH and the more i think about it, the more awesome i remember it in my head also how could it ever be bad working with jason
LM - 8
also here’s my search history from the past week; it made me laugh even though it’s not funny
Tumblr media
friday: mobile route chill finished at 8:42, then put everything away (i forgot my pickup stick at prentiss because i set it on the ground to wash it and then was in a rush to leave because moped man whose moped that i parked next to told me that his wife was about to leave and needed me to move slightly forward because i was blocking the garage and i got all flustered and jumped in the truck and drove outta there) but uh. that’s. lost forever. maybe. most likely. i’m sorry. i forgot about it until i returned to st. mary’s and then i didn’t want to go back for it because. i’m sorry. i should have. after that i went to holly and pushed back the rosa banksiae and berberis wilsoniae(?) and ceanothus...weeping form... on the sides of murray entrance. it was good. i think it looks much more open. joyce said it’ll grow back within a week. after that we returned to st. mary’s and i hedged the small salvia cube in front of the rec center and also the ivy because that was on the to-do list. i did not plan my debris pickup well so i kept having to drive back and forth to the truck to dump my burlap out because bad at planning, and then stan jumped in to help me because i guess he was getting anxious about putting the toro away and also i was being inefficient.
LM - 6 IRR - 2 (coso)
after work i biked home via oshaughnessy because that’s what i do now also listening to mozart all day today ate some peanut butter and chocolate and then kale hardboiled egg (perfectly done; no greengray) quinoa ROASTED PEPPERS a million cups of milktea then rode out to race to reg via california to post (my old consulate commute) to kearny to sansome race to reg - allegedly came in 2nd women but who knows how many overall. somewhere between 20 and 30 most likely lol
now i sleep cuz i am tired
saturday: qcr
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fallingfromdepression · 3 years ago
hello! haven’t posted a not-reblog/personal post on here in a while. i haven’t been on tumblr much lately (either bc of blocking it via selfcontrol or just not interested in it anymore) but i want to make a post for future me to look back upon this yr so here it is. 
2017 wasn’t the greatest year (personally or in general lol) but it hasn’t been the worst either! one of the worst things that happened was the spring quarter depressive ep which was actually kind of scary in retrospect... idr if i posted about it on here but i distinctly remember thinking about suicide/dying at least once every day for that period and it still kind of concerns me to this day whenever i remember it. i don’t really remember it that well since it was a while ago (like where was my roommate during all this? did she have early classes and thus why i don’t remember seeing her whenever i woke up and had those thoughts?) and i’m not going to assume that i won’t have an ep like that ever again but it was definitely one of those events that, afterward, made me think about my life outside of those depressive episodes. otherwise, 2017 has just been one of those years where i just chug along... there’s been some trip-ups along the way, but i think i’m a better mental state this dec than i was last dec. 
in terms of this school yr, i think this past quarter was a good one (one of the best ones i’ve had @ college so far). i took a break from my anxiety-inducing dance crew and while i still am not solid on a major/minor yet, i do have a better idea of who i am as a person, and how i work and when/how to be productive and do well in school. i still have some social anxiety and self-confidence issues esp when interacting with new ppl, but honestly there’s a growing part of me that is starting to care less about how others think about me sometimes. anyway, as long as i stay positive in my interactions and make attempts at interactions, everything will be a-ok! (hopefully...!) still dk whether or not i’ll do the dance crew this yr (seems like my set group from last yr isn’t going to come back winter quarter as planned) but i just need to plan ahead and stay positive regardless. whatever happens happens, and prioritize yourself and your future before all else! keep this quarter’s momentum (in terms of academics and slowly improving mental health) going and don’t settle for anything less...!!
hope 2018 is a great year for everyone and a better one for the global community. see you all next december!!
(some lists of 2017 and for 2018 under the cut.)
stuff i got into: 
feh and l/ove live! (ll was literally like a few days ago tho lol) both mobile apps that can be kind of distracting at times i suppose but at least feh was a pretty big part of the latter part of 2017 lmao
mp100! i went and checked and apparently i got into it this past summer which is a little surprising tbh bc so recent?? anyway the manga ended like a week or so ago which is a little bittersweet but i can’t wait to see anime s2!
buzzfeed unsolved and worth it! two series that are totally... worth it (even if i did get into unsolved during finals week when i should not have). i slay myself
stuff i fell out of:
bullet journaling. omg i think i got into it like back in dec 2016 and i actually made an attempt to do some bullet journaling... even did that daily journaling all summer. but i fell out of it once school started in sept bc stuff got hectic and also it kind of takes a lot of time lmao. i think the daily journaling was nice in hindsight tbh
vol/tron. about gd time tbh
hopes for 2018/goals for the new year basically. bold being the ones that i can at least attempt to do if i for some reason just fall apart sometime lol:
less procrastination
plan ahead in advance
use focus keeper to keep chugging ahead
just do it! whatever non-academic/future related work you’re doing is not worth it rn if you haven’t finished the work! (but at the same time take breaks. don’t burn out)
go to sleep earlier
whatever’s on the phone can wait until tomorrow!
you’ll feel much better in the morning than doing whatever it is into the late hrs of the night (unless it’s work due in the morning then yikes)
care less about what others think about you!
99.9% of the time, ppl don’t actually think that badly of you
they’re not the boss of you and your life! so what if some ppl don’t love you? there are others who do
you are a great person. your self-worth isn’t found in others tbh
find and love yourself
journal. draw. take some time to relax and think about stuff
find your own aesthetic and embrace it
less distractions! (major culprit being the phone lmao)
do work instead
use selfcontrol
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