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#potato wedges
everybody-loves-to-eat · 16 days ago
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fatty-food · 9 days ago
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Oven baked garlic parmesan potato wedges
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aplacetocrash · 5 months ago
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evergreenhedgehog · 3 months ago
Do you want to know how to bake crispy potatoes without oil or an air fryer? So, today's culinary adventure is Baked Potato Wedges with Homemade Seasoning in an oven.
This vegan recipe does not have a drop of oil, but it still produces a decent crunchy crust. First of all, you should choose the suitable settings for your oven and baking time. In my case, I chose the Upper and Lower Heat setting and kept the potato wedges in the oven for 25 minutes. You may need to adjust the time for your oven.
Also, you can use your favorite seasoning or ready-made potato seasoning. But I suggest you try to compose the potato seasoning by yourself because a ready-made seasoning cannot compare in taste and aroma with freshly ground spices.
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reginaofdoctorwho · 3 months ago
alright fuckers listen up
apparently many of you are literal children (aka 15 or younger), which means my “section leader” instincts are kicking in and i need to teach y’all something. in this case it’s going to be how to make oven potato wedges
2-4 large russet potatoes
your seasoning
ground black pepper
red pepper flakes
minced/chopped onion (they’re the same) OR onion powder
whatever you fuckin want
olive oil
literally the only things you need in this are potatoes (of any kind, russets just work best) and olive oil. the type of seasonings you use DO NOT matter, i personally leave out the onion for me because i hate onion, and when i make it for my mom she’s allergic to paprika, so i leave that out and put onion in. CUSTOMIZE!!! put herbs in there if you want, add stuff, leave stuff out, this is YOUR food babes!
also this is either gonna be a lot for one person or a couple servings
first thing you do!
preheat your oven to 400 degrees. then take your potatoes, scrub them clean. hold them under running water, you can use a washcloth to scrub the dirt off. alternatively you can just peel them and rinse them, but the peel is good for you and this is like the one recipe where i like it
take your potatoes, slice them into triangular wedges (kinda like thicker fries)! you’re gonna want to use a sharp knife, and if you use a dull one i will manifest in your house to haunt you until you get better knifes. A SHARP KNIFE IS SAFER THAN A DULL ONE!!! reason being that you have to use more pressure w a dull one, it’s more likely to slip, and when it does slip it’s WAY more likely to cut something off because you’re using more pressure
take a ziploc bag, put your seasoning in.
now add more seasoning
you want a LOT in there. i do not measure for this at all, other than eyeballing. just do what smells/looks good to you and it’ll probably turn out right. pretend you are the rat from ratatoille. or pasta boi being controlled by the rat.
add your olive oil to the bag (enough to make kinda a paste/sauce w the seasoning i guess?), add your wedges to the bag, seal it shut (holy shit make sure it’s shut), and
this is a v fun part, and if you’re watching kids or something you can have them help w it. if you do not have a ziploc bag, you can use tuperware-esque dishes and still shake it or just use a big bowl and mix w your hands. either way you should also try to sort of massage it all around. get it even
take the bag, dump it ALL into a pan or on a sheet. try to get any oil/seasoning that’s stuck in there out too. if you can’t that’s fine. also i do not expect it to be a single layer, it’ll be fine that way or in a pile. please do try to spread it though as even as you can
next, shove it in your oven and forget about it for the next 30 minutes at 400 degrees (fahreinheit. i do not know celsius, holy shit though do not put it in at 400 degrees celsius i think you’d die). it will not be done then. we want these fuckers CRISPY, and we want them browning a little and bubbling up a little.
they will almost definitely not be done at 30 minutes, but you check them there anyway and then check it every 5-15 minutes. it’ll cook quicker if it’s a single layer. but keep an eye on it, and once it looks good to you take it out and let it cool for like a minute
feast on your own creation
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larquettelikesfood · 5 months ago
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Donner kebab wrap
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dotpolkaswirl · 10 months ago
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Avocado Cheese Burger @ Blacows
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aplacetocrash · 3 months ago
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bookmac95 · a month ago
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I ordered pizza for my younger cousin and myself yesterday as we were watching Disney+. It was really good and we still had some leftovers today. :)
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feastuponthis · 10 months ago
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