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Welcome to Hogwarts, the safest place on earth!
But what about the giant sn-
HA HA. Ridiculous.
And that giant dog-
Severus has gone crazy please ignore him.
and the forest-
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hi guys! after a lot of overthinking i decided that it wouldn’t hurt if i start my activity here. honestly, i don’t really know how tumblr works so i guess it’ll take me a while to figure it out. but i hope you’ll be patient with me and maybe help me out if i make any mistakes.

english isn’t my first language so i apologies for my future mistakes, because i know i’ll make a lot of them. 

so, with that being said, i present you the list of the characters that i’ll take requests for my future one-shots or even series:

1. Harry Potter

2. Draco Malfoy

3. Ron Weasley

4. Hermione Granger

5. Fred Weasley

6. George Weasley

7. Oliver Wood

8. Blaise Zabini

9. Luna Lovegood

10. Pansy Parkinson

11. Ginny Weasley

12. Cedric Diggory

and that’s it, for the moment. feel free to ask for any other hp character if you would like anyone else. also, i write fluff, angst, smut, for any house.

i’ll post soon something so it would be easier for you guys to decide if you like my writing or not. 

lot of love <3

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Remus:It’s the naughtiness for me.

Sirius:It’s the bookworm for me.

Remus:It’s the madness for me.

Sirius:It’s the not being my boyfriend for me.



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Pairing: Fred Weasley x Fem!reader, George Weasley
Warnings: Just getting stood up by your date (if that makes you uneasy)
Genre: Fluff
Trope: Childhood Best Friends to Lovers
Prompt: It’s (name). I’m in love with them and I can’t… I can’t do anything about it.”
Word Count: 951 words
Disclaimer: This fanfiction is for @15-dogs​ 500 followers writing challenge. 


NOTE: This fanfiction is written by me and for pure entertainment purposes. If you have seen any other story/ fanfiction similar to this, it’s purely coincidental.

Hope you enjoy this story! Please like or reblog this as it supports me as well as inspires me to keep going! Enjoy! :)

A/N- Hey everyone! I actually wrote this fic in a span of a couple days because of my school work and hw, so this fic may seem slightly chaotic… but I hope you enjoy this nonetheless! <3


Originally posted by fgweasley

You and Fred Weasley had always been a competitive pair. You competed over marks, pranks, bets and any other crazy thing you could possibly compete on. 

You were still friends, of course, but what’s a little competition? 


You and Fred hadn’t been on talking terms since last week when he pulled that absolute dirty prank on you. You still remember how empty you felt afterwards and it hurt. It hurt you more than it should’ve because it came from your most trusted and best friend’s. And that was one day you were most likely never going to forget. 

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Any other Potterheads out there that kin Bulgaria? One of my favorite fictional nations! ZABLOTNY!

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Remus:Today we will be learning about dementors.

Harry:What the freak,are you god damn serious?


Harry:I was talking about the dementors-

Remus:oh fine then,

Harry:WAIT WHAT??!!!

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*Remus touches Sirius*

Remus:Sirius,you’re too hot.

Sirius:Aww!!Thank you Remus,SO WHEN ARE WE GETTING MARRIED?

Remus:No,I MeAnT I ThInK yOu HaVe A fEvEr..

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Ok so, I’m a Potterhead and I recently took MBTI quiz.

I found out I was an INFP so I thought “why not find out what house is linked to this kind of personality?!”

Pinterest gave me some interesting answers, first of all, INFP personality is considered to be associated with Hufflepuff, then I found out that Ravenclaw was also associate with this MBTI personality and this makes so sense to me!

Think about it:

1)INFP loyalty and idealism + the will to help people in their personal growth + see the good in people (hufflepuff)

2) INFP artistic tendencies towards writing, art, music+ huge creative side + curiosity and love for reading (ravenclaw)

We need some double house dorms! 😁



Originally posted by avada-kedavra-everybody


Originally posted by avada-kedavra-everybody

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