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the-rum-tum-hatter · 4 hours ago
I made an edit lol
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og picture made by @fluffytuffles
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junkyard-gifs · 4 hours ago
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Phineas Newborn as Pouncival, US tour 2 (1985–86).
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fluffytuffles · 5 hours ago
tumblebrutus + pouncival + etcetera are littermates (i’m sorry jelly)
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uppastthejelliclemoon · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
so i’ve been thinking about these two moments in Tugger’s song for a while, and i just realized today how well they play into one of my main hcs!
I’ve posted before about how my hc for Alonzo, Tumblebrutus, and Pouncival is that they’re brothers, but Alonzo had to leave in order to find a better place to raise his brothers. Tumblebrutus and Pouncival became lost, however, and Alonzo spent forever searching for them until he finally found them and brought them to the Junkyard.
My other hc is that Plato was also a street cat before joining the Jellicles and meeting Victoria. So Plato’s really the only other cat in the tribe who Alonzo, Tumblebrutus, and Pouncival can really relate to. 
Tumblebrutus doesn’t talk much about the Time Before with Alonzo or anyone else, but Plato’s always there with an ear in case the younger tom wants to talk, and Tumblebrutus does talk to Plato. He doesn’t want to make Alonzo feel guilty for leaving, because Tumblebrutus knows that Alonzo didn’t mean for them to become lost for so long.
In return, Plato teaches Tumblebrutus and Pouncival how to dance and becomes something of a mentor to them.
He also understands when Tumblebrutus starts hoarding food in his and Pouncival’s den, or when Pouncival starts to stick to Tumblebrutus’ side like glue and won’’t stop snuggling into his brother’s side, or when the two brothers hear a certain sound on a quiet night and immediately freeze up.
Plato doesn’t say anything. He just brings some fresh food to Tumblebrutus, because he knows what it’s like to root through garbage for his next meal, he allows Pouncival to snuggle into his back in the tiniest ball because he knows what it’s like to not be warm enough, and he asks Munkustrap to tell a story, because he knows that a sudden sound in the dark can never be a good thing.
So when Alonzo isn’t around, or he’s doing Grown Up Cat Things, Tumblebrutus and Pouncival know that they have someone else that they can go to, someone else who understands. 
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jemima: my dad says its not good for you to stay upside down for too long. you could die
everyone, already looking at pouncival: 
pouncival, already doing a handstand: bet
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sillybubs · a day ago
@theimpossiblescheme said this about Hathor:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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songs that remind me of the younger cats (jemima, victoria, plato, tumblebrutus, electra, etcetera, & pouncival):
i’m not that girl / wicked
boys will be bugs / cavetown
bangarang ft. sirah / skrillex
constellations / the oh hellos
new light / john mayer
i miss that feeling / tennis
walking on sunshine / katrina & the waves
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the-rum-tum-hatter · 2 days ago
Ok but bc Cettie has a crush on Tugger and Pounce has a crush on Bomba, I really like the idea that they'll follow them everywhere and are constantly in their personal space and are annoyed by it but one day Munk and Demeter are like "maybe if you let them spend the day with you, they won't be as obsessed or follow you around as much" so Tugger and Bomba go to the kittens like "IF WE TAKE YOU ON A LITTLE DATE, WILL YOU LEAVE US ALONE? LIKE NO FOLLOWING US?!" (they're super desperate) and of course Pounce and Cettie lose it and are like "omg really?!" So then Tugger and Bomba take them on a kiddy fake date and they're so done lil
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rainbowratsstuff · 2 days ago
Here’s my little Mistoffelees fic I talked about if anyone wants to read it. 
Tumblebrutus was shouting at the top of his voice as he chased Electra in, what Mistoffelees assumed and hoped, was tag. Etcetera was loudly jabbering on and on to Tugger about who knows what, and Jemima was yelling to Tumble and Electra as she raced to join in their game after having a bath from her mother.
Mistoffelees watched all of this from on top of the pipe, frowning ever so slightly, his ears lowering back and one paw on his tail, stroking the smooth black fur.
What was it about kittens? Why did so many couples want to get there?....and how could they stand all that noise all day long?
But it wasn’t that Misto hated kittens, not at all. It's just....kittens were best in small doses, at least for Mistoffelees.
He loved when they all excitedly sat around him to watch his magic or volunteered to be a part of it, like his famous seven kittens out of a hat trick. He wasn’t unkind to them (at least he really hoped) and nor were they to him. There was nothing wrong with any of them.
He just could not for the life of him see the appeal in raising kittens, being with them every day. He couldn’t stand to be around that loudness that mess, that energy, that constant need for attention. Every. Single. Day.
He turned his gaze toward Tugger, still entertaining Etcetera. He was pretty good with kittens; good at playing games with them and making them feel better....things Mistoffelees sometimes struggled with in his awkwardness.
Mistoffelees lightly ran his claws over his long tail.
Did Tugger want his own kittens? Did he want the two of them to raise them together?....did Tugger wish Mistoffelees wanted kittens like he did-
Jemima had slipped and fallen in her pursuit of Tumblebrutus and Electra, landing on something hard and rough by the sound of it. Munkustrap and Demeter were instantly at her side, Tugger with Etcetera not far behind.
 Mistoffelees sat up in alarm and worry, trying to see the hurt kitten between her parents. Was she okay? She must be with all these cats to help. But then she started crying.
The crying.
Mistoffelees ears pressed flat against his head, aided by his paws holding them down. That had to be one of the worst sounds ever evolved , and Mistoffelees just couldn't handle it. It made him want to dig his claws in and tear his ears right off.
 Pouncival was...different, and Mistoffelees knew what it was like to be the different one. But Pouncival never looked like he ever saw it that way, infact he seemed completely and totally delighted by practically everything.
 She was going to be fine, right? It was okay if he...stepped back?...they didn’t need him...hopefully.
He dropped down to the dusty floor and quickly slid into the pipe he had been previously sitting on top of. He curled himself into a ball, his tail wrapping around his legs, and rocked steadily.
The crying ended soon enough. Not a long one thankfully. Mistoffelees sighed in relief but didn’t re-emerge from the pipe. His paws loosened around his legs until he let go and brought them together at his fluffy chest to fiddle and fidget with. His rocking slowed to a much gentler rhythm.
He hummed under his breath to himself, closing his eyes. Maybe he could find Tugger later. His tail was always the best at times like this.
"What are you doing in the time-out pipe, have you been naughty?"
Mistoffelees jumped at the sudden interruption, almost banging his head on the top of the pipe. But it was only Pouncival, peering in curiously at him, eyes wide. 
Mistoffelees shook his head and slowly crawled out while Pouncival continued to question him.
"Were you looking for something? Were you doing magic? Were you hiding?"
Mistoffelees shook his head again "just needed somewhere a bit quieter. Why aren’t you playing with the others?" He asked as he started grooming his now relaxed ears.
"I was searching! I found beetles!" Pouncival exclaimed as though it was best secret ever.
Mistoffelees smiled softly, but needed a moment to think of what to say to that "are...are there a lot of them?" He finally asked and Pouncival beamed.
"I'll show you!" And he raced off.
Mistoffelees blinked, watching him run before starting to walk after him. He knew you weren’t allowed to say it, but Pouncival was his favourite kitten. Not because he was any easier to handle or didn’t cry or anything of the sort.
He liked him because he often saw some of himself in him. 
 He always wanted to join in any activity anyone was doing, had a habit of trying to eat anything just to see if he can, a fascination with ducks, and able to empathise with virtually anything (even bricks).
 “Here they are!” Pouncival was pattering at the ground with his paws in excitement as he waited for Mistoffelees to join him in the weeds and dirt.
 Mistoffelees carefully padded over and crouched down to see. There were three beetles crawling around “oh, I see”
 “There were five before” Pounce pouted before perking up “they must have gone back home!”
 Mistoffelees shrugged “maybe” he agreed and watched the remaining beetles crawl. Pouncival kept smiling at him in between his studying of the bugs.  
 “Have you been doing anything else besides beetle watching?” Misto asked after almost five solid minutes of quiet observation.
 “Lots!” Pounce said automatically, hopping up from his crouched position “I’ve been practicing” he announced proudly.
 “Practicing what?”
 “Dancing like you, I try to remember it”
 “Oh, yes, you like copying me” Mistoffelees remembered and smiled softly, his eyes still on the ground; the beetles had wandered away by now.
 Pouncival crouched down and tried to crawl infront of Mistos eyesight “I do! Can you show me more!?”
 Sometimes Pouncival forgot about boundaries, mostly because he didn’t exactly have any of his own. He was always ready for a hug from pretty much anyone.
 Mistoffelees leaned away to give himself room “uh sure, I guess I can show you something” he agreed.
 Mistoffelees was no teacher. Sure, he knew how to dance, it was one of his favourite things to do (and maybe he also liked to show off a little). But teaching that when he always just sort of...did it? Was oddly hard to do.
 Luckily Pouncival was happy to simply follow and copy.
 Mistoffelees just ran through some of his favourite dances for Pounce, but slightly more for himself as he got lost in his own world.
 “I keep getting dizzy” whined Pounce, who was sitting on the floor. Mistoffelees jumped from the interruption and slowed down from his last pirouette.
 “Spot your head” Misto softly replied, rather absent mindedly too.
 “Huh spots?” Pouncival cocked his head and reached up to paw at his cheek, as though trying to feel spots.
 “No no, I mean...look forward as long as you can before turning” Misto tapped a paw to his chin as he tried to think of a better way to explain it “ this” he pointed to his face before going into another pirouette.
 Pounce still didn’t quite get it, and this whole explaining thing was getting a bit draining for the tux after a while. Still, Mistoffelees found it nice.
 No, Mistoffelees would definitely not have any kittens of his own. But if a kitten like Pouncival ever wanted to try dancing or learn some sign language, or even try out some beetle watching. Misto wouldn’t mind joining them.
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storyweaverofgondor · 2 days ago
Pouncival: I have a question mark.
Jellylorum: Don’t you mean ‘I have a question’?
Pouncival: No. *pulls out a ?* It’s pink and fun to hit people with.
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junkyard-gifs · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pouncivals just hanging around.
1. Lindsay Chambers, Zurich 1991
2. Jimmy Jillebo, Hamburg 1991
3. Fabian Aloise, Hamburg 1994.
4. Callum Dyer, Oasis cast 5 (with Stanley Allyn Owen)
5. Philip Rocamora, Oasis cast 5.
6. Pete Simpson, Oasis cast 6.
7. Lance Barker, Oasis cast 8.
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tumblepounce · 3 days ago
Wrote a short silly thing based off of my headcanon that Plato is ridiculously strong but no one (including himself) realizes it.
Very silly stuff. I love Plato you guys I really do.
Fic under the cut.
“It’s true, Munk, I’m not lying.” Skimbleshanks said, wincing as Jenny applied ice to his back. “I saw it with my own eyes.”
“Skimble, look, I want to believe you, I truly do.” Munkustrap gave a sympathetic wince. “But it’s very difficult to imagine Plato throwing anyone around. Are you sure he wasn’t just lifting Tumble? Plato’s very good at lifts.”
“I’m serious. Plato threw him at least fifteen feet into the air. I thought it was because Tumble was still a young kitten and didn’t weigh as much.”
“And you decided to try and toss him like you used to do when he was a kitten.” Jenny rolled her eyes. “No wonder you threw out your back.”
“If you had seen how casually Plato threw him you would have thought the same.” Skimble protested.
“I think not. I have common sense.”
“Excuse me madam-” “Madam? You call me that one more time-”
Munk left before the argument continued. Skimble would be fine in Jenny’s care. Eventually. Right now he had more important things to do.
As expected he found Plato in the middle of the largest clearing of the junkyard, a space that was usually used for large rehearsals or where Tumble practiced his acrobatics. Plato was still throwing a tom up into the air but this time it was Pouncival who was being launched.
Munk’s eyes followed Pounce as he ascended. Skimble hadn’t been exaggerating after all. Pounce wasn’t a light fellow either. Sure, he was small, but he was solid muscle and ate more than anyone else in the junkyard. The fact that Plato was just able to huck him into the air was an incredible thing to witness. Instead of interrupting Munk settled down to watch the show.
Eventually Pounce was launched a little too far and landed face first into an empty barrel, signalling the end of the show, and Munk went over to help Plato fish him out. Pounce barely said thanks before zooming off to presumably brag to Tumble how far he had flown.
“Oh hey there, uh, Munk.” Plato said, looking rather embarrassed. “Didn’t see you watching.”
“That was very impressive. I didn’t realize how strong you were.” Munk replied. “Have you always been able to throw the others around like that?”
“Um, I guess? I don’t know. Uh… Tumble just asked me to help him with his acrobatic stuff one day and I said sure and, well, here we are.”
“Here we are.” The thought of Plato casually slinging a full grown tom around on a whim was a bit terrifying. Munk quickly made a mental note to ask Tumble for his side of the story later.
“Am I in trouble?” Plato pawed at an ear. “I didn’t mean to hurt Pounce.”
“I don’t think he was hurt.” Munk quickly assured him. “And you’re not in trouble. In fact, if you’re free, I’d like to train with you.”
“Yes. I think you have potential.” Munk nodded. He had been on the lookout for an apprentice and he just might have found a candidate. Normally he would have talked with Alonzo first but he wanted to jump on this opportunity while he could.
“Oh. Um, thanks, I guess.” Plato smiled a little but still looked nervous. “Uh, what do you want me to do?”
“Let’s start with the basics.” Munk had plenty of experience teaching others basic self defense. In fact Plato had been a previous student of his, although at the time Plato had been rather shy and not all that participatory in the lessons. Even now he looked hesitant to act.
Munk took the initiative and lunged at Plato in a mock attack. Hopefully the tom had retained some of the knowledge about how to defend himself-
- suddenly Munk was airborne. How he had ended up in such a position wasn’t quite clear but at least he had enough wherewithal to land on his feet. He landed on the other side of the clearing. For a long moment he simply stared at Plato, brain unable to process what had just happened.
“Sorry.” Plato cringed. “I thought you were ready.”
Munk blinked. In the span of seconds Plato had managed to throw him clear across the junkyard.
“Don’t apologize.” Munk trotted back over. “Show me again.”
“Well, uh, okay.” Plato hesitantly placed his paws on Munk’s shoulders. “Um. I just kinda… uh, well, just kinda do this.”
Once more Munk went sailing through the air. Once more he had to take a minute to comprehend what happened. Once more he trotted back over to Plato.
“How.” Munk said. “How are you doing this?”
“I’m sorry, I don’t know what you mean.”
“You just… threw me across the junkyard and apologized for it.”
“Well yeah, it’s not usually nice to throw people unless they want you to.”
“That is very true.” Munk took a minute to collect himself. 
“Am I in trou-”
“No, Plato, you are not in trouble. In fact, if you would like to, I’d like to take you on as my apprentice.”
“Your what?”
“Apprentice. You’d be training with me and Alonzo and learn how to help protect the junkyard.”
“Oh, I don’t think I could do that.”
“Plato.” Munk put a paw on his shoulder. “You just threw me across the junkyard. You can do this.”
“Oh. Uh. Well… I guess I could give it a try.”
To say that Plato gave it a try was an understatement. Sure, he was hesitant and needed a lot of encouragement, but once properly motivated he absorbed information like a sponge. That, combined with his natural strength, turned him into a gentle but terrifying force of nature. A force of nature that Munk was having trouble convincing Alonzo about. Suddenly he knew how Skimble felt.
“I’m serious.” Munk repeated. “Plato is strong. He threw me like it was nothing.”
“And I’m saying that it’s hard to believe.” Alonzo replied. “You’re not fat but you’re also not small.”
“Look. There’s Plato over there.” Munk pointed to the lanky tom, who was busy watching a butterfly flutter around his head. “Go tap him on the shoulder and see what happens.”
Alonzo rolled his eyes. “If it will prove a point then sure, I’ll do it.”
A tiny part of Munk felt bad for what was to come but it was smothered by the need to have Alonzo believe him. All he could do was sit and watch as Alonzo marched on over to Plato and tapped the unsuspecting tom on the shoulder. 
“Hey Plato, what’s- aaaaaaaaaaargh!” 
It really was incredible to watch Plato throw a full grown tom like it was nothing. Alonzo sailed through the air like a ragdoll and disappeared behind a pile of trash. Immediately Plato and Munk ran over to fish him out.
“Sorry Lonz, you startled me.” Plato apologized. “I just reacted.”
“It’s… it’s fine.” Alonzo whispered. He looked like he needed a minute or maybe one of Skimble’s cups of tea. “Good job.”
“Well, I think it’s safe to say that you are officially an apprentice Jellicle Protector.” Munk smiled and clapped Plato on the back. “Welcome to the team.”
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just-jellicle-stuff · 4 days ago
me: yOu CaN dO tHaT ¿
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zachbiller · 4 days ago
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zachbiller · 4 days ago
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