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It’s Sunday my #Beautiful #People.

I’m a day early but my #MCM is my big brother @naija_fit

Matt is the epitome of hard work and persistence.

He’s an amazing husband, father, son and brother.

If you are starting on your fitness journey or need motivation and some laughs along the way(Matt has THEEEEE BEST personality) do yourself a favor and go follow him!!

You’re welcome!!

Matt I love you and I am so thankful to have you as my big bro!

Now get to it my good people! Have an amazing day!

Stay #Light and #Awesome

The video is: @naija_fit
The song belongs to: Jay-Z

#Motivation #ManCrushMonday #MCM #Fitness #TheJourney #Forward #KeepGoing #StartNow #ChangeYourMind #ChangeYourLife #Strong #LifeGoals #Pow #Peace #Namaste ✌🏽🙏🏽

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Unfortunate soul private Johannes Torssonen who was captured, imprisoned and taken to a prison camp far away in Soviet Union, had his face used in egregious propaganda leaflets directed towards the Finnish troops during the Continuation War. 

It contains a “surrender ticket” for the Finnish deserters to hand out to a Soviet officer to enter the same conditions were Torssonen was already in. Predictably zero Finnish soldiers were confirmed to been taken advantage of this generous offer.

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“I could take the beatings and the physical punishment, but it was the attempt to destroy your dignity, to make you a nonentity that was the hardest thing to bear. For one thing, you have to learn self-discipline if you are going to succeed. You have to have confidence in yourself and believe that no matter what you’re faced with, you can deal with it — that you just can’t give up. And then there’s the aspect of staying in shape. And humor helped a lot, even in the gravest times.“

Words from Captain Louis Zamperini, the Olympic runner who became an airman during World War II, who crashed into the Pacific, who was listed as dead after spending 47 days adrift in a life raft before being captured by the Japanese and enduring a brutal captivity for over 2 years.

Moral of the story: your daily shit ain’t that bad, get passed it, figure it out and don’t quit. #survival

Capt. Louis Zamperini

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Those Sunday vibes with @camrichards 🌊 Hit follow to see more 😎

DM a clip to be featured!
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