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#power girl

Bizarro’s assembled team of Supergirls from various timelines in the Batman/Superman storyline With A Vengeance.

Clockwise from right to left:

Power Girl a.k.a. Kara Zor-L from Earth-2 

Cir-El the fake future daughter of Clark Kent and Lois Lane created by Brainiac in the Futuresmiths storyline.

The Silver Age Supergirl Kara Zor-El from Action Comics #252

Linda Danvers from Peter David’s Supergirl Run 

And at the bottom next to Bizarro was the Post-Crisis version of Kara Zor-El introduced in Batman/Superman Vol 1 #8

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Birds of Prey #42 (June 2002) cover by Phil Noto.

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So, I really liked the idea of the Heiress Club.

Leader: Natasha Irons - Steel. 15


Second-in-Command: Tanya Spears - Power Girl. 15.


Hand-to-Hand Expert: Tiffany Fox - Batgirl. 13.


Archer: Cierra Diggle - Blue Arrow. 14. 


Speedster: Darla Dudley - Violet Shazam. 12.


Elementalist (Electricity): Eugene Choi - Silver Shazam. 13.


If you’re wondering why Eugene is there, it’s because I’m amused by the idea of the team having a single male member. 

Plus, I imagine this group to have formed on Young Justice’s Earth-16 and already have an idea about how to utilize Pedro, while Billy, Mary and Freddy have been used already in that canon.

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Anyone else want to give her a ride?

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Power Girl by Davi Go

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Kryptonian Members

  • Kara Zor-El: The cousin of Superman, Kara Zor-El landed on Earth 30 years later than Kal-El due to debris from Krypton sending her ship off course. Due to this and the make of the ships onboard stasis, Kara remained unaging on her journey to Earth. When she arrived however Kal-El would take it upon himself to help his cousin adapt to life on Earth where they would build a sibling like relationship as Kara was taken in by the Kent’s as one of their own. Upon taking on the House of El sigil just as her adopted brother Kal-El, Kara would become known as Supergirl in her teen years before adopting the moniker; Powergirl.
  • Cir-El: A clone born of combining the DNA of both Superman and Wonder Woman, Cir-El would be found alongside her “brother” Kon-El in Project Cadmus’ secret laboratory under the name Project Kr where Cadmus’ scientists were attempting to create metahuman Kryptonian clones in an effort to destroy or replace Superman should he perish or turn against mankind. Given the earthling name Mia Lara Kent and her Kryptonian name Cir-El, she would take up the mantle of Supergirl II after receiving her aunt Kara’s blessing. Cir-El is the genetically engineered child of Wonder Woman and Superman, the reason being due to the genetic complexity of the Kryptonian genome resulting in Cir-El’s older brother Kon being limited in his Kryptonian abilities due to his half human nature. With Cir-El being half Amazonian, she sports boosted abilities of that of a Kryptonian including the activation of her meta-gene which is divine in nature due to Wonder Woman’s DNA thus allowing Cir-El a higher resistance to magic, the ability to summon, manipulate, absorb and redirect lightning, as well as talk to animals.
  • Kon-El: A clone born of combining the DNA of both Superman and Lex Luthor, Kon-El would be found alongside his “sister” Cir-El in Project Cadmus’ secret laboratory under the name Project Kr where Cadmus’ scientists were attempting to create metahuman Kryptonian clones in an effort to destroy or replace Superman should he perish or turn against mankind. Kon-El would receive his Kryptonian name from his father and his human name from his friends on the Teen Titans, Conner Kent. In time, Kon-El would take on the mantle of Superboy alongside the House of El sigil. Due to Kon’s half human parentage and genetic modification, his meta-gene has yet to activate limiting him to weaker levels as well as limited levels of a pure blooded Kryptonian’s abilities. It was for this reason his “younger sister” Cir-El was made half Amazonian to counteract this power issue.
  • Krypto: A normal wolf that was altered by meta-tar to have super strength and durability comparable to Superboy, Krypto was named by the Titans and adopted by Kon-El & M’gann M’orzz.
  • Kem-El: A Kryptonian AI, he is programmed to stop crime and protect Kal-El, even with excessive force. He created the Fortress of Solitude as a means to revive Kal-El, returning to the Fortress to charge his body with ion rays to accelerate Kal-El’s recovery following his battle with the monstrous Doomsday.
  • Lor-Zod: The birth son of General Zod and his lieutenant Faora-Ul, Lor-Zod is the Red Son of Russia, the Ultraman. Lor-Zod’s pod landed in a Ukrainian collective farm in Soviet, Ukraine. There Lor-Zod is immediately taken in and recognized as an alien with advanced powers and abilities that will be used for the greater good of the country growing up as a Soviet citizen, the “Soviet Superman” is a good person who dedicates his abilities to the safeguard of Soviet citizens. His origins of how he survived Krypton’s destruction is similar to that of Kal-El’s but where as Kal-El was sent to Earth on purpose, Lor-Zod arrived by mere chance as the young Kryptonian was born on the Black Zero ship where following Krypton’s destruction it was damaged with a portion of it being the debris containing Lor-Zod that crashed on Earth years later.
  • Thara Ak-Var: An Argonian survivor, Thara Ak-Var goes by the moniker of Matrix. She is the last daughter of Argo, Krypton’s sister planet who managed to survive in stasis until help arrived in the form of Lor-Zod who traveled amongst the stars for a time to witness the remnants of Krypton. Being saved by Lor-Zod brought the two close together, and upon returning to Earth Thara and Lor-Zod had begun a relationship with one another. She protects and rules the Soviet nation alongside Lor-Zod, and their Kryptonian AI Brainiac that has been programmed to protect the two Kryptonian’s similarly to Kal-El’s own Kem-El. Thara is unique in that she is a meta-kryptonian, one who posses the ability of projecting, manipulating, absorbing and controlling fire of all kinds that even extends to her solar absorption ability being augmented higher than the conventional Argonian and Kryptonian.
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Powergirl by Jay Anacleto.

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