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#ppl will go ''why

one thing i cannot stand ab working in childcare is how ppl talk ab neurodivergent kids. one of my little buddies and also My Best Friend In The Entire World is aging out and moving to preschool and this is his last week and it is very very sad. but i also cannot stop thinking about how much easier things would be for him if people didnt treat cognitive differences like A Bad Thing. He’s 3 and he does not talk. he absolutely CAN talk. its just not a way of communicating that comes naturally to him, and he much prefers to tell you stuff other ways. i honestly think thats one of the coolest things about him, but so, SO many people treat this like a bad thing that needs to be corrected, a thing that he will grow out of and then he’ll get back on track and continue developing “normally”. and im not even MAD about it im just worried. and sad. that when you hang on to this hope of normalcy instead of just loving kids how they are, you are always always setting them up for failure. its fucking gut wrenching that i have to let this kid go into a system and world that will never meet him where he’s at. because at the end of the day that’s what it is. children who do not conform to the standard WILL be abused by the public school system. it is inevitable. there is no empathy and understanding bc we live in a world where people genuinely believe “bad kids” exist. i am so fucking enormously sad about him moving on but only 10% of that sadness is the fact that i am going to miss my friend. i hope life is kind to you little man.

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How do people physically prevent themselves from writing a million tags on thingws I don’t understand because I cannot do taht for myself.

#personal#Also I need to stop listening to Tude but for some reason it is very nice and I like it a lot ??? W#And reversing the audio the main (treble) part of it sounds so similar to the normal one...... I don’t think it means anything just kewl#It is very nice to hum with the Tude there are nice parts to harmony wiht :) like Clocks from the cold band#also being tired is like double edged sword I speak 2 ppl and cannot think well but also its like instant serotonin I'm full of happy rn#I HAVE TOO MANY THOUGHTS AND THEY ARE ALL SWIMMING BY LIKE FISH AND ARE JUST AS SLIPPERY#GIVE ME A SEA SLUG BRAIN PLEASE#Its nicer than whan I am usually tired though because that is usually so late at night I can't talk to anyone but you know. shrug.#How do people take naps and then wake up and do stuff? if I am on a bed I am going to sleep 12 hours at least#Also I guess I just feel like rambling right now is why I am talking so much in the tags I just get to speak and its nice :) I like to talk#Like but I love deep sea fish so much you know? EEEELS I WOAOUGH I JUST REMEMBERED SEEING A REALMORAY EEL#I WANT TO GO TO AN AQUARIUM AGAIN SO BAD PLEASE CORONA DIE DIE I NEED TO SEE THE LONG FISH#I love the doofy faces of a moray eel just. eyes in different directions mouth agape its like if a pug were actually cute#but also lived underwater and was very long and not horribly inbred#I forgot wahat I was saying before this and reading is too much to do so I'm just gfoing to post now because I'm a bicycle beep beep 2 tires#LOVE eeels :]
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no I will say it on main shippers are weird as hell why do you see this pair of characters who have stated how they feel like family multiple times met when maya was 17 and phoenix was 24 and then the added kick of this is the sister of Phoenix’s mentor and go I want them to be in a romantic relationship like what is wrong with you do you not see the insane amount of power imbalances and just weird vibes to this? like what are you missing what’s wrong with you

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i’m still behind on the later seasons so maybe i’m missing something but why is so much of the fandom “claire and jack are siblings and alex literally does not exist”?

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im just so restless rn idk

#like ive been up all night and im on some meds but not others#and i just cannot calm down. like. i can't rest and im so angry and nauseous. i want to kms yet i just sit here freaking out#i hate my life and i hate humanity. i hate living as what feels like not even half a person. i#im just this mess. im far from the worst. but others have made me worse & now im just this. fcking failed creature that should be dead#i wish i was dead i want to die i should do it but im a coward#i hate everything and everyone#i just want to die and stop existing. i hope there's no afterlife bc i'll probably go to hell but i dont care i deserve it. i want to never#think again. i want to scream im going to scream and i want to run for miles then stab someone then myself#hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate#what the fuck is wrong with me god i want to blow my gd brains out why am i like this why is tje world loke thid#true happiness doesnt exist. it just doesn't. it cant. it's only brief moments of joy between this pathetic misery. i dont trust anyone who#claims to be truly happy. or maybe it's possible if youre so selfish you can ignore the bad things happening to others if your own situatio#is going well. i cannot imagine. i suppose ignorance is bliss but i can't be ignorant when the cruel reality was forced on me &others i kno#even those i dont know. like. being that self-centered to just ignore other's suffering for my own happiness. i couldn't even if i wanted t#if someone says they're truly happy they must live in a bubble where they block out everything else. bc nobody with any compassion for othe#ppl could ever be happy from the bottom of their heart. it doesnt seem possible unless you are REALLY sick and/or selfish.#i need to stop rambling. it's been like 4 hours or smth. but i feel like if i stop typing im just gonna bash my head against a wall or smth#idk idk idk#yeah okay i need to stop. shut up shut up shut.up#ugh ugh ugh#im going to explode and scream :)#i just want to die NOW but im a coward so im just gonna try tje same shit i always do
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okok i will be on discord sometimes but like um no i can feel a spiral coming on like i just have that vibe and i hope im wrong but ??? i don’t know how much i will be able to write & be active if i convince myself i do not exist again um. its totally fine if u want to unfollow while im not posting !! but because i do a lot of stuff from mobile unless u softblock to break the mutual i will assume our interactions are still ok to respond to & i can interact with you if i’m around.

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there is a difference between being uncomfortable with being called queer/using the word queer and trying to tell everyone else in the community that we can’t even say the word that our ancestors used and found comfort in and formed this family around just bc you personally have had bad experiences with it

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ok so i saw these comments on mu’s wiki page last month and at the time it pissed me the hell off because they had the fucking GALL to call mu emotionally manipulative by ???? telling her story as she remembers it ???? while acknowledging at the same time that she’s literally a bullied 16-year-old + call yuno emotionally manipulative and a criminal even though she Literally Did Not Commit A Crime and was most likely. yeah. but i just now realised that the last bit applies much fucking better to mahiru than it does to yuno

#not the part where they infantilise haruka though i wholeheartedly disagree with that part#i know what i did. anyway#as opposed to yuno who. Literally did nothing to be landed in prison and the fanbase's treatment of her makes me claw my hands down my face#MAHIRU hides her crime EXTREMELY FUCKING WELL#to the point where its a massive point of contention whether she acc killed her partner herself or just drove them to suicide#and NONE of that is in her mv. NONE#she just sort of hints to it in the lyrics and none of it is in the visuals (unless you count the feathers which i do not)#idk why i said 'just drove them to suicide' as if thats any better ? anyway back on topic#mahiru puts up a smokescreen of cutesy gg-y visuals and vague lyrics about the concept of loving someone a lot to hide that she+#Committed murder. (or second degree manslaughter depends on how you read it)#idk where i was going with this whole thing actually... it's v likely mahiru was abusive but she's still an interesting fucking character#the theories surrounding her though are the lamest for some reason idgi#-yuno ofc bc like theres nothing to theorise#OH um. also for the ppl who don't go here but read my tag rants anyway (hi):#the reason i keep complaining about yuno's treatment by the fanbase is bc she did not commit murder she aborted a child#and on top of that she is EIGHTEEN so it;s fucking justified even if youre a sick freak who thinks abortion is murder???#anyway she had a REALLY small margin too lemme check rq i forgot#just checked. her margin was 1.3% skewed innocent#which is the second smallest margin of anyone whose voting period is or was active (mu is below her)#mu i can sort of understand the small margin because she Literally shanked someone#i'm glad she's innocent though i adore her#anyway ty reddit#originals
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(heavy shit in tags)

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