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leftistgnf · 2 days ago
punz during ppsat is like im white girl wasted. im winning this minigame. im shotgunning hard seltzer. my stream is scuffed. im playing shivers. men are flirting with me. im the straightest person here. i’m the drunkest person here. i got second place in mcc and im being mocked. im a valorant player. im losing this minigame. 
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niunepp · 9 days ago
velvet at any given moment if he gets the chance: so how do i make this gay and about dreamnotfound
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dreamonotfound · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
George is in Florida, Punz told me himself 😌
See Brie? It’s proof 🥺
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fxllingout · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i rewatched the ppsat vod cause of how good that night was and i just think dream should join the ppcrew more often
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apollos-boyfriend · a month ago
Tumblr media
every part of this screenshot is a masterpiece
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akumadraws · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
fuck making badass dsmp drawings badass pp crew drawings my beloved
character from left to right: Foolish Gamers, Awesamdude, BoomerNA, Punz, Velvetiscake, Antfrost, Gumiho
drawing program: procreate
time: 4 hours
Click for better quality
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soft-solitude · 4 months ago
eret and foolish directly conspiring against the egg while the entire eggpire is offline for ppsat is either peak irony or the funniest fucking power move i’ve ever seen
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feralblr · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
velvet is the egg keeps getting realer and realer
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httpskarlnap · 16 days ago
〤ppsat out of context quotes and overall weird shit. pt 4 〤 (7/17/21)
welcome to your regularly scheduled weekly ppsat quotes jhagsd. as a heads up, ppsat can get a little nsfw as well, so keep that in mind!! shoutout to the five other blogs that live blog ppsat w/ me every week. y'all are elite <3
*these quotes may not be 100% verbatim, but close enough ajhsd
〤jack: "skeppy, shout real loud!" velvet: "jack, his mouth is kind of full right now...." gumi: "oh, so he is under the desk...."
〤*bad literally didn't tell skeppy that he was signed up for ppsat until like 20 minutes prior*
〤bbh:*makes a bald head pact with the ppsat crew*
〤bbh: "that's it, give me back my toaster." skeppy: "i didn't take your toaster" bbh: "then who did?" skeppy: "rat"
〤skeppy:"bad, you'll gift pummel party to me right?" bbh: "yeah, ill gift it to you." gumi: "bad's on his sugar daddy arc" jack: ",,,, we need to Stop this."
〤bbh: "you are your pets parental figure.... so you are your pets daddy." red: "and skeppy is your kitten."
〤bbh: "in the past few years has it become weird to say daddy on the internet?" sam: "can you say that again? say it again but direct it straight at me."
〤sam: "big daddy" - literally every second he gets the chance
〤"what are you doing, step-bad?"
〤bbh: "sam, that mod you sent me is working wonders!" red: "the minecraft sex mod?!?"
〤boomer: "guess what?" bbh(?): "what?" boomer: "chicken butt, you idiot!.. hA gottem."
〤ant: *inevitable meta gaming accusation"
〤bbh: "skeppy, i need you to blow." everyone: "WOAH WHAT BADDD!"
〤boomer: "what's the american theme song?" sam: "that's called the national anthem,..."
〤boomer: "im literally about to suck the hell out of red!"
〤sam: "he just sucked us for free!" boomer: ",,,well i'm not complaining,,,”
〤*jack bought food for skeppy and sent it to his house for him ashjdgjasd*
〤honourable shivers mention <3
〤red: "jack manifold?? no, ant's the only man I fold!"
〤*red singing the cursed parody of mask, word for word,,?..,,*
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homophobicpunz · 4 months ago
punz: bad its attracted to really sexy and hot people so that’s why it wants to kill you
bad: that makes a lot of sense
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simplydm · a month ago
One of my favorite parts of ppsat is when Punz is just oblivious to what’s going on. Either he’s competitively strategizing (/complaining lmao) or is eating something. The rest of ppsat could literally be screaming and Punz would be like damn this muffin is so good
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dracoria-azucar · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Fuck dude, he sure is.
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homophobicpunz · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
foolish cam my beloved
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j-arlkacobs · 24 days ago
my favourite thing in the entire world is when foolish does facecam during ppsat and everyone that’s streaming has a lil ‘foolish cam’ in the corner of their screen:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
like?? these are actual screenshots from gumi & boomer’s streams. i love them
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onceandfuturekingz · 3 months ago
Punz on ppsat be like *plays shivers* *flirts with men* *pisses* *shotguns white claw* *puts his friends cams on his stream*
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morgan1011 · 16 days ago
why were they surprised is my question
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skinnysyd · 16 days ago
this pummel party is just so chaotic - started almost two hours late, boomer and sam are in the same room, ant and velvet are in the same house, and bad and skeppy are kinda playing together because skeppys steam isnt working, and to ADD ON to the chaos im not sure who but someone started to play the mask sus version and velvet knows all the words- but honestly who is surprised
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