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starvingstraypup · 2 days ago
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angeliclain · 2 days ago
before & afters ✿
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somebody-elses-posts · 2 days ago
Stay strong: the hunger starts in your mind
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coldwater2023 · 8 hours ago
To myself and everyone else who needs to hear it-
You’re not hungry, you’re just bored. Find a distraction.
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skeletalbed · a day ago
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more thnsp (from twitter)
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lustarving · 2 days ago
tw meanspo
why are you gonna eat more? do you really wanna add more calories to your daily intake? nah, you already had enough. but if you want to get even fatter, go ahead.
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th1nsp0o · 2 days ago
ana tips:
-drink lots of water
-go on a walk
-stomach punches
-take a long shower
-read meanspo
-avoid mukbang videos
-dream about the day u reach your gw
-cry cause you are fat
-chew gum
-brush your teeth
-remeber that you are a pig
-think before u eat
-take vitamins
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g0ry-m0th · a day ago
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TW‼️ M3ANSP0‼️
Look at you. Look at your tummy, your thighs, your arms, your face. Look at your fat fucking body!! Do you see this shit?! Do you see how the fat is hanging down from you ? I mean how can you not see that xD and don't you fucking tell me you're doing something that you can get skinny. All you've lost is time NOT weight. You might have actually gained weight... I can see your last binge honey. Don't you see the picture above? Isn't that what you wanna look like? Then be strong and starve!! I don't think you're actually that strong. You would've lost weight already if you were strong. But hey, you might surprise who knows but I don't believe in you. No one would actually say that they believe in you. That would be embarrassing to believe in a pig
(not my pic! My first m34nsp0 hope you like it! )
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annath1nsp0 · a day ago
You got this! You can make it a little longer without eating, you're a very stong person for making it however long you already made it. If you're feeling like you really can't make it any longer, you should have some water. Water is good for you always! Another thing you can do is exercise. Exercise will help you get skinnier AND decreases hunger! A very useful thing. You could also read a book, maybe about something that really intrestes you like lizards or romance or whatever you like reading. I believe in you! Try to make it at least 10 more hours! It's a challenge that I believe you will beat.
🤍do not report just block please🤍
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anonymousgirl-101 · a day ago
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live laugh love
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strawberry-vodka-777 · 2 days ago
Ed bitches be like “x is our month” and than they cry themselves to sleep every night and gain/ lose the same 3kg the whole month
I’m bitches
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miserycupcake · 2 days ago
ع˖⁺ ☁⋆ ୭ 🕊.⋆。⋆༶ Food diary ♥
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Breakfast ⭑・゚゚・*:༅。.
Berry tea (0 cal.)
Lunch ⭑・゚゚・*:༅。.
4 belvita biscuits (222 cal.)
Dinner ⭑・゚゚・*:༅。.
Potato salad (4 small potatoes, 2 turkey sausages, green beans, baked beans) (267 cal.)
Total: 489 cal.
Burned: --(didn't count)
Net: 489 cal.
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pleasebangmechan · a day ago
i will be skinny by christmas
i will reach my ugw by christmas
i will get the best christmas gift: fitting into a 00 or xxs
i will be skinny for the new year and the rest of my life
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rosiecalories · 2 days ago
I know ed’s are known for making people depressed but nothing makes me more happy then seeing the number in the scale drop
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xxpromi4 · 18 hours ago
Anyone else who have lost a lot of weight but still see themselves just as «big» as they were before? Like you look at the scale and dont belive it bc to yourself you look the exact same?
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lustarving · a day ago
does someone have gc, idc if it is on whatsapp, insta or here i wanna join
i ate around 650 cals today and i feel like if i don't join to any i will kinda lose control
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ivysbones · a day ago
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just imagine looking like this <3
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