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simoncowellsjuicytit · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Fem!reader x Remus Lupin
Warnings: heavy smut, sub!reader x dom!remus, oral sex (male receiving), thigh riding, d/s dynamics, all consensual, no penetrative sex
“Hey, Remus.” You said brightly, closing the door to his dorm behind you. The boy sat working at his desk, giving you a warm smile when he looked up.
“Hi, sweetheart.” He turned back to his work. “Were you a good girl today?” You blushed at the question, and nodded, sitting down on his bed.
“Yes, I promise. I got twenty house points in Transfiguration.” He grinned, but didn’t look up from his work.
You watched him for a moment, swinging your legs, and cleared your throat. “Um.”
“Um, what?”
“D’you want to hang out? Or I can get you some chocolate from my dorm.” You offered, pressing your lips together when he still didn’t look away from the parchment in front of him.
“Thanks, sweetheart, but I’m all set.” He held up a half-eaten block of Honeydukes chocolate with his right hand, still writing with his left. “I’ll take you to watch the end of quidditch practice after I’m done with this, if you want me to.” This sounded lovely to you, but Remus only seemed to be on the first paragraph of his essay, and it might take another hour before he was done.
“Can’t we go now?” You let a slight whine slip into your voice.
“No, and you won’t make a fuss about it either. I’m busy.” He said firmly. “Don’t you have homework to do?”
“...No.” You lied, deciding that a quick subject change was best. “We could go get stuff from the kitchens.”
“Not now.”
“You could… show me some of your sketches.”
“I said, not now.”
“Um, okay, well… do you want me to suck you off?” This finally got him to look at you, amusement written across his face.
“What was that?” You faltered now that his attention was on you, flushing a deep scarlet hue that only this particular boy could bring out in you.
“I just wanted to get your attention.” You mumbled, bashful now. He cocked his head.
“Well here it is, bunny. Don’t tell me you’re suddenly too shy to follow through.” He teased, leaning back in his seat.
“M’not shy.” You said, staring at the floor. “I just didn’t expect you to actually look at me.” At the bite in your voice, Remus sighed.
“Waiting for a bit hasn’t killed you before, it wouldn’t have killed you now.” He said. “But don’t change the subject. You said something about sucking me off?” You glanced down and saw the bulge in his pants, biting the inside of your cheek.
“Mhm.” You mumbled. “I dunno.”
“I do. Come here.” He pointed at a spot between his open knees, and you reluctantly got to your feet, walking over. Once you were in the allocated space, Remus smiled, looking up at you from his seat. “Good girl.”
You twisted your fingers together, and Remus put his hands on your shoulders, slowly applying more and more pressure until you sunk to the floor. “Daddy-“
“Hush, now. You know what to do.” He interrupted. You carefully undid his button and zipper, reaching under the fabric to free his cock. You stroked it gently until it became fully hard, and his breathing had become slightly raspier.
Really, you could stop at any point and tell him that you actually didn’t want to, and Remus would be fine with that. You definitely always had a choice with him, but the firm commands he gave you, as if you weren’t allowed to deny him, only sought to increase your own arousal. Remus knew all your boundaries better than you did, and you trusted him more than anyone else.
“Hurry up, bunny.” He growled, tapping your cheek. “Haven’t got all day.”
“Sorry, Daddy.” You bowed your head meekly, then took the head of his erect cock in your mouth, softly swirling your tongue around it and tasting the beads of precum that had appeared. He groaned quietly as you coated his dick with your velvety mouth, open and warm around his length. As your lips almost reached the point where his cock met the space between his hips, you tried to breathe through your nose, but despite your efforts you still gagged slightly. It was only the feeling of his hand on the back of your head that stopped you from pulling away completely- the two of you had been working on this for a while, and you hated disappointing him.
“Such a pretty girl for me, good job.” He praised, thumb stroking your cheek and encouraging you to keep going. You retracted your head slightly, then went forward again, this time managing to avoid gagging. You repeated the movement several more times, feeling him speeding up your movements with every bob of your head. You squeaked around him as he stood up abruptly, fucking into your throat much more forcefully now.
“You’re such a good little fucktoy for Daddy, aren’t you?” You could only wail a response, feeling a burn in the back of your throat where the head of his cock hit every time he thrusted roughly into you. “My perfect little doll,” He said in a gravelly voice, hips stuttering as he neared his release. You fought the urge to sit back and grind your soaked cunt on your heels, as you might’ve done if he hadn’t stood up. Remus grabbed a fistful of your hair and with three rough thrusts, you felt his cum spilling down down the back of your throat, coating the inside of your mouth as he pulled out.
He put two fingers under your chin, holding your mouth closed. “Y’gonna swallow for me? Can you do that for Daddy?”
Nodding obediently, you swallowed his cum, licking your lips when you were done and opening your mouth to prove that you’d obeyed him. “I did it, Daddy.” You said.
He smiled. “Of course you did, my pretty baby. You did so well, didn’t you?”
You blushed bashfully, still kneeling. “I want to be good for you.” He brushed your hair back from your face, eyes soft and kind. “Uh, Daddy…?” You summoned the courage to speak.
Remus, of course, already knew what you were going to say, but he enjoyed watching you become flustered. “Yes, bunny?”
“Could I… I mean, could you-“
“Come on, use your words.”
“Sorry. Could you please make me cum, too? M’feeling really needy.” You asked shyly, eyes wide as you looked up at him. Remus smirked, cupping on of your cheeks as he used his other hand to re-buckle his belt.
“Thank you for asking so nicely. Daddy’s feeling all worn out, can you get yourself off on my thigh?” Your face fell slightly at his offer, but you wouldn’t turn down the chance to relieve the ache in your heat.
“Yeah, okay.”
He sat back at his desk, helping you to climb over to straddle one of his clothed thighs. You whined softly as it created friction on your sensitive pussy, even through your cotton underwear. Remus’ hands remained on your waist, as he watched you with a lazy smirk on his handsome features. You felt almost frustrated with his assumed indifference- as if you hadn’t done much to get him off, either. Some form of repayment felt justified, and yet here he was making you do all the work.
“Well? Are you going to get to work, or just sit there?” He asked with a lifted eyebrow. With a less-than-excited sigh, you held his shoulder and pushed forward, pressing your heat against his thigh. You whimpered softly,repeating the motion several more times until you found a steady rhythm, feeling the pressure in your lower stomach increasing. “Look at me, bunny.” He demanded, as you eyes travelled upwards.
Remus flexed his thigh muscle, pushing your hips down more firmly, and prompted a high-pitched moan from your lips. You felt a little embarrassed, with him watching you as you humped his leg so pathetically, but you didn’t dare stop. One, Remus would almost certainly be displeased , and two, your climax was getting closer by the second, and if you stopped now he might never let you have it.
The coil tightened and you held his shoulders more firmly, eyes squeezing shut and mouth falling open as your impending orgasm got closer and closer. Finally, at the last second, he grasped your waist more tightly and lifted you off his thigh, leaving your throbbing sex without release. You whined, eyes opening immediately and brows creasing in annoyance.
“Remus!” You groaned, bouncing on your tip-toes and trying to get back to his thigh.
He arched his right eyebrow. “Is that my name right now?”
“I meant Daddy. Sorry.”
“M-hm. You want to know why I didn’t let you cum all over my thigh?” At his crass language, your face heated, but you still nodded.
“Yes, Daddy.”
“I told you to look at me, didn’t I? What’s all this ‘closing your eyes’ business about?” You bit your lip.
“Sorry. Forgot.” You apologised quietly.
“Hmm. Not really good enough, bunny.” He hummed. “I’ll give you one more chance, alright? If you disobey me, you won’t be cumming at all today.”
The threat felt unfair, but when Remus was in this kind of mood it was best just to be good. “Okay. Sorry.”
He lowered you back onto his thigh, and you were back to humping it straight away, nails digging into his shirt. Small moans and whimpers escaped your lips, as your clit rubbed against the harsh fabric of his trousers and your release came closer at a much faster pace than before.
You kept your eyes on his, even when you wanted to close them, and Remus let you know that you were doing well with soft utterances of ‘good girl’ every now and then. At last, your orgasm was too close for you to doubt that he would let you cum, and it was all you could do to hold it back long enough to ask permission.
“P-please, Daddy? Ah, ah, ah!” You panted, as he bounced his leg three times.
“Cum, bunny.” He said, and with a loud, drawn-out moan you let your orgasm wash over you, legs trembling and mouth hanging open in a silent scream. Remus rubbed you against him all the way through it, only stopping when it became too much for you to handle.
“Stop-p, please, s’too much!” You wailed, head falling against his shoulder. He stopped, arms now around your quivering body in a warm embrace.
“There we go, darling, s’that better?” He rubbed your back gently. You whimpered as he pulled your right leg over his other one, relieving the pressure on your sensitive clit. “You were so good for me, asking permission before you came on Daddy’s leg. Look at that wet patch you left.”
“Sorry.” You said, embarrassed at the dark stain on his leg.
“S’not a problem, bunny. Now, how about you take a nap while Daddy finishes his work, and then I’ll help you with yours?” You nodded blearily, wrapping your legs around his waist as he carried you over to his bed, pulling the covers over you.
You mewled weakly when he stepped away, and Remus planted a kiss on your lips. “Shh, bunny, relax. I’m here if you need me.”
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heartsings77 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
1 Peter 1:3-5 NLT 3 All praise to God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is by his great mercy that we have been born again, because God raised Jesus Christ from the dead. Now we live with great expectation, 4 and we have a priceless inheritance—an inheritance that is kept in heaven for you, pure and undefiled, beyond the reach of change and decay. 5 And through your faith, God is protecting you by his power until you receive this salvation, which is ready to be revealed on the last day for all to see.
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Thinking About Steven Universe Future
I love this show so much, I just wanted to start off with that. The Steven Universe verse is a tremendous one and it's so interesting. I love the idea of the Gem species, it's such a unique idea to me.
I like how we were shown the long-term ramifications of Steven's traumatic upbringing. It's weird to think about, but Steven was 13-14 during the main series. It was so, cheerful and compassionate and helpful, which is odd to consider with regard to real life. He had a kind of childlike innocence that I have never seen in a 14 year old; hell, especially not in me.
SUF gets a lot of praise, and criticism, for its portrayal of mental illness, and both are warranted. On one hand, it is incredibly realistic for a teenager, after enduring trauma after trauma, being turned into a on-site therapist for the Gems and gems in general, being attacked, assaulted, almost murdered, kidnapped, whatever, to break down. To no longer have the ability to keep up appearances, to snap and lose control. Him murdering Jasper honestly made a lot of sense, since he has been suppressing himself this entire time and eventually just couldn't anymore.
It's realistic for a kid to be traumatized like that and show all of those signs of something being seriously wrong. Ofc, SUF isn't the first show to do this. Season 4 of the Legend of Korra also did, which is part of why I love LOK and think Season 4 is the second-best or best season, but I digress.
My only criticism is I had wished SUF was darker and longer. SUF needed to be twice as long, at the least, or possibly two seasons for the portrayal of mental illness to be the most realistic and developed. So we can see the real ramifications of Steven's trauma and mental illness. If you want any idea about how this could have played out, I recommend this fanfic.
Either way, love this show and I'm gonna write a fanfic of my own.
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The dreadfulness of hell deepens our grateful praise for the salvation we have in Jesus Christ. Hell is what we deserve. And hell is what He experienced on the cross in our place.
Tom Ascol
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ifinitesadness · a day ago
I want to be.a proper gentlemen at first take you out show you a good time, admire you before the demon comes out later in the night coming up behind you grabbing you i manhandle you untill you sumbit, watching you trying to fight back, holding your delicates wrist and pinning them down, you aren't strong enough for me sweety, forcing my cock in-between those breasts, your mouth waiting for the tip to brush your lips with every thrust you eyes go wide, my sweaty body dripping all over you, I love how squishy you are I smile at you, locking your head in place as I tell you to open your whore mouth, you tell me to make you, I fucking force your mouth open proceeding to spit down your throat, slapping you around fucking open wide, forcing your lips open just jamming my cock in, watching your squirm and struggle, the muffled gargling turns me on pushing even harder, holding your head tightly in place, take it, this what you get, the sound of you gulping and gasping , drives me crazy I'm losing it my cock expanding throbbing deep into your throat, you feel so good so warm now take my fucking cum, you good little slut take it all, you drink like your life depends on it.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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spicey-mlm · 4 months ago
TW: Cnc
Thinkin bout praise and cnc together 😳😳 like maybe you rip off my clothes and start fucking me and you put your hand over my mouth to muffle my cries as you whisper “So good for me, baby.” Into my ear. As your pace speeds up, you start muttering “Fuck, you’re so hot. So fucking hot.” And I whimper. Then you cum inside me and I sob, you say “That was so good, you’re amazing. Look at you all pretty and teary for me.” You coo and you can’t help but slide yourself back in, eager to fuck me again.
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soracities · 18 days ago
We don't know what life is, who makes it, the reality is thick / with longing. We put it up to our lips and drink.
Ilya Kaminsky, from ‘Praise’, Dancing in Odessa
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starry-o · 2 months ago
I love the idea of being so rough and mean and violent with a sub all whilst telling them the sweetest things. how they're my precious little baby, so good, taking everything I give them so well. how proud I am. their little minds will be so confused and overwhelmed. poor baby doesn't even know how to feel. only knows to lay there and take it all <3
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macrolit · a month ago
The trouble with most of us is that we would rather be ruined by praise than saved by criticism.
Norman Vincent Peale (1898-1993) American preacher, writer
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brattysapphicstuff · 4 months ago
really need someone to tease me endlessly. barely touch me for hours and make my clit throb so much the tip of their finger on it makes me scream...
i'd be completely soaked and they would just keep going so slowly and gentle, while im squirming and whining and begging for more.
stopping everyone once in a while, while i'm all tied up or being a good girl and keeping my hands above my head.
maybe they feel like leaving me there, not being able to help myself and in such a deep haze i won't even be able to tell how long it's been
after a while they can just tell me to get ready for bed and it's over for today, or start fucking me so hard and fast out of nowhere and not stop even after i cum over and over and over...
shhh it's okay baby, you can handle it
it's your decision after all... i'm all yours to ruin
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cherrymtf · 8 months ago
i want to hold a sub naked in my lap with a mirror across from us and touch them and make them touch themself, all while making sure they’re looking at their reflection and talking about how hot they are. they’ll be all flustered and embarrassed, but if they don’t praise themself they don’t get touched.
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skntoxic · 5 months ago
if you want to fuck me in the bathroom during some friends party then that’s absolutely fine with me, but just letting you know that i won’t hold myself back, i’ll be moaning and whimpering as loud as i can. i want everyone to be jealous of us and wishing they could have what we do.
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osamu-kinnie · 2 months ago
Modern AU! Prof!Diluc x Student!Reader
Tumblr media
Warning: blowjob,oral sex, cunnilingus, fingering, degradation, praise,PwP, penetration, fem reader, spanking, brat taming, breeding kink, sir kink, edging, orgasm denial, dacryphilia. Both the reader and Diluc are adults.
NSFW under cut
“Have you heard about the new prof?” “Yeah I did, I even saw him! He’s so hot” You paid no mind to the chatter about the new professor that you were hearing as you walked to class because you knew who he was anyways. “So...Sir~ why did you decide to go here?” You teasingly asked the redhead in front of you who was leaning on the desk behind him. “I already told you not to call me that,” he said looking at the ground, a faint tint of pink dusting his cheeks. “It makes me uncomfortable.” his voice barely above a whisper as he muttered the last part.
A few hours had passed, classes were over so you met with Diluc to head home together. "Now, what was that little stunt you pulled earlier?" "Nothing really, I just wanted to see you riled up earlier to see how you'd react." You replied to him with a smirk. "Well look here, miss, you better be prepared for the consequences." And with that he went inside his car to which you followed suit.
“What do you want me to call you then, sir?” His face turned even more red. He cleared his throat and calmed himself down, this is a school for Pete's sake not his house. "Well then why don't you see yourself to your seat, miss before the other students come in since it's nearly time for class." He said glaring at you bringing emphasis on the word miss, you walked to your seat while you chuckled to yourself 'He's riled up, huh. This is going to be interesting.'
As soon as you arrived at his house he had you pinned on the wall after locking the front door. "So do you want to take responsibility for the problem you caused earlier? Hm?" His hand holding your chin and pulling your face closer for a kiss. "Hnnng.. Luc.." You said in between breaths into the kiss, you leaned in closer and wrapped your arms around his neck, deepening the kiss as you did. You had one arm playing with his soft hair while the other was slowly going down his torso.
Feeling his chest as you did, while he on the other hand had one arm on the wall while the other held you by the waist. "Ha..ha…I'll take that as a yes that you're taking responsibility for this matter." "Yes sir." "Good girl." He said caressing your right cheek, you quickly got on your knees and started undoing his pants followed by his boxers, his length greeting your face. "Suck it." You wrapped your hand around his dick and started licking his tip going down to the base.
He suddenly entered your mouth while you were teasing the tip to which you almost gagged at. "Didn't I tell you to suck it?" You looked up at him and nodded, and did as he said. You slowly bobbed your head while swirling your tongue around his shaft hollowing your cheeks every now and then while humming, his head tilted back groans leaving his mouth. "That's it, good girl." He grabbed your hair and started fucking your mouth, you grab onto his thighs for support while you try your best to hold back tears and let him use your mouth for his pleasure.
"Taking me in like the cockslut you are huh? Look at you, we barely even started and you're already a mess. Are you really that needy for me? Bet you're already dripping down there. too" you moaned sending vibrations on his dick, "F-fuck." You started moving your head to meet his pace after a few more thrusts he came in your mouth. "Swallow it all, darling." You did as ordered and made sure that all his load got swallowed.
"Stand." You stood up in front of him, placing your hands behind him and moving your face closer to him, connecting your lips. His hand going to your ass to hook your leg on his hips, you now had both of your legs on him as he carried you to the kitchen, the kiss never breaking till both of you ran out of breath. He placed you on the edge of the kitchen counter and removed your shirt and bra. Then he started leaving hickeys on your neck, down to your collarbones, on your chest, going lower till he reached your crotch.
You quickly removed your pants for him, "Just as I expected you're soaked." He then took your underwear off with his teeth and started to eat you out, his tongue making circles on your clit and occasionally taking long licks from your entrance to your clit. "Haa..ahh...Di-Diluc…" your hand going back to his hair, "Keep your legs open now, darling."
You tried your best to keep your legs open. "Aaahh-! Luc!" You moaned as he entered a finger and started pumping it inside you, after a few minutes he inserted another one "I-I'm gonna cu-cum." "Don't cum till I tell you to." Diluc then removed his fingers from you which made you clench on nothing. He then put your legs on his shoulders as he aligned his length with your entrance, he grabbed your hand and put it over your stomach, "Feel this for yourself you slut."
And with that he entered you, your hand feeling him inside you, he started moving inside you and you can feel the bulge in your stomach moving. "Look at your pretty little hole taking me in after clenching on nothing like the cockslut you are. This is what you wanted right?" He said as he thrusts in you hard hitting your cervix, pace increasing. "Aaahh! Diluc! Aahh- F-fuck!" Tears started forming in your eyes, your already smeared mascara now running down your face mixed with tears. "My pretty little slut looks so good when crying." His thumb wiping your tears away.
He stopped thrusting before turning you on your stomach, hands now behind your back, "You're such a slut for me aren't you?" He said as he rammed into you, "Riling me up before class like that." He slapped your ass hard, if you weren't already a moaning and crying mess under him before now you really were. The pain from him slapping your ass and his whole length ramming into you was painful and pleasurable at the same time.
He rubbed the spot where he hit you, admiring the red handprint he left. "Don't call me sir in public again, brat." He spanked you again, "Yes sir! Aaahh-! I'm s-sorry sir! Hnng…" "Were you that needy for my cock? Huh?" He spanked you again, "Yes sir! Hnng aaah- I-I wanted your cock i-inside me so b-bad!" "Such a fucking slut for me, now cum." With a few more thrusts you came undone, "I'm going to cum inside you, and breed you like the slut you are."
He said, still ramming in you. He aligned himself with your cervix and came, he stayed like that for a while making sure that he unloads all of his seed inside you and fucking the load that spilled back inside you. Now there you were, still on the kitchen counter crying from the good fuck you just got. "Don't do that again unless if you want me to get rougher with you. Now let's get you cleaned up, darling."
A/N: Hello! Sorry if this took too long🙏 I had writers block alot while writing this and this is my first time writing a full lemon. Hope you guys still enjoy it! xox
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starry-o · 2 months ago
calling you dumb/toy/pet but it's praiseful. look at my mindless little pet! such a good toy, hm? the best in the whole wide world. not a single thought behind those pretty eyes except for thoughts about mama, isn't that right?
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