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The Rookiest Rookie that ever Rookied- Part One

This might end up being my favourite part of the Pascal Dumais Prank Series! Hope you enjoy it too!!

Characters belong to @lumosinlove 🥰

“Now, in order to truly be adopted into the Dumais pride, there are certain tasks you need to do.” Dumo clapped Cole on the shoulder, it should have been a friendly dad-pat but Cole slightly buckled with the force. He looked over at Sirius and Logan, who both had a deadpanned look on their faces. “Don’t worry, they went through it too.” Dumo chuckled. The pair nodded in agreement.

Cole sat down at the dining room table and gulped. This was the most nervous he’d been since he got that original call from Sirius. The three of them sat on the opposite side and stared at him as Dumo produced a sheet of paper.

He took a quick glance at it. Written in neat hand-writing was simply:

‘Become best friends with Adele.’

“Outlined here is your first task. Now, it may seem easy to get Adele to like you but she’s a hard nut to crack.” Sirius nodded in agreement next to Pascal. “Once you’ve won her favour, you may come back for your next task. Good luck.” Dumo smiled slyly.

“Is there a time limit? I don’t think she particularly likes me after I disagreed with her over who the better singer out is; Ariana Grande or Taylor Swift.” Cole questioned, a hint of nervousness in his voice.

The three of them laughed across the table. Pascal shook his head. “Non, but good luck digging yourself out of that hole.”

“Lord, help me.” He sighed, rubbing his hands over his face. He stared back and them and placed his hands on the table, using them to push himself up and left the room in search of the thirteen year old, slightly terrified of the fate of the conversation.

“The kids are in on this, aren’t they Papa?” Sirius questioned. Dumo turned his head to look at him and laughed.

“They sure are, mon fils, they sure are.”

Chuckles came from all three men as they stood up and left the room.

The next day, Cole found himself pacing outside of Adele’s room. Why he was so nervous that his palms were sweating, he couldn’t be sure. It felt as though he needed to impress Pascal’s daughter more than Pascal himself, and the thought terrified him. He knocked lightly on her door.

“Oui?’ Came a voice from inside.

“It’s Cole, can I come in?” He heard an ‘I guess’ in confirmation and opened the door slightly so that he could stand in the doorway.

“What do you need?” She was sat at her desk doing homework. Maybe now wasn’t the right time to interrupt her. “I’m busy.”

“Well I was just wondering-“ He caught himself, he didn’t have a plan for this. He doesn’t even know what thirteen year olds like.

“Wondering?” She prompted, clearly bored already with the intrusion.

Cole was about to answer when he glanced around her room, coming across the guitar in the corner. “You play?” He asked, eyes going wide as he motioned to the guitar.

“I try to, I’m not very good.” She shrugged, still seemingly uninterested in the conversation. She was aware of her father’s plan

“I play too, I can teach you if you’d like?” Cole seemed to brighten up as he asked.

Adele seemed taken aback. “You aren’t going to play solely Taylor Swift are you?” She questioned with a hint of disgust in her voice.

Cole opened his mouth to argue but decided against it. “No, but we can start working on the basics and I can teach you a few songs I know? They aren’t Taylor Swift, don’t worry.” He let out a nervous chuckle.

She pondered this for a moment. On one hand, she was well aware on what her father had planned. On the other hand, she was meant to be competing against one of her friends to see who could learn how to play the guitar the quickest. She was currently losing.

“Okay, but you have to promise me no Taylor Swift. She can’t sing”

It was Cole’s turn to look at her in disgust but quickly wiped the scowl off of his face. The disagreement wasn’t worth it.

“Deal. Come find me when you’re free and we’ll get started, okay?”

“Oui.” She agreed. Cole didn’t move. “Bye?” She prompted. Cole snapped out of his due and muttered a quick bye before shutting the door behind him. Adele hadn’t so much as moved a muscle to turn back around before there was another knock at her door. “Yes?” She questioned, unamused.

“Sorry-“ Cole started.

“You will be if you interrupt me one more time.” She cut in. Cole looked shaken at the thirteen year olds confidence.

“If I teach you how to play the guitar, could you maybe teach me some French?” He asked in a quiet voice. If he was going to be doing this, he may as well get something useful out of it too.

Adele smiled.


Cole cocked an eyebrow, causing Adele to roll her eyes.


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I stink up the apartment with my farts

Lmao 🤣 so every time I have to fart I do it around Rick and cropdust it back to the bedroom.

My farts have been so bad lately for no reason. I haven’t had any dairy lol 😅.

I have stockpiles of incense and I have a sage smudge. 😌 I’m happy to report that even they stand no chance against my flatulence of doom 🤭😈

Erik and I are dieing. Omg it was great. I’m still laughing.

I haven’t thought about it until now. I should post about the pranks I do. But since I’ve not been around my mom, it’s not the same because she’s usually the one who gets fucked.

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Pie Face

This made me so incredibly happy writing, I hope it makes you smile too!!

Characters belong to the wonderful @lumosinlove


“Papa, non, you have the be quiet!” Katie whispered, emphasising her point by placing for pointer finger against her lips. “Ssshhhhhh.”

Pascal chuckled at his daughter but nodded anyway. He looked over his shoulder to find Remus barely containing his own laughter, whilst attempting to hold a phone still so that he could record.

“You remember the plan, mon Princesse?” He asked his youngest. She nodded eagerly.

“We go in, you pour water on him and I pour glitter in his hair!” She whispered back, eager to get going. “And then Lolo puts whipped cream on his face and Re records! C'est un plan parfait!” At this point she was practically burning a hole in the carpet with how much she was bouncing up and down on the spot.

“Parfait, Princesse, parfait. You ready?” She nodded as he lifted her into his arms, picking up the glass of water on the side, along with the glitter to give to his daughter. Logan squirted a sizeable amount of whipped cream onto a pie base and nodded to Remus to begin to record.

They opened the door to the sitting room quietly, to reveal a sleeping Sirius, dead to the world on the couch in the middle of the Dumais’ front room. One of his arms lay on his chest next to his phone, indicating he fell asleep while he was scrolling through social media. The other fell across his eyes to block the light coming in. Light snores could be heard from the French-Canadian.

Katie could barely contain her quiet little giggles and Dumo crept closer to the sleeping captain, with Logan in tow and Remus a bit further behind, so as to catch everything.

Dumo turned to the camera, and whispered, “I thought you would have learned your lesson about sleeping in the middle of the day when you’re babysitting.” He started laughing quietly, tears in his eyes from holding it back. He placed the water down on the side and carefully extracted Sirius’ phone from his chest, mindful not to wake him.

Katie uncapped the glitter, her eyes filled with joy as her father picked up the glass of water again and poured it over Sirius’ face, Katie quickly pouring the glitter over him too.

“QUOI-“ Sirius awoke with a start, lashing and falling onto the floor. Dumo stepped back quickly, doubled over with laughter. Sirius quickly stood up, and still in his state of shock, Logan struck.

The whipped cream hit the captain with such a force, it sprayed everywhere, coating the walls, the couch, the coffee table, some reaching far enough to splatter the TV. Katie was in stitches.

Sirius was still stood, arms out as he was at a loss for words. He removed the pie from his face and rubbed the whipped cream from his eyes. Before him stood, Dumo, with Katie in his arms, both with tears streaming down their faces as they howled with laughter; Remus, who had to hold the wall for support so that he could keep the phone steady; and Logan. Well, Logan wasn’t really standing, he was crouched on the floor, his knees weak from the laughter shaking through him.

“Cap, your face-,” Logan started, unable to continue as another cackle left his body.

“Mon Dieu-,” Dumo, like Logan, couldn’t find coherent words to finish his sentence, as he placed Katie down and placed his hands on his knees as he laughed all that much harder. A hearty dad laugh that was way too obnoxious but homey at the same time.

Sirius was still stood there in shock, betrayal etched onto his face as he looked over at his boyfriend holding the phone. “These two,” he motioned towards Pascal and Logan, “I’d expect it from. But you!” He pointed his finger to the curly-haired boy, who still couldn’t seem to stand up straight off of the wall.

“Papa, it’s on.”

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Someone sent a mariachi band to troll Ted Cruz after his mini-break in Mexico - the 5 hottest takes
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Pairing: Loki Laufeyson x Reader (female) 

Genre: fluff

Warnings: none 

Summary: Who is the prank war champion, Loki Laufeyson, God of Mischief, or Y/N L/N, Goddess of Fun? 


Originally posted by mistress-gif

The Asgardian Palace was a humungous place, if you hadn’t lived there for years then you certainly could’ve gotten lost in one of its passageways. Frigga, the Queen of Asgard had insisted you had stayed in the palace and grown up with the Princes ever since you were found playing pranks on the palace staff. 

You had always been closer to Loki, the youngest son of Odin. He was quieter and more reserved and you found yourself attracted towards that, rather than his loud and raucous older brother. Loki had always been ambitious in a self-contained way, but you and his mother had always made sure that his ambition wouldn’t get the better of him. 

The golden hallways of the palace passed you by at an accelerated pace as you rain through them, skirts trailing behind you. You silently hoped that the trail of confetti that you were leaving behind would stop soon, after all, you didn’t want Loki to find you. He seemed pretty livid when he found that you’d switched his favourite set of knives with pretty gold-rimmed leaves, or when you enchanted his hairbrush to only make his hair stand straight up this morning. You didn’t see what the big deal was, the leaves were quite the gift and you didn’t lose the knives, just borrow them. 

“Y/N!” A smile broke out onto your face when you heard the exasperated voice of Loki echoing through the halls. 

When you came to a fork in the passageways, you flicked your wrist and the trail of confetti continued down the right hall while you went left. You soon found yourself in the beautiful palace gardens but you didn’t have time to stop and smell the roses. Looking around, you desperately tried to find a good hiding spot. I mean, you could always ask Heimdall to use the Bifrost but that seemed like cheating. 

You laughed to yourself as you ran through the hedges and flower bushes. You could perfectly picture the glares Loki sent those who he caught staring at his hair. 

You were too busy caught in your own thoughts that you almost ran into Frigga. 

“Y/N! What’s the rush,” her voice was as kind and understanding as always. 

She gave you a half concerned, half entertained look as you were gasping for air. “Frigga, you have to save me?” 

“Save you?”

You were still trying to catch your breath. “From Loki! He’s out to get me!” 

Her laugh was like the stars and the angels singing. “Oh, so it was you behind that.” You didn’t have to guess what she meant by that. 

“He’s crazy!” 

Her eyes twinkled as she thought for a moment. Maybe she should have been the Goddess of Mischief. 

“Hurry off to the training grounds, he usually stays away from there.” 

You barely got out a ‘thank you’ before you took off again. Your bare feet were making a little too much noise on the tiles of the palace floor for your liking but you hoped that Loki would still be halfway across the palace. 

Strange looks were thrown your way as you burst onto the training fields, but you could understand that. You probably looked like a crazy lady. 

Lady Sif was the first one to approach you. “Y/N? What are you doing here?”

“Hide me!” Her eyebrows shot up and she watched you again, catch your breath. “Loki’s not happy with me, I need to hide!” 

Her laugh was hearty but she directed you over to a shadowed corner, shaded by people nonetheless. 

You watched as Lady Sif and her sparring partner went at each other and you were mesmerised by each clang of metal against metal. You knew some self defence but you weren’t as advanced as Lady Sif, you were the Goddess of Fun, you weren’t a warrior. 

“Hello, love,” you almost screamed until a hand was clamped over your mouth. As you looked up you saw Loki’s figure towering over you. How did he find you so quickly? And then you saw your glorious gift and you had to stifle a laugh. His normally slicked-back hair was now pin-straight and sticking towards the sky. 

“Oh, hey Loki,” your voice came out smaller than you would’ve liked. 

You slowly started to inch away and then broke out into a full out sprint. “Not so fast,” before you could get anywhere productive, Loki caught your wrist and yanked you back. “I can’t believe you’ve turned my own mother against me.” 

“What can I say? Maybe she’s had enough of mischief and has an appetite for fun?” You shrugged nonchalantly. 

He scowled and shook his head, then held his hand out. Although you were perfectly aware of what he wanted, you instead decided to play dumb. You looked at his outstretched hand and then back to his face and gave it a high-five. He sighed, shook his head, and moved his hand again for emphasis. Without truly thinking of the repercussions of your actions, you quickly licked your own hand and then gave him another high-five. 

He looked positively appalled. “Oh my Odin, Y/N that was disgusting,” he quickly wiped his hand on the back of his pant-leg. “What are you, five?” 

You shrugged again, “I am the Goddess of Fun, what do you expect?” 

“Y/N where are my knives,” this time, he didn’t outstretch his hand. 

You shook your head while laughing. You stood on your toes and poked one of the strands of hair that was sticking in place. Instead of sitting down, it bounced right back, making you laugh even harder and making him scoff in annoyance. 

“Aren’t you having fun?”


Part Two coming soon!


there is beauty in everything, even darkness. -wynde

thank you for reading!

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