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The name al-Awwal indicates that Allah is eternal, that its existence has no beginning; and the name al-Akhir refers to the eternity of Allah’s self and attributions and that He is free from transience and that He is immortal. The name az-Zahir indicates that Allah’s existence is more obvious than the existence of this world and the name al-Batin indicates that we are incapable of comprehending His holy essence. Elmalili Hamdi Yazir puts this reality into words very nicely with this gnomic expression:

“He is az-Zahir, who is felt through anything and He is al-Batin, who is not known through anything.” Every being created in this universe has an “antecedent”, because every creature was created afterwards. And every being has a “consequent”, because every being is mortal. Then, when everything that happened before and that will happen afterwards are considered together, we see that this world is knitted up with the manifestations of both of those names.

The names az-Zahir and al-Batin are similar. The manifestations of those four names are explained in a perfect way in Asa-yi Musa (Moses’ Stick) from Nur Collection. It is explained that all the seeds are the mirrors of the name al-Awwal and all the fruits are the mirrors of the name al-Akhir; physical bodies of plants are the mirrors of the name az-Zahir and their inner worlds, each of which is like a factory are the mirrors of the name al-Batin. We can generalize this nice example and broaden our contemplation. Then, we will see that the manifestations of four names exist in all creation.

Every person is in the batin of the Solar System, in the zahir of the earth and is the akhir of his ancestors and the awwal of his descendants. And the universe, like us, is in the akhir or the Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) in the batin of the sky and the awwal of the hereafter.

Allah, who is alAwwal, al-Akhir, az-Zahir and al-Batin, creates so many beings in mysteries with their own mysteries and later takes them out to surface. He created all of us from an awwal called “drop of water” (i.e. sperm). It happened in our mother’s batin, i.e. womb. And He placed many organs such as the heart, livers, veins, nerves and systems in our batin, i.e. inside us. Later He took us out of that batin called the womb to the zahir called the world. Then we found ourselves in the batin of the universe.

Other perfect manifestations of those four names exist in our soul. Soul is awwal, for there was not body while it existed. It is also akhir, for it will pursue its existence after the body dies and decays. It is zahir, for its existence is more obvious than the body’s existence; each action happening in the body hints its existence. It is batin, for mind is incapable of comprehending its essence.

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Daily Tafsir of Ibn Kathir

The intimate Companions of the Idolators make Evil Actions attractive to Them Allah tells us that He is the One Who sends the idolators astray, and that this happens by His will and decree. He is the All-Wise in His actions, when He appoints for them close companions from among the devils of men and Jinn.

(who have made fair seeming to them, what was before them and what was behind them.) means, they made their deeds attractive to them in the past. As far as the future is concerned, they only see themselves as doing good, as Allah says:

(And whosoever turns away blindly from the remembrance of the Most Gracious, We appoint for him a Shaytan to be a companion for him. And verily, they hinder them from the path, but they think that they are guided aright!) (43:36-37)

(And the Word is justified against them) means, the Word of torment, just as it was justified against the nations of the past who did what they did, men and Jinn alike.

(Indeed they (all) were the losers.) means, they are all equal in terms of loss and being doomed.

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Daily Hadith

Bismillah Walhamdulillah Was Salaatu Was Salaam ‘ala Rasulillah

Narrated Ibn Abbas (Radi-Allahu 'anhu):

The Prophet (Sallallahu 'Alaihi Wa Sallam) saw a man performing Tawaf of the Kaba tied with a string or something else. So the Prophet (Sallallahu 'Alaihi Wa Sallam) cut that string.

Bukhari Vol. 2 : No. 688

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Sunan Ibn Majah, Fasting, Hadith 1697

It was narrated from Sahl bin Sa’d that the Prophet (ﷺ) said:

“The people will remain upon goodness as long as they hasten to break their fast.”

Sunan Ibn Majah, Fasting, Hadith 1697/3214

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SAHIH al-BUKHARI : Umra : Hadith 16

Narrated By `Aisha : We set out assuming the Ihram for Hajj in the months of Hajj towards the sacred precincts of Hajj. We dismounted at Sarif and the Prophet (PBUH) said to his companions, “Whoever has not got the Hadi with him and likes to make it as `Umra, he should do it, but he who has got the Hadi with him should not do it.” The Prophet (PBUH) and some of his wealthy companions had the Hadi with them, so they did not finish Ihram after performing the `Umra. The Prophet (PBUH) came to me while I was weeping. He asked me the reason for it. I replied, “I have heard of what you have said to your companions and I cannot do the `Umra.” He asked me, “What is the matter with you?” I replied, “I am not praying.” He said, “There is no harm in it as you are one of the daughters of Adam and the same is written for you as for others. So, you should perform Hajj and I hope that Allah will enable you to perform the `Umra as well.” So, I carried on till we departed from Mina and halted at Al-Mahassab. The Prophet (PBUH) called `Abdur-Rahman and said, “Go out of the sanctuary with your sister and let her assume Ihram for `Umra, and after both of you have finished the Tawaf I will be waiting for you at this place.” We came back at mid-night and the Prophet (PBUH) asked us, “Have you finished?” I replied in the affirmative. He announced the departure and the people set out for the journey and some of them had performed the Tawaf of the Ka`ba before the morning prayer, and after that the Prophet (PBUH) set out for Medina.

SAHIH al-BUKHARI : Umra : Hadith 16

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Thus says The Lord: I have spoken to you many times, O peoples of the earth. Behold, I have sent out My messengers before My face, rising up early and sending them. They have gone out in the name of The Holy One of Israel, your Redeemer, trumpeting My Word by all manner of speaking and devices. For I do not change, says The Lord.

Yet you, O vile generation, have turned to Me the back, hiding your faces, refusing to be healed! For in secret you commit adultery against The Lord, and in open you practice abomination, that you might arouse Me to anger! Indeed you profane My name, and do not cease from polluting it, a most rebellious people who tread upon My Commandments and will not be turned aside from iniquity! Behold, righteousness has fled away and holiness is forgotten, as My own people desecrate My Word for evil gain, unruly children who forsake My Law in My own name, multitudes of ill-favored sheep!… Therefore, behold the generation of My wrath, a people not desired, a whole generation of evil workers who destroy the garden and leave the land desolate! Their appetites are insatiable, their lusts unabated, a people without conscience, consumed by greed!
PEOPLES OF THE EARTH, YOU ARE NO CARETAKERS! Says The Lord. Behold, the husbandmen have all gone astray, every servant to his own way! The caretakers sleep in the dust, only dry roots remain! Therefore, I shall lay every vineyard waste and render every pleasant field useless! For there are none who cleave to Me, not one who truly knows Me, no one holds a listening ear. For who has longed to know My way, that they might walk in it? Who cries out in sincerity, saying, “Here I am, send me”? Why do My people rend their clothes while their hearts remain hard and unyielding, growing cold? My people, rend your hearts and not your garments, bare yourselves before Me and be broken! For I tell you the truth, you are fallen! From a great height you have been cast down; My spirit is far removed!
And still you stand proud, saying, “Are we not wise in our own eyes and highly exalted? Do we not stand firm upon our own false foundations, for the sake of pride and vanity? Are we not a lavishly-adorned bride, who wears the poor for ornaments and the destitute for clothes?” Therefore, because you are haughty and your works pretentious, walking always in covetousness as a pair of shoes, I tell you plainly, you are not My bride! For none seek My righteousness as it truly is, none prepare My way before Me! Says The Lord.

Behold, the peoples of the earth have become as a swarm of devouring locusts which consume every green thing, a forest of fallen trees broken and dying, a desolate valley where the rains have ceased and the grass is tread down! Yet there is no seed left in you! How then shall you arise?!
Peoples of the earth, you have destroyed yourselves, you have taken your own lives! Even now you are gasping for breath, your strength all but gone from you as your life flees away! Behold, death is at the door and is about to come in! Says The Lord. Behold, by the works of your own hands, O foolish generation, are you held captive, prisoners of sin, workers of great iniquity who embrace every perverse way!

Behold the final generation, the last of the kingdoms of men…

A most arrogant and wicked generation!
A people who exalt themselves above their Creator
And cast off My gifts, destroying that which I created for them!

This is MY earth, of which you have polluted,
MY precious lambs, which you have slaughtered!

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「Light Of The World」という曲。






今日、このmahinaの別の曲、「You are

my all in all」が流れて、もしかしてクリスチャン


Of The WorldをApple Musicで聴き直したら、





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The Treaty of Hudaybiyah: Part 3

Hazrat Umar Talks to Abu Bakr

Hazrat could not soothe his feelings in his inner world despite his talk with the Prophet.

This time, he went to Hazrat Abu Bakr and said, “O Abu Bakr! Is he not the true prophet of God?”

Hazrat Abu Bakr said, “Yes, he is the true prophet of God.”

He asked, “Are we, Muslims, on the right way and are the polytheists, our enemies, on the wrong way?”

Hazrat Abu Bakr answered, “Yes, we are on the right way and our enemies are on the wrong way.”

Thereupon, Hazrat Umar said, “Then, why do we allow our religion to be humiliated?”

Hz. Abu Bakr, who was a symbol of loyalty, said, “O Umar! He is the Messenger of God. He did not disobey God when he signed this treaty. Obey his orders.”

Hazrat Umar said, “Did he not tell us in Madinah, ‘We will go to the Kaaba and circumambulate it?’”

Hazrat Abu Bakr said, “Yes, he did.” Then he asked Hazrat Umar, “Did he say, ‘You will go to the Kaaba and circumambulate it this year?”

Hazrat Umar said, “No, he didn’t.”

Thereupon, Hazrat Abu Bakr said, “You will definitely go to the Kaaba and circumambulate it soon.”

The Confession and Regret of Hazrat Umar

Hazrat Umar later stated his mood that day and the regret he felt as follows:

“I had never suffered a misfortune like that day. I talked to the Prophet (pbuh) in a style that I had never done before. If I had found a group that had the same view as me, I would have left those who supported the peace and the treaty and would have acted together with them. Eventually, God made it better for us. The Messenger of God (pbuh) knew that it was going to turn out like that. I fasted, gave sadaqah, performed prayers and freed slaves due to the fear I felt because of the words that I uttered in the presence of the Messenger of God that day hoping that it would turn out to be good.”

Sacrificing Animals and Having Haircuts

After signing the treaty and making peace, the Messenger of God called out to the Companions, “Stand up, sacrifice your animals and have haircuts.”

However, despite the endless respect and love of the Companions toward the Prophet, nobody moved when they heard the order. The Prophet had to repeat his order for the second time: “Stand up, sacrifice your animals and then have haircuts!”

However, the Companions acted as if they had not heard the order; they did not start to sacrifice the animals and have haircuts.

The Messenger of God repeated his order for the third time: “Stand up, sacrifice your animals and then have haircuts!”

The Companions did not move.

When the Messenger of God saw that nobody from the Companions moved though he repeated his order three times, he went to Umm Salama, one of his wives and said,

“O Umm Salama! What is the matter with them? I said to them repeatedly, ‘Sacrifice your animals and have haircuts but they do not fulfill my order!”

Umm Salama, who was exceptionally intelligent and virtuous said, “O Messenger of God! Do you want to do it? Then, go out and do not say even one word to the Companions until you slaughter your animal and your barber gives you a haircut. If you slaughter your animal and have your hair cut, they will do so, too.”

Thereupon, the Prophet went out. He removed his ihram under his right armpit and put it on his left shoulder; he sacrificed his camel and called his barber, Khirash b. Umayya; Umayya cut his hair.

Thereupon, the Companions started to sacrifice their camels and have their hair cut.

Umm Salama narrates,

“They ran toward the animals to be sacrificed so fast that they nearly ran over one another.”

It cannot be said that the Companions did not fulfill the repeated order of the Messenger of God to oppose him. They probably thought the articles of the peace treaty were too harsh and expected that the treaty would be annulled by revelation; they expected that the Messenger of God would annul his order. At least, they thought they would be allowed to enter Makkah so that they would complete their umrah. They waited for it to happen. As a matter of fact, when they saw that no revelation was sent down regarding the issue, that the Messenger of God sacrificed his camel and that he had his hair cut, they started to sacrifice their camels quickly and had their hair cut so as not to oppose the Messenger of God.

We understand from this incidence that Umm Salama had exceptional intelligence and virtue. It was even said, “No woman in the history of Islam showed the sagacity and foresight that Umm Salama showed in Hudaybiyah.

The Prophet Says a Prayer

Some of the Companions were having their hair shaved and others were having their hair trimmed. The Prophet said, “May God show mercy on those who have their hair shaved.”

The Companions who had their hair trimmed hesitated for a moment when they heard this prayer. They asked the Prophet to say the same prayer for them, too. The Prophet said, “May God show mercy on those who have their hair shaved.”

The Companions said, “O Messenger of God! Pray for those who have their hair cut or trimmed, too. The Messenger of God said, “May God show mercy on those who have their hair cut or trimmed!”

The Companions asked, “O Messenger of God! Why did you ask for mercy for those who had their hair shaved but excluded those who had their hair trimmed first?”

The Messenger of God gave the following answer:

“Because those who had their hair shaved fulfilled the order fully; they did not hesitate like the others.”

After the Companions had their hair cut, a wind sent by God blew their hair toward the Kaaba. They regarded it as the acceptance of their umrah and gave the glad tidings to one another.

Leaving Hudaybiyah

After staying in Hudaybiyah for about twenty days with his Companions, the Messenger of God left Hudaybiyah in order to return to Madinah.

The Companions were very sorry because they had to return without visiting the Kaaba.

Meanwhile, when the Messenger of God was in the place called Kurau’l Ghamim, which is between Makkah and Madinah, the chapter of al-Fath, which gave the Muslims the glad tidings that they would attain great conquests: “Verily We have granted thee a manifest Victory”

God Almighty also stated in the chapter He sent down that the Messenger of God and the Muslims would soon go and visit the Kaaba, confirming the dream that the Prophet had seen:

“Truly did God fulfill the vision for His Messenger: Ye shall enter the Sacred Mosque, if God wills, with minds secure, heads, shaved, hair cut short, and without fear. For He knew what ye knew not and He granted besides this a speedy victory.”

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“The Break Of Dawn”

The Dawn Breaks

My Heart Breaks

My Friends Are Gone

For Heaven’s Sake

My Head Aches

My Soul Shakes

Where Has Hope Gone?

What Will It Take?

These Four Walls

Are Closing In

Tell Me Now

Where To Begin

Lonely Mirror

Reflecting Fear

Lonely Mirror

Just Disappear

It’s Time To Dress

Summon The Will

Yes I Will Dress

Dress For The Kill

Belief Is My Armour

I Wear It With Honour

My Faith Is My Sword

Grant Me My Reward

Dressed To Kill

The Self-Isolation Blues

And We Will

Find The Strength To Get Us Through

Yes I’m Dressed

From My Head Down To My Toes

And I Pray

For My Friends And For My Foes

Yes I Pray

For Everyone Everywhere

Mother Earth

Her Beauty Beyond Compare

The Day Begins

The Sun It Shines

There’s Hope Within

I’ve Changed My Mind

Words By Andreas Liotsakis a.k.a. Strangelove Alchemist

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WOE TO THOSE WHO HARM THE LITTLE ONES! WOE TO THOSE WHO SLAUGHTER MY GIFTS! AND WOE TO ALL WHO STAND IN AGREEMENT! Says The Lord. For they are and were created, sculpted delicately in fragile flesh, attached to The Vine before their very conception. For it is the fool who says in her heart, “There is no God,” believing she answers only to herself, as she testifies aloud, saying, “It is my body, my choice.” YOU CHOOSE DEATH! Says The Lord. For the child within you is Mine, even as you are Mine also; your body is not your own! ALL BELONG TO THE LORD, ALL ANSWER TO ME!

Therefore, thus says The Lord: The murder of the innocent leads to the death of the guilty, who carry the innocent within them; take no part in their sin. For all who do wear equally the guilt of the mother, all seek the penalty of death; from the lawmakers to the voters, to the building owner to the workers to the suppliers, and finally to the father, if he does not take a stand to protect the unborn who are without blame. Behold, they have brought the wrath of God upon their nation, upon their state and upon their cities, calamity upon calamity until I have laid them waste!

Fierce is My anger, hot is My countenance!
My little ones perish in all the earth!


Therefore have I brought forth and appointed
Many days of sorrow for THIS generation!…



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Thus says The Lord God: Behold, the field shall be left in ruins, in much disarray, unrecognizable to those who look upon it. And what of that which is left? Will not the birds of the air come and consume, and the beasts of the field devour, until nothing of the crop remains? For the time has indeed come for The Lord to stretch out His hand against the wicked, for The God of Heaven to visit the earth.
Behold, I shall visit in My wrath and come like a storm! And as a great whirlwind of fire, I shall consume all this wickedness from the face of the earth! For the nations have raged against Me, and the people refuse to give glory to My name. Yet of sin, this they uphold! Thus they shall perish with much shouting, when I cause the earth to rise up and fight against them, until deep and heavy silence covers them and their wickedness is no more before My face!
Behold, even in these lands, you call California and Nevada, shall it begin. For they have become as a great river, A RIVER OF SIN, an unending source of abominations, murder and licentiousness! Even that which Sodom and Gomorrah had done pales compared with that brought forth of them!

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