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96dunyazatde · 2 hours ago
Poetry: pray for Palestine
and amidst the fallen walls of his sister’s bedroom, sitting in the debris of his home, rubbing away adamant tears that fall with the ferocity of the fire around him, the little boy plays with his mother’s fingers. listening to her cry out his father and sister’s names. he doesn’t understand why everything is broken. why everyone is running—why everyone is yelling.his sister hasn’t come back from…
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imam-rabbani · 3 hours ago
MAKTUBAT IMAM RABBANI: First Volume, 303rd Letter
This letter, written to Muazzin Hajji Yusuf, explains the meaning in the words of the adhan:
First of all, I thank Allahu ta'ala. I pronounce my salat, salam and benedictions over His beloved Prophet. Be it known that there are seven words in the adhan. [They add up to fifteen by repetition. It is the adhan to pronounce these fifteen words and to hear them. When it is pronounced melodiously through a loud-speaker, these words cannot be heard. In this case, what we hear is a buzzing sound, repetition or something which cannot be understood. So, loud-speakers destroy the adhan, rather than being a means for pronouncing it.]
1 - ALLAHU AKBAR: Allahu ta'ala is the greatest. He needs nothing. He is too great to need the worships of His slaves. Worships give no benefit to Him. In order to settle this important meaning well in minds, the word is repeated four times. [The first and the third r's are recited with jazm or fatha in wasl.]
2 - ASH'HADU AN LA ILAHA IL-LAL-LAH: Though He does not need anyone's worship owing to His greatness, I bear witness and certainly believe that none besides Him is worthy of being worshipped. Nothing is like Him.
3 - ASH'HADU ANNA MUHAMMADAN RASULULLAH: I bear witness and believe that Hadrat Muhammad 'sallAllahu alaihi wa sallam' is the Prophet sent by Him, that he is the communicant of the way of the worships liked by Him, that only worships communicated and shown by him are suitable.
4-5 - HAYYA 'ALASSALAH, HAYYA 'ALALFALAH: These are the two words inviting the Believers to namaz, which causes happiness and salvation.
6 - ALLAHU AKBAR: No one can do the worship worthy of Him. He is so great, so far from anyone's worship being worthy of Him or suitable for Him.
7 - LA ILAHA IL-LAL-LAH: He, alone, has the right to be worshipped, to humiliate oneself before. Along with the fact that no one can do the worship worthy of Him, no one besides Him is worthy of being worshipped.
Greatness of the honor in namaz should be understood from the greatness of these words selected to inform everybody with it.
Translation of a Persian line:
"The year's prolificity is predictable by the spring."
O Our Allah! For the sake and honor of the Master and the highest of Prophets 'alaihi wa alaihimussalawatu wattaslimat', include us among those who perform namaz as you like them to and who will thus be rescued from Thine torment! Amin.
[In the section on the sura of Inshirah, the tafsir of Sawi quotes, "Allahu ta'ala said, 'I will exalt your name in the East, in the West and everywhere on the globe.' " When a distance of a longitude is traveled towards the west, the time of each namaz comes four minutes later. At the end of every 28 kilometers towards the west, the adhan of the same namaz is repeated with an interval of one minute. Thus, the adhan is called in every place of the world every moment, and Muhammad's 'alaihissalam' name is heard everywhere. It is written in the explanation of Shir'at-ul-Islam, "When somebody came to Hadrat Abdullah ibn 'Umar and said, 'I like you very much for Allah's sake,' he answered, 'And for Allah's sake I don't like you at all, because you call the adhan melodiously like singing.' "]
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marytudorbrandon · 3 hours ago
OTD 19th May 1536, Anne Boleyn, second wife of King Henry VIII was beheaded at the Tower of London after being found guilty of treason, adultery and incest. Executed by a French swordsman, her body was buried in the Chapel of St Peter ad Vincula.
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witchmd13 · 3 hours ago
To think that Jerusalem would be literally 15 minutes from my house weren’t for the Israeli occupation.
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foreverhis · 4 hours ago
Sometimes we need a place of refuge, we need a place of safety, and we need a place to rest when we feel overwhelmed by the circumstances of life, a place where the enemy of our soul can never find us. The good news is that God has the perfect hiding place for you. God himself promises to hide you! He freely offers you shelter from the storms of life any time you call upon His name. Remember, there's only one place the enemy cannot find you. There's only one place where opposition cannot steal from you. There's only one true place of safety and rest for your soul, and that is in the arms of Jesus. Know that He loves you, and He is ready to receive you when you call upon His name!
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itsallwearecalledtodo · 4 hours ago
Please pray for my friend
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kcnnarys · 4 hours ago
Happy belated birthday Queen Ashley!😊🎂So glad to hear that you are fine.
Also all the best with the new man in your life!❤
thank you sweet angel <3 omg this man we will have to see. we are both stupid dumbass idiots
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lifeofresulullah · 4 hours ago
The Life of The Prophet Muhammad(pbuh): The Conquest of Makkah and Afterwards
Ibrahim is Born
(8th year of the Migration, the month of Dhulhijjah)
Ibrahim, the son of the Prophet, was born on this date. Ibrahim, born of Mariya, was the last child of the Prophet.
Abu Rafi, husband of Salma, who was the midwife, gave the Prophet the news of Ibrahim’s birth; he was born in the house in the date grove allocated to his mother near a place called Awali in the upper part of Madinah. The Prophet became very happy when he heard the news and said to Abu Rafi,
“I have given him the name of my ancestor, Ibrahim.”
Ibrahim is Given to a Foster Mother
All of the women of Ansar who had just given birth wanted to suckle the child of the Messenger of God very much. The Messenger of God gave his son to Umm Burda Hawla bint Mundhir to suckle. The Prophet allocated a date grove to Umm Burda Hawla because she undertook the task of suckling his child. Ibrahim stayed with Umm Burda Hawla, his foster mother, until his death.
The Prophet used to visit Ibrahim, his son, very often; he used to caress him and hug him, showing his mercy.
Anas b. Malik, the servant of the Prophet narrates one of his memories about the Prophet as follows:  
“I have never seen anyone treating his family more compassionately and more mercifully than the Messenger of God (pbuh).
When Ibrahim was in Awali, Madinah, with his foster mother, the Prophet used to go and visit him and we used to go together with him.  
Ibrahim’s foster father (Abu Sayf Bara b. Aws) was an ironsmith. The Messenger of God used to enter the house when it was full of smoke, hold his son, kiss him and return.
Once, the Messenger of God set off to visit him. I was following him. When we arrived there, Abu Sayf was blowing his bellows. The house was full of smoke. I ran to the house before the Prophet and said to Abu Sayf, ‘Stop your bellows! The Messenger of God (pbuh) arrived.’ Then, he stopped his bellows.
The Messenger of God held the child and hugged him. He also uttered some words and talked to the child.”
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katavicbun · 4 hours ago
It took a year working as a receptionist, but I finally heard it:
“Can I speak to your manager?”
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sunanibnmajah · 4 hours ago
Sunan Ibn Majah, The Chapters on Divorce, Hadith 2040
It was narrated from Abu Hurairah that:
the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said: "Allah has forgiven my nation for what they think of to themselves, so long as they do not act upon it or speak of it."
Sunan Ibn Majah, The Chapters on Divorce, Hadith 2040/2089
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imamgazzali · 4 hours ago
Know, dear readers, that the meaning of poverty is not to possess what is necessary to remove wants. Not to have a thing what is not necessary is not poverty. If you have what is necessary and if you have got control over it you are not a poor man. In this sense, everybody is poor except God, as He is everliving. So God alone is above wants and everybody is dependent on Him. 
God says: God is above wants and you are poor-47:38. 
This is the widest meaning of poverty. We do not mean that in this chapter. What we mean here by poverty is want of riches. The necessity of man is unlimited. He who has got no riches is poor.
(1) The poverty of one who renounced the world. This condition is highest because he does not want riches though they come to him. He flees away from riches being displeased and takes care of their injuries and harms. This is renunciation. These are the people who have renounced the world. 
(2) The poverty of one who does not hate wealth but likes more to be above wants than to live in wants. If wealth comes to him without efforts, he does not refuse. He is a contented poor man. 
(3) He loves wealth but he does not make serious efforts for it. He is called a poor man with love of wealth. 
(4) He is a greedy poor man who has got desire to earn wealth and finds out various means to earn it. 
(5) The poor man who has got want of necessities and has got no wealth. 
The condition of another poor man is highest. It is all one to him whether he has got wealth or no wealth. If wealth comes to him, he is not pleased, and if it does not come, he is not displeased. He is not pleased to see that wealth should last with him, nor does he. want that it should go. He does not feel want out of riches and does not also consider himself rich in case of having riches. He has got self satisfaction, but he is not a rich man. God adorned his heart with the attribute of self satisfaction. He is not a slave of riches. The world renunciation is a basis of all his good works and is highest in his case. Ordinary world renunciation is harmful in this case, as the Virtues of the virtuous men are the evil deeds of those who are close to God. Any engagement with anything except God is an impediment to meeting with God. Hating the world is an act of engagement. So he who hates the world can be said to remain engaged in an action of the world. Your engagement with your self and your passion mean that you are busy without God. This is just like the lover and the beloved. He who looks to another in presence of his beloved sets up partnership in love. Similarly he who hates another leaving his act of love lessens his love.
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xetou · 5 hours ago
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Your wife don’t gotta know 🙄
you're right 🤭🤭 I'm so silly 🤣🙄🙄🙄
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riyad-as-salihin · 5 hours ago
Riyad as-Salihin, The Book of Visiting the Sick, Book 6, Hadith 59
Chapter: Superiority of one who is Bereaved of his Infants
Anas (May Allah be pleased with him) reported:
The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said, "Any Muslim who loses three children before they reach the age of maturity, will be granted Jannah by Allah, the Exalted, out of His Mercy for them."
[Al-Bukhari and Muslim].
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muslim-mc-on-crack · 5 hours ago
I studied a lot today and I finally begin to write the requests I have been procrastinate, I deserve some good sleep
Good night besties, wish you to dream about your fav characters, take care😚
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