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If whatever happens tomorrow is not what the Buddie stans wanted, or the exspectations we had aren’t fulfilled, DON’T GO ATTACKING THE ACTORS!!!! Oliver, Ryan, Jennifer, and any of the other cast had no say in what happens. Jennifer was only saying what she would LIKE to happen, not that she said it was going to happen. Even though the writers are the ones that tell the story, that also doesn’t give you the right to attack them. Yes, it’s okay to not be happy with the outcome, but tagging them as you write about how terrible they are is NEVER okay! Let the community here you, and if the writers, directors or whoever’s what to scroll through Twitter or Tumblr, than that’s on their own time! Also with whatever outcome happens tomorrow does not mean that Buddie WON’T happen. This is a slowburn, A very slow slowburn, and I’d rather they take their time to write a compelling relationship than to throw in some last minute crap and completely throw away what Buddie had. Also don’t go thinking their queerbaiting because Buddie didn’t canon or they didn’t have so underlying hint. We still have so many more seasons to go, and if by the end of this it’s still not where we feel like it needs to be, then we can shout queerbait.

In my opinion, I don’t feel like anything superior is going to happen tomorrow. We’ll still get our subtle Eddie and Buck moments, but it won’t be anything more than our regular hype up. But Abby being back, this is going to let the past be the past and for Buck to move on. If anything, I think that part alone will set Buck up to find someone next season. ( prayer circle that it’s Eddie).

But if we do get some type of Buddie hint then YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!

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I just got a call from my boss. I’ll be going back to work in a week, and on another shift.

I wonder if The Cryptid and I will be on the same shift again 🥺👉🏻👈🏻


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21 Days Of Prayer- Day 7

Scripture Meditation- Psalms 126

This talks about how God restores broken things to His people. He brings comfort and joy to those who suffer and mourn.

Prayer Application- Wisdom Reception

Asked for wisdom and guidance from the Holy Spirit. Invited God to lead me and help me do good with my actions and thoughts.

Extra Additions- Prayed for the whole quarantine and caronavirus thing to end soon and to help us all get through the troubles these times are bringing. I prayed for my family not to go crazy and get along since a lot of my members of it are having a harder time handling this pandemic than me. I continued to pray for my career path and for help finding something related to writing that I could make a living off of. I also continued to pray for me to know when and how to date when the time comes as I am.


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PTSD storyline for Callum.

PTSD storyline for Callum.

PTSD storyline for Callum.

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Kelley seems to get on pretty well with most of the roster but I reckon we’re more likely to see her hang out with Sonnett and the kids vs the gayng with Allie and Alex not there. She already hangs out with Sonnett a lot when A&A are there so it seems most likely.

From what I can tell the prayer circle has included Crystal, Tobin, Kelley, Mal, Alyssa, Allie, Sonnett, Jess, Mal, Moe and JJ

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