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#pre serum steve
the-wakandan-bucky5 hours ago
I just realized that that scene in CA:TFA where Bucky and Steve say goodbye at the Stark Expo is the last time Bucky sees his best friend when he was still little. That goodbye hug they share? That鈥檚 the last time Bucky ever gets to hug Smol!Steve. 馃ズ
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gabydiazortiz14 hours ago
Not really art related (maybe) but I need you all to know that I love pre serum Steve Rogers a lot and I will not be silenced once those what if episodes come out
Tumblr media
Look at my handsome boy
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classyearthquakementality18 hours ago
okay hear me out, unless you're under the age of 18
so we all know that the serum enhanced their bodies right? specifically Steve. sooo head canon time.
Bucky had like a average size dick. like it was a bit wider, then the average but length was normal.
Steve for some fuckign reason had a really long one. like thin, but really long.
Enter serum.
Bucky grew. like a lot more inches.
meanwhile Steve, steves dick got wider. So serum Steve has now not only a long dick but also a thick one.
Stucky content!!!!
so the first time they fuck again, both of them just need a second, because holy fuck their partner grew. they're like enormous. And yes Steve bottoms. so for a second he like has to brace himself before bucky fully gets inside him.
end of my Ted talk thank you for listening.
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stuckyfilesarchive2 days ago
bucky barnes鈥 walk through hell - series
by: n/a (orphan acc)
summary: Bucky Barnes was just barely eighteen years-old when his father passed away. His father leaves him his 1965 Jaguar S-Type, his 1954 Rolex Submariner, and the family business.
At thirty-eight, he's the head of The Commandos; the largest, most powerful, crime syndicate in New York.
After he meets new graduate and rising artist Steve Rogers, Bucky decides that he'll never want for anything else.
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estelior2 days ago
Tumblr media
Another one art with pre-serum!Steve and WhiteWolf!Bucky. And yes, Steve is not really skinny here...I don鈥檛 know how it happend :-D
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anitalianfrie2 days ago
Tumblr media
I recently found myself obsessed with stucky and I decided to try a new style and that鈥檚 what came out (somehow)
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anarcoqueer19943 days ago
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe Rating: Not Rated Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: James 鈥淏ucky鈥 Barnes/Steve Rogers Characters: Steve Rogers, James 鈥淏ucky鈥 Barnes, Original Characters Additional Tags: Pre-Serum Steve Rogers, Pre-War, bucky loves steve, steve loves bucky, Internalized Homophobia, External Homophobia, time accurate homophobia, Angst and Fluff, Stucky - Freeform Summary:
Bucky is having a rough day when one of the men at work asks a question that is too close to home. Of course he lies through his teeth.
Bill shakes his head and lets out a sigh. 鈥淚t鈥檚 just some of the guys鈥︹
鈥淪ome of the guys, what?鈥 Bucky urges.
鈥淪ome of the guys say you鈥檙e a little funny, you know.鈥 Many of the guys on the crew have grown up in the same neighborhood as Steve and Bucky and as such have known them, or at least seen them for a long time.
Bucky feels a sudden weight on his chest but does not let it show. 鈥淔unny how, Bill?鈥 though he is terrified that he know what he means.
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my-bread3 days ago
Steve Rodgers after getting the super soldier serum: my lungs are finally strong enough to smoke cigarettes >:)
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stargazingfangirl183 days ago
Okay so thoughts on dark! Pre serum steve?! 馃槒
Is it weird that I (of all hoes, I know!) struggle with making pre-serum Steeb dark?! 馃ズ
It鈥檚 because my headcanon for dark!Steve is that it鈥檚 either a result of 1) him being in the game for so long and he鈥檚 jaded AF and sick of just self-sacrificing and doing what鈥檚 right so he decides to take what he wants or 2) he鈥檚 brainwashed by Hydra and turned into Captain Hydra.
But pre-serum Steeb? Our sweet baby? He was so good and pure and optimistic. 馃ズ馃槶
However I have seen a few dark fics for him that tend to center around obsession and/or being spurned by women one too many times, and I can totally go with that.
(But also not because fuck those women, pre-serum Steeb is gorgeous 馃槏)
Tumblr media
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justan-0-t-h-3-r3 days ago
So...I鈥檓 super missing Stucky so if anyone else is in the same boat and wants to rp, hit me up!
Or any others that come to mind I鈥檓 down as well.
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One other thing that鈥檚 really problematic about Steve鈥檚 ending in Avwngers: Endgame, I think, is what it says about dealing with trauma.
I鈥檒l explain. So, along with Bucky clearly being main part of Steve鈥檚 storyline, I also feel like the main theme in Steve鈥檚 story is dealing with and overcoming trauma. The trauma of loss, PTSD, and of having to find his place in the world after coming out of the ice.聽
A few examples of that being made more or less explicit are these:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Here we see Steve struggling to find himself and find people who get what he鈥檚 been through.
In the conversation between Steve and Sam at the VA, Sam is showing Steve that he鈥檚 not alone, that there are people who聽relate. Now, obviously noone else has had the experience of being frozen for 70 years only to wake up in a different time. But at the core, Steve鈥檚 trauma consists of human experiences that are not at all uncommon: Loss, guilt, and trouble finding oneself after coming back from a traumatic experience.聽
Sam does this the first time they meet as well, when he asks Steve if聽鈥渋t鈥檚 his bed that鈥檚 too soft鈥, showing him that he relates to what he鈥檚 going though, and making him aware that what he is experiencing is not an uncommon thing to struggle with as a war veteran.
At the VA, he tells him about loosing his聽鈥渨ingman鈥 and not being able to save him, which almost relates 1:1 to the story of Steve losing Bucky in CA: TFA.
Important note: This not only makes Steve realize that there are people that relate to his trauma, it also Steve鈥檚 trauma relatable to the viewers- Which in my opinion,gives the creators a responsibility to treat that part of his storyline properly and delicately聽- which I actually think that they do to some degree, up until Endgame.
Tumblr media
When Steve visits Peggy, she encourages him to start over, and move forward. What I think she is saying here isn鈥檚 that we shouldn鈥檛 grieve, but rather that in dealing with trauma, we have to accept that聽we can鈥檛 go back.聽The trauma won鈥檛 magically go away, because it has happened. And trying our best to move forward is the best that we can do.
The way I read it,聽 what she is also doing, is that she鈥檚 saying goodbye, and telling him not to linger, but to move on, and live, ensuring him that she has already done so.
This again at it鈥檚 core, is something a lot of us can relate to - grieving for a lost love. And Peggy says it beautifully -聽鈥渢he best we can do is start over鈥 - it won鈥檛 make you happy, expecting that in a couple of years you鈥檒l find some stone that鈥檒l magically take you back in time to that first love that you thought was going to last forever... oh...
Okay, moving on:
So the thing is, that I think Steve does move on, to some extend. In the CA: TWS we see Steve establishing relationships based on deeper connections and shared experiences with both Natasha
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
As well as with Sam (see/read above)聽猬
Another important example is when Steve and Sam first meet and Sam asks how it is for Steve to have woken up in the future.
Tumblr media
In his answer, Steve is focusing on the positive sides to being in the future, which can be read as Steve healthily dealing with his situation, but it also depicts the nuances of trauma.
What I mean by that, relates back to what Peggy was saying:聽鈥淲e can鈥檛 go back鈥. Our trauma won鈥檛 magically dissappear, and then everything is all good. In order to move on, we have to accept that we will be carrying some of that baggage with us.聽
But that doesn鈥檛 mean that we can鈥檛 move on, that it will always be all bad. In this clip, Steve we鈥檙e right at the start of CA: TWS, and this is Steve鈥檚 first time meeting Sam, before knowing that Bucky is alive, and before having made any friends in the future. And what he鈥檚 saying is聽鈥淵eah, I miss my old life, I鈥檝e been through something traumatic, but nothing is black and white, and I can appreciate the things that I have now鈥.
In CA: CW and the later Avengers movies, Steve鈥檚 continues developing new friendships, establishes somewhat of a life, and makes meaningful decisions for himself, based on his own ideals. He gets to grieve for Peggy, and even tries dating. (The whole Steve/Shannon debacle and the way she was treated, is a discussion for a whoole聽鈥榥other day btw).
The fact that Steve gets to have Bucky back is of course already streching it in terms of realistic reprensentation of trauma. But I think that can be allowed, given that avenging Bucky and finding a tie between his old self, somebody who knew him all along, and now, makes up a complete storyline, that, aside from working really well, also tells a beautiful story about friendship.
(I mean the whole聽鈥渙ne soulmate presumably dies, the other wakes up 70 years later, alone and feeling guilty, and it turns out his soulmate is actually alive, having been made a dangerous asset controlled by the enemy?? *cheff kiss* who comes up with that shit - okay, I might be little bit biased in this) :):):)
- Back to the point!
So, to sum up:聽
Steve starts off feeling completely alone because of the unique nature of of his trauma, and realizes that at the core of it, there are people who can actually relate to what he is going through聽(the grief of a lost love, the loss of a friend and the guilt of not being able to save them, struggling with finding yourself as well as your place in the world, in the aftermath of a traumatic experience).
He moves on and begins letting people in, letting himself grieve and establishes new ties that bind him to his surroundings, when he finds out that there is no going back, only forward, and he is in fact not alone with his experience og trauma.
Now, Idk about those of you guys that have had to go through either one of the above or other types of trauma, but to me, this process doesn鈥檛 sound unfamiliar.聽
I think that a lot of the reason why so many of us fell in love with Cap鈥檚 story, with the relationship between Steve and Bucky, Sam and Natasha, and the reason why these relationships are so inspired and well-written and exciting to examine in fandom content, is because this is a beautiful story about overcoming trauma in a nuanced and realistic way, of finding out that you鈥檙e not alone, and of using that knowledge to move forward.聽
When Steve finally gets Bucky back, everything isn鈥檛 back to normal or okay. They both have still lost, both others and parts of themselves, and they still have to process a lot of trauma, and find their place in a new time.聽
But that鈥檚 okay, because overcoming trauma is possible, even if it doesn鈥檛 magically go away. And it will be okay, because they have someone by their side who can get what they鈥檙e going through.聽
And I think a lot of us relate to that. And I also think that that鈥檚 a really important representation of trauma and of friendship and love (be it platonic or otherwise) between men, within a far-reaching franchise such as the MCU.
But oh no, MCU just had to get in a frantic Gay Panic over the fact that people fell for these beautiful dynamics and were inspired to create stories and art examining that, to more explicitely fit the reprensentation that they need, that they threw all of out the window, just to go out of their way in both Infinity War and Endgame, to ensure that there could be interpreted exactly zero Gayness between Steve and Bucky, and not even the smallest possibility of Steve not being 100% straight would be left open,
Leading to an ending that is the exact opposite of a healthy narrative when it comes to dealing with trauma:
- Little guy gets the buff body and the Girl, and then all the bad was gone and everything was perfect -聽
While completely ignoring the fact that he鈥檚 leaving his life and his friends behind, to go to a place where he knows nobody and his best friend is actively being tortured, and Steve will have to not be noticed in the past, probably leading to a very isolated life.
And thus, MCU managed to fuck up when it comes to appreciating their LGBTQ+ audience, representing healthy depictions of coping with trauma, as well as male friendship and non-toxic masculinity.
Only for this short clip, that would leave us all very dissapointed and confused:
Tumblr media
Way to go.聽
Thanks for reading, if you made it this far:)
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brattycherubwrites4 days ago
Tumblr media
鉀咃笍馃尫 饾挃饾拰饾拪饾拸饾拸饾挌!饾挃饾挄饾拞饾挆饾拞 饾挀饾拹饾拡饾拞饾挀饾挃 饾拸饾拹饾拸饾拸饾拪饾拞! 馃Ш馃尡
hello everyone! 馃寛馃馃崉 it鈥檚 come to my attention that i鈥檇 really want to interact with another nonnie romantically besides my daddy bear and (somewhat) mister rogers nonnie so i鈥檓 creating this post to get the word out! 馃尰馃尯
馃拰 饾拠饾拹饾挀 饾挊饾拤饾拹? 馃拰
hello hello! 馃Ц my name is rosie as most of you guys know and i love to garden, bake sweets, cook from my families recipe book and write poetry! 馃Ц i鈥檓 in the ddlg community but that doesn鈥檛 really apply to this form but I want to state that i鈥檓 a little! 馃Ц I consider myself a very soft person and very giving and I know that with your consideration we can make an amazing pair! 馃尭馃尭馃尭
馃寛 饾拸饾拹饾拸饾拸饾拪饾拞 饾拪鈥欚潚 饾拲饾拹饾拹饾拰饾拪饾拸饾拡 饾拠饾拹饾挀 馃寛
i鈥檓 looking for a skinny!steve rogers nonnie or better known as pre-serum!steve rogers 鈽侊笍 steve rogers has always been a comfort character for me and i have a huge soft spot for pre-serum steven 鈽侊笍 even though he鈥檚 small and unhealthy, his determination, kindness and ability to stand up to anyone makes him the strongest and bravest person in the universe 鈽侊笍 to this day I admire that so so very much and that鈥檚 why i鈥檓 asking for a skinny!steebie nonnie! 馃尫馃尫馃尫
馃崱 饾拸饾拹饾拸饾拸饾拪饾拞 饾挀饾拞饾拻饾挅饾拪饾挀饾拞饾拵饾拞饾拸饾挄饾挃 & 饾挄饾拏饾挃饾拰饾挃 馃崱
i鈥檇 really like the nonnieship to be romantic and somewhat sfw but we can always talk more about it if you鈥檙e applying! 馃 we can communicate through my asks if you want to go on anon or you can create an account -not really necessary- so we can communicate through my messages! 馃 i鈥檇 like if you鈥檇 check in daily because I sometimes get worried but the frequency of our interactions can be negotiated! 馃 lastly but not least important, the person playing the skinny!steve nonnie must be 18+ and not take advantage of my kindness please and thank you 馃嵀馃嵀馃嵀
馃尭 饾挊饾拤饾拏饾挄 饾挊饾拞鈥欚潚嶐潚 饾拝饾拹 饾拪饾拠 饾挌饾拹饾挅鈥欚潚擆潚 饾拵饾挌 饾拸饾拹饾拸饾拸饾拪饾拞! 馃尭
gardening! || I have a very large garden that me and my daddy bear (my daddy!ari nonnie) are working on and if you鈥檇 like to be my nonnie we can work on it together! 馃尶 I can give you flower and herb lessons and we can just have fun as we plant our vegetables, fruits and flowers! 馃寛馃尫馃
picnic dates! || I love picnics and with the weather getting warmer as summer begins to present her lovely self we can stroll through the meadows or flower fields 馃尭馃尲馃尯 have a nice lunch on a gingham blanket overlooking a serene lake scape and enjoy the sunshine 鉀咃笍馃崜馃Ш
baking! || making sweets is one of my favorite hobbies and if you鈥檙e my nonnie well bake loads of sweets and accompany them with tea as we enjoy them both on our garden terrace 馃嵃馃崻馃 also I like making baked desserts for people and stuffing your face in cakes and brownies would be fun for the both of us! 馃尫馃嵀馃挮
much more! || i鈥檓 a very outdoorsy person and that might be the opposite of steve but i鈥檇 love to take you out on carnivals, art exhibits, museums and the beach! 馃悮馃帯馃Ц
馃獎 饾挊饾拤饾拞饾挀饾拞 饾挄饾拹 饾拏饾拺饾拺饾拲饾挌 馃獎
just send me an ask or message! 馃尲 we can discuss the role in details further and I can answer any questions or concerns that you have 馃尲 ideally I want someone who can give as much as I can give because it鈥檚 very exhausting giving your all when you don鈥檛 receive the same energy 馃尲 let鈥檚 get to know each other and we can be the bestest duo out there! 馃尀馃尀馃尀
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anarcoqueer19945 days ago
As I do research, i.e. read Stucky pre-wwii fics, I realize there is a direct correlation between how sick and skinny Steve is described as and how muscular and bulky Bucky is described as. There is a positive correlation indicating that the sicker Steve is, the bigger Bucky is. And I have to say I kind of love that but at a certain point when Steve is practically described as on death's door, Bucky mine as well be built like the Hulk.
Attached is a handy graph of my research drawn with some Mr. Sketch pens.
Tumblr media
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gfbucky6 days ago
Mmm I just studied for four hours (and still have more to do tomorrow) but for now, I'm just gonna find a good stucky fic to read 馃槍
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movietimegirl6 days ago
Imagine Steve getting hit with the Time Stone, and he transforms back to his pre-serum self.
Tumblr media
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stuckyfilesarchive7 days ago
safe beneath the snow - work
by: polyamorous-polytheist
summary: James Buchanan Barnes fell to his death in 1945. Allegedly. HYDRA had planned for this fall. Agents were stationed below to find and capture him after his fall. Someone else got to him first. Said someone was an ancient and forgotten deity of considerable power. She took pity on Bucky and put him into a kind of frozen stasis before burying him in snow.
Seventy years later, Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanov, and Sam Wilson enter her valley. She decides that Bucky has been asleep for long enough.
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poly-space-nerds8 days ago
i鈥檓 only excited for one thing coming out on disney+ and that鈥檚 What If...? because 1. buff peggy carter kicking ass and 2. buff peggy falling for small stick steve rogers
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r3volutionary-queen8 days ago
It鈥檚 the cutest name!!!! And so accurate!!! After the serum, he was obviously Captain Steven Grant Rogers, serious military nazi-killer, star-spangled man with a plan鈩笍
But pre-serum he was just
A smol steeb 馃槶
... do... do you think he ever gets overwhelmed and misses being smol steeb when Bucky could protect him 馃ズ
Ohhh, see I think teenytiny steeb was still all of what you described bigger Steve as... just packed into an itty bitty living space 馃槀 He was a little ball of 鈥渇uck around and find out鈥.
Just smoller 馃ズ
But this question!! The Steve I write for Ignition, even as a little guy he wanted to be the big spoon type. He鈥檇 try his hardest to be the big spoon and wrap Bucky up as best as he could, to protect him. However... after the war calms down, I actually have this whole scene in my head that I hope to be able to write in later chapters. Steve is pretty worn down and feeling like he used to, physically at least, as smol Steeb. He asks to be the little spoon and everything and and and 馃ズ I hope I can find a way to get it in a future chapter because my heart鈥
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Do you guys also just keep marking great fics for later but only reading tumblr recs and scrolling through new Ao3 searches that you find yourself in the mood for?
And also like, it鈥檚 so arbitrary what my brain chooses to do with fics I want to save for later.
I鈥檒l be like
鈥渙ohh this looks good, let me just mark that for later鈥 and then 鈥渙oh this looks good too, I just marked 5 fics for later though, so I think I鈥檓 just gonna bookmark this one..鈥 鈥渙h! This author has several works I鈥檇 like to read at some point, so imma just subscribe to that author, and I鈥檒l definitely remember to check them out later.鈥 (*doesn鈥檛 remember to check them out later*).
鈥淥h, a series! The author鈥檚 still adding works to it though, so imma go ahead and subscribe to that as well, along with a few WIP鈥檚鈥 (*doesn鈥檛 ever check fandom email*).
鈥淎nother series! Will I bookmark this one or choose one work from it and mark that for later? Who knows!鈥
And sometimes even 鈥淭his tumblr rec looks interesting, but I wanna get to the bottom of my dash, so I鈥檒l just like it and come back to it鈥 (*doesn鈥檛 come back to it, because my likes list it also full of long debates, relatable posts, fanart i liked, and funny cat videos*)
Me to my brain: c鈥檓on, can we not even be constructive for one minute?! You are literally procrastinating your procrastination activities and making de-stressing time stressing??!!!
My brain: 炉\_(銉)_/炉
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