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#pre serum stucky
okay hear me out, unless you're under the age of 18
so we all know that the serum enhanced their bodies right? specifically Steve. sooo head canon time.
Bucky had like a average size dick. like it was a bit wider, then the average but length was normal.
Steve for some fuckign reason had a really long one. like thin, but really long.
Enter serum.
Bucky grew. like a lot more inches.
meanwhile Steve, steves dick got wider. So serum Steve has now not only a long dick but also a thick one.
Stucky content!!!!
so the first time they fuck again, both of them just need a second, because holy fuck their partner grew. they're like enormous. And yes Steve bottoms. so for a second he like has to brace himself before bucky fully gets inside him.
end of my Ted talk thank you for listening.
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stuckyfilesarchive · a day ago
bucky barnes’ walk through hell - series
by: n/a (orphan acc)
summary: Bucky Barnes was just barely eighteen years-old when his father passed away. His father leaves him his 1965 Jaguar S-Type, his 1954 Rolex Submariner, and the family business.
At thirty-eight, he's the head of The Commandos; the largest, most powerful, crime syndicate in New York.
After he meets new graduate and rising artist Steve Rogers, Bucky decides that he'll never want for anything else.
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estelior · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Another one art with pre-serum!Steve and WhiteWolf!Bucky. And yes, Steve is not really skinny here...I don’t know how it happend :-D
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anitalianfrie · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
I recently found myself obsessed with stucky and I decided to try a new style and that’s what came out (somehow)
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anarcoqueer1994 · 2 days ago
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe Rating: Not Rated Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: James “Bucky” Barnes/Steve Rogers Characters: Steve Rogers, James “Bucky” Barnes, Original Characters Additional Tags: Pre-Serum Steve Rogers, Pre-War, bucky loves steve, steve loves bucky, Internalized Homophobia, External Homophobia, time accurate homophobia, Angst and Fluff, Stucky - Freeform Summary:
Bucky is having a rough day when one of the men at work asks a question that is too close to home. Of course he lies through his teeth.
Bill shakes his head and lets out a sigh. “It’s just some of the guys…”
“Some of the guys, what?” Bucky urges.
“Some of the guys say you’re a little funny, you know.” Many of the guys on the crew have grown up in the same neighborhood as Steve and Bucky and as such have known them, or at least seen them for a long time.
Bucky feels a sudden weight on his chest but does not let it show. “Funny how, Bill?” though he is terrified that he know what he means.
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justan-0-t-h-3-r · 3 days ago
So...I’m super missing Stucky so if anyone else is in the same boat and wants to rp, hit me up!
Or any others that come to mind I’m down as well.
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anarcoqueer1994 · 5 days ago
As I do research, i.e. read Stucky pre-wwii fics, I realize there is a direct correlation between how sick and skinny Steve is described as and how muscular and bulky Bucky is described as. There is a positive correlation indicating that the sicker Steve is, the bigger Bucky is. And I have to say I kind of love that but at a certain point when Steve is practically described as on death's door, Bucky mine as well be built like the Hulk.
Attached is a handy graph of my research drawn with some Mr. Sketch pens.
Tumblr media
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stuckyfilesarchive · 7 days ago
safe beneath the snow - work
by: polyamorous-polytheist
summary: James Buchanan Barnes fell to his death in 1945. Allegedly. HYDRA had planned for this fall. Agents were stationed below to find and capture him after his fall. Someone else got to him first. Said someone was an ancient and forgotten deity of considerable power. She took pity on Bucky and put him into a kind of frozen stasis before burying him in snow.
Seventy years later, Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanov, and Sam Wilson enter her valley. She decides that Bucky has been asleep for long enough.
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Do you guys also just keep marking great fics for later but only reading tumblr recs and scrolling through new Ao3 searches that you find yourself in the mood for?
And also like, it’s so arbitrary what my brain chooses to do with fics I want to save for later.
I’ll be like
“oohh this looks good, let me just mark that for later” and then “ooh this looks good too, I just marked 5 fics for later though, so I think I’m just gonna bookmark this one..” “oh! This author has several works I’d like to read at some point, so imma just subscribe to that author, and I’ll definitely remember to check them out later.” (*doesn’t remember to check them out later*).
“Oh, a series! The author’s still adding works to it though, so imma go ahead and subscribe to that as well, along with a few WIP’s” (*doesn’t ever check fandom email*).
“Another series! Will I bookmark this one or choose one work from it and mark that for later? Who knows!”
And sometimes even “This tumblr rec looks interesting, but I wanna get to the bottom of my dash, so I’ll just like it and come back to it” (*doesn’t come back to it, because my likes list it also full of long debates, relatable posts, fanart i liked, and funny cat videos*)
Me to my brain: c’mon, can we not even be constructive for one minute?! You are literally procrastinating your procrastination activities and making de-stressing time stressing??!!!
My brain: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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faunary · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
I will never leave him. It will be this, always, for as long as he will let me.
If I had had words to speak such a thing, I would have. But there were none that seemed big enough for it, to hold that swelling truth.
As if he had heard me, he reached for my hand. I did not need to look; his fingers were etched into my memory, slender and petal-veined, strong and quick and never wrong.
print commissions
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anarcoqueer1994 · 12 days ago
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe Rating: Explicit Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings Relationships: James "Bucky" Barnes/Steve Rogers Characters: Steve Rogers, James "Bucky" Barnes Additional Tags: Pre-Serum Steve Rogers, pre-WWII, Bucky Barnes is a good guys, Steve Rogers is a Good Guy, Idiots in Love, Masturbation, Love Confessions, Smut, Fluff, Angst, Internalized Homophobia, 1940s Summary:
Steve loves Bucky. Bucky loves Steve. Neither of them are willing to say anything until a fateful day where Steve walks in on Bucky pleasuring himself.
Not all smut but there is some <3
"“I am sorry about something else too. I’m …I’m..” he stammers nervously. “ I’m sorry about um walking in on you before…” That’s all he can get out before turning a blistering shade of red.
Bucky lets out a small airy laugh before smiling back at Steve. “It happens. We are good.” He says reassuringly. He finally sees his friend let out a sigh of relief and widen his smile. "
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imgaybut · 15 days ago
Concept: a Tangled AU Stucky fic
Steve is obviously Rapunzel, stuck in the tower until Bucky, a tall, strong, and mysterious (and very handsome) stranger comes and takes him on an adventure. Steve is secretly horny for the big, strong, tall stranger (he isn’t doing a good job of hiding it), and Bucky is head-over-heels for this tiny, skinny, feisty blond that looks like a too strong wind could blow away.
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tonytwink · 23 days ago
— good boy (stucky)
bucky and steve decide to experiment together; little does bucky know he's about to find out more about steve than he ever has before.
tags: pre-serum steve & pre-hydra bucky, pre-established relationship, m/m, anal, sex toys, vibrator, rimming, fingering, overstimulation, praise kink, light bondage
"handcuffs? really?"
bucky looks up from his box of toys and throws his hands up into the air, the handcuffs wriggling from the grasp he has on them. "we said there wouldn't be any judgement!"
steve snorts, raises his eyebrows when he realizes bucky's serious, then buries his head in his sketchbook again.
the smaller man has been doodling body bases ever since bucky had retrieved the box from the front doorstep of their apartment. he's not giving this his full attention and bucky finds himself pouting at that. "stevie, you said we would do this together."
"we are doing it together," steve responds, lifting his head to give bucky a look. "i'm here, aren't i?"
when bucky's eyes get sad like some kind of lost puppy, steve sighs, unable to deny his boyfriend the attention he desires any longer. he puts his pencil down and discards of his sketchbook, scooting closer to the edge of the bed where bucky is sitting on the floor with the box. the brunette is shirtless, flush in just his pajama pants and (hopefully) boxers underneath — though steve had caught him going commando more times then he would like to admit.
"fine, 'm sorry," steve murmurs, his legs dangling off the side of the bed, knees peeking out from beneath his over-sized shorts. "i just don't know if this is going to work, buck."
"what do you mean? you're the one who wanted—"
"i know," steve interrupts and only then does bucky notice the blush that's hinting at his cheeks.
"stevie," bucky's lips part in awe, "are you nervous?"
"piss off."
"hey," bucky's features soften enough for steve to glance at him without fearing he'll be made fun of. "remember what we talked about — we can go slow, you have a safe word, and we can stop if you're not feeling it."
but that isn't the problem. steve is feeling it; he's always feeling it when it comes to bucky. he just doesn't know how to tell his boyfriend that he wants to please him so bad he psyched himself out while waiting for their order to come in and now, instead of being turned on at the sight of the toys, he's so eager to be a good boy for bucky that's he's anxious.
steve slips onto the floor and scoots close to bucky so their knees brush. he peers into the box curiously and pulls out a string of beads, each one bigger than the last. "geez. what's this?"
"they're anal beads," responds bucky proudly, reaching out to take them from steve. "they come with a remote for vibrations."
ah. steve shifts his weight from one thigh to the other, then peers into the box again. bucky watches him fondly, his gaze and smile soft. he wants steve to be as comfortable as possible and if that means letting the blonde bob for apples in the toy box then so be it.
steve pulls out a hot pink vibrator with jewels circling its handle. he squints his eyes at it, then twists the nob on it, expecting it to spring to life. when it doesn't, he sports a pretty pout that makes bucky's heart tap dance in his chest.
"haven't you ever heard of 'batteries sold separately,' stevie?" he asks, reaching into the box to fish out the pack he had bought with the rest of the toys. bucky gently takes the vibrator away from steve, rips open the pack of batteries with his teeth and inserts them into the toy. it whirs to life and steve's eyes brighten, his cheeks spotting a warm red.
"let's do this one," steve suggests, taking the vibrator back. he turns away, satisfied, and crawls onto the bed.
bucky blinks, then looks back into the box. "we have so much more to look through, though."
"you can choose one, too. this is my pick."
steve's already undressing on the bed, obviously excited and less irritated than he had been before. bucky peers into the box and pulls out exactly what he wants — what he's wanted for a long time.
when bucky joins steve on the bed, the smaller man already has his shirt off. steve turns around to ask bucky what he chose but is met with a kiss instead. they fall onto the sheets together, bucky with a knee between steve's legs and steve with his scrawny arms wrapping around bucky's neck.
steve lets out a hum when bucky pushes his thigh against his dick as their lips move in sync. the brunette laps at the blonde's lips, effectively slipping his tongue between them, exploring the inside of steve's mouth.
when steve pulls back for a breath, he asks, "what did you pick?"
bucky nudges his nose against steve's with a wild smirk on his face. he lifts his hand to dangle a long piece of silk above steve's head, who grabs it like a cat with a toy.
"it's so soft," he examines, feeling the slippery fabric between his fingertips.
"so it doesn't hurt you," bucky explains, pressing another kiss to steve's lips. "and so you'll look pretty with your hands bound for me."
that comment goes straight to steve's dick. it twitches in his shorts and bucky feels it because his thigh is still pressed deep between steve's legs.
"you like that idea, doll?"
steve swallows hard, noticing his throat has gone dry. he hands the silk back to bucky and nods his head desperately, unwrapping his hands from his boyfriend's neck in favour of putting them above his head. "like this," he requests and the lack of demand or anger in his voice brings a gentle smile to bucky's lips.
"okay, hold still," he commands softly as he shifts to straddle steve's chest. bucky carefully ties the material around steve's wrists, tugging on it to make sure it isn't too tight or too loose. "good?"
steve nods his head, wiggling his fingers as if to make a point.
bucky presses another kiss to steve's lips, this one quicker than the last, and the blonde can't help but notice how different it feels to kiss his boyfriend while his hands are bound. he curls his toes, starting to feel more vulnerable than usual, especially with so much of his upper body exposed without his arms to hide behind — not that it would have made a difference.
steve realizes bucky's head is now in between his legs and he's sporting a handful of lube — when did he get that?
"stevie," bucky coos softly, "are you okay?"
"yeah," steve responds a little too quickly.
bucky knows better not to prod any more than he needs to. he helps steve get his shorts off with his dry hand, revealing his aching member trapped behind his boxers. the outline looks so full and tender that bucky can't help but lean down and press a few sloppy kisses to it through the fabric.
steve whimpers.
bucky smirks because he knew this would be a good idea.
"i can see you, you know," steve chirps, "my hands may be bound but my eyes still work, buck."
"can you blame me for being a little excited?" bucky asks, tilting his head condescendingly. when steve opens his mouth to respond, probably with another snarky remark, bucky says, "don't answer that. your boner is answering enough."
"you're such a jerk."
steve wrinkles his nose and watches as bucky hooks his fingers into the hem of his boxers and pulls them off, too, allowing his cock to spring free. it's not necessarily flush against steve's stomach yet, but bucky knows it'll get there, especially with what he has planned.
"if i'm a jerk, then i guess that means you won't want to bend those pretty legs for me, right, doll?" he teases, using his dry hand to gently push at one of steve's legs. the blush on the blonde's cheeks begins to make its way down to his neck as he opens his legs wide for bucky, bending them at the knees to give him a better view of his hole.
"that's a good boy."
steve whimpers again. bucky's not even touching him yet.
the gears turn in bucky's head. he squints curiously but stops when steve's gaze drops to him again, watching intently.
bucky presses a lubed finger against steve's rim, massaging the slick substance around his hole generously before slowly slipping the finger inside. steve shivers, lulling his head back as he relaxes into the intrusion. bucky slides his finger all the way inside until it's at the hilt then retreats, then thrusts it back in again, developing a slow but steady rhythm.
steve closes his eyes and breathes, almost panting, his hips twitching. bucky watches as his dick presses against his stomach, his tip already leaking precum and wow — bucky's going to have to do this with steve more often.
when bucky adds a second finger, he gradually begins to scissor steve open, which has the blonde whimpering again. steve can't help but make those noises, especially when his hands are bound and his legs are open so wide for bucky, he feels vulnerable and helpless and giving that power to someone he loves and trusts so much is overwhelming.
bucky speeds up his fingers, thrusting them in and out of steve. whenever they buried deep inside the blonde, they would scissor him open, and steve was a panting mess after just a few of those special thrusts.
then bucky's fingers are gone.
steve wants to scream.
"what the hell—" but before he can finish his sentence, he catches a glimpse of buck ducking between his legs, past his balls, and feels his slick tongue prod at his entrance.
bucky licks his hole a couple of times, causing steve to moan out, desperately bucking his hips for something, anything. his boyfriend shushes him softly before slipping one thumb into him, then two, holding him open so that his tongue can enter him and flick at his insides.
which makes steve go absolutely fucking wild. the blonde cries out, almost shouts, not having expected having bucky's mouth in him to feel so good, especially with his hands restrained like this.
"bu-ucky," he pants, curling his toes as his boyfriend begins to thrust his tongue in and out of him, thumbs keeping him open, deliciously stretching him to make more room for bucky.
bucky digs his thumbs deeper into steve for more leverage as he laps and laps, sucking him up, shamelessly tasting every part of him. steve whines above him, his whole body shaking with pleasure, the intensity of the stretch and the vulnerability he felt from the restraints becoming a lot, almost too much.
"bucky, i'm- if-" steve's head is spinning as he tries to get the words out to no avail.
bucky knowingly takes his tongue away, quickly replacing his thumbs with three ruthless fingers, which make steve yelp. he doesn't know why bucky switched, but he's too busy bucking into the three fingers and chasing his high to notice.
then, steve hears bzzzbzzzbzzz but he doesn't have enough time to open his eyes before bucky is pressing the vibrator to his length.
and steve squeals, his back arching as he releases hard. it's such an intense climax that he writhes on the bed, tears stinging his eyes, the vibrator buzzing against his length mixed with the three fingers that are stretching him open causing him to see stars. and the best part is that bucky doesn't pull away even while he's riding out his high, so steve is left with his toes curled and his stomach flexing and his back twisting and his dick spurting until he starts to plead buckybuckybuckybucky for his boyfriend to take the vibrator away.
bucky pulls the vibrator back, watching intently as steve's dick twitches with oversensitivity, and releases his fingers from steve's heat. the blonde is a sweaty mess beneath him, his chest rising and falling with quick breaths. bucky loves it when steve's chest is so beautifully spotted red from his blush and his lips are parted in complete pleasure.
"that's a good boy," he coos softly, leaning down to press a kiss to steve's blown-out lips.
"fuck me," steve says, definitely too quickly, and bucky is confused until steve continues talking, "want to- i want to get you off. please, fuck me, bucky."
bucky's unsure. for one, steve just came like he has never come before, and for another, three fingers definitely isn't enough to prep him so that bucky can enter him comfortably. steve must notice the uncertainty in his boyfriend's eyes because he whines, high-pitched and prettily, the sound bouncing off the walls and going straight to bucky's dick, which has been straining against his pants the entire time.
and then, steve lets out a slew of please, bucky, iwanttobegoodiwanttobeyourgoodboypleasefuckmepleaseplease and bucky's never heard him say please so many times in his life.
steve is absolutely begging with cum dripping down the sides of his hips and his back arched and his legs spread wide, ready for bucky. his hands are tied and his eyes are closed tightly, as if he didn't want to be present in any reality that he doesn't have bucky inside of him in, and bucky can't say no to that face.
he just can't.
"okay, doll," bucky soothes steve, gently shushing him and pressing a kiss to the corner of his lips. "okay, 'm gonna fuck you real good, okay? and 'm gonna fill you up good, okay?"
steve nods desperately, so quickly and prettily believing bucky, and bucky moves to undress before hastily grabbing the bottle of lube he had discarded and sloppily but generously coating his dick in the slick substance. he makes sure every inch of him is coated and even checks steve's entrance, which gapes slightly, for enough slick, before he lines himself up with steve's hole.
"ready, doll? are you gonna be a good boy for me?" and steve practically preens at the question, looking up at bucky with tear-struck eyes and a pretty pout.
"i'll be good, buck," steve breathes out, but his breath hitches when he feels bucky's tip press against his entrance, the stretch making his eyes go wide.
bucky's not inside yet, his tip is just prodding steve's hole.
"good," steve repeats, nodding his head, so desperately wanting to feel bucky stretch him open.
bucky places a hand on steve's knee for leverage as he enters him slowly, watching as steve's hole swallows his tip first, then stretches to allow the rest of his length in. all the while, steve is letting out small pants and gasps beneath him, but doesn't show any signs of discomfort.
"that's a good boy," bucky cooes as he begins to bottom out, though he especially slows down for that part. "you're taking me so well, stevie. just tell me when, okay?"
steve's lips are parted so prettily as he shifts beneath bucky, trying to find a comfortable angle. the stretch is almost unbearable, walking a tightrope between pleasure and pain, but he desperately doesn't want bucky to pull away. they stay like that for a long moment, steve stretching his legs wider to accommodate bucky's length and bucky patiently waiting for the green light, his dick nestled deep inside steve's heat.
"okay," steve nods his head and settles back, shoving the back of his head into the pillow beneath it. "'m ready."
bucky leans down so that his body hovers over steve's and smirks when his boyfriend squeaks beneath him because the movement makes his cock inch even deeper into him. "that's a good boy. you know how much i love seeing you take me so well, stevie."
steve's jaw falls open and he can't find the words to respond because bucky gives him no time to before he pulls back to thrust into him hard. the movement pushes steve farther back into his pillow, his knuckles brushing the headboard as he screams.
bucky marvels at the sound, which only motivates him to thrust faster, steve's slick but hot heat twitching around him. this isn't their first time, but it's definitely the first time he's had steve unravelling beneath him, so sweaty and broken and slurring his words like the prettiest boy bucky had ever seen. it's obvious steve is at a loss for words because his mouth is open, but no sounds other than high-pitched uh uh uh uhs are coming out of his mouth.
"fuck," bucky curses under his breath, reaching out to hold onto the headboard and fuck into steve mercilessly, the new angle making the blonde cry out beneath him. he chases his high, his hips starting to move haphazardly into steve, snapping into him quickly then twitching and staying inside of him for a moment too long, and steve is underneath him, has back bent with the intensity of bucky's thrusts, his hole abused and his body shaking with oversensitivity.
then, bucky nestles deep inside of steve, and the smaller man nearly chokes when he feels his boyfriend grunt and release into him, the mixture of bucky's length and cum making him feel like he's going to burst with how full he is. steve cries out again, this time the cry sounding more like a mix between an actual sob and a moan, his dick twitching and another orgasm raking through him, only this time the cum drizzled down his shaft instead of spurting like the first time.
when bucky opens his eyes and looks down, steve is dazed, with a few tears dripping down his cheeks. the brunette very carefully pulls out of him, watching steve's hole intently as it twitches, gaping wide with his cum dripping from it.
steve pants as he's pulled into bucky's arms, curling in on himself. bucky lets him catch his breath, rubbing his back soothingly as the sun starts to set outside. he watches the pretty colours in the sky, holding his stevie close, not minding that a mixture of the blonde's cum and their sweat was being squished and transferred between them.
bucky curls around steve protectively until his boyfriend lifts his head from his chest and says, "i love you, buck."
"he speaks!" bucky announces with a shit-eating grin.
steve rolls his eyes but nuzzles closer to his boyfriend, fishing for more of the warmth between them. bucky tightens his grip on the smaller man, pressing a kiss to his hair.
"i'm really fucking tired because you fucked the fuck out of me, but ... it was a good idea."
bucky's face brightens with the happiness of a thousand puppies. "i told you so, stevie."
"piss off," steve responds, turning his head to hide in bucky's shoulder.
bucky sighs exasperatedly, happy that steve is feeling like himself but tired from the scene, and rests his head on top of his boyfriend's. he murmurs a soft i love you too and waits, patiently, for steve to fall asleep before his eyes flutter shut too.
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memyficsandi · 24 days ago
Title: Roll On
Author: jaxington (AO3)
Rating: Mature
Fandom: Captain America/Avengers
Warnings: Period typical homophobia and antisemitism
Word Count: 89.1k
Series: Roll On - 301.6k - WIP
Summary: In 1938, there's a bar in Brooklyn called Sully’s where people are safe to be themselves. Behind the bar, a girl pours drinks. She's always got a big smile for Steve and she says queer like it's a good thing. On a regular basis, she takes his shoulders in her hands and tries to shake sense into him, saying, "When will you do something about that best friend of yours?"
In 2012, Bucky’s gone, but Steve’s not, and the girl’s hands are too old to shake him. She does her best to make him see sense anyway.
Steve had people who loved him before the war, and it turns out a few of them are still around when he finally comes home.
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ragingemini · 25 days ago
Bucky: Steve, you're like the sun on a cold day. Like the moon on a dark night. Like a fresh breeze in terrible heat.
Pre-Serum Steve: 🥺😍
Bucky: Extremely weak.
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softeninglooks · a month ago
Steve Rogers x Bucky Barnes | Summer evening
fandom: Marvel pairing: Steve Rogers x Bucky Barnes summary: Where Steve and Bucky had not yet known war, but they sure knew love (and several fights too, for Steve). word count: 0.7k 
I wrote this a while ago but I missed Steve and Buck so i thought I’d post it on here 🧡
Tumblr media
"But I can see us lost in the memory August slipped away into a moment in time" — Taylor Swift, august
By the time Bucky Barnes found himself back in the streets of Brooklyn, getting off work as the evening swept over daytime, warm beams of sunlight had started to run along the pavement, down to his scuffed shoes. Crooking his neck, the man also noticed that touches of orange aquarelle had rearranged the clear sky up above, meaning that the sun had already started its descent toward the thin horizon line; nightfall awaited around the corner, ready to turn up lampposts with its gracious fingers. A breeze agreeably swirling through his hair, chasing away summery heat to make room for the chill crepuscule weather, Bucky headed back home.
It wasn't long before the brunette reached the building he lived in, then climbing up the stairs to the upper floor, and rummaged through his pockets to find the little key to the right appartement. Judging by the lock, which it only took a single turn to open, Bucky had a slight idea of who might have been back before him. Perhaps a certain childhood best friend, flatmate and long-time partner called Steven Rogers.
"Stevie, I'm home," he called from the hallway, taking his shoes off before washing his hands in the kitchen nearby. As cheesy as it sounded, the man had missed not seeing his boyfriend that afternoon.
However, the scenery that welcomed Bucky into the living room was nothing like what he had expected. Indeed, instead of finding Steve reading on the sofa or drawing outside on the balcony, the sight of the blonde young man buttoning his white shirt over scratches on his chest met his gaze.
"Hey, Buck."
Without further peeking, Bucky rushed up to his friend, having a clue of what had happened.
"Who the hell did you fight with this time?" he questioned, giving the younger man a reproachful look.
"Some jerk who was being hateful," Steve explained, finishing to put the piece of clothing back on. "I told him to stop several times, but apparently his only way of listening to me was getting into a fist fight. Had to knock it out of him."
"Steven, you're an idiot," Bucky stated desperately, reaching for the man's hand nevertheless. "How many times will it take for you to understand that you'll keep getting beaten up?"
"I'm not going to stop, Bucky," Steve said in a softer voice, hating to see his friend so concerned because of him. "I can't just stand back and watch those people be assholes."
"Because you don't like bullies?" The brunette man asked, knowing Steve all too well.
"Yes. Because I don't like bullies."
"You're an idiot," Bucky repeated, but this time a small smile had began to creep its way upon his lips. "Does it hurt much?"
"A little bit. But I feel better already, now that you're here," Steve said fondly. "Don't worry about me, okay Buck? I'll be okay. How was your day at work?"
"Okay, but it doesn't mean I'm giving up on trying to stop you," Bucky smiled, leaving a kiss on the blonde's hand. "I'll check on your bruises in an hour and we'll bring new compresses if they hurt too much. Did you put ice on them?"
"Yes, Buck, come on, I told you I'm okay." Steve brushed the matter off, though the way his best friend cared about him undeniably made his heart swell. "Answer my question now. How was your day?"
"My day was alright," Bucky finally replied. "But I couldn't wait to come back home."
"Well, now you're here" Steve lifted himself up, tenderly kissing the man on the lips to prove his point.
The brunette's eyelashes fluttered, closing as he leant into the kiss — to him, nothing felt more like home than Steve's sometimes grazed lips, his fingers running through the hair at the back of his head, the soft fabric of his shirts. And though he knew that he would never stop worrying over the younger man's constant fighting in dark alleyways, nothing rivalled the happiness they both felt in each other's arms, the love they found together and shared, away from anyone and anything else.
"Stevie..." Bucky mouthed against Steve's lips, their hands intertwined beside them on the sofa. "Are you sure it's doesn't hurt too m—"
"Shut up."
On that 1930's summer evening, Bucky and Steve were happy.
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justan-0-t-h-3-r · a month ago
Anyone else’s heart hurting after realising that Bucky has his fists up like Steve?
Tumblr media
You just know Bucky taught Steve how to hold himself properly and each time he gets in that stance, you bet poor Bucky can hear Steve saying ‘I can do this all day.’
Tumblr media
And that hurts.
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justan-0-t-h-3-r · a month ago
This could definitely have been a Stucky moment 😭
I’m bitter.
It’s bittersweet.
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