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josaprcata year ago
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@incorrect-owl-house @incorrect-dnd-classes
Alright, I caught one of you. Who stole the quote from who? 馃檭
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peevishpants5 months ago
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Tumblr media
Here are the sharks again but cut up into tumblr-digestible pieces!!
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Tumblr media
have you ever wanted to learn about some hipster sharks you may or may not have heard of before?
because BOY do i have a bucket of Fun Shark Trivia for YOU
(drew and researched these pages for pinkcloverpress on twitter for an Animal-themed magazine last year!!! Twas a blast to get back to my Science-y roots for a hot second)
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galahadwildera month ago
Adrien鈥檚 Happy Zoomies鈩笍 are adorable, but let鈥檚 kick it up another notch: Marinette watching him do the Happy Zoomies.
Poor girl would be like hnnnng this is too cute i need to jump out a window
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yb-cringe21 days ago
Tumblr media
xornoth redemption arc but he鈥檚 just an annoying lil demon brother that follows scott around bc the mans still has his Soul tamagotchi鈥檇
and you know what he鈥檚 still a Little evil as a treat but he鈥檚 getting BETTER at it guys鈥 (and while scott aint gonna say it outloud鈥. he likes having a brother now :] )
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mrsmrspeggycarter9 months ago
Again and I know other people have said this but I cannot stress it enough: we are going through a prolonged traumatic event and you do not have to feel bad for not being "productive" in the middle of a global pandemic
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I mean I really, really do like the Nowhere King鈥檚 pre-goop form, I think it鈥檚 a good design and I did draw fanart of him, but I do not get you all simping for this man. Respect if you do, but, guys, he looks like Abraham Lincoln鈥檚 centaursona.
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josaprcata year ago
Does *anyone* know the original source, or at least the original name of the following meme?:
Person A: I've been dropping the most insanely obvious hints, for like, (time period x) now
Person B: Wow, they sound stupid!
Person A: But they're not! They're smart, just dense.
Person B: Maybe you need to be more obvious, like.... maybe..."Hey, I love you"
Person A: I guess you're right. Hey, Person B, I love you!
Person B: Yeah just like that!
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galahadwilder2 months ago
Post-hawkmoth, adrien feels too devastated to actually properly date Marinette. He鈥檚 trying to pull himself together first, to move on from the worst experience of his life, so the two of them agree to just be friends while he builds his own identity.
Someone else proposes to Marinette, and Adrien straight-up freaks. Of course he waited too long鈥攐f COURSE someone else wanted her鈥攕he鈥檚 so amazing, who could see her and NOT want to have her in their life forever?
He鈥檚 then terribly confused when she turns down the proposal. He doesn鈥檛 understand why she did that鈥攖he guy is really nice, and they have a lot in common, and doesn鈥檛 she *want* to be married?
It didn鈥檛 even cross his mind that she鈥檚 waiting for him, until she tells him so.
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seraph517 days ago
Tumblr media
Pre-Surak Spirk AU
Kirk sighed heavily watching the campfire flames dance. His attempts over the last hour to lure their captured Vulcan warrior into speaking had been fruitless. Kirk's clan was scattered in the nearby forest; defending, hunting and scouting, leaving only him and the Vulcan behind. He picked up a small rock and flicked it into the tree line, finding the silent inaction of guard duty interminable.
鈥淧erhaps you don鈥檛 speak at all then鈥 he said to the flames 鈥渟eems unlikely with that look you鈥檝e been giving me all night鈥
He glanced over to see if there was a reaction. The being remained as still as a statue, dark eyes glinting. His raven hair was unkempt from their earlier battle. Behind the gaze was a deep intelligence. He hadn鈥檛 regarded Kirk with the anger or fear Kirk had expected of a captured man. More with a thoughtful calculation. Kirk found his intensity and sharp features unnervingly striking.
鈥淭hough perhaps you have bewitched me to think that with your mind" he snorted at the beauty.
鈥淥nly works if they touch your face鈥
Kirk nearly leapt out of his skin, drawing his sword toward the voice. McCoy burst out laughing pushing past him to get to the fire.
鈥淢ust have 'bewitched' you good if you didn鈥檛 hear me comin鈥欌 The older healer chuckled. Kirk pointedly ignored the Vulcan as he felt heat burning across his cheeks and ears.
鈥淎ny word from Pike?鈥 Kirk asked, trying to bury McCoy鈥檚 assertion as quickly as possible.
鈥淪ome rumours going around that their king's son is missing" McCoy replied rubbing his hands "not sure if this is him yet though"
Kirk's head flicked back to their prisoner with surprise.
"Got a name?" he asked McCoy, gaze not breaking from the Vulcans.
"The prince? Yeah" McCoy asked also regarding the Vulcan over his shoulder "It's Spock"
The Vulcan blinked passively, betraying nothing.
More AU deets here:
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firyfoxa month ago
Predictions for the next light novel : there's some festival they go to where there's stuff like carnival games set up , and Bakugo is being a show off by knocking down all those stupid bottles perfectly . And since he won , the game runner hands him the first place prize , a giant All Might plushie . Bakugo scoffs and says something like "I'm not gonna carry around this cheesy crap all day . *Gives it to Deku* YOU take it" and Deku just short circuits for reasons he cannot articulate yet
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justgalactica month ago
griffin mcelroy imbalance pc predictions:
an original character
Both Barry AND Lup. Flirts with himself for the entire arc, makes his family extremely uncomfortable
Angus (?? I don鈥檛 know how well a small child would fare in combat)
Avi (not a lot of backstory = more room for Griffin, but possibly also too similar to Magnus)
Ren (this is purely because I want it to happen. Ren is one of my favorite taz npcs PLEASE griffin please)
Actually fuck all of what I just said because it鈥檚 going to be Garfield
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josaprcata year ago
So everyone likes the "What the heck do I do with this Baby/Child?" trope, where the characters end up accidentally becoming parents, right? And if the two characters doing the "adopting" act like parents, there's usually many jokes in the fandom that the characters should be, or are accidentally also dating? The point I'm getting to, is I've just described Monsters Inc, but somehow that one never gets brought up with this trope. Like Mike and Sully are the pinnacle of this idea, yet somehow I have never seen them referred to as a couple, except when I specifically went looking for this. And even so, there's not a lot to find. Mike x Sully. Tumblr, get on this.
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