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#pre-serum!steve rogers
mjolnir-steve · 7 days ago
Would you rather have one night of amazing, incredible show stopping sex with nomad daddy?
Tumblr media
Or spend the rest of your life married to—and cherished by—smol bean Stebe? 🥺
Tumblr media
How could you do this to me, Siri?! 😩 This decision was easier than I anticipated, but I certainly did not want to make it...
I would have to go with sweet, tiny Stevie. 🥰🥰🥰
While I would sell my soul to suck the soul out of Nomad Steve, pre-serum Steve is an angel. He has no game, but he's confident where it really counts. He has a big heart, and he's respectful and kind. I live for romance, and I think Steve would go all out once he knows a gal feels the same way about him as he does about her.
I can see him being the type to save during the week so he could afford to buy some roses every Friday on his way home from work. He doesn't expect you to have dinner on the table, but he shows you how much he appreciates it that you do. He doesn't have much money, so the dates he plans are creative, different. Steve loves to hear you laugh, so he draws funny pictures and leaves them in random places around the apartment. He helps you do laundry and other chores on the weekends, even though you insist you're fine on your own, just so he can spend time with you, standing beside you and kissing you when you least expect it.
Lil bit of smut under the cut hehehe oops!
As far as sex goes, it's awkward at first. Steve's inexperienced, and if this is the 40s, you most likely are, too, but it's okay because you'll learn together what feels good. You can see in his big, blue eyes how much he adores you, and he makes you feel it, too. At the beginning of this phase of your relationship, he checks in often, reminding you that you can tell him to stop at any time and that he just wants to make you feel good, doll. You know you can trust him completely. He's embarrassed when he lets out a particularly loud moan, but you encourage him because you love knowing what gets him all worked up for you. It also turns you on how damn enthusiastic he is every single time.
Steve (especially pre-serum Steve) almost definitely wants children, so I imagine there's a bit of a breeding kink. 🥴 The first time you let him finish inside you, he's entranced by the sight of his spend leaking out of you, and he nearly passes out when you push it back inside yourself, then suck your fingers clean. From that point forward, you two fuck like rabbits and he can't get enough of filling you up, constantly praising you and reminding you of how gorgeous you are, how lucky he is to be with you. Forget about once he sees you pregnant, bestie!!!!! He'll be keeping you that way. 🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴
I also imagine the aftercare is top tier, involving more praise, soft kisses all over, cuddles, and frequent warm baths together. Steeb loves washing your hair for you after he's fucked you stupid, and we know he has the stamina to do so because he said it himself.
Tumblr media
And I –
I have no idea where all this came from. You're a wonderful influence, Siri 🤣
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Non-Sequential [Ch. 29]
Pairing: Pre-Serum Steve Rogers/Steve Rogers x Reader
One night, Steve Rogers met a beautiful dame named Y/N. He hadn’t intended on letting her get away. But fate had other ideas. Y/N appeared and disappeared in his life so hauntingly that Steve started to wonder if she was an angel meant to watch over him.
Word Count: 2,500
Chapter 28
Tumblr media
The next 5 years simultaneously felt like they were moving too fast and too slowly.
Steve wondered if there would be limited visits from Y/N or if this was the rest of his life: just holding onto the past and praying that the next time she would stay for good.
But he knew that would never happen.
She would always leave.
Steve felt like he had returned to his teenage years when Y/N had first started visiting him. But watching her go now hurt a 100 times worse than back then. During that time, he hadn’t acknowledged that he loved her. He didn’t know what it was like to fully have her. 
What he would give to regain that naivety. He didn’t know how much longer he could handle such torture.
When Y/N did visit the present, Steve tried to seize it as much as he could. He tried to act normal, wait for Y/N to ask the questions so he could figure out what she knew and what she didn’t. By some miracle, she always knew about the snap.
Steve felt lucky, he wouldn’t know how to handle her naivety to how she would die. Nat always told him he was a terrible liar. He could only assume lying to the woman he loved would be even worse.
Steve was sitting at his window, staring out at Brooklyn. There was a steaming cup of coffee in his hand and he was waiting for it to cool down. The sun had just rose past the horizon. Most of the city was still sleeping. He started to enjoy watching it slowly wake up. It was one of the very few joys he found these days.
“Steve?” Her voice whispered from behind him.
He jumped at the sound, shooting to his feet and turning around.
In the process, he spilled some of the coffee on his hand and bare feet.
He hissed at the burn.
“Oh, shit. I’m so sorry!” Y/N rushed forward.
Steve was both so surprised to see her and feel the boiling liquid on his skin that he didn’t realize Y/N was still completely naked.
“I’m fine. It’s OK.” He tried to tell her, only looking into her eyes.
One time Sam asked about the binding nudity that came with Y/N’s time traveling. He asked about it in a way that wasn’t really a question, but like he clearly wanted Steve to comment on it.
“Just so we’re clear, you’re asking what I think about my girlfriend being forced to be naked when she’s also forced to time travel at any given moment to a place she doesn’t know? Did I get that right?” He’d said it with the classic Steve Rogers sass.
But Sam got the point and never brought it up again.
Y/N’s nudity wasn’t something sexualized by Steve. He’d grown used to it. He assumed most people saw their naked wives and girlfriends, and only linked it to sex. But all it did for Steve was remind him of Y/N’s vulnerability.
Her skin was unprotected from the elements. That’s why she had almost frozen to death during the first time she ever traveled.
Her skin attracted unwanted attention. Steve would never forget when Y/N appeared at his military camp, standing innocently in front of an army that hadn’t felt a woman’s touch or seen a female body in months. He didn’t like to think what could’ve happened if Bucky hadn’t been there to look out for her.
Her skin reminded Steve that even though she didn’t don a uniform, there was still something about her that forced her to be different from the world – just like him.
Now her skin told Steve that she was much younger. 
There was no scar from getting shot during the Battle at the Triskelion, a scar on her abdomen from the medical team at the compound digging out a bullet. Then there were the scars that should’ve been scattered across her skin from when she was tortured by Hydra. Thanks to Wakandan medicine, they were almost invisible. But Steve was familiar enough with Y/N’s body that he could still just barely point them out. Those were nowhere to be seen either.
Which meant that the Y/N standing in front of Steve was from a much younger time.
“Did we…did we break up?” Y/N’s lip trembled as her eyes filled with tears.
Steve stepped forward. “What? Why would you think that?”
Her eyes looked around the room. “None of my stuff is here. It doesn’t even look like I live here.”
But it was true. There was hardly any personality to his Brooklyn apartment. Anyone that knew Y/N would expect her apartment to be filled with warmth, and the perfect lighting, and everything that made a home intimate and charming.
“Steve, did we break up?” Y/N’s voice shook as she repeated the question.
Tears were streaming down her cheeks and Steve couldn’t handle it anymore.
He closed the distance between them and pulled her into his body.
“Hey, hey, hey,” he muttered. “It’s OK. We didn’t break up.”
At least he didn’t technically have to lie about that.
She pulled away from being tucked into his body to look at his face. “What is this place?” It was still obvious she didn’t exist in this space.
“We just bought it,” Steve was quick on his feet. “It came furnished and we haven’t moved all of our stuff in yet.”
Y/N seemed to believe him. “Where am I?”
“You’re away on a freelance job.”
She nodded, processing the new information.
“Would you like some clothes?” He asked her gently.
Y/N laughed lightly, apparently having forgotten that she was fully naked. 
She sniffled, trying to clear her nose and nodded.
A few minutes later, Y/N was in Steve’s sweats, sitting at his kitchen island with her own coffee cupped between her palms.
“I’m sorry – again – that I scared you into spilling coffee on yourself,” she winced.
Steve chuckled. “Y/N, believe it or not, I’ve suffered much worse injuries than hot coffee burns.”
“Right,” she smiled. “You’ve just casually been shot a few times and survived a plan crash.”
He quirked an eyebrow. “Amongst other things.”
“Amongst other things,” Y/N agreed and repeated back.
A peaceful silence settled between them.
Y/N’s eyes narrowed. “You know, I don’t believe you.”
“About the hot coffee?”
“About us not being broken up,” Y/N confirmed.
Steve just tightened his jaw. He didn’t know how much more he could lie to her.
Y/N slowly stood up and closed the distance between them. When she was in his space, she carefully reached up to brush his cheek with her thumb.
“Your eyes… they’re so sad. And they get even sadder every time you look at me.”
“We’re on a break,” Steve quickly told her. He hoped a half lie would save him.
Y/N nodded. And he knew that she believed that one.
She opened her mouth to ask more.
“Please, don’t ask me to say more about it,” Steve begged.
Y/N just nodded.
But then she stepped even closer to him. “Do you miss me?” She whispered as her gaze flickered down to his lips.
Steve’s chest hurt from the question alone. Present and future Y/N had never prepared him for having interactions like this.
He just nodded his head, knowing that if he tried to say actual words then he’d just let out some pathetic whimper.
Y/N leaned even closer. Her gaze flickered to his, silently asking him if he wanted her to stop.
But Steve didn’t have that sort of self control.
So Y/N kissed him.
And he felt her surprise when he responded with a hunger she didn’t expect.
Without hesitation, he pulled her closer. But it still wasn’t enough. Then his hands slid down the outside of her thighs and then gripped the back of them. He scooped her up and pulled her hips to his waist, holding her there until she realized she needed to wrap her legs around him. But it still wasn’t enough.
He pulled away from the kiss. “Do you want me to stop?” His words struggled while he also tried to catch his breath.
Y/N gave him a shy smile and shook her head before giving him a sweet and precise peck on the lips.
“No, I don’t.” Then she laughed, “But maybe we could move this to the bedroom.”
Even if she wasn’t his in this time period, Y/N still knew what Steve needed. And she was more than willing to give it to him. 
Steve always got this guilty feeling after sleeping with a version of Y/N that wasn’t her present self. No matter how many times Y/N told him it wasn’t, Steve could always convince a part of his mind to believe he had cheated.
Y/N had fallen asleep so quickly. It didn’t matter that she was out of her time. She always felt safe with Steve.
Meanwhile, Steve wouldn’t allow himself a second of sleep. He wasn’t going to waste a moment with Y/N by not being awake. How could he?
Instead he held her naked body against his chest. He switched back and forth between tracing the line of her spine to thumbing circles on her shoulder.
The more time he spent without Y/N in his present, the harder it was to watch her other selves leave him.
He glanced at the clock on his nightstand and sighed. He had to go to his group therapy in a few hours.
If Y/N was still here by then, he’d skip it. Lie and tell them he was sick. 
Those sessions made him feel like a mockery anyway. At least once a week, he sat in a circle and told people they needed to move on with their lives. Meanwhile, he was still in a relationship with his dead girlfriend. She was a ghost that haunted him. He lectured other people how to live their lives in a post-snap world when he couldn’t go a minute without hoping a future or past Y/N would visit him soon.
Steve was taken out of his thoughts when Y/N stirred next to him.
She wasn’t waking up; she was leaving. 
He saw her body start to fade.
There was nothing he hated seeing more than watching Y/N travel.
Was she going back to her own present? Was she going somewhere else? Would she be safe? Would this be one of her trips where she got hurt or almost killed?
And then, just like that, Y/N was gone. And Steve was alone once again.
Steve hoped his sheets would smell like her for longer than they did last time.
He should probably shower before he went to group, but he didn’t want to lose the feeling of her on his skin. He just wanted it to linger, if that was even possible.
That’s when he decided he needed more than a talk with a group of strangers. He needed a friend – a real friend – who knew what he was actually going through.
Tumblr media
Steve hated going to the compound since the snap.
It was like going to a haunted house.
He never knew what memories would be resurrected when he visited.
Sometimes it was just the way the sun lit the room for a second or he’d catch a certain smell, then he was suddenly thrust into a memory linked to Y/N.
Steve found Nat in tears. 
It was subtle, but it still broke his heart to see her upset. She was the strongest of them all. If she couldn’t hold it together, that’s when the rest of them truly knew how bad things really were.
“Ya know, I’d offer to cook you dinner, but you seem pretty miserable already.”
“You here to do your laundry?” She teased, trying to hide that she’d lost her composure for even a second.
“And to see a friend,” he added.
“Clearly your friend is fine.”
“What if your friend is the one that’s not?” He offered.
Her forced smirk faltered. “She show up today?”
Steve sighed and nodded. “She thought we broke up. It took one look around my apartment to know she didn’t live there.”
“You’re a terrible liar, so I could only imagine how that went.”
“Well, I eventually got her to believe we were just on a break, instead of telling her that she was…”
“Dead?” Nat offered.
Steve’s jaw just tightened at the word. He moved to sit across from her.
“It’s the first time she didn’t know about it. And now I’m wondering if I prefer the version of her that doesn’t know what's going to happen to her.”
Nat just hummed, understanding what he meant.
Steve’s eyes glazed over as he thought about it. “How was she able to just live every day knowing what was going to happen?”
“She had to learn to accept what she couldn’t control awhile ago, Steve. She didn’t have any other choice.”
“Why couldn’t she tell me?” He thought aloud, frustration clear in his voice.
“Because she knew you.”
“What’s that supposed to mean?”
“You would’ve made yourself crazy trying to stop what you couldn’t. Nothing else would’ve mattered...including her.” Nat sighed. “Maybe she just wanted to embrace what little time she had with you. She can ignore the ticking of a time bomb, but not you.”
Steve knew Nat was right.
Suddenly, there was a ping and a hologram appeared in front of Nat.
She pressed a few buttons in the air and a video played out.
Next thing they knew, Scott Lang was fumbling his words at the front gate’s security camera.
Steve slowly stood up. Scott Lang was meant to be dead. “Is this an old message?”
“It’s the front gate,” Nat told him.
An hour later, Scott had stopped his pacing and explained his time travel theory.
Steve looked at Nat and immediately knew that she didn’t find Scott as crazy as he did.
But Nat had been searching for hope these past 5 years, while Steve refused to let it into his life.
“Tomorrow we’ll go see Tony,” Steve confirmed. “For now, you should get some rest, Scott.” Then he looked at Nat. “We all should.”
That was code for, ‘Don’t get excited.’
She clearly got the underlying message, but refused to ignore the hope.
Steve walked into his old room at the compound. He was only ever there when he visited Nat, which wasn’t often at all. He only kept some things there because he saw the hurt in Nat’s eyes when he had once suggested he completely clean it out.
When he turned on the light, he immediately noticed an envelope on the nightstand.
It was a letter addressed to him at the compound.
But Steve’s heart raced when he recognized the writing as Y/N’s.
“FRIDAY, where did this letter come from?” He asked the AI.
“It arrived in the mail today, Captain Rogers.”
He ripped it open instantly, his hands shaking in the process.
But there were only three words for him to read:
Listen to Scott.
Steve felt his heart beat faster.
And for the first time in 5 years, he felt hope.
Ya’ll, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. 
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foxgloveprincess · 7 months ago
Not an anon but I'm coming to bug you anyway. Talk to me about what kind of Alpha you think Steve would be and how he'd behave with a pregnant mate!
Ooohhh, okay. Well, here’s the thing. I can’t comment about the pregnancy part cause that’s sort of a nonstarter for me. But I would just assume his protective instincts would be much more heightened, incredibly so, and he’d be incredibly doting on his mate.
As for what kind of alpha Steve would be, it depends on which Steve we’re talking about. (And just to be clear, I would take any Alpha Steve in a heartbeat if he wanted me.) My thoughts and opinions under the cut. 😊
First, we have preserum alpha Steve:
Tumblr media
He’s super awkward and would probably stumble over all his words when you first meet. 
Not too confident because he’s small and sickly. 
But your scent would just completely entrance him. 
He’d follow you anywhere. 
Super sweet. And would fight the devil for you. 
Can sometimes get carried away with a Napoleon complex when other alphas try to lure you away. 
But you’re hooked the first time he looks at you with those determined blue eyes, and asks you to kneel for him. 
He bends slightly to kiss you and you melt. 
His mark on your neck is a little messy, not too pristine because he was hesitant, wanted to really make sure you wanted him as your alpha. 
(Most of this still applies to postserum 40s alpha Steve, he’s just a little bit more concerned with the war and keeping you away from the violence of it.)
Then, there’s defrosted alpha Steve:
Tumblr media
He’s still getting used to the new technology, the new manners, the new everything. 
He definitely doesn’t notice you at first, too caught up with dealing with his depression and other mental health issues. 
But he smells you, catches a whiff sometimes when you pass by or after you’ve just left the room. 
And you smell like home. 
He takes comfort in that, though he doesn’t seek you out. 
And then, one day he just bumps into you accidentally in the Tower or at the Compound or on the street, it doesn’t matter. He catches your forearms to keep you from falling. 
When he looks into your eyes, all that goes through his head is ‘huh, so this is home’. 
You work together to comfort each other, being soft and sweet, a safe haven away from the world, snuggled up in your cozy nest. 
He doesn’t have to worry about other alphas. 
You don’t even notice anyone else and no one really approaches you because you’re Captain America’s mate. 
And he can drop the facade of being 100% okay 100% of the time with you. 
He can relax and be Steve, not Captain America. 
His bite mark is pristine, placed precisely on your neck to be visible. 
Though he was terrified of hurting you, he wants everyone to know you’re his.
Next is Nomad alpha Steve:
Tumblr media
Something breaks inside him when everything dissolves, the foundation he’s built crumbles. 
He’s always moving, on the run and in hiding. 
And he always keeps you close by. 
This version of alpha Steve is the easiest to turn grey/dark. 
He’s done with rules and people telling him what he can and can’t do. 
Though, he still cherishes you above anything else in his life. 
He’s fierce and will growl at any other alpha that even glances in your direction if he feels threatened. 
Everything else has been taken away from him it seems, he won’t let it happen to you. 
He demands your willing submission and you give it to him without a doubt. 
Nomad Steve’s mark would be almost gruesome, deep and jagged. 
He doesn’t want to hurt you with it, he just wants to indelibly mark you as his. To stake a claim that nothing can remove or outmatch. 
(And we don’t talk about Endgame Steve, I can’t even think about a fix-it for him right now. But he definitely wouldn’t leave his mate for a woman who moved on and had a happy life without him. 😤)
Hope this is a good answer, sorry about the pregnancy thing. It’s just not my cup of tea (thought I know that’s what A/B/O is geared towards). 
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stargazingfangirl18 · 5 months ago
Okay so thoughts on dark! Pre serum steve?! 😏
Is it weird that I (of all hoes, I know!) struggle with making pre-serum Steeb dark?! 🥺
It’s because my headcanon for dark!Steve is that it’s either a result of 1) him being in the game for so long and he’s jaded AF and sick of just self-sacrificing and doing what’s right so he decides to take what he wants or 2) he’s brainwashed by Hydra and turned into Captain Hydra.
But pre-serum Steeb? Our sweet baby? He was so good and pure and optimistic. 🥺😭
However I have seen a few dark fics for him that tend to center around obsession and/or being spurned by women one too many times, and I can totally go with that.
(But also not because fuck those women, pre-serum Steeb is gorgeous 😍)
Tumblr media
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punani · a year ago
Ok but pre serum Steve with a thiccy fucking her like he got something to provide. Can we expand on this ma’am
yes ma’am we need to discuss this immediately
pre-serum!steve feels like he has something to prove, and he spares no detail
he wants you to know the exact amount of want that he has for you, your body, and lowkey your soul
he leaves no part of you untouched, winds and unwinds your body before he’s even slid inside of you
he praises you, tells you how good you feel and how fucking pretty you look beneath him
pre-serum!steve marks your skin with love bites, gliding his tongue against your stretch marks
when he gets you on all fours?? no sorry...face down ass up??
it’s as if he’s trying to produce a symphony with how loud he’s making your ass clap back onto him
his blunt nails dig into your skin before he’s gripping the flesh of your love handles to give him more momentum
pre-serum!steve loves your curves more than life itself
steve’s birthday bash
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louisianaspell · 3 years ago
Is your figure less than Greek?
Is your mouth a little weak?
When you open it to speak, are you smart?
But, don't change a hair for me.
Not if you care for me.
Stay little valentine, stay!
Each day is Valentine's Day
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starstruckmyths · a month ago
I'm really glad that the way Steve was made "unavailable" for the serum was because he was shot and wounded and likely wouldn't survive the procedure, not because he wasn't "good enough" or they didn't want him. Steve still is worthy, he still is a good man, he was still picked for the serum only wasn't able to get it. It doesn't undermine him or frames him as lesser or weak, and I'm very relieved about that
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trinhdrawss · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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syntheticavenger · a month ago
love him madly
Notes: Oh dear, this spun out of control after this wonderful ask that produced a drabble and then I got inspired. As of now, this is a one-shot.
Pre-Serum Omega! Steve Rogers x Alpha Female Reader
divider by @firefly-graphics
Word Count: 3.4K
Warnings: Mentions of male masturbation, cam work, language, angst and a whole lot of fluff (which is not my specialty).
Summary | After being given your hoodie, Steve wonders if all Alphas are the same or if he’s just lucky enough to find one of his own.
Tumblr media
With a sigh, Steve turns on the video on his laptop, looking at himself for a moment. He doesn’t want to take off the black hoodie. It still smells like you, a hint of rose, spearmint and when he inhales deeper, a faint whiff of sandalwood. But he has a job to do, one that he enjoys on some day and loathes on others. It pays the bills and no one really knows who he is. At the end of the day, he’s just an Omega on a cam. A dime a dozen considering what he does.
“Here goes nothin’”, Steve tells himself, logging on as his usual followers send waves of hellos and emojis in the chat.
For a moment, he thinks of you, when you sat across from him on the bus, your earbuds in your ears while you paid him no attention. At least at first. He caught you staring a few times, the way your eyes seemed to wash all over him while he folded his hands in his lap. And he saw the beginnings of what he knew was a smile on your lips when he snuggled into your hoodie as the air conditioning in the bus was full blast.
Oddly enough, he felt safe with you, even as you scrolled through your phone, holding your broken bag carefully in your arms. Intrigued wasn’t the right word for it. It was more than that. Steve wanted to ask you a million questions, all on the tip of his tongue. Female Alphas he met were usually the corporate types and here you were, in your dark washed jeans and Doc Martens, your Alpha tattoo peeking out from under your black t-shirt. It’s a mark of pride, one that Steve is unfamiliar with. All he’s known is threats and violence at his designation, let alone that he’s a male Omega and a thin one at that. Easier to be plucked out of nowhere to be an Alpha’s plaything.
His attention goes back to the chat, his smile alluring as he lifts up his chin slowly. It’s a submissive move, something that has the Alphas going wild in the comments, chiming in their praises. They want to claim him, bite down on that mark of his that is tinged slightly pink because Steve is off his suppressants and he gets way more money when he’s his true self.
I’d claim you right here, Omega.
Jesus, what a pretty little mating gland. I’d leave a nice big bite.
The words are nice. Even to the point where Steve gets hard at the thought. But he doesn’t want it, not like that at least. Not by some random internet stranger who happened to log on and throw him a few dollars to get him to take off his shirt. It’s a simple fantasy, one that he doesn’t know how much longer he wants to keep living.
But judging by his numbers on the left, he just made enough to pay a utility bill and he hasn’t even taken off his shirt.
“You like that, Alpha?” Steve asks into the camera, his blue eyes shining as he lowers his head slightly, brushing his hair that falls down over his face. “I like it too. It’s throbbing just enough that I bet you could feel it between your teeth before you make me yours.”
The amount doubles – triples – with his words.
Nice in practice but in the real world, he isn’t so sure.
His cock leaks and he can feel it against his pants. It’s more than the usual pre-cum. It’s just slick that seems to drip without warning and he fights back the urge to stick his hand down his pants to feel it.
“I-I need a quick break. Give me a second,” Steve stammers, turning off the camera for a moment as he fumbles with his pants, his boxer briefs already stained with the evidence of his arousal.
He could jerk off. It isn’t like they haven’t seen it before and that’s why they flock to him after all. Male Omegas aren’t supposed to have big dicks. It’s a fact that Steve’s biology had decided to ignore. It’s big, thick and long and with his size, he’s self-conscious that someone will make a comment about it.
But it’s already toward the end of the month and he needs to pay his share of rent. Bucky’s offered to cover but he can’t ask him to do that again. Not with Bucky being overseas. He has enough to worry about than making sure he adds double into the account.
When the camera turns back on, Steve is propped up on pillows, staring directly into the camera as his hand slides up and down his slick covered cock.
“This is what you came to see, right?” he asks, his voice slightly higher than normal. It’s an octave that signs that he’s ready to mate and the numbers dial up so fast that it becomes a blur. The fast his hand moves, the more eager the chat is to see him fall apart.
When he closes his eyes, he thinks of you, the way you moved away from him when it got to your stop, your scent still in the air when you hesitated for that moment, enough for him to inhale one last time.
“Thanks for that,” you’d told him, giving him a nod. “Be safe.”
As far as he knew, no Alpha ever told him to be safe. They were threatening, rude and condescending – save for the few that he knew personally – and yet, there you were, all the same as you clutched your bag to your chest and left. Steve watched you leave, looking out the window as he pressed the material to his nose to commit your scent to memory.
That scent, the feel of your hoodie under his free hand that crushes the sweatshirt with his fingers makes him cum, a soft chirp slipping from his pink lips.
When his eyes flutter open, he’s made triple his portion of rent.
“T-That’s enough for tonight,” Steve tries to breathe with a wink and a soft smile as perspiration dots his forehead. “Alphas, thank you for supporting me.”
Tumblr media
“We need to talk about your designs.”
Sharon Carter stands behind you, eyeing your mess of a desk as you spin around in your chair.
“What about them?” you ask, her high ponytail pulled so tight that it looks like she had a facelift.
“I don’t like them. Our client doesn’t either.”
You know she never brings you any good news and you try not to be argumentative, but you know that isn’t true. The client had left raving about your designs with her yoga studio, signing the contract almost immediately. Maria Hill runs one of the biggest yoga studios on the East Coast and it meant big money for this little design firm.
“I think Miss Hill would beg to differ,” you counter, raising an eyebrow as Sharon closes the door behind her.
“I know my dear Aunt Peggy loved hiring Alphas but I don’t care for them. Clearly, you’re already trying to argue with me and all I told you was that I didn’t like them.”
“Without any basis of telling me why. That’s why I have an issue.”
“Calm down,” Sharon tells you. “I just want you to fix it, that’s all.”
You bristle at her words, forcing yourself to stay quiet. Knowing your temper, she’ll only use that against you and you can’t afford to lose this job. You’re barely holding on as it is.
“What do you need me to change?”
Sharon brightens at your question, even if your voice sounds pained because you’re trying to hold back a growl.
She rambles off the colors and the placement of the designs, inputting her own ideas as you stay silent, writing down everything she tells you. You need a drink and badly. Even at the thought, you can hear your therapist telling you that it’s a bad idea. Not that you care at this point. You’ve been trying to be better at work but between your ripped bag from days ago and the agitation that continues to build, you know you’re about to be in rut.
And rut for Alphas means that Sharon is in danger of having her air supply cut off if she continues to speak.
“Anything else?”
It comes out more forcefully than you want it to and Sharon stops mid-sentence.
“No,” she says quietly with a surprised look on her face. “I think that’s it. Have it on my desk by Monday.”
With a short nod, you turn back around, feeling a bead of sweat roll down your temple before she closes the door. You can’t afford your suppressants that stave off rut and to keep your mood swings in check. Downing half a gallon of water, you know you’re in trouble.
You can fight it. It isn’t the first time you’ve been in rut and it won’t be the last but you can’t get arrested again. Not for another fight. Your parents, god bless them, love you but they’re Betas and were woefully unprepared for an Alpha daughter like you. As you grew older, your mother stopped inviting you to family events as your tattoos multiplied and so did your love of dark colors.
Now, only phone calls kept you abreast of how they were doing. When the sadness hits, you lock your computer, grabbing your taped up bag before you head out the door. Head down, you know the Omegas can smell your scent that look up at you hopefully, a chorus of chirps behind you as the door slams shut.
Once you make it outside, you aren’t sure how fast you’re walking until you reach the park, finding a bench to sit before the tears come. No matter how many times you cry, you get upset, angry at yourself for showing a sign of weakness. Alphas aren’t supposed to be emotional but no matter how many times you tell yourself that, it doesn’t get any easier.
Your phone chimes in your hand, notifying you that your rut is supposed to start in in a week.
It’s early.
You know why. That little Omega at the bus stop. The one who was freezing cold and took your hoodie when you offered it. It was him. You couldn’t get his scent out of your head since you had gotten off the bus stop. It was just as well. Still, your mouth waters at the memory of his mating gland and you huff in frustration, slinging your bag over your shoulder as you begin the walk home. Taking the bus would be quicker but you didn’t want to risk it. 
Tumblr media
Steve lugs the heavy trash bag outside, tossing it into the trash can before he slams the lid closed when he sees you. You haven’t gotten your bag replaced, your eyes still focused on your phone when you pass by.
“Hey!” Steve calls out, heading toward you as you stop.
You look upset and Steve stops in his tracks at the sight of your angry expression out of caution. “Hey… are you okay?”
“Yeah, m’fine,” you answer him quickly. “Why?”
“You just,” Steve begins, still keeping his distance. “You look mad.”
“I am.”
“Okay,” Steve says with a slight pause. “Is there anything I can do to help?”
He can see your jaw clench, the way your head tilts up at his scent. He braces himself for the shove against the building, much as it’s happened to him before, again and again. He waits, hands at his sides when he realizes you aren’t moving.
“What?” you ask him with a huff. “You look like you’re waiting for me to bite you.”
“Some try.”
“They’re assholes,” you inform him, his eyes widening at your remark. “Rut makes it worse but consent still exists, Omega.”
The way you say it sounds worse than it should. Steve feels guilt pool in his belly as you shrug your bag over your shoulder, fishing out your wallet as you hand him ten dollars.
“What’s this for?” he asks, watching you shove your wallet back into your pocket.
“Bus fare, remember?”
“It… it wasn’t ten dollars. It was less than that.”
“That’s all I have. Keep it.”
You don’t say goodbye, turning on your heels to continue on. Steve really shouldn’t be looking at you walking away but he appreciates the way your ass looks in your jeans and Doc Martens. A tomboy through and through, right down to the weird look you give him when he moves right in front of you.
“I’m sorry,” he begins, scratching at his mark absentmindedly. “I shouldn’t have assumed that you were like the others.”
“I could be,” you answer, baring your canines at him. “Since some try to bite you. Might as well confirm your suspicions.”
“I don’t think you’re like that.”
He knows that somehow. He inches closer, knowing that he shouldn’t. You’re strong, even if it doesn’t seem like it at the first glance. But he feels safe at the moment, observing the way your shoulders relax, your pupils dilating.
“You don’t know me.”
“I could. We aren’t strangers anymore.”
He waits for you to answer as you swallow hard.
“No. Guess we aren’t.”
“Do you… do you wanna come upstairs? I can give you your hoodie.”
He looks up at his apartment and then back at you. You stay still, shaking your head.
“Better not. I’ll stay down here.”
“You’re in rut,” Steve says out loud once he realizes it. “Um, okay. I’ll be right back.”
You wipe your palms on your pants while he hesitates again. It’s a bad idea that he has but he’s never been this close to one that is in rut that hasn’t tried to take advantage of him. His hindbrain is screaming that this Alpha will take care of him. Protect him.
It’s all basic biology that Steve knows to be certain but he scratches at his mark again.
A bad idea, he tells himself again. But he really wants to have you see his apartment. He recently just cleaned it and he wants you to see it.
“Why don’t you just come on up? I trust you.”
“You shouldn’t,” comes your reply as he hears you behind him.
He really likes your scent. He hasn’t washed your hoodie but he hopes you’ll forgive him as he climbs the steps.
“Omegas,” you mutter behind him.
“Yeah, I, uh,” Steve rambles. “It’s an Omega housing unit. Can’t really afford anything since I’m a male Omega and they don’t exactly hire guys like me. My best friend, Bucky, he’s one of the only Alphas that’s allowed here. Sort of my bodyguard when he’s home but he’s in the military so he’s never around.”
“What do you do for a living?”
He pauses again.
“Sales. Um, basically work from home. Pays the bills.”
He fumbles with his keys when he gets to his door, noticing you keeping your distance as he opens it, pushing it wider for you to enter.
“Come on in.”
Tumblr media
Upon first glance, his apartment is better than yours. Not that you are surprised. Omega housing units go for aesthetics and safety. His apartment is clean, his full size bed pushed up against the wall from what you can see from the small hallway. You aren’t sure why you’re disappointed at the lack of a nest on what you can see from the bed. You’ve never had an Omega of your own that wasn’t a one night stand but you’ve heard stories of those who enjoy nesting.
Clearly, Steve isn’t one of those.
“It’s nice,” you say, watching him smile at your praise.
It’s awkward to stand in the middle of his apartment, unsure of what to do. His scent permeates everything and you know you’re wet because of it.
“Want something to drink?”
You should ask for water. It’s a safe choice. But your head is throbbing and your senses are heightened.
“Something strong.”
His eyes widen before he goes back to shuffling contents in his fridge.
“I think I have some vodka. I’m not a big drinker but you’re welcome to it. Have a seat,” he offers with a wave of his hand behind his back while he pulls out a bottle.
Your bag falls to the ground while you sit, watching him pour a shot glass full and then a glass of water. A little bartender in the form of an Omega.
Downing the shot, feeling the burn down your throat, you can tell he’s watching you but you don’t care, pouring two more shots and downing them as you exhale. Your week isn’t over and you have deadlines and bills to pay, the pressure continuing to mount the more you think about it.
“Bad day?” Steve asks, leaning against the counter.
“You could say that. Thanks for the vodka.”
“Yeah, don’t mention it. You can finish the whole bottle if you want. Like I said, not really a drinker. You see the size of me? One inhale and I’m done for.”
You have to smile at his joke, shaking your head as you down the water. It feels nice here. Weirdly comforting in a way that you can’t really describe. Like you could be tucked away from the world and away from all of your problems.
His cheeks are tinted pink when he realizes you catching him staring and he shifts his feet.
“Oh, your hoodie,” he mutters, moving away from the small kitchen and toward his bedroom.
Your eyes are heavy when you turn to him, your hoodie in his hands.
“Thanks,” you answer, reaching down for your bag to stuff it inside.
“Thanks for letting me borrow it.”
When you stand, you can’t help but yawn, hoping your walk home will be a quick one so that you can try to get some sleep.
“You can take a nap here,” Steve pipes up. “You’re welcome to my bed. I’m not tired and I have some things to do.”
“I shouldn’t.”
“I know you shouldn’t,” Steve counters. “But, I, uh, I think you should rest. I’m not supposed to tell a woman she looks tired, I know that. But you look tired.”
He reaches out his hand to yours and you find yourself letting his fingers grasp yours, pulling you forward gently as he guides you into his bedroom. If you thought his scent permeated the apartment when you first got in, you’re surrounded by it, almost enraptured by how good it smells and he nods at you to lay down.
You’re careful when you lay on your side, his pillows firm and comforting when you close your eyes.
“Wake me up,” you request sleepily. “Before seven.”
“I will.”
Tumblr media
Steve knows he should wake you up. It’s been an hour since you’ve fallen asleep. He likes having you in his bed, your Doc Martens at the foot of his bed, your skull and crossbones socks visible as he sits on the bed.
He isn’t sure why but he knows if there was ever any danger, he wouldn’t be afraid. Not while you’re here. He’s gotten those feelings before, the fight or flight, when inevitably, an Alpha would come and fight one of the residents here. With Bucky gone, there’s no sense of safety besides locking the door and calling for help. But you’re here, even if you’re asleep and he finds himself laying next to you, trying to commit your pretty face to memory because he’s not sure if he’ll see you again except in passing.
Up close, you look angelic, not the grumpy Alpha that bared her canines at him earlier. He could sense your distress and he doesn’t know why but he’s certain that if he could, he’d remove any obstacle to take the stress away.
Perhaps this is the best he could do at the moment, offering you his bed while he lies next to you, his back to you for a moment when he feels your hand on his hip. You are stronger than he thought, your mouth against the back of neck as you inhale, a soft purr emitting from your chest. You’re still asleep when he calls your name softly, his hand smoothing down your own before he yawns.
“Goodnight, Alpha,” Steve says quietly. He should wake you up, make sure that you get home safe but he’s greedy for the moment and wants to keep you for himself.
“You too, Omega,” comes your reply, snuggling against him.
And with that, Steve smiles to himself, the contented chirp that leaves his mouth one that you flex your fingers against him for in response.
He’s got his own Alpha all to himself.
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Non-Sequential [Ch. 27]
Pairing: Pre-Serum Steve Rogers/Steve Rogers x Reader
One night, Steve Rogers met a beautiful dame named Y/N. He hadn’t intended on letting her get away. But fate had other ideas. Y/N appeared and disappeared in his life so hauntingly that Steve started to wonder if she was an angel meant to watch over him.
Word Count: 3,200
Chapter 26
Tumblr media
Y/N shot up in bed when her Kimoyo beads lit up and alerted her of an incoming call.
It was the middle of the night and she had been fast asleep.
When she tapped one of the beads, a hologram of Steve popped up.
“Steve?” She asked as she sat up and rubbed her eyes awake.
“I’m sorry to wake you,” he said softly.
“It’s fine. Is everything OK?” She asked.
Steve sighed. “Vision and Wanda were attacked in Edinburgh.”
Y/N was fully awake now. “Attacked?”
“By…By aliens,” Steve added.
She froze. It sounded like a joke. But the look on Steve’s face was nothing but serious.
“Is everyone OK?”
Steve glanced down. “Vision’s hurt. It’s not good. Wanda’s a little beat up, but fine. Nat and Sam are OK.”
“And what about you?” She challenged.
“I’m fine,” he answered too quickly.
Y/N waited for him to continue.
“We’re on the quinjet now.” Then he hesitated. “Headed to the compound.” He sighed again. “Y/N…there was an attack in New York City. Tony’s missing. He was last seen boarding the spaceship that landed. And that’s the last anyone’s heard of him.”
Y/N suddenly realized why Steve was calling her. Something bad was about to happen. And neither of them believed they were going to see each other before it all went down.
“What if they arrest you?” Y/N thought aloud.
But Steve was already shaking his head at the question. “They know they need us. We’re about to be under attack. They’ve already lost Tony. Earth needs as much help as it can get.”
“What do they want?” She asked numbly.
“Vision. They want the mind stone.” Steve’s jaw clenched. “We’re taking him to the compound to see if we can remove it and still keep him alive.”
Y/N knew none of this was good. Tony was missing, Vision’s life was at stake, and aliens, they knew nothing about, were about to reign hell on the entire planet if they didn’t get what they wanted.
It was all above Y/N. She may have had an enhancement, but she was never a superhero. She didn’t come from a military background or the intelligence community. She only knew about the secrets of the universe from her relationship with Steve.
“Steve,” she whispered, “are you coming back?”
It was the question Steve was scared to answer.
“I-I don’t know, Y/N.”
She was about to open her mouth, say her goodbyes and tell him how much she loved him. Everything that needed to be said before they went into the unknown.
But Steve cut her off before she could do it. “I’ll call you soon,” he urged in his captain voice.
Except Y/N stayed quiet and looked unsure.
“Y/N,” his tone was stern. “Look at me.”
She did.
“I will call you soon. OK?”
She nodded.
Then the call ended and Y/N’s bedroom was filled with darkness once again.
Tumblr media
Bucky woke up to the sound of someone pounding on his door.
“Bucky! Bucky, wake up!”
He shot out of bed as he immediately recognized Y/N’s voice.
The two of them hadn’t spoken since he went to her room and confessed everything.
But none of that mattered when he could clearly hear the panic in her voice.
He opened the door to Y/N’s wide eyes and heavy breathing. He looked past her shoulder to see that both of her guards were watching her with slight concern, proving that they didn’t know any more than he did of what was going on. They had just blindly followed her here and asked no questions. 
“What’s going on?” He asked her.
“I need you to teach me how to shoot a gun,” Y/N said as she struggled to catch her breath.
His eyes furrowed. “What?”
“I’m never going to be as good as I need to be at hand-to-hand combat. So…I need you to show me how to shoot a gun.”
“Y/N, it’s the middle of night. What the hell is going on?”
“Something’s coming. I don’t–I don’t know.” Then her bottom lip started trembling. “I just…I’m sick of being useless. I’m not going to stay here and hide when everyone else is fighting.”
Then she was crying. She was quickly becoming hysterical.
Without even thinking, Bucky pulled her shaking body towards him with his one arm.
“Shhh, kid. It’s OK. It’s OK.” He rubbed her back. “Can you take a deep breath? Can you do that for me?”
It took a bit of coaxing, but Y/N was finally able to do what he asked.
Bucky ignored the guards as he tried to calm her down.
He pulled away to look at her. “Now, tell me what’s going on? What’s gotten you so upset?” He pushed some hair off her face that got stuck to her skin thanks to the tears.
“It’s Thanos.” She finally whispered.
“Who the fuck is Thanos?”
After that, Bucky explained to Y/N’s guards that they were dismissed and he’d look after Y/N. 
30 minutes later, he had Y/N sitting in his kitchen with a blanket draped over her shoulders and a cup of tea in her grasp.
She looked so young and scared. The first time Bucky had met Y/N, long before he knew about her ability, she was as older than he’d ever known her. But now, she seemed so young and innocent.
Bucky was reminded that while Steve and Bucky had lived multiple lives that weaved in and out of time, Y/N was just in her first. She had dealt with and seen far more than any young woman her age should have. But with her ability, she never had a choice.  
Maybe that was why Bucky felt this draw to her, this sense of duty to protect her. But it was rather silly, wasn’t it? That’s what Steve already did. She didn’t need Bucky too.
Y/N had managed to explain to Bucky the call she’d just received from Steve.
It all made a bit more sense to him now.
“A war’s coming, Bucky,” Y/N muttered as her eyes held no focus, just staring off into the distance.
He didn’t say anything.
“And I can’t do anything to help,” she frowned. “I’m fucking useless.”
Bucky immediately leaned forward. “Hey,” his voice was stern, “That is not true.”
“They say I’m ‘enhanced,’ but my ability is useless. I can’t help anyone with it. I can’t even help myself. I wish I was like Wanda. Or even Natasha…she’s more normal than me and she can make a difference.”
“You think they only way to make a difference is to fight?” Bucky challenged.
“When it’s come to fighting a war, yes.”
He glared at her then. “And what about all the paramedics, the nurses, the doctors?” He sat up straighter. “Or the helpers?”
She squinted at him. “The helpers?”
“There’s always civilians – people just like you – who are helping. Look at any crisis and there’s people saving complete strangers.”
He leaned back in his chair and rubbed his face.
“People like Steve and the Avengers… they fight so people like you can be safe, so people like you don’t have to fight.”
“You’re saying you’re not one of those people?” She asked, not ignoring that Bucky didn’t include himself in any of that.
“I’m a wanted man,” Bucky pointed out.
“So is Steve,” Y/N immediately countered. “So are half of the Avengers.”
“That’s different and you know it, kid.” Bucky sighed. “And they wouldn’t be wanted if it wasn’t for me…”
Y/N’s Kimoyo beads glowed blue suddenly, signaling that she was getting an incoming call. There is no one else it could be besides Steve.
She instantly tapped at them just how Shuri had taught her.
Seconds later, Steve’s hologram lit up Bucky’s tiny hut.
“Steve! Are you OK?” Y/N instantly blurted out.
“I’m fine. Everyone’s the same,” he quickly told her.
She let out a sigh of relief and allowed herself to relax a little bit.
“I’ll be home in a few hours,” Steve added.
“You’re all…coming to Wakanda?” Y/N asked carefully.
“Shuri is the only person that can help Vision. There’s no other option.”
She nodded in understanding.
“Y/N, I’ve already talked to T’Challa. I’m sending you back to the States as soon as I get back.”
“What the hell are you talking about, Steve? I’m not going anywhere.”
Steve expected this reaction. “Y/N, think about what I just said. We’re bringing Vision back. That means we’re bringing the war right to Wakanda. We’re about to make the country the most dangerous place on the planet.”
“I don’t care. I’m not leaving. Not without you.” Something about her word choice made Steve suddenly go quiet.
“We’ll talk about it when I get there,” he told her quietly.
Y/N realized how tired he looked.
“I just wanted to call and check in,” Steve told her.
She didn’t argue with him further, but the look on her face proved that she wasn’t going to give up without a fight.
“I love you,” he told her.
Y/N’s eyes flickered to Bucky. But then quickly went back to the hologram.
“I love you, too.” Steve’s hologram collapsed.
For the first time in awhile, Bucky didn’t keep his distance from Y/N. In fact, he was now doing the complete opposite as he stood on the landing pad of the palace.
Y/N had been fidgeting since they got there, waiting for the team to arrive.
Bucky could tell by the way she held her body and the shadows under her eyes that she didn’t sleep a wink last night.
He’d offered for her to stay and sleep at his place last night, after he finally calmed her down and talked things out with her.
But Y/N immediately declined.
Bucky guessed things were forever changed now that he had admitted his true feelings for her. It’s not like he didn’t expect repercussions for his confession, but it all happened so quickly. He wasn’t ready yet.
“Please don’t let him send me away.”
Bucky blinked.
Y/N had said it so quietly and quickly. It didn’t sound like her. Probably because it came from a place of pure desperation.
He quickly turned to look at her to make sure he wasn’t imagining things.
“Y/N, I don’t think – he’s not gonna listen to me,” Bucky told her gently.
When it came to Y/N and her safety, Bucky didn’t think Steve would listen to anyone. That’s what caused the couples grievances in the first place. Steve would always do what he thought was best for Y/N. It didn’t matter what Bucky, his best friend, had to say.
“He listens to you. Especially when it comes to me,” Y/N told him.
Bucky didn’t know how to respond to that. But it didn’t matter because the quinjet was now lowering to the platform.
Y/N and Bucky stood back, letting T’Challa formally greet the new guests of Wakanda.
It gave Y/N an opportunity to take everyone in. She hadn’t seen Bruce in forever. He looked the same. But he’d clearly been shaken up. Vision couldn’t even stand up straight and had his arm around Wanda, who was helping him off the jet.
As the team headed their way, Bucky stepped forward, but Y/N remained where she stood.
She watched as Bucky started talking to Steve.
Steve’s eyes flickered over Bucky’s shoulder at Y/N. It was the dead giveaway that they were talking about her.
In return, Y/N looked at the ground, not enjoying the feeling of being discussed without actually being a part of the conversation.
But her attention was quickly taken away when Sam and Nat came over to give her giant hugs. They hadn’t seen her since everything went down with the Accords. When Steve returned to Wakanda to be with her, he never brought the team with him.
“It’s good to see you,” Sam told her with a soft smile as he hugged her.
“Have you been training?” Nat asked as she looked her up and down, taking note of the new muscles that had grown on Y/N’s form.
Y/N shrugged. “A little bit.”
“If you’ll all follow me this way,” T’Challa interrupted, guiding the new guests to Shuri’s lab.
Y/N turned and watched them go.
“I’ll be there in a second,” Steve said from behind her.
When she turned to face him, he was standing right behind her. But Bucky was nowhere to be found.
“Hi,” Y/N spoke quietly.
He gave her a sad smile. “Hi.”
Before he could say anything more, Y/N threw herself into his arms. He instantly wrapped himself around her, like it would be enough to protect her from anything in the world. But they both knew that was impossible.
“I shouldn’t have talked about sending you away the way I did,” Steve quickly told her, whispering it into her hair. “I’m sorry. I wasn’t thinking.”
She pulled back to look at him, but stayed in his arms. “You can’t push me away every time there’s danger around, Steve.”
“I know. I know that now.”
“I’m staying here,” Y/N declared, just to make her point.
He nodded.
Whatever Bucky had said to Steve, Y/N had to thank him for it.
“Go on,” Y/N lightly shoved him away. “T’Challa and the team are waiting for you.”
Steve sighed. “I’ll come find you later.”
Y/N nodded.
Tumblr media
An hour later, they landed.
The reactions could’ve been worse and more panicked.
Y/N didn’t know what to do as she watched guards and Dora Milaje calling out orders and rushing around the palace. She heard them say something about evacuating the city.
Her eyes raced from face to face, trying to find someone she knew to ask what was going on or what she could do to help.
Her panic started increasing as she failed to find anyone.
“Y/N! Y/N!” His voice called through the chaos.
Relief instantly washed over her as she turned around to find Steve walking toward her with such purpose that everyone stayed out of his way.
“Steve, what’s going on?” She asked. Y/N had seen the ships landing, had felt the vibration as one of them crashed into the protective forcefield.
“They’re here,” he explained.
Then she looked down to see that there was a contraption on each of his forearms.
Y/N’s eyes widened, quickly processing what was happening. “What are you doing?” She shot at him, her tone filled with accusation.
“We’re holding them off. Shuri needs time.”
“Steve, no–“
“Y/N, listen to me,” he cut her off and grabbed her shoulders. Next thing she knew, he was ushering her towards the platform again. “Once we leave, you’re going with the Queen Mother. You’ll be safe with her.”
Hovercrafts were on the platform now and warriors were rushing around them.
Y/N was still trying to process what was happening. She couldn’t focus on anything.
“Steve…” she breathed his name.
Y/N was going into shock.
“Hey, look at me,” he gently pulled her face away from all the chaos that surrounded them. And just like that, he was all she saw. “You’re going to be OK.”
Tears started spilling down her cheeks and she was shaking her head. “I’m not worried about me, Steve.”
He pulled her into him. It was a dangerous thing to do: he didn’t know if he’d be able to let go now.
“I love you, Y/N. Whatever happens, you know that, right?”
He felt her nod against him.
She pulled back, eyes still shedding tears. “I’ve always known that.”
Steve gave her a sad smile.
Then she pulled him into a kiss. It didn’t matter that they were surrounded by people. Nobody was paying them any attention.
It was a goodbye kiss. Steve could feel it. It was desperate. It was messy. But there was also an edge to Y/N. He felt emotions shifting off her that he didn’t quite understand.
There was no time to question it.
“Steve, I love you,” she gasped for air. “I love you so much.”
“I know,” he breathed, still holding her face close to his.
Then someone was calling his name.
“Y/N, I have to go now.” She nodded, but still didn’t drop her hold on him. “You have to let me go,” he whispered to her.
Y/N took in a deep breath and finally took a step back.
“I’ll be OK,” Steve told her as she started slowly walking backwards. He didn’t want to look away from her yet. He couldn’t.
But then he was finally immersed in the crowd of people preparing for battle. She’d lost him.
But then another thought occurred to her.
“Bucky!” She gasped.
Now her eyes were racing around her, trying to find him.
By some miracle, Y/N spotted him as he was about to board a hovercraft.
She jumped into a run, trying her best to avoid running into anyone. She slammed into a few shoulders, but she didn’t that stop her. 
“Bucky!” She called and he instantly turned at both his name and her voice.
Y/N was trying to catch her breath when she stopped in front of him. “Were you really going to leave without saying goodbye?” She accused.
Bucky at least looked a little guilty. “I’ve never been good at goodbyes, kid.”
“Can you promise me something?” She asked him slowly.
“When this is all over, can we go back to how things used to be between us? I don’t want to hurt you. But I can’t – I don’t want you to keep pushing me away.”
He thought about it for a moment, but nodded his head. “I promise.”
Y/N wrapped him in a hug, burying her face in his neck.
“Don’t worry, kid. I’ll look after that punk,” Bucky breathed into her hair.
“I want you to look after yourself,” she countered.
“Barnes, we’re heading out,” Nat said from atop the hovercraft.
Y/N stepped back from him before she could do anything she regretted.
Bucky gave her a look that she couldn’t quite read.
Y/N wondered…if things were different, if Bucky wasn’t so worried about hurting the people around him, what would he say to her in this moment?
The wind rushed around Y/N as she watched the hovercrafts take off.
Besides the guards who were waiting to escort her to the secure location with the Queen Mother... Y/N was all alone.
The tears slid silently down her face now. She didn’t make a sound, just watched them all getting smaller and smaller as they got closer to the enemy.
Y/N already knew she wasn’t going to see them again.
Chapter 28
I did it! (don’t worry, this aint the last chapter. i’m not that lucky 😒)
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preserum-feral · 4 months ago
cannot stop thinking about what assholes steve and bucky were to each other in the 40s dvdjfnjfnfn like all the fanart is so sweet and tender and then the canon is just “hey steve you know what my biggest dream is” “idk maybe finally getting that stick out of your ass??” “no jackass it’s coming home to find out you spent your day minding your fucking business”
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punani · a year ago
Okay... preserum Steve’s dick ranks up there with buck, but no one knows it, because no one will give him the chance until you do. You don’t know how big he is either. Poor baby is so insecure that he thinks that you’re unimpressed the first time you see it. But you’re like “what??? You think you’re SMALL???” and that confidence boost you give him?? Baby, be prepared for a few rounds
oh my god this blessed my entire soul
steve’s birthday bash
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stargazingfangirl18 · 4 months ago
But imagine giving pre serum Steve a blow job at that fair and Bucky is like is this kid in another fight just to see you sucking the soul out of him. Baby Steve having no idea what to do.
This is a little different than what you asked, but I hope you like it still ❤️😘🙏🏻
Tumblr media
Warnings: Explicit sexual content. Explicit language. Oral sex (m receiving). AU probably. 18+ only!
The gasp Steve gave the first time you kissed the tip of his cock was so sharp you swore you felt it in your cunt.
“That feels so good,” he whispered, watching in awe as you swiped your tongue over the weeping crown of him, the taste of his pre-cum tanging across your tastebuds.
His hand was so gentle as he cupped your cheek, his skin soft and warm as you closed your lips around his length and slowly swallowed him down.
For a smaller guy, Steve packed a punch beneath those pressed slacks of his, and you moaned around the length of him, your panties flooding as Steve grunted and rutted deeper into your throat at the vibration.
“Sorry, sorry,” he apologized quickly as you gagged around him.
You pulled back with a wet pop, giving him a warm smile as your hand twisted and gripped him, making him rock against your wicked touch desperately.
“Don’t apologize, Stevie, I like making you feel good.” A few teasing kitten licks against his tip had him moaning and sinking back against the wall.
You playfully suckled along the crown of his length, loving the way Steve was staring down at you like you were this beautiful, majestic thing that he couldn’t quite wrap his head around.
“You’re making me feel so good, doll,” he breathed, groaning as you tongued along the vein on the underside of his cock.
“Good enough to make you cum down my throat?” You batted your eyes, giggling as his pretty pink lips twitched into a smile.
“If that’s what you want,” he murmured.
“That’s all that I want.” You pressed a sweet kiss to the head of him. “So give it to me, handsome.”
And then you were eagerly swallowing his length once more, eyes closing in bliss as Steve let go for you.
He gently cradled your head between his hands as he fucked your face, grunts and moans raining down around you until his hips lost their rhythm and you felt the burn of his pleasure at the back of your throat.
You eased off of him after a moment, wiping at your mouth before dabbing tears from the corners of your eyes and giving him a soft smile.
Holding his dazed gaze, you cleaned him with your tongue, giving the crown of his cock a final kiss before tucking him away.
Steve reached for you, drawing you up to your feet and pulling you close, his lips quick to descend on yours and show you without words just how grateful he was for your sweet attention.
“You’re incredible,” he hummed against your lips, giving you another quick peck.
“Ditto, handsome,” you whispered, pulling back and grinning at his mussed state.
You took a moment to smooth down his soft hair and straighten his shirt collar, your hands sliding down his chest as you leaned in for another lingering kiss.
“How about we walk one more loop around the fair before squirreling away some treats to take home and enjoy together?”
“I dunno,” Steve hesitated, making you frown until a beautiful smile curled across his lips. “Not sure I need any treats, not when I have the sweetest thing in the whole world right here.”
He pulled you in for another kiss, grinning as you laughed against his lips, his arms winding around your back and holding you close, to him, right where you belonged.
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muffinshark · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
painted some thoughts re: steve rogers and illness
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murkycrush · a day ago
Tumblr media
These two '40s Brooklyn boys are winning my heart.
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