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#precious peter parker

Through thick and thin

TW: Graphic depictions of violence; blood


Tony felt his heart leap in fear when he heard a certain spider-baby’s voice behind him. He whirled around in mid air, dropping a few feet in shock before he stabilized himself.

“Hi, Mr. Stark!” Peter chirped excitedly, skillfully swinging in a large arc and flipping onto his armor, the eyes of his mask almost comically wide. “What’s up?”

Tony struggled to see the boy who was perched on his back, twisting his neck back and forth. “What the hell are you doing here, Pete?”

“I just wanted to help,” he whined, his head hovering upside down in front of Tony’s face. 

“No, you don’t,” he grumbled, trying to grab hold of his kid, who was crawling all over his back to avoid him. “You want to go back to school and learn about why the adults in your life are trying to keep you safe.”

Peter giggled. “I know, Tony, and I am safe. I have you!”

He said it so cheerfully, so matter-of-factly, as if Tony’s heart hadn’t melted and his brain hadn’t turned to mush at his precious kid’s words. He was grateful for the helmet shielding his face, otherwise Peter might have been soaked in his tears.

“Mr. Stark? You okay?”

He jerked out of his stupor. “Yeah.” He sniffed. “Yeah, buddy, I’m great.”

“Okay.” Peter sounded suspicious, but he let it drop. “Sure.”

“So, um… what’s going on?” He looked around, trying to find the other Avengers and their opponent(s).

Peter barely saw the blast in time. 

He jumped up and aimed a web at the nearest skyscraper, pulling Tony with him, the man letting out a shout of surprise. 

The spot where they had just been was now raining down ash and bright purple sparks.

Peter blinked the black spots out of his eyes, his ears ringing slightly. Gradually he realized that Tony was shouting; they were moving fast, Tony’s metal arms wrapped tight around him.

“Peter! Are you okay, Bug?” the man yelled frantically, masked face hovering in front of Peter’s.

“Arachnid,” he corrected. He heard Tony breathe a heavy sigh of relief. They landed on the roof of a towering skyscraper. Peter was sure that Mr. Stark was running over his vitals in the suit and checking for any injuries, no matter how minor they might be. Peter rolled his eyes.

“What was that?” he asked, looking around wildly. “Is Mister Doctor Strange here?”

“I am,” said a dry voice behind them. “But that wasn’t me.”

Tony jumped protectively in front of Peter as they spun around, then relaxed, just slightly, when he recognized the tall figure standing in front of the remnants of a glowing orange portal.

“Strange,” Tony greeted.

“Stark.” Stephen nodded.

Peter waved, grinning.

“What’s with the light show?” Tony asked, setting a hand on his kid’s shoulder.

“A wizard,” the doctor said shortly. “And a powerful one, too. Neoma Ambrosia. She’s fairly new to magic, but she’s dangerous.”

“I think Neoma means ‘new moon’ in Greek,” Peter mused quietly. Tony ruffled his hair proudly, nodding. My genius kid, he thought fondly. 

“Tony! What’s going on?”

Natasha, Sam, Steve, and Bucky ran up. Peter couldn’t help but wonder how they had climbed up to the roof. He imagined Sam trying to lug two super soldiers and a heavily armed assassin up a one hundred seventy-five meter tall skyscraper; Peter was sure he could do it.

“There’s a crazy wizard trying to kill us!” the young spider said enthusiastically. “Her name’s Neoma Ambrosia, which I’m pretty sure means ‘new moon’ in Greek, which is like, a super cool name. And she shoots purple fire! We haven’t seen her in, like, fifteen minutes, though.”

Tony chuckled as the other four Avengers blinked. His kid was a whirlwind, and he loved to listen to him chatter.

“Everyone keep watch!” Steve yelled, making Peter flinch. Tony squeezed his neck gently and glared at the super soldier, who remained oblivious. “Eyes peeled like grapes!”

“Ew,” Peter muttered. 

They spent the next ten minutes straining their eyes for any sight of Neoma.

Tony was about to turn to Steve and suggest they search the ground, when the edge of the roof exploded with a familiar purple fire, right where Peter was standing.

Tony screamed his child’s name, white, icy-hot terror running through his veins. Rubble tumbled off that building, falling with the small red and blue body. 

“No,” he whispered, thrusters at full speed. “No. No. No no no no!”

He crashed to the concrete and sprinted to the rubble that covered his kid.  

“Peter, Peter, Peter,” he muttered fervently, throwing the huge boulders with his iron hands as if they were pebbles. He was sure he could lift them just as easily without his suit with the fear and adrenaline coursing through his veins. All the while he yelled, over and over again, the name of the one reason he got out of bed in the morning, the one reason he was alive: his only child, his son, his baby. 

At last, at last, he spotted delicate curls peeking out from a hole in a red mask. Tony sobbed and crumpled to his knees, clearing the last of the rocks off of the boy’s small body.

“Peter,” he gasped. He peeled off his mask as gently as he could, hands trembling. “Peter.”

Miraculously, he was somehow awake. Tony sobbed frantically and kissed his forehead. His face was bruised and bloody, with tears rolling slowly off his cheeks. Peter held out shaking arms and made grabby hands, whimpering like a wounded kitten.

Tony ever so gently maneuvered the boy into his lap, Peter slumping heavily against his chest. He cupped his cheeks and kissed both of them, stroking his forehead and smiling tremulously. “Petey. Oh Petey.”

He bit back another cry, trying to hold in for his kid, who was cradled in his arms, bleeding and broken. Peter coughed, and with tremendous effort, lifted his hand to Tony’s face.

The man grasped it instantly, squeezing his small hand tight and trying to rub some sense of warmth into his cold skin. He pressed light kisses to the back of his hand. 

“Oh, baby, oh my god,” Tony whispered breathlessly, rocking his child back and forth in his arms. “You’re okay, you’re okay, sweetheart, shh.” 

Tears flowed down both their faces. Tony rushed to comfort Peter, forcing what he hoped was a reassuring smile and wiping away the tears with the pad of his thumb. “We’re gonna fix you up, Petey, just hold on. Hold on for me, ‘kay? Doctor Strange and the rest are just making sure it’s safe, and Doctor Cho is coming right now- she’ll be here any second, okay? You just gotta hold on, Petey.”

He sniffed and snuggled Peter more tightly against his chest. “All you gotta do is focus on me. Just look at me, honey. I love you, baby, I love you so much. Stay with me, il mio bambino.”

Peter’s eyes drifted lazily up to meet his. He struggled to focus on Tony’s face, his vision blurry and his eyes glassy. “Mi-mis’ er St’rk,” he croaked. “‘Ony.” He coughed, struggling to form words with his bloody, scratched lips and his dry mouth.

“Shh, shh,” Tony soothed. “Shh, baby, I’m right here. You’re doing you great, Petey.” He tangled his fingers in Peter’s curls, smoothing his hair down comfortingly. “You’re doing so great, sweetheart, I’m so proud of you.” Tony hastily wiped away his tears, which had begun to fall down to Peter’s face. “Just hold on, please.”

He squeezed his hand tightly, looking away and blinking rapidly when he realized his façade of calmness was shattering. 

Peter whimpered.

Tony’s eyes snapped back to his kid in fear. “Petey-?” he asked worriedly, then followed his gaze.

“Oh god.”

The sounds of blasts and explosions and fighting that faded completely came back full force when he realized the wizard was just ten yards in front of them, standing tall on a hill rubble, her dark gray robes swirling around her.

Tony gasped. Time seemed to move in slow motion as he rushed to protect his kid. He wrapped his arms tightly around Peter’s head and curled around the small body, effectively shielding him from an inevitable spell or explosion. 

And then-

He kicked off their pile of rubble and began to roll down, trying desperately to cushion Peter’s head as they gained momentum. Sharp stones slice at his skin but he favored protecting his kid far, far above his own safety. 

There was an explosion, so bright that purple swam in front of Tony’s closed eyes. Shards of glass and rock rained down on them and Tony could do nothing but squeeze Peter tighter and press his lips to his forehead and hope this wouldn’t be the end. 



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Peter stepped into Stark Tower, covering his mouth as he yawned. Tony hadn’t been able to pick him up today because of a board meeting and was going to send Happy up, but Peter told him he wouldn’t mind walking to the tower.

Tony, always the overprotective dad, had insisted he walk instead of swing in broad daylight, where he would be an obvious red and blue target.

He’d grumbled about in their group chat with May, but he really didn’t mind. He liked to stroll through the crowds, his earbuds in, blasting his favorite playlist and blocking out any other noises.

Peter yawned once again, the air conditioner making him shiver. He strolled cheerfully towards the elevator, excited for his lab time and movie night with Mr. Stark.

He began to say, “FRI, penthouse, please,” when a loud voice interrupted him.

“Hey, you! Kid! Stop right there!”

Peter froze and turned around. Two security guards marched up to him. He had never seen them before, but Mr. Stark had mentioned something the other day about “new staff” and “better security,” so he assumed they were new.

“You’re not allowed to be here,” she said, her tall figure towering above him. 

“B-but- I am, really! I’m an intern here, ask anyone!” He knew he sounded hysterically and completely unbelievable, but the sight of the two of the guards made his spidey sense bounce in his brain like an extra fast screensaver in an old tv. Probably because they had their hands on their tasers. Had the security guards always had tasers?

“Okay, kid, either you leave or we’ll make you,” said the shorter man. 

“But-” he began. 

Then a jolt of electricity ran through him. The guard shoved her taser back in its holster, and Peter fell to the ground, twitching violently. She bent and slung him over her shoulder. What he could glimpse of her face for a brief second, she was wearing a malicious grin.

His vision was blurry, his eyes burning, and he realized too late that there was no one else in the building with them. (Oh geez, where was everyone?)

These were not security guards. 

Peter struggled weakly as he was carried to the doors, earning a slap to the cheek. His kidnappers peeked out to see if the coast was clear, then ran to a van parked in front of the doorway.

The teen was thrown unceremoniously in the back, now handcuffed, blinded and gagged, attached to a metal pole. He heard the van door lock, then the pair jumped in. Peter yanked against his cuffs and squirmed around, trying to escape before the van started.

It was no use. The engine rumbled and they pulled away from Stark Tower. He tried the cuffs again, using all his strength, but all it did was send a shooting pain up his wrists.

Where did they get vibranium? As far as Peter knew, that was the only thing that could hold him if he wasn’t weak or sedated. Usually his kidnappers used flimsy metal he could break in a split second. In fact, the only time he’d been locked in vibranium handcuffs was when he’d once been captured by-


Oh shit.

Peter stopped trying to break the cuffs and moved  to work on the metal he was tied to, which was a bit of a struggle with the blindfold. He was about to give it a hard push, when the van stopped suddenly and he was thrown against the back seat.

Peter struggled to blink away the stars in his eyes, wishing he could pull the blindfold off to see what was happening. He could hear tires screeching and cars smashing into another, along with the familiar humming and whirring of the Iron Man suit.

Something blasted through the window and the two Hydra agents cried out. The doors opened and he heard them getting out and yelling. Peter winced when their shouts were cut silent.

There was another repulsor blast, and a few seconds later the door was yanked open with such force it broke off.



Peter smiled through the filthy cloth in his mouth. His blindfold and gag were pulled off gently, and he opened his eyes to find Tony’s terrified face hovering in front of him. 

“Pete- oh baby, are you okay?” he asked frantically. He cupped Peter’s face and kissed his forehead, feeling his head for bumps or blood. He felt along his ribs for breaks and then, satisfied he wasn’t hurt, pulled him into a bone crushing hug. 

“Can’ breathe,” Peter wheezed. “M’sser Stark, can’ breathe!”

Tony’s arms loosened slightly, kissing the top of his head. “Sorry, bud, sorry. I’m sorry, honey. Are you okay? What did they do to you?” He pulled back to see Peter’s face. “Shit, did they hit you?!” He gently rubbed the red mark on his cheek. “Dammit.”

“I’m okay. Really, I promise. I’m fine,” Peter assured him. “But these handcuffs- um, they’re vibranium, I think, um…”

Tony blinked in surprise. “Do they know about Spider-Man?”

Peter shook his head. “N-no, I don’t think so.”

Tony sighed in relief and kissed his forehead. “Okay. Okay, honey, let’s get you out of these.” He engaged his gauntlet and hugged Peter, pulling him away from the pole. A thin, red laser cut through his chains, controlled by Tony’s steadily careful hand. 

When he was free, the boy leaned forward and slumped against his strong chest, massaging his wrists. Tony gave a small gasp when he saw the red, bloody marks. “Oh, baby.” He rubbed the irritated skin of his wrist gently, then brought his hand up to his face and kissed the marks tenderly.

The boy leaned against him heavily, Tony’s worn, gentle hands combing through his hair. “Buddy, you can’t fall asleep just yet. We’ve gotta let Dr. Cho make sure you’re okay.”

Peter grumbled into his chest, rolling his eyes as Tony picked him up and carried him back into Stark Tower, telling FRIDAY to bring them up to the medbay where Dr. Cho would meet them. He protested vehemently to being carried into the medbay, but Tony didn’t let him down no matter how much he squirmed.

“You’ll need a straightjacket for him,” Tony advised as he lay Peter on the bed and sat next to him. 

Cho snorted quietly, hurrying forward. She wrapped a blood pressure cuff around his arm and placed her fingers on his wrist. “What happened?”

“Hydra happened,” Tony answered grimly. He shivered at the thought. His kid. His baby. Hydra. He pulled his kid close, squeezing him tight and pressing long kisses to the top of his head.

Peter blinked rapidly when Helen shined a light in his eye. Tony tenderly wiped away the tears brimming in his eyes from the bright light. 

His kid.


He could have been kidnapped, tortured, or worse-

No, don’t think of that. Don’t.

It wouldn’t happen, never, he wouldn’t allow it. It wasn’t possible.

Peter looked up at him, his big bambi eyes wide and innocent. “What’s wrong, Mr. Stark?”

“Nothing, bambino, it’s okay,” he murmured, caressing his cheek fondly. “I’m just glad you’re okay, sweetheart.”

“You’re right Tony, he’s doing great. A little bump on the head, and I’m going to put some ointment on his wrists just to make sure they heal up, but other than that he’s perfectly fine.”

Tony sighed in relief, and great weight lifting off his chest. In celebration he kissed Peter’s soft cheek and grinned, watching with an overprotective eye as Helen bandaged his wrists. 

“Mr. Stark. I’m okay,” the teen insisted. “You don’t have to worry.”

“I’ll always be worried about you, baby.”

“That’s a fact…. Uh, can we watch Hocus Pocus?” 

“Yeah, kiddie, of course we can.”




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So I just changed the status of my “Super Villain Tony Stark + Super Hero Peter Parker” fanfic from 2/2 to 2/? and I’m curious if anyone on ao3 noticed 0.O

Anywho… I was struck with motivation and I wrote 2238 words for a chapter 3, and finished an estimated 2/3s of it (who knows in the end the first 2.2k might end up being a much smaller fraction). I’ll probably finish and post it sometime in October/November. 

Let me know if you want to be tagged when I post it?

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How did I not post this? The days are long without him, but at least Peter can see Tony at night on the talk shows and galas. And his daddy always, always makes sure to face time even if it’s for five minutes. There are no stylists, no reporters, no nosey neighbours peering at their phones; just Tony and Peter. And Tessa.

“How’s my baby,” he goes to respond, ducks his head to avoid the light seeking his blush out, when Tony continues, “how’s my precious little Tessa?”

The croon sets his skin on fucking fire, but it’s not arousal making Peter’s stomach roll. The puppy by his side barks, eager because Tony’s there! Right there in her brother’s hand! Daddy’s here! Peter loosens, unable to be angry at such a happy display. Doesn’t mean he’s not jealous though.

“Peter, sweetheart, you spaced out on me. What’s going on inside that fluffy haired head of yours, kid?”

He didn’t plan on blurting it out, it just slipped and “We were watching you. On the tv. Daddy.”

Great, give the man an even bigger ego, why don’t you. Tony grins at him slowly, proudly, all sharp teeth and a flicker of a tongue that knows exactly what to do to get him singing. Jesus, Peter really has to start turning the temperature down when they facetime, his blood just drops, insistent on leading him into a night that he cannot have. He has a test tomorrow.

A very, very important, Tony glances down, rakes his eyes over his collarbone with the fading purple blotches, drinks in Peter’s skin peeking out over the covers and shit. That’s all it takes. A smile, some attention and he’s done. Ready to go. They’re really doing this. How could they not when he’s so turned on absolutely nothing could ever

“Yeah, does pretty Tessa miss me a lot?” The phone screen cracks under his hand, fifty thousand dollar gift splintering so quickly there’s only a nanosecond between unharmed and fingers dripping red. He doesn’t even flinch, too angry Tony never gives him a break before making Peter work for it. Just once, he wants to be taken care of without the billionaire’s mid life crisis getting in the way of a good time.

Tessa comes over, gently licks his wounds with the flat of her tongue in order to make him feel better, to make him happy. Peter flexes nimble fingers, sighs when the skin stitches back together seamlessly. It used to take him hours to heal, even little things like scratches. But when you’ve got all the time in the world thanks to Tony Stark, you pick up hobbies.

He presses a kiss to the puppy’s nose, giggles when she harrumphs and seeks out his lips once more. When he looks at the screen, Tony has the most fond expression Peter’s ever seen in their four years together. “You ok, baby?”

It’s an apology, based on the soft lilt to his voice and concerned words. Mid life crisis or not, his boyfriend loved him, would never do something if it meant Peter got uncomfortable. Yes, he’d tease, make his lover blush all shades of pink. But he stopped once it was clear Peter wasn’t in that mind set, wasn’t looking for that dynamic.

Inhale, “We both miss you, Tony”, exhale.

“Oh doll, I love my pretty babies equally.” Tony doesn’t glance at him while he says it, eyes on Tessa instead just so she yips and spins around, intent on crashing into Peter and licking all over him since daddy isn’t here and she’s judged him a worthy substitute. She may not understand exactly what’s been said, but she has enough foresight to make Peter laugh and forget about the dried blood on his fingers.

“I love you, Peter. With all my heart.”

“I know, Tony. I love you too.” A piercing howl. “ Ok, ok! We love you too. ”

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Tony lay in bed, Starkpad resting on his lap as he scrolled through countless notifications and voicemails. Trash. Trash. Trash again.

Glancing at the clock, he realized it was already two a.m. 

Time sure flies when you’re having fun, he thought sarcastically.

He rubbed his sore neck absentmindedly, blinking wearily. He had to get some sleep. Tony shifted his pillow, shutting off his Starkpad, yawning. 

And then a scream, Peter’s scream, sliced through the air.

Tony was sprinting out the door before he knew it, his suit forming around him and he crashed into Peter’s room. He held up his repulsor frantically, ready to blast any intruder. 

But Peter was alone, whimpering and sobbing, tangled in his blankets. Hurriedly the inventor disengaged his gauntlet, almost falling in his haste to get to his kid. 

Tony gently shook Peter. “Kiddo, wake up! You’re okay, Petey, wake up. It’s not real, baby, you’re okay. Can you open those baby brown eyes for me?”

Carefully he gathered Peter in his arms, rubbing his back. “Baby, you’re okay, just wake up, you’re okay. I’m here, I’m not gonna let anything hurt you.”

With a sudden gasp, Peter’s eyes flew open. At first he struggled weakly before he realized who was holding him. “M-mister Stark?” he choked, tears pooling in his eyes.

“No, no, shh, baby, don’t cry,” Tony comforted, cupping his cheek, pressing a firm kiss to his forehead. “I got you, munchkin, you’re okay, shh, shh.”

“Mr. Stark- the building, the building- Mr. Stark!”

“Oh, baby, what do you mean?” he cooed. “What building, sweetheart?”

Peter sniffed and buried his face in Tony’s shoulder. “I-I… when I fought the V-Vulture… um, he dropped a w-warehouse on me, and I keep have nightmares and I-I’m so tired-”

He stopped when he noticed the pure horror on Tony’s face. “W-what?”

“B-but, I got out, Mr. Stark, don’t worry!” he cried, eyes widening. “It wasn’t your fault!”

But the inventor didn’t seem to hear him. “You got a building dropped on you?!”

“Y-yeah Mr. Stark. But it’s okay-”

“No, no no no, it’s not okay, what- what the fuck?!” Hysteria creeped into Tony’s voice. “How did you get out?! Were you hurt?!”

“I-I just pushed it off me! I didn’t really get hurt- I mean it was super scary, though.”

Peter felt Tony’s breathing speed up erratically, his heartbeat going insane. “You-you pushed it off you- oh my god, oh my god. Oh Peter. Fuck, I’m so sorry, baby.”

“No, it’s not your fault, Mr. Stark! You didn’t know!”

Thoughts were racing through Tony’s head at the speed of light. 

Oh god it’s all my fault 

Peter Peter Peter I’m so sorry I’m so sorry 

Oh god what if he didn’t get out what if he didn’t get out-

Nonono not that don’t think about that

“I’m so sorry, god, it’s all my fault,” he whispered. “I’m so sorry, I’m so so sorry.” 

What if he had lost his kid that day oh god no no no please

“Mr. Stark!” Peter half-laughed, worried. “I told you, it’s not your fault! I got out, I’m fine! You didn’t know.”

“Oh god.” Tony crushed Peter to his chest, burying his face in the boy’s soft curls. “Oh Peter.”

“Mr. Stark!” he gasped. “I can’t breathe!”

Immediately he loosened his arms, though he still gripped his kid tightly. “Sorry, bambino. I’m sorry.”

“Mr. Stark, I know this is gonna sound a lot like you, but,” he deepened his voice exaggeratedly, “Tony, it’s okay. There’s no reason to be sorry.”

Tony chuckled, his voice wet and on the verge of tears. “Jesus, kiddo.” He kissed Peter’s curls. 

“Mr. Stark,” Peter said, suddenly serious, “You’re blaming yourself.”

Tony sighed. “You’re right. I am.”

He expected Peter to go on a long rant about why he was wrong, which Tony wouldn’t believe in the slightest. 

Instead, Peter began his sentence rather absentmindedly. 

“Do you remember the Stark Expo?”

He blinked. “Yeah, kiddo, I’ll never forget it.”

“Okay…” Peter smiled. “Okay, do you remember…” he laughed nervously. “Do you remember a little kid in an Iron Man mask?”

“Yeah…” he replied thoughtfully. “What are you implying, Petey?”

Peter gave a sheepish expression. “Uh, that was me.”

Tony choked on his own spit. “What?!”

“Yup. I came to see you with Aunt May and Uncle Ben, but…”

Things didn’t go as planned.

“Anyway,” he laughed, “I, like, didn’t take that helmet off for weeks! Except for eating. But I tried to sleep with it on, once! It fell off in the middle of the night, though.”

He still hadn’t processed the fact that Peter was the little boy in that helmet, but of course it was. Who else would make such a dumb, reckless, incredibly brave move?

Nobody else but his kid. 

He was horrified to imagine what would have happened if he hadn’t been there in time. Horrified to think that Peter might not have been there in his arms. 

But he was. He was cradled tight in Tony’s arms, living, breathing, warm.

Tony kissed Peter’s forehead. 


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Happy birthday


Originally posted by hollands-roses

To my precious babey


Originally posted by underoos-tom

Who makes me smile


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And cry


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And go 🥵🥵🥵


my favourite superhero


Originally posted by kaenis

Who taught me a lot


(Even though he’s a dumbass)


In short I love Peter Parker and this has been a birthday appreciation post.

Thank you Stan Lee for creating him all those years ago and allowing us to read and watch about him and to Tom Holland for bringing my favourite version of him to the MCU ❤️💙

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Chapter 2.

TW: Mentions of death


“Tones! Wake up, man!”

He came to with a gasp. “Rh-rhodey! No, no, nonono, Peter- Peter, I-I need to save him- I need him- gotta get to Peter, please- please, I can’t lose him-”

“Whoa, Tony! Calm down, what do you mean? Peter’s okay, man, you’re not gonna lose him.”

“N-no, no, Peter, Rhodey I need to find Peter- I need to save him, Rhodey, please.” Tony staggered to his feet. 

No no no please not his baby

Rhodey and Cho watch worriedly as Tony raced from the room.

“What the hell happened?” 

“Peter’s dying,” Cho said bluntly. 



Tony sprinted to his kid, throwing open the door to his bedroom. “Peter!” He pulled the half-asleep boy into his lap. “Oh god, oh my god, Peter, no, nononono, I can’t lose you please. Please, I- I can’t, I need you- please-.”

“Mr. Stark!” Peter cut him off. “Mr. Stark, it’s okay! Don’t worry, I’m here, I’m fine, you’re not gonna lose me. It’s okay. It’s okay, Mr. Stark.” 

But it wasn’t okay

Oh god, Peter was dying

His baby was fucking dying

Tony squeezed him tight, choking on a sob. Peter hugged him back.

“Mr. Stark, what’s wrong?” he whispered.

“P-Peter- god, no, no, I got you sweetheart, I’m not losing you. I can’t, I can’t.”

“Mr. Stark, take a deep breath!” Peter instructed. “It’s okay. You won’t lose me, I’m right here. Don’t cry.” 

Tony pressed a firm kiss to his curls, cradling him close.

He would not let go

He wouldn’t let anyone take his kid


He was dying, Cho explained.

Tony shook his head frantically, rocking Peter back and forth. 

No, it wasn’t possible

Peter leaned into his touch, whispering a soft “Oh.”

He kissed Peter’s cheek. “L-listen to me, kiddo,” he choked. “I will not let you go. Ever. You’re gonna be okay. I’ll fix this. I won’t let you go.” 

Tears dampened his sweatshirt. “Shh, baby, don’t cry. I won’t let anything happen to you. It’s okay, you’re okay, Petey.”

Peter sniffed, squeezing Tony’s torso so hard he could barely breathe. “I’m scared.”

Tony cupped his cheek, looking into his blank eyes. “I know baby. I know, I know. But I won’t anything happen, okay? You’re gonna be okay.”

God, he was terrified. 


Peter flinched violently when May, Clint and Nat burst through the door. Tony glared at them furiously. 

“Peter- oh god, honey, no,” May whispered. “Oh Lord.” 

“May!” Peter said, looking in her general direction. “May, it’s okay. I’m gonna be fine.”

“Oh honey.” She pulled him into a tight hug. 

Tony wiped the tears stains from his face and smoothed Peter’s hair. “We’re gonna be okay.”

Natasha stepped forward, eyes worried. “маленького паучка? You better be okay. Or no more chocolate pudding.” 

Peter grinned at her. “I won’t, мама паук. Don’t w-worry-”

Tony lunged forward as Peter fell to his knees, coughing heavily.

“Peter- Peter, kiddo, whoa-”

He gasped as Peter went limp in his arms.


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Chapter 1.

TW: Mentions of needles, mentions of death

Peter spun and dodged the villain’s hit, aiming a web for the wall. He scrambled up and jumped on the man, prying the knife from his hands. 

“Hey, buddy! It’s not nice to play with knives! I think we learned that in kindergarten,” he shouted.

“I assume you did,” the man grunted, kicking Peter in the chest. “But I took a much more interesting course.”

“Oh?” he gasped, staggering to his feet. “What would that be?” 

He smiled wickedly, his teeth sharp and pointed. “Magic.”

He stepped forward, his hands moving in a circular motion, a red light spinning between them. “I apologize, child. You don’t deserve this.”

Peter was engulfed in red. His chest felt heavy and the air left his lungs.

He crumpled to the ground, and everything went dark. 


Tony couldn’t describe the terror he felt when he found his kid lying on the ground in an empty alleyway, limp and still. 

“Peter!” he cried, scrambling to him and falling to his knees. “Peter! Kiddo, wake up!” He frantically felt for a pulse. “Thank god,” he whispered, as steady thumps met his fingers. 

Carefully Tony pulled off his mask, stroking Peter’s cheek. “C’mon, Petey, wake up. You’re scaring me, kiddo. C’mon.” 

He pulled his kid onto his lap, cradling him against his chest. Worry flooded through him at how pale Peter looked. “Come on, sweetheart. It’s time to wake up now.” 

Peter’s button nose scrunched up as Tony kissed it. He groaned slightly and blinked. “Miss’r Stark?” 

Tony smiled comfortingly, relief flooding through him. “I’m right here, kiddo. You’re okay. It’s okay, Petey, can you open those big brown eyes for me? There you go, baby.”

He opened his eyes, blinking rapidly. “Where are you?”

Tony frowned. “I’m right here, mimmo. I’m here.”

Peter’s eyes searched blankly for him, and Tony had a moment of heart-wrenching fear. “Why’s it so dark?”

He stared at his kid, horror flooding through him. “Petey? Kiddo, can you see this?” He put his hand directly in front of his face. 

“See what, Mr. Stark?”

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Happy Birthday, Tony Stark!

I wrote this little piece as a gift to myself as a way to celebrate his (our) birthday! Hope you like it :)


Tony breathed in the air filtered through Peter’s hair as the kid relaxed against his chest, holding back a laugh as his nose picked up a slightly chemical smell from when he got his webs caught in his hair earlier this week. Peter nestled his head into the nook of his neck, and Tony closed his eyes for a brief moment. It was such a natural feeling to hold this kid - his kid - and somehow the Spiderling had blown through all his defenses and claimed a permanent place in his life. Not that Tony minded, he loved listening to the kid babble on about anything and everything, working with him in the workshop and exchanging witty remarks, being astounded by Peter’s intelligence and stupidity at the same time and just overall being there for him. 

“Happy Birthday, Mr Stark,” Peter mumbled into his shoulder, and Tony squeezed him tight before finally letting go. 

“It’s Tony, kid, how many times-?” He didn’t get to finish the sentence because Peter pulled out a little wrapped box and held it out to him. 

“I got you something. It’s not much, and I know it’s not the greatest gift in the world - I just didn’t know what to get you, to be honest. I mean, you have everything!” - his eyes grew big as he realized what he just said -”I didn’t mean that to offend you, it’s just that, yeah… Well, I hope you like it!” Peter finished his ramble with a grin that could light up the world. 

“It’s fine, Pete, you didn’t have to get me something.” 

“But… it’s your birthday!” The teenager lamely responded, making Tony laugh. 

“You being alive is more than enough gift for me, Pete. But I’ll take whatever that is.” He snatched the box out of the flabbergasted kid’s hands and moved to inspect it, fully aware of the big eyes staring at him. 

The wrapping paper was adorned with little images of Iron Man, and Tony was careful not to break it as he freed the present. Inside the box, there was a white mug with the words “Best Dad Ever” boldly printed on the side. Tony stared at it for a good minute while his brain took its time to process the gift’s meaning. 

Then, he wrapped his arms around Peter, holding him close in an embrace that hopefully conveyed what he was at a loss for words to say. “You like it?” Pete asked innocently, almost causing a happy tear to escape Tony’s eye. Instead, he settled for a short laugh. 

Tony placed a kiss on the kid’s head, full of fatherly love and glee. “I love it!”

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Oof, I’m sorry @merlinfreya27@clover-roseee@banesbitch @spideygirl2003​​

PeterParker has made a group chat.

PeterParker has changed Peter Parker to Lowly Peasant.

Lowly Peasant has named chat God Is A Woman.

Lowly Peasant has added Aunt May, Spidermom, MomBoss, Scary Aunt, MJ, Smarter Than Tony, WitchSister, TheOnlyCapIRespect, Lesbian, and more to God Is A Woman

MomBoss: Peter? What is this?

MomBoss: Oh

TheOnlyCapIRespect: That’s cute Peter!


Smarter Than Tony: Ha exposed

Smarter Than Tony


Spidermom: ….

Spidermom: I

Spidermom: Yes

WitchSister: Lmao, weak asses

WitchSister: Well fuck

Lowly Peasant: OMG

Lowly Peasant: I’M SO SORRY

Scary Aunt changed Lowly Peasant to TheTwinkWeProtect

Spidermom: You’re drunk aren’t you?

Scary Aunt: Almost

Scary Aunt Changed God Is A Woman to Twink Protection Squad

TheTwinkWeProtect: No

TheTwinkWeProtect changed Twink Protection Squad to God Is A Woman

TheTwinkWeProtect changed TheTwinkWeProtect to TheTwinkWeProtect

TheTwinkWeProtect: S H U R I

Smarter Than Tony: well shes not wrong



MJ: Loser

Lesbian: how come mj has a boring name???

TheTwinkWeProtect: MJ doesn’t even like gc so itd be rude and wrong to make it worse for her.

TheTwinkWeProtect: also!!!!!

TheTwinkWeProtect: MJ reminds me of Mrs. Pepper Potts and I think they could and should take over the world <3




Scary Aunt Changed God Is A Woman to Twink Protection Squad

TheTwinkWeProtect changed Twink Protection Squad to God Is A Woman

TheTwinkWeProtect: No

Scary Aunt: fuck

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So basically, peter is helping Bruce in the lab when something goes wrong (I don’t know what) and it affects them. Bruce doesn’t need to get angry to turn into hulk, he can do it on command. But then peter starts having anger issues that he can’t control and basically, he goes on a rampage terrorizing everyone, some time goes by and finally the avengers have to stop him. everyone is watching as perter beats up the avengers (as Spidey) then someone unmasks him and peter doesn’t give a shit and keeps beating them. Eventually someone helps him get rid of it and everyone tried to go back to normal but they can’t and now the government is after Perter (so is HYDRA and SHIELD) and now it’s a race to protect him.

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Peter: *sees that it is a service dog* Oh!

Peter: *saluting with his hat over his heart* Thank you for your service, Mr. dog!

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Hey congrats on 300 followers 🥳 also as a prompt can we just have some fluffy IronDad and SpiderSon making pancakes, when you get the chance of course :3

Hello!! Thank you for the prompt! I hope you enjoy it, I enjoyed writing it xD

I’m also sorry for not writing in so long (the chirstmas thing doesnt really count), ive been struggling recently but its okay bc im bACK BABY


“It’s too early for this,” Tony sighs, putting the recipe he printed on the marble counter. What made him think that waking up early to make pancakes from scratch was a good idea? Ah, yes, the little spider-ling who was currently sleeping in his bedroom because he had a nightmare. The things he would do and the extents he would go for the boy baffled him sometimes.

Reluctantly, the engineer picked up the piece of paper, trudging around the pristine kitchen to gather the ingredients and cutlery. He really should be increasing his pace if he wanted to finish the pancakes before Peter woke up, especially since the teen had super-hearing and may wake to the sound of clanging. But really, Tony had maybe three hours of sleep, too busy chasing the nightmares away from the young hero, so his sluggishness could be excused.

Looking at all the ingredients displayed before him and the recipe that seemed to mock him for his incompetence in the kitchen, Tony wonders if he should ask Pepper for help. Alas, his CEO had already left the penthouse to do CEO things, being the responsible adult she is and all, so the poor billionaire was left to his own devices.

And honestly? With how he burnt an omelette after taking hours to make it, Tony doesn’t have much hope with the pancakes. He was still going to try, of course, but just looking at the recipe hurt his brain. How did professional chefs do this? Mechanics and fixing things was much easier, in his opinion.

Tony looks at everything displayed before him and sighs again. Hopefully, with any luck, Peter won’t wake up to burnt pancakes and Pepper won’t come back to a messy kitchen.


Peter wakes up with a headache, as expected after the nightmares and crying himself to sleep. He hears the distinct sound of clanging, then a crash, followed by a curse, and decides that he has no time to sleep off his headache.

Rolling his heavy body out of bed, the teen slips his feet into soft and fluffy bunny slippers before dragging himself to the kitchen. In the hallway, with the perfect view of the kitchen, he sees the mess that is the kitchen.

Mr. Stark is wearing an apron that read ‘I am the boss,’ looking anything but a boss. There is a bowl filled with some sort of batter splattered on the kitchen floor and… was that flour in his hair? He watches as his mentor pulls his hair, staring in distress at the sight of the mess that he made, cursing with a frown on his face.

“Um…” Peter starts and he has to hide his smile behind his hand when his mentor whips around with the most guilty expression he has ever seen. “Mr. Stark? Are you okay?”

“Okay? Do I look—” the adult takes a deep breath, looking like he’d rather be in his lab than in the kitchen. “I’m okay, I’m totally fine. Everything’s going exactly as planned—”

Peter eyes the mess on the floor, watching as the thick batter spreads. “Do you want my help?”

“No, I don’t want your help. I’m a grown adult and I can do adult things like cook pancakes,” Mr. Stark said, following Peter’s gaze and they both stare at the growing mess. “Okay, maybe I do need your help.”

“Yay! Let’s make pancakes together!” The young hero cheers, smiling brightly. They start afresh by clearing the ruined batter on the ground because Peter is a good boy and they can’t possibly work with the mess mocking them on the floor.

They measure the ingredients perfectly, as stated on the recipe, and separates them into different bowls. Then, they dump the ingredients together and laugh when they whip too hard, causing some batter to fly and smack them in the face.

Of course, they are science geniuses, so the next part would be a little tricky for there was no math involved. Plus, with Tony’s lack of culinary skills and May as Peter’s guardian, they were bound to fail.

“Oil! Oil! Did you put oil?” Peter asks frantically when his mentor looked as if he was going to dump the batter straight into the pan. “Where’s the oil?”

And when they got that under control…

“What do you mean ‘when the edges are brown’?” Peter yells at the phone, the paper with the recipe and instructions that Tony printed long forgotten. “I need numbers, how long do we need to wait before we flip?”

Tony’s face was directly over the pan, squinting at the batter. “It doesn’t look very brown on the edges, so maybe a while longer?”

The younger rushes over, squeezing his head beside his mentor’s to see what was going on in the pan. They looked like two young children, watching something for the first time.

“Do we flip now?” Tony asks when a particularly large bubble forms. “Quick, Pete, google ‘mistakes to avoid when making pancakes.’”

While Peter does as instructed, Tony decides that they’ve waited too long and flips the pancake over, watching in horror as the pancake is completely burnt. The engineer just thanks the lord they have more batter to experiment on. This was like science. Kind of. Trail and error.

“Mr. Stark!” Peter wails, throwing his head back dramatically. “The site says to ‘have faith that the pancake will let you know when it’s ready to flip.’ What does that mean?”

The younger paused, suddenly standing up straight. “Wait, does our pancake have to sentient? It has to let us know… what? I’m confused, Mr. Stark. Math is much easier than whatever this is.”

The billionaire nodded, dumping the burnt pancake onto a plate. He scoops more batter into the pan and hopes he won’t mess up again. “I don’t think we’re cut out for this.”

“Ya think, Mr. Stark? We belong in the lab,” Peter whines, running his hand down his face, unaware of the residual flour on his hands. “The kitchen is our hell.”

Before they can complain more, the elevator doors open, and Ms. Potts steps out. She paused at the sight of Peter’s flour-stained face, and the burnt pancake, and Tony’s dishevelled appearance.

“What happened? I came up to get some documents and this is what greets me?” Ms. Potts teases, smiling cheekily. She walks over to the singular brunt pancake, picking it up with her bare hands. “What is this?”

Tony rushes over to snatch the thing out of her hands, forgetting about the batter he just poured into the pan. “This is a pancake, thank you very much.”

While the two adults bicker, Peter smells the faint scent of burnt and curiously looks around. When he notices smoke coming from the pan, he runs over, shouting, “Mr. Stark! You burnt another pancake!”

Before any of the three can do something about it, F.R.I.D.A.Y activates the sprinklers and cool water rains upon them in the kitchen. Ms. Potts shields the documents in her hand with her body, while the other two just stand there and accept their fate.

“That’s it,” Peter winces as Ms. Potts starts to speak. “None of you are allowed in my kitchen ever again!”

Tony smiles guiltily as he thinks, ‘well, Peter didn’t wake up to burnt pancakes and Pepper didn’t come back to a messy kitchen— it was just the opposite.’


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Rating: G
Chapters: 1/6
Word Count: 1912
Relationships: May Parker (Spider-Man) & Peter Parker

“Bubbles inside?” Peter looks a little skeptical, but the way he rocks forward onto his tiptoes suggests he’s very pleased by the concept. “Mother says bubbles only grow outside.”

“Well, that’s because she doesn’t have the special bubbles,” May says.

(Or, 5 times May was there for Peter, +1 time he was there for her.)

Read on Ao3

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Chapter 4 - Project S.P.I.D.E.R

“Subject four hundred and seven ready for testing,” A voice announced.
He was strapped to a table, his bindings purposefully tight enough to cut into his skin. The cold metal beneath him cut through the thin fabric of his t-shirt, making him shiver.
He was terrified.
There were people in white lab coats and masks all around him, a bright spotlight right above him hurt his eyes.
A man came into view, he was wearing gloves and held a syringe containing a blue substance.
Peter’s eyes widened when he saw it, crying and struggling as the man came closer,
“No, no, no,” Peter sobbed, shaking his head as he desperately tried.
“Yes, yes, yes,” the man taunted, holding the boy down with one hand and injecting him quickly.
Peter screamed bloody murder.
The substance was so cold it made the boys body feel like it was on fire. What was only five minutes of pain felt like years to Peter, tears streaming down his cheeks as the fire finally ebbed away.
The people around him laughed.
“That’s enough for today,” A new voice said.
Mr. Carson came into view, moving the overhead light away as he smiled down at Peter.
“How’d it go?” He asked the man who had injected Peter.
“His vitals spiked for a moment before stabilising, he’ll be ready for the physical testing tomorrow,” The man explained.
“Excellent,” Carson grinned.

Mr. Carson had a grip on Peter’s wrist, forcing the boy to walk on wobbly legs back to his room. When he was a baby Carson had brought Peter to a Hydra compound, Peter grew up only knowing the inside of the building.
They walked down a white corridor, locked doors on either side hiding dark secrets. Silent tears fell down Peter’s cheeks, the pain still fresh in his mind.
Mr. Carson unlocked the door before crouching in front of Peter, the boy flinching as he let out a small whimper. Carson sighed,
“You did very well today,” he told Peter, his voice sending chills down the boys spine, “but no more screaming and crying okay?” Peter nodded in fear and Carson smiled coldly.
Without another word the man unlocked the door, pushing the five year old inside and locking it behind him.
Peter listened as Carson footsteps faded away before bursting into a fresh wave of tears, flinching when arms wrapped around him,
“Shh, shh, shh, it’s only me,” a young voice soothed.
Peter pulled back slightly, throwing his arms around the young girls neck,
“Gwen,” he sobbed.
“Its okay baby I got you,” Gwen told him softly as she stood, rocking and bouncing him soothingly.

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Chapter 1 -  Welcome to the Family 

Clint stood at his locker sorting out his books, listening to the excited hum of his fellow students in the hallways. He knew why they were excited, the Carnival was here.
The Carson Carnival of Traveling Wonders. For one night only.
Since getting the news this morning the school had been buzzing, everyone watching the minutes tick by until they could leave and waste the night away on rides, food and laughter.
Clint smiled and closed his locker before heading off to his last class of the day. The fourteen-year-old was excited to go to the Carnival too, even if it would just be him and his two friends.
Clint didn’t have the greatest people skills, thanks to his parents, and the other kids thought he was weird because he wore hearing aids. But Natasha Romanova and Matt Murdoch thought he was cool.

Natasha had fiery red hair and piercing blue eyes that could see into your soul, and Clint thought she was pretty and a little scary.
Then there was Matt, he had warm brown hair and sharp blue eyes. Clint had a small crush on Matt but didn’t dwell or act on it.
The three of them had met up one day in detention.
Clint had been sent there for getting in a fight with a boy named Jeremy, even though the other boy started it. Natasha was there for talking back to the teacher, and Matt was there for refusing to take part in gym class. The three met while sitting in the empty classroom and had been friends ever since.

The voice of his teacher brought Clint back to the present,
“Mr. Barton, can you give us the answer?” She asked.
Clint looked at the board,
“Twelve,” he answered, working the problem out quickly. The teacher looked pleased and moved on, and Clint let out a sigh of relief.
Finally, the last bell rang, and everyone was dismissed, wanting to get out as soon as possible.
Clint headed to the front steps where he knew Natasha and Matt were waiting for him.
“Hey Barton,” A voice called out.
Clint inwardly groaned. He knew that voice. It belonged to none other than Norman Osborn, the schools jerk and Clint’s personal bully.
“What do you want Norman?” Clint asked turning to face him.
Suddenly he was shoved back against the lockers with a hand around his neck.
“What do I want?” Norman seethed, “that English homework you dick. What the fuck? Ms. Crewmen called me out for it, said I’d cheated by copying someone else’s. Thanks to you I got kicked off the football team and a week’s detention.”
The hand around Clint’s neck tightened slightly, the blonde unable to remove the hand.
Norman smiled, “Well it’s only right to make you pay,” with that he took Clint’s hearing aid out, making his world go silent.
Norman looked at the small device then back at Clint, grinning evilly, “You don’t need this right?”
He dropped the hearing aid and crushed it under foot before releasing Clint and delivering a kick to his ribs, before walking away laughing.
Clint lay there wheezing as he watched Norman walk away.

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