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Wait. Alien, predator and avo fans all werent hyped for the movie? Are they stupid? Did they not watch it? It was awesome.

God fans can realy be the worst part of some fandoms

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フィギュア:海洋堂 特撮リボルテック

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I’ve just been thinking about this for a bit.

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The boys do all live together in a sort of coven or clan you could call it.

In true twilight fashion I’m picturing an ultra modern / contemporary styled home. Ah, my dream home.

Here, have some inspo pics:

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I hope you like this!😊💛

Stay With Me.

Poncho x reader

Warnings: death, blood, injury, gun use, spoilers



Originally posted by scarymovies101

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Cobra Kai vs Predator (2021)

Blending different elements is also the aim of a new piece of crossover fan art from Butcher Billy, who has picked up on the ‘80s nostalgia theme so central to Cobra Kai to imagine a truly crazy but somehow perfect mash-up of franchises. In Butcher Billy’s poster, Karate Kid meets Predator for the ultimate ‘80s smackdown.


Predator of course has already been part of a major pop culture crossover thanks to a pair of Alien vs. Predator movies. That mash-up at least makes sense in genre terms, but the same can’t be said for Cobra Kai vs. Predator, which combines two franchises that don’t remotely inhabit the same universe. Indeed, Predator has already been shown to exist as a movie in the Cobra Kai universe through Johnny Lawrence being a fan of the Arnold Schwarzenegger original, which would seem to make a Cobra Kai vs. Predator movie even more unlikely (except perhaps as a spec script written by Johnny Lawrence himself after Miguel helped him install Final Draft on his pawn shop laptop).

Source: Screen Rant

(image via Instagram)

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Din, Cara, Fennec, and Boba finding a old photo of Greef Karga:


Din: *brain short circuiting*

Cara: A true icon

Fennec: Impressive

Boba: *surprised pikachu face*


Greef Karga walking in: Hey, how’s everyone do-

Din and Boba at the same time: MARRY ME

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Сумрак сам по себе, конечно, товарищ грозный, но не сейчас. На самом деле он только что проснулся и потягивается)))

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At this point in time I don’t have any plans for a part two, but maybe I will return to it! Any one of my stories honestly has the chance to be continued!

Maybe for when I reach my next milestone I’ll open a poll and let you guys pick a story to receive a sequel!

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When she’s human he definitely will, he is impatient and wants what he wants 😂

Like I said, he’s in his rebellious teen stage of vampire life he’ll do whatever he wants, and consequentially he wants to do the mc.

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