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WWE: Hell In A Cell 2020 - Predictions


⚫ Singles Match - Winner Keeps The Men’s Money In The Bank Briefcase

Otis ©️ V. The Miz (W/ John Morrison)

  • Winner & STILL Mr. Money In The Bank: Otis

Jeff Hardy V. Elias

🔴 Singles Match

  • Winner: Jeff Hardy

🔵 SmackDown Women’s Championship - Hell In A Cell Match

Bayley ©️ V. Sasha Banks

  • Winner & NEW SmackDown Women’s Champion: Sasha Banks

🔴 WWE Championship - Hell In A Cell Match

Drew McIntyre ©️ V. Randy Orton

  • Winner & STILL WWE Champion: Drew McIntyre

🔵 WWE Universal Championship - “I Quit” Hell In A Cell Match

Roman Reigns ©️ (W/ Paul Heyman) V. Jey Uso

  • Winner & STILL Universal Champion: Roman Reigns
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yes!! some sort of battle couple situation where they have to work together. the drama and slight apprehension when rayla lets her moonshadow form melt away and callum can See her again. 

i’m sure rayla made an off hand comment about moonshadow powers in season two - maybe on the ruthless? - or ezran mentioned seeing them and callum wanted to know everything about them immediately! and whined a little at having missed out on them, and rayla was just fond because what a cute endearing dork, right

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Hell in a Cell Match for the WWE Championship

Drew McIntyre© def. Randy Orton to retain

Singles Match

Jeff Hardy def. Elias

Hell in a Cell ‘I Quit’ Match for the Universal Championship

Roman Reigns© w/Paul Heyman def. Jey Uso w/Jimmy Uso to retain

Singles Match, Winner gets the Money In The Bank contract

Otis def. The Miz

Hell in a Cell Match for the Smackdown Women’s Championship

Sasha Banks def. Bayley© to become new champion

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my personal predictions for the upcoming ep:


I have to admit, the sims 4 snowy escape pack looks amazing and I can’t wait until 13th November. I love the fact that the new world is not based on any North American or European one. It adds diversity to the game with Japanese culture. And I love the fact you can both live there and vacate there. 

I have watched the trailer so many times, trying to spot everything each scene has to offer. I am trying to guess what we possibly could get from this pack aside from the winter activities.

DISCLAIMER: these are only my predictions (and hopes) I am not going to claim these as facts. So don’t blame me if we don’t get any of them!



Workaholic: similar to the sims 3. work means everything to these sims. They can work hard for a long period without becoming stressed or burnt out. They LOVE their work and their colleagues and they easily gets promoted. They can work at home on their computer. They get restless during holidays, or can get the mood tense if they haven’t been at work for a while.

Daredevil: similar to the sims 3. These sims welcome dangers and adventure with open arms. They seek new challenges risks. Life would be so boring without the adrenaline kick. (fits with the ski, snowboard and rock-climbing skill. Maybe the trait might even boost these skills) 



Work parties: go to the pub and hang out with your colleagues for the night. Learn to know who you’re  working with and network with them, or maybe celebrate your promotion together. (I hope we get more work related challenges for the sims, like for example ts3 where you had to become friends with your colleague before promotion. just, um… make it a challenge to become promoted…also the lifestyle game aspect could depend on whether you get along with your colleagues or not) 

Ski & snowboarding competitions/ like the winter olympics: once you have trained and boosted your skill you can start to compete against others. This event could also be possible for children. 

Hotpot with family/friends: gather around the kotatsu, eat food and catch up with your close family or friends. 

Festivals: yuki matsuri possibly and hopefully other ones as well 



Traveling guide ( it reads hinaktravels up in the left corner of the simstagram pic )
inn keeper ( the lot in the trailer looked like a ryokan, a japanese inn ) 
more depth in the fashion career. 
professional competitor in skiing or snowboarding / coach in either of them. 
ice sculptor (looking at the snow statues in the background of the festival)

(bath house)
-ryokan (japanese inns) 
-izakaya (japanese pubs)
-hidden cave


-more family gp
-more after school activities / hobbies for kids and teens
-perhaps private schools ( judging by the school uniforms the girls were wearing in the pic above ) 
- a new occult, or returning one looking at that blue shiny thing from the trailer. perhaps imaginary friend for children or big foot/yeti from ts2 )
-the sims actually take their shoes off before entering a house. also in other worlds. 
-functioning trains and gondolas
-more consequences and challenges for your sim. ( perhaps with the personality and lifestyle feature )
possibility to take group photos

I am fully aware that I am too optimistic about the pack… and probably will be disappointed because of my high hopes… but we’ll know more when the gameplay trailer drops or when we see the gameplay from the gurus / gamechangers. 

Feel free to add your predictions as well or share your thoughts… I want to know your hopes and thoughts for the new ep

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Join me as we go over our Predictions for the upcoming Choices VIP Book, Ms. Match!

How are you feeling about Ms. Match and what are you expecting from this one LI Book? Be sure to let me know in the comment section of the video!

We will be posting another video TONIGHT as we go over our First Impressions of Ms. Match as we talk about Chapters 1&2!

Please ReBlog to spread the word 🙏🏼

Much love ❤️

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