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Big news: I am pregnant! I’m a MOTHER.

After years of immoral living before Jesus saved me, I was always shocked how I never got pregnant in the past. I wondered if I had fertility issues or if I just couldn’t get pregnant…I never TRIED to conceive with anyone before Christ, but it still scared me slightly how it never happened.

Fast forward to now…I am PREGNANT and am so grateful to God for this blessing.

I had researched SO much over the last 6 months on ovulation, timing, fertility, etc. I tracked ovulation for 4 months using a basal thermometer and got to know my body so much and try to pinpoint the days my body would release an egg to be fertilized. I got to know my fertile window and how my body changes around the time of ovulation.

In November, I continued to take my temps every morning, and also used ovulation tests which show two dark lines if you’re going to ovulate in the next 12-48 hours and those next few days are CRUCIAL for intimacy and a few days before if possible.

By God’s grace, we timed it right, and God gave me conception. We prayed almost every day for this blessing and He answered us!

Update: Today was my doctor’s visit and they officially confirmed it. I had to get a stat advanced ultrasound because he saw a lump during a normal ultrasound and thought it could be an ectopic pregnancy happening, which means they would have to stop the pregnancy…After many tests and many tears, the doctor said it’s just a cyst on my ovary which is normal, and it’d be too early to tell if it’s an ectopic pregnancy anyways. PLEASE pray that our baby has a safe implantation ❤️

We can’t wait to meet you, baby Sheatz!

❤️ August 2021 🍼🧸

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I keep thinking about when I will finally get to hold you. When I will finally get to look at your little face. I’ll probably never stop. I’ll just stare at you in awe. A little human that I’ve created in my womb.

I know motherhood is hard in those first few months and I’m anxious and nervous, but seeing your sweet little face and holding your fragile little body will make it all worth it. I’m so excited to meet you.

I’ll miss your tiny kicks in my womb, but I’ll get to see your little feet that have been doing all that kicking. I can’t wait to see the color of your eyes, the color of your hair. Will you look like me? Will you look like your dad? Will you be a perfect mix?

I’m scared if I’m completely honest. I’m nervous for everything after you’re finally here, but you will be so worth it. Everyday I will push through any obstacle. I will do better. I will take the good that my parents taught me and leave the bad. I will make mistakes, but I will learn from them. I will do anything and everything I can, because you will always be worth it.

You are so loved, sweet girl.

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Ok ok. I think I’m ready to actually get someone pregnant. If you’re interested, slide in the DM’s

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Pregnant? ✅

Job? ❌

Licence? ❌

Will to live? ❌

Hope for the future? ❌

Enough money for an abortion? ❌

Support system that thinks i have a right to choose whether or not i have a baby? ❌

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First scan is tomorrow and I’m pretty anxious about it. Part of me is excited to confirm that little bean is doing what he should be. The other part of me is terrified because I know at any appointment they could find something wrong and he could be taken from me. I’m so happy knowing he’s with me right now and of course it’ll make me feel even better to know he’s doing well, but the idea that they -could- find something wrong tomorrow and it could all be over (or we could be stuck in limbo) is just terrifying.

Trying to be optimistic though. I’ve felt crazy nauseous today so I know that’s a good sign!

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