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mmfbc · a day ago
Oh, Christmas Tree
Mason Mount x Reader
You spend the first weekend of December with Mason getting into the Christmas spirit, helping him to pick Christmas Tree and decorate his house after his match against West Ham.
Word Count: 5122
12 Days of Christmas, Day 1 of 12
Tumblr media
Saturday 4th December
You were scrolling Instagram on your phone as you waited in your car impatiently for Mason in the Stamford Bridge car park. You had just been to watch the Chelsea v West Ham game and you hadn’t seen him for over a week so you were eager to see his face up close and personal, not just from a seat in the crowd. You didn’t live that close to Mason and as you still worked full time, you struggled to see him as often as you would like due to his busy schedule too. Your plans after the match were to spend the first weekend of the month with Mason at his house and you had agreed to help him pick a Christmas tree and decorate his home. You were already well aware of his huge love for the festive season as he hadn’t stopped talking about it for weeks but it was your first ever Christmas with Mason. Now nine months into your relationship after meeting on New Year’s Eve, then dating for a couple of months before you officially sealed the deal and agreed to be his girlfriend.
You continued scrolling on your phone as photos from the match were being posted, your boyfriend managing to still look handsome despite running around a pitch sweating and red faced, but you were startled with two knocks on your driver’s side window.
Your stomach somersaulted as you quickly pressed the button on the inside of your door to let your window down, Mason standing with a grin on his face big enough to wrinkle the sides of his eyes.
“Come here often?” he smirked, resting his arms on the now open window frame, his head leaning through slightly.
“Only when the really hot footballers are due to leave” you teased, throwing him a wink.
“Ahhh” he sighed, looking back towards the stadium, “The really hot ones aren’t due out yet”.
“Guess I’ll have to wait a little longer then” you replied, pressing the window button to wind it back up, knocking his arms off the door, Mason quickly pulling his head back so you didn’t trap it.
Knock. Knock.
“Do you mind?” you mocked as you cracked open the window again slightly “I’m busy searching for good looking footballers” you added, trying your best to keep a straight face behind the tinted glass.
“I’m trying to find my girlfriend, she’s a bit annoying but…” he quipped before he was cut off by your window being put up again.
“Hey!” he scoffed as he opened your car door, his mouth pouted and eyebrows knitted.
“Excuse me!” you gasped, keeping up your stranger act “What do you think you’re doing?”
“Give me a kiss quick before my girlfriend comes” he smirked as he leant into the car, his lips stopping millimetres from yours., waiting for you to make the next move.
You gently pressed your lips on his, your hands wrapping around the back of his neck.
“She’s going to be angry” he gasped as he pulled his face away slightly, his eyes staring back into yours.
“She will be if you don’t kiss her again” your fingers tugging at the back of his hair to draw him back so you could kiss him again.
Your tongue slid over his lips before he opened them, allowing you to toy with his. His left hand slipped around your waist as he leant further in to deepen the kiss. He threw the washbag in his other hand over to the passenger seat before sliding his fingers under your top and you groaned as he pulled away again.
“Come on before they run out of Christmas Tree’s” he pouted at you, “I want the best one there” he added as he pressed another quick peck to your lips.
He quickly walked around to the other side of the car, now throwing his washbag into the back when he jumped into the passenger seat. You quickly looked up the Christmas Tree Farm address and tapped it into your Satnav before setting off on your journey.
“Shall we put Christmas songs on?” Mason beamed as he was scrolling through his phone in search of a playlist.
“Can we save Jingle Bells and the rest for when we get back, it’s still early Mase” you pleaded with a frown.
He’d already pre warned you that you would be listening to festive music when decorating the house and you’re not sure if you could listen to it before you’d even got back to his too.
“Humbug” he moaned as he put on an R&B playlist instead.
As you pulled up at your destination forty minutes later, spending the journey catching up over the game and how you both had been since you last saw each other, Mason eagerly hopped out of the car barely letting you turn the engine off. He walked round to the driver’s side, opening your door as he waited impatiently for you to take your seatbelt off and get out. He was wearing a black tracksuit, black and white trainers which weren’t very practical to walk around a muddy farm, and he pulled on a brown beanie hat to cover his messy un-styled hair after his post-game shower.
“Come on slow coach” he grumbled jokingly, rubbing his hands together to warm them up in the cold air.
You shook your head at his impatience and grabbed your hoodie off the back seat, pulling it over your head before making your way over to the entrance of the tree farm. One of the workers pointed you in the direction of where you needed to go and you linked Mason’s arm as you leant into him for some extra body heat.
“I want a massive one” he said, “Big enough for the hall, as the one I’ve already got is for the living room and then we need to get a smaller one for outside the door.
“Don’t forget we’ve got to get these home…” you reminded him, your car not exactly being big enough for two giant trees.
“We’ll strap one to the roof and the small one can go in the back” he replied, walking backwards in front of you, eyebrows wiggling in excitement.
“Got it all thought out haven’t you Mount” you chuckled, your heart-warming at the sight of him being so giddy.
You strolled through the sea of different Christmas trees, who knew there were so many different types to choose from. You had suggested several options to Mason, who pulled his face at each one, responding with a different excuse every time. Not tall enough, not wide enough or the branches were sparse, the last reason being that it didn’t look like a ‘Mount’ tree, causing you to shake your head in disbelief.
“That’s the one” he gasped, nodding over to the biggest tree you had looked at so far before walking ahead of you to go and inspect it.
“Mason that is ridiculous” you laughed as you followed him, “It’s huge”.
“Not in public baby” he muttered as he turned back to look at you, his eyebrow raising as if suggesting you were talking about something else.
“Behave yourself Mason Mount” you muttered as you reached his side, nudging him with your elbow as your eyes stared at the tree he wanted.
“I’m getting this one, so we just need one for the front of the house now” he grinned, happy he’d finally found the perfect addition for his hallway.
You spent another ten minutes wondering around until he finally settled on a second one, before disappearing to find a member of staff to help net the trees up ready for you to take home. He returned with a helping hand from a worker called Joe that appeared to be the same age as Mason. You figured he was well aware of who Mason was with them talking about today’s game and you stepped out of the way as they picked the tree’s up and carried them over to near the exit.
“Big one this mate” he joked to your boyfriend as he struggled to pick up the bigger one up to put through the netting machine.
“He’s ridiculous isn’t he!” you chuckled as Mason settled at your side, wrapping his arm around your shoulder.
“I thought you liked big things?” he sneered quietly, leaning down to press a kiss to your temple.
“What gave you that impression?” you replied as you watched Joe, tongue pressing the inside of your mouth to mask your smirk as he squeezed his fingers on the top of your arm in response to your words.
Once both trees were all prepped to take home, they both carried them over to your car. The smaller one slid onto your backseat but you only just managed to shut the door, and the bigger one was hauled onto the roof of your car as you watched them tie ropes over it and through your slightly open windows to secure it safely. Thankfully the drive home was a lot shorter than the one there, now only being ten minutes from where Mason lived. Once you were all set to go, Joe asked if he could get a quick photo with Mason which you happily offered to take for him before they went back inside the hut so Mason could pay.
When you finally got back to Mason’s house, he pulled the smaller tree off your back seat and dumped it at the side of his front door. You watched as he attempted to remove the bigger one from the roof of your car, adamant he could do it alone and he didn’t need your help. You stood with your arms crossed and your eyebrows raised as you could see his mind working overtime, trying to think how to get it off your car once the ropes were loose.
“Just let me help” you pleaded, watching his tongue running over his bottom lip in concentration.
“Fine” he sighed, accepting defeat that he wouldn’t be able to do it on his own “You get the back end and I’ll slide it off from here” he added, nodding to the rear of your car.
You stood on your tip toes at the back of your car, arms in the air at the base of the tree, the pine needles already irritating your skin as you tried to grip it as best as you could.
“Right, are you ready?” he asked.
“I think so” you muttered, biting your lip as you had visions of the tree falling on top of you.
A few moments later and the tree was sliding towards you, a little quicker than you expected as you tried best to not let it fall but to no avail.
“Mason!” you shrieked as the tree fell off the car and onto you causing you to tumble backwards to the floor, “Mason Mount!”
“Are you okay?” he asked as he quickly ran around the car to you.
“Do I look okay?” you frowned as your head whipped around the side of the tree that was covering you.
“Well…” he tried to add before you cut him off.
“I’m fine” you admitted as you spotted the concern on his face, “but this is your fault for choosing such a big daft tree” you joked.
“Stop hating on my tree” he frowned, helping you from underneath it and patting you down to remove any pine needles that had stuck to your clothes.
“Stupid tree” giving it a gentle kick with your trainer out of annoyance.
“Oi” he gasped, tapping you on this nose as he pulled more needles out of your hair.
Mason told you to go inside the house and make you both a hot chocolate whilst he sorted the tree, not wanting you anywhere near it whilst he stood it up inside the metal stand which was covered with a wicker tree skirt.
Once you had dressed your drinks with whipped cream and mini marshmallows, you made your way into the hallway to find Mason with his head buried in a huge box, presumably full of decorations.
“We’ll be here all night doing that tree it’s that bloody big” you grinned, passing him his drink when he dragged himself out of the box.
“Will you leave my tree alone or you’ll be sleeping on the sofa” hiding his smile behind his mug.
“Fine, may as well go and get comfy on it now then” you huffed dramatically, walking off to the living room to wind him up.
Mason followed you a few moments later, finding you lay under a faux fur throw, your head resting back on the arm of the sofa whilst pretending to scroll on your phone.
“Are you not helping?” he asked as he leant over the sofa, his head hovering over yours.
“You’ve paid more attention to that bloody tree than me” you pouted as you looked up at him, before returning to your phone.
“Ohhhhh, so that’s why you’re being moody?” he teased, rolling his eyes.
He walked around the sofa so he could lie with you, his legs slotting between yours as he propped himself up on his elbow, his other hand sliding under the throw to find your waist.
“You just wanted attention?” he teased again, removing your phone from your hand, and throwing it onto the carpet, his face almost touching yours as he rested his chin on your chest.
“I haven’t had any and that tree has had too much for my liking” you complained, your fingers flicking the tip of his nose.
“What kind of attention do you want?” he asked as the fingers on your waist began to lightly stroke up and down your skin, a good start you thought.
“What’s on offer?” you asked as you bit your lip.
“What do you want?” his eyebrow raising, head tilting to the side.
“Well, I don’t know what the available options are yet” you shrugged, your fingers threading through the back of his hair.
“Do you want a kiss?” whispering as his eyes flickered down to your mouth.
“Mhmm” you hummed whilst he was already pressing his lips on yours.
“Do you want… more than a kiss?” He breathed between more slow kisses.
“Mhmm” you hummed again.
“Do you want… to decorate the tree?” he smirked, pulling away from your lips slightly so he could see your reaction.
You didn’t say anything, you just raised an eyebrow, and as he let out a chuckle under his breath his lips fell onto your neck. He gently sucked on your skin in-between his kisses, before pulling away to sit on his knees. He unzipped and removed his tracksuit jacket, revealing his white t-shirt, which happened to be one of your favourite looks on him despite it being such a simple choice of outfit. He lowered himself back down to you to pressing his lips on yours, his tongue sliding over your bottom lip, waiting for you to let him deepen the kiss. You parted your lips so he could do just that, and your hands wrapped around the back of his neck to draw him in even closer.
You groaned out of frustration when he pulled back to sit on his knees again, until he threw the fur throw onto the floor and began to unbutton your jeans. You bit on your lip in anticipation, and he tugged on the hem of your hoodie, signalling he wanted you to take it off. You sat up slightly as you pulled the material over your head and threw it on the floor with everything else, leaving you in just your Chelsea football shirt. His fingers edged in the side of your jeans and you lifted your hips for him so he could pull them down your legs, once off, they joined the ever-growing pile of items.
He slid himself off the sofa so he was kneeling on the floor and span you around to face him, your head resting on the back cushions. He threw your legs over his shoulders and pulled you further towards him and you propped yourself up on your elbows so you could watch him.
“Is this enough attention yet?” he smirked, his lips ghosting your thigh as he spoke.
“No” you breathed, craving more from him.
“This?” he whispered, pressing a kiss at the very top of your inner thigh, his cheek brushing your underwear.
“No” you repeated, begging him with your eyes to touch you where you most wanted him.
“You sure?” his fingers moving your underwear to the side.
“Please” you whispered, hips hitching up to his face when his tongue lightly slid over your clit once, “Fuck” you whimpered as your head fell back.
He kissed your inner thigh again before his fingers pulled the material of your underwear down your legs and over your ankles, his face resuming position between your thighs. You buried your hand in his hair, tugging on his messy locks.
“Are you begging baby?” he sniggered, licking his bottom lip as his eyes danced over your already wet pussy.
“Stop fucking teasing me” you growled, arching your back as you longed for him.
He moaned as he buried his face into you, his tongue siding all the way up from your entrance to your clit, circling over it a few times, before repeating his movements. His hands wrapped around your thighs, fingers gently squeezing as he continued to torment you with his mouth. Your breathing began to shallow as you moaned his name. Sex with Mason is always unreal, but his tongue was sensational and he knew exactly how to please you with it. One of your hands gripped onto the sofa cushion as he slid two fingers inside of you, curling them to pad against the perfect spot, your eyes rolling to the back of your head. Your legs began to tremble as your high was fast approaching, you lifted your head so you could watch him, his eyes now looking up at you with a smirk forming at the corner of his mouth as he saw you fall apart for him. He proceeded to attack you with his tongue as you begged him to keep going in a hoarse voice between your panting, and once your orgasm took over you, your fingers gripped back into his hair, thighs clenching at the side of his head as you rode it out. He lapped up your juices as you calmed your breathing, your grip on his hair softening to stroke his scalp slowly as you relaxed.
He lifted himself up from between your legs so that his was lay over your chest, his fingers brushing your hair behind your ear as his soft eyes examined your flushed face.
“Now was that enough attention for you?” he hummed, his wet lips brushing over yours.
“For now” you breathed as you gave him a lazy kiss back, fingers still playing with the back of his hair.
You lay like that for a few moments, just enjoying him lay on your chest with your eyes closed as his fingers stroked up and down your arm slowly.
“Hot chocolate’s probably gone cold” he muttered with a smirk, causing you to breath a small laugh under him.
“I’ll make us a new one” you told him, your eyes opening to look at his handsome face resting on you.
“What for that to go cold again when you beg me for something else” he chuckled, “I can’t get a moments peace from you”.
“I didn’t beg” you tapped the back of his head as you pouted at his taunting.
“You did” he whispered, pushing himself off you and throwing your underwear at your head like a slingshot with a grin before leaving the room.
You sighed tiredly before pulling your underwear back on. You picked your jeans and hoodie off the floor and went and put them in the utility room, passing Mason on your way through the kitchen as he was already making you both a new drink, Christmas songs now blaring on his speakers.
“Are you not going to put some clothes on?” he asked as he was waiting for the kettle to boil, watching you waltz back in, in only your underwear and the slightly oversized Chelsea shirt that just about covered your bum.
“Maybe” you shrugged, leaning against the counter next to him, “So what’s the plan for the decorations?”
Mason finished making you both a fresh hot chocolate each and then showed you through all of the boxes and what decorations went where. He’d bought brand new sets of lights for each one, and a few extra boxes of baubles, plus a huge garland which needed fixing up the stair banister. You both got to work, putting the garland up first, then doing the faux tree in the living room.
A couple of hours and another hot chocolate later, you both started on the huge tree in the hallway, dressing the branches with the warm coloured lights first, then adding the array of silver and gold baubles, both thoroughly discussing which should go where. All of his decorations were the same colour and theme throughout the house, complimenting the neutral tones of his home. You were sifting through the last of the decorations for the tree, when Mason beckoned you over, a small shopping bag in his hand as he pulled out a gold decoration.
“So, I got this new one the other day when I was in Portsmouth with my mum..” he mumbled, showing you the gold letter M swinging from his finger by a silk ribbon.
“Oh, for Mount or Mason?” you asked, ready to take it from his fingers to hang on the tree.
“Mason…” he muttered shyly, “…and I got you one too” passing you the small bag.
You tilted your head at his words, then peered in the bag, pulling out a decoration that was your initial, matching the one in his hand.
“You are quite the romantic Mason Mount” you smiled, looking up to his warm eyes as his cheeks blushed.
“Shut up and put it on the tree” he frowned, nudging you embarrassed.
You ignored him and stood on your tip toes, draping your arms over his shoulders with the decoration dangling from your hand. You kissed him softly before burying your head into his neck for a hug, one of his hands wrapping around your lower back pulling you in closer to him and the other cupping your bum cheek.
“Is that enough attention?” he smiled against your neck, pressing a kiss under your earlobe as you nodded in response to his question, “We just need to put the star on and then were done”.
“Can you reach?” you asked him as you pulled your face away from the crook of his neck.
“I don’t think so” he frowned, padding closer to the tree as he looked up to the top of it.
“I don’t think it’s close enough to the stairs to do it from there either” you added, your finger tapping on your chin as you thought what to do.
“You’ll have to get on my shoulders” he said as he picked the star up off the floor, crouching down waiting for you.
You groaned, stepping towards him as you flung one leg over his shoulder first, his hand wrapping around your thigh as you pulled your other one over him. You clenched your legs around him, feeling uneasy that you had nothing to grip onto, so you just gripped his hair as tight as you could.
“My hair y/n” he moaned as you pulled a little too hard when he stood up, “I’d quite like to keep it”.
“Just give me the star and get me down” you whined as he tried to balance himself underneath you, edging closer to the tree.
It took you a few attempts to get the star to sit straight, Mason huffing and puffing under you as you kept saying you still weren’t done.
“Bloody hell baby come on” he moaned, squeezing his hand on your thigh.
“This is karma for choosing such a big tree” you chuckled as you wiggled the star once more, “I thought you like being between my legs?”
“Hurry up” he snorted, squeezing your leg again.
“Ok I’m done” you grinned as you had finally got it perfect waiting for him to let you down, but frantically gripping onto his hair again as he started moving towards the stars, “Where are you going?”.
He didn’t reply, just reached his hands up to you so you would intertwine your fingers with his, steadying you both as he walked up the stairs.
“Mason what are you doing?” you shrieked, unable to do anything but hold on to the sides of his face with your thighs and hold his hands as tight as possible.
“I’m taking you to bed” he gloated as he reached the top of the stairs, “You can’t parade around with no pants on and expect me not to take advantage”.
“Oh” you grinned with a surprised tone in your voice, biting your lip when you felt a flutter in your stomach as he turned towards his bedroom.
“Especially with my name on your back, I don’t know how I’ve managed to last this long” he added, crouching down at the foot of his bed so your feet could stand on the mattress, his hands helping you hop over his head.
You fell onto your knees, Mason grabbing your ankles so you wouldn’t turn around, tucking his hand under the waistband of his joggers.
“Took you long enough” you sneered, looking back over your shoulder to see him freeing his already hard dick from his joggers.
“Good things come to those who wait princess” he growled; his eyes already darker than usual as he looked back at you.
“I’m tired of waiting” you knew you were pushing your luck as you parted your knees, back arching as you lowered your chest to the bed.
“Stop. Fucking. Talking. Back.” he snapped, striking a sharp slap on your ass with the last word, causing you to bite onto your lip to hide a cry, “And get rid of this” he added, pulling the material of your underwear and letting it snap back onto your skin.
You pushed yourself up so your hands could slip them off, only pulling them down to the back of your knees before you fell back down to your elbows, resuming your previous position. He stroked up and down his dick a few times whilst admiring his view, pre cum leaking from his tip, before he lined himself up with you, stilling at your entrance.
“How tired of waiting are you?” he asked as he let a drip of spit fall down onto your groin, his free hand palming your ass cheek.
“Don’t make me beg” you whimpered as you pushed back towards him slightly, knowing that’s exactly what he was going to do, but he inched away from you.
“I don’t need to” he said as he swiped his tongue over his bottom lip, looking back down to press his tip on your wet pussy, “You already are”.
You moaned as he slowly edged himself into you, your fingers gripping the duvet underneath your hands and knees. He pulled all the way out and then pushed back in, taunting you as you threw your head back, craving more. He finally thrusted into you harder, the hand on your ass squeezing tighter whilst his other gripped onto your shirt, picking up the pace with each movement. He moved the hand from your shirt to grab a fistful of your hair, pulling your head back as you cried his name, his hips still driving into you. He continued snapping into the back of you for a few more thrusts before he pulled out, pulling your hair back further so you would stand on your knees. His arms pulled your shirt up high enough for him to unhook your bra, his hands sliding around to your breasts as the material fell loose.
“Leave the shirt on” he mumbled as he kissed your neck, instructing you to remove your bra but leave his name on your back.
You quickly fumbled to pull your bra straps through the sleeves of your top, throwing it across the room. His lips latched onto your neck again as his hands continued to palm your tits, thumbs brushing over your nipples as you let out a moan. He spun you around to face him as he pushed his joggers fully down, stepping out of them as he pulled his t-shirt over his head. You fell onto your back and propped yourself on your elbows as you watched him, biting your bottom lip as your eyes trailed over every inch of him, from his face right down to his thighs and back up.
“Miss me?” he smirked as he grabbed hold of himself.
“Maybe” you teased, spreading your legs further apart, enticing him towards you.
He crawled on top of you, his lips finding yours as one of his arms wrapped around your thigh, lifting your right leg up. He slid himself up your wet fold first, then guided himself into you, the angle allowing him to push deeper as your nails dug into his back with each thrust.
“Fuck Mase” you moaned, your high building up inside of you, legs beginning to tremble as he hit the right spot inside of you repeatedly.
“Almost there baby” he growled back, his hips snapping into you quicker as his breathing hitched.
Your climax began to take over you, eyes rolling to the back of your head as you repeatedly cried his name. His head fell into the crook of your neck as he whimpered your name back, his hips beginning to falter as he came and you clenched around him when your orgasm finally hit at the same time. Your fingers wrapped around the back of his neck and into his hair, gripping onto him as you both rode it out before he gave a few more lazy thrusts. He stilled on top of you for a moment, his hot breath fanning your neck as he tried to slow his breathing. You gently scratched your fingers over his scalp as you relaxed, Mason letting out a hum of contentment at the feeling.
“Are you sure you didn’t miss me?” he muttered quietly, his lips ghosting your jaw.
“Maybe, maybe not” you smirked, eyes still closed when he prodded his finger in your side at your teasing.
Tumblr media
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masnmount · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Mason Mount scores for Chelsea in the Premier League
Watford FC vs Chelsea FC - 01.12.2021
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bluemase · a day ago
the big tree, mason mount
Tumblr media
where mason gets excited and buys a Christmas tree a little too big.
notes: welcome december, and with it the first imagine of the christmas challenge, i don't know if it's the same for you guys, but my favorite part of the christmas decorations is the main tree assembly, i just love it!
Tumblr media
It was December! Your favourite month of the year, everything became so magical this month, the decked streets, the beautifully decorated houses and the innocent excitement of the children by the gentlest old gentleman of all was a source of happiness for you.
Growing up in a large and loving family, December was everyone’s favourite month, as it was where everyone met, the holiday season being highly entertaining and full of joy.
Since very young, you always loved the part about the decoration, mainly the decoration of the main Christmas tree of the house. This was your greatest task, the beautiful ornaments, the search for the perfect tree and the Christmas lights always left you with a splendid mood.
When you first began to bond with Mason, it was a big surprise when you spent Christmas with him and his family, discovering that they weren’t as excited as you and your family. Of course, they had decorated the house, but only with a tree, and it was still false, not even true. You loved Mason, and you loved Christmas, too, and you would love even more a Mason who loves Christmas as much as you do.
So it became his responsibility to make Mase love this date so much. Which in the end was a success. You were already four years together and after the first Christmas, your desire to reach December soon only increased. Mason became almost a child when he went to Christmas shopping with you to pick out the ornaments they would wear each year. All the old ones were donated so that other houses could be illuminated by the magic of Christmas.
This year, Mase was in charge of buying your Christmas tree, it would be his first time doing it alone, and you knew perfectly well that he would come home with the closest tree to perfect that he could find. He loved to show off to his teammates how you guys had the best decor in the neighbourhood. He really started taking everything very seriously.
Then, when you entered the main room of the house you lived in, your lips opened in a perfect 'O'. Mason had really taken things very seriously this year. This year’s tree was definitely the biggest you’d ever seen in your life. He must have been over ten feet tall. Holy Father.
━ She’s perfect, isn’t she, love?! ━ The proud smile on Mason’s face made it look like he was talking about someone, not the tree.
━ Mase, when I asked you to buy a perfectly tall tree, I didn’t mean one that almost reached the ceiling. ━ You looked a lot shorter than you did next to the tree.
━ She’s not even that tall, baby. I was going to get a bigger one, but I couldn’t get it on the roof of the car, so I took that one. She will be perfect when we put all the decorations. ━ A smile full of teeth painted her boyfriend’s face.
━ I think we’ll have to buy more ornaments, the ones we have won’t, I didn’t think you’d buy such a big tree, Mase.
━ Everyone will love, I can already see Summer’s face when she sees it. Our nephews will love it! ━ A discredited laugh came from your lips, Mason was becoming worse than you about Christmas.
━ This tree is bigger than the two of us put together!
━ Well, you know what they say about big things. ━  You denied head to Mason’s malicious smile.
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cherryxcadbury · 2 days ago
reece comforting you & trying to cheer you after a bad day at work and just having a bad week in general, and it’s just really fluffy 🥺🤍
The Urge to Jump off a Cliff
tysm for the request and sorry it took so long! Love this fluffy idea! hope u enjoy<3
Tumblr media
first Person pov
“I’m home.” I shouted as a greeting with an extreme hoarseness in my voice.
I was received with nothing but silence in response.
“Hello? Reece?” I called my boyfriend‘s name.
To my surprise, there was still no answer.
“Great. as if this day couldnt get any worse.” I muttered to myself.
I sighed, deciding to go into the kitchen to see if he’d left a note on his whereabout. I was relieved when I saw him sitting at the kitchen island with his airpods in.
I snuck up behind him, before wrapping my arms around his shoulders. I witnessed him immediately tense at the contact, beige relaxing when he realised it was me.
“Y/N!” Reece exclaimed.
“Come, let’s go to the sitting room. I got us Chipotle, we can eat in there.” Reece motioned.
I gave him a sad smile before following his directions.
Within a few minutes, the two of us were seated on the large sofa covered by two layers of while eating our food. I had been absentmindedly listening to Reece talk about his day. I felt bad, but my mind was just other places. This week at work, and today especially had been so so stressful and difficult. I kept finishing my assignments like normal, only for my boss to give me back each and every assignment to do over again because it was subpar. I genuinely felt I would get fired. I’d never done so poorly nor have I ever failed like that in my life.
“That shit was so funny though. Cal was deathly afraid of Oscar while Mase just kept tripping over him.” Reece chuckled.
“Sounds great.” I muttered.
Reece being as sweet as he is, was alarmed by the lack of enthusiasm and suddenly started focusing more on me.
“What’s up gorgeous? How was your day today?” he asked softly.
I shrugged my shoulders in response, trying to make sure tears didn’t fall from my eyes.
“Dunno. I survived I guess.” I spoke.
“Y/N. Anything you wanna talk about?” Reece offered, wrapping his arm around my waist.
“I-I feel like I’m going to get fired.” I croaked.
“What. Why?” Reece inquired, worry evidently growing in his voice.
“I don’t know. This week, it’s just been so awful. I’ve had to redo every single assignment or project that I’ve submitted. It’s never ever been this hard. I feel like I’m at my breaking point. And I feel like my boss would love to just snap me in half.” I explained.
“If it were possible, I’d love to just take all your troubles away, but I can’t. So you can only do one of two things. Work harder, and show your boss you deserve to stay. Or, leave and find somewhere else where you think your talents will be appreciated.” Reece responded.
“I wish it was that easy. God. I just wanna jump off a damn cliff.” I groaned, while tears began spilling.
“Hey shhh shhh. Don’t cry. It’s okay.” Reece attempted to calm me down, hugging me tighter.
“It’ll all be okay. I promise you. You know what, go take a nice long bath and we’ll talk about it when you come out. You deserve some you time okay.” Reece ushered me away.
I grinned, so thankful for Reece. Wondering what I’d do without him. Before leaving to the washroom I turned and kissed him on the cheek.
“I love you so much.” I mumbled, hugging me.
“Love you too gorgeous.” Reece grinned.
I smiled walking away. I was much much happier. Unbeknownst to me, Reece was so determined for me to take a long bath because he was making reservations for a weekend getaway for the two of us.
yup, I love this man.
Tumblr media
okay I’m gonna go to sleep now. Adios And hope u liked it <3
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sanchoj7 · 12 hours ago
Love makes you do stupid things | Trent Alexander-Arnold
Tumblr media
Hello my babies! I have received a lot of messages about this piece and I’m excited to say I was more than happy to write it for you guys. If you want to request more long details stories I’m here and happy to write them for you. Also I’m seeing lots of writers getting anon friends so if you want to talk I’m here, i already got an amazing one right now xx enjoy
You were always a Liverpool fan, since birth to be exact. Your dad had dragged you into the tradition of supporting ‘the best club in England’ in his words and you quickly followed always being up for anything Liverpool related. You went to games and got signed t-shirt waiting outside the stadium freezing your ass off.
But you didn’t know that one day while waiting for a friend outside the stadium hours after a game that you would meet someone that would change your life.
You look down to your phone, the signal getting better as you walked to an entrance. The smile you had quickly disappeared when you collapsed again a hard surface pushing you to the ground. Mid air a strong arm grabbed on to your waist to avoid sending you the floor.
“God…excuse me, I wasn’t looking where I was going”His voice and accent made your head shoot up. Your eyes meeting his, you took a step back to gain your balance and blink a few times to see if you were hallucinating. When you saw his tracksuit, you couldn’t stop yourself from smiling.“Are you okay? You’re scaring me did you hit your head”He asked, placing his hand on your head to see if you got hurt.“Oh my god…I’m sorry yes, I’m alright I’m just a really big fan”You confess explaining why you were smiling like a psycho.
“Good…”he paused his eyes going over your face for the first time.“Y/N”You replied making him smile.“Well I’m Trent you probably already knew that”He whispered the last part an embarrassed expression taking over his face. You nodded the smile of your face didn’t move while he looked back to you his eyes again on your face studying you.
“I’d like to see you again would that be alright”He asked making you press your lips together to stop yourself from smiling even more.“I would love that”You replied, watching as he pull out his phone to exchange numbers. You couldn’t believe, that just happened to you.
You would have never thought you guys would go on to date and spend so much time together. You moved in with him just before lockdown which helped you two bond even more. He loved you, always having little names like smarty pants because in his words ‘you were too smart for him’. You also had great nicknames for him like robot or Trenski, that one was an idea of one of his teammates.
His family loved you and spend so much time with them that you started to feel like you belong there. You were a virgin before Trent and you decided that it was time to change that a few months after moving in. He showed you everything that you needed to know for a good sex life and you were more than thankful for him because he was so patient and attentive with you. 
He loved you so most because you wasn’t like the other girls, you aren’t only pretty but you had lot of interests and was smart unbelievably smart. You loved the same things as him. You talked about football and fantasy. There wasn’t a moment where you didn’t know what to say to each other and that’s why he loved you so much.
You even met his teammates and had one of the best day meeting them. The little stories that embarrassed Trent being your favorite. Everyone loved and he was so happy that you guys had a good relationship.
“Do you think they liked me”You whispered your fingers slowly tracing his facial features.“They loved you…how can people not like you, you’re amazing”He replied with a little smile that made his eyes wrinkled in the corners.“I love you”You breath out his hand coming to stop your movement. The little smile on his face grew bigger as you confessed for the first time your love for him.“I love you more”He pulled you towards him so you could shared a kiss.“I never want this moment to end”You respond by kissing him more. The two of you finished the day with a permanent smile cuddling up to each other.
The love story took a brutal turn when he started ignoring you and one day everything stopped. He didn’t answer his phone, text and was never home. You were devastated because everything was amazing one day and the next it was like nothing ever happened.
That was till one day where your phone didn’t stop buzzing you tried to ignore it but it got out of hand so you pick it up and went to see what was going on and that when you saw it. An article about Trent having a new girlfriend, your heart sank. Pictures of them kissing and walking around holding hands. She was a rich with daddy’s money, a instagram model. You couldn’t believe it, he played you and just ignored you and all this time he was seeing another girl.
You hated yourself for even thinking you had a chance with him. You were a nobody and had nothing, how did you think you could compete against these kind of girls. All the inside jokes, spending unless amount of time in bed just laughing, watching football and just loving each other everything was fake and you just fell for it. You always thought you were so smart and he made you think that too but right now all you felt like was one of the biggest idiot ever.
You went on with your life, a piece of your heart gone. You over worked yourself with work and uni and ignoring anything that was remotely close to football or anything that had to do with him. He was like a bad memory you wanted to forget forever but he was always in the back of your mind. Hunting you like a ghost. You couldn’t lie and say that you didn’t miss him because you did more than anything. You missed every piece of him, every touch and conversation.
What you didn’t know was that on his hand, he regretted dumping you and getting with the Barbie. She was the least interesting person on earth, the only thing she knew about football was that the players had to kick a ball around, conversation wise she didn’t have anything to say. She was the opposite from you, not as smart, doesn’t like football, can’t take a joke or even take care of him. That’s when he started to regret everything, he missed you and he knew he fucked up.
He ruined the relationship and trust you two had and most importantly broke your heart. Broke the heart of the only person in the world that really loved him for who he was not what he had or how people saw him.
So that’s when he started calling you, you ignored him just like he did to you. So he started showing up to your work place and uni then at your house. You didn’t want to even see him so you told him to leave and that you never wanted to see him ever again.
“What are you doing here…you need to go”You said grabbing on to his arm to push him towards the door as your manager looked at you two.“You wasn’t answering my calls I had to see you”He explained.“This is my work place…so whatever remorse you feel, this isn’t the place for all of that”You whispered harshly trying to push him out the door.“I made a mistake”You cut him off.“You did more than just a mistake and that doesn’t give you the right to come here and get me in trouble at my workplace…some of us have to work to earn their living…we don’t have daddy’s money”His face drop, your words were hurtful but he deserved them.“Can I have a picture”A small voice made the two of you look down to see a little girl. You breath in and nodded closing the door and getting back to the kitchen watching as more fans came to view.
It was a Friday night, you had put on a random movie, a warm blanket wrapped around your body and a hot cup of tea in hand. The doorbell made you excited, thinking it was your dinner but when you opened the door to see Trent stood on the other side holding his coat close to his body your shoulders drop and your heart felt heavy.“I don’t want to talk to you”You whispered pushing the door. “Please just hear me out…it’s not going to take long please”he replied, grabbing onto the door so you couldn’t close it. You sighed and gave in.
You raised an eyebrow so he would speak.“I know you don’t want to talk to me or to see me and I’m sorry I broke your heart…I’m a idiot that couldn’t enjoy what I had and had to go find something else when you were everything I needed”He paused.“You were always there for me, taking care of me and supporting me and I fucked up”You looked down to your feet.
“I loved you”You whispered, eyes watering but you quickly wiped them and took a deep breath.“You’re not a bad person, I’m still mad but I could never hate you because you gave me love I could never get from someone else..and I’m thankful for that”His eyes didn’t leave you as you spoke.“Let’s just start over…be friends and see where it takes us”He offered making you laugh.“Don’t laugh, let’s just start over please nothing has to happen between us….I just need to know you’re still in my life and that I’m here for you no matter what”You hesitated at first but the look on his face told you that he meant it.
“Okay…friends”You nodded.“Hello…excuse me I wasn’t looking where I was going…are you okay”He repeated the same words he told me the day you dumped into each other at the stadium.“Yes, I’m good…I’m sorry I’m just a big fan”you whispered with a smile.“Good…can I come in strictly in a platonic manner”He asked, you watch as hugged his body a little tighter because of the cold.“You’re getting your revanche aren’t you”He asked watching you.“A little”You smiled making laugh as you let him in. You sat on the couch the blanket thrown onto his legs.“Was she better than me”You asked eyes avoiding him, the question you haven’t stop asking yourself wanting an answer.
His eyes didn’t leave the coffee table for a little while which made you swallow the lump in your throat.“No one is better than you…and I had to make a big mistake to know that…I’m sorry”he said and you could hear how sincere he was. You gave him a small smile and grabbed your cup of tea.“I hope you’re ready to suffer”You mumbled seeing him smile in the corner of your eye.
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Merseyside is RED, always has been, always will be!
Tumblr media
Merseyside is RED, always has been, always will be!
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mxsonmount · a day ago
Tumblr media
what a pretty boy ❤️
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vleomcfc · a day ago
Rúben Dias🚀⚽️ Best CB of the league. Best CB of 2021. Ballon d’Or nominee. It doesn’t get better.
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mmfbc · 2 days ago
12 Days of Christmas
Tumblr media
Mason Mount x Reader
A twelve part series that will run in chronological order, upload schedule is below and they will all be posted at 7pm.
1. Oh, Christmas Tree
2. A Mistletoe Throwback
3. A Princess & His Peanut
4. The Naughty List
5. Santa’s Package
6. Chilly
7. Roll The Dice
8. 21 Questions
9. Stocking Surprises
10. Merry Christmas
11. Away Days
12. New Beginnings
Tumblr media
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bluemase · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
The magical time of year has finally arrived. And as I'm officially on vacation, I decided to make myself a writing challenge, until December 25th I'll be posting a prompt per day from this list! All will be about Mason Mount.
If you want a specific request, just send me an ask, I am open to requests and I will accept them. I hope you like these prompts, I will do my best to make sure they are all well written!
Tumblr media
1. the big tree
where mason gets excited and buys a Christmas tree a little too big.
2. "Weren’t you the one who wasn’t a fan of pajamas?"
3. "Our first kiss was under the mistletoe of Christmas."
4. "You didn’t think you were going to watch these movies by yourself, did you?"
5. "We suck at cooking."
6. "I am the queen of snowballs."
7. "Where’s your Santa belly."
8. "And if your family doesn’t like me."
9. "This is the best Christmas present ever."
10. "This was the best time to propose."
11. "I really won’t dress like the Grinch."
12. "Which is it? I’m not to blame if the weather forecast was wrong."
13. "It could be a worse Christmas.
14. "You have no talent for creating snowmen." 15. "Why, you left the gift shopping for the last day."
16. "I just want to get you out of that dress."
17. "She really is a little angel."
18. "Listening to Mariah and Ariana’s songs at Christmas are a tradition."
19. "I thought Santa’s bag should be bigger."
20. "You were such a cute reindeer."
21. "We don’t really have a chimney."
22. "Have you gone mad? There are more than fifteen gifts."
23. "Spending Christmas helping other people was rewarding."
24. "We’re not shooting a Christmas movie."
25. "Now I know why you are a terrible cook."
Tumblr media
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helmet-lines · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Premier League Captains show their support for the Rainbow Laces campaign
"Each season when it comes around, it makes me stop and think about how much further football in particular needs to go before the game can consider itself properly inclusive. Be it those who play or people who come to support, you don't have to look very far to see that there is a lot more the game can do, in this country, to be more welcoming." - Jordan Henderson
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ladymarycrawley · 28 days ago
It all started with a charity dinner - Mason Mount
So here’s a lil fic featuring abit of Ben and John too, when I started writing it I didn’t mean to make it smut but here we go. Hope you like it  🥰 (I’m the worst when it comes to choosing fic titles  🙈)
Warning: smut
"Mase what if they don't like me? I mean, I'm not even from England, what if I don't understand when they speak? They'll surely think I'm an idiot"
Mason rolls his eyes and scrunches up his nose. "They'll love you, I'm sure"
"But you know I'm get so shy with new people, they'll think your new girlfriend has some mental problems"
"Y/N calm down" He takes your hands between his.
You sigh, trying to fight the heaviness in your chest caused by anxiety.
“They’re gonna love you, you’re a wonderful person and nothing can change that. Maybe they’ll find you funny but that doesn’t mean they’re laughing at you”
A weak smile appears on your face as you try to process your boyfriend’s words. “I bet they’ll love your accent as much as I do”
Mason decided it was time for you to go official at England National Team’s charity dinner, even though you were afraid of meeting his teammates you were also looking forward to that moment.
You are wearing a long blue slip dress, a colour that both suits you very well and fits the cause, with low-heeled sandals, all in all it was a very 90s look.
Mason looks very sharp too, a suit and tie look that complimented his perfect body amazingly.
“Are you ready Y/N?”
“Yes, just need to take my purse”
He’s waiting for you down in his living room and his mouth opens when he sees you fully ready walking down the stairs.
To complete your look you wore a diamond tennis necklace with matching earrings and rings, your long hair down with only the front strands tied on the back.
“You look gorgeous”
You blush whispering a very shy thank you
“I’m good to go”
Mason gets closer to you, placing his hand on your lower back, grazing the silk of the dress.
“Don’t mess up my makeup” You warn him with a soft laugh.
“No problem” Yeah, that warning wasn’t a problem at all for him: instead of kissing your lips or your cheeks he places a slow, soft, velvety kiss on your neck. You try to repress a moan, since you have no time to let go and get naughty with him.
“Ok, time to go! They’re waiting for us”
Mason groans when you get away from his body and head towards the front door.
Needless to say your boyfriend wasn’t able to keep his eyes or his hand away from you: his lips are soon on your bare shoulder but you push him away to avoid any embarrassing incident.
As you’re approaching the venue you squeeze Mason’s hand to give you strength and fight the anxiety that was devouring you.
“Hey baby, you got this, ok? There’s nothing to be worried about. I’ll be right next to you” He brings your knuckles to his mouth and, with closed eyes, he presses a kiss on your skin.
The first person you meet once you’ve arrived at the location is Ben, who you have already met once.
“Hey, my favourite couple ever is here!” You blush while waving at him. He greets you with a hug and with a kiss on your cheek while he and Mason do one of those weird handshakes.
“You look amazing Y/N” Ben says as he scans you.
“Hey mate, I’m here” Mason snaps at him, being just a bit jealous.
Ben laughs and hits his friend’s shoulder playfully. “Chill Mase, she’s all yours but she looks really good tonight”
You start to torture your fingers: you liked Ben, he was funny but you didn’t know how to take compliments. You feel Mason’s hand caressing your back, as if he was silently saying I’m here, you’re safe.
Then you meet Declan and his girlfriend and they’re very nice to you, even if you perceive your rigid posture due to your tension that, in the end, you see as something useless.
Mason hardly ever leaves your side
Jesse was one of the funniest guys you ever met. Later on you feel yourself blushing even harder when you meet John and Jack: you always found John to be such a beauty and in that moment you were feeling like a fangirl… Mason didn’t fail to notice that sparkle in your eyes and, naturally, he got jealous. You could have had a soft spot for that Barnsley man but your heart now belonged to the one from Portsmouth, and you wouldn't want it any other way. 
After getting to know a lot of his teammates you get a moment to stay alone with your boyfriend. You look at his perfect features, highlighted by his side profile: his smile and the dimples it creates, his brown eyes, his stubble that is now at the perfect length. You got lost in him, while he’s chatting with Declan. 
His attention gets back on you when he feels your hand placed on his thigh.  At first he looks at your hand, then looks up at your face
“You know I love you?”
It hasn’t been that long since the first time you said those three words to each other so it was still something new hearing it, it made you feel some type of way.
“I thought you loved John more”
You roll your eyes smiling, laying then your head on his shoulder.
“I’m over it”
“Well it didn’t seem like that”
“Stop being jealous, Mason. There’s only you in my life”
Those words sound like something interesting to him, so he turns his face back to yours.
“Yes, you idiot” You smile, stroking his hand with your thumb.
A part of him still wants to be mad at you but the other one wants to smile and show how happy and grateful he truly is for your sincere words. Mason lays his head on yours.
“I love you too” He whispers. Then he gets his head up from yours, his lips reach your ear “Get ready ‘cause when we’ll be home I’ll make you scream my name so loud you won’t even remember who John is”
Hearing those mischievous words makes your eyes widen and your face flushed. You liked it when Mason talked dirty but, because of your nature, you got embarrassed very couldn’t wait for him to fuck mercilessly though.
You get up from his shoulder and clear your throat, while trying to gain a composed posture as you are still at the table with his teammates.
He looks at your reaction with a devilish smile on his face, licking his lips.
“Hey Y/N are you alright? You look a bit flustered” Ben asks you. 
Mason covers his smug expression by putting a hand to his lips, brushing his beard.
“No no yeah, everything’s's just a bit hot in here, isn’t it?”
Your boyfriend - that you were starting to hate at that moment - places a hand on your thigh, climbing up to the more intimate area between your legs.
You glare at him and shove his hand away, while he looks amused by the whole situation.
“Well, I think I know who’s making you feel that flustered...” Ben begins being a pain in the ass too, since it seems like he’s backing his best friend up with his dirty plan.
You don’t have time to conceive a proper answer as you feel Mason approaching your ear and whispering: “Can’t wait to get you out of this dress...I want to see you fully naked, just with your diamond necklace on”
You huff in frustration at his words and you see Ben wiggling his eyebrows and smiling. He wins a glare from you too.
You start to feel really uncomfortable, the only thing you want to do is leaving that party you couldn’t give a shit about anymore.
“We can go home if you want to” You whisper shyly to your aroused boyfriend.
“That’s the only thing I want, babe” 
Mason gets up, with your hand firmly in his, and after waving everyone goodbye he guides you towards the exit. Your private show obviously starts once you’re in the car: the sexual tension between the two of you’s unbearable so you’re literally on top of each other.
You have to stop Mason from getting you naked in the backseat of the car, telling him to wait until you get home...but once you’re home is over for you: he slams you against your front door leaving a trail of sloppy kisses from your lips to your now naked breasts.
He keeps you in balance with your legs wrapped against his hips.
You’re a quivering mess already, needy moans leaving your lips as you keep his head as closer as possible to your body.
Mason gets away from your body just to help you get rid of the slip dress and to loosen up his tie and unbutton his white shirt. He throws his jacket somewhere over the dark house. Then he carries you upstairs bridal style and lays you on your king size bed.
“You’re so beautiful, I can’t wait to devour you” His voice full of lust while he takes his trousers off. He climbs up on the bed, towering over your figure.
At those words you feel the irresistible urge to have him on you, inside of you, anywhere in your body so you place your hands at the side of his head and bring his face closer to yours, to leave a burning, passionate kiss to his lips.
Without even realizing it, it was like some kind of role play coming true: a wealthy, well dressed man was about to fuck his mistress who’s wearing one of the precious presents he gifted her. The necklace, in this case, isn’t just a mere object but it’s a symbol of love and possession: you were his and his only, nobody could ever take you away from him.
Mason’s hungry kisses are leaving traces all over your body, as red spots start to form on your pale skin.
As you feel his mouth near your femininity you get a louder moan, asking him desperately to fuck you with his tongue.
“What do you want, baby?”
“Fuck me...please fuck me Mason”
“Say it again”
“I want you to fuck me Mason”
His eyes full of lust are now complemented with a naughty grin. 
Without any warning, he pulls two fingers inside of you, causing you to arch your back as a wave of pleasure overwhelms you. It all gets intolerable when Mason adds his tongue to his fingers.
You push his head further into you, your heels pinned against his back as your head tilts back on the pillow underneath it.
It’s over when he starts making humming noises: the vibrations send you directly to your climax and you come before you can even tell him.
“Mase -”
He licks off your juices as the most delicious meal he’s ever eaten, pushing then his fingers in your mouth for you to suck on them.
“I’m not done yet, you know that?”
You nod as you finally open your eyes as they meet with his.
“I don’t think John can fuck you this good”
You instinctively open your legs for him to fuck you again, with his cock this time.
He adjusts your legs around his waist and, placing his hands on your hips, starts thrusting into you. His thrusts from painfully slow get each time faster until you sink your nails deeper into his back’s skin.
“Yes Mason faster!”
“Who’s filling you this good?”
“You” Your voice starts to tremble as you feel your second orgasm approaching.
“I can’t hear you...say my name”
“Mason you, you’re fucking me this good!”
His orgasm is getting closer too, he groans deeply as he tries to keep the peace.
“Me or John?”
“FUCK, YOU MASON, IT'S YOU!!” You shout at top of your lungs as you both let out a final cry of pleasure, in the grip of your intense orgasm.
Your throbbing bodies, now covered in sweat, fall one on top of the other, You hold Mason between your arms, cuddling him like a baby: he now got back being the loving puppy that made you fall in love.
"Did I hurt you?" He asks you, after a moment of silence where you tried to catch your breath.
You smiled and nudged his cheek with the tip of your nose. 
"Nope, I like it when you get rough" 
"What about round 2?"
"We can do it in the shower"
Mason gets up, places a kiss between your breasts and climbs down the bed.
He offers you his hand to take to help you climb out of bed.
"Did you plan everything with Ben?"
"He's my best friend, I think he grasped what I had in mind...maybe I talked to him about how much I liked you in that dress"
"So I have to thank him for tonight?"
A soft laugh leaves your lips, wrapping your arms around his neck. 
Mason places his hands on your hips.
"Mhh maybe...yes" It's now his time to laugh. Those laughs are soon to be replaced once again with moans and kisses.
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xhopelesslyromanticx · a month ago
Stupid J. - Mason Mount x Reader
summary: In which the reader tries to mess with Mason by ordering red roses with a suspicious note
Tumblr media
„I think you should take the red roses.“ your friend Amy giggled, pointing at the low quality picture on the screen „I mean they just are the most romantic ones.“
„Hmm…“ you sighed, scrolling through the flower delivery services online website „I don’t know. Maybe this is a dumb idea?“
Maybe? Of course this was stupid idea.
Amy and you had hung out at your place for the whole day and with it raining outside you two had nothing better to do than watch Tiktoks. And as people know, Tiktok was basically full of stupid ideas.
And sure enough you eventually came across the pranks. After you had watched at least a hundred videos, Amy suggested that it would be incredibly funny to pull one on your boyfriend. Mason, your boyfriend. Your extremely overprotective boyfriend.
„What?“ Amy squealed, rolling her eyes as she grabbed the laptop out of your hands „This is a great idea.“
You looked over the girls shoulder as you cosied up in your grey fluffy blanket.Both of you sitting on the white couch as you could see the rain outside pouring through the glass doors.
„You clearly don’t know Mase.“ you chuckled as you watched Amy add something to the cart „He will totally flip out. Plus you won't even be here to see his reaction.“
„Well that’s what makes this fun, duh! And you can tell me how reacted later.“ Amy smacked her lips together, typing something into the laptop „What should the note say?“
You sighed, looking at her mischievous grin „I don’t know. Something subtle?“
„Maybe…“ Amy pursed her lips, thinking about what would set Mason off as her fingers started typing „Had a great time last weekend. Maybe we…“
„No way!“ you interrupted Amy, who was putting on her best advertising voice „That’s already implying that I cheated.“
„That’s the whole point Y/n.“ Amy chuckled as she typed something into the computer again „But I have a better idea…“
You watched her write something before she showed you the screen of your laptop. You chuckled, seeing what she had written.
"I miss you - J"
„What do you think?“ the blonde girl grinned, making you sigh before nodding.
„Well, I guess it’s a little more subtle.“
Saturday was supposed to be the day, where you and Mase would get to spend some quality time together. Both of you having incredibly busy schedules during the week. Sometimes even on the weekend when Mason had to attend games. But luckily this Saturday you were both free.
If it wasn't for the fact that the whole day, all you could only think about was how the door could ring any second and a bouquet of red roses could ruin your day.
You did regret ever agreeing to this but also you were really quite curious. You wanted to see what Mason would do. Like any girl, you did like a healthy amount of jealousy and drama.
So when you were just chilling on the couch with Mason next to you, watching some cheesy movie on Netflix, the doorbell rang.
„Can you open it?“ you asked, looking at your boyfriend with puppy eyes. Knowing he already had a hard time to say no to you.
„Alright…“ Mason groaned, releasing you from his grasp as he got up. Making you already miss his touch.
Mason readjusted his grey hoodie, his hair extremely messy from cuddling, as he made his way over to the door. Trying not to look like he had just woken up.
You could feel your heartbeat rise when hearing Mase talk to the delivery guy. Clearly he seemed confused about what was being delivered. Asking the guy three times if he was sure he had the right address.
Then the door fell shut and next thing you knew, Mason walked into the room with a bouquet of red roses wrapped up beautifully in clear wrapping paper.
„Did you order flowers?“ Mason asked, putting down the flowers on the marble kitchen counter as you stared at the television again.Not being able to face him or you‘d immediately start laughing.
You weren't really good at lying. But maybe in this case it was good thing as Mase was supposed to think you were lying.
„No.“ you answered shortly, trying not to already give yourself away.
„Well, there’s a note…“ you turned around to watch Mason open the white letter that had been attached to the bouquet.
Your boyfriend pulled out a card before reading what’s on it with furrowed eyebrows, clearly confused on what was written. He tried to puzzle everything together as he thought about if he knew anyone that would send him flowers who’s name started with a J.
That’s when it hit him; maybe he didn’t know anyone but you could obviously do. After all you did spend most of your time at his house, so it would only make sense for someone to send them here. It did seem quite weird to him though.
„I think these are for you.“ he cleared his throat, still fixated on the note as he tried to understand the situation. His mind going through all the worst case scenarios.
„Really?“ you tried to act suprised but failed, making you even more suspicious.
„Yes.“ Mason muttered, staring at the red roses. There was a moment of silence before Mason took all his courage to ask the one question that was lingering on his mind „So who's J?“
You grinned as you chewed on some popcorn, shrugging as you looked over at you boyfriend „Jay? I don’t know any Jay.“
„No I mean the letter J.“ Mason sighed, slowly starting to lose his patience as you continued to act oblivious.
„Well, I know a lot of people who’s names start with a J…“ you now stood up, taking the empty glass bowl with you as you walked over to the kitchen isle „But so do you. Like James, Jesse or even Jack?“
Mason stood there, the note tight in his hand as he tried to read your face. Still not sure what to believe.
„Now why would any of them tell me they missed me?“ Mason slid the note across the countertop to were you were standing.
You picked it up, furrowing your eyebrows before clearing your throat „I don’t know?“
By now Mase totally knew you were lying. Only in his mind the lie was a whole different one.
„That’s…“ he shook his head, trying to calm himself down and not curse. Knowing that if he lost his temper now, you would never speak up „Who sent you these?“
„Honey, I told you…“
„I don’t believe it though!“ he crossed his arms, biting his bottom lip as he watched you check out the roses „So you might as well just tell the truth.“
You fake gasped, looking into Masons mad face. Pretending to be offended by his accusation.
„Is it a guy?“ he now hissed, leaning over the counter and shoving the bouquet away with his hands „Who has the audacity to send flowers for my girlfriend to my house.“
„Well, I do basically live here so…“
„So it is a guy?“ your boyfriend raised his eyebrows, clearly pissed off but also kind of hurt.
„No… I mean yes…“ you stuttered, pretending to be nervous as you started fidgeting with the note in your hands „I don’t know…“
„What?“ Mase hissed, shaking his head in complete confusion „You don’t know who would write you a note saying that he misses you?“
You bit your lip looking at the roses. Should you stop it now? But it was just starting to get fun. Plus Mason didn't seem all that mad yet.
„His name starts with a J! Doesn’t that maybe ring a bell?“ Mason now asked, pacing up and down the kitchen in attempt to calm his nerves. He didn't understand why you were acting so oblivious.
„Well…“ you tried to come up with something „Maybe Jadon?“
„Sancho?“ Mase asked, stopping in his tracks as he stared at his girlfriend like she was a ghost.
„Yeah, well I baked the lads cookies last week, remember? Maybe this is his way of saying... thank you?“
„What?“ is all Mason said, feeling like he was about to lose his mind „Why would he write that he freaking missed you because you baked him cookies?“
„Maybe they were good?“
You had to try so hard not to start laughing. Your boyfriend looked like he was questioning his whole life choices. And you obviously would feel the same in his shoes.
„Are you nuts?“ Mason now asked, believing there was something seriously wrong with you. He walked over to placing his palm on your forehead, to check your temperature„I mean you have to be. Your talking absolute nonsense.“
You chuckled, as you gently pushed your boyfriend away. And when looking up at his face you couldn’t help but start laughing. Mase furrowed his eyebrows, looking at his girlfriend that was laughing her ass off
„What’s so funny? If Jadon really sent these I will…“
„Mase…“ you laughed, tears filling your eyes as you held on to the kitchen counter "I’m just messing with you.“
„Huh?“ the guys face softened as he stood there with crossed arms. A small grin appearing on his lips.
„Of course Jadon wouldn’t send me flowers!“ you giggled, still amused by his reaction as you wiped your tears away „I ordered them myself.“
Mason looked relieved but confused at the same time „What?“
„Yeah, Amy and I saw this trend on Tiktok. Where you order flowers to see how your boyfriend reacts. And Amy had the great idea to add the note.“ you put your hand on his shoulder as Mason shook his head, now also chuckling „But I haven’t seen one video where the guy checks if his girlfriend has a fever!“
„Well can you blame me!“ Mason laughed, watching you try to catch your breath as he rolled his eyes.
„I love you.“ you chocked in between laughter, as Mase pulled you close to him. Your boyfriend tried to kiss you as all you could do is laugh.
"I'm sorry..." you chuckled, trying to calm yourself down.
Mason was trying not to laugh but in all honesty he was also quite amused by the situation. He looked at you, licking his lips before grabbing the note on the counter and walking over to the trashcan. He threw it away and stared at you with the pettiest look on his face, only to say;
„Stupid J.“
You watched your boyfriend, a big smile on your face as you nodded „Yes. Stupid, stupid J.“
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