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bluemase · 2 days ago
sixty-nine, mason mount
where you finally create the courage to do a sixty-nine with Mason
warning: sexting, oral (M,F) receiving, fingering, talk light dirty, blowjob.
notes: this is just something dirty and no plot, have fun.
Tumblr media
You were not a shy person, no, certainly not. Especially when it came to your sex life. But the last few days, you’ve been struggling to ask Mason what he wanted most, but you didn’t know how to get to the point.
You and Mason had been dating for a few weeks and were having a lot of sex, but after hearing 34 + 35 the idea of testing that position stuck in your head. Mason had no idea, but he would definitely take anything she wanted.
Now, sitting in your living room with your feet on the centre table and a book in your hands, you couldn’t concentrate on anything else, your head on Mason, and it didn’t help to know that he would be at your house right after practice. You moaned with frustration and decided to tidy up the house to spend the repressed energy.
You were asleep when your phone started buzzing incessantly at your bedside, you ignored it and tried to go back to sleep, but the buzzing continued. Unwillingly you took your phone, the access screen said: 8 messages from Mase
baby, i’m on my way
i’m taking food
save your energy ;) ;)
i’ii miss you when I travel tomorrow, so we’ll make up for it today
baby?? are you there??
are you asleep?
i’ii let you sleep, after all, you won’t do much when i arrive
i'ii see you soon
You smiled softly, but rolled your eyes at Mason’s messages, but quickly responded.
what is 34 + 35?
Mason’s response came quickly.
69. *aubergine emojis*
i believe we must try
baby, you can’t write me stuff like that without telling me first
no, i can walk into the restaurant hard
soooo? do you?
for sure baby
i want to hear you scream my name out loud
You let out a moan, your excitement building up in your gut, Mason didn’t need to know that, though.
i will shout your name so that everyone may know that i am yours.
cum baby
After 15 minutes, a series of knocks rang at your door, breathing deeply you walked towards the door, Mason was on the other side, his normal clothes, in one hand the food bag, in the other the training bag.
━ Shouldn’t you take your diet more seriously? ━ You asked him to let you in.
Mason walked in, leaving the bag by the door as he walked, and left the food bag on the kitchen counter.
━ I’ll take her in.
You followed Mason into the living room and sat on the couch, Mason just watched her silently. He went back to the kitchen to get the food bag with plates and cutlery, putting everything on the centre table.
You laughed when you saw the size of the bag and asked:
━ Why did you ask so much?
━ Baby, I’m a growing boy. I need to be well-fed.
You laughed your head off.
━ You’re not a growing boy, Mount.
Mason chuckled, you called Netflix, so they could find something while eating. Mason suggested a comedy series.
You were satisfied after eating six tablespoons of food, Mason having to eat the rest, you were still surprised at how his metabolism worked and how it was always at its ideal weight. You turned your attention to him.
━ Looking forward to the next game?
Mason took a deep breath before answering the question.
━ Yes. I’m not going to start, but the boss has already told me that I will enter the second half, I need to pick up the pace of the game, since I was away due to surgery.
━ When are you going away?
━ Tomorrow afternoon, then I’ll stay here until it’s time to leave.
Mason pulled you into his lap and took no time to kiss you softly, you put your arms around your neck and deepened the kiss. He licked his lower lip and his mouth opened immediately, Mason’s tongue caressed his, his moan came out slightly.
Mason stood up and pulled you with him until they were in your room and brought you to another deep kiss, you pulled him closer to your hips, your hands resting on your back. Mason moved his lips across his jaw, leaving kisses with his mouth open without leaving any hickeys, until he reached his neck, biting and pinching.
You pulled Mason’s shirt until you managed to get her out of it without interrupting the kiss and threw it across the room, and Mason did the same with your shirt. Mason kissed one of your breasts, you threw your head back, moaning quietly when Mason sucked one of your nipples. He didn’t spend much time teasing you because he knew what you wanted, and he wanted the same thing.
Mason unbuttons and takes off his pants quickly, leaving her with only his lingerie set, his panting breath and somehow trying to catch his breath, his pants and boxer being thrown to the side when they were no longer in his body, leaving him entirely naked.
━ Are you ready, baby?
You nodded and Mason smiled, he climbed up on the bed and pulled you until you were on his lap, face to face, then he flipped you quickly.
━ Now.
You leaned forward with Mason gently guiding his hip with his hands, he grabbed your ass through the thin panties and plucked your folds out of your underwear. You were face to face with your erect cock, licking the palm of your hand you caressed him slowly, smiling satisfied to hear a choked moan coming from behind you, your tongue licking a sash on the bottom of your dick before you put the tip in your mouth, giving little cat licks over the crevice.
Mason was a mess behind you moaning, so much so that he was temporarily distracted from what he should be doing, pulling his panties aside he licked between the folds of his cunt. You rolled your head back, Mason’s dick slipping from your lips as you panted into your thigh.
━ Damn it, Mason.
Mason moaned by making you arch your back, pushing his face, you couldn’t stop your moaning because Mason was fucking you with his tongue and he never let you down when it came to pleasuring you. Finally, getting yourself together, you turned your lips around Mason’s cock, making sure to cover your teeth, both of you moaning together. You shook your head up and down with one hand on the rest of your axle. Mason’s dick was too big to fit in your mouth, but you could make it work, Mason sucked on your clitoris and ran two fingers through your folds leading them to your mouth.
━ Damn, you have wonderful taste.
Mason brought his mouth back to his clitoris and went back to sucking while pushing two fingers into his wet cunt at a fast pace, you were drooling on your dick and could not avoid the intense pleasure of Mason’s talented tongue and fingers, Your mouth was full of nothing but your boyfriend’s cock.
━ But, oh fuck, please, please. ━ You hiccuped. Mason pulled it back.
━ Make me come, and I’ll let you come, take me out first, baby.
You nodded anxiously back to sucking, you started shaking your head at a fast pace trying not to choke, but also trying to make Mase cum, that’s all you wanted to do.
Mason moaned loudly when the tip of his dick hit the bottom of your throat, and you didn’t stop sucking, you kept coming and going until he finally came.  It was unexpected when he came, he thought he saw the sky for a split second when he closed his eyes as he cummed in his mouth and his dick twitched when he felt you swallow around him.
━ Mm good girl.  Are you ready for your reward? ━ You nodded.
━ Come on, Mase, please.
Mason didn’t lose another second, he quickly stuck two of his fingers inside you not slowing down at all while his thumb rubbed his clitoris at a slightly slower pace than his other fingers.  You were a moaning mess, but Mase wasn’t saying anything and then you tried so hard to focus on the other noises in the room, The crushing sound of your cunt as Mase’s fingers hit her was the only sound in the room next to your moans and that’s when you realized Mase spoke.
━ Did you hear that?  Did you hear how wet you are? ━ Did you nod.
━ Yes, yes, I heard.
━ I love the way you sound, baby, and don’t even tell me about how you squeeze my fingers so hard, holy shit.
You finally lost control, cumming with tears in your eyes and a silent scream.  Mase removed her fingers and brought you to her breast, kissing her softly. 
━ How did that happen?
━ Fantastic as fuck. ━ Mason laughed softly.
━ Best idea ever, right?
You nodded and agreed, it was the best idea ever.  
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chelshoe · 3 hours ago
When Taylor Swift said “Home is where the heart is but God, I love the English” she meant Ben Chilwell and Mason Mount
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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sanchoj7 · a day ago
Maybe this tiktok with chilly where his sister is filming them.
When Alex, Ben’s sister offered to go out to eat everyone got really excited. You wanted to sit at the front so you could have the aux but as soon as you call shot Ben laughed and started running towards the car.“Hello no”You snapped running after him. Alex was already by the car and she decided to record the two of you. You were about to get to the passenger seat door when ben grabbed onto your leg making both of you fall face first.“Get off of me”You yelled hearing all the laughter.“No way it’s my seat”He replied making you push him off. You slapped his hands away and jump into the car out of breath.“And I’ll do it again”You said looking at Ben laid on the driveway out of breath.“You guys are crazy”Alex said ending the video as Ben got in the backseat.“You will regret that don’t worry baby”He said making you laugh.“Uh keep your dirty talks for yourselves”Alex gagged making you smile.“Shut up let’s go”Ben said making her send him a dirty look.
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benchvlwell · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
i hate this world i hate everything in it i hate everyone in it why is it so cruel
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nizilicious · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I can look at him all day. (Declan Rice Prevayl interview.)
You can catch the full interview on their youtube channel where Dec speaks about being the West ham Captain, Ambitions, Match Rituals and more.
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mmfbc · a month ago
I don’t like people trying to take what’s mine
Mason Mount x Reader
Mason attends your work charity event with you, but his patience is tested by another man.
Tumblr media
Word Count: 5104
“What time do we need to leave?” Mason peered around the bathroom door as you were getting ready.
“We need to be there for 7.30, so I’d say leave in 20 minutes?” you suggested, rummaging through your makeup bag for your red lipstick as he moved closer towards you.
“Need me to do anything?” he breathed in your ear from behind, his hands settling on your waist.
“I can think of something, but it would make us late” you smirked as his face buried in the crook of your neck, “You could put my necklace on for me?” reaching for your Tiffany chain that you only wore on special occasions.
“Well, I actually got you a gift for tonight” he mumbled as he walked off into his bedroom, returning a few moments later with a small Harrods gift bag dangling from his fingers.
“What is it?” you blushed, your gaze fluttering between the bag and his eyes
He shrugged leaning against the door frame acting suspicious, forcing you to hold your palm he popped the bag onto it. You fought back the nervous lump in your throat as you slowly opened the bag and pulled out a small black velvet box wrapped in a silk bow.
“Mason..” you whispered as you pulled at the silk ribbon, not knowing what to expect.
“If you think it’s cheesy just tell me and I’ll take it back, but I thought seen as though things have been going well…” you could near the nervousness in his voice “…we’ve met each other’s families, now were going to your work thing…” he trailed off as you opened the box to reveal a gold dainty necklace finished with a petite initial M dangling in the centre.
“A little something of you… for me to wear?” you smiled, still staring at the jewellery in front of you. You had started dating a little over 3 months ago, and officially sealed the girlfriend title two weeks ago when you spent the weekend with his family in Portsmouth, but this just intensified all of the feelings you were already having towards him.
“Is it cheesy, just tell me? Shall I take it back?” he mumbled as his hand came towards the box to take it off you.
“No, it’s perfect!” you cried, snapping the box shut and pulling it away from his reach whilst standing on your tip toes to give him a kiss “Will you put it on me?”.
He took the necklace out of the box and stood behind you as you moved your hair out of the way, which was styled into a loosely curled elegant low ponytail for the evening. He pulled his arms over your head and after a few minutes of you admiring his concentration face in the reflection of the mirror, he finally managed to do the clasp on the tiny chain.
“Thank you” you whispered as you turned around, your palms resting on his chest as he kissed your forehead. “I’ll need one last kiss before I put my lipstick as I’m wearing red and it’s not smooch proof”
“I don’t like red lipstick!” he pouted as his hands cupped your face, one thumb brushing your cheek.
“Yes you do, I wore it the night we met…” you frowned, remembering him complimenting you on how much it suited you the first time you laid eyes on each other.
“I know… but I want to kiss you tonight” he butted in rolling his eyes, before planting a delicate but loving kiss on your lips. Despite you having kissed Mason too many times to count by now, his kisses never failed to make you go weak at the knees.
“You’ll get to kiss me when we’re home” you breathed as you pulled away, conscious of the time.
“I’m not sure I’ll be able to keep my hands off you for that long” he groaned into your ear as his hands now slipped down your back onto your bum, giving it a little squeeze over your dress.
You were wearing a long black silk dress with thin straps and black strappy heels; Mason was dressed in a black tux looking as handsome as ever. It was the first time you had witnessed him in a suit and it was sending your mind to the gutter, wanting to rip it off him already but you needed to get a move on.
You were finally arriving at the charity event that was being hosted by the company you work for in the centre of London. It was your first event you were attending with Mason and to your surprise, but also not as you knew how generous he was when it came to charity, Mason had donated £5000.00 but had asked for it to be anonymous, whilst also arranging for two signed shirts from the Chelsea and England team to be donated for the auction. You had managed to find the table you had been seated at and after introducing Mason to everyone you were sitting with; he went to the bar to get you both a drink.
“Oh, he’s very nice y/n” Michelle cooed whilst watching Mason in the distance, “You’ve done very well there my dear, but he’s also very lucky to be with you too”. Michelle was like your work mum but it was rare you got to see her in person as you mainly worked from home.
“I couldn’t be happier” you beamed as you turned your gaze to watch him too.
“Lucky to be with her? He’s a footballer, he could have anyone he wants” James laughed arrogantly. Unfortunately, he was one of the managing directors’ sons, who you didn’t always see eye to eye with but had to be civil for the sake of work. He was never wrong; a chauvinistic pig and relied on his parents’ money whilst doing the bare minimum at work.
“Oh bore off James, you’re only jealous” Michelle snapped back as she continued talking to you, asking how things had been going the past couple of weeks since you last saw her in person. You told her how you were now an official item and how things were only getting better day by day.
“Alright we get it, he’s one of the good guys” James moaned as he swigged on his beer, interrupting your conversation yet again.
“Will you wind your neck in” you finally snapped at him, causing him to laugh as he had been trying to get a reaction out of you and he’d won.
“Is there a problem?” Mason asked as he was now stood over your shoulder holding the two drinks in his hand looking down at you waiting for a response.
“Of course not pal. Your missus here was just singing your praises” James snorted as he nodded in your direction.
“I was speaking to y/n” Mason barked without looking up, his eyes still fixed on yours.
You nodded and smiled. It was rare you saw this side of Mason, sometimes you could see him annoyed during a game but you never witnessed it first-hand as he was always back to his usual up-beat self after a game, even when they lost. He sat himself down in his chair, passing you your wine and you placed a reassuring hand on his thigh, his fingers resting over yours as his thumb brushed your skin.
As the evening got underway, James kept making sly digs about everyone on the table including you which meant Mason had to bite is lip a lot, for which you were grateful as you didn’t need your new boyfriend getting into an argument on your behalf at a work event.
“Tell me why we have to be here” he groaned into your ear after James had made a rude joke about taking one of the women home that was on stage currently.
“Because it’s for charity, please try and ignore him” you squeezed his hand whilst giving him a sympathetic smile, causing him to scrunch his nose and roll his eyes playfully.
“So, what are the other prizes that are up for grabs on this auction?” he asked as he wrapped his arm around the back of your chair, taking a swig of his beer trying to distract you both from the annoying bloke sat in front of you.
“There’s a few bits of jewellery, days out, there’s even a luxury trip to Dubai which I was having a nosey at in the brochure, but it’s set dates and in a few weeks so it’s still in the football season” you said as you reeled off details of the other prizes that were in the brochure, “Oh there’s even a tour of St Georges Park, maybe you could bid for that, be nice for you to see around there” you joked as he squeezed your shoulder in response.
“Fancy Dubai do you?” he asked, as he flicked the page back to the details of the trip.
“Yeah me and y/b/f/n have always wanted to go. I think it’s the top prize, but like I said you have work” you pouted before turning the page over to the days out section “I’ll see what else is on offer, maybe we could bid on the Alpaca walking” you chuckled holding up the photo of the alpaca farm next to your face with a big grin.
“I’ll take you to Dubai when the seasons over” Mason chuckled as he leant into you for a kiss.
“Cheek Mason…” you whispered raising an eyebrow, turning your face so Mason couldn’t smudge your lipstick, resulting in him letting out a disappointed moan as he pressed his lips on your jaw.
The auction was due to start soon and you decided to take yourself to the restroom to freshen up beforehand. You were on your way back, heading for the bar first when James clocked you.
“Oi y/n, can I have a word?” he shouted over, stopping you in your tracks.
“Make it quick because I want to get back for the auction” you sighed as you turned around in the direction of his voice.
“Besides money, what is it you see in him?” he was moving towards you, his eyes glazed from the beer he was drinking far too quickly.
“I don’t see him for his money James” you answered, shaking your head in annoyance.
“Obviously not got much going on in his head has he, do you even have intellectual conversations or do you just talk about kicking balls?” he sneered as he stepped closure towards you, his chest almost brushing yours.
“You don’t know anything about him” you snapped back; your eyebrows knitted together as you looked up at his smug face.
“He’s younger than you too, you need a real man” his voice was now low as his hand reached behind you, landing on the small of your back, “And if it’s money you want you know I’ve got plenty”.
“He’s a bigger man than you could ever be!” you barked as you stormed off to the bar.
You stood against the bar biting your lip out of frustration, trying to calm yourself down as you waited to be served. How dare he question your motives for dating Mason and how dare he insult your boyfriend like that.
“What happened?” you heard a voice from behind you, causing you to jump.
Mason was stood with his eyes full of concern as he noticed how annoyed you were, his hands resting on your arms.
“Just James being an idiot as per usual” you brushed it off, not wanting to rile Mason up anymore.
“I couldn’t see properly but I saw you storm off from him so came over straight away” a frown on his face as he leant down to meet your gaze.
“Don’t worry I’m fine” you smiled, straightening his tie “Let’s get some drinks before the auction starts”.
As the auction took place, you entered a few pointless bids on a handful of the prizes, pleading with Mason not to bid on anything on your behalf as you wanted to donate the money to charity yourself and if you were outbid beyond your budget then so be it. However, you did win the Alpaca Walking which you joked would be a nice humble date for the pair of you to experience together. As the auction was coming to an end, the Dubai trip went up for grabs. Michelle ended up winning the highest bid after a long gruelling battle against James. She kept looking to you grinning as she was bidding each time, making you laugh as you were shocked she was still going. You were jealous, but also happy that it was going to somebody you knew, especially as she had managed to outbid James although you were unsure how as she only worked in accounts and he was loaded because his family owned the company you worked for. Maybe her husband had agreed to it beforehand you thought.
“Nothing take your fancy Mount?” James sniggered, obviously having a dig because he’d lost out on the bidding.
“Nothing worth bidding for” Mason responded abruptly, not interested in talking to him.
Michelle asked you and a couple of the other girls to dance and you looked at Mason as you stood up to check he’d be okay on his own for a while, only for him to push you in the direction of your work friends and mouth that he’s fine. His eyes stayed on you as you tried your best to dance in your uncomfortable heels and long dress, not giving much room to move other than a side-step shuffle. Your eyes kept finding his every once in a while, smirking at him knowing he hadn’t taken his eyes off your body once.
“She’s a force to be reckoned with that one Mount” James said as he stood from his seat to move to one nearer to Mason.
“Yeah she’s something special” he hummed, still staring in your direction admiring you as you giggled with your friends, now dancing to the macarena.
“I bet you have some right worldies fall at your feet when you’re out though” James jeered, trying to catch Masons attention but he didn’t reply, “I bet it’s hard to say no to the girls that must flock around you when you’re out”.
“It’s not” Mason replied, picking his beer bottle up to take a sip, hiding the knot of frustration in his throat he was trying to swallow.
“It’s not what?” James quizzed; his tone confused.
“It’s not hard to say no, especially when I have y/n at home” he nodded in your direction smiling.
“I guess she’s looking pretty hot tonight, what’s she like in the sack?” James interrogated, knowing his question would get under Mason’s skin.
Mason didn’t reply, he just stood up from the table, the vein above his temple threatening to explode as he clenched his jaw trying to fight back saying something he may regret, or not, but he didn’t want to show you up. He walked off to the bar, excusing himself from the couple of other guests that were still sat down. When he returned back to the table he was relieved to see James was no longer there and he quickly checked his phone for any messages he had received since being out.
When the music on the dancefloor changed from an upbeat pop tune to a slow tempo ballad, you were about to return back to your table when James asked if he could dance. You had your reservations but when he said he wanted to make peace you simply smiled and nodded, making sure to look over at Mason to give him a smile of reassurance. His eyes had found you again which hadn’t surprised you, especially now James was sniffing around you.
“We got off on a bad foot tonight, I apologise” he muttered, pulling you in closer to him by your waist as you danced.
“You just come across as arrogant and it’s not a good look” you muttered, your eyes still on Mason over James’ shoulder.
You continued to dance whilst exchanging small talk about work, your body tense from his touch and you were in a secret battle of trying to keep a distance between the pair of you whilst he was trying to pull you closer. Mason was now starting to lose his patience, pulling at his shirt collar in frustration. He was pissed off with the man dancing with his girlfriend, watching him lure over you, until he snapped when James placed a kiss on the bare skin of your shoulder. Mason jumped out of his seat, slamming his beer down on the table at the same time, pacing over towards you on the dance floor.
“Excuse me” Mason growled as he stepped in-between you and James, leaving him startled and backing away awkwardly as he was blocked by Mason’s back. Your hands fell onto his shoulders as you smirked, his palm on the back of your neck with the other cupping your jaw as he hit you with a bruising kiss. You didn’t care that your lipstick would be ruined, you were just happy you were now in the arms of your boyfriend again. His tongue invaded your mouth as your hands moved from his shoulders onto the back of his head, your fingers messing up his smooth choppy locks. He still tasted delicious, even with the after taste of his beer still on his tongue. One of his hands had slipped down onto the small of your back, slowly daring to inch lower.
“You know you have nothing to worry about don’t you?” you whispered as his lips pulled away from yours slightly.
“I know. It’s not you I’m worried about, it’s other men that can’t keep their dirty hands off my girl” he breathed into your mouth as he brushed his thumb over your lip where your lipstick had smudged “Some people just need reminding”.
“How about you remind me too?” you hummed into his mouth, giving him another kiss.
“I’ve got somewhere I could do that in mind” He bit your lip before pulling away, taking your hand and leading you off the dancefloor, out of the main room.
You both walked as fast as you could to find the stairwell for the rooftop, which was currently off limits to guests, however Mason appeared to know the security man stood in the way, so he let you up.
Mason’s hands were grabbing at your bum as you hurried up the stairs as quick as your legs and long dress would take you. When he noticed you struggling, he lifted the hem of your dress from around your ankles, up your legs to the top of your thighs and you felt the cold chill brush over your skin.
“Thank you for not retaliating down there” you cooed when you reached the top of the stairs that lead out onto the rooftop, Mason pushing you against the door as his hips pressed into you.
“I’ve never had to bite my tongue as much as tonight” his jaw clenched as he remembered James touching you and what he had asked about you in bed.
“I know” you whispered, pulling him closer to your face by his tie.
“I don’t like people trying to take what’s mine” he growled as he glided his finger over his initial on your necklace before leaning around you to open the door and pull you outside.
The rooftop was full of cosy day beds, the perfect London hotspot you presumed, but even though the outdoor fairy lights were on, it was completely empty due to the private event downstairs. You walked over to the edge as you admired the view of the London skyline for the first time at night. The October air was cold and all you could hear was the sound of the busy capital underneath you. Mason removed his blazer and draped it over a chair nearby, undoing his top button and loosening his tie slightly as he watched you looking out over the city silently.
His chest pressed into your back as his hands wrapped around your waist, his lips ghosting your neck as his warm breath fell onto your skin, giving you goosebumps. He slowly kissed your neck, trailing down onto your left shoulder, moving the thin strap of your dress down your arm so he could continue his line of delicate kisses. You breathed out a moan as you tilted your head back into him, his hands now carefully gathering your dress at either side of your legs as he continued to kiss your skin, sending signals down into your groin. Once your dress was at the top of your thighs, his right hand fell in between your thighs as he your rubbed over your underwear. He brought his hand up to your face as his fingers dipped into your mouth, you instinctively sucked on them before licking your spit all over his digits, knowing exactly what he was going to do with them next. His hand came back between your legs as he slid his fingers under the material of your underwear and brushed the wet pad of his fingertips over your clit. He continued circling over it as his tongue glided over your neck, you moaned out into the cold air as his fingers worked their magic, your breath visible in front of you as you hazily looked over the city.
“Mason..” you whimpered as your breathing hitched, trying to balance yourself against the railing in front of you as your thighs began to tremble.
“That’s it baby, let them know you’re mine” he whispered into your ear, nipping at the skin of your neck again.
You moaned a few explicit words as your orgasm was nearing and when you tried to hold your hand over your mouth to muffle your voice, Mason locked his fingers around yours and moved them to your chest, telling you to scream as you cum.
“Let them hear you” he murmured into your neck, his other hand now palming your left breast as your dress had fallen low enough to free it.
“Fuck Mason, I’m…” you cried as your right hand reached up to his head, tugging at his hair as you rode out your high.
As you leant forward against the railing slightly trying to catch your breath, Mason kissed your shoulder blade as he pulled the other strap down your arm, causing your dress to fall down further, both breasts now free. He spun you around to face him, his eyes falling over your nipples as he licked his lips.
“Why don’t we really ruin that lipstick?” he smirked as he undid his belt buckle, his eyes filled with an animalistic look in them, one that you loved seeing.
You watched him grab a pillow from the chair and drop it onto the floor at his feet. You bit your lip and blushed as you felt your stomach flip, he could be bad in so many ways but he was still considerate even when he was having his way with you. You fell to your knees on the pillow, your hands undoing his button and slowly lowering his zip. You could already feel his hard cock being restrained through his clothes before you pulled his trousers and boxers down enough to free it. He held the hem of his shirt and his tie out of the way with one hand and wrapped his other round the back of your head as he stared down at you with his deep brown eyes, full of lust. You gripped around the base of his cock, starting with a few slow strokes before you ran your tongue over the tip, teasing him at first.
“Fuck y/n” he moaned as his focus shifted between looking at you and looking at the skyline, “I don’t know which view is better” he smirked as he looked back down at you, waiting for your reaction.
You pulled your mouth off of him, spit falling from your mouth onto your chest as you looked up to make eye contact with him, seductively wiping the back of your hand across your lip with one eyebrow lifted.
“Oh no, this ones definitely better” he sniggered as his fist wrapped around your ponytail, pushing you ever so gently back onto him.
You carried on bobbing up and down on him, your cheeks hollowing and spit escaping your lips with each movement. His breathing beginning to shallow as you took him in your mouth deeper and deeper, his grip on your hair tightening.
“Up baby” he murmured as he pulled away, pulling his boxers and trousers over his hips.
He held your hands to help you up off your knees and you pulled the straps of your dress back up onto your shoulders to straighten yourself out. You watched him walk over to one of the day beds and settle himself down in the middle, patting next to him prompting you to join him. You walked over to the foot of the bed when he reached back into his pants, freeing his cock again as he began stroking himself whilst staring at you. You leant down to grab the bottom of your dress, pulling it all the way up and over your head, throwing it in his direction so it landed over his face. He chuckled under his breath as he pulled it out of his way and onto the floor next to the bed. You crawled up the bed towards him in nothing but your knickers and heels. He continued stroking himself up and down as you knelt between his thighs, your hands tugging at the clothing around his hips. You pulled his trousers and Calvin’s down, just above his knees, moving your legs to straddle over him. His free hand settled on your hip.
“You’re really something else you know” he whimpered, as he watched you undo his tie and unbutton his shirt agonisingly slow.
“So are you” you smiled, sliding the tie from around his neck, before leaning down to glide your tongue over his chest, swirling it over his nipple when you found it.
“You wear it” he smirked, passing you the tie as he bit his lip with a glint in his eyes.
You tied it around your neck loosely, the material falling in between your breasts. You shuffled your hips slightly as he held the base of himself under you, licking his lips as he watched you lower down onto his cock. You moaned out his name, your body shivering at the feeling of him inside you. Both of his hands now on your hips, helping to guide you up and down on him slowly at first, him meeting you with a thrust upwards every time you lowered, getting deeper each time. You soon found your rhythm as you began to move with him, your hips rocking over him as he continued push his up into you. You dipped your fingers into his mouth just like he had with you earlier, encouraging him to get them wet. He hummed as his tongue licked over them before you brought them between your legs and began stroking over your clit. He watched as you continued riding him whilst playing with yourself, his hands grabbing at your thighs as he growled your name under his breath.
“You gonna cum all over me baby” he breathed through his panting, sweat now forming on his forehead.
His voice pushed you over the edge as your second orgasm sent a rush over your body causing you to clench around him, which in turn caused him to let out an extra loud groan. He pulled on the tie to bring your face down to his so he could kiss you as as you moaned his name throughout your climax. He gave you a few moments to calm your breathing slightly as you rode it out, until he flipped you over onto your knees. His right fist wrapped around the tie and your ponytail as he forced you to arch your back, before using his other hand to guide himself back into you. He gave an extra forceful thrust causing you to cry out his name and then his hand fell onto your hip, his fingers threatening to bruise your skin his grip was so tight. He bucked his hips into you, the sound of his skin slapping against yours filling the air with both of your moans. He continued to thrust in and out of you as your thighs still quivered from your high, until his hips began to falter and his groans deepened as he came inside of you. He threw you a few lazy thrusts before pulling out and falling onto his back, tugging on your ankle so you would lay next to him. You spotted a rolled-up blanket at the side which you pulled over your shivering body. He wrapped his arm around you, his fingers stroking over your shoulder with his eyes closed, trying to focus on calming his breathing down. You cosied into his side, your head laying on his chest as you rested your palm over his stomach, eyes closed now.
After a few lazy kisses and him trying to help clean any smudged mascara and lipstick on your face, he buttoned his shirt and trousers back up as he passed you your dress.
“I have a surprise” he smirked as he jumped up from the bed, walking over to the chair where his jacket was. He returned back to the bed with his blazer in his hands and lay back down, propped up on his elbow next to you. He dipped his hand into his inside pocket and passed you the envelope that he pulled out of it.
“Dubai!” you gasped as you opened it, your head tilting as you looked into his soft brown eyes “But you can’t go?”
“No… but you and y/b/f/n can go.” he smiled as he tucked a loose strand of hair behind your ear.
“Michelle wasn’t grinning at me every time she was bidding then, she was looking at you!” You shrieked as you realised the pair of them had managed to pull the wool over your eyes.
“Mhmm” He laughed under his breath as he placed a gentle kiss on your forehead. “Although, I don’t know how I’ve ended up with Alpacas and y/b/f/n gets Dubai”.
Please let me know if you enjoy reading these as I'm considering taking requests in the future x
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ladymarycrawley · 22 days ago
It all started with a charity dinner - Mason Mount
So here’s a lil fic featuring abit of Ben and John too, when I started writing it I didn’t mean to make it smut but here we go. Hope you like it  🥰 (I’m the worst when it comes to choosing fic titles  🙈)
Warning: smut
"Mase what if they don't like me? I mean, I'm not even from England, what if I don't understand when they speak? They'll surely think I'm an idiot"
Mason rolls his eyes and scrunches up his nose. "They'll love you, I'm sure"
"But you know I'm get so shy with new people, they'll think your new girlfriend has some mental problems"
"Y/N calm down" He takes your hands between his.
You sigh, trying to fight the heaviness in your chest caused by anxiety.
“They’re gonna love you, you’re a wonderful person and nothing can change that. Maybe they’ll find you funny but that doesn’t mean they’re laughing at you”
A weak smile appears on your face as you try to process your boyfriend’s words. “I bet they’ll love your accent as much as I do”
Mason decided it was time for you to go official at England National Team’s charity dinner, even though you were afraid of meeting his teammates you were also looking forward to that moment.
You are wearing a long blue slip dress, a colour that both suits you very well and fits the cause, with low-heeled sandals, all in all it was a very 90s look.
Mason looks very sharp too, a suit and tie look that complimented his perfect body amazingly.
“Are you ready Y/N?”
“Yes, just need to take my purse”
He’s waiting for you down in his living room and his mouth opens when he sees you fully ready walking down the stairs.
To complete your look you wore a diamond tennis necklace with matching earrings and rings, your long hair down with only the front strands tied on the back.
“You look gorgeous”
You blush whispering a very shy thank you
“I’m good to go”
Mason gets closer to you, placing his hand on your lower back, grazing the silk of the dress.
“Don’t mess up my makeup” You warn him with a soft laugh.
“No problem” Yeah, that warning wasn’t a problem at all for him: instead of kissing your lips or your cheeks he places a slow, soft, velvety kiss on your neck. You try to repress a moan, since you have no time to let go and get naughty with him.
“Ok, time to go! They’re waiting for us”
Mason groans when you get away from his body and head towards the front door.
Needless to say your boyfriend wasn’t able to keep his eyes or his hand away from you: his lips are soon on your bare shoulder but you push him away to avoid any embarrassing incident.
As you’re approaching the venue you squeeze Mason’s hand to give you strength and fight the anxiety that was devouring you.
“Hey baby, you got this, ok? There’s nothing to be worried about. I’ll be right next to you” He brings your knuckles to his mouth and, with closed eyes, he presses a kiss on your skin.
The first person you meet once you’ve arrived at the location is Ben, who you have already met once.
“Hey, my favourite couple ever is here!” You blush while waving at him. He greets you with a hug and with a kiss on your cheek while he and Mason do one of those weird handshakes.
“You look amazing Y/N” Ben says as he scans you.
“Hey mate, I’m here” Mason snaps at him, being just a bit jealous.
Ben laughs and hits his friend’s shoulder playfully. “Chill Mase, she’s all yours but she looks really good tonight”
You start to torture your fingers: you liked Ben, he was funny but you didn’t know how to take compliments. You feel Mason’s hand caressing your back, as if he was silently saying I’m here, you’re safe.
Then you meet Declan and his girlfriend and they’re very nice to you, even if you perceive your rigid posture due to your tension that, in the end, you see as something useless.
Mason hardly ever leaves your side
Jesse was one of the funniest guys you ever met. Later on you feel yourself blushing even harder when you meet John and Jack: you always found John to be such a beauty and in that moment you were feeling like a fangirl… Mason didn’t fail to notice that sparkle in your eyes and, naturally, he got jealous. You could have had a soft spot for that Barnsley man but your heart now belonged to the one from Portsmouth, and you wouldn't want it any other way. 
After getting to know a lot of his teammates you get a moment to stay alone with your boyfriend. You look at his perfect features, highlighted by his side profile: his smile and the dimples it creates, his brown eyes, his stubble that is now at the perfect length. You got lost in him, while he’s chatting with Declan. 
His attention gets back on you when he feels your hand placed on his thigh.  At first he looks at your hand, then looks up at your face
“You know I love you?”
It hasn’t been that long since the first time you said those three words to each other so it was still something new hearing it, it made you feel some type of way.
“I thought you loved John more”
You roll your eyes smiling, laying then your head on his shoulder.
“I’m over it”
“Well it didn’t seem like that”
“Stop being jealous, Mason. There’s only you in my life”
Those words sound like something interesting to him, so he turns his face back to yours.
“Yes, you idiot” You smile, stroking his hand with your thumb.
A part of him still wants to be mad at you but the other one wants to smile and show how happy and grateful he truly is for your sincere words. Mason lays his head on yours.
“I love you too” He whispers. Then he gets his head up from yours, his lips reach your ear “Get ready ‘cause when we’ll be home I’ll make you scream my name so loud you won’t even remember who John is”
Hearing those mischievous words makes your eyes widen and your face flushed. You liked it when Mason talked dirty but, because of your nature, you got embarrassed very couldn’t wait for him to fuck mercilessly though.
You get up from his shoulder and clear your throat, while trying to gain a composed posture as you are still at the table with his teammates.
He looks at your reaction with a devilish smile on his face, licking his lips.
“Hey Y/N are you alright? You look a bit flustered” Ben asks you. 
Mason covers his smug expression by putting a hand to his lips, brushing his beard.
“No no yeah, everything’s's just a bit hot in here, isn’t it?”
Your boyfriend - that you were starting to hate at that moment - places a hand on your thigh, climbing up to the more intimate area between your legs.
You glare at him and shove his hand away, while he looks amused by the whole situation.
“Well, I think I know who’s making you feel that flustered...” Ben begins being a pain in the ass too, since it seems like he’s backing his best friend up with his dirty plan.
You don’t have time to conceive a proper answer as you feel Mason approaching your ear and whispering: “Can’t wait to get you out of this dress...I want to see you fully naked, just with your diamond necklace on”
You huff in frustration at his words and you see Ben wiggling his eyebrows and smiling. He wins a glare from you too.
You start to feel really uncomfortable, the only thing you want to do is leaving that party you couldn’t give a shit about anymore.
“We can go home if you want to” You whisper shyly to your aroused boyfriend.
“That’s the only thing I want, babe” 
Mason gets up, with your hand firmly in his, and after waving everyone goodbye he guides you towards the exit. Your private show obviously starts once you’re in the car: the sexual tension between the two of you’s unbearable so you’re literally on top of each other.
You have to stop Mason from getting you naked in the backseat of the car, telling him to wait until you get home...but once you’re home is over for you: he slams you against your front door leaving a trail of sloppy kisses from your lips to your now naked breasts.
He keeps you in balance with your legs wrapped against his hips.
You’re a quivering mess already, needy moans leaving your lips as you keep his head as closer as possible to your body.
Mason gets away from your body just to help you get rid of the slip dress and to loosen up his tie and unbutton his white shirt. He throws his jacket somewhere over the dark house. Then he carries you upstairs bridal style and lays you on your king size bed.
“You’re so beautiful, I can’t wait to devour you” His voice full of lust while he takes his trousers off. He climbs up on the bed, towering over your figure.
At those words you feel the irresistible urge to have him on you, inside of you, anywhere in your body so you place your hands at the side of his head and bring his face closer to yours, to leave a burning, passionate kiss to his lips.
Without even realizing it, it was like some kind of role play coming true: a wealthy, well dressed man was about to fuck his mistress who’s wearing one of the precious presents he gifted her. The necklace, in this case, isn’t just a mere object but it’s a symbol of love and possession: you were his and his only, nobody could ever take you away from him.
Mason’s hungry kisses are leaving traces all over your body, as red spots start to form on your pale skin.
As you feel his mouth near your femininity you get a louder moan, asking him desperately to fuck you with his tongue.
“What do you want, baby?”
“Fuck me...please fuck me Mason”
“Say it again”
“I want you to fuck me Mason”
His eyes full of lust are now complemented with a naughty grin. 
Without any warning, he pulls two fingers inside of you, causing you to arch your back as a wave of pleasure overwhelms you. It all gets intolerable when Mason adds his tongue to his fingers.
You push his head further into you, your heels pinned against his back as your head tilts back on the pillow underneath it.
It’s over when he starts making humming noises: the vibrations send you directly to your climax and you come before you can even tell him.
“Mase -”
He licks off your juices as the most delicious meal he’s ever eaten, pushing then his fingers in your mouth for you to suck on them.
“I’m not done yet, you know that?”
You nod as you finally open your eyes as they meet with his.
“I don’t think John can fuck you this good”
You instinctively open your legs for him to fuck you again, with his cock this time.
He adjusts your legs around his waist and, placing his hands on your hips, starts thrusting into you. His thrusts from painfully slow get each time faster until you sink your nails deeper into his back’s skin.
“Yes Mason faster!”
“Who’s filling you this good?”
“You” Your voice starts to tremble as you feel your second orgasm approaching.
“I can’t hear you...say my name”
“Mason you, you’re fucking me this good!”
His orgasm is getting closer too, he groans deeply as he tries to keep the peace.
“Me or John?”
“FUCK, YOU MASON, IT'S YOU!!” You shout at top of your lungs as you both let out a final cry of pleasure, in the grip of your intense orgasm.
Your throbbing bodies, now covered in sweat, fall one on top of the other, You hold Mason between your arms, cuddling him like a baby: he now got back being the loving puppy that made you fall in love.
"Did I hurt you?" He asks you, after a moment of silence where you tried to catch your breath.
You smiled and nudged his cheek with the tip of your nose. 
"Nope, I like it when you get rough" 
"What about round 2?"
"We can do it in the shower"
Mason gets up, places a kiss between your breasts and climbs down the bed.
He offers you his hand to take to help you climb out of bed.
"Did you plan everything with Ben?"
"He's my best friend, I think he grasped what I had in mind...maybe I talked to him about how much I liked you in that dress"
"So I have to thank him for tonight?"
A soft laugh leaves your lips, wrapping your arms around his neck. 
Mason places his hands on your hips.
"Mhh maybe...yes" It's now his time to laugh. Those laughs are soon to be replaced once again with moans and kisses.
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xhopelesslyromanticx · a month ago
Stupid J. - Mason Mount x Reader
summary: In which the reader tries to mess with Mason by ordering red roses with a suspicious note
Tumblr media
„I think you should take the red roses.“ your friend Amy giggled, pointing at the low quality picture on the screen „I mean they just are the most romantic ones.“
„Hmm…“ you sighed, scrolling through the flower delivery services online website „I don’t know. Maybe this is a dumb idea?“
Maybe? Of course this was stupid idea.
Amy and you had hung out at your place for the whole day and with it raining outside you two had nothing better to do than watch Tiktoks. And as people know, Tiktok was basically full of stupid ideas.
And sure enough you eventually came across the pranks. After you had watched at least a hundred videos, Amy suggested that it would be incredibly funny to pull one on your boyfriend. Mason, your boyfriend. Your extremely overprotective boyfriend.
„What?“ Amy squealed, rolling her eyes as she grabbed the laptop out of your hands „This is a great idea.“
You looked over the girls shoulder as you cosied up in your grey fluffy blanket.Both of you sitting on the white couch as you could see the rain outside pouring through the glass doors.
„You clearly don’t know Mase.“ you chuckled as you watched Amy add something to the cart „He will totally flip out. Plus you won't even be here to see his reaction.“
„Well that’s what makes this fun, duh! And you can tell me how reacted later.“ Amy smacked her lips together, typing something into the laptop „What should the note say?“
You sighed, looking at her mischievous grin „I don’t know. Something subtle?“
„Maybe…“ Amy pursed her lips, thinking about what would set Mason off as her fingers started typing „Had a great time last weekend. Maybe we…“
„No way!“ you interrupted Amy, who was putting on her best advertising voice „That’s already implying that I cheated.“
„That’s the whole point Y/n.“ Amy chuckled as she typed something into the computer again „But I have a better idea…“
You watched her write something before she showed you the screen of your laptop. You chuckled, seeing what she had written.
"I miss you - J"
„What do you think?“ the blonde girl grinned, making you sigh before nodding.
„Well, I guess it’s a little more subtle.“
Saturday was supposed to be the day, where you and Mase would get to spend some quality time together. Both of you having incredibly busy schedules during the week. Sometimes even on the weekend when Mason had to attend games. But luckily this Saturday you were both free.
If it wasn't for the fact that the whole day, all you could only think about was how the door could ring any second and a bouquet of red roses could ruin your day.
You did regret ever agreeing to this but also you were really quite curious. You wanted to see what Mason would do. Like any girl, you did like a healthy amount of jealousy and drama.
So when you were just chilling on the couch with Mason next to you, watching some cheesy movie on Netflix, the doorbell rang.
„Can you open it?“ you asked, looking at your boyfriend with puppy eyes. Knowing he already had a hard time to say no to you.
„Alright…“ Mason groaned, releasing you from his grasp as he got up. Making you already miss his touch.
Mason readjusted his grey hoodie, his hair extremely messy from cuddling, as he made his way over to the door. Trying not to look like he had just woken up.
You could feel your heartbeat rise when hearing Mase talk to the delivery guy. Clearly he seemed confused about what was being delivered. Asking the guy three times if he was sure he had the right address.
Then the door fell shut and next thing you knew, Mason walked into the room with a bouquet of red roses wrapped up beautifully in clear wrapping paper.
„Did you order flowers?“ Mason asked, putting down the flowers on the marble kitchen counter as you stared at the television again.Not being able to face him or you‘d immediately start laughing.
You weren't really good at lying. But maybe in this case it was good thing as Mase was supposed to think you were lying.
„No.“ you answered shortly, trying not to already give yourself away.
„Well, there’s a note…“ you turned around to watch Mason open the white letter that had been attached to the bouquet.
Your boyfriend pulled out a card before reading what’s on it with furrowed eyebrows, clearly confused on what was written. He tried to puzzle everything together as he thought about if he knew anyone that would send him flowers who’s name started with a J.
That’s when it hit him; maybe he didn’t know anyone but you could obviously do. After all you did spend most of your time at his house, so it would only make sense for someone to send them here. It did seem quite weird to him though.
„I think these are for you.“ he cleared his throat, still fixated on the note as he tried to understand the situation. His mind going through all the worst case scenarios.
„Really?“ you tried to act suprised but failed, making you even more suspicious.
„Yes.“ Mason muttered, staring at the red roses. There was a moment of silence before Mason took all his courage to ask the one question that was lingering on his mind „So who's J?“
You grinned as you chewed on some popcorn, shrugging as you looked over at you boyfriend „Jay? I don’t know any Jay.“
„No I mean the letter J.“ Mason sighed, slowly starting to lose his patience as you continued to act oblivious.
„Well, I know a lot of people who’s names start with a J…“ you now stood up, taking the empty glass bowl with you as you walked over to the kitchen isle „But so do you. Like James, Jesse or even Jack?“
Mason stood there, the note tight in his hand as he tried to read your face. Still not sure what to believe.
„Now why would any of them tell me they missed me?“ Mason slid the note across the countertop to were you were standing.
You picked it up, furrowing your eyebrows before clearing your throat „I don’t know?“
By now Mase totally knew you were lying. Only in his mind the lie was a whole different one.
„That’s…“ he shook his head, trying to calm himself down and not curse. Knowing that if he lost his temper now, you would never speak up „Who sent you these?“
„Honey, I told you…“
„I don’t believe it though!“ he crossed his arms, biting his bottom lip as he watched you check out the roses „So you might as well just tell the truth.“
You fake gasped, looking into Masons mad face. Pretending to be offended by his accusation.
„Is it a guy?“ he now hissed, leaning over the counter and shoving the bouquet away with his hands „Who has the audacity to send flowers for my girlfriend to my house.“
„Well, I do basically live here so…“
„So it is a guy?“ your boyfriend raised his eyebrows, clearly pissed off but also kind of hurt.
„No… I mean yes…“ you stuttered, pretending to be nervous as you started fidgeting with the note in your hands „I don’t know…“
„What?“ Mase hissed, shaking his head in complete confusion „You don’t know who would write you a note saying that he misses you?“
You bit your lip looking at the roses. Should you stop it now? But it was just starting to get fun. Plus Mason didn't seem all that mad yet.
„His name starts with a J! Doesn’t that maybe ring a bell?“ Mason now asked, pacing up and down the kitchen in attempt to calm his nerves. He didn't understand why you were acting so oblivious.
„Well…“ you tried to come up with something „Maybe Jadon?“
„Sancho?“ Mase asked, stopping in his tracks as he stared at his girlfriend like she was a ghost.
„Yeah, well I baked the lads cookies last week, remember? Maybe this is his way of saying... thank you?“
„What?“ is all Mason said, feeling like he was about to lose his mind „Why would he write that he freaking missed you because you baked him cookies?“
„Maybe they were good?“
You had to try so hard not to start laughing. Your boyfriend looked like he was questioning his whole life choices. And you obviously would feel the same in his shoes.
„Are you nuts?“ Mason now asked, believing there was something seriously wrong with you. He walked over to placing his palm on your forehead, to check your temperature„I mean you have to be. Your talking absolute nonsense.“
You chuckled, as you gently pushed your boyfriend away. And when looking up at his face you couldn’t help but start laughing. Mase furrowed his eyebrows, looking at his girlfriend that was laughing her ass off
„What’s so funny? If Jadon really sent these I will…“
„Mase…“ you laughed, tears filling your eyes as you held on to the kitchen counter "I’m just messing with you.“
„Huh?“ the guys face softened as he stood there with crossed arms. A small grin appearing on his lips.
„Of course Jadon wouldn’t send me flowers!“ you giggled, still amused by his reaction as you wiped your tears away „I ordered them myself.“
Mason looked relieved but confused at the same time „What?“
„Yeah, Amy and I saw this trend on Tiktok. Where you order flowers to see how your boyfriend reacts. And Amy had the great idea to add the note.“ you put your hand on his shoulder as Mason shook his head, now also chuckling „But I haven’t seen one video where the guy checks if his girlfriend has a fever!“
„Well can you blame me!“ Mason laughed, watching you try to catch your breath as he rolled his eyes.
„I love you.“ you chocked in between laughter, as Mase pulled you close to him. Your boyfriend tried to kiss you as all you could do is laugh.
"I'm sorry..." you chuckled, trying to calm yourself down.
Mason was trying not to laugh but in all honesty he was also quite amused by the situation. He looked at you, licking his lips before grabbing the note on the counter and walking over to the trashcan. He threw it away and stared at you with the pettiest look on his face, only to say;
„Stupid J.“
You watched your boyfriend, a big smile on your face as you nodded „Yes. Stupid, stupid J.“
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chelshoe · a day ago
Tumblr media
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sanchoj7 · 7 hours ago
Hi there!!! Can you write hidden kisses from your list with Mason Mount?????? Thanks so much!!💕
You and Mason were introduced to each other by one of your mutual friends and ever since you two got really close. A little to close since you decided to start dating but had to keep it a secret since you didn’t know how yours friends would react. Ben and Dec were the bigger issue in this situation since you already knew Lauren, Declan’s girlfriend had her suspicions. So it was kind of hard to keep a secret, between the secret meet up, dates, texts and calls you guys had to be more than careful. But sometimes it got to a point you guys did things without thinking like tonight. Everyone was at Mason’s for a movie night and Mason couldn’t keep his hands to himself.
The lingering eye contact and little touches made him go crazy to where the point he had pulled you apart to show you the new decor of his bedroom, a lame excuse to get you away from the other for even just a little bit. As soon as the door closed his lips were and yours making you giggle against his lips. Your hands going up to his hair while he wrapped his arms around you.“They are going to get suspicious”You whispered against his lips.“I know I just miss you and wish I could just kiss you whenever I want”He sighed forehead pressing against yours.“I told you…I could talk to Lauren and see what she thinks and by that time we could just confess everything”You said running your fingers through his hair.“Stop worrying so much”You said pulling him in another kiss. Yet again one of those desperate kiss you guys had shared so many times while having to be hidden away from your friends.
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benchvlwell · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
oh my GOD??? if he’s out for 9 months at least we can have a baby in that time
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ouggi · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Havertz and Kovacic supporting the boys from the sidelines.
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narchoe · a month ago
He's Just Not That Into You | Mason Mount x Reader
Tumblr media
y/n and her Canadian best friend sat at the bar, both with a beer in hand. Ethan looked over to her and with a concerned look.
“This can’t be about work, you had a great day today,” Ethan observed.
“I know, it’s not, I’ve just been avoiding Theo, ever since it happened he’s just been on me like some sort of hawk.”
“That’s what happens when you sleep with people you don’t like,” Ethan mused.
“Oh, do me a favour, I mean—“
“Incoming,” Ethan interrupted, “get it together in five, four, three, two...”
“How’s my star lawyer doing?” Mason said as he pulled out a chair next to y/n, his swoon-worthy smile on his face.
“Paralegal,” Ethan muttered under his breath. y/n gave him a kick under the bar as she looked over to her other best friend, Mason.
“Tired, long day at work, but Ethan and I managed to sneak out early, we’ve been here since five.” She smiled.
“Drinking since five, that’s healthy.”
“Hey man, you try being a paralegal at this age, this shit is tough.” Ethan dismissed, looking to his left to see Declan pull up a chair too. They shook hands before y/n turned to Mason once more.
“What are you doing here?” She asked with a soft smile, resting her chin on her hand.
“I’m meeting Taylor for dinner with Lauren and Dec later, we wanted to get a drink before.”
“Second thoughts about the wedding yet?” Ethan asked with a smirk. y/n kicked him hard once more causing Ethan to groan. “Too hard that time.”
“You’ll be gutted to hear it, but no.” Mason replied, having grown used to Ethan's bitchy nature. y/n felt her heart crumble a little more at the words, she was in love with him and he was marrying someone else.
“Shame,” Ethan mused.
“Okay, that’s enough, Ethan let’s go get some food, I haven’t eaten since breakfast.” y/n announced.
“Which you also didn’t eat, you on strike?”
“Shut up, come on, and we can buy a bottle of tequila and I’ll find you a girlfriend, so many opportunities!” y/n enthused, Ethan shrugged and the pair stood from the bar. Mason noticed how she was avoiding all eye contact and wanted to understand, but the irritation he was feeling at her closeness to Ethan over him put him off reaching out.
"Forget about me needing a girlfriend, what about you getting a boyfriend? Miss 'I'm avoiding Theo because I regret having a one night stand with'--"
"Shut up." y/n cut in, Mason only grew more annoyed at what Ethan had revealed, and Declan could see it.
y/n sat at her desk and repeatedly declined Mason’s calls.
“I swear to God, if you don’t pick up the phone or turn it off then I will personally pick up and tell him that you’re avoiding him because you’re in love with him and he’s getting married in a week.” Ethan declared as he sat opposite her at their desks.
“Turning it off then,” she sarcastically smiled.
“Why don’t you just tell him? What do you have to lose?” Ethan asked.
“Um, Mason himself, potentially ruining his marriage if he feels guilty for even knowing about it, he doesn’t feel the same so why would I risk all of that?”
“So you want to keep him as your best friend but you’ll ignore him for the rest of time to get away from the fact that he’s married. You stay in denial and he stays happy. Sounds healthy y/n/n.” Ethan sarcastically said.
“Fuck,” y/n groaned. Ethan was right, and she was seriously considering not going to the wedding at all, as bad as it sounded.
“I don’t know mate, she’s been off this whole time, ever since Taylor and I got engaged she hasn’t been the same.” Mason said to Declan as he drove them to another dinner. Declan shook his head with a grin. “What?”
“Is it not obvious to you Mason? Can you not see it? You literally just listed all the massive signs,”
“You’ve really lost me,” Mason replied as they stopped at the red light.
“Jesus Mason, she’s in love with you.”
Mason’s hands fell from the wheel as he looked at his best friend, expression blank. 
The door knocked rapidly and y/n raised an eyebrow, exhausted having just gotten back in from a night out with Ethan. Begrudgingly she got up from the sofa to open it and opened the door, surprised as Mason stormed into the apartment.
"Usually one texts or calls instead of barging into the flat." y/n said sarcastically. Mason didn't respond though and she walked into the open-plan kitchen-diner to see him pacing back and forth. He was yet to properly take the sight of her in, which was a stunning one, and when he looked up he froze momentarily but pulled himself out of the thought.
"I was with Declan a couple hours ago," y/n only hummed in response, "we went for dinner with the girls."
"What's new," y/n muttered as she turned her back to him and walked over to the table to take a seat. The backhanded comment confirmed in Mason's mind that his question wasn't that outlandish.
"y/n, do you have feelings for me?"
y/n practically choked as she heard the question, sure she did but him catching on was something that she had never planned on happening.
"Sorry-fuck, what?" she retorted, completely shocked.
"You've been off with me ever since I got engaged, do you know how fucking long that is? You barely speak to me, whenever I bring up Taylor you get pissed off and change the subject. All you do is spend time with that fucking idiot-"
"That 'fucking idiot' being Ethan?" y/n said cutting him off, significantly unimpressed.
"There you go again, trying to change the subject when you're confronted with your feelings!"
"Fuck you Mason," y/n muttered as she stood up and walked away from him to grab a bottle of wine from the fridge.
"You have no idea how frustrating this is!" Mason said as she poured a large glass for herself.
"You're telling me," y/n said, trying to keep an emotionless face but Mason could see she was cracking.
There was a silence before he started again, "Tell me the truth, do you or do you not have feelings for me."
"Why do you care Mason, you're getting married in a week." She said before taking another large swig of her drink, topping herself up as she went.
"y/n/n," Mason groaned
"What I feel doesn't matter, go home to your fiancée." She managed to say, Mason walked towards her but y/n shifted uncomfortably. "You know how I feel, go home Mason."
y/n walked past him and he held the edge of the kitchen counter, his head dropping as he heard the bedroom door slam shut.
"He is officially blocked on all medias," y/n said to Ethan as they walked through the streets of Soho.
"I'm proud of you," Ethan said, "You may not have told him how you feel but the fact that he knows is a good thing, even if nothing is to come of it."
"You got that right, literally nothing is to come of it as there isn't even a trace of our friendship anymore." y/n said.
Ethan sighed before continuing, "What is your plan for the day of the wedding?"
"Pull extra hours and get absolutely fucking plastered that night." y/n said, Ethan shook his head and tried to suppress his grin.
"Have you told him you're not going to the wedding?"
"I would hope that me cutting him off sends him a pretty clear message." she said, Ethan nodded before placing an arm around her shoulders.
"You'll be able to get through this,"
"I know," y/n smiled as she looked up at him.
The day had rolled around and y/n was counting down the hours until the service was due to start. It was only 2pm, another three hours of pure torture to go before he would have said his vows and the whole ordeal would've been over with.
y/n lay her head on the desk, she was urgently looking for some escape and she knew exactly how she was going to do it, but it was too early to crack open the bottle of wine, let alone the spirits.
However, the fact that she would have a route of comfort didn't help the decimating sadness she was feeling as the hour rolled around; she was happy for Mason, he was happy himself, but having to watch him go off with a woman who she despised and who clearly treated him superficially was breaking her down.
After a long session of crying and feeling sorry for herself as she evaluated all of their friendship, now gone and meaningless, y/n managed to pull herself together before she left the office. The Saturday night was beginning to kick off, the buzzing sound of conversation in the streets rising in volume.
Her arrival home was much anticipated and as she walked through the modern entrance of her Kings Road apartment she made a b-line for the wine fridge. She set herself down in front of the TV and scrolled through Netflix, and just her luck, they had decided to recommend all of the most nightmarish romantic comedies and dramas they could think of.
"I know he's not that into me, they don't have to fucking remind me." y/n muttered before taking in a large amount of the wine and topping herself up.
She settled on 'The Last Dance' but turned it off when she thought back to how she and Mason had watched it together routinely. It took a while to find the right thing but she ended up watching 'The Crown' and found herself relaxing, not noticing how much of the wine she was drinking.
Her mind moved off the programme when she heard sounds coming from the front of the hall, y/n stood up alertly, her heart beating thinking someone had broken in. She stood behind the door and closed her eyes as she pulled out her phone to call the police, and heard fast approaching footsteps into the living room.
Her mouth dropped open when she saw the back of who it was, but immediately went to rage.
"Fucking Hell Mason! First off you don't even let me know you're coming over and now you're breaking in? What the fuck is wrong with you?"
"I had the spare key," he said as he turned around to face her, looking dishevelled, but y/n took no notice, still cloaked in complete rage, so much so that she hadn't even comprehended that he wasn't at his own reception that was sure to be in full swing.
Mason pulled her out from the space behind the door and wrapped his arms around her, bringing y/n down from her cloud of anger. It was at that moment that she realised the odd circumstances of his visit, and she hesitantly hugged him back as she attempted to figure out what on earth had happened.
"Mason, what... Why are you here?" she murmured
"I couldn't do it," he said into the crook of her neck before pulling his head back. "I couldn't marry her y/n/n."
y/n examined his features. His eyes were glazed and bloodshot, his tie loose and his top button undone, he looked exhausted.
"Do you want a drink?" She managed to say. Mason nodded, but y/n didn't move straight away, her level of shock only increasing. As she snapped back into reality she moved out of Mason's hold and walked into the kitchen as Mason sat on the sofa. She poured him a whiskey before walking to sit next to him, topping her own glass up as she began to feel the effects of the four glasses of wine she'd had, 'hopefully it'll give me that sense of bald confidence' she thought to herself.
Mason sat with his hands clasped and head hung low, y/n timidly placed a hand on his forearm causing him to look up at her.
"You're in my apartment right now," y/n stated, Mason could read the shock in her expression as she tried to figure out what had happened.
"There was no point marrying her when she isn't the one I want to spend the rest of my life with," Mason said. y/n raised an eyebrow, moving closer to him slightly. Mason placed a hand on her knee and y/n felt her heart skip a beat, her head was spinning and it definitely wasn't because of the alcohol. "I realised last week when you cut me off, I just felt empty, and the reason as to why I didn't come round here in the first place is because..."
"Mason, talk." y/n breathed
"i've got feelings for you, and when you confirmed that you had them for me I was fucking confused. I didn't know what to do, what to say,"
y/n stood up and walked to the other end of the room causing Mason heart to let out a pang of hurt, he didn't know what she was thinking but the fact that she was moving away signified the worst to him.
"What if I'm not what you expect, Mason?" she asked, folding her arms.
"What do you mean?" Mason replied before throwing back a good amount of the liquor.
"I-I'm not entirely sure, but what if your expectations of me are different to how i actually am? And then what? You've thrown your marriage away with Taylor for no reason."
Mason shook his head, standing himself. "I know everything there is to know about you y/n, i know exactly what you're like. You're a perfectionist, a hard worker, you've got initiative and dedication like no one else, you hate talking about how you're feeling, you undersell all of your achievements. You hate The Daily Mail and you've got mixed views on Piers Morgan, you think that Drake is the most attractive rapper even if you'll never admit it," Mason continued and y/n felt a wide smile rise to her lips, becoming slightly emotional as he listed all of her traits and qualities. She looked down as he placed his hands on her waist. "And you hate when I call you beautiful, only now I would be able to call you beautiful and you can't tell me off about it."
y/n placed a hand on his cheek and ran her thumb over his cheekbone, Mason leant his forehead against hers and stared into her glazed eyes.
"And I'd be able to tell you I love you, but mean it fully, and realise that I meant it fully all along." He murmured.
y/n couldn't hold back and she kissed Mason feverishly, the first time ever. Mason returned with the same intensity and ran his hands down her back, creeping down to her bum and gripping it causing y/n to moan slightly into the kiss. Mason left her lips and pushed her hair out of the way, kissing down her neck.
"I love you Mason," she managed to say amidst the feeling of the grazes upon her skin. He hummed against her neck as his arms wrapped tighter around her.
y/n lifted his chin and undid his tie as he stared into her eyes, the glimmer that she used to hold before Taylor having been re-ignited.
"How are you feeling?" y/n asked the next morning as she propped herself up on her elbows.
"On top of the world," Mason grinned, y/n gave a small smile before leaning forward and kissing him.
"Mase, you know that if you have phases of doubt, you can let me know, I won't mind, I can't imagine how confusing this all is."
Mason shook his head before pulling her up the bed and turning her onto her back, hovering over her. "You don't have to worry about that Darling, but thank you for being there for me." He said before lowering himself and placing a soft kiss on her lips.
"I've got an idea," he murmured
"You've always got an idea," she grinned.
"I know but this one is good," Mason replied, y/n gave a hum telling him to continue. "Can you get some time off work?"
"I've been pulling weekends for the past three months so yes, I have two weeks worth of extra-days off on me." she grinned.
"Good, how about we go to my place in the Cotswolds for a couple of days, get away from everyone for a bit." He said.
y/n smiled, "that sounds perfect."
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mmfbc · 29 days ago
Welcome Home
Mason Mount x Reader
Mason returns home from international break and sets you both, or himself, a challenge based on the amount of days he’s been away.
Tumblr media
Smut. Smut. Smut.
Word Count: 4649
It was nearing 10.30am, the time Mason confirmed he would be home. He’d been away on international break for the past 6 days, the longest you had gone without seeing him since you were official ten weeks ago. You had missed him an embarrassing amount considering he had only been gone one day short of a week, but the last time he was away with the England squad you were still very early days and now more recently you saw each other three to four times a week at least. Before he left, he gave you the spare key to his house and you agreed to stay the night before, so you could be there to welcome him home in the morning and spend the rest of the day together as he had the day off.
You shuffled around the kitchen in your slippers and the silk robe you had pulled on after your shower earlier, which was only just covering your new royal blue lace underwear you had bought ready for your man’s arrival. Mason had already insinuated that he couldn’t wait to put his hands on you when he got home, and you felt the exact same so you wanted to make the moment extra special.
You began whipping up the pancake mixture after carefully slicing through the strawberries and bananas ready to make his favourite breakfast as soon as he walked through the door, Nutella slowly melting away over the boiling water on the hob. You impatiently kept checking the clock on the kitchen wall whilst you danced along with the R&B playlist you had put on. Once breakfast was all prepped, you set the kitchen dining table for the two of you, biting your lip in anticipation of him coming home.
Your body all of a sudden tensed up as you heard his key turning in the front door, goosebumps forming on your skin as you heard a few footsteps and then the door shutting.
“Y/N… I’m back baby” you heard him shout from the hall, your head snapping in the same direction and a grin appearing on your face at the sound of his voice.
You placed the last piece of cutlery down and quickly stepped back so you could peer around to the hallway to see him, only a few feet away from the kitchen door. He grinned at the sight of you as he walked into the room, dressed in a grey tracksuit, his hair messy and un-styled, holding a bouquet of flowers. You immediately wrapped your arms around his neck, your legs doing the same around his waist as you jumped into his arms, Mason trying to keep hold of the flowers against your back as he gripped onto you.
“I missed you” you whispered as you planted several kisses on his lips.
“I’d never have guessed” he chuckled as he gently kissed you back, before carrying you a few steps to sit you on the kitchen island and passing you the flowers, “But I missed you more”.
“Thank you…” you smiled, your eyes closing as you smelt the fresh bunch of pink peonies, then pulling away so you could stare into those brown eyes you had been waiting to see, “I made… well I’m going to make you breakfast”.
“Are you not breakfast?” he smirked, pushing your hair behind your ear.
“I’m making pancakes” you rolled your eyes, before pointing behind you to the preparations you had done earlier, “Your favourite!”.
“Oh wow…” he gasped with widened eyes, his heart warming as he realised the effort you had gone to.
His gaze came back to yours as he pressed another kiss to your lips to show his appreciation, this time longer and heavier. His tongue slowly stroked over your lips before your kiss deepened to allow your tongue to toy with his. His hands gripped around your waist as he slid you closer to him, your hands cupping his jaw as he moaned into your mouth slightly.
“C’mon let me make your favourite” you whispered as you pulled away from him, pushing yourself off the kitchen island so you could start making breakfast.
He admired you in silence as you made your way around the kitchen, turning the hob on under the frying pan and grabbing hold of the pancake mix. He settled down on one of the bar stools as he pinched a strawberry out of the bowl, causing you to pout at him for being impatient, which was one of his very few bad traits. Once the pan was hot enough, you poured enough mixture in to make 3 small American style ones at a time and you moved the Nutella off the hob to cool slightly.
“Do you want to put the juice on the table” you suggested as you flipped the pancakes over “There’s fresh cartons in the fridge”
Mason stood up and made his way to the fridge behind you, pulling out the orange and apple juice you had purchased and setting them at the side of you. The first three pancakes were done, you popped them onto a plate before pouring enough mixture in for a second batch. Mason was now stood behind you, his hands snaked around your waist as his chest gently pressed into your back whilst you concentrated on your cooking.
“I should go away more often” he mumbled into your neck, his nose brushing just under your ear and his eyelashes flickering against your temple.
“I don’t think so!” you pouted, shaking your head at the thought of being away from him again already.
“No?” he whispered, his lips now ghosting your neck as his warm breath fell onto your skin causing you to push back into his groin, knowing full well what that would encourage.
“Mhmm” you mumbled, swallowing the lump that had appeared in your throat as his fingers secretly undid the belt from your robe.
“But then you wouldn’t miss me” he grumbled, removing the spatula out of your hand, putting it on the side before his hands came back to your body.
“I don’t want to have to miss you” your head fell back at the touch of his fingers on the bare skin of your thighs.
“But then you’d never beg for me like this” he swiped his tongue up your neck before biting your ear, causing you to let out a breath you didn’t realise you were holding.
“Who’s begging?” you replied, a smirk forming at the corner of your lip.
His arms quickly forced you to spin around to face him, his eyes falling over your body dressed in your new underwear as the silk gown fell open, his hands slowly pulling it off your shoulders.
“Who’s this for then?” eyebrows raising as the robe fell to the floor.
“Somebody very impatient it seems” you whispered, biting your lip as you looked up into his eyes.
“Yeah I’m done with waiting” he growled as his hands snapped around the back of your head, pulling you into a bruising kiss.
His tongue slipped into your mouth passionately and you could taste the strawberry he had ate moments before. His hands grabbed the back of your thighs so he could lift you up onto the kitchen island again, legs wrapping around his waist as his hands then rested at the crease of your hips.
“How about I set us a challenge?” he said in-between peppering kisses from your jaw down to your neck and chest.
“What kind of challenge?” you asked intrigued, as his new short beard tickled your skin.
“An orgasm… for every day… I’ve been away” he replied, his lips back at your mouth as his hands quickly undid the clasp of your bra.
“Uh… one, two, three..” you stuttered under your breath as you tried to work out exactly how many days he had been away.
“Six… to make up for lost time” he smirked, pushing your body down onto the worktop as he pulled your bra straps down your arms, freeing your breasts.
You lay back as you revelled in the words he had just said, Mason was always true to his word and was as competitive as they come so you already knew you would be having six orgasms today, at least. He trailed his kisses over your nipples and down your body before his mouth arrived at your underwear. He stood up and pulled his hoodie over his head as you watched, biting your lip at the sight of his biceps on show in his plain white t-shirt, waiting for his next move. His hands fell to your underwear as you lifted your hips slightly to allow him to pull the material down your legs, discarding the blue lace on the floor. He threw your legs over his shoulders as he slid you closer to him, now leaning down so his face was level with your groin. His facial hair stroked your inner thighs and his warm breath fell over your skin, your hips bucking wanting him to stop teasing you.
“I thought you weren’t begging?” he chuckled, placing a kiss on your pubic bone.
“Don’t tease Mase” you whimpered, clenching your calves to try bringing his face closer.
A slight smell of burning fell under your nose as you sat up on your elbows and turned to notice the pancakes were still cooking. You gasped and Mason’s eyebrows knitted, aggressively throwing the pan and its burnt contents into the sink, annoyed he had been interrupted. He pushed your body back down as his face fell back between your legs, eyebrows softening again at the sight of you. His tongue swiped up you first, a gentle stroke to test your reaction and when you let out a moan of satisfaction he squeezed his fingers into your thighs as he began to slowly circle your clit. He continued teasing you with his tongue and it didn’t take long before your first high was arriving, your fingers gripped into his hair as your breathing shortened, moaning out his name as you reached your climax. He’d hardly done anything and you were a mess already.
“That didn’t take much baby” he sniggered, his fingers intertwining in yours so he could pull you up to kiss him, forcing you to taste yourself.
“I told you I missed you” you breathed as you lazily kissed him back, trying to gain some composure.
“One down” he tilted his head as he pushed his index and middle finger into your mouth for you to get wet.
He pushed you down onto your back again, his tongue falling onto your groin as he lapped up your juices before entering his fingers inside of you, pulling a moan from your lips. His fingers curled inside of you perfectly as his tongue brushed over your sensitive clit, gently sucking on it every now and then, causing your legs to tremble. His fingers continued to pulse inside of you as your back arched at the feeling of him, one hand wrapped in his hair and the other holding onto the edge of the island. You could hear him moaning into you and the vibrations of his humming sent extra shockwaves through your body. That familiar feeling of tingles began to take over your lower back and legs as you moaned loudly, unable to control any noise that was escaping your mouth. Mason’s tongue swiped over you as his fingers pushed you over the edge for your second climax, unholy words leaving your mouth when it took over your body.
“You look so fucking good when you cum you know” he whispered as he kissed along your thighs, looking up towards you.
He gave you a few minutes to come down from your high as you caught your breath. As he removed his t-shirt, you sat up at the sight of his toned body, legs pulling him closer to you so you could dip your hand into the waistband of his joggers.
“Now who’s impatient?” he raised an eyebrow as he grabbed your wrist, stopping your fingers from reaching into his pants.
You pouted at this, gently kicking the side of your foot against his leg in frustration, resulting in another eyebrow raise from your boyfriend.
“Turn around, but stay on there” he winked, patting the side of your bum to encourage you to move.
You had to think for a few seconds what he meant, until you realised he wanted you on all fours. You spun yourself around onto your knees, his hands grabbing at your hips as you leant over to prop yourself up on your elbows. He wasted no time in burying his tongue in you again from behind, your back arching further as he ate you out for the third time since he’d arrived home not so long ago. His face pulled away as he reached next to you, towards the different options of pancake toppings you had laid out, grabbing the maple syrup.
“Am I not sweet enough?” you teased, biting your lip as you wondered what he was going to do with it.
He didn’t reply, just placed a harsh slap on your ass cheek which made you groan under your breath. You felt the cold syrup pour onto the skin of your ass cheeks before falling in-between them, the liquid trickling down to your pussy. Masons tongue swiped up and down you as he moaned, eating up the mixture of your juices and the syrup. His palms gripped your ass cheeks, spreading them as he buried his face back into you, triggering a tremble in your legs again, your knees already feeling bruised from being knelt on the marble top.
“Mason… I don’t think I..” you whimpered as he continued tormenting you with his tongue and nose.
“C’mon baby, you can” he breathed as he came up for air, now entering his fingers inside of you again to pad at your sensitive spot.
As his fingers caressed you from the inside, you clenched around him as you could feel another orgasm brewing. His hand marked another slap against your ass cheek, provoking another cry of his name from you as your body felt electric and you came for him, your vision blurring as you pushed through it. He pulled his fingers from you as you rested your forehead on the cool worktop, trying to compose yourself. He walked around to the other side of the island so he was in-front of you, holding your wrists so you would look up at him.
“Hat-trick” he sniggered as he kissed the tip of your nose, his stubble now sticky from the syrup and one of his hands was now inside of his pants.
Your eyes darkened at the sight of him holding himself and you span your legs around so you were sat on the edge of the island in-front of him. He stepped forward to kiss you, your tongue invading his mouth as you tasted the blend of yourself and the syrup on him, causing you to lick your lips when you pulled away.
“Want to remind me what you can do now?” he muttered as his teeth nipped on your bottom lip.
You nodded and slid off the kitchen top, your tongue immediately falling onto his chest and sliding over his left nipple. You followed a trail over his abs, before standing back up to reach for the spoon that was sat in the bowl of melted chocolate. You smeared the back of the covered spoon over his chest and down his abs as he winked at you in encouragement. You threw it back onto the side before running your tongue over the warm chocolate that lay across his skin. You worked slowly, making sure to catch eye contact every so often, licking your lips in the process. Once his body was almost clean again, your tongue began to lick over his skin lower than it had so far, past his navel. When you reached the waistband of his joggers you planted a kiss on the small trail of hairs that sat there as you tugged the clothing down over his hips, falling to your knees when his hard cock sprung free. You pressed gentle but long kisses on the tops of his thighs, one leg at a time.
“Stop teasing Y/N” he growled, as he wrapped his fingers into your hair.
"Good things come to those who wait Daddy” you replied, licking your lips as you looked up at him.
A small whimper left his lips as you made eye contact, his hard-faced attitude disappeared for a few short seconds as he looked down at you, watching you teasing him just as he had done to you. His head fell back as you wrapped your lips around the tip, before snapping back to look at you as he didn’t want to miss anything. You held the base in your hand before licking up and down his shaft, still making eye contact with him. Once you were satisfied he was wet enough, you took him in your mouth again and began bobbing slowly, swallowing more of him with each movement. Your hands gripped at the back of his thighs as your fingertips dug into his skin each time you choked on him, breathing through your nose as he filled up your mouth, a moan escaping his lips every time he hit the back of your throat.
“I almost forgot how good that mouth of yours is” he groaned with a breathless voice.
He reached over your head for the bottle of syrup again, pouring it over his cock every time you pulled back. The sweet taste falling over your tongue, mixing with the saltiness of his pre cum as you continued sucking on him, causing you to moan in enjoyment and the vibrations making him twitch in your mouth.
“Get up” he demanded; gently tugging on your hair to pull you away from him.
As you got up from your knees, he pulled his joggers down to his ankles and stepped free of them. A naked Mason quickly pulled you towards him, your chest crashing into his as his lips pushed onto yours. He buried his fingers into your hair, biting your lip and tongue as your arms wrapped around his back, nails digging into his shoulder blades. He continued kissing you, his hands caressing your body as he backed you over towards the dining table you had set earlier. He was nipping on the skin of your neck, leaving faint marks as his beard softly scratched at your collarbone. You felt the back of your thighs hit the wooden table and when you stopped, Mason pulled his mouth away from yours, reaching around you before clearing the table of anything in his way with one quick swipe, the plates and cutlery smashing onto the floor causing you to shriek.
“Mase…” you whispered as you looked at the mess on the floor in shock.
“Shhhh….” He breathed into your mouth as he lifted you up onto the dining table, your hands falling onto his shoulders, “How much did you miss me baby?” he growled as he held his cock in his hands, biting his lip as he admired your body in front of him.
“So much” you moaned, lying back on the table to spread your legs for him. You felt empty, and the need for him to be inside you was getting stronger by the second.
“Show me” he ordered under his breath, stroking himself up and down slowly, “Show me what you do when I’m away”.
You pushed two fingers into your mouth and swirled your tongue over them, before settling your hand in between your legs to pleasure yourself for him. Your fingertips fell over your clit and you arched your back as soon as you brushed it, still sensitive from before. You began circling your movements as he watched, your other hand palming over your breasts. His gaze flickering between your face and your pussy, trying to work out which he wanted to watch more.
“You look so fucking beautiful” he breathed through his clenched jaw, taking a step towards you.
He grabbed your hip with his free hand, swiping his tip up your wet fold to torment you and after a few moments of torture, he held his tip at your entrance. Your head shook as your body begged for him to enter you, your hands no longer touching yourself as you gripped on to each side of the table, waiting for him to fill you up. He pushed himself into you finally, causing you both to moan as it felt like a lifetime since the last time you had felt him inside of you. His thrusts were slow, his fingers digging into your hips as he held you whilst he pushed in and out, holding his breath as he bottomed out. As he picked up his pace slightly, he spat down onto your groin, running his fingers over your clit, your body shivering at the sensations he was causing. You could already feel another high building, your legs feeling like they were losing circulation as his fingers glided over you. He watched your face as you bit your lip, his eyes even darker than usual staring into yours as you cried his name.
“Fuck Y/N” he moaned as he watched himself pull out of you to the tip, before burying his cock back in you all the way. “Cum all over me… please” he whimpered.
Those words made you explode, your knuckles white from gripping the table and he groaned your name again as he felt you clench around him through your orgasm.
He pulled your legs from around his waist, setting them over his shoulders so he could wrap his arm around your thighs to get even deeper, the sensation of him hitting your cervix sending a wave into your stomach as you tried to ride through your most recent climax. He gave a few aggressive thrusts once he knew you were through it before pulling you off the table and spinning you around so you were stood with your back to him. One hand wrapped around your chest so he could settle his hand around your neck, the other caressing your breast, his fingers brushing over your nipple.
“Now you’re up to four” he whispered, his lips sweeping over the skin on your neck that his fingers weren’t gripping, “I’m going to fuck you so hard you’re going to forget your own name” he continued, those words and the feeling of his beard brushing your skin sending a flood of heat to your groin.
He moved his hand from around your neck and into your hair, grabbing a fistful before forcing you to bend over the table. Your palms falling under your chest to try and hold your face up off the dark wood. His other hand now gripped the base of his cock and there was nothing gentle about the way he entered you. He gave a few slow but forceful thrusts, letting you adjust to him again, before his hand moved to grip your ass cheek so he could steady himself as he pushed into you, harder and faster each time. He pulled on the handful of hair he had a grip of as he continued driving into you from behind, your head falling back causing your eyes to look at the ceiling although your vision was hazy by this point. Every few thrusts he would give even more, causing you both to nudge the table an inch forward underneath you. He pulled a chair towards you, resting one of his feet on the seat and the new angle meant he could bury himself in you even deeper. The sweat forming on his body and the heat coming from you both was increasing, both of you panting and moaning at the feel of each other. Your walls clenching around him, juices dripping down your leg as his hips began to falter at the sound of him hitting your ass, driving him wild. He pulled out of you as he could feel himself nearing his own high, not yet wanting it to end.
“Mason!” you moaned, frustrated he’d stopped and you could no longer feel him.
“Don’t answer back baby…” he tutted, a forceful hand on your back making sure you stayed bent over the table.
He sat down on the chair, one hand on your hip as he lay his eyes over the two dimples of your lower back and your ass cheeks in front of him, still slightly covered in syrup from earlier.
“Give me a minute” he mumbled, licking his lips at the sight of you his gaze lowering to your pussy.
You knew exactly what he was staring at as he caught his breath, so you spread your legs slightly to give him an even better view, producing a growl from him.
“Come and sit on me” he commanded, pulling you backwards by your hips onto his lap. You spread your legs between his enough to balance yourself over him, his hand guiding his cock into you as you lowered onto him.
“Fuck Mase” you cried as your head tipped back onto his shoulder, the feeling of him stretching you out again overwhelming.
“I know… I. fucking. know” he groaned slowly, biting onto the top of your shoulder as he was experiencing the same overwhelming feeling as you.
His hands snaked around you, one holding you at the hip to help your movements, the other falling in-between your legs. His fingers ran over your clit, brushing circular motions as you began to work on him. You rocked your hips and bounced, finding a rhythm you knew he was enjoying from the noises that were falling from his mouth. He began to pursue your fifth orgasm of the morning, as your whole body felt like it was on fire, every nerve tingling, you were a quivering mess. Your arm came over your shoulder to wrap into his hair, his face buried into your neck which was now damp from sweat. Your walls clenching around him, harder than they ever have before, caused him to buck up into you as he chased his own release. Your fingers gripped his slightly fluffy locks, threatening to pull a little too hard as you rode out your ecstasy. He snapped a few more thrusts up into you whilst his arms pulled you down on to himself as heavy as they could, filling you up with his cum. The words that came from his lips would usually make you blush but they made you smirk from immediate gratification.
Your back fell into his chest as you stayed in his lap for a few minutes, trying to slow your breathing in the humid air around you. Your foggy eyesight slightly starting to clear as he pressed lazy kisses along your neck, his eyelashes fluttering on your skin, the pair of you defeated.
“Welcome home baby” you whispered, still trying to control your panting.
“Mhmmm” he mumbled into the back of your hair, his fingers brushing up the side of your arm.
Once you had overcome the state you were in, you noticed the smashed plates across the kitchen floor from where Mason had discarded of the table’s contents prior.
“Mason, the mess” you muttered, as you gently tapped your hand on his thigh to bring his attention to the chaos.
“Forget that I’ll call the cleaner…” he chuckled lightly, one hand moving up to your face.
“But…” you tried to interrupt before you were stopped with a finger over your lip.
“We need a shower… and I’ve got to make you cum one more time” he added, causing a smile to tug on the corner of your lip.
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leclerc-stan · 7 days ago
dog - Ben Chilwell
After THAT dog photo. I had to. I hope you like it x
Tumblr media
„I am home“ you heard from the front door and quickly jumped up when the door closed again. You were almost sprinting towards the hallway and when you reached him, you wrapped yours arms around his neck with a grin. “What the hell was that goal!” you whispered and he grinned at you before he wrapped his arms around you as well. “I have no idea” he chuckled and pressed his lips to yours. “You should do that more often” you whispered and he pinched your sides slightly which only made you laugh. “I would do that every five minutes. Trust me” he said and slowly pushed you backwards and towards the living room.
When you made it through the door, you heard the whining that came from the garden and quickly turned around, just to see your dog wagging his tail like crazy and jumping as he saw Ben. “Oh no why are you out there, buddy?” Ben asked as he saw him and pressed a kiss to your cheek before he opened the door and kneeled down to the ball of fluff. “Oh I missed you too. Did you see my goal?” he asked jokingly and when Sam barked, you couldn’t help but chuckle. “Yeah your kid watched you” you joked and pushed your fingertips through his still damp hair. “Hmm. Perfect” he said and leaned against your leg as he sat down properly.
“Are you hungry, Benji?” you asked and he nodded as he looked up to you. “Yeah. But you probably did enough today. I will just do something” he said as he got up and wrapped his arm around your side. “All good” you told him with a smile and chuckled Ben and Sam followed you. “You know every time you come home he is like your shadow” you told him and Ben turned around before he went back to pushing his hands through the fur. “Because he knows I give the best pets” he joked and you pinched his side slightly. “Oh yeah? Well we had a lovely hour on the couch while you were out there and I think I have won here tonight” you said as you washed your hands before you grabbed everything. “Well. That is unfair” he pouted and you shrugged your shoulders with a smile before you got going.
As you were cooking, Ben dropped more and more pieces of food on the floor and you groaned every time. “Ben. I swear to god. Stop it” you mumbled and Ben slowly turned to you. “They are just falling. I can’t help it” he said and you glared at him. “Ben” you warned him again and watched how Sam nudged his leg. “See. He is helping me here” you added and he pouted. “He just looks. So cute. How can I not feed him” he groaned and you pulled him to you. “No more food for Sam” you warned him and Ben nodded before he leaned his head on top of yours as he “helped” you.
After dinner, Ben brought the plates back into the kitchen but when he came back, his arms weren’t empty. You saw him holding Sam tight and chuckled as you saw the happy look on his dog face. “He got so big” Ben groaned slightly and you chuckled while scratching his favourite part under his chin. “He is not a puppy anymore” you told him and Ben huffed. “He actually is” he countered and you chuckled before you got your phone out and filmed them while Ben pressed his cheek into his fur. “You know you two look really cute” you said and Ben just smiled at you.
When the sun began to settle, you decided to go on a walk. The fall season was one of your favourites, if not your favourite and you loved it wen Ben was home early so you could enjoy the sunsets together. You watched how he threw a hoodie and a jacket over his body before you stole some of his clothes and did the same. “Hmm. Got some new clothes?” he asked with a grin and you stuck your tongue out to him. “Yes I did. Found them in a store called “your wardrobe”” you said and Ben wrapped his arm around you. “I think I’ve heard you like to shop there” he joked and you pushed your hand under his hoodie. “Sometimes” you said and tried to put the leash on your puppy. “Oh will you stay here you silly” you mumbled and Ben watched you with a laugh. “He is way to hyped about walkies” he said and pushed his fingers through yours when you finally managed to grab Sam. “That puppy energy is dangerous” you huffed and felt Bens lips on your temple before he closed the door and pulled you into his side.
While you were walking, Ben talked you through the tactics of the game that day and you smiled wide as he rambled about his goal. “I really thought it wasn’t in” he chuckled while you played with his fingers. “It looked crazy. Tuchels face was the best” you grinned and tried to push yours and his hand into the big pocket on your (or better his) jacket. “Babe. It won’t fit” he laughed and you groaned. “But it’s so cold” you mumbled and watched how Ben took the leash and linked his arm through yours. “Now push them in your pocket” he said and you quickly did before you leaned back into him.
Once you reached the dog area in the park, Ben undid the leash and you watched how Sam went for a stroll around the trees. You watched him with a smile and sat down on one of the big benches before you pulled your leg up. Ben kept his eyes on you and pressed a kiss to the top of your head. “You look really beautiful in the sunset” he said and you looked up to him with a blush. “Hmm. You are cute” you told him and carefully grabbed his finger. “We should take some pictures” he grinned and you snorted. “I knew this would come” you said and whistled which made Sam sprint towards you. “Yeah come here, buddy” Ben told him and when he jumped onto Ben’s lap, you got up with a chuckle and kneeled a bit next to them. “Okay you two. Behave” you said and Ben laughed while he wrapped his arm around the dog. “Come on. Work with be buddy” Ben mumbled and you quickly snapped some photos as Sam licked over his cheek and pressed his head against his chin. You bit down on your lip with a smile as you watched them cuddle through the screen. “Okay these definitely don’t fit into your serious Instagram theme” you told him and Ben chuckled. “I think with that face next to me I can do that” he said and played with the floppy ears. “But now you better come here” he said and pulled you to him. “But nobody can take the pictures” you chuckled and Ben pushed the phone against the bench. “Like that. I won’t leave without photos of us” he said and pulled you up with him and quickly tapped his screen. “We need to be fast!” he added and pulled you to him while Sam looked up to you with a happy face. “Aww look at him” you said and petted his head before Ben watched you with a laugh. “Hey, love. Come on” he said and you quickly got up before you wrapped your arm around him. “Ben. He won’t leave us alone. You know that” you told him and Ben shrugged his shoulders. “Then we need to work with him” he said and lifted him up with a laugh and leaned his head against yours. Sam tried to lick over your cheeks as much as he could while you carefully grabbed his face. “You are a silly man” you told him and pressed a kiss to his head while Ben watched you with a grin. “You are both silly men” you mumbled and Ben looked at you with big eyes. “Hey where is this coming from?” he asked and hid you laugh. “Experience” you told him and quickly pressed a kiss to his cheek. “Mean tonight, huh?” he smiled and you pushed your fingertips into his hair. “Just teasing” you said and made your way to the phone with a smile.
“Oh my god no they are all so silly” you mumbled and Ben leaned his head on our shoulders. “He is always licking us” he laughed into your ear and you turned your head slightly to him. “This one is cute” he said and pointed to one where you held Sams head and Ben was looking at you. “Yeah I like it too” you said and Ben pressed his stubble covered cheek against yours. “Just send them to your phone when you want” he said and kissed your cheek before he ran to Sam and put the leash on him. You watched him with a smile and grabbed his hand again before you made your way home with him.
Once you opened your door and turned around again, you saw Ben with Sam on his arms and you laid your head to the side. “Why are you carrying him?” you asked and Ben took his paw. “He is muddy. I better get him in the tub before he jumps on the couch” he explained and you chuckled as you watched how he ran up the stairs. When you made it upstairs, he was already kneeling in front of the bathtub and rubbed the mud from his paws with the help of some warm water. “Yeah. Lick my face as much as you like” Ben mumbled and you filmed everything with a slight chuckle. “Love. You are not filming, are you?” he asked and you looked at him with a grin. “Maybe I am” you said and Ben groaned as Sam put his wet paws on his shoulders. “Well thanks” he mumbled with a smile and rubbed his paws dry again.
With that Sam was off to rub himself against the couch and you followed him with your phone still in your hands. Once you sat down, Ben stood in the doorframe and looked at you. “Dog dad duties?” he asked and you looked at him and tried not to laugh. “I mean. Am I wrong?” you asked and wrapped your arms around him as he planted himself almost completely on top of you. “No but I look crazy” he mumbled with a smile and you played with his hair. “No you don’t” you simply said and traced along his lashes. “Hmm. Don’t stop” he mumbled and you watched how he relaxed more and more and swiped through the photos on his phone. Once you opened your eyes again as you felt your phone vibrate, you looked at your phone and saw that Ben had tagged you in a post.
When you saw the photos of him and Sam, you smiled to yourself and looked back to him. “You know. Sometimes I think you love him more than me” you whispered and Ben turned his head to you. “What?” he asked and you pointed to your phone. “I think I am right” you told him and Ben propped himself on his arms. “Nah. Don’t you think that” he said and pressed a kiss to your pout. “I mean. He gets the posts. The bath. What should I think” you told him and Ben lifted your head slightly. “You are joking, right? Please tell me you are” he whispered and you chuckled slightly before you pushed your fingertips under his shirt. “I hope I am. You have to tell me” you said and Ben shook his head with a smile. “Now you are silly” he told you pulled you on top of him.
As you got comfortable, your phone vibrated again and you glared at it. “Someone is going all out today” you said as you sat back up again and opened the other post of him, Sam and you. “Family walks” he had put under it and you couldn’t help but smile as you saw the picture where he looked at you with a smile and literal heart eyes. “Aww” you whispered and Ben smiled up at you. “How could I forget you” he winked and sat up a bit to steal another kiss. “You are cute” you mumbled and wrapped a curl around your finger. “Just happy” he said and when you leaned down for another kiss, you felt the couch dip behind you. “Sam” you warned him but before you could say more, he squeezed between you and the back of the couch and laid down half on top of Ben and his shoulder. “Aww he wants to cuddle” Ben said and scratched his head before you laid down as well and put your head on his other shoulder. “Now you have to deal with both of us” you said as you traced along his chest and Ben shrugged his shoulders. “Oh no how horrible” he joked and pressed a kiss to your head.
When your phone buzzed again, you were already drifting off and you groaned slightly as you opened one eye and clicked blindly on the notification, just to see a picture of you and Sam on his story. “Throwing a party tonight” he put under it and you chuckled, still a bit in your dozing off state. “You like these evenings. Don’t pretend” you mumbled and Ben drew circles on your back before he leaned his head right on top of yours. “I am just joking. Everyone knows that” he said and kissed your head. “Mason just texted me a picture of him being out for food and everything and I thought that was my kind of reply” he said and you smiled. “Hm. Glad you didn’t want to join this time” you yawned and pushed yourself up a bit to kiss his cheek. “Hmm. Same” he mumbled and pushed his hand into your hair. “Love you” he whispered and you smiled against his neck. “Love you too, bubb”.
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xhopelesslyromanticx · 13 days ago
Oh my God! - Mason Mount x Reader
Working on something a little longer right now. Enjoy this in the mean time.
summary: In which Masons plan to humiliate the reader in front of her teenage crush doesn't go according to plan.
Tumblr media
When Mason invited you to yet another one of his games you kindly declined. You loved your boyfriend and you loved watching his games but it would be the third Saturday in a row. Your boyfriend was a little pressed about the fact you rather stay at home then go to games with him but he also understood it was basically your only time off as you were working the whole week.
It wasn’t until Friday the same week when you realized what the game even was. You had packed up a big bag to head to Masons house for the weekend. The game was at Stamford Bridge, so you luckily would be able to still see him at night.
The day before the match Mase and you cooked a nice dinner, opened up a nice bottle of wine as you made your own little date night at home.
„So what movie should we watch?“ Mason asked, grabbing the tv remote with one hand as he balanced his plate of spaghetti in the other.
He sat down on the couch next to you, who were already curled up in your blanket and devouring the delicious pasta.
„I don’t know. A christmas movie?“ you suggested and then raised your eyebrows as Mason immediately rolled his eyes, knowing what you were gonna say next „Oh! Can we watch the Holiday?“
„No not again.“ Mason groaned, leaning closer to you as you frowned.
„Why not?“ you whined, gently elbowing your boyfriend in the shoulder.
Mason looked at you with wide eyes as he chewed on his food „No need to get physical missy.“
You chuckled, shaking your head. You always told Mason you hated when he called you missy but secretly you did find it kinda adorable.
„We have seen that a million times plus I’m sick of you drooling over Jude Law.“ Mase stated, making you roll your eyes as you swallowed your food.
„When do you have to get up tomorrow anyways?“ you asked, placing your plate on the coffee table next to the couch as you grabbed your glass of wine. You rested your head on your hand as you turned towards Mason.
„I don’t know.“ Mase groaned and you looked at him concerned „I have gotten like six different messages from my managers. It’s mad annoying but whatever.“
„Oh, poor you.“ you chuckled, obviously being sarcastic as this wasn’t really a problem „Who are you even playing against?“
Mason grinned mischievously as he continued to eat his spaghetti „Bayern Munich.“
„What?“ you squealed in disbelief and Mason chuckled, knowing exactly why you reacted this way „Why didn’t you tell me?“
„I don’t know?“ he laughed, wiping his mouth as he put away his plate.
He also grabbed his wine but when you looked at his face you could immediately tell.
„You didn’t tell me on purpose!“ you stated, gasping as you were shocked he purposefully kept this from you. Pure betrayal.
„What?“ Mason acted oblivious, as he looked you in the eyes „No I didnt!“
„Yes you knew exactly that I would wanna come!“ you hissed, putting down your glass and getting ready to argue.
„So you’re telling me you would come for Bayern Munich but not for your own boyfriend?“ Mason looked at you offended, making you almost spit out your wine.
„No…“ you stuttered, nervously trying to come up with an answer as Mason just giggled „Not the whole Bayern Munich team just Mister Lewandowski.“
Mason scrunched his face up in digust, making you giggle. He never understood your crush on the older guy. But let’s just when you were a teenager you were absolutely obsessed with him. Like an unhealthy amount.
„You have weird taste.“ Mase sighed, drinking his wine in the pettiest way possible.
„Yeah that’s why I’m with you.“ you sassed back as your boyfriend gasped offended „But seriously can I please come?“
After a lot of begging Mason finally agreed he would take you to the game. So in the morning you made him a nice breakfast as a thank you before he had to leave. You agreed you‘d meet at the stadium as Mase ordered you a driver and assistant against your will. Wanting to make sure you‘d get in safe and with no problems.
So a couple of hours later you were in the middle of a chanting stadium, watching your teenage crush and your boyfriend compete against eachother.
The game was super nerve wracking. You almost couldn’t sit in your seat as you rooted for Mason along side the family members and friends of his teammates. You always enjoyed seeing them when you attended games, having gotten to know some of them quite well over time.
At about 75 minutes, it was 2:2 as you watched Mason struggle against the strong opponent. He had been moving the whole time, never taking a break from sprinting across the field.
Then just for a short second Chelseas defense oversaw a small gap and then next thing you knew Lewandowski smashed the ball into the net.
The Bayern Munich fans immediately went nuts as he did his celebration with his team. You had do resist the urge to cheer, the goal had been incredible but seeing your boyfriend and his team with hanging heads and looking incredibly gutted was too heart wrenching.
The celebration went on for way to long as some of the Chelsea player ran to the side to grab something to drink. Mason was now only about ten meters away from you. He looked at you dissapointed, chugging his drink as you sent him a weak smile while looking back and forth between him and the opponent celebrating.
Then after some seconds he threw his bottle away and returned to the field. The game continued and for another ten minutes and just when you thought everything was lost, sitting there in your Mount jersey with crossed arms and wearing sunglasses as you didn’t want any cameras to see your disappointment , Mason somehow managed to snatch the ball from Bayerns defense and was now basically all alone in front of the goal. You immediately stood up, grabbing on to the railing as you watched everything unfold.
In the most effortless way he shot the ball and there was nothing the goalkeeper could have done; it landed in the net. The whole crowd flipped out, including you as you took off your glasses and jumped up and down. All the Chelsea players ran over to Mason who just stood there, smiling at you and blowing you a kiss.
In the incredible bliss you felt the game went on for another little while. And then when the ref blew his whistle you couldn’t help but feel incredibly proud. Even though it was a tie, they had fought till the end.
You watched all the players walk out, some of Masons teammates greeting you as you stood there in the tunnel and waited for your boyfriend to get of the field. And then when he appeared at the end of the tunnel with the biggest smile on his face you couldn’t help but giggle.
„You were awesome!“ you cheered, wrapping your arms around your boyfriend and hugging him tightly.
„I’m super sweaty.“ Mason chuckled, his hands lightly resting on your waist.
„I don’t care.“ you smiled, putting your lips on his as you gave him a gentle kiss. Mason relaxed into the familiar feeling before you pulled away again „That was honestly amazing.“
„Thank you.“ he laughed, blushing as you put your hand around his neck „It was all just for you to be honest.“
You smiled, looking into his eyes as he continued talking about how hard the game was. And then while you where listening to your boyfriend talk; in the corner of your eyes, you spotted a brown haired guy in a red jersey.
Robert was talking to some guy as you felt your heart flutter and your stomach going crazy. Your first ever real crush was just a few meters away from you.
„Y/n?“ Masons voice brought you back to reality as he looked at you with furrowed brows.
„What? Sorry.“ you stuttered, nervously looking at your boyfriend. Not really being able to concentrate with Roberts presence there.
Mason looked back to see what you were looking at and when he spotted said so reason, he immediately dropped his hands from your waist. Pulling away from your embrace in a swift motion.
„Are you fucking serious?“ he rolled his eyes, looking at you with crossed arms.
„What?“ you asked, acting oblivious as you ran your fingers through your hair.
„I dedicate the most beautiful goal to you and you drool over that oldie in return?“ he hissed a little too loud, causing everyone in the tunnel to look at you two. You blushed, feeling Roberts eyes on the pair of you as you looked at the ground nervously.
„And now you’re blushing!“ Mase squealed, not believing how you were acting right now.
„Yes!“ you whisper yelled, looking at Mason with raised eyebrows „What do you expect? I was obsessed with him for like forever!“
„Okay.“ Mason pressed his lips together, grabbing your upper arm „Why don’t we make this easier for you?“
Your boyfriend guided you across the tunnel as you tried to remove yourself from his grasp.
„Mason stop!“ you hissed but next thing you knew, one certain Bayern Munich player stood right in front of you. Robert smiled, looking at Mason expectantly.
„Robert!“ Mason greeted, obviously having talked to the guy before. Robert pressed his lips together as he flashed Mason an awkward grin. The manager he had talked to before quickly strutting away from the awkward situation. Robert looked at you as he furrowed his eyebrows at Masons grasp on you, clearly not understanding the dynamic between the two of you.
„And she is?“ he asked confused, as you felt all your blood go to your feet. Being just inches away from the man you had dreamed of as a teenager.
„This is my girlfriend Y/n!“ Mason smiled, in the fakest way as he let go of you and wrapped his arm around your shoulder „She used to be obsessed with you as a teenager!“
You felt humiliated. What the hell was Mason doing? You shook away his arms as you took a deep breath, trying not to immediately kill him.
„I can’t belive you.“ you muttered through your teeth, before sending Robert a fake smile.
„Oh…“ the older guy said suprised, also not knowing why Mason would say something like that „That’s… nice.“
There was a moment of silence and Robert looked at you, somehow he must have sensed you were incredibly disappointed and embarrassed. So he did the sweetest thing ever.
He held out his hand to you as you hesitated for a second before shaking it. Your heart stopped at the touch as he sent you a big smiled „It’s very nice to meet you Y/n. A very beautiful name by the way.“
You blushed, biting your lip and playing with the ends of your hair „Thank you. It’s nice to meet you too.“
Mason cleared his throat, obviously not liking the guy charming you.
„Did you like the game?“ Robert chuckled, completely ignoring Mason as he stared at you.
„Yes, it was awesome.“ you nodded, looking into his eyes „And that goal. I mean just; wow.“
The older guy laughed, shaking his head „Well, I’m glad you liked it. That’s what it’s all about.“
You felt Masons arm wrap around your waist. He was clearly jealous now and you felt incredibly satisfied that his plan had backfired.
„Well, I wish you two the best.“ Robert smiled, his accent strong and then next thing you knew he walked away.
And just before he disappeared from your sight, you saw him stop in his tracks. He took of his jersey, revealing his incredibly toned body before jogging back towards you.
He handed his red jersey over to you and you couldn’t say anything as you felt like all your teenage dreams had just came true.
„Glad you’re a fan.“ he held his thumbs up and winked at you before leaving you behind with a baffled Mason.
„Oh my god.“ you two both said at the same time.
„What an ass!“ Mason hissed, shaking his head as he watched Robert leave.
„How dreamy!“ you gushed hitting his arm gently as you looked down at the jersey, you had been gifted.
„You’re so not gonna keep that missy!“ Mason hissed, crossing his arms as he scrunched his nose "It's literally used. That's disgusting."
„Oh come on Mount!“ you rolled your eyes, starting to walk down the tunnel with your whining boyfriend following you „You’re pissed your plan didn’t work out.“
„It's not only disgusting Y/n, it's also incredibly weird to keep it.“ Mason went on, making you chuckle as he completely ignored your statements. You shook your head, throwing the shirt over your shoulder.
"I'm so gonna keep it."
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