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#prequel meme

I’ve been laughing at this for the past ten minutes.

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For context: I was at Comic Con 2017 and only now in 2020 did I find out Temuera Morrison was there, too.

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george lucas in AOTC: and then obi wan jumps out the window to chase after the killer, who was hired by another killer, who was hired by a sith lord, who was assigned to do this by the other sith lord-

audience: isn’t this supposed to be about darth vader?

george lucas:

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At the time of making and posting this meme, I just realised both Meta Runner and Mandalorian both currently have 2 episodes left before the second seasons of both shows are over. Also, Sorry I couldn’t find a better snapshot of Maul saying the line. Nobody uploaded any template of the meme.

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Obi Wan and Quinlan Vos probably wrote that book, and let it be passed among the padawans, in order to discourage padawans from trying to start romantic relationships. It would be to Obi Wan’s immense confusion when he realized that Anakin somehow managed to bag Padme. 

//Also, I couldn’t get much info on when Aayla was born, but I would like to headcanon her as around Anakin’s age. 

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Me watching all the mail in ballots absolutely bury trump and his degenerate cult:

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Sheev & Rey #7: Revenge

Grandpa Sheev comforts Rey and tells her that it’s ok to feel angry. Aww…isn’t he being such a great grandpa?I’ve got this idea from an old YouTube video called “The Emperor gets a Job"Perhaps the darkest Sheev & Rey piece I’ve ever done. I tried to avoid painting lightsabers becuase it’s difficult but I’m glad it turned out well, and I gave Rey her Sith eyes, like in TROS concept art.
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When your father sanctions a battle plan to sacrifice a division of new recruits to the earth kingdom army:

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