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Microsoft Is Rapidly Expanding Its Presence In Healthcare

Microsoft Is Rapidly Expanding Its Presence In Healthcare

Healthcare has grown exponentially in the last decade— the last few years especially witnessing large industry titans enter the space.
Microsoft, which continues to be a staple name in nearly every industry, has been heavily investing in its healthcare offerings. As healthcare increasingly emphasizes efficiency and is becoming more receptive to technology, the company is doubling down and rapidly…


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If a daughter or son of Abba is broken and feels nothing but unloved and sobs into your arms at finally feeling seen believing that they’re valued by Jesus, just let it happen. Let them be seen. Let them be held. Let God use you.

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“Begotten Of The Soil”
[Experimental Photography; 2021]
Part of a series of production shots from my current work-in-progress short film.

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white noise of rushing water surrounds my senses.

movement all around, streaming temporariness.

riding waves of energy only seen in water.

drinking in the chaos, I am a rooted anchor.

protected from floating up or sinking down,

I disappear into awareness.

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Barring outright neurological damage, there are many possible reasons for having a bad memory. Poor focus/presence is probably the most common reason, particularly for INs. 

Yes, lack of memories does relate to lack of identity. We are largely defined by the tangible things that we do and accomplish throughout life. If you spend most of your time lost in your own head, then you’ll have nothing tangible to show for yourself. If you spend most of your time doing random or pointless things every day, then there is nothing to thread disparate memories together into a whole. NFs forge an identity through their ideals. Without ideals to grant you a big picture sense of purpose, who are you, what are you?

Memory is closely tied to two things: 1) meaningful experiences, and 2) strong emotional content. It’s possible that you fail to spend enough time doing meaningful activities (usually due to poor extraverted development). It’s possible that you are too disconnected from your feelings and passions (usually due to poor Fe development and/or Ti loop).

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Psalm 16:11 (NASB)
You will make known to me the path of life; In Your presence is fullness of joy; In Your right hand there are pleasures forever.

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Yoga and meditation aren’t going to get you anywhere……. other than right here, right now

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