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#preserum stucky

Bucky: you can’t just run away from your problems you know

Pre serum Steve: maybe so, but I can moonwalk away from them

Pre serum Steve: *trips while moonwalking away*

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Pre serum Steve: hi bucky

Bucky internally: there he is, my little ball of sunshine, my favorite person in the whole world, the love of my life, my soulmate, I just wanna hold him in my arms and hug and kiss him-

Bucky: what the FUCK do you want

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ao3 stopped working while i was reading a smutty fanfiction so either my FBI agent is sick of gay smut on my phone or this is just a cruel way of telling me i need to go to sleep because i have school tomorrow😅

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does anyone have any good pre serum stucky fic recommendations?? also if you haven’t read it i highly recommend “accidentally on purpose” on ao3 it’s an adorable preserum stucky fic!

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When We Fall in Love



“When you fall in love with me, will you turn me into a selkie?” Steve was lying flat on the dock with just his toes in the water, watching fluffy white clouds roll by above his head. “I don’t want to be a selkie. I don’t like wearing fur.” 

“Um–” Winter had his mouth full of sea urchin, the spiky shell in one hand, the tender insides in the other. “First of all, what do you mean when I fall in love with you?” 

Steve rolled over onto his stomach, propping his chin on his hands and frowning at the mer. “Well you’re gonna fall in love with me, aren’t you? You gave me a pretty shell, you always want kisses, you keep showing up every day…” he shrugged, thin shoulders rising and falling. “Seems like you’re fallin’ in love with me.” 

“Oh.” Winter finished the sea urchin and tossed the shell away, swimming over closer so he was looking right up at Steve. “Do you want me to fall in love with you?” 

“Not if you’re going to turn me into a selkie.” Steve maintained. “Fur makes me sneeze. And I can’t swim.” 

“Fur makes you–” Winter had had quite enough of his ridiculous soulmate being so damn cute and pushed himself from the water with a solid stroke of his tail, lifting up high enough to press a soft kiss to Steve’s lips. 

“What was that for?” Steve wiped at his mouth but his cheeks turned bright pink. “I thought we were having a conversation. You taste like sea urchin, it’s gross.” 

“Fine. I won’t kiss you anymore.” 

“Wait no, I didn’t say that.” Steve scrambled over the edge of the dock, holding on tight and leaning over as far as he could. “Come back.” 

“No.” Winter made a show of playing with the shells in his braids, ignoring Steve’s puckered lips. “Tell me why you don’t want to be a selkie.” 

“Well I mean–” Steve hesitated, unsure as to whether his mer was actually upset or if he was just sulking. Also, when did he start thinking of Winter as his mer? “I mean, I have really bad allergies and fur makes me sneeze. And um– I can’t swim? I’d be a terrible selkie. Just terrible.” 

“You don’t want me to fall in love with you because you’d be a bad selkie?” Winter still wasn’t looking at him. “Seems like a stupid reason, seeing as how we’re soulmates and all.” 

“I want you to fall in love with me!” Steve blurted and then he froze and Winter froze and for a long time neither of them said anything. “Um… what I meant was…well I–well shit. Um– I don’t really know what the soul mate thing is? But um– If you wanted to love me– crap I’m bad at this. Winter, um–” 

“Stevie.” Winter’s eyes did that thing they did when he really wanted something, darkening to a deep indigo and ringed in silver and Steve made an embarrassing squeaking noise when the mer was suddenly right in his space again, one big hand planted on the dock and the other fit very very light at the back of Steve’s neck. 

Steve barely had time to breathe before Winter kissed him, soft and sweet, accompanied by a trill so gentle it was practically a purr. 

“We don’t actually turn our soulmates into selkies, dummy.” Winter murmured against his lips, the words entirely at odds with the tender embrace. “We just wait for the ocean to bring our souls back together again, time after time, life after life and that’s enough.” 

It took Steve a few minutes to catch his breath again, but he finally managed, “How you gonna insult me and then be sweet like that? I don’t know whether to punch ya or kiss ya again.” 

“Kiss me again.” Winters eyes were still dark, that deep echo to his voice even more pronounced. “Stevie–” 

“You still taste like sea urchin.” Steve’s blush was so red it couldn’t have possibly been healthy and Winter purred all over again. 

He’d never loved a Steven that blushed quite so much, nor one quite so sassy or quite so tiny and he was completely and thoroughly charmed, more than ready to drag his Stevie into the water and kiss him senseless, to take him to the warm springs he’d discovered up the coast and get rid of those pesky clothes. 

But this Steven more than the others needed time to adjust to the idea of loving a mer, needed time to be wooed and courted and spoiled and kissed and that was fine. 

It was fine

Winter wasn’t patient, but his Stevie was worth waiting for.

“When you fall in love with me, you can kiss me all you want.” Steve was still blushing. “Alright?” 

“When you fall in love with me, you’ll be begging for kisses.” Winter meant to sass but it came out sweet instead, too smitten at this exact moment to even tease. 

“That’s probably true.” Steve ducked his head shyly and Winter growled in approval. “Guess we’ll just have to wait and find out.” 



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This scene always gets me, like look at Sam’s face, it looks like he’s giving Steve a genuine teasing smile buuuuuttt if you look at Bucky’s face he’s giving Steve a very very verrryyy uncomfortable forced kinda smile, like he’s trying his hardest to act like he’s happy for Steve or like he’s teasing him but he’s clearly failing.

Also shout out to Rcmancgers because I took this picture from her, follow her on instagram ✌

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Hail Mary

Bucky first found the kink before the war- right in the middle of church.

Steve was on his knees, head turned up and hands clasped. His cheeks were dusted a light pink and his mouth was slightly ajar. It was here that Bucky knew he was fucked.

Two weeks later when he works up the courage to finally do something he almost creams his pants in one go.

“Get on your knees, Stevie. Repent.” Steve had looked at him funny for a second before clicking it all together- a smirk thrown on his face as he dropped to the floor near his bed.

“Yes, father.”


It may have been 70 years, but Bucky fucking knows his boyfriend. He’s an avenger now- living with Steve. Things are better than they’ve ever been post war- the panic attacks are few and far between and Bucky remembers almost everything prewar.

Which includes any kinky shit he’s done with Steve. Also includes the look that he knows is on Steve’s face when he glances at Buck’s arm. When he spaces out and his eyes glaze over a bit, lips parting and hands shaking. He knows the look. He decides to act on his knowing.

“Stevie, get on the floor.” Bucky makes his voice soft, demanding.

“Bucky, what?” Steve looks up from his book, eyebrow arched, a lazy grin on his face.

”Get on the floor, Rogers. Kneel. I think it’s time for your penance.” It all clicks at once, Bucky sees it in the emotions that flash over Steve’s face while he cheeks grow more and more red.

“Yes, oh my.” Steve isn’t as soft as he used to be, at least in the way his body was built. he doesn’t need a pillow under his knees to drop on, instead landing with a thud and hardly even a wince.

“Bless me father, for I have sinned. It’s been over 70 years since my last confession.”

”That’s a while since, I’m glad to hear you’ve come back. Have you anything to confess?” Bucky made his voice serious, deeper. His hands twitched to touch Steve but remained by his side. He missed this.

“Sins of the flesh, father. Sexual interactions with another of my gender. Unholy thoughts.” Steve’s head is tilted down, face burning red.

Bucky reaches forward and touches the boy’s face with his metal arm. Makes the fingers pick his face up, thumb teasing the lip.

“What unholy thoughts, my son?” Steve seems to snap at the feeling of Bucky’s cool fingers on his lips, and decided to put the entire thing in his mouth, while sucking gently.

He releases it a few seconds later after making Bucky groan at least twice- clearing his throat before he speaks

“Unholy thoughts regarding another man, sir. I think of him playing with my body, working me open with his fingers, sir. Him choking me.” He hesitates for a second- cutting off what he was going to continue. His head goes down again

“And?” Bucky’s voice is shaky, but he lifts Steve’s chin again.

“What else do you desire?” Steve bites his lip

”For none of it do be done with an arm of flesh.”

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Summary: An idea from an Anon where Steve and Bucky have been secretly in love, discreetly trying to make physical contact, until Bucky enlists in the war, causing Steve to show his true feelings for Bucky. Hope you enjoy! First Stucky fic!

Author: buckysplums14

Pairing: Steve x Bucky (Stucky)

Word Count: 1,847

Warnings: None. Just cute, fluffy Steve and Bucky.


Originally posted by ilivetoavenge

 Bucky and Steve had been friends as long as they could remember. They were inseparable on the schoolyard. Steve had always been on the smaller side, had never been able to run as fast or as long due to his heart problems and his asthma. Even as a child Bucky had been understanding of Steve’s conditions, and had made it his silent mission to protect him. When he was made fun of at school Bucky was always there to defend him. When Steve would fall, Bucky was always there to catch him. As they grew older, they began to find comfort in each other… knowing they’d always have the other. Steve would sleep over at Bucky’s, pulling the cushions off the couch and sleeping on the floor. It wasn’t until they were teenagers that Bucky felt an unfamiliar pang in his chest when he was helping Steve after he got into a fight. Steve had a nose bleed and Bucky was quickly trying to stop it. As he held the gauze to his friend’s nose in silence he felt his heart sink in his chest. Neither of the boys made eye contact with the other.

“I don’t need you to take care of me like I’m your charity case, Buck…” Steve whispered nasally. Bucky almost gasped at the suggestion.

“Steve, you’re not. You’re my best friend…it’s just, sometimes I have to be a little more careful with you. Think about it, why would I put all this time and effort into you if I didn’t really like you?”

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I have too many feels about preserum Stucky like Bucky carrying tiny Steve? huddling together for warmth so Steve wouldn’t get sick and die? Bucky watching down alleys to make sure Steve isn’t getting his ass kicked? yes please.

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hey, me again! your edit is literally so beautiful by the way!! uwu anyway here’s my finished playlist!! don’t mind the fact that it’s three hours long ehehehehe i know…

again, thank you for letting me use it! hope you like the playlist!

- bucky-the-elf

hey wow thanks for linking me!! i hope you don’t mind if i publish this because i’d love to share this with everyone :) and i say the longer the playlist, the better~
thank you so much dear <33

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so on one hand I should definitely be studying. But on the other, I’m emotionally distressed and incapable of doing anything because of pre-serum stucky… what do i do?

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The following Sunday, they decided to share the news. After all, Steve wasn’t getting any smaller. And as much as he adored his husband, Steve knew that the alpha could only keep something this big from his family for so long. The timeframe in which was quickly running out. No matter how many times Bucky assured Steve that he could keep his excitement under control.

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Resting, Steve was thankful for epidurals. They sure did make labor easier. Made them better. So much better. Made it so Steve could actually get some rest as his body prepared for the arrival of Kit. And resting was exactly what Steve did. Only half-aware that Bucky was marking him and that his husband was talking to someone else.

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